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5 Tricks to Attract Inspiration

Jul 20, 2022

It is so great to be here with you today. And I am so excited to share with you these five tricks to attract inspiration. Now, these tricks are great for anything from if you're feeling uninspired about a project you're working on personally or for work, or even around the house, if you are feeling like you're lacking inspiration on your next steps in life, or even if you're lacking inspiration of something as simple as what to make for dinner, these five tricks are going to help you in some really cool ways. So I'm so excited to tell you about that in just a minute. 


I just want to remind you quickly before we get into it, that starting soon if you're watching this on the replay, if you are still in July or beginning of August, I want to invite you guys to the next free live five day workshop which is going to start August 8, it's a Monday at 4pm Pacific 7pm Eastern it is going to be “Power Up the Healer Within You because, I really feel like I'm sure you all will agree with me, that we need healers now more than ever, and we all need healing for ourselves. So in this workshop, we're going to Power Up the Healer Within You. There are posts about it in the Soul Spa group, if you're not already a member of the Joy Soul Spa Facebook group get in there, you're going to want to seize the opportunity for this workshop. There are going to be so many amazing tools and tricks that you can really start exploring. So I hope you'll join me for that. 


Now, let's get to these five tricks to attract inspiration! So there are only two rules that apply to each of these five tricks that I want you to just remember Keep in mind, they apply to each one of them and their rules and I don't give a lot of rules. You guys know that. So first rule start where you are, wherever you are in life and your journey and your spiritual journey, your physical journey. Start with these wherever you are. And you'll see how that makes sense in just a minute. And rule two remember to love you, you are doing your best. being hard on yourself is never helpful. So Rule 2, remember to love you.


Okay, so what are these five tricks to attract inspiration? 


Trick number one: Find a Better Feeling Emotion. This is based on the teaching of Abraham Hicks, if you don't know who they are, they are an amazing duo. It is Esther who channels a consciousness known as Abraham. It is this amazing, resonant, channeled information largely teachings about law of attraction, but I have been following them for many years. And one of the things that they teach is at the primary emotion you're feeling is something like lonely or sad or uninspired that you need to take control. And control is probably not the right word. But you need to take authority in your space and find a better feeling emotion, find an emotion that feels better than that. So for example, if you're lacking inspiration, and you're feeling kind of lonely, we want you to move to a feeling that feels better than lonely. So maybe you can move to peaceful or grateful maybe you can find something around you to be grateful for or even appreciative if you can appreciate a flower or a person or something. Those emotions are higher on that emotional scale than the emotion of loneliness or sadness. And you don't have to make the whole jump to like joyous excited right away. But baby step yourself from those more difficult emotions to a feeling that feels better. The intention of this step is moving yourself to a better feeling place on that emotional scale, to shift yourself into a place where you're able to receive inspiration. Shifting your awareness to a better feeling emotion helps to shift your energy so that you are available to receive guidance because you have to be a match for the energy to receive that inspiration that guidance that you're seeking. And if you're in those more difficult emotions, often we're just not available for that inspiration to come in. So find a better feeling of motion. That's Trick number one. 


Trick number two: Energy in Motion Stays in Motion. So you may know Newton's first law of motion teaches us that an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion and for our purposes. One week we can apply this is understanding that to move the energy, your own energy, towards inspiration. Sometimes you need to start moving your physical energy, which is your physical body, since physical energy is more dense and then can start moving the energy you in your field around you towards being able to be able to be more receptive. (Rule one, so start where you are.) Remember, this can look like taking a walk outside just around your block to move your physical body, your physical energy to start moving the energy around you, it can look like turning on some music and either dancing or if you can't get there, start where you are even just swayed to some music or, or just let yourself feel some music or can even look like taking a break to just get out and run some errands or shifting tasks. *Resist the urge to call someone else to complain that is not helpful, it's just going to push you more in that direction that's not receiving inspiration. So because energy in motion stays in motion, get that body moving, so you can move the energy around you.


Trick number three: Take In Something Beautiful. We all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so what you take in is completely up to you. There are no other rules around this one. Now, I don't just mean look at something beautiful. I mean, really be fully present in that moment and take in with your whole self, your emotion, your breath, your sensing, take in something beautiful. Maybe you have time to go check out a museum and see beautiful works of art. Maybe you can just step outside and see something beautiful in nature right outside your door, whether it's a bird, or if it's wintertime when you're watching this some beautiful rippling hills of snow. Maybe there's a flower budding right outside so it can look as easy as that. The important thing is that you let yourself be fully present in the moment enjoying that beautiful creation. And if you're pressed for time, set your watch or your timer for five minutes to do this to just give yourself a different focus and take in something beautiful. 


Trick number four: Feed Your Ears. One of the issues with the cycle of feeling uninspired can include negative self talk or just general mind chatter that is not helpful. As we all know, we can't listen in two places at once. We need to focus. So if we're listening even to that inside negative self talk voice, that's not helpful. We need to feed our ears something else to listen to, instead, something wonderful, something delicious. And this can look like listening to an interesting podcast, for example, or finding a beautiful piece of music to listen to. Sometimes it's great to use headphones, because then you're really blocking out sounds around you. But if that's not appropriate for you remember, start where you are -the two rules. Just let yourself do it however works for you. Or maybe it's listening to an inspiring journey story of someone else. Oprah Super Soul podcast, and Super Soul Sunday chats are my absolute favorite go to. I highly recommend listening to her chats with some of the most inspiring souls who have stories so moving and inspiring you will be well on your way to shifting your energy towards receiving that inspiration! That's my absolute go to favorite but there are lots and lots of great things to feed your ears. So number four was feed your ears and are you ready for number five? This one is straight from my guides.


Trick number five: W.W.S.S.S. This suggestion, like I said, is straight for my guides. What Would your Soul Self Say? Now give yourself the opportunity to remember that you are a soul having a human experience and that your human personality isn't alone and unsupported. You have your Higher Self, your soul self, like we always talk about. So while you're focusing on beauty and feeding your ears and moving your energy and allowing yourself to be open to guidance and inspiration from your Soul Self about the steps that are in your highest good just remember that you are a soul and consider what would your soul self want you to be feeling in this moment? What would your soul self be advising you to do in this moment? And for some of you that are a little more advanced, this one's going to be a really exciting one. 


Your soul truly knows the exact answer that you need. Even if it is “what am I supposed to make for dinner?” You know, maybe it's that your soul self would want you to have the most nourishing food for you right then. “What am I supposed to do for my life path?” Your soul truly knows the answer truly knows the you know the blueprint within you for your highest good in this lifetime. So of course your sole self knows your best next steps right? And the truth is if you can get out of your own way long enough you can receive it because it already belongs to You this, this inspiration you're seeking is already within you, it's just getting out of your own way to receive it. So just taking a moment and being available while you're doing all these other things to receive that guidance or inspiration from your soul self, what would your soul self say- WWSSS. 


 I hope that you have enjoyed these five tricks, actually my top five tricks, that I use all the time to attract inspiration. Remember, we have to be a vibrational match for something that we're wanting to attract. So all of these will help you in really tangible ways to shift your vibration to attract that inspiration that you're seeking for really any topic, any area of life that you are seeking it. 


If there's an area that you're seeking guidance right now or inspiration right now, and you want to share it after using some of these tricks or all of these tricks, I would love it if you share it and let us know how these tricks worked for you. They are so powerful and work so quickly. It's amazing. And really, like I said, in the first two rules start where you are, it could look as simple as you popping on some headphones, going for a walk outside around your block, breathing, taking in some natural beauty and what you might see around you, maybe there's some butterflies dancing or some beautiful cloud formations or even just watching the sunlight, just taking in that beauty around you. And in that meantime, while you're moving your physical energy on that walk, you're feeding your ears something inspiring and moving. Maybe it's an Oprah Super Soul podcast. And then just being having your heart open being available as your mood as your energy as your dominant emotion shifts to ‘what would my soul self say’ it can look as simple as that. 


I hope that this has been helpful for you today. I would love to hear how this resonated with you. And again, I don't want you to miss that free live five day workshop that is going to be starting on August 8 through August 12 live in the Joy Soul Spa Facebook group, so if you are not a member if you want to invite a member go ahead and do that. The workshop is going to be Power Up the Healer Within You in just five days. So you can start really feeling and using energy techniques for yourself and to see if you have that hidden gift of a healer within you. I look forward to seeing you then. Big hugs and bye for now.

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