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7 Themes for 2023: Numerology Predictions, Potentials, & How to Get What You Want Most this Year & Beyond

Jan 01, 2023

2023 is a Numerology Universal Year 7 so I'm sharing 7 Themes to expect in a 7 Year, some prediction on the energies and potentials of 2023. I'll give specific heads up on what to watch for, crucial Do's & Dont's, plus we will talk about how each theme might affect YOU personally and all of us collectively. One of my favorite personal, spiritual tools is numerology, the understanding of the energy of numbers. Numerology can provide insights, information, it can help you forecast and prepare for the year ahead. If you understand the themes and dominant energies and emotions, you can ride the wave of those energies and emotions to make the most of your year in 2023 and well beyond! . So step inside the Spirit Speakeasy and get priceless tips and insights into the energy YOU can expect for 2023.

Hey beautiful soul Welcome to spirits speakeasy. I'm Joy Giovanni joyful medium. I'm a working psychic, medium energy healer and spiritual gifts mentor. This podcast is like a seat at the table in a secret club, but with medium mystics and the spiritual luminaries of our time, so come behind the velvet ropes with me and see inside my world as I chat insider style with profoundly gifted souls. We go deep share juicy stories laugh a lot, and it wouldn't be a speakeasy without great insider secrets and tips. You might even learn that you have some gifts of your own. So step inside the spirit speakeasy. Hey, beautiful soul. Welcome to spirit speakeasy. I'm your host Joy Giovanni joyful medium. And today we are going to talk about seven themes to expect in a seven year, some prediction on the energies and potentials of 2023. And really just what you need to know for 2023. So I'm gonna tell you what the seven themes are, and then we're going to dive in. And I'm going to talk about how they might affect you as an individual and how they might affect us all collectively. Now, how do we get to this number seven, really, in numerology, it's simple, you just add numbers together to condense to a single number. So the number 2023 2023. If you add those all together, you get a seven it's that simple. One of my favorite personal tools, spiritual tools is numerology. I use it so much in my own personal development, as well as when I'm helping clients with coaching and personal development. It really is the understanding of energy of numbers. Numerology can provide insights, information, it can help you forecast and prepare for the year ahead. If you understand the themes and dominant energies and emotions, you can ride the wave of those energies and emotions to make the most of your year. So that's my intention. With this episode each year has its own universal year number like we were talking about. You can think of it almost like one giant horoscope for the year from a numerology and energetic theme perspective. A universal collective year number tells you what areas of life and what themes will be important to you for the year, it also influences all of humanity. It's kind of like how in the summer we can expect warmer temperatures. And in the winter, we can expect relatively colder temperatures. It's snowing based on the energy of the seasons, what can we expect as it relates to weather? Well, this is knowing the energy of the number of this year, what can we expect as far as emotions, energies potentials. A universal year number is impactful life altering and symbolizes what type of energy the collective will be fixated on for the year, either creating that energy or destroying that energy, depending on everyone's free will choice as individuals and as groups. So I'll spare you the math. But like I said, the quick version is just two plus zero plus two plus three equals 720 23. Add it all together is seven. And seven energy has some specific themes of its own. So I broken them down into seven themes you're gonna want to know about for 2023. And like I said, we'll talk about all of these themes plus how they might show up for us as individuals from, you know, a personal standpoint, but also how it might show up in our society in our global perspective in our communities that were involved in and groups that were a part of. This meant to be a quieter inner year, the seventh year. And it's one where we can really learn the answers to our most burning questions, our deepest questions, the ones that we like to talk about, and the ones that we don't like to talk about. So this is a powerful year. So for the seven themes of 2023. Here are the areas we're going to dive into. The first theme is slow and steady. The second is introspection. The third is cultivate a spiritual practice. We're going to talk all about that the fourth is intuition. The fifth is clarity. The sixth theme is healing. And the seventh theme of 2023 is discovery which leads to evolution because we're preparing for the next year which are gonna talk a little bit about that too. So let's dive into this first theme. Slow and steady. Now this year 2023 may feel like two steps forward and one step back, the pace may feel slower. But slow and steady is the best pace for this year. So instead of rushing out to find every new opportunity that might be available to you, be patient exercise some patience and wait for opportunities to come to you wait for pieces to fall a little bit more into place. Instead of trying to push things together and make them happen. Trying to push through or force things to happen this year, will leave us feeling frustrated and disappointed. And that's not what we want. This really is a chance to take inspired action rather than just quick action. So slow yourself down, admit that you are feeling lost or that you don't quite know the exact next steps on your path. And really, the answers that you're going to get are going to lead you to where you need to be. So don't panic. Being lost sometimes is the only way for us to find our way, which is exactly where you are meant to be this year, you're right on schedule. Don't worry, don't be alarmed about this slow and steady pace. Now in our own lives. I kind of alluded to all the ways that could feel frustrating. But as a collective, it might be this energy of, you know, still two steps forward one step back with political agendas with social justice agendas with economic agendas. So it can really play out in so many ways, just the slow pace, it will be steady, but it's going to be much slower than will feel comfortable at times. Now the second theme I want to talk about for 2023 is healing, make space for all of the healing and personal personal growth and introspection that's going to be going on this year. And when I say make space, I'm talking about space from people. So making sure you have some private alone time for the introspection we're going to talk about in a minute, making sure that you have some breaks from routine, it's not a year to just forge ahead and push with forest like we were talking about. So make sure you have some space from your work. And that might mean working on more intentionally scheduling your time so that you're not working 12 hours a day and you are breaking it up. The existence of the ability for healing this year is really profound. The potential exists for healing wounds personally and collectively deep wounds and trauma. Healing comes through understanding listening, and slow deliberate unpacking of our experiences, both personally and on a larger scale. And sometimes it includes contemplating the experiences and perspectives that are outside of our own. When you think of doing the inner work, that personal development, this is a year ripe with energy to support all of it. So if you're someone who avoids looking at your tough stuff, or looking at personal development now really is a year that there is so much potential for healing, but we have to choose to intentionally do that work to be available. And like I said, some of it is making space making space for that intentional going within and making space to allow your intuition to move through you to decide uh, what's the best choice here of these two choices for example. So really, some profound healing can come of all this introspection and all of this slow, steady work this year. Let's talk about that introspection as the third theme to be aware of in 2023. In this introspective year, you'll be feeling like you want to seek and find the direction that feels right for you. It's not a year of just choosing any direction and forging ahead, it's really intentionally choosing what feels right for you. A more serious contemplative side of yourself will be showing up along with a clear and possibly uncomfortable awareness that quote unquote good enough is just not good enough anymore. The status quo needs redefining collectively, this might show up as highlighting inequalities, biases, discrimination, but more deeply understanding how these are woven into, you know, culture and the systemic fibers of our communities of our
locations of the groups that we're in and really wanting to deeply understand, not skim the surface, no matter what you'll be made aware that you know the imperfection in your life, where it is, what it is how it feels, so that you can look deeper and evaluate your options. surface level changes are not going to be acceptable this year, but there will be in the shadow of this energy or resistance. So if you're flowing with the energy, you might embrace this introspection, we collectively might embrace this need to go deep and understand so we can make powerful and impactful change. But there's the potential that there could be another side of this coin, people groups who are in resistance to this change to the energy of being honest, going deep, telling difficult truths. So that's also something to be aware of remember to stay seeking what feels in alignment for you, and look deeper and evaluate what needs to be learned in order to make it a reality. It could take an entire year to figure this out, guys, so don't assume that you already have the answers. Even if you have been doing your work, your personal development, your spiritual development, even if you've been doing your work all along, don't assume that you already know what this is going to look like for you this year. Instant gratification is not on the menu this year. So it really is going to be an introspective, slow and steady healing process. Be careful of over analyzing though, because that's a form of denial. Sometimes we overanalyze when we actually have the correct answer or know what the best or most aligned choices for us, but we refuse to accept it. Like we don't like the answer, then we go searching for answers that we like rather than accepting the actual truth of a situation or what needs to be done or to be not done. Remember, what's true for you is not necessarily true for someone else. So sometimes our pursuit of truth, or our resistance to truth creates unnecessary discomfort. Or even a boiling point right before a big shift in awareness is about to happen this year definitely has the potential to free ourselves, both individually and collectively from outdated beliefs. And things that don't work anymore, that don't fit anymore, that are an old way and old paradigm. This can happen, like I said, both in an individual way in our own lives by like we were talking about things being highlighted that are not a fit anymore, or areas where there's dysfunction or where it's not, you know, just not good enough anymore to be accepting certain behavior, for example, but collectively, we really have this potential this year to talk about difficult conversations and move towards understanding which sets us up for real change going forward. And it'll be interesting to see where there's this collective energy of being willing to be introspective, being willing to be honest about our truths, being willing to witness the truth from someone else's perspective, even if it's not our own experience. And it'll be interesting to see the resistance to that. Now, one of the other themes that's really important this year is this theme around cultivating a spiritual practice a personal spiritual practice. No matter how spiritually advanced you think you are, the reflective power of a seven year will really highlight and expose areas where you feel disconnected or alone, even if that's something you're hiding from yourself and collectively, it may be highlighted to us. Additional groups or to a degree which groups are being alienated are feeling disconnected are being pushed to the outside is a perfect time to create or fine tune your own personal spiritual practice. And whether yours includes meditation, prayer, music, ritual, or other forms of going within to connect with yourself and with the divine Great Spirit God, whatever you like to name that it's this practice that will support your relationship with your intuition which is another big theme for this year that we're going to talk about next, evaluating your core personal spiritual beliefs, what resonates with who you are now. And what ideas you choose to carry forward are all a part of this theme. So there might be beliefs that you previously held, that as you've evolved and understood things to a new degree, these last few years, maybe you don't believe the same way, maybe some of the mantras that you used to have don't resonate with you anymore. Now is the year to evaluate that through your own personal spiritual practice. evaluating these core beliefs are really going to lead you to a deeper understanding of who you are, what you need, and what is the best direction for you. And it will really open up that intuition like we were talking about the next layer of this, then after you evaluate these beliefs, is to then look at how that spiritual belief moves you in the world. So it's one thing to believe that we need to be helping our fellow human, it's another thing to actually be taking action and doing that philanthropic work or charity work or giving, sharing work in the world. And taking a look at you know, these beliefs that you do hold that you do have and want to carry forward, how are you allowing these spiritual beliefs to move you in the world? Where are you giving, or supporting or caring for your world family siblings, this has the potential to manifest in the world as attempts to on one side of the spectrum and pose rigid rules, beliefs, systems over the rights of others, but also on the other side of that spectrum has the potential to show up as people bonding and banding together based on common core beliefs around the rights of others and around our responsibilities to speak up for our fellow world family siblings, especially as we move towards 2024, which is an eight year so as this year progresses, you might see the tension, or the expansion of these themes really showing up. Now I want to step into this part where we're going to talk about intuition. Because like I was saying, through this cultivating your spiritual practice, your intuition, in turn, is going to strengthen your discernment is going to strengthen you're going to be able to if you really take advantage of this energy and fine tune or create depending where you're at right now this spiritual practice, it really will help you understand what's your intuition versus what's your nervous chatter, choices and decisions are really important in a seven year. And taking time. To not make snap decisions is also important, which is one of the ways you can use your intuition. Rather than making snap decisions, you can allow yourself to be intuitively guided. Now in the shadow of this energy of a seven year, there's a tendency for people to trip and fall if they're moving too fast. So let your intuition and nudge you help you to determine the pace that you're moving out this year. And that could even look like physical falls for some people. But for other people, it might show up as more of a fall from power or a fall from grace. So really, there might be big impacts this year from hasty choices or from choices made from a place of not considering ourselves, our own needs, our own path, our beliefs, like what you know, to be true deep within you your intuition etc.
And the seven is the number of choice. So it can lead to things like scandals and secrets and conspiracies and paranoia. And if someone is being oppressive to someone else, or to others, like to a group of people, if a leader is being oppressive to a group of people, for example, that's when this fall from grace is really very possible this year. And through your own spiritual practice, you'll continue to deepen this discernment like we were talking about this ability to understand your intuition, which is a big part of the energy available to all of us this year. So if you're someone who has felt like you haven't had a clear understanding of what's your intuitive voice versus what's your own anxiety or your own nervousness, really following what we're talking about and developing that Virtual practice doing that introspection is going to set you up. Because there's this energy of potential to strengthen to build to fortify this relationship with your intuition. Now's the year to focus on it. If you need an excuse, this is it. And through that spiritual practice, it really helps you like I said, discern fine tune your understanding of what your own emotions are even which is a really big part of what's available this year, we need to have access to our intuition. Now more than ever, especially if you're someone who find yourself often second guessing your intuition, it's time to pay attention and put in the time on that meditation cushion this year, you will thank me later, you can have huge growth, huge leveling up in your own ability to sense and understand this year. And that brings me to our next theme clarity. So not only can you have this intuition, but this intuition can then unfold through that introspection into clarity. The energy of a seven, seven year like we were talking about will expose to you the aspects and areas of your life where you have become dissatisfied. So really, it's allowing you and setting you up to realize where you are dissatisfied so that you can see just how much more satisfying your life could be. And you can live into what you're wanting to create, if you're willing to make changes that need to be made to create that version of your life. And versions of this will show up in your personal life, you know, maybe at work, maybe in your relationships, maybe in your finances, it can be any area at all, where you'll start just being a little more aware of the parts you're dissatisfied with. And it can happen as well collectively. So allow the time you take with your spiritual practice and your intuition to help you understand what's not working anymore. Remember, take your time, no snap decisions. And some of this, you might already know some of these things. For example, it might not be a total shock to you to have clarity around the areas that you're dissatisfied, you already might know that you're dissatisfied with that job, or that you know, this relationships just not healthy anymore, or this habit is, you know, it's time to let go of, but this year is going to help you get the clarity you need to move forward. So if issues come up for you, as the months progressed, and we move through this year, look for deeper solutions. Don't just follow your old patterns or resist considering other perspectives. It's time to ask questions to probe deeper. What underlying pattern? Do you see, when you have experienced something before? Is there a time you can remember experiencing a similar feeling or a similar situation in the past, to what's being highlighted for you right now as needing change? And maybe it's just that some of your own patterns are going to be highlighted for you. But digging deeper out? What are the root causes of the situation that you're in? Now? What are the root causes of this pattern, that's just the way you do it. That's not working for you anymore. All of this clarity, your inner searching, your introspection, your inner seeking this meditative practice or spiritual practice, all of the clarity that this brings you through all of this questioning and introspective is really great fertilizer for all of the seeds of personal growth that you're planting and nurturing in this seven year is a perfect year to break out of old patterns, old habits, old mindsets that just no longer serve who we are, and where we intend to go both personally and also in our communities. This number is highly analytical, it activates the mind. So you know, it's not that hard to connect the dots this year and make sense of what's working, what's not working. Get that clarity and make the most of this energy to get as much clarity in the areas of your life as you possibly can. That's good to know that you cannot expect others to know what you're thinking or feeling as you get this new clarity. Don't expect them to understand what you're experiencing or to understand your moods or the perspective shifts that you're having. We may perceive each other to be difficult to approach this year or hard to understand, no one can read your mind. And no one can feel your feelings. And it's impossible to walk a mile in someone else's shoes. So clear communication is so important, and so is listening to hear and understand, rather than listening to respond or to refuse to argue back, really having the attitude that deep understanding is important this year across the board. Instead of taking your relationships for granted, for example, seek to understand the other person, whether that's a life partner, or an employee, or a student or any other relationship. And collectively, this might include our relationships to government, to technology, or even with company hierarchies. For example, this can show up in so many different ways. But one of the best ways to really use this energy available to us around clarity is to listen for understanding. And, you know, don't assume that you understand someone else's experience. And you have to believe what they're telling you, even if it's not your personal experience, because you don't know how someone else is feeling. Nor do they know how you're feeling your experiences or where you're coming from, there can be a lot of power in this type of clarity. So I just want to invite you to really think about as you move through this year, clearly communicating your intentions, and really being available to listen to hear and understand. Another point about clarity. These last few years have been a lot for all of us in all the ways we have a collective opportunity to come to terms with ourselves as a whole, and to develop a better understanding of the ways that we've evolved as communities as societies as groups, even as states and countries, and to become more aware of the ways that we still haven't evolved enough. And like it or not these collective relationships, cultural and societal agreements, and patterns of behavior, they affect us all in very deep and real ways. So I just invite you to explore that within yourself within your own communities and within your own city, state country, even your own neighborhood and the groups that you belong to. How can you come to terms more and understand more deeply how you've evolved in these groups and how these groups have evolved and in the ways that which more evolution needs to happen, more change needs to happen, more growth needs to happen, more conversation needs to happen for clarity and understanding. And that brings us to my seventh and final theme of 2023 discovery,
which leads to evolution, really, this seven year is to help us prepare for the eighth year, right because in numerology, it follows a cycle and after seven when you're counting comes eight. So next year is going to be an eight year which is a power year year of action. So it's why it's so important that we have all these deep discoveries this year that we do take our time moves slow and steady, really marinating in the emotions, the understanding really going deeper possibly than ever before, allowing ourselves time and space for introspection, but also to uncover more about ourselves as individuals and as groups, communities collectives to create time to allow that slower pace for healing, for the creation or fine tuning of your spiritual practice. And through doing that, you can have access to depth of your intuition and understanding in new and amazing ways that will lead you then to the clarity that you need, to process to plan and to more intentionally choose what you want to do and create going forward how you want to show up in the world, what resonates with you, and what you've outgrown and all of it's okay because these discoveries that will be a huge theme of this year. Personal discoveries, collective discoveries, truths being told, and possibly heard and understood. For the first time in the ways and to the depths and levels. They can be all of them. This discovery will lead us to evolution, personal evolution, collective evolution. And I don't mean evolution like tails falling off of creatures. I mean evolution like stepping into our power in ways of advocacy in ways of philanthropy in ways of collaboration in ways of understanding the needs of ourself and others. So we can make real impactful lasting change in our lives, in our communities, in our societies, in our families, in our world, which is what we really ultimately need. So all of this is not for nothing. And the slow pace is totally worth it. Because it allows us to have more introspection, more intuition, more clarity, I highly recommend you consider your spiritual practice, like we were talking about, go a little deeper within, help yourself, sit with wanting to understand why you believe what you do, and why you feel the way you do and what resonates with you now, who you are today, not five years ago, you were maybe even not three years ago, you and what you're wanting to live into, and grow into who you're still trying to become. Because no matter our age, we still are in a process of evolution of growth of understanding ourselves of relating to others differently. So this really is an important year for personal growth, for spiritual growth, for the growth of our communities for cultivating a spiritual practice, that's going to hone us into our intuition so that going forward, we can have more clarity, and more deep understanding and more intuitive knowledge as we go forward. So really, all this discovery is not for nothing, it's setting us up for the eighth year where we have just the collective energetic force to propel things forward at a much quicker pace. So I'm sure you're right where you need to be, don't be alarmed if things are going slowly, I would love to hear how these themes show up for you this year, how they might already be showing up for you right at the beginning of the year, whether it's in your own personal life, the life, your family life, your work life, in a greater scale in the groups that you're in the communities you belong to work collectively, wherever you live. So let me know I really am excited for this year, I think the pace change is going to be helpful for all of us. And I can't, I can't encourage you enough to really cultivate or fine tune that spiritual practice, it's going to be so important that like I said, You'll thank me later. If you're someone who's just getting started in your spiritual practice, check out my website, joyful right on the homepage, I have a free three day signs mini course it's called sign magnet. And it's going to teach you how to start seeing experiencing numbers all around you. And it gives you a cheat sheet to tell you what those numbers are trying to tell you what they mean. So as you're getting a little quieter within yourself, and as you're fine tuning this intuition, you can start playing with signs, through numbers, signs with the universe, and even learning how to get signs from your loved ones in the spirit world who have crossed over. And as you're moving into the spiritual practice, and really honing your intuition, it's fun to play with these tools. It's totally free. Just a great resource for you guys. So check that out joyful And if you're enjoying this podcast, I hope that you will like subscribe, share, maybe tag a friend who needs this information who would want a heads up on the seven themes of 2023 that we need to be aware of both in our own lives and in the world around us. It's really helpful to know. So thanks for being here with me in the speakeasy I'm looking forward to all of the great episodes I have coming for you this year. So many things you won't want to miss insider secrets, tips, tools, from mediums, mistakes and the spiritual luminaries of our time, never a dull moment inside the speakeasy. Thanks for being here with me today. Big hugs. Bye for now.

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