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Answers from the Ancestral Realms: How to Work with Your Ancestors TODAY with Sharon Anne Klingler

Jan 23, 2023

Who are your ancestors and guides? How, specifically, can you best work with them for help with your life today? Don't miss these TWO guided exercises in this next level conversation with my guest, Sharon Anne Klingler about her newest book Answers from the Ancestral Realms. Sharon Anne Klingler is a world renowned Intuitive Medium and Teacher who has worked with celebrities,; the FBI; members of Congress; and high-profile clients around the world. Her books have been international best sellers on three continents. She has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network; BBC London and Scotland; the Discovery Channel; and on major outlets across the globe. Sharon is a Registered Medium in Lily Dale and an ordained Spiritualist minister. You will find that your readings with Sharon will give you a profound experience of your guides and loved ones in spirit and the messages they bring.   Websites: 

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Hey beautiful soul Welcome to spirits speakeasy. I'm Joy Giovanni joyful medium. I'm a working psychic medium energy healer and spiritual gifts mentor. This podcast is like a seat at the table in a secret club, but with mediums, mystics and the spiritual luminaries of our time. So come behind the velvet ropes with me and see inside my world is I chat insider style with profoundly different souls. We go deep share juicy stories laugh a lot and it wouldn't be a speakeasy without great insider secrets and tips. You might even learn that you have some gifts of your own. So step inside the spirit speakeasy. Hey, beautiful soul, I am joyful, medium Joy Giovanni and this is spirit speakeasy. In our conversation today, we get the honor to speak with Sharon and Klingler. She has an incredible psychic medium, but also an international teacher, and speaker and best selling author, which is one of the things that we really dive into today, her new book, answers from the ancestral realm. And we really get into questions like what's the difference between ancestors and guides. And she also goes into this explanation of what our ancestors actually are, who they are, what an ancestor means. And it might not be exactly what you think the definition might surprise you a little bit, but it is so cool the way that she perceives it the way that she explains it and all of the exercises in this book, it is quickly becoming one of my top resources for clients wanting to just have some exercises and some experiences and a place to start diving into the work for themselves. She's so generous in not only spontaneously diving into two different visualization exercises to answer different questions in this episode itself, but she shares a free resource that she has on her website for anyone who's recognizing patterns in their life and their behavior patterns that they're just not seeming to break. So she's got a free resource for you for that. So you won't want to miss that. There is so much in this conversation. I'm hoping that listening to it really helps open your perspective. Maybe it validates some things that you've already been feeling or sensing or knowing deep within yourself some different ways of thinking of ancestors and guides and our connection to them. And I've been a fan of Sharon's work for a really long time. And she is just a wealth of knowledge and information and experience and I'm so excited to share this conversation with you. And don't miss the show notes because all the important links are there or you can also find them on my website joyful Because I don't want you to miss out on all of these incredible resources that she talks about during this episode. So let's dive in. Hey, I am Joy Giovanni joyful medium and you are inside the spirit speakeasy. Our guest today is very special. So I'm going to read her bio because I want to get right to talking to her. Today we have with us Sharon and Klingler. Sharon is one of the world's leading intuitive she's a psychic medium, but she's also worked with television anchors film writers, producers Emmy Tony Oscar Grammy winners, the FBI members of Congress and really high profile clients around the world. Her books have been international best sellers on three continents. And she's been featured on The Oprah Winfrey net Oprah Winfrey Network BBC London and Scotland and the Discovery Channel and all these major outlets across the globe. And Sharon's even a registered medium in Lilydale, which is in New York and an ordained spiritualist minister and she still has a practice doing readings and in her readings, you'll find that Sharon really gives profound experiences to her clients and helps them understand guides loved ones in the spirit world and the messages that they bring for our lives. Today Sharon is going to share with us about her newest book answers from the ancestral realms which is now available. welcome Sharon I'm so happy to have you here.
Thank you so much joy and thank you so much for having me on your program. I really really appreciate that. And I totally love love love the name of your podcast spirit speakeasy it because they that's, that's really like one of my mottos. I mean, speaking easily to spirit is people don't understand. It's not some kind of jump through a million hoops practice for a million years. You know, what was it the I love what the Dalai Lama said about enlightenment. And enlightenment takes a long time, unless it doesn't. Because literally, you can have enlightenment like this. Or you could just go through all of these machinations and your traumas and dramas and, or you can't wake up, you know, and that's the same with speaking to spirit, you, you could get it, you could get it and you can get it now. And it's that easy. Or you can make it really hard for yourself. And you can doubt no good question. And you can throw blocks in your way. Or you can just open yourself to your imaging side of the brain, and you can get it. And people really don't understand how easy it is. And that's really one of one of the important pieces that I What motivated me to write this book. So yes,
I love that you have this philosophy too, of making it so accessible, I shared with you right before we popped on, I've been a fan of your work for years, you at one point had a radio show with your sister, and I used to listen to you guys regularly. She's also an intuitive medium, and happens to be your twin, which is so cool. And a lot of your work at that time you're focusing on, you know, not just mediumship, but also past lives. And I love how now you've moved it into talking about, you know, the ancestral realms and how it really is available to everyone. You don't have to, you know, of course, we want to pursue more training so that we can advance in our work and our own development and our own, you know, whatever we want to express in the world as divine creators, but it's simple that anyone their first day can have access to this. Right, right,
exactly. And that's actually one of the might my most joyful things about this book is my niece gave it to a friend of hers who actually would never have even thought about talking to her family or that type of thing. And it wasn't even on her radar. And she, you know, she told me after just reading the the first second chapter, she said, I didn't realize that they were here, I didn't realize how easy it was to talk to them. And it opened up this world to me, I didn't know these people were here. And I didn't know that I actually had it inside me to do it. And on the other hand, I've had professional mediums call me who have been mediums for decades. And say, Sharon, there's techniques in this book that I never knew about that, you know, never occurred to me that take seconds and just flipped me right into the spirit world. I mean it just so I really, really am delighted to find that this is helping newbies as well as really old timers like me. So
well, I make a great point. Because the truth is that there are all different ways to tap into the other side, it's not some faraway place, and you give so many tips and tools and easy to understand walkthroughs of these techniques. But one of my favorite things about the book is the way that you define or redefine what the ancestors actually are. For us. It's not just people who you are blood related to in this time. Can you talk a little bit of I don't want give any spoilers about the book?
No, that's okay. That's very okay. Because that's an important thing for people to understand. Most of the world thinks and appropriately so that, that their ancestors are their grandmas and great grandfathers and, and that type of thing. And of course, those people are your ancestors. But the word ancestors means those who have gone before. So it's everybody who has gone before in various parts of our world. For instance, those who have gone before in government, you know, our founding fathers are the ancestors to those who are in Washington DC trying to pull our government back together again. Now, those are our ancestral governors, and those who gave us governance then, or the ancestors to those who are giving us government governance now, and, and financiers, those who are in the financial district. Those who went before in finance are there ancestors, you know, for instance, the great financers of of, you know, the great magnets of you know, Rockefeller and Pierpont Morgan, you know, and all of the great financers, from, from 100 years ago, there are the ancestors of the financers. Now, and so we all of us can tune into, if we're a book writer, we can tune into the writers who have gone before. And we do, and even if we don't even intentionally do it, for instance, if, if you're writing a book, and you're not even a medium, and you're not calling out to spirit, your energies of writing a book, go into your aura, and their aura goes out into the ethers. And that aura acts as a beacon. And other book writers, those who have gone before into spirit, say, Oh, she's writing a book. And oh, look, it's these colors. And those colors. That's the kind of writing that I like, or that's the type of subject that I like, I'm going to go play, I'm going to go help, I'm going to go work. And so we attract to us, the four runners, the four runners or ancestors who have worked on books before, and they help us and even if we don't even know it, they drop ideas into our right brain. And we'll get the idea, even if we think it's our own idea. And if we don't meditate and start to talk to them, that's how the only way they can help us except for maybe in our dreams, too.
And I love that you talk about you know that we can attract ancestors guides, helpers, inspirers, just based on our openness on what we're working on what we're trying to put forward. And they'll help us even if we don't know, on a conscious level, that we're engaging with them, what's an easy way for someone, you know, to start channeling for writing, or just to start playing with this energy, if they're brand new, and just wanting to get started? What do you think, a good suggestion for them? Well,
as I say, in the book, you have to really keep it very simple, you first of all, there's just a really a couple of steps, you invite the ancestors. And really, the invitation is kind of a redundancy, because they're already hanging out with you, you know, we tell everybody, we have a lot less privacy than we think. Because Spirit comes, comes right through the walls and says Hi, you know, you know, my son used to wake up in the middle of night and say, Mommy, the people in the living room are making too much noise, I can't sleep. You know, so they come around, but the invitation also acts as centering focus of intention for you. So when you sent forth the invitation, it centers your intention, I'm going to talk to spirit now. And then you open your right brain, you activate your right brain. And you can do that with a visualization. Or you could just do that with a thought. But I like to do with a visualization. Some people don't see things, but they can visualize conceptional conceptually, for instance, if I were to say, see a red apple, you don't see it, you would actually conceptualize it in your mind. So I tell people when they're just getting started to imagine a door, and then once you imagine the door, see, imagine that door open and see one of your ancestors come through the door. And it might be an ancestor that you know, and it might not be an ancestor that you know, but whatever happens, let it happen, and just see who comes through. And then the final thing is to just trust everything that happens.
Yeah, so I think the biggest thing I think, right, we get in our own way,
right? So yeah, so so if you're fine, I mean, everybody can do this right now if you want to do that everybody just close your eyes for just a couple minutes just a second here. Close your eyes. And and just just turn on your right brain. Just take a deep breath and relax and turn on your right brain that's where spirit talks to you and spirits shows you everything they need to show you and invite spirit forward and start to feel their loving energy don't expect anything, just let it happen. And with another deep breath just imagine a door just see it sense it feel it however it is that you get it and as you sense or see the Door, allow it to just open up as it would open, perhaps slowly, maybe even here, a little creek at the hinge. And as the door opens, one of your ancestors steps right through to you, and steps right up to you, and perhaps even embraces you, and let yourself see and sense and feel and know that ancestor, whoever that is, and trust exactly everything that you get. And let this ancestor while this ancestor is with you right now, just give you an image or a word that acts as a message to you could be a symbol could be a color, or just a word. And feel the embrace of love. And maybe you feel other ancestors coming through the door between behind him or her. That's okay, you might feel a whole gathering of all bunch of ancestors, let that happen. Let yourself feel all of the things that you feel with this ancestor or the other ancestors that gather around you. And if you get another image or word, let that happen to now take a deep, happy breath. And say thank you to this ancestor, trusting everything that happened for you start to bring yourself back and bring yourself back and open your eyes again. Wow, what
a cool, simple exercise. That's
so simple, simple. It's that simple. But you know, the sad part is people don't met let it be that simple. Now they say, I only imagining it, I must be making it up. Because they don't realize that we have two parts of the brain, the left parietal lobe, which is where we do math, where we observe where we judge and measure now judging and measure is the egos domain, okay? That's all ego still self stuff. But the right brain is where spirit where we image. And that's where spirit drops their messages. And we don't understand that spirits been working with us since we were babies. Since we were baby spirit, there's probably been someone in our family who even died before we were born, who helped us get ready to be born, and have been walking behind us since we were in diapers. And that spirit has been dropping an answer to our questions before we even started the question right into the right frame. And so this spirit and all our other spirits answer are us by putting things into our right brain. And those messages come to us right, so the right brain. And so but because we've been using the right brain to pretend and to imagine, we think we're only imagining it. And so we are we think we're making it up or pretending. But we've got to stop that. We've got to stop undermining what we get. I wouldn't have a job if I did that.
Right. Exactly. Well, and for those that don't know, your work, you are a trained Youngin. Psychologists. So yeah. Yeah, the medium, of course. But I mean, on top of, on top of your mediumistic gifts that you've taught around the world, I mean, literally around the globe. Several times over, you have this background, also in psychology, so you're able to speak as That's right, you know, exactly more of the scientific workings of the brains and how all of this makes perfect sense. I have a little bit of a strange question that I've just been pondering recently, kind of personally. I wonder if since we have potentially many past lives, are we able to connect with spend time with have wisdom from people that were in our ancestral bloodlines in other lifetimes? who maybe were not part of our group in this lifetime?
Yes, but I want to, I want to just pull back on the word bloodlines. Because it might not be biological are passe. Interesting. Our past lives don't only run from biological, biological, biological, biological, we don't we don't reincarnate to the same biological line every single time we get reincarnate. So but we are certainly we certainly can meet our past life guides from this life and that life and the previous life to that and from 1000 years ago, when from 5000 years ago. I mean, the world's been around a long time the human race has been a long time. We've had hundreds of past lives. So you have a lot of past life guides. Now. And of course, consequently, we have a lot of karmic lessons too, right? If we have a lot of past lives, we have a lot of karmic lessons. So, but we don't work on all of our karmic lessons in each every life. I mean, that would be like going to college and taking every single class they offer. Right. So true. Right. But, but we do certainly work on the ones that are the most significant, and the ones that we have two, that that are, that are the most compelling to us to really heal. And so the past life guides that are in spirits still, that are linked and connected to the those karmic lessons that we want to heal will certainly come forward and help us with those karmic lessons. Now, it is also true that some of the past life, people, participants that were in those past lives may actually be present in this life. So we might be working on that with them now. And they were there. Okay. So, so yes, so we could be working on with past life people in two different ways. One, actually,
I love that layer, too. Well, go ahead. Yeah, cuz we're here. I love that layer, too, because I know you've just you've talked before and I know a lot of us know that sometimes where incarnating with some of the same soul, some of the same people in different relationships and different. We show up in different ways for each other in different lifetimes. So certainly, like you said, some of it may be people that have incarnated with you before who are also incarnated with you now and others may be people that you were incarnated with, in that lifetime, who can help to understand I think what I hear you saying is to understand a lesson that we're working through in this lifetime, that maybe they have some information, some guidance, some assistance they can give us so in that way, they could be really instrumental in us moving a little bit forward on our path,
very helpful, but doesn't always have to be a lesson. For instance, there could be a grandmother from a past life, who helped you with one of your children from a past life, and you're having that child again. And she could be an interesting child again, this time. Okay. So it might not have anything to do with a lesson. It's not always hard work. God help us I hope it's true. So she might be bringing this child again, and you know, this blessing forward. So so there and there could be certainly a lover, a happy love relations from up for ship from a past life, who is wanting to help you find a lover and happy love relationship and this life. So there's a lot of different types of overlays that we have from past lives to present. Yeah,
it sounds like As with most of this work, we're really only limited by our own creative thinking as to who we could engage with and for what topics, right really is just whatever we can come up with as like, oh, let's try this. And I one of my favorite things about your work, just all around is this permission to explore this permission to just try it, just try it and see just have an experience and see what what you understand from it.
That's right, because, um, and we should also call our ancestors or different types of ancestors, you know, in the various places of our not just past lives, not just healing, healing is a really big important thing, healing patterns, you know, ancestral healing and karmic healing. Those get mixed up a lot. And sometimes we might get a little bit confused with ISIS ancestral healing is as karmic healing and, and we don't want to get too confused with trying to name it. We just want to get heal, we just want to heal it, you know, because we certainly could have some personal healing patterns that are also global healing patterns and ancestral healing patterns, you know, so, but we do want to work on those healing things. But we also want to just call our ancestors for help in our daily lives. Our financial decisions are, you know, gee, should I sell my house yet? You know, kind of things or, you know, which job would be best for me because they're hanging out, you know, and, and as you know, spirit can see around the bend a time, just a little better than we can. It's not that it you can't, you can't give a life reading I can't can't even to me can't even give a 10 year reading Otherwise, there would be there would be, you know, no free will, you know, everything would be predestined, you know, right? Otherwise it so. So I mean, yeah, you can see the trends, I mean, spirit can see around the bend at time, a couple of years, they can see the trends and the tendencies and opportunities. So you can ask them, and you can ask them simple questions. And they can give you simple, easy, they Spirit works with symbols a lot, you know, and so they can give you really simple and easy symbols. To give you some answers. For instance, if you're asking about a relationship, we could do a quick little symbol for relationship. Now if you want to try that. Yeah, I would love it. Let's do it. So everybody, close your eyes, and take a deep breath. And just relax as you take another deep breath and just invite your spirit ancestors forward, they're hanging out already, because they always are. But they already were already. So just feel their loving embrace there with you. And all of your different ancestors grandma and grandpa and the gang but your work ancestors and you know your uncle who helped you pick out your new car, even though he was already dead? You didn't know it, but but all of them the whole gang is there. Okay. So now I want you to think about a relationship in your life. Okay? Now, it could be a relationship that you're having with someone else. Or it could be a relationship that you'd like, and for me, no, take that back. Think about a relationship you're having with someone else. And it could be a relationship that you're having with your boss. Or, I mean, it could be a relationship you have with your mom or your dad or your sister, your brother. Any relationship, okay? It doesn't have to be a spousal type relation doesn't have to be a romantic relationship could be a relationship about what you have any questions or need a little insight. Okay, just so you no need to just ever relationship that you'd like to get some guidance about. So take a deep breath and just hold the idea of this relationship, my relationship with whomever, okay. And think about that person. And now, Spirit is going to bring to mind visually and sensually spirits going to hold up in front of you a blanket, and this blanket represents this relationship. And I want you to notice everything about the blanket. I want you to notice the color it is I want you to notice the texture it is I want you to notice everything about it. Does it have tatters? Does it fill holes? Is it soft? Is it woolly and rough? Is it does it? Does it have any tatters? Does it torn on the edges? How big is it? Now spirits going to put the blanket around you? This is the blanket of this relationship. How does this blanket wrap around you? Does it wrap all the way around you? Does it make you feel warm? Is it itchy? What colors do you feel with it? You've already seen the colors How did the colors feel? How does the texture feel? Does it cover you enough to make you feel warm and safe and easy? How do you feel about this relationship ring blanket? What does this blanket tell you about this relationship? And just notice everything that you notice about the colors, the textures, the feelings everything. And let yourself take a nice deep breath and thanking all of your ancestral guides and your spirit lovely guides. Take another deep breath let the blanket fall away from you. And open your eyes as you're ready to come back. What did you get some insight about your relationship?
I think I did. I actually chose my relationship with one of my kids. My kids are adults. Um, and so as you know, as a mom, our relationships shift with our children when they move into adulthood and yeah, so it was it was, it was very cool. One of the things I love about the way that you work these exercises with symbols is that it almost takes the pressure off or the Panic of, oh, now I'm supposed to see a color, because we all have some reference point for a blanket. And it's just whatever shows up. So it almost takes that fear charge off of when you just tell someone, okay, you're gonna do an intuitive exercise, and there's this resistance or this panic. So I love the way that you do that.
Yeah. Because, well, you know, people think that people fill their minds with expectations. And, and they're even I'm sure that even some of the people who were listening, or were saying, Oh, I'm supposed to say, a blanket, what kind of blanket am I supposed to cry, you know, that type of thing. But if you really let yourself go, you'll have the experience of the blanket, you know, but there's so many. I mean, my book is full of this full of coins for investments and real estate signs and Monopoly board. I mean, did you there's so many different types of symbols that spirit can use and, and they play with them, and they, they, you know, they just fill them up and move them and and it's, if we just give our right brains over to spirit and trust everything they do with them, we can, you know, get a very full and complete message about absolutely anything. And then, you know, we can also do you know, a lot of people say, Well, what if I'm only creating the image that I want to create, and we can do we can do something about that as well. And it's an old time spiritualist. I'm a spiritualist, Reverend and, and church of the living spirit and Lilydale. And, and, and it's called billets, and which is a French word, I think that means tickets or paper, but I think it's ticket. And, and so what you can do to keep your own head out of your questions is like, if you have like four or three or four or five different questions or different topics, so you put you put, you'd like it like index cards, and you put down like my job and put an index card in an envelope, put my job on that. And then you put down my relationship and you put that in an envelope and you put down, you know, my move and you put down you know, and you put all of those different things on an index are different things, put them in different envelopes, and you seal the envelopes. And then you do with a sealed envelope, you put them in your hands, and you do a different visualization with H sealed envelope. Okay, you write down the visualization that you get on the outside of the envelope on a separate piece of paper. And then you don't open the envelopes until you've done the mall so that your head doesn't know which thing you're getting the information about.
I love this I'm a big proponent of doing these type of experiments with our intuition with you know, because then it does take that element of human mind of doubting ourselves out of it and it's you just get to have this experience. Oh, thanks for sharing that. That's a cool Yeah,
it's fun. And you know what really fun fun thing to play. When you're doing a meditation group or even at a party and different people you just put your name on the outside of the art your initials or some kind of thing and you mix up the envelopes and different people do put their readings on the outside of the envelopes and they don't know whom they're reading for.
Oh, that is really fun. I assure you have so many fun Lilydale with that party is full of mediums and psychics and sensitives and the games you guys come up with I'm sure it's
nominal. I have to say I have to say if if you haven't been there give it a try because I haven't I'd love to get there yeah yeah it's the largest and oldest spiritualist town and community in the world and there are many places where you know you ask somebody to come you hire somebody to come paint your house and they come in they have their you know, painting overalls and their ladders and everything and they put everything up on your porch and, and, and the two painting guys some bend down on one knee And they invoke Spirits help with the pain.
I love it. Why not? I mean, we clearly know they're masters greater than us, right? Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Are there any common mistakes that you find? When people are trying to do this work and connect with their ancestors in this way? Are there any like things to watch out for? For example? I mean, you've just given us some great ones.
Yeah, what the biggest, biggest, biggest mistake is not is first of all, getting into the left brain with what's supposed to happen, what I'm not getting anything, what am I supposed to get, I don't know what I'm supposed to get. And, and the biggest, and that happens, because they think they're supposed to experience things visually with their eyes, audio ly with their ears, okay? These experiences don't happen with physical senses. Spirit is not physical, everything that's spiritual is not physical, and whatever's physical is not spiritual. You know, those are two different worlds. And so you shouldn't expect anything in the physical arena. Now, there are times where I'll get a cough, because Spirit had broken neck or cough, or whatever have you. So that happens, and because I'm very sensitive, but that's not what you should expect. Okay. All right. So, but the biggest biggest mistake people have is going into the left brain, and keeping themselves out of the right brain with their doubts and expectations. You have to make yourself go into the right brain. And and so what happens is all they hear themselves thinking left brain doubts and questions, and they can identify that. And then they start saying, Oh, I gotta go into the right brain. I gotta go in the right brain. Well, that's a left brain. Yeah. So the only way you can go into the right brain does to activate. And that's why it created the door image, but you can create any kind of image, anything that activates the right brain will take you into the right brain. And then the next thing is trusting everything that you get, not believing in what you get is, is the is the next biggest mistake. That actually probably the first biggest mistake, you know, even even professional mediums, you know, we'll get something and then hold their tongue. Yeah, and hold their tongue the whole third time, because I'm stupid. I don't know if this is right. I don't know if I should say this, you know, especially in public mediumship when you're doing mediumship, which is a big thing. And Lola Dale happens
all day long. Tapes and friends that are there. Yeah. Yeah.
And, and, and, you know, you can't hold your tongue, you're just, you get it, you get it. So,
yeah, well, I think that's where there's something to be said about good training and understanding that discernment of you know, how to work with particularly like sensitive information and how to interpret it and then say it in a way that's appropriate, or that doesn't get, you know, sometimes we know details and they don't all necessarily need to be stated to say what's happening. And there's, there is a gentleness that needs to happen.
You certainly have to have certain discernment, especially in public mediumship. Certainly, even public or private, I never predict death. I never predict, oh, you know, I'm not a doctor, I don't diagnose. You know, those types of things are not in my wheelhouse. So I don't do that, you know, so. But, yeah, certainly in public mediumship. You don't say, oh, it's the guy sitting next to your husband, you're getting that type of stuff.
But if someone is in a space, where they're, you know, having experiences, they're doing meditations, visualizations like this, but they're, they're having that bit of a hurdle, where they just are not finding their ability to trust themselves, or they're receiving signs in the world and then doubting them, do you have any guidance that or any particular thing they can work on to kind of move through that place into a place of okay, I'm just gonna surrender and trust what I receive, I think,
actually, yes, there. They have to work that they have to, the first thing you have to do to work through it is to work through it, you have to move beyond and that's experience and go into the next receptive state and having it but there are declarations actually, there's a number of different declared declarations in my book that are, are about declaring your absolute connection and feeling your absolute connection to your ancestral spirit guides. And when you have a sense of those declarations, when you work with those declarations, and those declarations in the book, have a little process with each one, so that you can feel the declarative power with each declaration. And then the process immediately follows. So you can experience the power that you felt with the declaration. And so it's a it's a process that you stayed at mentally. And it's more than an affirmation, I, in my book power words, it was important to me to take affirmations to a higher level. And that was to, to make declare, declarations to declare, to proclaim, not to just affirm and, and so you in this book, it didn't, you know, you make declarations about your connection, your absolute connection, and then immediately following that is this tiny, little immediate, immediate, immediate response of connection to spirit, so that you can have that as a response to the declaration. So it's, it's immediate responsiveness. So having
that so great, and I'm so happy that you put that in the book because I really feel like anymore seems there are so few resources like this for people that are searching and seeking to have like a trustworthy, almost like a guidebook of, you know, if this then try this, if this then try this. And I love that you give people permission to understand that this is a process a journey, it's not, you know, the first time you try it, yes, you might have a profound experience. But also it might be incredibly subtle, which is probably much more likely and be a process over time that you get to understand more about who's who's coming through that door, which ancestor it is what the emotion is that they're trying to share. So I love that you really highlight the journey of it as well.
Right? Yes, well, you know, when I said you can have, you can, it can either take a long time or content be right now. And it can be right now. But then you have to practice it being right now. And you have to practice it and practice it and practice. So the practice of it being right now does take a long time. So So yeah, it is that's the journey. Yeah.
And it's good. I mean, because right now, they are all around us at any time, just a thought away, just a heartbeat away. I'm also trained in the British, British and spiritualist tradition of mediumship. So I believe all of that the spirit world is not a faraway place. And we do have access to all of our ancestors just either through a visualization technique, like you've given us incredible ones already in this conversation, plus all the delicious ones that are in the book. But you know, once someone doesn't need that visualization anymore, they can just move their awareness to who's joining them. I didn't ask you if I could talk about this, but I've heard you talk about it before. So I'm hoping it's okay. You've shared before that your second husband crossed over to the spirit world, and you have still a very active partnership. You you guys were amazing partners in life and then in this different relationship with Him in the spirit side, you still are able to have this partnership experience. Would you mind sharing a little bit about how that is for you? Because I know several people, several of our listeners have lost a significant person.
Yes, it's, it's really amazing to me, and so sad for me that so many people don't carry on their relationships after their loved ones die. It's, you know, my second husband, Rudy, and actually, just in the last year, my first husband Michael, who was a really good friend to me and actually stood in my wedding suit at my wedding in to my Seco. Yes. And was godfather to our son, my son what
an incredible soul. Yeah. So,
and I've been there, he's been coming in. Since he passed two. They both passed with cancer and, and so he a boat he, Rudy, my second husband has been so helpful to me. It when I have to do a workshop or when I have preparation to do he was always there for me. In the living and it's really kind of funny, because when I have to do that now, I can say, oh my gosh, Rudy, how am I getting all this done off to get that done? And and then I kind of, I kind of asked for his help and, and I kind of get an organizational slots in my head. And I don't know how that happens. And even in the timeline, I think, where am I get the time for this. And I wake up in time, even though wow, I set my clock for a little later so I can get more sleep. I wake up in time enough to do it. It's like, holy cow. Well, thanks. You know, yeah, he's
drinking for, for sharing that too. Because I do think people expect or assume how we're talking about expectations can be dangerous, they expect to see an apparition of that person standing at their bedside, saying it's time to wake up. And it's not like that. And I think if people understood, you know, as you are describing the ways it can be if people understood the subtleties and the softness of it, they would realize, oh, no, this is already happening. This is already a real part of my experience. I just thought it was supposed to be something else,
right? Yes. No, they don't stand at the foot of your bed. They don't actually yes, no, and they don't touch your shoulder. Not typically, they just put the idea in your head, and they put the help and the energy in your mind and in your heart. And once you start to have a relationship with them. Now, if you're meditating, and you're doing a visualization, they'll give you the images like we've just been doing. And you can count on them that that is they who are doing that. But But then, but as you're going through life, if you ask a question, then the idea of pop up or if you ask for an image, then they'll drop the image in your mind. But But yes, no, it's it's quite a different story. It's like people, you know, people expect it to be like Hollywood movies. It's, you know, a Nicolas Cage.
Yeah, definitely not. And I don't know that we've what we think we would want it to be that way. But I don't know that. I actually would I don't think I'd like that very much at all. Now, I feel like there's some overlap in I don't know, it's tough to put things in boxes, I think, which are human mind I often wants to do for sorting, but I know that ancestors can guide us. And I know that guides can be ancestors. But is there in your work. In your perspective? Is there a clear delineation between ancestor versus guide? Or are Is there a lot of overlap gray area, or all of the
above? To me, anybody who gives us guidance is a guide. Really, if if they give us guidance, they're guides. They're guiding us, right? So I know a lot of people make distinctions between spirit guides and ancestors. And again, because they're thinking of ancestors or It's grandma and grandpa and that type of thing. Yeah. But, but no. ancestors are also the people who help you write your book, the people who help you compose music, the people who help you, with your healing tasks, the people who help you with your psychic development. Those are your ancestors too. There's your ancestral spirit guides, because they went before you in your history of studying and working with your psychic development and their psychic development. And don't forget, and a lot of people forget this. I can't count the number of times when I'm doing reading and I will see a higher guide like an Ascended Master come to one of the people that I'm one of my clients, and, and one of the grandmothers are great grandmother's or somebody will walk up and stand right next to the the Ascended Master. And the client will wonder Well, yeah, I know she went to church a lot, but why she with the Ascended Masters? She doesn't seem like a psychic person. But they don't remember that these people had past lives too. Yeah. And grandma might probably worked in the ashram of the Ascended Master. We don't forget we don't remember that our aunts and uncles and grandmothers and grandfathers maybe it's all they were they might not have ever had any ideological inkling, or mental awareness of a history of that might have had a profound history of that and only recollected it once they passed, and had a memory of their past lives. And so they might be even closer to this Ascended Master than we are. And so we should not be diminishing our, our biological ancestors by any measure whatsoever. So because they work with them, as we do. And so they are our guides to so even when no matter what their their past life history is,
well, you make so many good points, not only, like you mentioned, do we not know the entire past life history of someone mean, we may have crossed paths with in this lifetime. But certainly, as you mentioned, earlier on in our chat, if someone's in government, if someone's in finance, of course, there are going to be ancestors of that lineage of that tradition of that study that are taking an interest steal, if someone's a scientist or an inventor, or, you know, profound musician, of course, there are musical prodigies that have come before that are going to want to inspire support, facilitate, you know, do their part of the energy to continue that work in some way doesn't mean because they've crossed over to the other side, suddenly, they are all love and light and have no interest in, you know, this human side or in the work anymore. They still are interest,
right? Absolutely. As a matter of fact, I It's you wouldn't be surprised the world would be so surprised at how frustrated this those in Spirit are. They tried to talk to us, our you know, grandmas and grandpas certainly tried to talk to us and, and the writers who are, you know, floating into the spirit world, and they see our beacons of light, and we're writing it, they want to say, Okay, put this in there, put that there and no, no, take that chapter out, you know, that type of thing. And they want to roll up a newspaper. And I mean, think of how frustrating it would be for each of us to well, it doesn't happen anymore, because phone, phones don't get busy signals anymore. If you tried to call somebody and never got through, ever, that's what the spirit world experiences when they try to make a direct phone call to most of the physical world. nobody's answering but the mediums. What percentage of the world is that? Did you did? Did anybody teeny? Yes. Sad. So many people want to talk to their loved one. So many writers want to talk to the writers. So many business, people want to talk to the business people. So many quantum physicists want to talk to the quantum physicists, for sure. Heck, nothing's happening. They're throwing their arms up and saying, holy cow, when are they gonna get it? That's what.
And so I just think they have such a different vantage point on the other side that they can see more clearly, the interconnectedness here, and the, what I often perceive as the ripple of our, you know, every choice that we make now, how you were saying, you know, a 10 year prediction is not necessarily possible, because it's the potentials of what could happen based on choices we're making here and now that then open up and potentially a new segment of our map, so to speak, right, we, you know, it's, it always reminds me of those, it's a little old fashioned, but those choose your own ending books, where it's like, you know, you're at the bridge, do you want to go to in the door? Or do you want to take the trolley, you know, so it's kind of is how it is for us? Our choices that we're in it is for me, I know, You've spoken on this extensively and taught on it. It is this connection between our freewill and the part of our life that's not pre determined. And the things that we do, perhaps agree beforehand that we're going to experience but they don't have to necessarily show up in a certain kind of way. Do you know what I mean?
Right, exactly. We do make contracts to meet certain people and perhaps even at certain times, but we and we do probably make contracts to try to work on, you know, certain karmic lessons. But whether or not we made those karmic lessons, whether or not we follow through with with what we're supposed to be doing, you know that It's all free, well, that's all free well, and so, you know, it's all based on then this is the most important spirit relationship, and it's based on whether or not we find our own spirit, and meet our own spirit and say, Hey, this is, this is an important voice to find. And this is an important voice to, to, to make real in the world. And, and let's do this.
And I love that the underpinning of all of your work like so many spiritualists and mediums and people in this work is about the empowerment of the individual in this lifetime in this here and now experience. And rather than it, you know, of course, there are lots of amazing parts of the spiritual work but really empowering people that Okay, now that you know that you are in are connected, and that you can talk to everyone, what are you now empowered to do to live your best life right now or the life you choose to live right now? They love that that's such a part of why we're even talking to the ancestors. Right?
Right, right. Yeah, but you know, a lot of people have a lot of healing to do, we really, really get stuck in our patterns. You know, like I said, before, you know, karmic healing and ancestral healing have a big overlap. As a matter of fact, I have a new workbook, the connection of karmic and ancestral healing, it's actually free on my website, Sharon So if you go to my website, page, it's on my homepage, Sharon, it's got a lot of new processes and journaling work that you can do to try to get out of the patterns. We live, relive, and relive and relive and relive and relive our patterns in our mind. And, and we hold ourselves back, and we have to break out of those self made prisons, you know, but we can do that, we can do that with the right work. And we can do that with the help of our ancestors. And, and so we can invoke the help of our ancestors with that. So if you go to Sharon, on our on my homepage page, you'll find out how to get that free workbook, the connection of karmic and ancestral healing. Oh, that's so
exciting. I will definitely link it in the show notes. And everywhere that you find this you can, you'll be able to find the links, it's so timely, and it's such necessary work for us to be doing that introspection so we can recognize that light within and do the healing that we need to do. I'm I wish we had more time to dive into it. But I love that you brought this up because for anyone, which I believe is everyone who can identify any patterns of behavior patterns of thought patterns of, you know, you seem to keep recreating similar relationships, and you don't understand why Sharon has a free tool for us. It's gonna help us start diving in, which is so generous that you're willing to share that. So thank you so much for that resource. For sure. Are you up for a bit of a change of gears? I have these four questions the spirit speed round, and I would love to hear your off the cuff answers to that up for that. Sure. Okay, exciting. Okay, so question one, share one thing that really shocked you, or was unexpected about your personal spiritual gifts as a medium or as a psychic, whatever you like. It was kind of shocking or unexpected about your own gift.
How bold I was, when I finally learned how to do it. I'm I got to the point where I didn't care what anybody was thinking about me.
I really wow, is that different than what you were before?
I'm gonna say. And that's really actually when when I had the breakthrough, that's what I needed to actually to have the breakthrough of trusting everything. Wow, I love and, and and was my breakthrough at the same time.
It's pretty incredible. Okay, question two. If you've got to spend a whole day in the spirit world, you got the full tour got to spend time with all of your ancestors plus everyone who you have ever known that you want to spend time with. And it's almost time for you to return to your life here. And your guide tells you you have one hour left and you can spend it with anyone who's on the other side that you want. Who do you choose and why?
It would have to be two It would be Jesus and Buddha. And, and actually, I would choose them both for the same reason. Because before I would want to come back, I would want to try to absorb, suck all of their peace and compassion and wisdom and compassionate love as I could possibly get before I go back here. Wow, that's
a beautiful answer. I love it. Okay, this one's a little different pace. Even though we have the spiritual gifts, we have very human lives. What is one quirky thing about you that people might be surprised to learn?
I'm obsessive compulsive. Everything, pretty much has to be in its place. Although it doesn't seem like that. Now, I've been too busy to this place. And I buy a lot of bed clothes, bed linens, and rugs. That's my motto money on.
Pillow. It's interesting the things that we're drawn to two, that's kind of a cool, quirky thing. So you always have cozy bedding is what it sounds like over there. If you would leave us with one pearl of wisdom, what's one piece of advice that you wish that you had had early on in your understanding of your gifts?
I wish I understood earlier. Not to care what people think. The thing that made me bold came too late. But it's here now. But I wish I'd gotten that earlier. Don't count people think it puts you into your left brain. It puts you into your judgement of yourself. Stop judging yourself. Stop caring what people think that doesn't mean stop caring about people. It means stop caring about judgment.
Wow, that's a really that is a pearl of wisdom. That's some great advice. And I think the earlier that anyone can take that on board, the better for their journey. Well, thank you so much for being with us today. For so generously, sharing your wisdom and your light, it has been a delight to talk to you. And of course, we can find your newest book, which we've just been talking about the answers from the ancestral realms is available and I'm going to put that link, you can find it sharing There's a link there. And you can also find it at Star Bringer. But we'll have a link in the show notes. I did
want to really quickly say we're giving five bonus gifts away. If you Yes, if you go to ancestral realms ancestral rooms, that special website, we're giving away $500 worth of audio, Web Audio, meditations and two workshops. And yeah, if you go to Audio realms And you can get the book and get that extra bonus gifts.
Wow, that's amazing. And don't worry, we'll have a link in the show notes. So if you are driving and didn't get to jot that down, just check out the show notes. And I'll have all of those links. Don't miss those gifts. Because like I mentioned at the top, Sharon has been doing this work and sharing it globally for a really long time. So don't miss those treats. And this book is just a wealth of information and an incredible resource. So thank you for taking the time to put it into the world and taking the time to have this conversation with us today. Thanks for being here, Sharon.
Thank you joy.
Thanks for sharing your light. What an incredible conversation with Sharon and Klingler. I am still processing everything that we talked about. I got to ask some really specific questions, which I was excited about. And like I said, I'm still kind of processing the information. Those exercises. I didn't expect her to spontaneously spring into two visualization exercises with us. So how cool if you haven't had a chance to get the book already. I would highly encourage you to because it's just an incredible resource tool gives lot So I have examples and exercises and tips and tricks. So of course, that link will be in the show notes as well as on my website joyful You can find the full video, the full transcript, plus all the links, you want to check out this book answers from the ancestral realm. And don't miss those free bonuses don't sleep on all of these free offerings that come along with this book, all of the teachings and meditations and lessons that she's sharing just as free gifts alone. Plus, I'll put a link to her website where she was talking about the process to break through patterns or to understand our patterns to heal patterns, right on the homepage of her website. So I'll put the link to Sharon Because you're going to want to get that resource. Thank you for being here with me today. My mind is a little bit blown. Because I've been following Sharon's work for many years now we have several friends in common as well. So I hope you really enjoy this conversation. What a treat such an incredible way to set ourselves up for the rest of this year. Thanks for being here with me inside the spirit speakeasy I hope that you enjoy this let me know your experience with a book or with these exercises that she gave us during this talk. I'm so curious to hear your experiences and anything that you got or learned from this episodes, leave it in the comments or join me in the joy soul spot Facebook group and let me know

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