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Weekly TAROT AND ORACLE Card Reading May 22-28, 2022: A time for psychic insights & nudges to follow!

May 24, 2022

Look at the energy and potential this week PLUS receive a message from  the spirit world. Don’t ignore your emotions right now, they have insights into what you truly want and how to get there. Make your own spiritual practice a priority no matter how busy you feel! It’ll get you through and fill your cup. 

YOU get to decide what your priorities are, make sure you get clear and weigh in on your own needs and boundaries.

A person or situation from the past might be coming in to offer new understanding or healing to an old issue.

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Decks used: (Please note I am not an affiliate for any of these decks, they are from my personal collection) 

#AngelTarotCards by RadleighValentine 

#ModernWitchTarot by #LisaSterle

#Natureswhispers by #AngelaHartfiled

#TalkingtoHeaven by #JamesVanPraagh 

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