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Live Online Free Community Healing Session with Renowned Medium, Mystic & Spiritual Gifts Mentor, Joyful Medium,  Joy Giovanni

Receive Reiki, Trance Medium Healing, Chakra Balancing, Aura Clearing and start using a real energy healing tools for yourself right away!

This totally free 60 min group session will be held online once each month (replays will be made available for a limited time) Join Joy for one session or ALL! 

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Do you ever wonder how to tell if YOU need "energy healing" or if YOU are a Highly Sensitive Person? (Here are a few signs)

  • Have you felt overwhelmed or drained by the energy of recent world events or events in your own life but have no tools to clear & manage your own energy?
  • Have you noticed you feel drained, energetically, physically or emotionally, after interacting with certain people or places?
  • Do you notice "blocks" or painful patterns in your own life you can't seem to fully shift and heal?
  • Do people (or animals) gravitate towards you and frequently share their problems with you?
  • Do you often find yourself  in a "helping" position where people depend on you as a parent, friend, supporter, teacher, or in your job?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you won’t want to miss this opportunity!

I "see you" because I was you. You probably feel exhausted & overwhelmed from taking on the energy & emotions of people around you. But you have a big heart so you keep pushing through. You help whoever you can, even if it's "just listening" but neglect your own "energetic self care" (and you might not even know what that means yet). You're also likely carrying around secret pain from the past because you haven't released it at an energetic level in your auric field or chakras. Maybe you've even tried to watch YouTube videos or done meditations  but still have no idea how to receive or use energy healing in a real way that makes a difference you can FEEL.

  • Receive Reiki (an ancient Japanese system of healing energy infusion)
  • Receive Chakra Balancing & Aura Clearing/Balancing (these are both part of your "energetic body")
  • Receive additional energetic "bubbles of healing & support" on your personal timeline for the upcoming month 
  • Each session will be unique. Some will include a "take home tool", some you cans end healing to a loved one in need, come see what this month has in store!


    This online Live community healing session takes place live on Zoom once each month (You are invited to attend one or all! 🥰)
Even if you can’t attend live, be sure to sign up and you’ll get to watch the recording for a limited time and can still receive the healing and learn!

Please note, Zoom link will be sent out by email a few days before the session and again the day of the session.


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About your mentor, Joy Giovanni

“If you hang out with me for too long, you may just start seeing yourself in your truest light, feeling empowered to follow your dreams, and knowing that your unique gifts are worth sharing. Isn't that what mentors are for?" - Joyful Medium, Joy Giovanni

Raised in Boston and internationally known for her time as a WWE Diva, model and actress,  Joy always knew her sensitivity and connection with her own intuition and spirituality was something special, but it wasn't until she realized others didn't have the same sensing abilities — like seeing bright, swirling colors every time she closed her eyes, asking for and receiving signs from spirit, etc — that she channeled her energy & spiritual gifts to help heal others.

After studying fine arts in college and spending years performing in front of sold-out arenas all over the world, Joy's lifelong passion for holistic health and wellness led her to massage therapy and Reiki training and Mystic Energy Healing. During this time her gifts as an energy healer, psychic and medium came into focus. In the spirit of continual growth and deepening of her natural gifts, she sought out and was mentored by some of the most well-regarded masters in the world if psychic mediumship.

Whether through her work as a psychic medium, serving as a bridge between two worlds, as a spiritual teacher, mentoring others on their own development journey, or as a Reiki Master & Mystic Energy Healer, Joy seeks to support and guide others as they unfold and step into their own power and awareness of how connected we all truly are. Her passion and calling in life is to support and empower others on their journey.

Victor Quan

“A simple thank you cannot express my gratitude for having Joy as mentor/teacher of mine. She has helped empower me from being someone who was not in touch with my intuition to now giving professional tarot readings. I have taken a psychic development course and also private readings and coaching under Joy over the last 6 years. She is a very gentle teacher who also pushes your boundaries to help you step into your power. I've learned meditation and grounding techniques that I still practice each time before my Tarot readings. She genuinely cares about your spiritual journey inside and outside of the course. I have had a wonderful experience receiving feedback on my tarot reading as well. I would not be where I am today without Joy's gentle guidance. She radiates energy that is full of love and light. I can't recommend her enough!!”

Nick Dei

“Joy is a gifted, genuine, and accurate medium who shared her gift with me just to be of help. She nailed the personalities and literal verbal expressions of my deceased loved ones. She gave undeniable proof that those I love are with me always, not just because I want that, but because she proved that with evidence. As a sometimes overly logical person and possible skeptic, I can confidently give my highest recommendation to this All-Star of the mediumship field. I am eternally grateful to have spent time talking with Joy and I know I’ll continue to communicate with her as the years go on.”

Roz Reynolds

“I was fortunate enough to study with Joy in 2020. Amazing, powerful and emotional is how I would describe my time as a student of hers. She has wonderful positive energy and such a relatable way of connecting with her students, that you feel like you've just spent two hours talking to your friend instead of being in a class. Joy provides a plethora of tools, skills, references, information and first hand knowledge to assist you in healing and furthering your spiritual growth. She is very open in sharing her own personal experiences with the subject matters. And she provides an encouraging and accepting atmosphere for learning. I highly recommend training with her.”

 Free Monthly Community Energy Healing Session

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