Journey into the Cosmos:  A Celestial Q&A with the Violet Flame Collective 

Join us to experience the Advanced Vibrational Teachings of the Violet Flame Collective — live on Zoom or by replay! October 29, 2023 at 12p PT/3p ET. 

Receive Trance Mediumship Messages and Guidance of High Vibrational Resonance & Infinite Love

This very special event is not to be missed!

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Have you ever experienced a Demonstration of Trance Mediumship? 

What is trance mediumship?

Did you know that Trance Mediumship has been practiced for thousands of years? 

 The word "trance" simply refers to a deep, meditative state of consciousness. At its deepest levels, the conscious mind of the medium can "step aside", allowing a deeply blended level of communication with spirit. 
This is where the "mediumship" comes in. Mediumship is the ability for the medium to blend their soul's energy with the energy of a soul in the non-physical for communication and/or transmission of healing energy. In trance mediumship, the degree of blending is so deep that the soul, light being or expanded intelligence is able to use the voice, energy field and physical body of the medium to directly speak through the medium. 

To quote College Tutor and trance medium Sarah Tyler-Walters (of College of Psychic Studies, UK), 

"The different levels of trance mediumship – light, medium and deep – relate to the level of conscious awareness of the medium and the depth to which the spirit being has blended with them. The trance medium always has control over whether they enter into the trance state. It is a willing and loving working partnership between spirit and medium, built up through years of training and familiarity to form an absolute bond of trust."

Who is the Violet Flame Collective? 

On a recent episode of the Spirit speakeasy podcast (episodes 36) they answered this question themselves and here's what they said, "We are many souls combined in unison in one voice. Something that may be resonant understanding to you, such as a symphony, many different instruments.  We have embodied many different lifetimes in many different places. And several of you here are also a part of our energetic collective to the degree consciousness exists on many levels on many planes all at once. So it may be a little challenging to understand how many voices can speak as one. However, we are from a pool of resonant belief, understanding, energy, love, wisdom, connection, and those who resonate with our message also have droplets in this pool."

Essentially, they are a collective of expanded intelligence, light beings, here to share wisdom, love and support. Their guidance and vibrationally resonant energy is given verbally and energetically as part of their communication.


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Meet Your Moderator, Crystal

 Crystal is a Reiki Master, Modern Mystic Master Healer and one of our favorite Highly Sensitive (aka psychic) People. During our event she will act as moderator to deliver questions and support the communication with the Violet Flame Collective. Not only does she ask profound questions but Crystal does a beautiful job working with the energy of the conversation as well. 

Crystal will be receiving all of the questions submitted for this event, discerning the theme and creating the list of questions. She may use some questions exactly as submitted or use her literary and energetic talents to extract themes or similarities and create variations of your questions. We are so grateful to Crystal for her role in making this very special event possible! 

In the muggle world, Crystal has a twenty plus year career of wisdom and experience with language, linguistics, literature, education and countless accolades for her commitment & excellence in her field. 

Definitely MUCH more than a moderator, she would never tell you herself but, she's kind of a big deal! 

Scarlet M

"When I listened to the recent trance medium channeled question session I felt like I had an energetic shift of some kind. I could almost feel, hear and understand it all at once. It was like I had integrated certain ideas for the first time, not just on an intellectual level but somehow in my whole body and soul. The way I heard & felt the answers to the questions asked just resonated so deeply and each answer was so layered I'm still processing all the golden nuggets! Please do more of these!"




Rabert R

"I just listened to the Violet Flame episode of Spirit Speakeasy podcast you posted in July, 2023. 
From your podcast, "Everything you intend to create every inspiration that you can give to another every creation or inspiration that you seek already exists in the non-physical and you are the channel to bring it into physical."


Wow. When I heard this is resonated deeply and I immediately felt a connection. 
 I got a chill as soon as I heard you begin speaking in trance on this podcast. (Over my arms and shoulders.) You should definitely do this [trance communication] more (or more publicly) came to my awareness."

Nadia H

"I just watched the amazing Violet Flame message and wanted to encourage you to consider doing more of these. The things that jumped out was the ripple effect that we all have on each other with seemingly insignificant, small gestures and the message of loving support that we can't even imagine the reach of that ripple.

It was beautiful! I found this channeled message very valuable and meaningful. Thanks Joy"

About Joyful Medium, Joy Giovanni

Raised in Boston and internationally known for her time as a WWE Diva, model and actress,  Joy always knew her sensitivity and connection with her own intuition and spirituality was something special, but it wasn't until she realized others didn't have the same sensing abilities — like seeing bright, swirling colors every time she closed her eyes, asking for and receiving signs from spirit, etc — that she channeled her psychic energy to help heal others.

After studying fine arts, fitness & wellness in college and spending time performing in front of sold-out stadiums all over the world, Joy's lifelong passion for holistic health and wellness led her to massage therapy and Reiki training. During this time her gifts as a psychic and medium came into focus. In the spirit of continual growth and deepen of her natural gifts, she sought out and was mentored by some of the most well-regarded masters in the world if psychic mediumship. This included 2 years of Psychic training & Reiki Healing private apprenticeship, 4 years intensive Trance Mediumship development mentorship, and more than 5 years of evidential mediumship intensive mentorship all interwoven with more than 10 years in private practice as a spiritual practitioner. 

Whether through her work as a psychic medium, serving as a bridge between two worlds, or as a spiritual teacher, mentoring others on their own development, Joy seeks to support and guide others as they step into their own power and awareness of how connected we all truly are. Her passion and calling in life is to empower others on their journey. 

Read more about Joy here

Carla F

“I met Joy at a mediumship reading event. I wasn't even supposed to be there but I went last minute with my neighbor. I wasn't sure if I believed that deceased loved ones can communicate like this but recently since the loss of my mom I have been more curious and I wanted to see for myself. I was blown away when she started saying thing that fit my mother exactly. She even described this photo we used of her on the memorial cards and so many small details that it felt like my mom was right here again. She said some things that were exactly what my mom used to say! You just have to experience it for yourself!”

Rene M

“Joy's gift as a medium is real, without a doubt. We brought her in to do a private event for our party. She did a group reading for 12 of us and it was so good! My friends are all still talking about it. I don't know how she does it but the details were specific & she knew things about people that she couldn't have know. It's like you could feel their  personality coming through her. We felt blessed that a friend who passed away just last week even came through. It was an unexpected tragedy & still raw for us but the things Joy said about her gave us the relief of knowing she is ok. I think most of us had tears in our eyes by the end but the good, heart full, healing kind of tears. If you get invited to a group reading with her, GO!”

Yvonne D

I've been to different mediums and Joy truly is the real thing. She was right on target and would say things that my mom and dad would say that she would not know; it made me feel that they were there with us. She has a very kind and calm demeanor that immediately  put me at ease. I look forward to our next meeting and highly recommend her to anyone that wants to connect in a very real way.” reviewed on Yelp 

Journey into the Cosmos:  A Celestial Q&A with the Violet Flame Collective 

a trance medium channeled experience

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