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I'm here to help you

get the guidance and connection you're seeking - so you can transform challenges into opportunities.

I'm here to help you get the guidance and connection you're seeking - so you can transform challenges into opportunities.

I know what you want most is real connection and clarity that actually makes a difference for you.

Not the vague, loosey-goosey guidance you may have gotten in the past - which didn't have one iota of impact in your life. 

You want concrete, down-to-earth insight that actually helps you reach a whole new level of healing and understanding. 

You may want to connect with your deceased loved ones - to feel their presence and know for sure they’re still with you. Perhaps you're feeling lost and searching for answers about your past, present and potential future. Maybe you need healing or ongoing mentoring - so you can create the more meaningful life you crave. Maybe you want it all?!

As a psychic medium, healer, and spiritual teacher, I've helped thousands of people like you connect with spirit and get the insights and evidence they crave. If you want to connect with your deceased loved one or would like to create a more empowered, guided life, I gotcha. I can absolutely help.

I get what it's like to navigate the ups and downs of life on your own. No matter how hard you try, you may...

  • feel like you may never heal from the loss of your loved one 
  • feel lost and confused about your next steps.
  • keep experiencing the same frustrating patterns 

It doesn't have to be this way. 

When we connect with spirit and our own inner truth, we can finally harness our power to heal and create with intention.  

As a spirit medium, I can help you...

Connect with your deceased loved ones - and get more messages and signs from them. 

As your psychic bestie, healer and spiritual teacher, I can help you...

Get the real clarity and guidance you need to turn setbacks into transformation and create a life that lights you up. 

As a friend, I can...

remind you of your power and encourage you towards what you truly want... even when you may doubt your greatest dreams are possible. (Hint: they are possible!)  

Did you notice I used the word we? :-)

I've been in your shoes. I tried to do this thing called life all alone for waayyy too long. As a result, I struggled. A lot. 

Growing up in Boston, I was sensitive and sensed things from a young age. But, I resisted it big time—largely because of my more “traditional” background.  After studying fine arts in college, I went on to become a WWE Diva, model and actress—often performing for sold-out audiences around the world.

There I was, seemingly on top of the world. I had a career that people dream of, a "pleasant on the outside" husband, two amazing children, and a big new house… but it felt like I needed to be the version of myself everyone else needed or wanted me to be. Not who I really was. Can you relate?

I put on a happy face, but inside I felt small, lonely, and inauthentic. At some point in all that need to please, I lost myself.   

And then it all came crashing down. 

I lost my TV contract with WWE, my marriage imploded and not long after I lost my house. It was not a good time, to put it mildly! 

But, even in the midst of our greatest setbacks and losses, we can create meaningful transformation.. especially when we open ourselves to connection. 

Gradually, I picked myself up and put one foot in front of the other. After a lot of soul-searching, a chance encounter led to meeting my first spiritual mentor. I learned Reiki, how to work with Chakras and energy, auras and how to focus my intuition to do readings. With every new tool I learned, I did my own experiments. I studied and practiced with whatever I felt pulled towards — guides, tarot cards, crystals, signs, trance mediumship... you name it. The more I practiced, the more expansive my connection with spirit and others became. And the more I was able to totally transform my own life. I went from small, alone and confused to confidently guided with every step I take. 

Pretty soon, people were coming to me for psychic mediumship readings and guidance. As I helped more and more people connect with spirit and turn their own challenges into transformation, I experienced a sense of purpose and fulfillment I’d never imagined was possible.

These days, I see my unique mix of psychic mediumship, healing and spiritual abilities as my secret “psychic bestie” sauce. My work is part psychic medium and healer, part down-to-earth mentor, and a whole lot of friend.

I’m here to help you see yourself in your truest light and to remind you that the sky isn’t even your limit.

Isn't that what best friends are for?

Let's Connect - Free Reiki and Trance Healing!

My Formal Spiritual Education/Certifications

I've had years of training, including... 

  • Mentorship with renowned British medium Lynn Probert
  • Mentorship with renowned British medium Mavis Pittilla
  • 3 years Mentorship with renowned British medium Andy Byng
  • Studies at internationally recognized Arthur Findlay College, UK.
  • Certified Psychic Medium, James Van Praagh Mediumship
  • 5 years Apprenticeship Psychic & Intuitive Development (Heather Rene, Berkley Psychic Institute, 2nd gen.)
  • 4 years Trance Mediumship Development (Cody Edner)
  • Reiki Master, Private Apprenticeship (Divine Intuition) Certified Angel Card Reader -CACR (Doreen Virtue, Radleigh Valentine)
  • Over 40 years Life School

What lights me up...  

  • My family, clients and students
  • The spiritual and self-help sections at any quaint or quirky bookstore
  • Stand up comedy - I've been a huge fan since 5th grade
  • Monkeys (I mean, how can you not like monkeys?!)
  • Walking- to explore, as a meditation, or in nature
  • Travel - my favorite trip so far was to Arthur Findlay College and Stonehenge in the UK. That, and Maui.
  • My morning Cafe Americano with almond milk
  • Thai food - especially Panang Curry and Pad Thai
  • My daily chats with my BFF (celebrating 26 years of friendship) 
  • Touring churches and old buildings - I love looking at all the intricate craftsmanship and feeling the subtle energies!
  • Caramel on anything :)
  • All things mediumship, psychic, healing, and self-improvement 


Professional Bio

Joy is a renowned and sought-after psychic medium, healer, and spiritual teacher.

Raised in Boston and internationally known for her time as a WWE Diva, model and actress, Joy always knew her sensitivity and connection with her own intuition and spirituality was something special, but it wasn't until she realized others didn't have the same sensing abilities — like seeing bright, swirling colors every time she closed her eyes — that she channeled her psychic energy to help heal others.

As a published author, public speaker and media personality, Joy's calming nature matched with her unique gifts and insights go far beyond her individual clients, making psychic, mediumship and healing more personable and accessible to audiences across the globe.  

"Joy has helped empower me from being someone who was not in touch with my intuition to now giving professional tarot readings. She genuinely cares about your spiritual journey... I would not be where I am today without Joy's gentle guidance. She radiates energy that is full of love and light. I can't recommend her enough!!"

— Victor Quan

Amazing, powerful and emotional is how I would describe my time as a student of hers. She has wonderful positive energy and such a relatable way of connecting with her students, that you feel like you've just spent two hours talking to your friend instead of being in a class. Joy provides a plethora of tools, skills, references, information and first hand knowledge to assist you in healing and furthering your spiritual growth... I highly recommend training with her."

— Roz Reynolds

“Joy gave me an amazing reading. She truly has the real deal gift. The details were spot on with everything and her gentle presence was exactly what I needed. I felt like my dad was right there when she was talking about the special cookies we still make for him at holidays and things we did together. My heart is full of happiness.” 

Hope B.

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