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I’m Joy Giovanni, a.k.a. your Psychic Bestie and Joyful Medium. I help you...

Get the life-changing guidance you're seeking

so you can transform loss into healing and confusion into clarity.

(Even if you don't know exactly what you need, don't worry, I will (wink)!)

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I’m Joy Giovanni, a.k.a. your Psychic Bestie and Joyful Medium. I help you...

Get the life-changing guidance you're seeking

so you can transform loss into healing and confusion into clarity.

(Even if you don't know exactly what you need, don't worry, I will (wink)!)

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When you feel lost, disconnected or alone,
 it can impact your entire life.  

Are you feeling separate from your crossed-over loved ones - longing to talk with them again? 

Perhaps you're at a difficult crossroads - unsure what to do next or worried things won't work out?

Do you feel like you're disconnected from the "real you" - like you've lost yourself in the challenges of life?

Are you tired of disregarding your intuition and spiritual gifts - the ones that are your birthright? 

 You're in the right place. 

I get it and I want you to know you don't have to feel separate or alone any longer.

I'm here to help you connect and find your way.



the answers are here!

Every soul has a unique vibrational frequency - like an energetic fingerprint. Using my gift of connection, I match my soul’s frequency to yours (psychic) or crossed over loved ones (mediumship) to give you the deep healing guidance you're craving. 

  • Get an intuitive perspective to help you turn struggles and setbacks into transformation
  • Know without-a-doubt that your deceased loved ones are still with you and get their messages. 
  • Connect to your own inner guidance - so you can create the life you are made for.
  • Develop confidence and perspective as you let go of old ways of being.
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You deserve support that is uniquely customized to you.
While many psychic mediums and healers focus on only one method,
I've developed expertise in psychic, mediumship, intuitive coaching, trance and Reiki.
This enables me to give you exactly what your soul needs.

Each session is a unique custom blend of mediumship, psychic guidance, intuitive coaching and/or healing. I let Spirit lead—so even if you don’t know what you want, you'll get what you need. I work with people from all over the world via Zoom. As a psychic medium in San Diego, I can also meet with you in-person here. 

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Are you tired of feeling like you need to hide or dim down the real you? Ready to let go of self-doubt and inner judgement? Release old blocks, limiting beliefs and childhood conditioning as you claim your psychic power to direct your journey in this life-changing six-month mentoring program with spirit medium Joy Giovanni. 

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Awaken to your calling as a healer, share your gifts and co-create the life of your dreams! This nine-month mentorship is a powerful blend of Reiki training, tools for energy healing, expert support, hands-on experience, and sisterhood. You'll walk way with healing tools that will set you apart and enable you to heal others and yourself. 

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I'm Joy Giovanni, psychic bestie and spirit medium in San Diego, CA. I get what it's like to feel lost, disconnected, and not in your power. 

I've had psychic and mediumship experiences since I was a child. But, I disregarded them for years. The more I denied this part of myself, the more I struggled. 

After a series of divine synchronicities, I finally started to embrace the power of connection. As I learned how to trust my own inner-knowing, follow spirit's guidance and work with energy, my entire world transformed. 

In my work, I combine my life-long spiritual abilities and my years of training with world-renowned psychic mediums, healers and personal growth experts. All that with a good measure of empowering "psychic bestie" straight talk when you need it! 

It's my ultimate mission to help people like you turn loss into healing and confusion into clarity—so you can step fully into your power. 

Are you ready? I'd be honored to guide you! 

Joy Giovanni

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You're worth it. 

Life shouldn't be this difficult. 

You don't have to feel separate, confused or alone. There is another way. When you connect  - with your loved ones in spirit, with your own inner-knowing and with the flow of the universe - everything changes and you're able to intentionally create what you want. 

“Joy gave me an amazing reading. She truly has the real deal gift.  The details were spot on with everything and her gentle presence was exactly what I needed. I felt like my dad was right there when she was talking about the special cookies we still make for him at holidays and things we did together. My heart is full of happiness.

I am so grateful to Joy and will certainly be recommending her to others.”

- Hope B. 

“I want to say first a very huge thank you again for reconnecting me with my loved ones. My mind has been absolutely blown since yesterday and I've been watching every little sign. I'm so happy to have met you and after the last 3 years, this session was so needed. I miss my father and grandma so much but it was so comforting to know they are right by our side.

I can't wait to talk again!”

- Ashley

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We meet on Zoom or in-person at my San Diego, CA office. I help you connect with your loved ones in Spirit and the answers within you. Connection is the ultimate superpower and it's at the heart of all my work. 


Get Guidance & Healing 

You receive the insights and answers meant just for you - all to help you heal and become more empowered on your path. 

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