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2024 Astrology Predictions with Sheetal Story (January through May 2024)

Dec 04, 2023

Get ready for this in-depth astrological forecast for the first half of 2024! Master Astrologer, Certified Grief Support Counsellor & Psychic Medium, Sheetal Story is back in the Spirit Speakeasy house!! Sheetal shares specific predictions, details, potentials, and guidance based on the wisdom of the astrology for the upcoming year. She discusses relationship shifts, career changes, financial potentials, global themes, opportunities for growth and, as always, gives us priceless "heads up" on all of the potentials. Sheetal even shares a powerful process called RAIN to help you process emotions and let go of old patterns all year long! 

Show notes:

Sheetal Story is a Psychic Medium, a Professional Certified Astrologer, a Grief Support Counsellor and a Law of Attraction Master Coach. Sheetal’s mission is to help heart-centred people cultivate and strengthen their intuition, to trust and use it every day, so they can live their most aligned and soul-led purposeful life. Intuition is the compass of the soul, and she teaches that your soul always knows the way. The more you learn to trust your intuition and flow with the energy that life presents, the more life will open up the most magical opportunities for growth and abundance!

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Episode Transcript:

Hey beautiful soul Welcome to Spirit Speakeasy I'm Joy Giovanni joyful medium. I'm a working psychic medium energy healer and spiritual gifts mentor. This podcast is like a seat at the table in a secret club but with mediums, mystics and the spiritual luminaries of our time so come behind the velvet ropes with me and see inside my world is I chat insider style with profoundly different souls we go deep share juicy stories laugh a lot and it wouldn't be a speakeasy without great insider secrets and tips you might even learn that you have some gifts of your own so step inside the spirit speakeasy Hey beautiful soul Welcome back to spirit speakeasy you are really want to have a pen and paper for today's episode. If you're driving or working out, you can always come back to it but today we have our esteemed and wonderful astrologer friend she tells story. If you haven't listened to any of her episodes before she was with us previously on episode 15 for March of 2023, where she gave us the 2023 astrology predictions and talked about mastering manifestation and again on episode 28 which is from June of 2023 called astrology Energy Report. June through December was she Tall Story. So she today is going to give us the astrology and essentially a big heads up and tips and guidance for the first six months of 2024 so we can know what is coming based on the astrology some themes. She even gives us an amazing journaling tool at the end. And don't worry, she tells you exactly why you need it. So I don't want to take up too much time in this intro because this episode is so juicy with so much information and really just addressing the themes and energy potentials possibilities what those might look like and what to expect in the astrology of 2024 for the first half. So without further ado, let's jump right into my conversation with my beautiful friend and colleague she tells story. Welcome back friends to another episode of spirit speakeasy, we have a returning guest one of our favorite alumni guests. She Tall Story I'm going to just read her quick bio but many of you know her. From her previous appearances she tells story is a psychic medium, a professional certified astrologer, a grief support counselor, and a law of attraction master coach she tells mission is to help heart centered people cultivate and strengthen their intuition to trust and use it every day so they can live their most aligned and soul led purposeful life. Intuition is the compass of the soul. And she teaches that your soul always knows the way the more you learn to trust your intuition and flow with the energy that life presents, the more life will open up the most magical opportunities for growth and abundance. Welcome back. Shad Hall.
Thank you for having me back. This was so much fun the first time when you're like let's talk about the astrology for 2020 for like, Oh, yes.
And I feel like this time I'm getting you a little earlier, which is great. So we can have this live in December. So those of us that are looking forward to 2024, or at least trying to get a little bit of a heads up on the energy coming in the new year. We can be ready.
Yes, and it is very different year, you know ahead that we're going to be stepping into. And as we sort of look to the future, we to understand 2024 We got to look to understand 2025. So okay, I'm excited to dive in when you're ready.
I'm totally ready. I'm just got my pen. I'm very excited. And I love this kind of preview that you do with us by like the six month chunks. It's just been so helpful. We've gotten so much feedback from everyone who's listened people go back and listen. And actually I love to go back, you know, when we're a few months into, say like, Okay, let's see how some of these things have manifested. Let's see, you know what's coming in this next little chunk. So I'm really grateful and excited for this.
And I love that you said that. Like I think why I love astrology so much is that it helps us understand ourselves in a deeper way. And then also understand the energy and the potentials that are flooding on to the planet. And so it's all about potentials, right? It's how you use the energy. And so you know where we're going to dive into today I'm going to really illuminate potentials for people and knowing that this energy can come in for its highest and best or for its shadow right and if its shadow then it's helping us to evolve by helping us understand. Where's our shadowy parts, what are we holding? Hang on to the fields doom and gloom and sadness? And how can we then bring light to that to bring it into an opportunity versus sitting in the poop? You know? So Well,
exactly. Yeah, just illuminating. I mean, cuz sometimes when we're feeling, everyone knows I hate this word, but stuck, or we're just the energy is not moving forward. Sometimes it is, to your point, you know, something that needs to be illuminated. Because it's like, Hey, if you don't deal with this festering thing, you can't reap the bounty that's available to you in the same way. So it's all helpful. And I thought, I love that you highlight those parts, too. I love it.
And because it is astrology is like the weather, right? I mean, I do a weekly Astro forecast. And it's really about the energy that's becoming available to the planet. And how we use it, you know, whether you decide to wear a rain jacket, or just go out and go screw it, I'm just gonna be in the rain and you get wet, you're like, Oh, I was happening to me. And I think this is a great opportunity as well to understand the energy that's affecting the collective. So if you're in a workplace where everybody's in this bad mood, or nothing's happening, or technology is failing, you can just go oh, it's Mercury retrograde. Oh, Mars is retrograde right now. Oh, you know, this is why it is and people might not understand the language that you're using, because astrology is its own kind of language, its own culture and community. But understanding it gives you a bigger perspective, I find them the common person that may not believe in astrology. I mean, just like gravity, you know, it's there, whether you believe in it or not. So if you can navigate it and understand this is why this is happening, and how long it might last, you'll then have hope you then have opportunities to go, okay? This is time like for a Mercury Retrograde, it's not a time to move ahead, it's a time to reassess, review, to revise. And so you know, we're going to go into a Mercury retrograde at the end of this year, I am already ready. I already know the projects I want to do during that time, because I know the energy is going to be presenting for that. And so that is on the books for that period of time, will it go according to plan? Maybe. But you know what, I know that I need to flow in that period of my life, especially that period of my life, because of Mercury Retrograde is coming up at the end of the year. So even as an entrepreneur, I'm not going to be in big launches at the end of the year, because people aren't going to be interested in buying big things. They're going to be going within they're going to be reassessing their budgets, and how they're moving through the world, and how are they structuring their lives. That is what the energy is presenting. And we just watch, and you'll see that it will start to unfold and people are gonna say, my lunch didn't go well at Christmas. I'm like, Oh, I guess you didn't follow the astrology. Great. How did that go? For you? It's an experiment. Everything is an experiment. And for the listeners out there as well, this is an experiment for you. How does this work in your life? And then you start to track these energies, and oh, my gosh, I'm really affected by the new moon, I'm really affected by Mercury Retrograde, and start to then practice that flowing with those energies so that you can have the best life possible, knowing that everything is happening for you. Right?
Absolutely. Well, and I do just want to mention, I'm gonna list all of your social media points in the show notes. Because if you out there are not listening to shuttles weekly Astro weather reports. What are you doing with your week? There's so thorough but easy to understand. So if you are not receiving those or checking those out yet, make sure you check the show notes to get all of those links.
Thank you. Yeah, I think it's so interesting. For me, what has been my I think one of my purpose, my own life purpose is to make this information so simple and usable for everyone. So you know, the decoders if you will, and I know you're a decoder in your own right, in a way of understanding how Spirit works, and helping you know, the people around you in life, purpose and meanings and all the things that we maybe don't see when we're in the thick of it when we're at the ground level. But when we start to kind of raise our perspective to spirit to, you know, astrology through the cosmos, we start to see different meanings and opportunities, and oh, oh, this is why this is happening. And this is leading us to this part of our lives. So yeah, I hope that everyone can see that and feel that and know that you can serve these energies too, and not be kind of bogged down by them. Exactly.
I think you and I are always on the same page about using these things to uplift ourselves to give us a heads up for planning, like you said, but never as some sort of like albatross or like a weight that's going to weigh us down in fear. It's not to look at things from a fear based perspective, but from a perspective of, like you said, the weather report of like, okay, what do I need to have a heads up about that might come my way, you know, this week or this cycle or whatever time period?
I love it. Yes. So we get into it. Yes, please. Do. Okay. So as a kind of a big overview, the the themes for 2024 is we are in a chord or of time, that's birthing a whole new era, which is coming about in 2025. So in order to be in that corridor, you know, I kind of got this image this morning when I'm like, Okay, help me spirit use the right words to convey to me When what 2024 is about, and in numerology 2024 is an eight year I'm not a numerologist. But I looked up the numerology because I do love numbers.
I'll be doing an episode about that in december two I do the year every year, so yeah, year.
And the eighth year signifies a period of contrasts and strengths and infinite possibilities. It's a cosmic battle of rights and a quest for balancing justice, harmony and personal ideals, amid dilemmas concerning material values, and versus life's realities. So there's this corridor of time that we are kind of traversing now, for 2024, it is breaking up all of the remnants of the old which is Capricorn, right, Pluto is going to make its last transition through Capricorn, into Aquarius back into Capricorn. And then finally, in November 2024, will stay in Aquarius now until I think it was 2040 something or other I have that date written down, but that will be for the last half of the year. So we won't talk about that just now. But that breaking up of that old paradigm and the shifts, that means at the micro level us, we need to move through the things that are holding us in this old paradigm as well. So as a dear colleague of mine said, the structures are going to fall and the structures within us must fall as well. So where have we been kind of, I'm gonna say, committing to this is the way we have to do it. These are the beliefs we've picked up from our ancestors, from our parents, you know that this is the way it's got to be. Like, who says who says that we don't, we don't have to do that that way anymore. So there's going to be a lot of that breaking up of the old in the first half of 2024. And of course, that can be you know, as easy or as hard as you want to make it because I love the Buddhist saying is suffering, the root of all suffering is attachment. So what are you attaching to because everything is going to start to shift that attachment to see it in new ways? Or to take it away? So really, you get to sort of see what are you attaching to and so you know, really great way for the listener to kind of put this into context for themselves is what is the big dream that you've had? What is this big hope that you've have for maybe yourself and for humanity? And then what's the story you're telling that's holding you from that vision? What's the story that you've committed to to saying like, this is not possible in my lifetime, this is not possible. For me, people like me don't write those are such important words, like one of the things I was talking to one of my clients, and I said, I want you to use the words, I am somebody who, right, I'm the type of person who goes to the gym, I'm the type of person who never breaks commitments. I'm the type of person who shows up on time, right. And it's interesting, when you start to claim those identity pieces, you start to shift that. So there's going to be a lot of that coming up in 2024, as we're kind of breaking through this corridor to get to 2025. Because what's happening in 2025 is massive, we have all the outer planets, so that Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all changing signs. Oh, wow. All at once one of them. Yeah. So and Jupiter is going to be moving into Gemini at the beginning of our year. So this year 2024. So 2025 is literally these parents, you know, this paradigm of new energy that's coming onto this planet that we have not experienced in this combination, in centuries. millennia, I would say, because Pluto doesn't move into, you know, new signs that they it takes every 250 some years to get him to sign. So this is not this combination of planetary energy has not been seen for 1000s of years. And so we are now kind of going into this, you know, kind of 2025 and this 2025 Energy is fire and air. So fire is that starting of new things boldness, leadership, you know, coming together, but it can also be war. Revelation, revolution. Yeah, exactly. And that fire needs an outlet. So if it doesn't have an outlet of creativity and expansion and possibilities, then what we see is it's then directed to finding the person who's not giving us those opportunities, possibilities and ability to be creative, so that that fire energy of Aries is coming in big time. And then we also have the air energy of Gemini, which is about communication, intellect, thought processing, and then Aquarius with Pisces with Pluto, which is that evolution of humanity, send me a vision for the future, right? Yes, yes, and technology and you know, humanity and coming together to elevate the planet. You know, Aquarius is about all of us moving into, you know, the next level and all of us having wealth and all of us having possibilities like, you know, I think we're going to see a lot of things about like minimum wage moving up in a living income that everyone is entitled to, and we're starting to see you know, there's places in the world where capitalism and is so paramount that the people who hold money don't want to give up that money so that everyone can have some money. So we're gonna see a real revolution. And I think we're already seeing it, you know, AI moving into the hands of people who might not normally have availability to it or use it, you know, we're, it's becoming so much more widespread, especially now with chat GPT that we can all use that technology, and how is that going to help us all but we need, you know, laws and things like that to keep us all safe. Because then, you know, AI, we just saw that with the actress strike, you know, what's to stop it from taking over jobs of people and that creative humanity still being there. That's, that's the Aquarian. So we're really seeing that that shift is going to really start to come become evident towards the end of 2024.
Okay, what's so interesting, sorry, to cut you off at that, from our last conversation, one of the things that I have really hung on to is that South Node and Libra creating kind of what you've just been talking about this falling away of old structures and past belief systems, and you know, moving towards the new way. So, I love how the astrology kind of, you know, it's not a cut and dry, okay, on this date, everything immediately. It's like a building and shifting. And so it sounds like a maybe like an expanded continuation of some of what's already been rolling out. Is that how you see it
exactly true. Because we're humans, humans need time to evolve, right? You can't just do it. And then everything's good. That's how we have mental breakdowns. And so you know, 2024 is going to be this sort of ease in like, so we're starting off 2024 with a Mercury Retrograde actually Mercury goes direct on January 1, which is really interesting. So I always feel like when we start off the year with a certain energy, that energy kind of it's like an intention that's set, right, that kind of permeates the rest of the year. So there's a rethinking, you know, of, of the way that we are, because it'll be retrograding in Sagittarius at that point. So Sagittarius is about higher mind, philosophy, the law, you know, what's fair, we're thinking about how we can elevate consciousness with ideas and intellect, right? And then also cross cultural pursuits, learning about people at their depths, not just like, top, you know, just top level information, that's Gemini, this is about depth what why do things do what they do? And Sagittarius also big picture thinking manifestation, you know, looking to the future optimism. So there's an adventure that's coming here for us in 2024. And we're rethinking what is our passion? What is our drive, what is really motivating us those fire signs. And so it's interesting because mercury Retrogrades, all for next year, are going to start off in earth signs and, and in in fire signs. And so that's so interesting, isn't it so interesting, because Earth is about practicality, grounding, mythological ways of doing things. All the earth signs are about that kind of grounded, grounded, logical way of doing things, it's methodical, it's going to stand the test of time. And then when we move to fire fire is about what passion what drives us, what's the bold adventure within us wanting to create, right? So that that movement is like, Okay, what do you want to create, but what's the passion and drive that needs to then create it? So really, I think we're gonna find a lot of people leaving jobs, you know, in 2024, or moving into jobs that are more aligned with their heart and you know, better said in a sort of grounded way that brings people safety. And then I feel like we're also because of that Libra energy, the nodes are kind of five finishing up their traversing Sagittarius, or I just, the word I'm looking for is Aries, Aries and Libra. So Aries and Libra, they're going to finish up and they're going to move into Virgo Pisces in 25. So again, there's another cycle, you know, finishing up, so we need that, you know, Aries the the North Node is about us really stepping into our leadership and our boldness and our passion and creativity. And then the Libra is the relationships, the intellect. So you know, what have we been kind of aligning to in our relationships of the past that are no longer serving us that we are now relegating to a wonderful life lesson that we're no longer wanting to continue to commit to? That makes sense? It's interesting, too,
because it sounds like what you're saying is one of the themes, especially how you mentioned that kickoff with mercury and retrograde. And for me, I always just think of Retrogrades as everything with re reevaluate, re assess, you know, rethink. And so are you saying that as people are getting this inspiration, this new passion to follow their dreams in a different way or something that's more in alignment with them, like you said, is it the guidance to like take a pause and kind of reassess, reevaluate all the elements so you can move forward in a more grounded way than just making that leap.
I love that. That's perfect. And I never advocate for leaps myself because I know about safety. I'm a trauma informed grief counselor. And so we want safety first. And I'm going to tell you right now your brain will not take a leap if it doesn't feel safe. But what's on the other side? Right. So I think we sort of talked about self sabotage, there's no such thing as sabotage you your body, and your brain loves you so much. So what is actually committing to is safety mechanisms that will not allow you to move forward. So yeah, no big leaps. And you know, in a corridor year, like 2024, it's more about careful, methodical thinking, but it's must be driven from your purpose, from your passion from your heart, because they are something that's been sitting there. Now, I think we saw this before COVID. Because COVID really kicked off a major conjunction that kind of created all of this. And in that COVID sense, what I heard from so many people, as we were asleep, you know, you're just kind of committed to this life of going to work coming home, getting the food on the table, you know, doing all again, overworking no vacations, and COVID kind of stopped everyone and said, You have time now, what do you want to do with this time? And then, you know, in some people went into, of course, you know, with jobs and thing and, you know, governments were trying to fill in, you know, money gaps and things like that. And so there was some people that were, you know, fell into the scarcity of Oh, my God, I don't have money to pay my rent, what's going to happen food, but there was always a way right there was there was a government subsidy subsidies, there was food banks, there was lots of ways that people were being supported. And then the rest as you kind of come out of that kind of, you know, that read the base chakra, you know, or the the bottom of the Maslow's hierarchy of needs, we started to kind of go what now for me, what can I do this time, and I think it was so interesting, I noticed my husband, he was like, I would be so content to be a stay at home dad, he was cooking everybody's meals when my husband's a chef, you know, cooking all the meals and doing all the things for the family. And he was so happy. And I haven't seen him that happy in a long time. And then everybody had to go back to work and he was just laying on. And it wasn't that he didn't love his job at the time. But he just got the opportunity to see a different way of doing things. That's 2024 is a different way of doing things and seeing that there's possibilities here for people. I think what we're also going to see as Jupiter moves into Gemini, which is happening on May 25, is that, you know, Jupiter spends about a year in each sign, right? So it takes 12 years to go around the zodiac. So each year, it's sort of bringing an opportunity Jupiter is about expansion, optimism, good luck, harmony, you know, looking to see ways that we can expand on these concepts. And going into Gemini is about communication community is also a bit of technology. But it's more about the basics of the technology of it. But that communication piece is so big. So ideas, inspiration, also intellect is Gemini. So when we're starting to see this Jupiter moved into Gemini, I think we're gonna start to see lots more ideas about like being a digital nomad, you know, you can take your computer and work from anywhere. I mean, you and I can work from anywhere. Yeah, really. And I think that's like the beauty of I love what I do. I mean, I can just, I can work from the kitchen counter, I can work from Barbados, if I want it, like, really, it's that, that ability to then travel and go wherever you want. Jupiter is also in Gemini is short distance travel. So travel within kind of communities or within kind of states in the US here provinces in Canada, or, you know, maybe like enter a state or like to the next state over but not like international travel. So there can be I think there's going to be a lot of like conferences and ways to learn about technology, AI communication in a different way. I think we're also going to see technological advances to with new, like zooms and new software, I feels like there's always a new software coming out that someone's talking about. Yeah, I mean,
I'm so wondering, as you're talking about this, you know, with the technology piece and being digital nomads, which I think is wonderful that we're learning to, you know, break away from those old rules of what schedule has to look like. And with this theme of community coming in, I just keep feeling like there, there is going to be a better marriage of technology and community because I feel like kind of what you were saying since 2020, and everything that you know, went down. So many people have just kind of still isolated and are not as much in community and I think that's so vital, going forward. Does that make sense? I
think you're so right. And there's also been a technological community that's emerged and I really noticed it with my teenagers because they were on the PS or their ex box and they had these communities online that they actually got to know each other with like, I know even over COVID I was heavy on you know on social media and zoom and supporting My community through everything that was happening. And we got to know each other, there were people that I was like, really close friends with that, when I eventually got to meet up with some I haven't met yet, but some I have met. And it was like we've known each other for years. Right. So I think there's also this break through or maybe breakdown of what community is because it doesn't not necessarily. And I think with the way, sometimes some of the ways that the world is going to evolve, it might not be possible for people to travel. But we can still have these really very real connections with people. And I see with my youngest, who's on Discord, and he's supporting people through mental wellness and through challenges that they're having. And they're so close to them. They don't see it as Oh, I don't I haven't met this person. They're my friend, mom. They're my friend. And I just love that because I think we're seeing that with the younger generation where there's, there's no more of these boundaries of friendship being I need to see you in person, and only if you're a real person to me, do you get to be in my inner heart, right? They don't have that. And I think, you know, I'm seeing with my mom who's you know, in her 70s, where she's like, Oh, this technology, it's all bad. No, no, it's not that it's actually created so much safety in that community, it saves lives, because they've had these great connections. So I think, you know, the other thing I was gonna say, with Jupiter in Gemini, with all this air coming out in 2025, as well, is I think we're gonna see a new social media platform emerge, that's going to be so much more sort of authentic, and to have more connections and more privacy, but not all the spam and the kind of the algorithm like it's for the people by the people, it feels like a co op kind of thing that we're going to come together with, it's going to combine, you know, the social groups that Facebook has, the pictures that we have in Instagram, and then maybe the cool videos that we see from tick tock like, it feels like something's going to come together that feels totally intuitive. As well as looking at it as astrology, I feel like something's going to come together that's going to create this new platform, where it's not about the algorithm. It's not about, you know, whose posts you're seeing all the time. Like, it's really about community, which is the important piece. So yeah, I think that's
great. Yeah, that'll be so exciting. And it sounds like it'll also be about kind of adding value to that to your communities and, and everyone bringing something to the table. So that's, that's a really exciting mark that down, guys, that's love.
That's a prediction.
All told us first, full
on prediction. Then the next major aspects, so we're starting off with 2024. The next major aspect that's got my eye is on February 19, we have the North Node conjunct Chiron. So what that means is the north node which is our karmic destiny as a collective in Aries, about this bold you know, pioneering courageous, you know, evolutionary spirit is coming to sit with Chiron, the wounded healer, which is a place in our in our chart, wherever you have Chiron is always going to be a bit of a wound, it's always going to be this kind of scrape that you were learning with and learn new games, but helping you to evolve as well. And so wherever Chiron sits in your chart, you know, you're going to evolve to see it in a new way. I often hear this from my clients, I thought I was done this, I thought it was ever this she taught and I'm like, No, you're not over anything, you're human. Right, you're integrating at the higher and higher levels. So you just see it now from a different perspective with new tools in your toolkit. So it's not that you're you know, going through it again, you're just seeing this now in a new evolution, evolutionary path. So an example of this is so my Chiron I'm going to share a kind of an a vulnerable story is in Taurus, which is about money and values. And it's in my fifth house of things that I love and value of self expression, creativity, romance. And for me, you know, calling in appropriate I'm gonna say appropriate sums of money for what I offer has been an evolutionary path for me to sort of see you know, and I'm sure you know what this is right? When I
think at all healers,
healers, it's so true. But I think even as, like, when I look back to my corporate career, I was doing like the amazing work for peanuts. Yeah, and the company was okay paying that though, of course, they were okay paying that, but either say, oh, any better. And I just thought, Oh, I'm starting off this way. So I have to, you know, this is my pay my dues. And it was so interesting, like, every time I come to a new level of, you know, offers or clients that are willing to, you know, really pay me the what I value, my my gifts add, and then also allowing people who don't have that money to also become into the community in ways that feels aligned to them and me, so that that kind of values currency, you know, money, all of that as I evolve, I see it in different ways. And I will do it through my entire life. Right. And so instead of fighting that, and I saw one of my clients this last week, actually, she's like, I just feel Like, I've done this already, I said, What if you just accepted that this was a wound that you're going to be healing throughout your life? And you're going to find amazing epiphanies around it because of it. Right? If you didn't have this, I wouldn't, I wouldn't know the value of things, I wouldn't understand how amazing it is once, you know, I call it a new level of client that's like, yeah, oh, yeah, I'll definitely pay that. Like, oh, my god, somebody would pay me that, you know, and it just feels so cool to understand your value sometimes from the lens of what others how others see you as well. So that's something for me in this lifetime is gonna be a big, you know, growth piece. But it's just hey, I've accepted it. I love it. And I've, I love my Chiron now, whereas before I really hated it. So
it sounds like what you're saying is this is maybe not introductions, maybe not the right word. But the introduction of the theme in February of questioning your story, like you were talking about? What's the story level, the limiting beliefs I'm telling myself or have committed to in the past? So I guess wherever ones Chiron is placed, make sure you check that out for the theme that you're growing through starting? Well, not maybe starting in February, but especially highlighted in February, is that correct?
No. Because that one is there, Chiron in their chart will be something that they will live with for their entire life. But I run here in the Chiron coming together with the North Node, it is going to highlight for everyone in terms of where is their bold vision? Where are they not being courageous in stepping to into the healing of their Chiron or understanding their values? Or where if this is in Aries, so this is about their bold, pioneering vision for themselves. What is it that they want to adventure want to experience that they haven't been? Or saying it's not for me? Or maybe, maybe when I'm older, you know, a bucket list, you know, sort of thing? Well, nothing is guaranteed, as you know, as a medium, right? Yeah, you might not make it, you know, so instead of not to say I don't want to, you know, worry, anyone who's listening to this, that's not a channeled message. But it is kind of just a little invitation to step into some of your bucket list items now, as opposed to waiting till, you know, when I you know, whatever, when I have money when I have, when I'm older, when I have more security, what would it take now to put security and safety around some of those one day goals now, right, that's what this is going to bring up. It's also going to bring up this ability for us to like heal, and like who has the authority in your healing, because area's about authority as well, right? Who has the authority in your healing? Who says you're well, who says you have to do all these things? And of course, you know, we always want to listen to the medical system and, you know, do what's right for you, you know, according to also, you know, the doctors and your wellness team. But what I'll say is, this is going to be I feel like a merger between eastern and western medicine, because it's not just the body, we also have to look at mind and spirit and what has caused these things. When you ask your doctor what caused this, they have no idea. They really my
gosh, don't let me get on my soapbox about this. Yeah.
But I feel like because the healer, yes, we need to blend. Yes, I need a blend. And I think this wounded healer coming up here. I think there's going to be new technology, new ways of healing coming to the surface. And I think we've really been seeing as well like this bold, pioneering vision of healing is to understand that emotions are held in the body. So we need a holistic approach to healing and it's coming, you know, doctors are becoming more aware of it, but they're still not teaching it in med school. Right. And so, you know, I love that the pioneers of like Peter Levine and Gabor Ma Tei. They're really kind of leading this way of like, Mind Body, we need to and then spirit as well as in there too. So I love Gabor
Ma Tei the way he says things is so like, yeah, of course, like so casual. And so like, well that, like Yeah,
and he's such an articulate writer, and he just, he really has a gift of kind of, you know, making this big psychological jargon down into something we can all like distill it into ways that we can hear it. And yeah, oh, that makes sense to me. And
it resonates so deeply as like true, because it's true. It is
true. But I think when you talk to people like oh, I had a great childhood love, you asked me I have a great childhood. And then we start to dig into some of the ways and why I do what I do. I was like, oh my god, yeah, that came from my parents. Oh, yeah, that's what and we just internalize these beliefs. So this February 19, that you know, around that date, but this is, you know, I say February 19. But Uranus, SRA Chiron and the North Node move extremely slow. So this is going to be in effect for most of the first half of the year. So okay,
so you're carrying this down this corridor with these right?
But this is a corridor this is part of that breaking up the healing of you know, who says you have to carry this Who Says You Can't leader who says you can't be who's the authority in your life? Where are you abdicating authority areas? Right because you came here to be leader in something but when you think I don't have this can also bring up imposter syndrome for those healers that are like I don't know, I can't put out my I've done all the courses. I have so many certs. of vacation, but I need another certificate. And I was like you, I'm calling you out if you're listening to this, and this is you, February 19, is going to call you out. And there's going to say, Listen, I mean, it's, it's not just February 19, because it's going to apply, and then it's going to kind of stay there for a while. So, you know, I say February 19, because that's when it's exact, but it's gonna be in play for the first half of the year.
So either internally, or the universe itself is going to be questioning us about this theme, which is, is exciting, we won't be able to really wiggle away from it too much.
I think it's gonna really highlight where you're needed. And we can no longer wait for you to be ready. Like it's now now now's the time to be ready. Yeah, be ready. Now let's go one step in front of the other. An Aries is the first time of the Zodiac, it doesn't know what the path is, it doesn't know how it's all gonna unfold. It's following its bold vision. And it's letting that heart lead energies lead the way. And I always say the universe will open up its next step. So my my experiment with the universal, I'm going to say my contract with the universe is that I will take the step if you show me, but you must illuminate the next step for me, otherwise, I will stay here. And so and this path must be very, like it must illuminate and I have to be so courageous to take the step you have no, I don't know where it's going to go. And as a Virgo, I need to know my need to know the things I want. And there's no control, you know, with the universe, that control is a fallacy. So can we trust that the next step is going to be illuminated, but with safety, right, I always like I had money in my bank account when I became a full time entrepreneur, but the universe handed me that opportunity with a severance check. And I was like, okay, in the exact amount that I had asked for, and like, Please give me $10,000 as seed money to move forward in my life, however, that whatever that looks like, and then COVID hit, I got let go from my job, they gave me a very generous $10,000 paid and payout in that around that area. That includes also the serve money and things like that, too. Right? So it was kind of like, Oh, my God, I just manifested this, did I manifest it? Or did the universe right here, it's time let's go John Snow, wow, you can't, you can't leave it that we haven't supported you. Where's
the board when you make such an important point, because this is the way I see it too, very similar to what you said, like I might get one or two next steps, but I'm not going to see 10 steps ahead that that vision is just not going to be there. So it's that trusting what we know in our soul to be our calling, or to be our passion that we want to pursue. And then having just a little bit highlighted, but taking that trust, fall or trust leap to move forward in safety, like you said, but even though we can't see the entire path eliminated, we might only see one or two steps.
And I'll say, like, from a business perspective, because that's my other real love is business and women in business, because women business changed this world. And so you know, you have a spirit of your business and the universe, like you are co creating your business with the universe. If you think about it, your business or your talent is the intermediary between spirit and view. So it's the way that you are presenting your mission and spirit is able to kind of present on this planet through you. And so why would they want you to fail? Like, why would they then not help you? And so one of the things I think have been really highlighting this year, and this is going to come back to Chiron as well is that you know, 80% of entrepreneurs fail because they don't do the inner work. You can only rise to a certain level. And then you start to you know, see these patterns of you can call in more people and you're not getting client. Why? Because there's something within you that's really scared of the next level. And as soon as you move that out of the way and boom, everything starts to open up. So yes, Chiron is bringing some Oh, wonderful lessons for all of us. And
okay, so put on your big kid pants and get ready for the University of Colorado. See
ya. introspect and calling your healing tools and yeah, you know, coaches and group, you know, counseling and care and group coaching is so wonderful because they can just reflect back to you, these parts that are are hard to see, or they're just programming now, in your subconscious that you've accepted as truth. There's that mercury coming back again. And it's not true, but it's hard to see when it's so subconsciously ingrained, right? When
you bring up such a good point that sometimes we're conditioned, and one of those beliefs we may be letting go of is, oh, I have to figure this out on my own. Versus Oh, no, I can join this group or I can get some support from this counselor or coach or whatever it might be. You don't have to you have permission to not have to do it all by yourself. Yes. I
love that. You said that because Aries you know, the south node is in Libra, which is about healing that having to do it by myself. We don't have to do it by yourself. That's the balance of Aries Libra is that yes, I have this bold pioneering vision and I can call in support. I can be in partnerships. I can be in collaborations you know exactly like this having me on your podcast, where I just like yes, we can share this message and we both can Elif Ah, right, we're both serving our audiences. So I just absolutely love that. So as we move now to March, we have our first eclipse of the year, and the eclipses this year are in Aries and Libra, of course, because that's where the nodes are. So eclipses in astrology is when a new moon or a full moon, is comes to sit with one of the nodes of the moon. So we have we can have north node eclipses, meaning that we're moving into this wonderful evolutionary future. And we're birthing this path forward. And then we can have a South Node Eclipse, which is, you know, what are we letting go of what are we healing? What are we kind of trying to release into the past. And you know, both are very important. And both can highlight things in your chart, it really depends. But we have a full moon Eclipse in Libra on March 25. And so this is, is going to be a South Node Eclipse because of Libra being in the south node. So this is a time when full moons are quite potent, right? This is a letting go a releasing of. So this is going to really highlight relationships and allegiances to where you have sort of said I can't do this to so because someone will think badly of me, I don't want to show up my parents, I don't want anyone to be jealous, you know, all the ways that we are trying to smooth out relationships and try to bring balance by giving from ourself, you know, really Yeah, letting that go that allegiance to, you know, making everyone else happy at the expense of your purpose, your mission, your your happiness, right.
So maybe some uncomfortable evaluation, but necessary, nonetheless, what you did warn us about at the top. So I say,
you know, when we have a shake up in relationships, and this can be friendships, this can be partnerships, you know, in terms of romantic relationships, it can also be business partnerships, too. Yeah. And so where that shakeup comes in, it gives you the opportunity to solidify it and strengthen it, you know, where you can kind of see, oh, these are the cracks, and we're going to shore it up with cement and bring healing to it. Yeah, or it will shake it up to break it apart. Because it's no longer needed in your life, or it's served its purpose, its mission is now complete. So you know, when those chapters close, and I think we're gonna see a lot of relationships ending in divorces, you know, finalizing and 2024. Because we can no longer carry that into 2025, there's omission, that call to us is just too great. You know, there's just things that aren't working are going to be so highlighted that you can no longer look away
on I always like to remind people that with relationships, yes, of course, we can have a relationship with another person, but can also be our relationship with money, or food or schedule or whatever relationships we have in our lives kind of count. Umbrella. So
if you think about what you just said, those relationships with schedule money, you know, all the things, yeah, they come back to a belief which we brought in from somewhere in our lives that we saw someone else do, right? So relationships, we're no longer pledging that allegiance to, I need to give so much time to make everybody happy, or I need to, because what will happen is the universe will show you in no uncertain terms, that this is no longer aligned. And here's an example. But it's not necessarily example for everyone. I had a client, a grief support client who her husband died tragically in a car accident, and they had come through a turbulent times, they had just come back together again. And then he died. And so she was devastated because this future that she had seen with him was now no longer available. And so she had to move through that grief process. She had a, you know, a psychologist, and she also had me on the other side of it, and he was so present in her healing, it was so beautiful. And on the other side of it, she realized that number one, she had to leave her job of 20 years because it was so toxic. She also had to cut out some of his his family because they were so just take take take take take. She was the type of person that would do for anyone. If you were in crisis. She'd be on your doorstep, she would make you food, she clean your house. And then she realized when her husband passed, no buddy came forward to do that for her, her close friends and her daughter. And so she just realized, like, why am I doing all this when nobody actually cares about me when I'm going through it? So when you're going through the shit? Oh, way of looking and saying that word. You can say anywhere, anywhere? If you're going through the poo, you know, look around to see who leans in. Yeah, and who who is not there for you? And then who do you lean into? Is that reciprocal? Right? That's that Aries Libra axis. Are you in reciprocal relationships? Are you holding up these allegiances? Because you believed and she had very much kind of grown up from that because her mom was a single parent and really had sort of become her mom's you know, Consort, in essence, to take on all the things that her mom couldn't do. And so she then just took that on her roll on in all of her life. Yeah, so it's like you know, these things are all birthed from childhood. So you know, this one we talked about relationships to self but an allegiance to, you know, money contracts, you know, Yeah, life relationships, things. Where did you learn it? Yeah. Right, because you learned it from someone who modeled it for you that you believe this is now the way I need to do it.
Yeah, well, and the other thing, too, is I mean, you kind of said this at the beginning as well, today, anything that is becoming released, or we're having the opportunity to reevaluate reimagine it is setting us up for the next potentials, the next possibilities, the next phase, so nothing is ever, you know, like you were saying, with the lady you just mentioned, nothing is ever a total loss, it's always moving us forward to a different place, a place that we you know, and it's not really optional, we're moving forward either way. So we can evaluate these things and work on them. Or we can go kicking and screaming, but we're going either, when
I think you know, where you know how far you've come in your healing journey, and in your grief, as well as said, she was actually got to a place where she was really thankful for these people not showing up because she was able then to understand the relationship at a better place, and realize it's time to kind of thank them and close that chapter. So can you find the gratitude and what is falling away? Can you be you know, in sometimes it's hard, it's hard, especially going through a nasty divorce, and you're like, I have to be grateful to my accident really? Well, at some point, you will see that they really met you at the right time, everything that came in was perfect. And now it's time for that chapter to close, because you know, resenting you a new opportunity for something else down the road. I don't know what that is yet. But there, this person served a very profound soul contract, and their soul agreed to come in and help you with that. And again, depending on where you are in your healing, that might be really hard to hear, especially if the person was awful to you and really hurt you. So there's, you know, the healing to be done there too. Because if you're holding a grudge, or you're holding accountability, that's holding something within your body that is now taking up space that you use for something else. So it's really up to you, um, you can hold that grudge for as long as you want. But actually, what is it serving you? And where is it taking away from energy that you could free up to do things that are really more joyful? Yeah.
And it sounds like it's all part of this reevaluation, that's a central theme of the year of evaluating. You know, in March, when when this does come up, what it however it manifests in each individual's life and world, taking time to do that evaluation. And just to be observant is what it sounds like one of the helpful things would be this year, observe the feelings, observe what's happening in your own space and with your relationships.
Yeah, and even just take it to your journal, as well to give it an outlet and a place to be and so for you to reflect going, Oh, I didn't realize this, or you might come back to your journal and go, Wow, I've come a long way. This doesn't bother me anymore. You know, sometimes you just need to be acknowledged, and your journal can do that for you.
So synchronistic, that you mentioned that because the last like five minutes that we've been talking, I've been making a mental note of just based on what you're saying, oh, yeah, I'm giving everyone journals for holidays and birthdays this year. Everyone's getting journals. Everyone needs journals. Yeah.
I love it. And then so as we move into April 1, we come into a Mercury Retrograde, which is so interesting, it's very close to that full moon Eclipse in Libra. So that Mercury Retrograde is going to then start out in Aries and move back through the Zodiac into well, this one is going to start in fire sign. So that fire sign is going to it's going to stay in Aries. And because it's happening in the 27 degrees of Aries, so it's going to be that full bore. Like here's that Aries again coming up right? Mercury, what is your bold vision? Where are you not stepping in? What is your mission in this life? And that's going to kind of carry through then to the new moon solar eclipse in Aries on April 8, and how crazy
that that kicks off the second quarter of the second fiscal quarter of the year. So that's right.
So it's also now an eclipse happening at that time. And then so that combined is really going to bring up again relationships where do you abdicate authority? What is your bold vision, you know what is so wherever Aries is in your chart this year, you know really going to be highlighted big time. So just paying attention to that part of your chart if you know astrology Okay, so
everybody look up where Aries is in your chart. Everyone has every planet somewhere every sign every sign has something going on.
And Aries ruling planet is Mars as well. So when we look to your chart, even look to where Mars is in your chart, and you'll start to see a big picture kind of unfolding. It's like layers, you know in astrology. So then we move into the next really major aspect of the year and it's April 20 And it's going to be Jupiter conjunct Uranus. So we call these great conjunctions in astrology because the slow outer outer planets as they come to sit on the same degree, they start to kick off a cycle that's now going to take another year because Jupiter moves around the Zodiac sorry, 12 years This is a new 12 year cycle with Uranus. So Uranus is about technology jumps forward and evolution, it is erratic, and he likes to move fast, and it is breaking up the old he's got a chaos, right and change. So this is an evolutionary change in Jupiter. And this is in Taurus, which is about money, climate, Mother Earth Resources. So we're gonna see I feel like new technology come to light about or new awareness around climate change, about investments in you know, climate changes, because also be a new currency come to bear as well. It is a time that the markets are slated to not be great. So it would be not a good time, especially during a Mercury Retrograde as well to make any big investment changes or money changes. But at this time, there's kind of this, there's going to be a dip in the the trading and stock market as well. So I would just say to be very, very, especially into March, move investments into safe places for yourself, especially if you're on retirement age or on pension, it's now a time to be very, very, very safe with your money at this time. And if you have more of an appetite to play the market, then you might want to play things that are around climate around New Energy, you know, solar or wind or new technology coming out. That gives us a new energy source. This could be that as well. That's a great tip. Yeah. I mean, I'm not a financial planner. So please don't and I don't I didn't giving financial advice. So you know, be aware of your risk tolerance. But just watch. If you're someone like me, I like to just watch what's happening. I am fascinated with financial astrology, it's a whole branch of astrology, that they they use the cycles of the stock market, but then also understanding the technology, the stock itself and then adding on the astrology at the end. So it's fascinating. It's amazing. I can't I feel like I want to do it in retirement. Because I have to dedicate like four years. So that's already setting up your retirement job. Yeah. And I heard myself like, are you waiting too long, like I got other missions right now. I'm on another mission at this point in my life. So that Jupiter conjunct Uranus is a big conjunction that's going to be really highlighting again, that kind of need for us to move off of these long term, you know, where we kind of committed to staying the course on something in our life, because we have money invested. Because we went to university or college for it, you know, where is that Uranus is going to break this up. And Jupiter is going to expand that to you to now say, Wait a second, if I moved over here, that investment could still be relevant, or nothing is lost, everything is shifting, it's all giving me a foundation for something. So it's optimism as well, right Jupiter's expansion and optimism. So I feel like this is going to be like big, again, not a good time for the stock market. So don't be doing do nothing there. And Earth earth's resources, I think we're gonna hear more about climate change. Because as we move into 2025, the earth is going to heat up even more and all that Aries fire energy is coming. And we need to come together Aquarius to really heal this and sort of say, No, we can't be because we're already hearing people, it gets too expensive. And that's not Yeah, for me. And you know, you're not making this technology readily available. And I feel like this is going to kick off that there's going to be I feel like a summit or something that's going to bring awareness to new technologies and things are available to us now too excited to see what comes out. I think it's gonna be really good. Yeah, really good. And then Mercury goes direct on April 25, at 15 degrees of Aries. So that is it's interesting how it's spanning all of that stuff. Right there. Right. It's bringing us to this reevaluation, reviewing, revising, reassessing. Where do we sit in all of this, because we're part of the main structure, right, and within us, the structures will fall. So if the structures are going to fall in this planet, we also then have to decommit to them within ourself to
so well, yeah, and make new agreements to kind of get on board with some of these technologies, for example, or try
new, you know, try things like early adopters, right? Like for me, I was early adopter on AI, which normally, I'm not just like, let's wait and see and sign up for it. And oh, my God, it has been life changing girl.
It's amazing. Oh, my God, ask him anything. I asked him for some tech support around a court I needed for streaming. Yeah, I'm not normally early on those kinds of things, either. But if anyone hasn't played with it, I highly recommend Yes.
And it just you can even ask any question and it'll tell you I mean, it's like Google, as well. You know, you can use it for so many things. So yeah, highly recommend. And then we get on May 2, we have Pluto goes retrograde at the second degree of Aquarius. So he's going to kind of traverse those degrees of Aquarius back into Capricorn once more, and then move forward finally into kind of Aquarius after November. So we'll talk about that on the second year. And then Jupiter enters Gemini on May 25. So this is a big deal because in Jupiter's been moving through Taurus and Taurus again about money, you know, the Earth Resources, climate, the way that we commit to long term structures in our life and values, Taurus is about values as well. So money and values, those are being asked. And so for us, you know, looking through, you know, I know for me, but because Taurus is also you know, where Chiron sits in my chart, I've been really noticing the value of things, what do I actually value. And I feel like as an entrepreneur, I value my time freedom, and my ability to be with my family when we when something is happening. Yeah, so my youngest made the volleyball team this year. And so being in playoffs right now, and, you know, organizing and changing schedules, so I could be at every game has been so important, because it's the first sports team he's ever made it on. And it's a big deal. So I have been so grateful that I can change my schedule, and financially, it doesn't change anything for me. So that is the beauty of being an entrepreneur. And I had forgotten about that my schedule was so full at the beginning of this year, that I could not move it, you know, changing where Who do I Where do I reschedule them, there's nowhere to reschedule. And so now it's been very interesting, as I've tightened up my availability, that the way that people access me are going to it's going to be different for 2024. So that's one of the ways that you know, this energy is changing things for me and Gemini is gonna bring up definitely new ideas and inspiration and technology and communication is that I get to see how other people are doing it. And I'm, or some software might come in that will change something for me that I'm so I'm so open to so gender is going to be in Gemini for a year. And that's that's the prelude though, because as it moves into Gemini, now we've got Uranus moving into Gemini in 2025, Pluto moving into Aquarius at air, you know, yeah, inspiration, ideas, creativity, that intellect is going to be really highlighted. So Jupiter kind of is the opening gate for it, if you will, and may 25. And then just noticing how technology I feel, it's just gonna, like, we're just gonna leap with, you know, a new innovations and, and problems that are going to be solved. And not just like, for making, you know, Western life easier. I think it's also, you know, as we're seeing everything that's happening right now in the Middle East and in Ukraine and stuff as well, that when countries are hit with, you know, war or conflict, we still need to take care of people. And so the technology to come in to take care of people, you know, that water, you know, food, to, you know, technologies to help people medical aid, you know, things like that, what can we do in those kinds of situations, that makes this accessible to everyone? Right, so I think we're gonna have more of that
be interesting to see, like you said, how that all comes together, what we start seeing what programs are already maybe in the works that we don't, you know, haven't publicly heard about yet. So,
and I think with that Aquarian energy is that it's making it available to all, we're really making this technology or this, you know, new way of feeding people as well, you know, as we see more and more climate, you know, uncertainty and extremes, they said, there's going to be parts of our globe that now inhabited will no longer be able to be inhabited. So we still need to feed people that live there as we start to, you know, emigrate or migrate out of those areas. And then also, you know, shelter and housing in ways that you know, with more hurricanes, especially in the US, right, there's so much more sensitivity to big, you know, hurricanes and weather events. So they're trying to shore up you know, housing, what can we do to no more mold or with earthquakes. So I think we're just going to see a lot more those technology with regards to because Taurus is about the Earth and about our nation and like, our house, the things that we call my, so it's
actually exciting, because I think there can be some great I think there's a lot of things that maybe haven't been addressed for a really long time
since ridiculous like yes, 2023 and we still have like black boxes and planes that only paying for 30 days, like where are we we've lost we still lose planes. Like I don't understand why that 30 days is the limit. Right? So it's really interesting when we start to kind of have especially the young people coming up nowadays, I think like your, your family is kind of in that genre minor kind of coming up through the teen years now is that they are thinking of things differently, right there. Astrology is so cool. They are not meant to think of things the way we are and that's why we're seeing this neuro divergent, you know, age really coming out, where we're seeing things with our Children, they see the world differently. And we're realizing, Oh, wait, I do too. But I was never allowed to write, there's no such thing as these diagnosis back in the day. And we're going to see more and more of that come up. And you know, we think is, which is interesting is kind of the last thing I'll leave here is that in human design, which is another modality that I also practice, is 2027 is supposed to be a grand mutation that's going to enhance human population. So there's something big happened in 2027, in human design, and so we're starting to see, you know, when we can see like the North Star, or what's coming in the future, we can start to understand our place in now. Right, the place and the timeline, as we're birthing those visions, you know, we're on track for that. So this corridor of 2024, you know, I'm gonna say, like, buckle up, you know, intersect flow with the energies and, you know, realize where your authority is, where your bold vision is, what is your purpose and mission, because it's going to be so highlighted, I just keep seeing this vision of the universe kind of moving blocks out of the way so that you can start to be in your purpose in your mission, because the world needs you. There's no more waiting, like, It's time now. And so what do we need to create safety around that? Maybe it's a nest egg, maybe it's taking courses, maybe it's meeting people who are doing cool things with their lives that are just like, Okay, how do I do that? For me, you know, hacking the system. So just Yeah. So let's go.
I like it this exciting? Well, I mean, it sounds like you're saying to, of course, we can't know what's to come with that North Star in 2027, which feels like a crazy number to even say, right, but what we can have and do in the meantime, in this quarter period is be evaluating our own heart, our own beliefs our own, like you said, what are we prioritizing what's important to us? What do we wish that we were prioritizing that we weren't? And what's the story we're telling ourselves about? Why we are shooting all over ourselves? Why we why we should or shouldn't? Or can't, or whatever the case may be? I love it.
Yes. And you're so right. And I think that what 2024 is going to illuminate I also just got this you know, heard spirits say it's may not be evident to you right now, sitting in this seat here in 2023, or whenever this podcast finds you is that it might not be evident. But as you start to traverse 2024 With this adventurous, excited, open mind, and things start to happen in relationships start to fall away, or somebody kind of hands you you know, a divorce papers or whatever, is that you're kind of going wait a second, you know, how is this now playing into my bigger picture? This is now redirecting me to something else. Right? So just having that redirect mindset and that curiosity over the judgment of like, Oh, I wonder what this is going to bring up for me? And how is your future change? And, you know, the grief counselor and me saying there's going to be grief, because anytime we're letting go of something that we have held as identity, they will be a part of us that might even go down the path of like, Oh, my God, I wish I let go of this sooner. Or who would I be today, if I had let that go? A year ago, two years ago, and I'll say this to you, and I hope you can hear me is it's happening in divine perfect timing. And it's happening now on purpose and in perfect accordance with the universe. So it could not have happened sooner. So please do not judge yourself. Everything is happening in divine perfect order. And you are taking the steps as it feels right and aligned for you. Yeah. Well, thanks.
That's great wisdom and great advice. And it sounds like a lot of potential shifts and changes. And I mean, as we know, we there always going to be unexpected things kind of thrown at us from the side as life just happens and unfolds in its own way. And we get to choose what we do with what happens. So
absolutely. And I think you know, that journaling piece is so important. I'm just getting heard spirits. Hey, is it okay, we still have enough time, I guess framework. time
you want? No, you have no time limit when you're here.
Time is a construct. But yeah, and and it's not for the for the listeners. What I'll say is a really wonderful journaling, introspection kind of framework that I like to use because I personally just can't journal because something happened. Like I'll just be like regurgitating what I'm feeling on a page. What I love is to give my clients a framework to use to then digest the grief. And so the framework that I really love, I actually learned it from a lady named Tara brach who is a fantastic psychotherapist in the US. She's a Buddhist, she's subscribed to the Buddhist teachings and she's just such a lovely gentle soul. And she uses this framework called rain are a i n. So the first part of rain is to recognize and you use a sort of an emotional word wheel. You can just Google emotion word wheel, and you name all the MO emotions you're feeling and you just write them all out on new page. And even that step is so powerful because it helps you to acknowledge how you're feeling. And when you see it on a page, there's a part of you that feels like acknowledged, right, which is the next part. So the A is acknowledge, and you're acknowledging that this part of you belongs that this part of you that's feeling this way, they get to exist, and they are there they are, here they belong. And so we often will try to make ourselves wrong, like, especially those of us who are super positive and optimistic and spiritual, right? We're just like, Oh, I'm so no, no, it's fine. As you know, everything's happening because of for a reason, everything happens for a reason. And you're like, Wait, there's a part of you, that still feels really sad and bummed that this happened, or maybe angry, or triggered, right? Whenever you're feeling out of alignment, you can use this. So the A, you simply just right, this part of me belongs, and I acknowledge this part of me. And I actually would encourage my clients to put a hand on heart and go, I see you, and I'm here, can I and I'm listening to you now. So if like if think of it as like your inner child, there's a part of you that is feeling upset with what's happening. Imagine being served with divorce papers, you're going to be upset, and there's going to be a part of you that feels abandoned or feels, whatever that is that feels for you. And then the I in rain is investigate. So you want to investigate where is this coming from? Why are you feeling this way? And where's the core wound? So let's say with divorce, you know, like, I'm so mad, I was trying so hard. This person is not doing their work on it. I'm committed to this relationship. They're not I can't believe this would happen. And this reminds me of the times when, or this comes back, I feel abandoned, right? There's a core wound underneath there. What are you truly feeling? What's the fear? And where are you feeling in your body because it's also somatic. So where do you feel in your body that's going to be really powerful, especially if you know where all the chakras are, you kind of go, Oh, I feel my stomach, I feel like there's a lock last a lack of personal power, or in my heart that feels like you know, no love coming in here from someone else, my heart hurts. And that's often where we feel grief is in the lungs, we hold grief in the lungs. And then the last one is n is nourish. So then to nourish yourself in some way that feels really good and affirming to this inner part of you. And I had a brilliant client, she's like, Oh, I just wrote myself a letter. And I was like, this is perfect. And every time she would do rain, she just write this inner version of her letter, letting them know that their love that they're seeing that, whatever you're lacking outside of yourself, you now need to give to yourself, because healing is always within it's never you're not at the mercy of someone saying sorry to you, or I can't believe I did that or you're so right. We give our power away when we give the healing to someone else outside ourselves, absolutely can bring that back to self with the N and nourish it's like you can just write yourself a little letter and and just imagine you're talking to a little child, and you're trying to give them all the hope and love and safety that they're they're craving in this moment, what would you say to them, and then do something loving for this part of you. So maybe it's your inner child, go plant a park, or go you know, nourish yourself with a great meal or take a bath or something that makes you feel really good from the inside out. So that lovely framework really can help you digest how you're feeling, acknowledge those parts of you that are not feeling seen. And then bring it to a place of acknowledgement and inner safety. Because it always comes from safety. Oh, well thanks
for that. I think that's an amazing tool for everyone get your journals because lots of them on sale and there's always going to whatever version of $1 store you have or just I tend to use just the composition notebooks that are like 50 cents and get listen back to this make some notes and use that technique as we move through a lot of introspection, a lot of potential changes and and whatever doors your corridor holds in this first half of the year, you'll be ready to greet them think it's a great tool. Thanks.
Thank you, thank you for allowing me to share it and I think this is like we need these tools as we're traversing this corridor year because it is going to be breaking up you know this old stuff because we can't carry it with us to the new right it's it's almost like trying to move into a different house with all of your old house stuff like it's not gonna work out. So this is a year you know, as an eight year sort of suggests, you know, balancing and harmony but this you know, contrasts with you know, what do we actually need to move on and what have we been holding on to what we thought we needed? Yes, yeah, it's a it's an interesting I'm excited for this year I'm, you know, open and so interest as I've looked to my own personal astrology for the year ahead. I've been seeing a lot of clients as they're trying to get their, you know, their year ahead transits for 2024. So it's something I give in my astrology readings. That way you can kind of look at Oh, this is why I'm feeling this way or oh, this is what's coming up for me because you're on own personal astrology is going to differ a little bit, but these energies are going to be coming into our lives as a general population. So one
of the things I love is if someone wants to go deeper and get a reading it just kind of how you were talking about, oh, this is in this area for me, it just will highlight for the individuals as you know, you know which area of their life This might likely show up in or what, you know, what theme or segment, is it more going to be career in this month or area? Is it going to be more relationship or you know, what we're doing with our life passion, or whatever it is, oh, it really can get so personal in detail. This one of the great things about astrology, I think, well, and
we're all going through our own cycles, you know, our own personal cycles. And one of the things I absolutely am fascinated with with astrology is it overlaps with the psychology of it as well. So it's certain ages, like around the age of 44, between 40 and 44, we have our Uranus opposition. So Uranus comes to oppose itself in our chart in the sky. And this is we call this the midlife crisis which I have rebranded to the midlife breakthrough, okay, because you are breaking through now you're like, Okay, I'm no longer carrying this stuff with me, and who am I now, and you often will hear this, I often hear this from my girlfriends, but it's not relegated to just girls, where you're like, you hit this age of 40. And you're just like, I just don't care, I don't care what people think of me, I don't care that someone might judge me for this, like, I'm just going to be who I'm going to be. And it's that that Uranus opposition that's coming in is like you, you don't have time for this, to hold this energy anymore. Your mission ahead requires you to let these things go. And you're so ready now to move into that. Whereas in your 20s, you'd be like, Oh my god, like, right? So it's, I just love astrology, for that you can't make this stuff up. I know, it's so exact, it's wild. I just, I just love it.
I know. And it's so great. I mean, I always appreciate you coming in and giving us all the heads up and the juicy tidbits and tips and what to watch for and some suggestions about what when to do things and when to not do things. So it's, it's really fun to kind of take a look at the year ahead. And I think we all want to know, you know, what's, what's coming? Or what to expect? Or, you know, do we need an umbrella? Yes, six month season umbrella.
And, you know, I think like I keep hearing from especially clients that are kind of new to this work is there like, I'm scared because I don't want to know all the things. And I'm like, don't worry, you're not gonna know all the things because otherwise, it's not. That's not what life is about. You're You're meant to experience it. And in those experiences, if I had told you, you know, going back to the, you know, divorce experience, if I had told that person that you're going to divorce this husband, this person down the road, she may never have married him, yeah, and then had all these experiences and had these children and had all this, you know, this wisdom, this is what our soul signed up for is, you know, nothing, again, is a mistake. Everything is happening in divine timing. So that piece of like to be forewarned is to be forearmed. My teacher used to say, and you remember, life's an adventure and you get to use this experiences the way that you want to. So I love joy that you said, you know, just be joyful about it. Like really just be excited and open to the best possible experiences from this, that really gave you good things, you know, that that intention?
Well into your original point, it's all moving us towards our highest and greatest good. There's nothing to be afraid of, certainly, we experience uncomfortable emotions as part of our human experience. But that's going to be in any in any year. And this really is does sound like it's a year of kind of setting us up in the direction in the alignment with, you know, the next things that are gonna roll out so
well. And whatever is delayed this year and will come up in 2025 in a bigger way. Yes. So you can deal with them now, or you can wait, but it'll be like a boulder up and down the mountain.
I feel like all astrologers have that kind of famous like, it's up to you, if you connect, it's gonna keep coming. If you you know, you get to choose.
They always say right, the universe will knock and a little quiet, and then there'll be an Hard Knock and the door will break down. So you get to sort of you get to choose your own adventure, you
get to totally Well, I know we are all choosing a wonderful adventure together, at least for the first segment of this year. And I'm excited to see how these predictions roll out. They always seem to come to fruition in one way or another and usually in more than one way. So thanks again for sharing all of your wisdom and for putting all this together. I really appreciate you shining your light. Will you just rattle off your website and how people can get in touch and of course I'll link it in the show notes.
So I'm always available on Instagram. Not always available, but I'm on there pretty well. Pretty a lot And she tells stories. So just exactly my name is my handle on Instagram. And then my website is she tells So are all of we're going through a huge revamp right now I realize it's kind of been an accumulation of all the things that I've been offering over the years. And I realize it's a little out to date. So you might notice that some things are moving around from the times that you check through it. But if anything, you ever have any questions, or you just want to know, you don't see availability in my calendar, just message me, you can DM me on Instagram or message me through my website. I'm usually back to people within 24 hours. So okay, and
I love that your website is changing, it means you're doing your own work, and you're reevaluating things for yourself. So this year, that's what I do. Well, as always, thank you so much for sharing yourself with us.
I love you so much. Thank you for having me, and I can't wait to talk with for the last six months of the year later,
I know we will see you again. It feels like it's gonna be before we know it. But it's true always
is. Thanks.
Wow, as always such an in depth, huge amount of information of themes of what we can expect for 2024 as we really just move into that energy into that time period. I'm excited for this quarter. And I'm excited to see how everyone's doors down their long hallway of the Year present. But really, you know, taking some notes from shutter Hall using that rain journaling technique that she mentioned, get yourself a journal or notebook for the year. Like I said, I'm probably going to be giving a lot of those out as gifts this year based on shuttle's guidance and what she said I love her little heads up about, you know, perhaps not investing during certain times of the year, when we will really be able to harness that energy to reevaluate, but getting in tune and in touch with what you really want to be doing going forward what you really value, what is important to you personally, to prioritize, not so much all the shoulds of the world, but what really is meaningful to you. So I will definitely be re listening to this episode many times throughout the first six months of the year. Of course, I will link all of she calls contact points in the show notes. Again, she mentioned that she does the weekly astrology report and gives heads up on the potentials and energy coming. If you are not already watching those, I highly recommend it. Again, I'll drop all of her social media points, her website, her contact points in the show notes. She is a fantastic teacher, medium astrologer, grief counselor, and just an incredible, beautiful soul. And I am so grateful to her for being here sharing all of this wisdom with us. And I'm so grateful to you for being here and listening. If you're enjoying this podcast, I would love it if you would subscribe. And I would also love it if you would share this episode with a friend who also maybe is a little bit woowoo or borderline Woo, and wants to know the energies the potentials and it's so fun to look back at shuttle's episodes, because we can evaluate and see what themes came to light and how and how they manifested in either world events or personal events in our lives usually both happen. So thanks for being here. Thanks for sharing this time with me. Remember Spirit Speakeasy hotline is now available. So call me and tell me your story of a sign that you receive from a loved one in the spirit world or even a sign from the universe that was very synchronistic for you. You can call me at 305-928-5683 That's 305928 Love L O V E 305-928-5683. Big hugs, lots of love. Bye for now from inside Spirit Speakeasy

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