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The Shocking Truth: the 5 Manifesting Mistakes Blocking You

Aug 07, 2023

Are These 5 Sneaky (& common) Mistakes Blocking Your Manifestation Mojo? In today's solo chat, I'll coach you through the top 5 manifesting mistakes I have seen among coaching clients over the years. See if any of these resonate with YOU and make the slight shifts I teach today to unblock your flow and drastically change the way you manifest and co-create the life you dream of.   

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Hey beautiful soul Welcome to Spirit Speakeasy. I'm Joy Giovanni, Joyful Medium. I'm a working psychic medium energy healer and spiritual gifts mentor. This podcast is like a seat at the table in a secret club, but with mediums, mystics and the spiritual luminaries of our time. So come behind the velvet ropes with me and see inside my world is I chat insider style with profoundly different souls. We go deep share juicy stories laugh a lot, and it wouldn't be a speakeasy without great insider secrets and tips. You might even learn that you have some gifts of your own. So step inside the spirit speakeasy.
Hey, beautiful soul Welcome back, or welcome in to Spirit Speakeasy. Today is one of our solo chats. And I am excited to talk to you about five manifesting mistakes that might be blocking you. As we close out the summer. We're not quite there yet. But we're heading into the tail end of what summer for for most of us, at least in the northern hemisphere, and move towards the fall, which as we know is the final quarter of the year, which doesn't doesn't even feel real yet. So many people are sharing and I'm seeing other people's posts, and I'm hearing podcasts and talks that I listened to about what we're wanting to create for the rest of the year what we're wanting to manifest. And if you have listened to the astrological predictions podcast, where she tall story from a couple months ago, you know that there is a lot changing astrologically for us and we are moving into you know have moved into nothing's like a one day changeover but moving into this new phase of the way we create of what we're being inspired to create. And this is in all areas of our life. So it doesn't just mean writing that book or starting that business or offering that new product, it could. But it can also mean the way we're showing up in relationships or even the type of relationships that we want to focus on or give our time and attention to, it could be the way that we keep our physical space. Or if we're moving or changing the way that we live, it can be our job in the world, whether we want to advance or whether it's not resonating with us anymore. It could be our abundance, maybe you're wanting to create more money, maybe you're wanting to create abundance in other areas of your life. It can be with your family of origin and how that looks and the stories you tell yourself. So it's any area of your life this can apply to but what are you wanting to create in this next segment? What are you focusing on what things have been kind of coming to mind repeatedly as areas of focus for you? And I always think of that as manifesting because we're manifesting the future by the choices we're making in the now. But often with manifestation we think about it as creating tangible things in the world. It doesn't have to be though. So today I am really excited to share this with you I actually I do a lot of work with manifestation and in the healers, mentorship that I have. We talk about manifestation and the goddess untamed program we have a whole month that is manifestation month. But I today want to talk about the five mistakes that I often see the manifesting mistakes. I'm curious if you are making one of these or all five of them or anywhere in between. So as we dive in, just kind of, you know, think about your life and make some mental notes because I'm just curious how many of these resonate with you some of them, you might already know, and some of them might be totally new information to you. So get your seat at the table. And whether you're driving or exercising or just puttering around. I'm so happy to have you with me. So without further ado, I'm going to just dive right in to these five manifesting mistakes that you might be making. The first one is focusing on only what you see or don't see. Now the best way I can explain this I have some kind of quirky examples. Welcome to me I'm I'm quirky and awkward. If you've ever made pancakes, right, like from the mix, think about when you're pouring the batter together and you're stirring it and it just looks like batter right just like sloppy runny batter. And if you had never seen a pancake before, or how it cooks it you can see how you might think like how in the world is this saucy batter ever going to turn into this fluffy thing that I know of as a pancake right? But when you pour the batter over the heat, and you wait and your patient probably have something underneath of it like butter or something Ray or some something, and the heat starts to cook that batter right, it starts to transform it, it starts to bubble, it starts to get more solid on one side, and then the top is still a little gooey, and then you flip it. And then it, you know, through that process of cooking, it turns into what we understand as a delicious pancake, it might be a little hungry. This might be why this is my example. But this is what I got. So sometimes it's manifesting, we're focusing on only what we see. And we're not understanding from our perspective, our human perspective, what this dopey mess in our life is going to turn into. Often, if it's something that you're trying to manifest to a new level, like something you've never created before. Something that's outside of your comfort zone, you might not have a reference for it. Like after you've made pancakes once you know, okay, this is what this batter supposed to look like. It's going to turn into the pancake. I know how this works. But if it's your first time, you like I said might have thought, oh, I don't know how this this can't be right this sloppy, saucy, wet mess. It's the same with manifesting if you're only focused on the batter, you don't know how that's going to turn into the beautiful pancake that you're manifesting. Of course, it takes some action on your part typically not always. But it really is just not getting caught up on only focusing on what you see or don't see, you could think I don't see a pancake, I only see a battery mess. And that can apply across any area, you could think I don't see any response, I don't see anything moving. I'm just putting all these feelers out there for a new job. And I don't see anything working. I don't know how this is going to turn into anything I'm going on these interviews. It's not only focusing on what you see or don't see right now, the actions, the movement, the focus, the inspiration intention that you are moving towards and creating right now is setting you up for the future. It's the mixing the batter and pouring it in the pan and doing the steps that's going to turn it into the fluffy pancake of whatever it is that you're wanting to manifest. So number one is not getting caught up in only paying attention to what you see or don't see. And I don't know the exact quote. But you know, we've all heard that. How many times do people stop putting effort towards something right before their breakthrough right before their miracle occurs right before they get that, you know, big offer or big job or big breakthrough. So don't only focus on what you see or don't see in the world and your physical world right now. There are always things going on behind the scenes, and remembering that if you're doing your steps and moving forward, you're cooking the pancake. So let's move on to number two. Number two is tuning out your emotions. I call this one hooked on a feeling like the song hooked on appealing anyway, I digress. You know, we can so often especially as highly sensitive people empaths intuitives, however you like to identify all of all of the things we can get swept into what is more the common pop culture way of doing spirituality, which is this spiritual bypassing. It's just spewing sunshine all over everything and hoping that it will turn rain into sun. It doesn't work that way. We can't just only focus on light and love, right? It's toxic positivity, you might have heard it called our emotions hold valuable information for us. So if you're tuning out your emotions, and you're only thinking positively, you're not allowing your soul your system to bubble up the resistance to you that might be blocking the feelings of you know, sometimes it could show up like I really want to chase this speaking engagement. But I feel like I'm an imposter. I'm just going to use that for an example. Well, as you start submitting for speaking engagements and writing your talk and focusing on you know, what you might want the audience to take away. It's important to not just only have positive good vibes thoughts, but also let yourself be aware tune in, be available for emotions that are bubbling up. And maybe you do get the emotion when you're writing your talk. In this example, of oh, I'm an imposter. I don't know, you know, I've only I only have this much success. I don't have the success of this other person that I know and I don't know if I'm going to be as good as someone else would be. Well, those feelings are an opportunity for you to work on your own resistance. So you can and get in the flow of truly believing and knowing you're aligned with this speaking engagement in this example, the the emotions that come up are fine tuning navigators. For us. It is like a little bell going off letting you know, oh, you're slightly off track here, oh, you're dragging your anchor here, you're holding yourself back here. So one of the second, you know, the second most common mistake that I see is people trying to do that Susie sunshine tuning out all of their emotions and thinking they can positive think their way into manifesting. And yes, being positive is a great thing to do. It's, it's, you know, hopefully you feel positive more of the time than not. But tuning out those other emotions or any emotions is holding you back from actually moving forward with the manifestation that you want to see in the world. Number three is forgetting the feeling. So oftentimes, people's inclination when they start learning about manifestation, especially if they're learning from kind of someone who's maybe less experienced, like just on social media, or who doesn't know what they're talking about, or who's who's not sharing all the ingredients, people can focus on only like the material item, and they forget to focus on you know, this a different version of focus on the feeling, they forget the feeling, the way that manifestation works. One of the key ingredients is that resonant feeling, knowing what that thing gives you that you're trying to feel. For example, if you're wanting to manifest, higher salary, that increased dollar amount that you're focusing on, what's the feeling that that's giving, you get really clear on the feeling that you're wanting to feel? Don't forget the feeling that you're wanting to feel? Is it freedom? Is it validation, because getting this higher salary validates all the work you've been doing? Is it like I said, the the freedom of that the that the actual finances is gonna give you and how is that freedom gonna feel to you is it alleviating stress in some way for you, because you feel like you'll be able to breathe easier is it going to give you more calm, more stability. So don't forget to identify the feeling of whatever this manifestation is going to bring you. And as a second layer to that, acknowledging the other ways that that feeling is coming into your life, because that's often how we see it with manifestation. You know, for example, if you're wanting to manifest a relationship, say you're wanting to manifest a romantic partnership, and you're you're needing to focus on this feeling of like, okay, what is this romantic partnership going to provide for you? What's that feeling in there? And maybe it's companionship, maybe it's someone that sees you and loves you and wants to wants to support you through life, right? Maybe those are the types of feelings? Well, it's broadening your scope, your view, and your perspective and acknowledging where in your life are you already receiving that feeling. And as we move towards the actual manifestation of the version of it that we want, right? The relationship in this example, the universe will start to as the energy moves your way, right, you will start to see more of this feeling showing up. So maybe it starts showing up as someone at your job offering to lend you a hand with something Well, that's someone who's being supportive and wanting to partner with you. Maybe it's someone offering to help you with a project. Maybe it's a friend that just wants to come and visit with you and have tea. It's acknowledging the ways this feeling is starting to show up. Because then you're affirming to the universe. Yes, more of this, more of the support more of this partnership, more of this loving exchange, right? But one, we're ignoring all of that, and letting our ourselves only focus on the item we want to manifest that raise that relationship that house whatever it is, we are missing the one of the key ingredients, which is the feeling that that thing is going to provide. Manifestation is often incremental. We're going to talk about that in just a minute. But that is the third biggest mistake that I see is forgetting the feeling, forgetting the feeling that you're wanting to feel from whatever this manifestation is. And it's important to get really clear on what that feeling is that you're trying to feel. I'm gonna try to think of another example for you guys. because I know we all want to manifest different things in different areas of our life. Maybe you're wanting to manifest health, maybe you're wanting to come to health and your physical body. Well, what is that feeling of health? Going to give you? What is that? actualizing health and wellness in your physical body? What's the feeling that's gonna give you? Is it a feeling of accomplishment? Is it expansiveness? Is it this feeling of the ability to do something that you're you're not experiencing right now. And then realizing the more subtle side, entering ways, right, it might not seem like it's even related to the thing that you're actually wanting to manifest. But that is how the flow of the universe works. You focus on the feeling, you do the other ingredients of manifesting, you make sure you're not making these other mistakes. And the universe will start looping things into your life to create those feelings. And then you can continue to agree, continue to feel the feeling, remember the feeling and move towards the thing that you're actually ultimately hoping to manifest as a part of receiving this feeling. So don't forget the feeling of whatever it is that you're trying to feel, as a result of this actual manifestation and get stuck on just the item itself, the feeling is what holds the energy. And the way that things are drawn into our life experience is through the emotion through the feeling of it. Now, the number four mistake that I see that might be blocking you, I don't love that word block, you guys know that I think blocks are of our own creation. So number four, not intentionally setting your vibration. We've talked about this. In the past, I don't know if we've talked about on the podcast. But on one of the talks I have on YouTube, I talked about intentionally setting your vibration, what do I mean by that, we can get so caught up in the loud five sensory experience that we have, right? The phone ringing and the kids crying and the alarm going off, because we're late to leave for school and the stress of the traffic and getting caught up in the busyness of the world and the loudness of our five senses. And we can forget to intentionally set and hold our own vibration. Now, one of the easiest ways to do this is just to do some version of mindfulness for yourself first thing in the day. And it's not that you can't do this at any time of day, because you certainly can. And sometimes we need to refresh it throughout the day. But what doing it first thing in the morning does is set you up for that first segment of your day. And if you get set up early in the day, it's easier to kind of find that TrueNorth again, in the way that you are setting your intention, your vibration, versus letting yourself get all off track and stressed and you know the dog leashes wrapped around you and the kids are a mess and nobody can find their shoes and we're screeching out of the driveway, right? Once you're kind of in that vibration, it can feel more challenging to reset to a neutral vibration or peaceful vibration or whatever it is that your vibration needs to be at. It's not impossible, I mean, but it can feel a little more challenging. And I know it can be tough to squeeze anything else in in the morning. But let me give you some examples of how this can look. It can look like you even just taking a 10 minute walk around the block. I mean, maybe you're already walking a pet, it could be 10 minutes of stretching. I mean, if you could get 20 minutes, that'd be amazing. But if you can get 10 get 10. And maybe it's you, you know, going inside for some quiet time and just saying some affirmations. Maybe it's listening to some peaceful music and focusing on what you want to set your vibration at that day. And it's great if you have an actual word maybe like I said, maybe it's peaceful, maybe it's energetic, maybe it's inspired, maybe it's open for inspiration. So what is the vibration that you're wanting to move through your day with? Right, especially if you're wanting to manifest something you want to be open for the next steps available to receive guidance and inspiration. You want to be clear, you want to be you probably want to be neutral energetically meaning like not susceptible to get swept into road rage for example, or not susceptible to get totally thrown off your day's track by receiving a phone call that you didn't expect that something's not going according to the plan that you thought. Intentionally setting your vibration just helps you move in that direction. action from the beginning of your day. And you will find that you are more easily able to stay in that emotion of what you're wanting to manifest. And even if you do get thrown off, maybe you get a little stressed, maybe you're running a little late.
Once you, you know, drop off the kids or are sitting in traffic, you you more intentionally might be able to get back to what you're wanting your vibration to be. But it's important to take a moment and intentionally set the vibration, there's a few ways you can do this. I tend to work a lot in the chakra system just because I learned it early in my development, and it really resonates with me. So I'll tell you a tool for that. But you don't have to do it this way. There are an endless number of ways to do it this way. Like I like I already mentioned a few. But that those aren't the only you can just get a sense of imagine feel that chakra on top of your head, it's a wheel or a ball that sits right on top of your head like a crown. And just really feeling focusing there. And imagine writing the word of the feeling or tuning to the vibration of the feeling that you're wanting to feel. So if it's peaceful, for example, you can imagine writing right on right in the energy on top of your head peaceful and beautiful magnetic golden ink. You can imagine setting the vibration of what you imagine or know peaceful to feel, you can choose a color to set in that area as well that feels peaceful or tranquil to you. And then just take a few breaths with that feeling still aware of that crown chakra on top of your head. And imagine it moving through all of your physical body, your auric field, even if you don't know what those you know, these subtler energies are, imagine it moving through all of your energy and setting your vibration at peaceful. So it's just taking a moment to intentionally set your vibration, it really does help to supercharge your manifestation. And it's one of the biggest mistakes that people either aren't doing or forgetting to do don't know to do. And it's pretty simple. I won't say it's always easy, but it's simple. Okay, the number five thing that people often make the mistake of when manifesting is shutting spirit out or not making space for Spirit. Now, what do I mean by this, I really just mean, you know, we are souls having a human experience, we are always connected to the Divine, we are always connected to our higher self. Even if we don't acknowledge it in a conscious way all the time. The inspiration comes from our own soul, our guides spirit. And by not making any quiet time in our day or any time to be with our own soul, we can be missing, valuable inspiration and information. Now, like we touched on earlier manifestations often require some physical action or commitment, we're in a physical world, everything we want and desire exists in the non physical, the idea of it, the feeling of it, the resonance of it. And it's how it's created here on the physical plane. But often, we get to do some type of action to bring it forward, right? If we're wanting a raise, probably there needs to be job performance or skills or something that we can acquire. If we're wanting to manifest a relationship, probably we're needing to put ourselves out into the world be willing to talk to people be willing to go on dates. To some degree, however, that looks for you. It doesn't mean there's only one way to do it. But for example, if someone's wanting to manifest a relationship sitting at home and never talking to anyone, you're cutting off all of the flow points, all of the sources this could come from. So really just being aware of how you're shutting out spirit, how you're available or not available for inspiration. And I know I've mentioned this in past podcasts, but Inspiration can come in so many ways in so many forms. It can come through a podcast, I often get inspired by even just one sentence that I hear someone say in an interview or talk or a podcast, it can come through music through song, it can just kind of drop in almost like you all of the sudden know the answer to a question or you all of a sudden think of an alternative solution that you hadn't thought of. And again, remember some of this does require to take action to move forward. Right? We it kind of brings me to this little bonus point that I want to give you there's this there's this idea with manifestation that somehow things will just magically appear like, from a Santa Claus in the sky or from a just poof, you know, magicians style pulling out of a hat here is your manifestation ordered up from the universe. And while yes, sometimes it can work like that, I feel like that's more the exception than the typical way. Like I said, often we are needing to create some movement, right, we sometimes might need to let go of something, it could be a habit, it could be a belief that could be a resistance, it could be a person, just depending on what it is we want to manifest. I for some reason, I keep thinking of this example of relationship, even though I've got other examples for you. But there's just this feeling of, you know, I often coach people, it's one of the common things people come in for intuitive coaching about or psychic readings is relationships. And I'm thinking of a specific example where this client is wanting to manifest a new partner, they're wanting to manifest, you know, they have all the list of the qualities of this person, and we've been working on it, but there's someone that they see from time to time romantically, that is not a good match for them, they've already identified that this person is not in alignment with who they want to be with what they're living into this person happens to be emotionally unavailable, not willing to commit, not showing up in a loving, supportive way most of the time. And as long as my client is engaging with this person, going on dates with them, sleeping with them, doing romantic things with them, they are closing down that space for a new partner to come in, they're not available. So in that case, this client is going to have to release this attachment to this person, and probably there's some emotional work to do around why are they hanging on to this person anyway, that they've already identified as not healthy as making them feel unhealthy and, and contributing to unhealthy mindset and behavior and you know, all many things. But sometimes we need to let go of something to make space for something else, right? Sometimes we need to let go of a false belief. So for example, suppose that you have a conscious or unconscious belief about how much money you can make in the world. A lot of us have money, mindset, money, belief, right? So if you are consciously or unconsciously holding this belief, oh, I'll never make more than x amount I'll never make more than my parent did, I'll never make more than my sibling, will that is sending out an energy that is holding you at the level that you are at, there's something you're going to need to let go of it is that belief it is that pattern, there might be a behavior program. And there there might be, it's often identified as like a self sabotage, there might be something you're doing that every time you get near that threshold, you're sabotaging your calling out of work last minute, you're taking an unapproved vacation, you're, you know, sabotaging the meeting, you're not going for that promotion, because you talk yourself out of it, like a worthiness thing. So it can be an emotional thing. It can be a person that we need to release, it can be a situation a belief, but there's there are other things right. It can be something that we need to come to terms with right something to accept about ourselves. And it can be just giving ourselves permission. But often there is some form of work. And when I say work, I don't necessarily mean sweating. You know, bleeding toil, although it can feel like that. Sometimes it's just emotional recognition. Sometimes it is changing a habit or creating a new habit. But there's usually some commitment that we have to give or some physical action that we have to give that signifies that we actually do want to move forward. It is very rarely a poof, magical wand waving manifestation like I said it can occasionally be that way. And that's often true if it's writing in on the tail end of another manifestation that we've done the work to create. Sometimes there could be an additional ripple benefit of additional manifestations, right. But often there's some kind of contribution commitment that we the person wanting to experience the manifestation need to make. So that's kind of a little, a little bonus tidbit for you magic versus movement. We are required to commit movement, whether through release or action, but I'm just going to run through these quickly one more time so you can remember what they are one focusing only on what you see or don't see, remember the pancake batter turns into the pancake. You might want We see the batter if you didn't know. So don't just focus on the batter. Wait for the pancake to tuning out your emotions hooked on a feeling right? You might be Suzy sun shining all over yourself and missing what your emotions are trying to tell you. So don't spiritually bypass don't just good vibes yourself into oblivion because you're missing important information and signals about how to move towards your manifestation. Number three, forgetting the feeling. Remember the feeling that you're trying to create with whatever this manifestation is, what is it that you actually want on a feelings level, not the purse, not the bank account, not the partner, but the feeling that this manifestation is providing for you. And then as a as a part B to that noticing when those feelings show up, and doesn't necessarily mean they're going to immediately show up in the form that you desire. But noticing when they're showing up in other forms, because it means you're making movement, you're making progress towards the ultimate manifestation. So don't forget the feeling. Number four, not intentionally setting your vibration. Remember, you can do that crown chakra exercise we talked about, you can do a meditation for yourself to just kind of ground or tune in or sit in your own power or sit in the presence of your soul. You can do a mindful walk, take a walk, move your body, you could do some stretching, some yoga, some affirmations, there's a million ways to do it. But intentionally setting your vibration for the day. Don't not do it, make sure you do it. It's a big mistake that people make and it is something that is pretty quick to do. And number five, shutting spirit out, make room for Spirit to give you inspiration. And sometimes the the meditation that you do in the morning, or the mindfulness or whatever you choose. Sometimes setting your vibration will make that space for Spirit to give inspiration. But if you're constantly on the phone, if you're constantly in your email and on your social and I'm not saying don't do those things ever I'm saying you have to have moments of breaks of quiet a pause as Violet Flame collective shared with us in one of our recent episodes. Making the space for spirit to impress upon you whether it's coming from inspiration from your own soul bubbling up, whether it's coming through a messenger in the world, someone giving you a tidbit it could come through a podcast, a song, a talk, you just hearing something can create a movement and idea and inspiration for you. Don't shut spirit out. It is a big mistake, and can be costing you your manifestation. And remember, magic versus movement. Yes, once in a blue moon, there can be some universal magic that happens. But more often than not, we are required as our freewill contribution to the equation to make movement, take action, release, what's not serving us or what's in the way or not in alignment with whatever it is we're wanting to move towards. So I hope that you really got your thoughts and feelings stirring today around this around thinking about what is it that you are wanting to manifest? And are you doing any of these? Are you doing any of these five manifesting mistakes that are holding you back? And I can almost guarantee you with some with some exceptions, if you're not doing your emotional work, that if you just make these slight adjustments, you will see shifts in your manifesting and the way things are coming across your path in the synchronicity that's lining up for you in Yeah, just in your own movement energetically, physically meaning like the way things are showing up in your life. Are you doing any of these five? If so, let me know which ones. I'm so curious to know which of these you might be guilty of. And remember, forgive yourself you're doing the best you can. It's a quick change, it's just a refocus. It's a remembering. It's a new way of trying to do things. And if the way you've been doing it hasn't been working out or creating the results that you have desired. Why not try a new way and why not? See, ask yourself if you're making any of these five mistakes, why not jot them down and make a note so that as you're working on the next thing that you want to create or manifest you can be checking in with these things to see like alright, am I my doing all of these things? Am I not doing any of these things? I really want you to have the life you want and deserve. I really want you to express the highest and greatest that your soul is possible of in this lifetime. And I hope that these will be just some helpful tools for you along your way. So please let me know how you liked this episode, make sure you give it a five star rating if you like it and if there's someone you know who isn't manifesting what they want or who's been working on manifesting, send them this episode, share it with them. I would love that. And I'm so grateful for you for your time for the light that each of you are shining into the worlds around you. You are a huge part of why I do this work. And I am so grateful to have you here with me as always, inside, Spirit Speakeasy

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