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5 Surprising Signs You’re Nearing an Energy Up-Level [& 3 Crucial Tips to Cling to]

Feb 05, 2024

If YOU were about to level up, do you think you would know it??  As a sensitive it might not look or feel how you would guess so in this episode I’ll share 5 signs you’re nearing an energy up-leveling AND 3 Tips to Cling to Through the Shift.

 Any one of theses on their is a sure sign that change/shifts/energy movement is brewing under the surface. How many of these do you recognize in your life right now?

I'll share each of the 5 signs, how they might show up PLUS I'll give you 3 tips to use when these surprising signs show up!!

Show Notes:

The "Ebb and Flow" episode mentioned is here: "Why Balance is B.S. and What to Focus on Instead":


Episode Transcript:

Hey beautiful soul Welcome to Spirit Speakeasy. I'm Joy Giovanni joyful medium. I'm a working psychic medium energy healer and spiritual gifts mentor. This podcast is like a seat at the table in a secret club, but with mediums, mystics and the spiritual luminaries of our time. So come behind the velvet ropes with me and see inside my world is I chat insider style with profoundly different souls. We go deep share juicy stories laugh a lot and it wouldn't be a speakeasy without great insider secrets and tips. You might even learn that you have some gifts of your own. So step inside the spirit speakeasy. Hey, beautiful soul. If you were about to level up, do you think you would know it? As a sensitive it might not look or feel how you would guess. So in this episode, I'm going to share five signs that you're nearing and energy up leveling, and three tips you can cling to through the shift. Welcome in to another episode of spirit speakeasy. I'm so happy that you're joining me today. I don't know how it is where you are right now. But I'm recording this just a handful of days before it's going to come to you. And it is rainy and gloomy. If you're watching the video version of this, it kind of looks bright in the room that I'm in. But it's really not. It's a rainy and gloomy day. So I'm happy to be here recording with you, you know, I was inspired for this episode. As I was really just kind of sitting with the idea of all the shifts and changes. If you're listening to this when it's being released, we are just tipping into February 2024. And today, I really want to share with you five surprising signs you're nearing and energy up leveling, and three crucial tips to cling to. So when we think about the idea of energy up leveling, we often think about the result, right? So maybe you get that promotion, you find that partner, you have a shift in the way that you're doing your spiritual practice or the way you're experiencing something, or maybe you just understand something to a deeper level. But we're thinking often about the end result. And a lot of times, we don't necessarily realize the energetic process as it's happening. And when we think about energy up leveling, right, it doesn't necessarily mean like a promotion, like I was saying, like a hard win or an actual tangible. Something that we're gaining it could be something like a letting go because think about if we're letting go of a big hang up or something significant to us. Well, that's an energy up leveling, we're creating space to move to the next phase, right? It could be a moving onward and upward. I know we had that episode A while ago when I physically moved. But it could just be you moving onward and upward energetically, emotionally, internally. It could be peeling back your own healing onion, we always talk about healing like an onion, there's many layers, many forms and depths of understanding for us to have. So it could be you know, you reach an epiphany and aha moment that's the result. But what about the process when you're getting there maybe for you, it shows up as a deeper understanding a fork in the road or even arriving at a next chapter. So I'm going to talk today about the five surprising signs that you're nearing and energy up leveling. And as I talk about this next segment, I want you to feel into think be available for it to come to your awareness how some of these might be showing up in your world right now. Or even in the recent past. Some people start to see and feel signs, or even like energy shifts when the shift is on the horizon, like when they're starting to near the process. And then others might not feel the shift until they're in the middle of it or until they're already just right past it in hindsight. So it's really a spectrum like most things like you might imagine. But I just am curious to know if any of these five show up for you. And any of these five sure signs alone are a great indication that change or shifts or energy movement is brewing under the surface. But if you have more than one, it's it's even more indication that you're in the midst of a shift happening and if you have all five Well, I'm going to give you some tips to really help you move through the process and what to be focusing on. So you can get the most out of this time period where you're nearing this energetic shift. So I want to talk about how this might be different as a sensitive. If you are listening to or watching this podcast or share time with me in any of the ways that I share time with people, you probably are sensitive to some degree, even if you don't really like to identify as that. And a lot of times things show up for us as energetically or emotionally sensitive people in ways that are just different and more nuanced than others. I guess I'll say it that way. And the first sign that I feel like is so surprising, but it seems to be true every time is
this surprising sign of going inward? Now as I talk about these, I want you to I'm going to give some examples of how they can show up and how they might look different for different people. But we often think that going inward is you know, perceived maybe by the general public as like a more negative thing or less outgoing thing. But it doesn't have to be it can just be a quieting where maybe you're still going out and engaging with people or you know, things that you have commitments to or events, but you're just a little bit more quiet, you're in more of an observant state, or it could also look for you like time alone, like you're wanting extra rest, like you're wanting to more intentionally I think a lot of us kind of intentionally try to choose who's in our personal space anyway. But maybe it's an even more tight circle during the times when you're going within maybe they're just really a few people that you're sharing with and everybody else's, a little bit more brief engagements or, you know, quick conversations a little more surface level. So if you're experiencing this feeling of going inward, it can also just be being more introspective, meaning like looking within a little bit more for answers for how you feel about things. For what you're actually wanting for yourself. For example, it can also be retrospective, like a lot of us experienced this kind of at the end of a calendar year looking back over the year that we just experienced. Sometimes we do it at like a birthday time or any type of like, you know, if you've got kids, sometimes it's your kids birthdays that make you retrospective, wanting to look back at, you know, the the last year or the last period of time, or even you know how far you've come in 10 years, for example. Those are some of the ways that can show up this idea of going inward. And I know that might sound surprising, but going inward is a sign that we're nearing an energy up leveling, well, it's us really starting to take stock starting to understand where we are perhaps where we thought we would be maybe where we're wanting to go. But that going inward that quieting that taking time alone really is the first surprising sign that you're nearing and energy up leveling. The second sign I want to share with you is becoming more prickly in your emotions, or even more emotional yourself. For some this can be presenting in your life as you know if it's in the shadow, for example, as wanting to avoid emotions or numbing most emotion. So you don't have to process feeling like you feel overly sensitive, for example, but there's a fine line between overly sensitive and just a little bit extra sensitive. And what I'm talking about is more of this, you know, certain people just kind of either rubbed you the wrong way or you're more aware of certain biases in the world, or certain ways that people process things. It could even be you becoming more aware of the way people speak to each other, for example, and that feels a little prickly. I'm sure there's a better word than Prickly, but that's the word word I have. That's how I perceive it and how I feel it just feels a little Pirkle you might be noticing either in your own family in your own systems, you know work or home or school or wherever you are or in your own community. Just the injustice is the it might be more on the surface for you this idea of things that really aren't fair or aren't being handled in a way that is considering everyone for example. So it can, it can be you becoming more aware, right, like your emotions become more prickly for others. It could be you becoming more sensitive to other people's emotions, like you're really feeling what other people around you are going through or you're aware of what they're feeling. It doesn't necessarily have to mean that you're Feeling at yourself, although you could be experiencing those emotions and just might not even know that they belong to others around you, a lot of us have that experience a lot of the time if we don't know how to manage our energy, but it could be you just being a little more perceptive. And it could be you taking on emotions of others, in a deeper way are displaying your own emotions in a more kind of external way, being more emotional is how a lot of people would say, it doesn't necessarily mean that you're having more emotions that usually do, it just could be the way you're displaying them the way you're showing them, you might get a little more emotional at movies a little more quickly, you might kind of have compassion right on top for people. You know, sometimes we're in the past, you know, in that retrospective sense, perhaps, maybe before you would look at a situation and want to dissect it and see all the angles. Whereas maybe in this phase, when a situation occurs, like on the news, for example, maybe your first place you go to is compassion. So maybe you're feeling your emotions a little differently. But becoming more prickly in your emotions, or more sensitive is definitely a surprising sign that you're nearing an energy up leveling, a lot of times, we tend to think culturally, that when we are feeling more sensitive that it means that we are kind of falling apart, when actually it's the opposite, it means that your energy is up leveling, you're expanding, you're learning more, you're learning to process in a new way, a different way. And just like trying on new shoes, or a new Size of shoes, it can feel uncomfortable at first a little bit. And that's what this can often be seen as we often think you know, growth and expansion and energy up leveling is going to be all sunshine and roses. And a lot of times it's not a lot of times there's some discomfort as we get used to these new vibrational levels of being as we get used to these new gifts perhaps in your case, as we get used to the the new level of energy that we're able to reach or able to work in. So the third sign that is surprising that you're nearing an energy up leveling is this inner urge to organize. This is kind of a fun one. And I think this will surprise a lot of you. So when I'm talking about this inner urge to organize, it's not necessarily like someone in your life saying, hey, you need to organize this closet. It's this like, urge or drive from within you. And it can show up differently for all of us, depending on our personality on who we are in the world. It might look like organizing your life. You know, some people are like, I gotta organize my schedule, I want to make time for all things I want to be more intentional with my time. It could like look like organizing your health, maybe there are some things in your health or your wellness or your practices around your physical body that you are getting that nudge to kind of get organized, get going. Maybe it's the way you treat your body or the way you talk to your body even, it could even be something like organizing your cabinets, do you ever this is what happens to me sometimes do you ever get this urge to like clean out under your cabinets or like reorganize under your bathroom sink, for example, or you have a shelf or something that you're just like, Oh, I really want to take everything off of that and go through it and organize it. It can be that for you, it shows up differently for everyone. But it's this urge this need to organize. And if you're someone who's a collector, maybe it's organizing your collection, I one of the things that I like to do is kind of organize my closet by color. And so I have it going in a color wave, you know, from just like one color through the shades of the rainbow all the way to the other end of the spectrum. And I feel uncomfortable if it's not organized in that way. So that's something that if it ever I mean, mine doesn't really get super unorganized. But if it ever gets a little bit unorganized, or I just feel like I want to re sort things. That's sometimes how it shows up for me. And I know that this is surprising. Like I said, these are surprising signs. It might not seem like it's very linear to think like, well, if I'm organizing my closet and feeling more emotional and wanting to spend more time alone, how are those signs that I'm getting ready for an energy up leveling with this organizing? Remember, things are not isolated, what goes on in one area of our life of our soul of our growth affects everything else. So you might be at the place where you can organize your pencil jar and the next little time period maybe it's tomorrow, maybe it's a month from now you're at the place where you can organize your meetings or your calendars or you can get yourself into a class or you can do something else. So it's all leading us to this growth and expansion but if you are getting that internal nudge or you Typical or push or just like even a feeling on your mind that you want to organize something that is a pretty surprising but sure sign that you're nearing an energy up leveling. What was the last thing that you organized I'm trying to think of the last thing that I organized, I just had to do a bunch of hanging clothes and reorganize some of my hangars, which is probably why I have that on my mind. The fourth surprising sign that you're nearing and energy up leveling, is feeling frustrated or unsettled. So I know that this might be a little bit surprising, like what do you mean, my energy is up leveling, if I'm feeling unsettled? Well, it's kind of like that sand in your shoes feeling. And it could be something simple like that for you, where you just feel like you know, something feels a little off. And maybe that's why you're wanting to rework your schedule. Or maybe that's why you're wanting to you know, change some things in the organization of your life or the way you move through the world. But it could be just feeling frustrated, like you keep bumping into the same corner or like you feel stuck is how some people articulate it or like you feel blocked, and you've just feel a little bit frustrated and unsettled. It could be the knowing or the yearning, that there must be more than this, like I want more than this, I feel frustrated that I am doing the same thing and getting the same results, something has to change. But it's often this little bit of feeling of unsettled. And sometimes it's part of someone's process that they'll feel like frustrated, unsettled,
uneasy. And then the next step is they're going to organize their closet. And as they're organizing their closet, they process and realize, you know, what I'm feeling all these extra motions. And I let me just be by myself and do my closet and process these emotions. So you see how all of these things can kind of work together. I mean, that's a really basic example. And like I said, these things will show up on a spectrum and so many different actions in our life, but we're looking for that emotion or that base, underneath of like going inward, becoming more prickly or sensitive in your emotions in our urge to organize in some area, feeling frustrated. And this feeling frustrated. Sometimes I want to say depending on where you are in your in your personal growth, depending on if you're dealing with a little bit of shadow work, which I'm going to talk about in a minute. And then I'm gonna give you some tips. If you're in the shadow a little bit, meaning like you have some emotions to process and some things you get to work on yourself, which we all do. It's an ongoing process. It might feel like you're frustrated, annoyed with other people. Now, some of that could be valid, maybe they're doing frustrating and annoying and unsettling things. Some of it you might consider looking at, is it a need to control challenge? Are you feeling like you need to control other people's behavior? Are you starting to feel Sense Decide that some you know this person, for example. Maybe they're just not supposed to be in your life anymore. Maybe there's maybe it's time to move away from someone who's always making you feel prickly or for you who you're realizing maybe their behavior isn't in alignment with how you now know that you get to be treated. For example, there's a lot of unlimited really ways that this can show up in everyone's world. But take a look at what you're feeling frustrated with or unsettled with. And like I said, sometimes you might not even be able to put your finger exactly on it, you just might know. Yeah, I just feel like I'm not done with something like there's something that I'm still in process about or something more for me to do or accomplish or it's bringing me to my next point. So that was for feeling frustrated or unsettled. The fifth surprising sign that you're nearing and energy up leveling is wanting to spend time in the energy of learning. Now I know that's an interesting way that I said it, I'm going to dissect it a little bit. Whether it's like you have a new spiritual interest that you want to pursue or you want to get back to or start a meditation practice or a mantra practice. You know, maybe you want to learn how to work the mala beads with mantras, maybe you are not feeling spiritual at all, and you want to learn to make bread or anything in between, right? It's this interest in learning that kind of is calling you. And like I said it could be any area maybe you're wanting to paint maybe you're wanting to deepen a skill that you already have. Maybe you're getting called or feeling the urge to learn about a skill that's like an offshoot of a skill you already have. Maybe you already do data management, but you also want to do data processing or you just feel like I you know what I should learn about this little offshoot. If you are someone who plays the spiritual tools and has a spiritual practice, you know, maybe you just feel like oh, I want to I want gonna learn a new Oracle Card Deck, or maybe you read oracle cards, but you start feeling like you know what I want to start learning the language of tarot, which is its whole own undertaking. Sometimes for me, it'll come in as like, yeah, I want to learn more about this area of town, or, you know, in where I am in Southern California, we have lots of little pockets of areas. Or maybe you want to learn more about editing or processing or writing or anything at all. Like I said, it could be even about baking bread, or how to do certain recipes. It could be how to garden it doesn't have to be or feel spiritually related at all moving energy in one area of your life moves energy naturally, and all the other areas, it just is like dominoes. So maybe you're feeling the nudge or the stir or the tickle to learn something new as part of this now, it's just an interest in learning in general, it doesn't have to be like a going to school skill set type of a thing. Maybe you're interested in learning more about your neighbors, or like I said, your neighborhood or so it could be anything at all. Maybe you want to learn like recently, in some of these videos, you didn't see it a little bit. But recently, I started learning how to crochet scarves and things. So that was no schooling necessary for that just a little bit of YouTube. But what is it that you're feeling? Interested in intrigued by like you want to know more about it might even be a person in your life. That's okay, too. It's just this stirring. And any time we're learning something new, even if we just kind of stumbled upon it and didn't realize we were gonna learn something new that day. Do you ever have that happen where you like, didn't realize you're gonna learn something new today. And there you are learning something new today. And you're like, Oh, this is cool. I didn't know this. Even something like that. That seems like it didn't show up of your own choosing it's part of that energy moving. So what is it that you have been learning recently? What have you been feeling interested in learning? What have you been learning about learning or exploring, I'm gonna go back through these. And then I'm gonna talk a little bit about the shadow, work in it and then I'm gonna give you the three crucial tips to cling to So these five surprising signs you're nearing an energy up leveling where the desire to go inward or spend time alone. And that like, like I said, it can include rest, becoming more prickly in your emotions, or more emotional. Number three was the urge to organize something your life, your closet, whatever it is, the fourth was feeling frustrated or unsettled in some area, and the fifth was wanting to spend time and the energy of learning or understanding. Now, I know those might not necessarily seem like they're going to directly lead to like the promotion or the big house you want to buy or whatever the relationship you want to build, whatever it is, but all of those things working together, start to help you focus in new ways in different ways start to grow you and expand you so that you can release what's not serving you so that you can be gently drawn to focus in the areas that your soul's calling you to focus in. And for me it often is more like bread crumbs, where I need to be gently led to an area and it might be through you know maybe I hear something on a podcast and then the next day someone mentions it and I think you know what, I should look that up and then it kind of goes down the rabbit hole from there. So all of these things can be leading you and are leading you towards your highest and greatest good which includes several energy up leveling things frequently like throughout the year throughout. It depends how you want to measure the time of your life throughout your life you have lots of energy shifts up leveling growth points, even throughout one calendar year you have lots of opportunities for expansion for up leveling, and your energy and your soul are continuously trying to level you up so to speak. Let me touch into the shadow I know I mentioned it earlier. Shadow really is it's not negative A lot of people you know from media and all the spooky things we think like oh shadow, bad shadows, not bad shadow is the pieces and parts of ourselves that we hide from ourselves usually out of fear. I mean always out of fear. But that fear can stem from trauma, it's can stem from something that we like a false belief, someone else's beliefs of the program a pattern. So the shadow aspect is just one where in the list, healthy side of the spectrum, or the less ideal side of the spectrum. There's value there. We can learn when we're in the shadow side. I touched into it a little bit in this becoming more prickly in your emotions. For example, if you were in the shadow side of that experience Rather than feeling your emotions or trying to identify your emotions working with them, sometimes how that can present in the shadow side is wanting to numb out the emotions like refusing to feel the emotions. Now, that habit was, like I said, numbing of any kind, that maybe it's like you're gonna binge watch a show that sometimes that can be healthy. But if it's something that's ongoing and hindering our, our growth temporarily, it really is put in place by a version of you that is there to help you. And it's some version of you some aspect of you trying to protect you from processing challenging emotions, for example, it doesn't mean there's anything bad in there, it just means Oh, you can understand when x happens, I want to zone out and doom scroll on my phone and not focus on the emotions of why. And it's just you really learning more about yourself, sometimes, something can show up in the challenge. For example, like if you are spending time in the energy of learning, and there's something that you're interested in, maybe immediately in the shadow of that you want to give yourself this whole story about how you're not good at school, and so you're not going to be good at learning anything, or blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So it's just a more challenged aspect on the spectrum. And it usually is where very deep learning and healing can be had. So don't fear the shadow, it's valid and important work. We don't have to spend all of our time there. But we all have challenged emotions and and challenged emotions that can rise and fall unexpectedly in seemingly very boring situations, right? Maybe sometimes we get triggered or upset by something. And we're like, why did that even upset me, it's probably a challenged aspect of that of that experience. Or there's a motion in there that you just haven't dealt with yet. And doing the shadow work can be easy. It can just be letting yourself feel the emotions around these things or start to recognize what that Doom scrolling or binge watching is stopping you from processing or doing or what you're using it to avoid. So that's a quick overview of shadow and what that means. Now I want to give you three tips to cling to. So if you recognize that you are experiencing one or more than one or all five of these surprising signs that you're getting close to an energy up leveling, here are three tips that you can claim to tip one, make a note of synchronicities. You don't have to know what they mean. You don't have to be like there with your dream book decoder or trying to look up every sign and symbol and what it means. But just be available to notice synchronicities and make a note of them. If you're someone who's great with mental notes, make a mental note for most people, it helps to make a physical note of synchronicities that they're seeing that week or around a certain topic. Let me give you some examples of what this means. So one of the ways to know that you're in the flow and to keep touching him with the energy of okay, I'm moving in the in the positive direction for myself, I'm moving in the correct is not the way I want to say it, but I'm moving in a good direction for myself. This is an alignment with where I need to be going I might not be able to see the entire path. It synchronicities. So synchronicities can come. Like if you were just thinking about, I don't know why I have tarot cards in front of me. So that's probably why they're on my mind. But if you are thinking about, Oh, I want to start learning the language of taro, which is a deepen expansive language. And then all of a sudden you are walking into a store and you hear two people talking about oh yeah, I was starting to learn taro and baba, baba blah. And then you maybe are driving and you pass something else. And it talks about Taro. So it's just these little droplets of things that you were focusing on things that you're thinking about. Maybe you hear your own name, maybe you see it on someone's name tag, maybe you start to see feathers, or dimes or pennies, and some of them can even be signs from your loved ones. It's just you recognizing little signs and synchronicities. You're just thinking about something and it showed up in some way, shape or form. You were just thinking about the color red, and you go in to the office or the class and the person at the front row is wearing a red shirt or someone comes in interrupts that is carrying or read post it note right. So see little signs and synchronicities it's you noticing them and it just helps to touch into them or to recognize them so that you know there is communication with the universe happening because like I said, these are five surprising signs. They're not obvious signs so we can feel when all of this is happening like we're floundering a little bit or like we are out to see with No Lighthouse are like we've lost our way. But tapping into or becoming aware of noting those synchronicities is a great way for you to just have a little Marco Polo going on with the universe. I hope that makes sense. So I'm explaining it. Tip Two for you to cling to is take offers seriously, like seriously into consideration when someone is offering you an opportunity around growth or learning. So it's part of the synchronicities kind of because remember, one of these five was feeling drawn or wanting to spend time in the energy of learning. So if then someone is offering you Oh, yeah, come to the my meditation circle, check it out. I'm not saying you have to go. I'm saying, take the offer seriously into consideration. Spend time with yourself. Think about it, isn't it an alignment with the direction you're trying to go? Is it A, is it a no in your body? Where your body's like, yeah, I don't want to do that. And then explore that resistance? Is it because it feels like new shoes, and I don't know if I'm going to be comfortable, but I kind of do want to go? Or is it? Nope, that's definitely just not for me, I'm not feeling it. So when someone offers you an opportunity to learn, to grow, to expand, to explore, to connect, take it seriously into consideration if you are seeing any of those five signs. And I mean, it's a good thing to do anyway, but especially if you're seeing any of those five surprising signs of up leveling, it could be a class that has nothing to do with spirituality, it just happens to be like, that's a big part of my life, it's a big part of my work, it kind of is what I do most of the time. So that's what's in my awareness a lot. But for you, it might be, you know, maybe it's someone offering you an opportunity to volunteer. And part of that volunteering is something that you've been wanting to know about a different aspect of your community, a different group of people a different way of understanding, maybe you want to learn some of the back end office stuff of this place, you're going to be volunteering, so take things seriously into consideration. Because, you know, sometimes we don't know upfront what's going to come out of something, there might be someone there that you're meant to meet, even, there might be someone there that you could cross paths with, that's going to connect into something you're going to be working on in the future, or even just as a friend that you just wouldn't have even been able to predict or know about that opportunity. But you took the opportunity. So then therefore, this connections made just one example. So that's tip two is taking offers to grow or learn into serious consideration. Tip three, and the final tip is spend time going within, not just going it alone. So if you remember, the first of those five surprising signs I gave was this feeling of wanting to go inward. And like I said, it can look like quieting it can look like time alone or needing extra rest or being introspective or thinking about the past. So take that time, spend time going within. But just don't let it be an excuse for you to isolate everyone out for you to build walls for you to go it alone, right? Just going it alone is not going to be the answer. But taking time to go within to you know, maybe it's going on a nice walk and just letting yourself not think about anything. Maybe it's inspiration that's gonna come in for me a lot of the times it's when I'm like folding laundry or doing dishes or something. So it's okay to go within to spend time alone. Maybe it's meditation, maybe it's journaling, maybe it's you just listening to some music and doing some movement or dance, whatever works for you for spending time going within do that. But just don't go it alone. reach out for support, it doesn't mean you have to tell everyone what's going on with you. Of course not, especially if you're in a phase of expansion or up leveling that that surprising inclination is to go inward or to have a quieting. But certainly there's someone in your life or in your circle or even here in the podcast family, you've got friends and people that care about you come hang out with us and listen to the episodes or message into the communities. But really don't just go it alone, spend that time within and it's a fine line between going within and having that time of quieting or solace versus just then we realize oh, we've shut everyone out and haven't talked to others and haven't, you know, also been going into the world. So don't don't let yourself fully isolate but it is good to spend time going within it's when we receive the clearest guidance from our own soul. It's when we can start to be more available for signs and synchronicities from the universe from our loved ones in the spirit world. And remember, you're never truly going it alone. And it's okay to go within off It is what we need. So
what did you think of these five surprising tips? Were they surprising to you? Like I said, I know a lot of them. It's not what we naturally think of when we think about an up leveling or a really big period of growth or expansion going to that next level. We don't always think about that it's going to present for us in these ways, but as sensitives These are often five surefire signs that you are in the process of an up leveling, so let me know how this resonated with you. Do you see yourself in any of these five signs? Do you have something brewing that you whether you know what ultimately you're moving towards? Or whether you just know that there's movement happening? Are you recognizing some of these signs? Were you a little bit surprised? I know for me when I'm in the midst of it, if I haven't recognized it, it often does feel like oh, wow, I'm sailing far away from Sure. Sure. And I don't really know. I don't really know what's going on. But they are five surprising sure signs of up leveling. So let me know where you are with these signs. How many resonated with you? Was it one was it five, it is always great to spend time with you. And you know, like we talked about in the ebb and flow episode. We are always in process of receding into ourselves for learning and growth and then expansion. So wherever you are on your journey on your timeline, please know that I am sending you lots of love and support for you to receive and experience all that is in the highest and greatest good for your soul and for your experience in this lifetime. I hope you will join me next week for another episode of spirit speakeasy until then Big hugs. Bye for now.

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