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7 Signs Your Soul is Calling YOU to Awaken Even MORE

Jul 06, 2022

Chances are, if you’re seeing this you may already have some understanding that there is “more” than just our physical world. You are probably aware that you’re sensitive to the energy & emotions of people around you and may feel easily drained. 

You may even already know that you are a SOUL having a human experience (rather than a human being who happens to have a soul). But is your soul softly calling you to that next level of understanding right now?? 

Here are 7 signs your own soul is nudging, calling, offering, begging you to awaken MORE or to a deeper level. 

  1. Old traumas or losses seem to be coming to your awareness again, even if you felt like you already “healed” or worked through previously 
  2. Feelings of loneliness, while also longing for connection but often feeling overwhelmed by people’s demands of you
  3. Feelings of discomfort or feeling unsettled or unsatisfied with your job (or the day to day work/tasks you do) 
  4. Since March 2020 you’ve often had a hard time maintaining feeling grounded and/or “in the moment” (can also show up like feeling “scattered”, struggling with being consistent or motivated) 
  5. Spiritual teachers keep crossing your path on social media, through books or other places who spread a deeper message. ( possibly people like @jayshetty who was once a monk & is now a motivational speaker or even @oprahwinfrey  who has introduced us to so many teachers or others)
  6. You often see synchronicities like recurring numbers (11:11, 444, 7777, etc) or notice common threads that seem “too coincidental”) 
  7. Feeling overwhelmed by the state of the world but also feeling like you wish there was something more you could “do” or contribute to help all the people in need. 

 How many of these 7 Signs resonated with you?? 

It’s no secret that the world is in a huge transition and people are awakening more than ever as a result of all the traumas and upheavals both personally and collectively. So you may be awakening for the first time, or this may be your soul calling you in for a deepening of you gifts and abilities. 

There’s nothing you need to do about it, but you can consider allowing yourself to be more conscious in noticing any of these 7 Signs around you. Let your soul continue to guide you towards your own best next steps by honoring those “nudges of curiosity” and letting yourself explore what you feel drawn to. When you’re ready, there is always a deeper level of awakening to your own hidden gifts that is ready for YOU. 

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