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The 8 "Must-Know" Themes for 2024 [Numerology Predictions & Guidance]

Dec 11, 2023

Get a heads up on the must know themes to expect for 2024 plus understand how you can best harness these energetic themes in your own life and experiences! 

Did you know that 2024 will be n "8 Year" energetically? Each year, we can expect certain themes and shifts to arise based on the energy the year's number has in numerology.

It's CRAZY to see how these hold true over time!   

In this episode, you and I will dive into specific and examples of these 8 Themes for the "8 Year"  1.Personal Power & Collective Power (the changing "status quo") 

2.ACTION (aka don’t talk about it, be about it) 

3.Strategic stretches (why "playing small" isn’t going to cut it) 

4.Ebb and Flow (& how to be prepared for this one!) 

5.Attention to Detail [aka don’t “half @ss” it]  

6.MONEY, POWER, RESPECT (which side of the spectrum are YOU on this year?) 

7.Larger Truths Revealed (by choice or by force) 

8.Radical Honesty and INTEGRITY (& how to make it an "inside job")

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Episode Transcript:

Hey beautiful soul Welcome to Spirit Speakeasy. I'm Joy Giovanni joyful medium. I'm a working psychic medium energy healer and spiritual gifts mentor. This podcast is like a seat at the table in a secret club, but with mediums, mystics and the spiritual luminaries of our time. So come behind the velvet ropes with me and see inside my world is I chat insider style with profoundly different souls. We go deep share juicy stories laugh a lot and it wouldn't be a speakeasy without great insider secrets and tips. You might even learn that you have some gifts of your own. So step inside the spirit speakeasy. Hey, beautiful soul Welcome back or welcome in. If you are a first time friend here at Spirit speakeasy. today. As always, I'm excited. But this topic is near and dear to my heart. We today are going to talk about eight themes. For an eight year if you've been listening since the start of this podcast, you will remember that last year on January first I released a similar podcast but for last year seven themes for a seven year. So essentially what this is, is collectively the numerology of 2024 is what is called an eight year each year is assigned a number and how we come up with that number is basically boiling down adding together the four digits of the year to create one number. So 2024 is 2024, which equals eight. So that means that collectively, in this earth year of 2024, we will experience specific themes associated with the energy of the number eight, because that's the year that we are in. So that is essentially what we're going to talk about today, I have these eight themes really lined out for you. So you can really know what to expect. If for fun, you want to go back or even just for information want to go back to that January 1 Episode, The Seven themes and numerology for 2023. Feel free to do that, it's kind of cool to kind of go back and see how those themes showed up. But essentially, just as like a mini recap, if the seven year was about spiritual growth and expansion going within seeking our own answers, getting clear about what we believe in, or like what's not working anymore, and making choices that align with who we say we are what we value and redefining those beliefs and ideals. So that was one of the major themes for last year, last year was a seven because two, zero to three adds up to be a seven. So now we're moving on to the eighth year 2024. And I really feel like we have a lot of good in store this year. I love the number eight some of you that have been with me for a while know that eight is actually my personal lucky number. Now just as an aside, we all also have a personal year that we were we are in in any given year. And if you want to do that math yourself, basically you add up the number of the month that you were born and like I'm January, so my number would be one, if you're August, your number would be eight. So the number of the month, the number of the day and the number of the current year. So this current year is an eight. So for me, my birthday is January 20. So it'd be one plus two, you draw everything reduces to one number, so one plus two plus eight, which means that I am in a what is that eight and two is 10. And one is 11. Two, I'm gonna I'm in a personal year too. And every year I sit down with my students and we do everyone's personal year. So your personal year number is a little more dialed into the themes that you personally will experience while this collective year number are really themes that will affect us each in our own lives, of course, because we're all in the energy of this year, but also bigger themes meaning like in our communities, in our countries and globally. So I really love sharing this information every year. And I think it's not only is it just like a lot of fun, but it's kind of amazing how these themes really come into play and come to light throughout the year. So eight essentially is a power number. And just as an FYI, the last eight year that we had was 2015. So I haven't done it yet, but I'm going to go back and kind of do some research into 2015 and just see based on the themes I'm going to give today, because it would be similar themes and theory, what happened in 2015. So we can kind of engineer it both ways. You can look at the themes before the year to get like a heads up on the energies, potentials, possibilities, themes that will be a part of our collective experience this year. And then you can do it in retrospect. So at the end of the year, or years later, as in this case, you can go back and see like, what happened this year did these themes hold true. So another thing that I really like to highlight before I dive into these eight themes that we're going to collectively experience is, because eight is a power number, one of the things that I want to really encourage you each on just a personal level, is that one of the powers of eight is this idea, the way I say it is what you think about you bring about so mind your thoughts, pay attention to those thoughts that are popping into your mind or to that voice in the back of your head, and consciously decide if you want to be rolling around those thoughts in your mind or not. Because what you're thinking about what you're giving your energy to what you're putting your awareness on, is the direction you're going to move, it's what you're going to create more of. So just a little heads up at life, I'm a lover of the eight. That is one of my biggest tips, when we're dealing with the energy of the eight. So let's dive into these eight themes for an eight year. I really think that this year, is going to be a really incredible year for forward motion. And the other cool thing, before I dive in, you can cross reference this with the 2024 astrology episode with Xi Tall Story who is an amazing astrologer friend, a master astrologer who has been coming on the podcast every six months to give us the astrology forecasts prediction to look at the themes. So if you put these two episodes together, you really will have a good amount of preparation for what to expect of themes going into 2024. Because who don't like a heads up? Right? Should tell. And I joke in that episode that like it's really just like checking the weather? And do I want to bring an umbrella or not. So that's think of it that way. Okay, so let's dive into these personal collective themes that we will all be experiencing. So number one theme one for this eighth year, is personal power and collective power. So remember, eight is a number that represents power represents power and strength. So the personal power, really is to kind of change the status quo to change or divert from the way things have been going. Because remember, it takes many of us as a collective to affect change. And so as we're making choices, and wanting to accomplish, like really significant goals this year, that really the way I want to say it is like will alter or change the direction or the quality of your life. So this is big change this year, big potential available. So using that personal power to contribute right either to collective decisions, and also within your own life. Because remember, collective can also be like your family collective, the people who live in your home, your job, community collective, so the people that work where you work. So this personal power and collective power is really having this ability to act real change into the world with this personal power. Now, I want to just make a little note here, change is not always comfortable, and quite frankly, often happens outside of the comfort zone, especially for the collective right because when we're dealing with for example, like many different generations, some people want to keep things as they were some people don't feel comfortable changing and moving with the next phase of our existence and our collective experience. So I wouldn't necessarily expect this power that rises up this change this collective,
you know, moving or diverting from old systems that don't work for example, I wouldn't necessarily expect it to be super smooth and easy all the way through, but it's a growing pain so it won't be like that permanently if there is discomfort, and many of us as individuals within these collectives will be called on to step out of our comfort zone and use our personal power, our personal strength, even if you don't feel like you have it, it all you'll dig in there and pull it up from somewhere to help and to be A part of effecting some of these changes. Now, one of the things that can show up with this power, right this strength and power in the collective and in our personal lives worlds is this contrast on the spectrum of power. For example, this contrast of like really holding over or lording over, you know, power over other people, whether that's financial power, or political power, just strengthen oppression. So on one side of the spectrum, if you have that type of expression of power, on the other side of the spectrum, imagine like, someone just kind of beating the drum of their own victim mentality and just giving all their power away, and retelling over and over that, like victim story. So if those are the two ends of the spectrum, neither end is really winning, neither end is is better. So we're always wanting to move towards more towards the middle of that spectrum, more towards some kind of balance of telling the truth and equity and equality. And I think that's the direction we're going to be moving towards, with this collective energy of eight with this personal power and collective power, seeing power differently distributed. And I'm so curious to see how this shows up in kind of on the smaller scale in businesses, in homes in communities, like how are we it's not just one person anymore, that's going to be the I don't want to say in charge, but like the guru, right? It's kind of like everybody has the answers, not just one person has the answers. So these are the kinds of things that we can see bubbling up in this contrast of power, victimhood, owning power over everyone giving all the power away. So I would expect to see some push polls over the year in this area. Just because like I said, change is not always the easiest thing. And change is often happening outside of our comfort zone. And we're being asked to, you know, come together in ways that might not feel really comfortable, we might be being asked to release parts of our story, meaning like, truth is truth, right? If something happened, it happened. But the story that we create a round might need to change the narrative, for example, might need to change the way that we hold people in esteem and give power is going to be reevaluated and moving towards change. So personal power and collective power, I think we're gonna see a lot of themes and a lot of different ways in experience that that is going to be bubbling up this year. Okay, theme number two of these eight themes for an eight year is action. The way I I like to say it is, don't talk about it be about it. So we can really expect to see like, on a more grand scale globally, nationally, in different countries, we can expect to see things like activism, or groups moving for collective action. So not just one person needing to take all the action, but groups organizing to move towards collective action, for collective change. And like I said, big change is possible this year. But remember, the universe does not necessarily judge good versus bad, for example. So when these collective activism groups are rising up, just make sure you do your research, because it's not always a great idea to just follow the loudest voice who has the loudest trumpet, for example, everyone's agenda is not the same. So it's really important as an individual to be doing your personal research to be really understanding the motivation, you know, at the bottom of it, is it for collective change and for equity and equality? Is this in a higher and greater trajectory? Or is there some kind of ulterior motive coming on here? So it is going to be a year of needing to take action, it's not going to be good enough anymore to just continue to sit in our little hidey holes making plans in our war room, right. It's going to be a bigger action taking year but the energy of the eight supports action so rising up in action will be met with more momentum is the way I want to say it and even better if you can be an action with a collective with a team with you unit with a group whatever that means it's, we're moving away from just in the grand scheme of things even grander than then the themes of the year we're moving away from doing it as individuals or completely individual lysing for attention and moving towards working in collective working in tandem, right. And it doesn't mean that we lose ourselves as individuals. But it means that we each lend our individual strengths, strength year, remember our individual strengths and our own personal power to a collective goal. So we're going to need to take action this year, this even will carry over to like small businesses. For example, if you are wanting to if you have a business, I guess large or small, and you're wanting to expand this year, it can really happen. If you have big goals and dreams that you're trying to achieve this year, the actions that are put forward can grow exponentially is the way I want to say it. So I have some like little silly kind of personal to me examples throughout this episode. So I hope you guys like it. When I think of this action, and how things can go exponentially, I always think of this little mint plant. It's like a peppermint plant that I used to have. And it lived on my patio for a long time. And then I moved and it got left outside and it got kind of crispy. And I was like, Okay, this plants done. And I took the soil that that plant had been growing in and just dumped it in another empty pot that I wasn't going to use. And don't you know, in the spring that that plant came back and was the strongest mint plant and actually spread its own seed to several other pots that were kind of just like nearby it. And so I had meant growing in several places. So sometimes one action that we do, can really carry over and work exponentially for us. So I just want to caution you, like I said, make sure that you are doing your research about actions that you're taking. Another way this can show up. And we'll get into this in the later themes. But for example, say that you are in charge of a merger of I don't know why business is on my mind today. But say you're in charge of a merger. It would be for example, not just jumping and taking that merger opportunity and being an action, just because the numbers line up. But also digging deeper doing your research on that company on its C suite like CEO, CFO making sure that the way that this other company does business is in alignment with the way you want your company to go. So action, but really intentional action is profoundly powerful this year. So if you are someone who's been thinking of organizing a group, this is a great year to do it. If you've been thinking of, you know, even if you're listening to this before the year ends in December, and you're thinking of organizing like a food drive, for example, and taking action, do some research about who would be the best recipient, you know what I mean? Like do your research and then get into action and it's going to be collective one person's action is not going to be enough. But even in your own personal life, your actions will be profound, and they will carry over for years. So sow those seeds wisely is what I'm saying. All right, I'm gonna get off my soapbox on this one. So the number three theme for this eight year is I wanted the way I'm calling it is strategic stretches. So remember, I was saying huge growth and expansion is more than possible in the eighth year. But playing small isn't going to really get any traction this year.
So you're gonna have to think big, you're gonna have to choose big, it's going to be a lot of big movement, big themes moving forward. But don't just leave without a plan. The eight is not like a cross your fingers and hope for the best. And let's just take this leap energy, it's not going to work. The eight is really about learning all you can about something being very strategic. It's not good enough this year to just have a dream or a vision. You'll need a plan to execute in order to harness the luck and the prosperity that the eight has to offer. But you can succeed. So you want to be asking yourself things like What steps are you going to take like say you have this goal, right? You have this big picture goal. You know, it's part of your calling, for example, you know, it's something you've been thinking about for years. Maybe you Want to start this bakery service? Right? Don't just leap don't take it's not a like leap of blind faith kind of a year, it's uh, do your research. Do your planning? Who are you ordering? From? What is this going to look like? What type of items are you going to make? Does the neighborhood that you're gonna serve, want those type of items. So really like digging into the nitty gritty of strategy and being strategic with your stretches. But like I said, you're going to stretch out of the comfort zone, we all are. But we want to be doing it in a strategic way. I don't really talk a ton about planetary stuff, just because I'm more dabble in it. Personally, you guys know, I'm a medium. So my work is not what the planets necessarily, but it's just something I like to do. The eighth also represents Saturn, which if anyone knows anything about Saturn, Saturn is an energy of organization of logic of structure. So really needing to get yourself organized. It's great to know, with anything you're doing this year, what's your commitment? Like? What are you actually committing to on a nuts and bolts level and also on like a big theme level? Like, for example, if you're taking a teaching job this year, maybe your commitment is to show up for your students in the best way possible to present them, you know, these skills or tools that you're going to teach or lessons. But what's your bigger commitment? Is it that you're nurturing the next generation of XYZ, whatever you're teaching, what's what are your commitments on multi levels, because this theme is going to carry us through, as they all do, they all kind of blend together. And what we work on in this year's themes is going to kind of set us up for the next energy. So we want to be really clean in our commitments know what we're committing to know what we're not agreeing to. And a great question to continue to check in with yourself about this year. And not just like in your personal self, but like I said, how you're spending your time what you're giving your charity dollars to if that's a part of what you do, really just asking yourself, why do you want XYZ? Why do you want this? Why is this organization important to you? Why is this cause important to you? Why is this business is important to you? So really just getting very clear on not only what you value, but why do you want what you want, because when you understand the why of it, it really does help other pieces fall into place. You can do things for yourself, like create deadlines, like stay on a track, really having intentional steps to move yourself forward. It really is a good year to work with the calendar too. So if you're someone who enjoys calendaring, this might be right up your alley. But if you're someone who's not, it's great to have goals and deadlines in an eight year because we are much more able to focus on Okay, in two weeks, I'm going to get this done. So then break it down back from two weeks. Okay, that means by the end of the first week, these are the seven items I need to have done. Okay, I'm going to put one of these items on each of the days, you know, however it is that you like to break it down. But being strategic so that you can stretch. And I just want to give a caution to all of my overachievers, people pleasers and empaths. Out there, this does not mean stretching yourself so thin, or even stretching yourself very thin at all, if you can help it, it just means being strategic. So you can really harness this eight energy to have huge growth in the areas that are most important and valuable to you, to your family, to your team, whatever it might be. So the deadlines thing is great. You could check in like if you're running a team, for example, this is a great year to implement check ins. You can do accountability partners, if that's your jam, like say one of the things you're working on is your personal physical health this year, having an accountability partner is a really great way to strategically meet those goals. And it doesn't mean being hard on yourself. It just means being clear about why you want what you want. Making a plan to do it and putting yourself into action like step two, or number two. So you may not have every step clear in your vision, but just be available so that the universe can steer you now and then but it's only going to steer you if you're already in motion. So you need to be realizing, you know what you want taking this strategic action, right? And then the universe can kind of help nudge you left or right forward back, putting you in places so that you You can meet the people for those next steps. But I always like to say this because as sensitives, I think we kind of get a little bit like, oh, I want to know all these next steps before I step out onto this path. And it doesn't work that way, I don't think it's ever going to work that way. Maybe once in a blue moon, there's some kind of miracle that makes it work that way. But for the most part, you're not going to know all the steps in great detail. But it doesn't mean you can't have a plan, right. And the universe is always there always guiding us, we all have our team of guides, and supporters, we all have loved ones on the other side, but they can't put things across our path or help us or help this growth happen exponentially. If we're not already in some kind of motion, no one's gonna come in and pick you up off your couch and make you get a strategy and move into action. But certainly the universe will help you if you're doing those things. Okay. The fourth theme for this eighth year is ebb and flow. Coincidentally, before I did the research for this, I've been working on ebb and flow for a while, if you heard a couple episodes back, why balance is BS, and what to do. Instead, that episode is all about ebb and flow. So if you're wanting even deeper clarity about this, I would suggest going back a couple episodes and listening to that episode. But the eight is a powerful energy, but there will be a rise and fall or an ebb and flow in all areas. So even though the aid has such strength, such power, it's not like a bulldozer full steam ahead, there is still an energetic ebb and flow, think about turning the eight on its side, and it makes that infinity symbol.
So with that infinity symbol, there's a rise, there's a fall, there's a dipping down below, there's
a rise, there's a fall, there's a dipping down below. So expect that this year, so it doesn't shock you expect to have an ebb and flow in your own energy, expect to have an ebb and flow in the way things are progressing forward. But they are progressing forward this year. So think of it like that infinity symbol with the curves, the way they rise and fall and know that the rise will happen again, after the fall and the dipping down. So just know that it's a cycle, I mean, we're gonna have cycles throughout this year, we have cycles continuously in every area, this energy is no different. Kind of the visual that came to mind for me when I was thinking about this ebb and flow segment it for those of you I don't know if this reference will work for everybody. But for those of you who used to play on a schoolyard, and there was jump rope with like two people holding the rope on either end, and someone going to jump in the middle. So when we do jump rope, there's this thing that you have to do first called jumping in, which means the holders spin the rope a couple times and get that loop going. And if you're the person who's going to do the jump rope, you kind of get a feel for that rhythm. You see if you can kind of figure out the way the ropes moving, and then you duck in and just literally jump into the middle and start jumping. So it might kind of feel like that this year. Remember, we're kind of being strategic taking strategic, intentional actions. So that's kind of like we're watching the rope or watching the flow or feeling for when the time's ready, and then we're jumping into action. And then you're jumping along, right, you're jumping that rope, it keeps coming around every three seconds, and you're jumping it and then all of a sudden, you miss step, you get tangled all up in that rope, and then you have to reset that is part of the energy of this year. So while there's a strength and a power, there is going to be this ebb and flow that might feel a lot like jumping rope, you might feel like you get a little tired and need a break, you might feel like so much is happening so fast. And you're kind of back and forth trying to strategically choose the best time to leap into something for example. So just be aware that there will be an ebb and flow in the energy this year it is by design, don't be alarmed. And that can carry over even into like our financial systems, for example, a an ebb and flow or rise and fall so I wouldn't be surprised if we're seeing rise and fall in the markets for example, like the stock markets exchange markets, I wouldn't be surprised if we're seeing rise and fall over the course of the year have value of currency for example, I know we have a lot of friends in Canada and in the UK. And with the US dollar you know, we're always adjusting who's who's dollar has more value if you ever travel or if you ever pay anyone in another country to do a service for you, you will see that there are the rates of exchange. So I would expect the currency values to be kind of rising and falling I would expect goods and services to be kind of rising and falling. But just remember, when we are in that ebb state, right, where you kind of round that corner of the infinity symbol, just know that the rise happens again. And if you know this, you can kind of prepare for it a little bit. We'll talk about that in just a minute, a little bit later. But just being aware, energetically and in the themes. So I feel like there might be moments of kind of like mass panic, you know, it reminds me of you know, sometimes like with a political leader, for example, everyone gets very stirred up and up in arms, but just remembering that things will rise and fall, rise and fall. So, try to be aware of this and intentionally choose if you're going to let yourself get swept up into a collective emotion this year. It really is a year that I want to encourage you to just be observing, and evaluating. Remember, we're going to be strategic this year. So really having to be observant. Look for like, underlying motives of things, look for hidden truths, we're going to talk about that again in a minute. Okay, but number four, ebb and flow. Okay, number five theme of this eight year is attention to detail. The way I wrote this for myself, for this attention to detail, aka don't have acid, I don't know if that saying carries over to wherever you happen to be. But in Boston, we say don't have acid, so don't have acid, give attention to detail this year. And I think attention to detail will be a theme that we're seeing. And if something doesn't have attention to detail, right, all the i's are not dotted and the T's are not crossed. Whatever that is, if it's a contract, if it's an agreement will fall apart, if the attention to detail is not there. Since this is a year of abundance, like an abundance of options and abundance of power and abundance of flow, there can be a temptation to like hurry and get things done meaning like skim across the surface, just pump it out as fast as we can. Which is great to have that feeling of like productivity, and we want to get a lot done, but the rough edges will come back to bite you. So be aware. And this just means I kind of want to just tread lightly, because I don't want to put you into this like scared perfectionist mode that I know a lot of us can get into. It's not about having every single thing be perfect before we move into action with it. But paying attention to the details. If you make a product, for example, and you are really scaling this year, and things are moving forward, and you think oh my gosh, we have all these orders, let's just have a bunch of cheap companies produce our products, we can get it out fast and keep this momentum going, it would be better to have your clients wait an extra two weeks for shipping and just put a little gift in their package or let them know, Hey, we're giving you a quality. So it's going to take a little time, it's better to pay attention to detail and keep that quality standard than just half asset and just to get it out. Because it's going to come back to bite you those customers that receive the less quality items, they probably got a referral from our friend who got your great quality item. And now they're going to get this half ounce item. And they're gonna be like, No, this isn't good, it's and then your word of mouth is going to change. So that's just a great example that I have. But just be sure that you are paying careful attention to detail. And like I said, I'm not saying this is perfection only. But this is definitely a Be careful what you wish for energy. So really make sure that you're reading all of the fine print that you are not cutting corners. Okay, I have a little personal story with this one. And hopefully you guys will humor me here. So many of you know that I used to have a career as an actor. And when you have a career as an actor, you also have a resume and you say back then we stapled it. It was long time ago, you stapled it to the back of a picture of you and I went out to all of these casting directors for all these different roles and you had agents that were also sending these things out. Well, there is a segment at the bottom of that resume that is usually some version of like special skills is sometimes what they call it. And the truth is a lot of actors kind of embellish their special skills. And I was not different than that. So under my special skills section, one of the things I had put was that I knew how to do country line dancing. I had been to a country bar with colleagues from work when I was working at a medical group when I was like 18 years old. And I was like, Yeah, country dance. And I did that before I'm gonna put that on there. Well, I got called for a very small role like not it was kind of like a featured background. So it wasn't even like a speaking role. Nothing like that. But I got called for this type of like, line dancing, square dancing. And let me tell you, they, they didn't even audition, they hired like eight of us for couples to do it for pairs. So for, you know, four different partner sets, we none of us knew each other. And actually the show was on was a show that was called NCIS, which I don't know if any of you remember, that was a great show. But there was this bar scene. And we were supposed to be like country partner dancing around, and all these other people, y'all knew how to do this dance I, I have rhythm. But that's not the same as this, like country, two steps swinging around dancing,
I had no idea. That's what I was going to be doing. And I ended up this poor guy was very sweet. I don't even remember his name that I was partnered with. And I basically was like, I'm so sorry, I'm just gonna basically like stand on your feet and step on your toes this whole time. That is what happened, he was very gracious with me and totally, just went with it. But my point is, you can expect these type of call outs this year. So if you said you know how to do something, you better know how to do it, for example, attention to detail. If you claim that you are to some level of education about something you better be, you're gonna get called out on it this year. And remember, since this is a collective energy, it's not going to just be us as individuals. But this could look like things like schools or higher education institutes being called out on the criteria on the certifications that they say that they have. And we might find out that some of them don't have the accolades or the certifications that they said they had that might look like that. It could be companies or pharmaceuticals that have data and research and promises. And it could be a deeper investigation into seeing like do is this actually true and real or is it not. So make sure you are paying attention to details this year. And if you are someone who does run a group or a family or a collective, making sure those little i's are dotted and T's are crossed, so to speak, because we are going to get called out on a global level this year, in many different capacities. It could also look like for example, like a nonprofit who says that their money is all going in this direction, and then getting audited and it coming to you know, coming to light that their attention to detail was off. And actually this person in charge was getting paid XYZ when they said their salary was only XYZ, for example. So attention to detail is going to become really important this year. The basic advice on this is don't have asset, don't have asset, you don't have to have perfection, but don't have asset. Okay, number six. Now that I've said, tons of swear words, let's keep going. Okay, so number six theme of 2024 and eight year, the way I wrote it is money, power, respect. So for those of you that are fans of the 90s Hip Hop, you may remember a song called Money, Power respect. It was the locks featuring DMX and lo Kim. If you don't know the song, don't even worry about it. But this is the song that was playing in my head the entire time I was writing this. And sometimes that's how spirit talks to me through rap music. No, but so I was really discerning that okay, money power, respect in capital letters in equal headline value. So the combination of money power respect that is going to be a focus or a theme this year is going to be huge. I do expect to see some changes, for example, in the economy, in individual national economies, individual state or province economies, depending where you are in the world and in our global economy. I do expect to see additional abundance to see flow to see lots of prosperity happening in areas that maybe it wasn't, I do think there's going to be a shift in equity, for example, in the way that trickle down works in different companies. I think that that C suite that we talked about the very high high up in corporate structures are going to start being kind of call doubt on their salaries in a different way to create more equity for the people who are doing the bulk of the work. Here's just some little predictions that I'm feeling. So let's see what happens. But prosperity is going to be a big theme this year prosperity and abundance. But remember money power respect. Now we already talked about power, and how it can either be us giving our power away and staying in that victim story, or on the other end of that spectrum holding power over others. And you know, this theme can be kind of ugly, this money power respect theme, but it's going to be a big one this year as part of the eight energy that this year has in store. But I want to say, a, have a plan for extra abundance and save for that ebb and flow we talked about if it's possible for you, I know it's not possible for everyone. And it's not possible all the time. But if there is a time where you have a little abundance of like vacation time or something, use half of it and tuck half of it away, for example. So it's not totally denying yourself, but when you do have those influxes of abundance, and remember, often money can abundance can mean money, like actual dollars, or whatever your currency is where you are. But it can also mean abundance of creativity, abundancy of time abundance in lots of other areas. So really just being smart with any abundance you receive, and tucking some away for that time of ebb, because remember, it will be up and down ebb and flow. So there might be a time where that fire hoses on and you're getting blasted with abundance. And then there might be a couple months that feels like I wish I had a glass of water. So just I want to give you all the heads up I can and then be be aware and read the fine print. Remember, attention to detail show huge potential to expand in these areas. But remember, not everyone who is going to blow up this year, has the same motives, right has the same integrity or has the same plan. And actually, as a side note, it's really no surprise that we have a presidential election in the states in the US as part of this 2024 year, money, power respect, right. So there's huge potential to expand, I think, for individuals, for small businesses, for community groups for perhaps like alternative health care type groups, I think there's going to be a huge potential to blow up and I mean, in like, the way we say someone blew up in social media or an actor like blew up in their career, and we never heard of them, and they came out of nowhere. Now, especially with like nonprofit groups, for example, it doesn't mean they haven't been doing their work for years and years and years and years, and they're just coming to the popular attention. I think that's often the case, but it could just be the little push they need in this eight energy to get a lot of public attention. So public attention is really part of this money, power respect, vibe that we're going to have this year, but remember paying attention to detail, checking out people's motives because just because someone in the public appears to have money power and respect, it doesn't mean that they have the same integrity or the same plan for themselves the same plan for the collective the same plan for you. So just being attentive, like I said, this is going to be a year of really observing. And I do expect all of us to be taking money power and respect in our own way. But remember, it's we're moving towards doing these things with love with integrity with other people in mind not just the old way of climbing up on top of people and pie you know climbing the pile climbing that ladder and stepping on other people on your way up and total disregard for what it took to get there and making something out of a terrible for the earth material just because you can succeed faster it's not going to be that way anymore. And those types of systems products etc are kind of moving towards I don't want to say their way out because I don't know if that's possible for those things to move all the way out within our lifetimes but certainly not being highlighted in the same positive light that they had been before. So mighty power respect y'all. Okay,
the seventh theme for this eighth year 2024 is larger truths revealed. Now the power of an eight energy also has the ability to bring truth to light in all areas. It's this infinite energy right in Infinite truth. On the larger scale, you can expect to see, for example, it could be something like large company being outed for treatment of employees or for salaries or CEOs, unethical practices, for example, like we were talking about, it could be things like well known public figures being outed for deeds that they've done good or bad, right things, wonderful things that they've done in silence for the community, or things that they have done that are not so wonderful and that we wouldn't feel comfortable with, right? So it could be things like that, in general, the boldness of the eight energy because remember, each strength power, the boldness of this eight energy will likely have truths being revealed in your own life continuously, if you are willing to see them. So remember, we talked about attention to detail, and we talked about being observant this year, just observing making mental notes, make physical notes if you need to do it all the time. Okay, so remember, pay attention to the details when someone's story isn't adding up, for example, when you're in that could even be like, like I said, I'm states, we're going to have this presidential election in 2024. Even if it's like political candidates, and you're like that story is not adding up. Or we know you're saying this, but 20 years ago, you did this, right? We know you're saying you're for everybody, and you're gonna make a new tomorrow, but 20 years ago, you were racist, like, you know what I mean? So it could be things like that, where people's stories aren't adding up, it could be in your personal life, it can happen in any area. When your intuition for example, says something's off, you might not have all of the information right then to know what is off. But if your intuition is saying something's off, pay attention. This could also look like alliances that were hidden coming to light. This could be locally and it could be globally for example, maybe we didn't know two people were in relationship that are maybe we didn't know two companies. Were helping to donate to this candidate. And they are. So it's going to be those type of truths coming to light, larger truths, important truths, universal truths, big truths, coming to light. A little funny story about this. So when I lived in LA, I lived in Burbank, in this place, me and the kiddos. And we had this it was a really cool place. I liked it a lot. But it had this one closet, it was like a coat coat like a small front closet, like a coat closet. And even to this day, if you ask them, we call that the smelly closet. And the fact was, the smell was there. Right? There was no debating that the smell was there. I smell that they smell that we had friends that would come over and we'd like smell this. It doesn't smell weird. It there was just a strange smell in there. It wasn't a pleasant smell. It wasn't the worst thing you ever smelled. It just was a weird, the smelly closet. It was just a weird smell. We called the maintenance. We called the management. We had the custodian in there several times trying to figure out what was this issue? And again, and again, they told us nothing. We don't know. It's just weird. Maybe it's something you have in there. I was like, it's definitely not something I have in there. But nonetheless, they kept telling us we don't know there's nothing, there's nothing, there's nothing. And the truth is that we moved out about a couple years later, maybe just under two years. And we were told that they actually did find that somehow we were on the top floor that somehow through a vent on the roof, some sort of little rodent or creature had kind of crawled and fell back behind that wall because they ended up doing a bunch of construction and remodeling the whole entire little complex after we left. And they told us Yeah, there was something in that wall the entire time. So I knew we knew my little community who spent time in that place. We were being told by you know them all the higher ups No, no, no, no. But it was there. The smell was there, even though it took a long time for the source to be revealed. And we were constantly told nothing is wrong. So it could be in that kind of a year where there might be things in our collective world that have been stinking for years where we've all been like there's something wrong with that. We don't know what it is. We know it's shady. We can't name it. Authorities are telling us it's not but it is. So it could be those kind of smelly closet things come into light right? It's going to be a year of big movement. So what I would expect a lot of people's smelly closet That's to get unveiled this year. So and it could be, like I said, with public figures, it could be with bigger companies, it could be with governments, it could be with pharma, it could be in your own life, it could be in your own community. It reminds me of like that Erin Brockovich story where everyone was getting so so so ill from that water, and they were saying, no, no, no, no, no. And then eventually, they found out Oh, yeah, this water is toxic. And here, it's coming from this big factory. And so it could be things like that. Okay, the number eight theme for our eighth year is radical honesty and integrity. Now, this is funny, because I actually have been advising a handful of clients this for the last few months, radical honesty and integrity, the eight energy will not settle for less, like I said, about, you know, paying attention to the details on things. This is not a license to be rude with others, although we could see it manifested this way, in some people. And in some areas, this is a call to get real with your self. So not lying to ourselves anymore, not lying to our communities, not allowing ourselves to be lied to, we're going to be demanding on a global level on a national level on a local level, radical honesty and integrity. And I'm not saying everything's going to be fixed and made amazing utopian society this year. But this is where we're moving towards this energy of radical honesty and integrity. So don't be rude. But, you know, some people might be rude, but doesn't have to be you. It's asking things like, what do you value? If you are making XYZ choice? For example, from the place of highest integrity? What do you choose? Like? If this choice if you're going to make it only in the degree of what is in the highest and greatest good for your future, or for the future of your family? Or for, you know, the, your community? And what is the absolute best for everyone involved? What would you choose not what's best for this small slice of people, and then everyone else gets what they get, right? It's a totally different energy. And we're each going to be being called to be radically honest with ourselves. So again, with this truth coming to light, it could be a habit that you try to act like it's not that big of a deal, that's really diminishing your health coming to light. And you're going to be called to be radically honest with yourself and in integrity with yourself, meaning, like, do what you want. But if you say you're trying to be the healthiest, most vibrant version of yourself and you're doing this habit, you're choosing to hang on to this habit that you know is diminishing your health. And that's not in integrity with what you're saying you want. So you either got to change what you want. While I want to be mostly healthy and enjoy myself over here, that's okay. But just being honest with yourself, because as part of this larger truths being revealed, the lies even the lies, we tell ourselves not gonna fly with this eight energy, the eights not gonna let us get away with it. So this could look like companies choosing to shift from or, you know, to more environmentally sustainable packaging, but all the while losing a percentage of their customers because the cost has to go up a little bit, for example,
because they're making a radically honest choice, hey, this packaging we're using, we're contributing to, you know, all of the terrible things that we know are going on with our environment. And as a company, we are choosing this more sustainable, biodegradable packaging, it's going to cost everyone who orders from us $5 More well, they might lose some customers, but they are being radically honest and in integrity with who they want to be in the world. And therefore the universe will in essence reward them and who knows they might get a whole new influx of environmentally conscious and responsible consumers that do want to fund their project use their product and their sales might because it's a profitable year right? It's it's an abundance here their sales as a result of being an integrity, and honest and in alignment with who they want to be in the world. They might quadruple in sales because of this choice. While initially it looked like they were going to lose money because no one wanted to pay the extra $5 for shipping right? This might also look like something of varying levels of transparency about things like data or data and how it's being used. For example, I know it's already started in some areas. And when you couple this with these hidden details, you know hidden things being revealed to really feel like we're going to see things really coming to light with this radical honesty and integrity and truth coming to light if you put those together, especially with world governments, big religious systems, health care, et cetera. So it really is going to be a big year for forward momentum for change, for a lot of wonderful things to start coming into place. And remember, we can't truly change anything or have what we all truly want whatever that is, if we're not radically honest and an integrity if we don't see the larger truths of the situations if we're not willing to pay attention to detail if we're not willing to take action if we're not willing to you know, go with that ebb and flow that's a natural part of life if we're not willing to give up some of our personal power for equity for power in the collective if we're not willing to stop playing the victim and pick up our shovel and be part of the garden you know what I mean? So one of the things I hope you take away from this is that ultimately, love has many different forms and can manifest in lots of different ways but it is truly the greatest power of all. And it is ultimately what the eight calls us to is this power of love because true power is love right anything else is false power it's it might be short term power on this physical plane, but we all know that love is the greatest power that exists. So if you make choices from love if you if you open your eyes right and say what is the most loving answer in all of this, whatever the situation is you're faced with. But I'm really excited to see I'm gonna I'm gonna rattle them off real quick. So theme one, personal and collective power, the theme of power, theme to action, don't talk about it, be about it right. Theme three strategic stretches. Don't cross your fingers and leap and hope that you're gonna sweep into some of that luck. You got to be strategic ebb and flow there's a rise and fall this year so know it be prepared for it don't let it surprise you just like jumping rope right? Theme five attention to detail don't have asset don't have asset. Theme six money power respect, like Lil Kim told us theme seven larger truths revealed in all the areas so get excited about that. And eight radical honesty and integrity. So those are the themes of this eight year at least eight of these themes. I'm so curious to see how they show up in our individual lives and our families and our communities in our areas regionally and in collective ways like nationally and globally. They definitely will be showing up and some of them we are already starting to see trailing in. So I hope you enjoyed this eight themes for the eight year episode. If you couple it with the Astro predictions episode, you should have a pretty good amount of prep, going into 2024 I'm excited for all of us. I think we are moving towards a better place even though I know growth happens outside the comfort zone and some of these growing pains are really uncomfortable. We are moving towards a place of equity and love I have to have faith that that is true. It's true for me I hope it's true for you and your world and the way you're looking at things and making choices remember Be observant, make mental notes or even physical notes. Those are great too. And really just radical honesty and integrity with yourself. I hope you have enjoyed this episode again. If you have not already called into the hotline and share your signs story with me I would love if you do there's also a message when you call him that will tell you what what to share. That number is 305928 love 305-928-5683 I hope to hear from you. I check all those messages myself. And I will be creating an episode in the New Year highlighting some of your stories. So please join in. You're such a valuable part of this community and I say that with the highest integrity Big hugs, lots of love. Bye for now from inside, Spirit Speakeasy

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