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Messages from the Blue Light Celestial Beings with Intuitive Mind's Nancy Rebecca

Mar 20, 2023

 After her "down on her knees moment", that triggered a spontaneous Out of Body Experience, Nancy Rebecca became "suddenly sighted" and was able to see both the physical world an spirit world at once. In 2017, Nancy's experiences took a turn in direction when Blue Celestial star Beings visited her and asked her to help prepare the world for an upcoming time of great change on the earth. In this episode, we talk all about it!! 

Show Notes:

Nancy Rebecca, RN, Intuitive/Psychic development teacher for 25 + years now.  Nancy's Psychic abilities suddenly became activated after what she calls her "Down on her Knees moment", that triggered a spontaneous Out of Body Experience where she became, "Suddenly sighted".  

Meaning, Nancy can see the physical and spiritual worlds at the same time.  

As a nurse, she has used her clairvoyance to study the human energy field, to know what imbalances. lead to what health issues.  Nancy knows that our near future will see the addition of Quantum frequencies in medicine become more mainstream.  

In 2017, Nancy's experiences took a turn in direction when Blue Celestial star Beings visited her and asked her to help prepare the world for an upcoming time of great change on the earth.  Her practical clinical style of approaching energetic health was turned upside down with this visit.  The blue beings of light gave her instructions that would require her going to China for the next set of instructions.  Now in 2023, we are in the 3rd phase of Blue Light Prediction about what has been hidden will be revealed.  

Finding a balance between the 3D and 5D world of frequencies is a challenge in the best of circumstances.  Nancy is here to help navigate through this great time of expanding within the awakening process.

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Hey beautiful soul Welcome to spirits speakeasy. I'm Joy Giovanni joyful medium. I'm a working psychic medium energy healer and spiritual gifts mentor. This podcast is like a seat at the table in a secret club, but with mediums, mystics and the spiritual luminaries of our time. So come behind the velvet ropes with me and see inside my world is I chat insider style with profoundly different souls. We go deep share juicy stories laugh a lot and it wouldn't be a speakeasy without great insider secrets and tips. You might even learn that you have some gifts of your own. So step inside the spirit speakeasy. Hey, beautiful soul and welcome to spirit speakeasy, the podcast I am your host Joy Giovanni joy for medium, I help people step out of overwhelm and into love through mediumship readings as well as psychic readings and teaching. Among other things. I am so excited for our episode today, it's a little bit off the beaten path based on what we normally talk about. But we don't have any hardline rules about what we talk about here, right all things spiritual, all things to illuminate our path further. And our guest on today's show is a colleague and friend of mine named Nancy Rebecca, she has been being visited by this blue light celestial collective of beings. And today she's going to talk to us about what their messages are, how this works, what we need to know as a collective, and the upgrades that they're helping our planet, our world, our society, do within our physical systems within our energy, I have to tell you, a lot of times I'm not drawn to this type of chat, just to be completely honest. But I know Nancy, she is incredibly intelligent, she is so grounded, she was a nurse for more than 25 years. So she really has her feet firmly planted in this left brain thinking this was a really big shock to her, this wasn't something she expected or intended for or tried for. And if you listen to her, as she talks about it in this episode, it's really clear to see that she has done lots of checks and balances. I mean, the experience where she tells us about when she was guided or instructed really by these blue light celestial beings, that she would need to go to China, how that trip all just unfolded and lined up and the messages she got when she was there, and what happened, you're not gonna want to miss this conversation. And she actually tells us about the third and final, I think it's the third and final it might be the fourth and final, you have to listen and find out that this final upgrade or blue light streaming that's going to happen. It's happened already and a couple other locations over a couple of other years. And there's one that's going to be happening in 2023. So she gives us a lot of information about that and tells us even the general time period. So this is a conversation that like I said is a little bit outside the lines for what we often talk about. But Nancy is such a gifted psychic and medium and healer. And I know her as a person. I've known her for a few years now. And I really she's grounded in reality guys and in intelligence. And so I just invite you to listen to this conversation. And as per usual, I'm asking all the questions. I have lots of questions, as you guys know, especially because this isn't in my wheelhouse. But it's something that I'm so curious about. And so open to hearing more about, especially from someone like Nancy, that I know and trust and know that she is so grounded in reality, like I was saying, so buckle up for this conversation, it might just shake your shoes a little bit. And maybe you're feeling some of this energy already we go in and describe how this energy is feeling and perhaps, you know, we give lots of examples towards the end perhaps you're already feeling this shift in energy and just not identifying it as what it is. So let's get into it. Without further ado, welcome to the next episode of spirits
Hello, beautiful souls and welcome back to another episode of spirit speakeasy podcast. I am here today with a very special guest, Nancy, Rebecca. I'm going to tell you all about her if you are a new guest. Welcome and get excited for a really special topic if you're a returning guest. It's so great to have you back with us. Nancy Rebecca is an RN, intuitive psychic development teacher for 25 plus years now, Nancy psychic abilities suddenly became activated after what she calls a quote down on her knees moment that triggered a spontaneous out of body experience where she became suddenly sighted, meaning Nancy can see the physical and spiritual worlds at the same time. As a nurse, she used her clairvoyance to study the human energy field to know what imbalances lead to what health issues. And Nancy knows that in our near future, we will see the addition of quantum frequencies in medicine become much more mainstream. In 2017, Nancy's experiences took a turn in a direction, when blue celestial Star Beings visited her and asked her to help prepare the world for an upcoming time of great change on Earth. Her practical clinical style of approaching Energetic Health was turned upside down. As you can imagine, with this visit, the blue Beings of Light gave her instructions that will require her going to China for the next set of instructions. And now in 2023, we're in the third phase of the blue light predictions about what has been hidden, that will be revealed. Finding a balance between this 3d And five D world of frequencies is a challenge in the best of circumstances. And Nancy, Rebecca is here to navigate through this great time of expanding and help with the awakening process. Welcome to the show, Nancy.
Thank you joy,
I, as you would imagine, have so many questions about, first of all your awakening, I want to hear about that. And then I have a lot of questions about the blue celestial light beings, because that's not in my natural wheelhouse. But I know you as a colleague and friend, and I know that you are so logical minded, and have this incredible grounded history in medicine nursing with you. So I would love it if you would just tell us a little bit about how this awakening happened. And then I have lots of questions.
Okay. Well, how it happened was, so I worked in intensive care, open heart recovery. And then I worked in hospice for about eight years. And then I returned back to clinical nursing for a while as I kind of bridged this gap into being a psychic healer. But it was my time as a hospice nurse that I found myself, well, being a hospice nurse, as anybody can imagine, is deeply emotional, is the presence that's required is deeply emotional. But for me, I had three of my own family members who were assigned to go on hospice, within three months of each other, they would end up dying three family members. So if you can even begin to imagine, you know, you and your listeners aside, so here I am, by day, visiting, sitting at the bedside with their loved ones, someone's going through the various stages of the dying process. And then at home, I would change my clothes, and then I would help my family in the evening. Well, it was when my favorite aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer, that that's kind of when the straw broke the camel's back. I went into my bedroom, I locked the door, I got literally got down on my knees because I thought that's what I needed to do to be able to talk to God. And I haven't really taken time to talk to God before. And I sort of got down on my knees and I was just sobbing. And my question was, why do people have to die? Out of that big kind of emotional movement? About three days later, I ended up purchasing this little tiny paperback book on meditation, because I had seen on television when people meditated, that they seem to get all calm inside, and I thought, well, maybe that would help me. And so I kind of snuck the book out from behind. I had kind of hidden it by remember, this was like 1994. Yeah, here and our western culture really thought meditation was not in alignment with God, we could barely find
like a yoga studio back then let alone meditation being so prevalent.
Yeah, it was, it was just so I kind of snuck the book out my husband and my children had already gone to sleep and I followed the instruction in the book, which was put on soft music, light a candle and breathe. So I probably only did that for about four or five minutes and I remember feeling a little unnerved inside, I didn't know what I was feeling, uh, went to bed, but just to kind of make this really kind of long dramatic story short, there was a flash of light in in that flash up Light I popped out of my body, and then I was standing next to myself. And so in that, that timeframe, I could see the energy world, the spirit world and the physical world, freaked me out. And I'm desperately trying to get back to my body. But eventually, you know I did, it actually took several weeks, this continued to happen every night. But when I did finally kind of come back to my body, I describe it as suddenly sighted because that little switch that got turned on to see energy fields never switched off again. And so here this is 25 plus years later, it's still there, I've normalized it. But this is how I see the world I can see in the spirit world at the same time, I can see in the physical world, but there was a voice that came through and the voice said, you contain more love inside of you, then you can possibly begin to imagine or share with the world. And you are here to help people remember their spiritual beings having a human experience. And so that's where things really began to change for me and, and here I am now how that's an
incredible experience, especially coming from such a, you know, left brain medical background, when you experienced that flash of light, was that in a meditative state and in a sleep state?
Yeah, I was laying in the bed. And, and probably just kind of reviewing what I had just done, you know, my, all that meditation and, you know, the stress, just, you know, those are the kinds of things I was just kind of thinking about, I was thinking about my family, you know, I was laying in bed, you know, on my side, and then it was, yeah, there was just this flash, but I didn't even have time to think about it. Wow, it was just, you know, what I began to realize later, every time it happened, I would see a light tunnel, I would see and I would be pulled to the light and then my fear I would try to pull back in that the mag, a magnet. What am I gonna say it's like this magnet would kind of pull me into this tunnel again. Well, what I realize now, which could be a whole nother conversation or book is that the tunnel was my chakra. Oh, wow, winter when people talk about what it happened to me my third chakra, which was that it didn't really matter. What I realized now is the tunnel that people are always talking about when they die. Like they went through this tunnel and they went into the light. They were leaving out one of their chakras. They were excellent, fascinating body of a chakra, which looks like a tunnel. So wow, you can imagine we
definitely could have a whole nother conversation about that. I work a lot in the chakra system with healing and stuff. So that's speaking my language, Nancy, it's so fascinating. Were you able to get to a place where you could? I think control is not the right word, but where you could manage saying, Okay, I'm willing to go out now, but not during my day only at night? Or did it just your wife doesn't really nosy girl, you know me?
Well, what I will say was, if I remember when I finally went to, I found somebody who could help me. And they said, Okay, close your eyes. We're going to teach you how to ground and I remember I said, Well, I can't close my eyes. And they said, why not? And I'm like, well, because my body will collapse and fall on the floor and I will be out of my body. And it's not always so easy for me to get back in again. And they went alright, why don't you leave your eyes open? So to answer your question, I went for over 30 days, not sleeping, and I kept my eyes open. But yes, I learned a lot in that 30 days, I learned how I realized I was going out the third chakra and well, first of all, I didn't know what an aura or chakras were.
I bet yeah, this is just sponte you knew about a meditation book. It's all Yeah.
That was my only experience level. But it was almost like I could feel my spirit kind of you know, like when you're gonna you're on a diving board and you start to crouch down, okay, and then you jump up to dive into the pool. That's what it feels like inside when you're doing it consciously. So eventually, I learned to go out the top of my head, okay. And I felt like I could manage everything better in the spirit world. When I went to the top of my head, rather than my third chakra. What I've learned now joy is that if you leave out it's out if you if your spirit exits into the dream world out of your root chakra you Only take survival information with you. Interesting. If you leave out the third chakra you take the information from the first, second and third chakra with you. So you've got the tools of those chakras and the astral world. So when I learned how to move out of my crown chakra, my seventh chakra, I had all of my abilities that I could take with me. And then it was much more enjoyable. But I still didn't have anyone in my life that can tell me what was happening. And it
is such a I mean, back then, if you for those of us that remember the mid to late 90s, it wasn't internet like it is now where you can search it was I mean, there were libraries, but it these type of metaphysical and spiritual books perhaps wouldn't even have a place on those shelves. Back then.
Yeah, both of my parents are doctors, my father's an MD, my mother's a psychologist, and my father, we went to Borders Books. And I remember he and I pulling things from the shelves trying to find something, couldn't find anything to describe what was happening. And then we finally I think we ended up into the medical section and there was a Barbara Brennan book, are you familiar with Barbara Brennan's books hands up light. So oh, she was a NASA scientist. And so we kind of open it and I had pictures of auras and colors, and I was being so elated. That what I was experiencing without any previous knowledge somebody had actually written about in a book and she's got to books had some light and light emerging. So
that must have been so validating to see like, Okay, this is describing my experience, and I can understand now what this is, I love that you're explaining that you would, you could exit through different chakras. And for those that perhaps don't know, there are seven main chakras in our body. It's essentially an energetic system that works with our physical and emotional and all the other systems. super basic explanation. But I love that you're explaining that when you would exit through different chakras, you'd have different tool sets. And I'm wondering if perhaps you feel like the different dream states that we might be in are based on which chakra relieving like we have a dream? That's scary, perhaps that's one of the lower chakras?
Is that right? Yeah, exactly.
Yeah. More any, was anyone meeting you when you went over there? Were you just kind of by yourself floating around?
Well, so I saw a lot of spiritual beings there was there was one spiritual being that was a pure light. And I my only definition that I had, at that time when I thought it must be Jesus, because that's the only definition I had. And that was the, the being that came through and said, you have more love inside of you than you could possibly ever share with, with the world. And, and I remember I and and in this being of light, said, I'm, I'm going to, I want you to experience how much love you have the capacity to hold. And I remember this light coming from his heart chakra and hit my heart chakra. And the love was so incredible that I it was like my eyes rolled in the back of my head, and I just passed out and, and I remember waking up the next morning, and that experience is still just as vivid, you know, as it was at that time. So I'm still sticking to I feel like it was Jesus.
Hey, you know, he's there. Yeah, but my
other experiences were more as an observer, I could see a lot of spirits. But I felt like I was like, just kind of off in a corner, like a wallflower. Kind of observing a lot of things that were happening and and I went to other planets. I mean, it's crazy. I didn't talk about it actually Joy until probably just about 10 years ago. I bet. It was still. You know, I could say it was a moving experience. But you can't even disk I can't even describe, you know how much it rocked my world. And I couldn't talk to anyone about it. So I had been quiet for so long that when I finally started talking about it, and it took a while.
Well, I bet and I would think that that would be such a difficult experience to be having these incredible profound, you know, spiritual experiences that you then are coming back to, you know what we lovingly call like a muggle life with your assure. Yeah, people are not. Yeah, not to this and my football uniform, right? Yeah. Plus, you're doing all this hospice nursing Plus, you've got family who are in critical care that you're assisting and it's just a lot going on. At once, that must have been really difficult inside of you to try to make sense of all of that.
Yeah, I'm really blessed that I was able to talk to my parents. And I remember drawing pictures of places that I would visit like a lot of ancient Megalithic structures. I was seeing a lot of those spirals. Never heard of it. I was writing, you know, the pictures out on paper. And then I remember my showing them to my mother, and she was like, wait a minute, I, I've seen this, I've seen this in a book. As a matter of fact, I've got this book on my shelf. So Oh, my goodness, come down to the office that was downstairs, and she pulled the book off the shelf. And it's called The Way of the shaman. So I don't know if you've ever heard of that. But I've heard of that book. Actually, I haven't read it. But I've heard it. He's a brilliant anthropologist. He has since passed. Brilliant. But that was helpful. Because the pictures were in there. And it showed flying, it showed spirals. So it was like, you know, you know how those little bits come in to show you. You're not crazy?
Yes. Well, and like I was saying, you know, the internet wasn't really a thing. And things were a little different than so it's not like you could go and look up these places. And what's so fascinating is you there was no reference for you for oh, okay, perhaps this was like in Atlantis or ancient Egypt? Or maybe I'm on Pluto, or you know what I mean? Like, it's right. It's just deductive figuring, I
guess. Yeah. And, you know, I became quite masterful at pretending that everything was okay. And I think that a lot of people in your audience can understand that, that we try to pretend that we're having normal thoughts, but who's defining normality here? Yeah, you know, I mean, I can say this 25 years later, but at the time, it's like, Okay, I better pretend like I'm normal, so that no one can see. But I'm not normal. I don't know what I thought was going to happen to me. But, you know, I just wanted to be seen as a professional and someone that you could trust. Yeah, I have it together. And then I'm a good mom and a wife and a nurse, you know, oh, man, I was a mess.
I could imagine that. That was really like just taking your whole world and shaking it upside down. Because it's, yeah, I do feel like that's how a lot of us feel early on in the experience of our gifts. Whenever we experience them in life, it's like, you kind of don't want to share because you become aware that other people aren't experiencing things in the same way that you are, or, you know, they look at you like you have two heads maybe or whatever it is that you were already grown and at an age where you recognized Okay, people are going to think something's going on horribly wrong here.
Yeah, and my world did fall apart when it finally came out when I couldn't hide it anymore. You know, my husband, you know, left me and filed for divorce. You know, he thought that you know, that I had some evil intent and you know, attempted to take the kids away, which he didn't, didn't manage to do that. lost all my friends. Wow, they all eventually came back. But you know, was can you imagine? I can imagine? Yeah, and I can't understand or conceive of what what's happened to Nancy, she's different. Yeah, well, I
feel like what you're describing is, I mean, obviously totally unique and individual to you, but in a way can resonate with so many people having this, their own versions of spiritual awakening, because it's almost feels like this ripping apart of who you are in your life and the person you are in relationship to all the people but then wanting to be true to what you know, in your heart and soul to be real and true for you. And it's like this, those two things don't always play nice together. And there is sometimes this feeling of having to choose or having to a lot of us even feel it as like a coming out of sorts of like, I've got to confess to this friend that this is and then see if they're still my friend. And so it's yeah, it's quite an experience.
Yeah, I describe often describe, then I'm remembering, you know, like the back of a watch. If you take it off, you see all the cogs and wheels, you know, going together and it felt like my mind in my mind all that had fallen apart and I was desperately for a while trying to get the pieces together again, realizing for me joy to bring those pieces together again, meant that I needed to go back to living my life and an anatomy balanced unhealthy way, which is really what kind of led me to have the break to begin with. So I knew I couldn't go back to that way but I most certainly didn't have a set of instructions on how to forward or people to talk to people these days. You can go on YouTube or I mean you You look up psychic and there's like 12,000,500 listings for psychics, you know, or tarot card readers or astrologers, for me, we have the yellow pages. Yeah, a lot of people don't even know what that is. And in the yellow pages, there were only a listing of three psychics in the first two thought I was crazy. So that was my, that was my reference point to work through. But you know, what joy, I have to say, you know, what did it do for me, it helped me to really start trusting my instincts. And I just started playing with the energy of sight, you know, which is like, Okay, what's that? Can I fly through this wall? Can I fly through the door? Can I fly through the roof? Can I fly to the neighbor's house? Like I would just because I have nothing else to do all night long.
Yeah. Well, and what's fascinating, it's one of my favorite things about you is that you then started to do all these experiments with it, which is usually my approach to and I know that you, at some point in there, make the shift within yourself to embrace it, because I know you started doing systematically looking at people's energy system more from like a medical perspective. And then I know you mentioned to me at one point that you spent more than three years in Africa with the Zulu shamans training under them to really deep yourself, like you went far and wide in the world many times over. I don't know if everyone knows that about you.
Well, I want I wanted to take the mystery out of it. Mostly for myself, because I am really practical, and my nature's very clinical. And I thought there's gotta be, there's gotta be something to this. And, yeah, so yeah, I could see energy fields, I was working in the hospital, I was working in hospice, I could see imbalances I knew what their disease process was. So I just began to see patterns. And that just is so exciting. And when we all start to be able to see energy fields, you all are going to be just as excited to kind of experiment and theorize and, and study your theories. So that's, I had the advantage. And I tell people all the time, I feel like life is a little easier for me, because I can see the energy field, I don't have to have trust and faith, I can see the angels, I can see the spirit world, I can see your loved ones on the other side, I don't have to have trust and faith that it's there when I can't see it. So in many ways, I have a lot easier than the average person.
Well, I think that can be debated, depending on what you're saying. Do you feel like that's the direction we're going as a collective, you know, our Earth family, that we are all moving to a place where we'll all be able to see all of the? I don't know, how did you just say it that the information that's all around us, the spirit world, the information in the body all of it?
Well, we are moving from just the Select say that most of us have lived our life 80% of the time in the 3d world. And the 3d world is just the human world. It's
so by that you mean like what we know with our five senses, right? Right, what
we can touch what we can see what we can feel, you know, like this desk that I'm touching us in the 3d world. In the fifth dimensional world. You can still have desks and chairs and cars and houses but they're more ethereal, the more like a, we're moving towards more of this light body, you'll be able to still see each other. But we've seen in our I think even even anybody in your audience, they can say yeah, I've I've walked into a room and just think somebody's just glowing. Well, that just means that they probably spend a little bit more have access to the fifth dimensional world than most of us. So I would say most of us are 80 to 90% in the third dimensional world. But then as we're all kind of growing and expanding in our light, more of our Spirit coming into our body, our abilities, their natural, you know, our ability to see energy fields, it's a natural thing, but if you don't know you can't, if you don't know you can do it. If nobody's ever told you it's possible, then you wouldn't even bother to try and that's why I teach psychic development and have for you know, 25 plus years now. Because once I'm like, you know, like I had, I was working with a woman who's deaf but she could read lips. And I said what do you hear? And she said You're asking the wrong person. And I said, No, I'm not asking the wrong person. And she said, What do you mean? And I said, What do you hear in your mind? Yeah. And then she said, Well, I hear a lot in my mind. And I'm like, That's hearing that just hearing in a telepathic level. So I was probably the first person that said, she's hearing telepathically, she may or may not be able to hear in the 3d world, but she can definitely hear in the 5g world. So yeah, we need people like me, and like others, like you and others in the world to say, yeah, you've got these abilities. So
well, even just that, I mean, I feel like many people unless they're in this work as part of their all the time work, I think it's it's a misconception because we do think it's going to be some voice from the sky. And sometimes it could be in certain very unique circumstances. But by and large in our day to day life, it is what do you hear in your mind? Not with your ears? What are you hearing in your mind is often the communication from our loved ones, our guides, our you know, whoever else, our team that's trying to communicate with us? So it's such an important little droplet of information for people to consider. I love that.
Yeah, absolutely.
Okay, now, I have to start asking you about I'm so curious about this. So through your far and wide exploration, I know that you really have put all of the things you've learned into your intuitive psychic development courses. Psychic mastery, one is one of your main courses, which is going to be opening again in April, for anyone who is curious, I'll put some links in the show notes about that. But I know that in 2017, you said all of these experiences took a kind of like a, I don't know hard, right? When you started receiving communication from a specific group of celestial beings. I'm so curious, because it's just a little out of my wheelhouse. But I want to know all about it.
Yeah, so it's, so I will say that I did get help, I will say and I stopped having out of body experiences and I will tell you all but I don't I don't do out of body stuff anymore. But I do know how to travel to other dimensions in a more manageable I get to be in charge kind of way. So I will say that. And you're absolutely right. My passion is the human energy field. My passion is a psychic healer. That's, that's just what really gets me excited every day. I love to work with people with panic attacks and stress and fear and depression and you know, having mental health issues and working with the energy field to help get that back into balance. So So that's definitely my wheelhouse. So here I was minding my own business.
I don't know how much you're minding your own business, but Okay, going about your work that way.
And I have a room in my house, it's just devoted to meditation. And so I'm sitting in there one day for whatever particular reason, had my eyes closed. And I and I'm sure you know what, what this feels like working as a medium that you'll feel all of a sudden, when a spirit lands in the room. To me, it kind of sounds like an airplane landing. It can be you know, we're, we're it'll be you'll kind of hear this buzz. And then you'll just feel the shift in the room and you know, someone has arrived. So at least that's what it feels like for me when I'm doing mediumship readings. But this was bigger than this was. It was a really loud, but it was a really high pitch sound was beautiful. Like if you can imagine angels singing kind of sound went off in the distance. But I felt this big kind of pressure like you're on an airplane pressure changing, my ears are popping. And then all of a sudden my room is full of these blue light beings. Wow. So I literally opened my eyes and I'm because I'm sitting on the floor meditating. And I remember looking up towards the ceiling and their heads were just all you know, they were between eight and 12 feet tall, very, very tall. So if you've ever seen the movie Avatar, which most people have, that's what they look like very tall, very kind of lanky, but more light illuminating like could you see like
actual features and an actual shape of a body I guess not a person but a physical body.
And they have that kind of elongated face, you know, and some I've seen had that lion face as well. Now I have not heard of Star Beings before. As crazy as that sounds because now it seems like that's what everybody's talking about, but they came to me and I was just like, yes. Can I help you. And they said, that we're going to be going through a big, big time of change on the planet, and that they needed me to share with the world about them, and that they are going to be here helping us on Earth that, that they're coming to help us bring the world into balance, and to help us through this conscious awakening. And so I said, okay, and they said, but to be able to do that, you must go to China. Wow. I remember saying, All right, well, I don't have the money to do this, I'm gonna have to create the time to do this. And if you really want me to do this, you're going to need to your name, you're gonna need to work at this. So thanks. That's fair.
I mean, we usually we don't just meet someone, and then they say, oh, I need you to come to China with me, it's this side or the other. That's not usually how it works. So that's, that's a fair number of requests there.
So what I will say it was probably within three weeks, I had a woman who is from China, approached me and she said, I heard through the grapevine, because you know, we've got my students. So I shared this story with them, that you need to go to China? And I said, Yes. And she said, I'm going to take you there. Can you go in September? So I saw them in February. So by September I was in China should pay for the whole trip. First class. I've never heard that.
Incredible. Well, and if you're going to have one, that many hours of a flight is the one to have it on? Did they? So many questions. First, would you just give us a quick working definition of star beings just so in case someone not familiar that kind of our understanding of that.
So what I know now that I didn't know then, is that we in the South African Zulu term, they're called the Abba Lozi. And they are blue. So I have blue beads that I was I was initiated into that Abalos II tradition. And, and the beads are blue. And that's why I'm specifically wearing blue today. So the beads were blue. And what that means is, is that I was initiated in that capacity to work at this very the high high, high frequency level. This happened after the blue light beings came in. So they came into 2017, I was initiated into the Abalos II tradition in 2019. So so what I've learned now what I know now is all of us. Every person on the planet has star seed DNA genetics, and the star seeds lie dormant within our system, because we don't really we have not needed them in the past. We haven't needed that. Why would we need star seed DNA to be activated? Because imagine, let's talk about Einstein, for example, I'm not going to be able to think like Einstein, I'm not going to be able to, you know, have this brilliant mind. But once these are activated within our DNA, we have a higher capacity to understand what's happening. And we all need a capacity to understand what's happening right now. And yeah, Herald. Of course, I didn't know all this then. But what's happening is, yeah, we're having light codes coming in. There's all kinds of things that are happening that are activating our DNA, everyone's DNA is being activated. What I've learned is that some people, like if it's okay, if I read you for just a scar, yeah, hey, I'm often so on your maternal side of your family, you have very, very, very strong on both your grandparents side, your paternal and your maternal grandparents on your mother's side, we have very strong star being DNA that comes through on your mother's side. Now what can cause the what can cause issues when you've got that strong of DNA is that you have such a high high frequency it can be a challenge. So it could have been a challenge for your mother to be able to live in a human body. I mean, she can still be alive but can struggle to be social, to socially be able to function very well can be hard because you've got such a high frequency, it can be hard to understand and then for you as well. So you're in this the the practice that you have the work that you do to help you balance that now Definitely on your father's side, there's a lot of earthly you know, so you've definitely your parents came together to help ground some of that star information. But you have a lot of star beings coming through in on yours. Now it's interesting. So star beings can have a lot of categories. I didn't know this before, either. So my strongest star being lineage is Syrian. So you have medians you have the Syrians Arcturians. I don't remember
we also hear Lunarians.
Marion's Yeah, like in the lion ones, I can't remember which ones are called but you can, I actually made a YouTube video on
how to link your YouTube channel to so we can start being
so I've learned a lot. But they are here to help kind of anchor a higher light into the world. And they're going through an awakening process too. So they're really here to help us. So just quickly, when I went to China, I was at a particular temple. And suddenly this blue lightning bolt came down, hit me in the head, I fell backwards, I fell on the floor, the people behind me fell on the floor. They had to pick me up and carry me off to the side by the when I was out, I had this enormous vision. When I came back from the vision. I couldn't speak for a while. But then when I shared with my the Chinese people who were with me and interpreters and stuff, they were shocked, because they said that that's actually prophecy that I was shown was actually written about in a book in China in 1500 years ago,
I just got chills when you're telling that story. That's amazing. I have a question on the China trip, did they, when you receive the guidance from the blue light beings, okay, we're gonna need you to go to China. Did they say like, here's the location? Or Did Did you just get the sense that it all just kind of work itself out? Well, I had been placed Nancy,
China's a big place, and I, I trusted the spirit world enough. I met with a lot of Taoist masters, a lot of Taoist masters, the woman that took me has great connections, we'll just put it that way. And so I met all these Taoist masters, and they, this is what they told me consistently, is we're not allowed to share this with you. And if you want this information about the blue light, and the blue light beings, you're going to have to get this embed, this is your journey. And you have to get that information yourself. So that's what they told me over and over and over again. Okay. So then it was I was quite discouraged in a man had the vision. So I had that to go with. Nobody wanted to really hear the vision. Anyone have important, I suppose. Anyway, the friend said, you have one more Taoist Master to me. And I was just like, I don't think I can do it. I don't think I can go through what they want to put me through to see if I'm valid. Yeah. Yeah. Because they would test me like crazy, I'd be exhausted. And then, you know, then we were done with our visit. But so she said this one particular Dallas Master is only sees the top officials in China, they they consult with him, he has not seen another human being other than these high officials for three years now. And if you want a reading with him, his readings cost a million dollars.
Can you imagine? I cannot imagine I cannot imagine.
And he did explain to us that he charges a million dollars because he doesn't really want to do readings anymore. So he figured if somebody is crazy enough to want to reading with them, they can pay him a million dollars and they do. Wow. But she said he agreed to see me and he he said so. She goes You can't say no. It will be an insult. Yeah. So anyway, I came in. And we sat down, I was kind of tired, you know, as I'm flying out the next day, but we sit down he comes walking and I thought he was the gardener. You know, he's just this regular guy comes walking and he sits down and immediately he turns blue. And immediately we start having this telepathic communication. And the interpreter looked at me and said, Well, are you going to say anything? Do you need me to interpret anything? And I said, No, I don't need to inter interpret anything because he is a blue being of light. And we are already having a full on conversation. And the interpreter then looked at him and said what I just said, and he just smiled and nodded. Wow, he was the person that I had gone to see. And he told me, man, see, you have more ability than 98% of our most advanced Taoist masters in all of China. Don't listen to them. Wow. But he checks on me, I can feel him come around once in a while, but he checks on me, but he told me to keep going that I was right on track. So that's
So are there some of these blue light beings that are incarnated? As you know, more in a human form like that? Or is it that he's in high communication with them?
Um, he's the only one that I have met that I literally watched turn blue. Yeah. So he's the only one but you know, we've had COVID, and the pandemic and I've been isolated. But but the genetics, as we're kind of awakening these higher level DNA and genetics, I am starting to see people more often have blue auras.
Wow, that's so interesting, because I actually, it's one of the bizarre parts of my gift is a lot of times I can see auras around people, particularly if they're on like a light colored solid background. And I see a lot of a lot of blue a lot, like pretty frequently, which I typically associate with them potentially having some mediumistic gifts, you know, that might be coming forward, which I think could still be a part of that as well. So is this something that you go into either meditation or, or whatever the communication is for you, and have regular communications almost like meetings with them that they share information with you? How does it work for you now?
Well, um, so for me, I can talk to them just like I'm talking to you, like, they could just come in, and there are a few that are here, now. So I can talk to them at a superficial level, if I'm just washing dishes, and they come into the room. But yes, for me to have a more in depth conversation, I do go into my room, and I meditate for a while and I try to get to that really deep center place so that I can kind of trim down some of the noise, you know, my mental noise, and, and tend to try to not ask a lot of questions. They don't speak in, like English or words, it comes through and tones and sound like tones. And so it's like the tone will come in. And then I'll get like the download of what it meant. I call it the Reader's Digest version kind of drops out of what they're trying to say. They're the, you know, they've got their delightful, they have great sense of humor, they adore humanity, which they adore humanity, they think we are doing a great job. And it's interesting to hear that when there's so much turmoil going on in the earth, but the people that we're referring to are are the good, the kind, you know, like they keep telling me, it's a there's a lot more kindness in the world than what it might appear right now. And we're so proud, like you all are really ahead of where we expected you to be. And so, and I'm not the only one, you know, that's working with them or spreading the word you know about them. And I still feel like I could do a better job of that than I am, but that they don't seem concerned about it. So
it's so fascinating is there? Are they getting more guidance as far as like, for you specifically, and your mission, if you will, of how to create learning spaces or talks or I mean, I know you do quite a few you do your weekly lives on Facebook, on YouTube and all that. I think maybe Facebook too, at this point. Do they give you instruction like that? Do they give instruction for the collective?
I have 100 questions. So the instructions came in China, the instructions came in China. And so what so on Facebook, if anybody's on Facebook, you can ask to join. It's called the blue light movement, blue light movement, you can type that into the search thing, it'll pop up, you have to be a member. So that just means I just accept you in there. And then once a month I give a talk about blue light and what's happening. So what they told me was that the Wii there was going to be a huge surge of this blue light that was going to come from the cosmos from way out and In the universe was going to come to the earth, and it was going to put a big surge to the earth. So that happened on November 19 2019. So that was going to be the big surge. The second, and then what happened that happened November 19, COVID, came through right after that, then the next so then it skipped 2020. And then in 2021, it came through again on November 19 2021, a big surge, we had almost 300 people meditating together on Zoom, and just kind of bringing in and it came through. So the first one came through the pyramid in China, outside of Shenzhen, China. And so and it's aligned with the planet of Syria, of Orion, spelt, excuse me, then they told me, it's going to come through the pyramid outside of Mexico City to a to a con so Yvonne and I flew there in February, so that I could kind of get the lay of the land. And I realized that the top of the pyramid was broken. And so I went to the museum to find out where it was broken, and the capstone was destroyed. Oh, wow, by the Catholic Church. So the blue Beings of Light asked if I would gather a bunch of people together to repair the energy field that the Capstone so we did that in preparation for the surge on November 19 2021. Well, guess what? This is 2023. This is the third and final phase, okay. And this surge, is it they told me it was going to be in the southwest of the United States through a pyramid and I said, we don't have pyramids in the United States. And they said what will be what has been hidden will be revealed. And it took a while and then suddenly, it was oh, it's going to be coming through on Hopi land. They have the three mesas there, the three mesas are 50 miles apart from each other, and they are aligned with Orion's belt. And so this
guy chills all over. That's crazy.
This time, I just found out a couple of days ago, because I've been trying to get them to nail down the date. I was looking for a single date. And there's actually three dates and they finally got through to me a few days ago, they were like, This is why you haven't been getting it because you think it's one date. So may send number one will be on one date. It's on November. I don't know why November is so significant. But it is. So it'll be on one day in November. And then another date in November will be Mason number two. And then in November, Mason number three and on the third, May 7, the whole beam of light will come in. I can't even describe to you what happens to the earth when that happens. It just really rockets us to a whole other dimension. Wow.
Is there something we should be expecting? As far as like, I don't know, earthquakes? Are we going to feel energy difference? Or will some people feel it and some people will be totally unaware, which I feel like is often what happens.
I don't know what's going to happen what we can expect this year, but I can share kind of what's happened before. So like I said, there was a lot, definitely a lot we've seen a lot of shake up in the world in general. But this is kind of what happened. It was like time stopped. So if you can just imagine you know that Stillpoint on steroids. It was like time stopped. And it was like you can't hear the birds. You can't hear the when you can't hear it. Like everything literally stops on the entire planet. And then it'll be like probably less than a minute, but then it just rapidly starts again. But you're completely different. You've been your energy system has been completely reset. But it isn't like anybody would know. It'd be like, One minute you're one way and the next minute you're another way this one. I know I sound crazy.
I don't think you sound crazy. I mean, I know you well enough to know I've known you for a few years now. She's very sound and intelligent individual. No, I don't think you're crazy. I'm processing this is Massimo processing my crazy things
and I'm used to speaking in a private group you know very private where it can't get out in the ethers although it is on YouTube. I fascinating.
Yeah. But
this year is and the last time the earth became very liquid like plasma like on the inside. Yeah, it I don't even know how to wrap my head around it and we're not supposed to, you know? Yeah, but well, you know, we're not supposed to we're, it's just it's a good thing. That's all we have to remember.
It's so fascinating the timing of it because it really is in such alignment with what we know, astrologically, for example, that we're moving into this Aquarian Age and that things, you know, perhaps it also touches into technology and the, like a leveling up of technology across the board. I think there's a lot of occasions. Right,
exactly. And even in quantum physics, I mean, that that's just going crazy right now. Why? Because they're assisting us to accelerate our capacity, our awakening in a smoother sort of way. And it's all of a sudden, it's like, oh, well, we get it, you know, and that's what's happening in the science community and say, you know, what wasn't available to them, then is available now. And it's like, wow, how come I couldn't sort this out? You know, three years ago, you didn't have the consciousness to do it. So this, we're gonna have another big conscious shift. Now, I don't have any information after 2023. But I will say somebody told me, Well, you know, in 2025, the Galactic Federation will be appearing on the earth and unlike, whoa, know, what I'm talking about? And the blue light beings is enough for me, thank you very much.
Do they give you a space to kind of do bits of question answer with them? Or is it just where you are receiving? I know exactly what you mean, I feel with I mean, I've had frequencies and then the way it is, for me, it's just almost like a block of information drops in and I understand the hole at one time, not like, it's different for me where it's coming from on the other side, sometimes, you know, if it's not, I don't know, a guide or a loved one, or it's, it's not in that reading ticker tape, or what do we call it? Now, with the subtitles? It's not like that. It's just one chunk of information, you understand the whole thing all at once? And then have to almost like unravel it and piece it together for yourself. But like, do you get our follow up questions? Like? I feel like I'd have so many follow up questions for the information. I
know, I'm kind of, I guess I'd say reluctant in that way, where you know, I'm given the information on need to know basis. And this is pretty much how it's worked for me. But like recently, they said, please tell everyone they need to see ever professionally recorded to two or three blue light movement, meditations. Find them free on my website, if you just go to intuitive And you click on I don't know, whatever shop, I don't know, whatever the name of that button is. And then I have and then they'll say free stuff. And then I've got the blue light. You can download them as an mp3. But they did tell me a few days ago, would you please let everybody know, they really, really need to start meditating with a blue light, like every single day like this is go time. Okay. And I have gotten a little frustrated because there's billions of people on the face of the planet, you know, and as a nurse, healer, it's like, I want to save the world. But yeah, it's like I have to trust it's going to get to the people who need it. And I'm not the only one talking about this. So I have to remember that as well. But yeah, start meditating with the blue light. So I'll tell you. Again, if I can tell you about playing light. Yeah. So this frequency, it's very lap. It's like a lapis frequency. Or cobalt blue. It's, it's this gorgeous blue color. What it does is when you're meditating with this blue, it dissolves. It reveals what has been hidden so it dissolves. What's an illusion? It dissolves everything within you. That's an illusion. That's fast and it reveals truth. So that's why what they say is that the more we can meditate with this blue light, the heart bless. have a hard time we'll have that. Yeah. Time before clearing our own illusions and getting to the deep truth. And that's what's happening to the whole world. Illusions are being revealed every day. And I could not even imagine I have begun to imagine the things that I believed to be true that aren't.
I think that's the fascinating part is you know, Even if we think about just what's generally accepted 100 years ago is so different. Even in medicine, for example than what we understand to be true today. It's totally different and completely advanced. And I think it would be ridiculous to think that oh, no, we're at the very top now like this, is it? No, of course, there's more that we don't know that needs to be revealed course there is. I mean, I can't see it any other way. It's just so fascinating. So essentially, it's a, it's a, it's a guided meditation, right, you're going to listen to and do this meditation. And perhaps you'll be receiving information, definitely you'll be doing healing will be happening within each person system who's listening to this, I would have
found everyone who does, it says it's the most incredible meditation they've ever done,
I'm excited, I'm going to do it, I will definitely be linking it in all the places and all the show notes and everything. So anyone who wants to try it, we would love to hear the feedback about how you your experience and how you felt. It's just so fascinating to me, I love that, you know, I feel like often in media, we talked about this a lot here, things are portrayed or presented in a way that's a little scary fire and brimstone. I love your experience with this and the way you share it because it does feel there's a softness and a kindness, and just an integrity to it. That feels lovely. And so it's nice to know that this is happening all in our highest and best interest and with the interest of kind of helping us move to this better place newer, you know, newer version of what we experience here, even within our own systems. So that's pretty Yeah,
yeah. And that they, you know, we were just like, oh, Star Beings, you know, they're just so wise and smart. And we're just these little in capacitated nonfunctioning little ants in the world. And you flip it, and realize they think we are so incredible. And they're like, it's not easy living in a world that such an emotional turmoil, and they're always telling me, you all have to be so strong to even be here on the earth. And we're so grateful that you're here to turn over these intense emotions and learn how to manage them. And we just want to help you to be as successful as we know that you can be. And it does require a little leveling up, you know, in our consciousness.
Yeah. And I would assume that about love and that care. Yeah, I would assume that there's a level of healing that comes just with that, because we know as healers that a lot of people struggle with receiving and struggle with feeling worthy and feeling empowered, and all of that. So certainly, if if they're willing to help with that, that's amazing, just as a base level, but then it seems like there's all these additional, you know, perhaps there will be advancement in the way that we communicate, perhaps there will be advancement and like, people will be able to see things that are unseen now things will be revealed. what's so fascinating to me, as I'm processing this as you're talking. For many years now I've done a technique I was taught by my guides, which I associated with Archangel Michael, but it's essentially I call it shining the white light of truth, the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, let everything unseen, be revealed and rise to the light. It has worked for me. I mean, in every situation you can in court, I mean, in every situation you can imagine, well, people will just start telling truth. And so it's fascinating because I'm feeling a shade of what I understand and that technique here with what you're saying that it's just things you know, through this light through this love and intense, pure, highest good that's available to us. Things will rise to the light rice to be seen for growth of our humanity is what it sounds like. Sounds pretty good.
Well, when I so I, I've always kind of followed the frequency of what's going on in the world. And so when I looked last year, when I looked at the frequency of 2023, all I saw was exactly what you're describing. It looks like this pure led white light an LED you know, is that little bit of light that can shine miles and illuminate for miles. And it was almost like even with my eyes closed, I felt like I needed to put on sunglasses. And I thought whoa, what's happening in 2023 I knew the blue light was happening, but the blue lights been happening. I had not seen this level. It's like a diamond joy. So is that what you're kind of? Yes, it kind of is like that. Yeah, yeah. And that's what's happening and then you add Aquarians you know, Pluto and Aquarian kind of moving out of Capricorn and kind of looking at as as labor process like, yeah, because it's going in and out of Capricorn. Aquarius and Capricorn
is like a labor process, that's a good way to express that
there's this addiction to the truth that's come through this white light is freedom that we're going to, we have felt kind of contracted and trapped in our lives, and there's a sense of expansive freedom that's going to be added to that truth this year, which I'm super excited about.
I'm wondering if you feel at all, like it'll be polarizing in some way? Or will it just be more bringing people together in community because, you know, in this world, it's such a duality between we even see it as we're moving into this new way of doing things or the struggle from the old way. And that the you know, like you're saying, even just politics, that that the part that doesn't want to shift and the part that's demanding, you know, a new way, do you feel like when this comes in, and the shift happens, it'll be more unifying or more polarizing?
Well, I think joy, I'm kind of like, right there with everybody else. So that my hope would be that we would be unifying, yeah. But when I knew the blue light was coming in, and truth would be revealed, you know, I just thought we'd just be locked arms. And we would just, and it just wasn't that way, we have this global pandemic. And, you know, for me, I've been doing extra healing work, you know, in the county that I live in what the only thing I've managed to do is push up more violence, you know, we have a lot of violence going on here. So I do think when you bring my senses, I've got a couple of things to say about this is that when you bring in more light illuminates the darkness, in people and in the land, and we have a lot of darkness to be responsible for. As that darkness comes to the surface. It gets kind of acted out, you know, but it gets flushed out. It gets washed out. There's more light that comes on the earth, there's more light that comes into the body. But this is the other thing that spirits kind of described to me. Can not so polarizing. I guess I'm gonna explain it this way. Is that they said that those who are of this light, you're like skateboarders, right? And you're going down this hill, and you've got the knee pads on and the helmet and you're, you know, you're just gonna like glide down the hill. And suddenly you realize that you over underestimated how steep the hill was. And your skateboard is going faster than you anticipated. And if you don't slow down, you're going to crash. So escape orders. I have a son and a grandson, two grandsons at skateboard. What do you do you put your tennis shoe down? Right? So they make these extra thick rubber tennis shoes, but that to slow you down? Right? So to me, I think the polarizing is helping us to slow down when we may be expanding.
Okay, rapidly. That makes sense. I don't
know. I don't know that those are the right words. But that's how spirit has described it. We are still unified, we're still together. But these harder things, get us to slow down and look and try to make things better. And what do we need to do? We're not We're not ready to take off yet. You know, who still got work to do.
So growth to do we're still here. So yeah, that's, that's a really interesting way that you receive that. I like that, because it does explain quite a bit in that analogy. Do you feel like there's any guidance for us? I mean, obviously, we need to be listening to the messages that you're doing in your group, the blue light collective? Is that what it is and Facebook,
Moonlight movement, blue
movement, sorry, blue movement. Again, I'll link it below. And in your YouTube, which I'll also link to be watching those talks as you're getting information, like you said, you're also receiving this information as we go. And as we move closer, you're getting new bits. But as you understand it now is, besides, clearly, they've given the guidance of like, Hey, y'all be meditating with this blue light meditation to start preparing your system. So it's not such a shock to the system, I would guess for sensitives. Is there any other guidance, or like preparation or things to watch for even just as points of momentum, anything like that?
Well, how I've kind of described is, you know, in the olden days, and I heard you kind of referenced this, you know, like 100 years ago, we probably won't do what we did 100 years ago. So 100 or 200 or 500 years ago, if a fortune teller told you your fortune, it was likely to turn out the way the fortune teller said because things move so slowly like once every 50 years. There might be a shift, while every day it's like, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, it's like we're shifting so quickly. So you definitely want to learn how to ground and I've got free meditations for that as well. But this is my biggest message that will never change for the rest of my life. You are your best authority. Each and every person is their best authority. We were given the God given gift of intuition and psychic ability, which psychic just means soul seer. So we're given this ability to help us navigate during these times. And so yes, listen to inspiration, like YouTube and listen to these talks, absolutely get inspired, so that you can start trusting yourself more. There's a lot of people out there that as they spiritually awake, and they think that they have the answers for everybody. So you want to be discerning and always run it through your own filter, you know, have discernment. So that's my biggest advice, your intuitive until array, your psychic, your intuitive, everybody's psychic, everybody's intuitive. Trusting It is the work that you're learning to do. And I know, you and I, that's what we teach. Right? Teach. Yeah. There. And I
think I think even just to remind people that it might not come as the big, you know, splash of cold water in your face, it might come as that little nudge of, Hey, did you change your tires? Hey, did you, hey, you're supposed to email that person back, hey, you're, you know, we get those little nudges all the time of like, oh, you said you were gonna take care of this, or I can't remember what I had recently that I had thought of, and I was like, oh, I need to do that. I know, I need to do that. And I had kind of just put it to the side and busyness. And then all of a sudden, everything shifted, and I needed to have whatever that was. And I was like, oh, that's why it was something I was supposed to order. I can't even remember what but like, and I just was like, Oh, I'm gonna get to that I'll get to it on my list. And then all of a sudden, I needed whatever that was. And that's why. So it could be things like that just very small nudges within our own lives within our own practice.
If I lose my glasses, I'm like, oh, Criminy let's see, I gotta, I gotta pay attention. If I lose my glasses or my glasses fall off my face that spirits way of getting my attention. You're not seeing what you're supposed to be seeing. Okay, love it, but I just listened to spirits that remind them of this. And so, and this is a fact like, you can take this cheque to the bank and cash it. Whenever you're having something fall apart and your life is falling apart. It's like it's so sad. Oh my gosh, I am just threadbare with stress. It's like there's always a gift at the end of whatever transition you're doing. Like if you could just hang in there and humor, creativity or the to you know, do something creative. See if you can kind of, you know, do something to get yourself laugh, you know, laughter and creative and lightheartedness like mindedness. Whatever you have to do to get through at hot baths, exercise, whatever or sleep. But there's always, always a spiritual gift at the end of each one of those trials. And the bigger the trial, the bigger the gift.
Yeah. Wow, I love that. Incredible. And thank you so much for sharing with us today, all of the gifts that you have, and all of the Insight you're receiving. And I feel like we definitely will need to do a follow up closer to November about the blue light. But I'd also I mean, I feel like there's so many things that you do. And I do want to just remind people that you have got your psychic mastery one that's going to be opening in April. So the month after this podcast is airing and I will put the links to your website, which I know is probably the best way for people to get on your email list to learn about things that are upcoming that course which for anyone who's wanting to know more about this, you know, besides listening to the blue light lectures, really starting to learn how to use your own intuition would be I think the next action step in that line.
That's why I teach it and I'm each each program is a year long. And the reason why is because I really love immersive experiential teaching. And so each one of my programs is a year long so psychic mastery one only opens for enrollment twice a year so it's going to open in April so you can just get on my mailing list and an intuitive mind at work and in you'll get information but also there's a waiting list. If you click on psychic mastery one, psychic mastery two only opens once a year, and that is in January. So we just closed that now. We have our students already actively working psychic mastery three is only for those who have completed psychic mastery. Two and all three are year long. But April is the one we're the entry point for that program is
seems like it's perfect timing with everything shifting and growing, the more we can get into alignment with ourselves, like you were saying, you know, we are our own best filter, our own best compass. And so it's it's perfect timing, no surprise at all, Nancy, so is intuitive Again, I will link that along with Nancy's contact points and all of the amazing ways to get in touch with her, including her Facebook group where she talks about the blue light, and also the YouTube page where you do lives and give lots of talks about that. So anyone who is wanting to follow this movement and make sure that you're prepared, I'm pretty excited about it. I mean, I'm always open to new, I think it'd be foolish to think that we know all the things we're ever going to know. I mean, to me that just Yeah, silly.
I don't I don't consider it practical. This is what so this is my own head game, right? Is this practical? But it is starting to merge with everything else that I do. I'm not able to keep it in two different sides of the fence anymore. It's it's everything's coming together as we unify so
well. And I do feel that I mean, not just with you and me, but with the other spiritual practitioners that I know. It's this things are melding and merging together. And there's this definite feeling for me and lots of others that time is ramping up like it is really asking Metatron this weekend, like, can we slow it down? Like, I need to, I need to say to slow down, because it just feels like it's so fast. And you know, all of a sudden, you're circling back to an email and you realize, oh, my gosh, I got this 10 days ago, this is where's this time going? And I know that's the energy you're talking about, you know, with these blue light events is just this quickening, and movement of time and shifts and all of that. So a lot of people are feeling it, even if they don't, in a conscious way. Know what that feeling or what's happening. So I would just encourage everyone watching or listening to start thinking about where in your own lives. Are you feeling like, wow, times moving really fast? Or Wow, that's this is different. Or this person communicated with me and I got half of it telepathically because they didn't say Yeah,
right. Exactly. Yeah, it's, it's, there's a lot of times herself go there. It's exciting.
Just like most things with the psychic energy, the intuitive energy, I know you believe this, too. We always know a lot more than we think we know at face value. Yeah,
we know a lot more. And that hindsight is, you know, it's like, oh, my gosh, I knew I knew that I Yeah,
yeah. And start paying attention to those intuitive nudges, I would say,
you know, well, and when I was a hospice nurse, I had a hospice patient, and he said, Oh, come on, you don't really believe that there's a heaven out there do you don't really believe there's angels. You don't really believe all this stuff. And I said, Well, if I had a choice if I was laying in your position, and I knew that I was only gonna live a few more weeks, and I had two choices that when I took my last breath, there's going to be a black hole, or there's going to be singing angels around me that are going to wrap me up in their loving wings and carry me off to see my loved ones. Which choice Do you think I'm going to choose? And he just laughed, because it was like, we need that, you know, that's such a human concept. It's like, I've had an out of body experience. I know the spirit world is real. But he'd completely changed after that. And that's that other thing you know, we you're we we we get to make a choice about what we're going to allow and I love skepticism, because it helps us kind of theorize and and, you know, kind of bring concepts around things, but not when it's going to help you to stay stuck. So yeah, we could talk forever
joy. No, thank you so much for being with here with us here today and sharing all of this wisdom and you've given us a lot of food for thought and planted a lot of seeds in our energy. So I'm so grateful to you for being here. Big thanks to Nancy and backup Big hugs. And be sure to check out the show notes because there's lots of information and I will also list the books and the authors that you mentioned in case anyone's interested in that and I am already going to invite you back for another talk down the line. So thank you so much for being here with us today.
We'll come back and lots of love to your listening audience because I can feel their vibe out there and it's it's a really cool
vibe. You got a great group. Okay, well, thank you what else Pool conversation with so much information and so much for us to take away and really think about, I'm so curious to hear from you all, have you already been been feeling this quickening of the energy, this very fast paced feeling that Nancy and I were talking about? Have, you already started to see things that are hidden coming to light in your own life in the area that you live in, in the country that you live in? Let me know how this is already showing up for you. Let me know your thoughts. Again, I'm going to link all of Nancy's information in the show notes. So if you're wanting to continue to hear her blue light talks, to continue to hear the updates that she's getting, um, because she really is so open, she's sharing this information pretty close to as soon as she gets it now. And it's an evolving, ongoing conversation for her with this blue light celestial collective of beings. She'll continue to get more information. And it sounds like she might even get some more specific information about those dates in November, that she was talking about this next leveling up happening. So I'm very curious about that. I do feel like we'll probably have her on again, closer to that time to give us the updates that she's gotten. But of course, you can check it out through her YouTube through her, like collective movement, Facebook group, and also, of course, her website, intuitive, which again, I'll link it all below. I also have a free live workshop coming up in April that I am so excited about. If you want to belong to that, all you need to do is get on my VIP insiders list, go to my website, joyful Drop your name in the box, you will also receive a free course the free science course that I've talked about before, but you'll get the information and you'll automatically get into the free live mini workshop that I've got coming up in April. You can also check it out through my joy soul spa Facebook group, which gives you access, that's where I do the workshops. So you'll be able to participate and watch the replays and all of that. They're really fun. I know you guys have been asking me for a while I haven't done one in a minute. So this will be the first one of 2023. So if you've loved my free live workshops in the past, don't miss it. And if you are new and have never been to one of my free live workshops, you are going to want to take advantage of this. It's such a cool experience not only the tools that you're learning about your own spiritual gifts and psychic development and developing your intuition and relate to us but also the engagement that happens in the community and with other people sharing their experiences. So it's a really fun time. Don't miss it. Get on my VIP insiders list to check that out. Thanks for being here with me. I was just intrigued to hear about this blue light collective. Like I was saying in the episode, I think it's foolish of us to think that we are the only beings that exist as you know, I'm medium and I also channel so I do believe in guides and angels and other positive light beings that are out there. And this is just so fascinating. I am definitely going to go get that meditation, the blue light meditations through Nancy's intuitive That she was talking about. So I will link those below because I want to do that meditation. I'm so curious. You know, Nancy, I wasn't expecting her to do a little bit of a reading on me even though of course I'm always willing to receive a reading. But knowing that potentially I could tune into this energy and like she was saying we all have the ability to sense and feel and know things within our true compass which is in ourselves our own intuition. So I'm excited to check that out. I'm excited to chat with you about it. I will definitely be sharing about my experiences with the meditations in the joy soul spot Facebook group and I would love it if you do too that group's free to join pop on over there and be a part of my community there too. It was an honor to have you here with me today and listening to Nancy share all of her incredible experiences. You guys know I love and appreciate you and I am wishing you peace and abundance and love and healing and Big hug bye for now.

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