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From Military to Mediumship: A Journey of 10,000 Miles with Carolan Dickinson

Oct 09, 2023

Step into the mystical world of mediumship in this episode, as we dive deep into Carolan's remarkable transformation from a military veteran, radio producer, writer, and life coach to a renowned psychic medium,  therapist and bestselling author. Discover the incredible twists and turns in her journey, as she resisted her calling every step of the way…until she didn’t.

In this uplifting and inspiring episode, Carolan shares her incredible experiences and insights, offering a glimpse into the world of the archangels, Reiki, and the spirit world. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or simply curious about mediumship, this podcast will leave you captivated and eager to explore the extraordinary potential that lies within us all. Tune in for a dose of enlightenment, as Carolan Dickinson takes us on a spiritual journey like no other.

Show Notes:

Carolan Dickinson Bio :

Carolan Dickinson is a psychic medium, bestselling author, teacher, and licensed associate counselor.

 Carolan’s journey to becoming a medium was her journey of a thousand miles. That journey took her down the road as a veteran, radio producer, writer, and life coach; she did everything she could not to be a medium. 

Today, as a professional medium, she believes there is no difference between the ability to connect with your soul (psychic) and the ability to connect with someone in the Spirit World. Each kind of communication helps you differently depending on your soul’s need. 

 Carolan allows Spirit to lead the way in her private readings. 

As a counselor, Carolan specializes in trauma and believes in the foundational principle that healing from trauma is possible. Whatever path you choose, the goal is always about living the life you want and addressing anything getting in the way. 

When she is not working, writing, or teaching a class, you will find in her a yoga class, walking and talking with the Archangels and Spirit, and engaging in the adventure of life.


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Episode Transcript:

Hey beautiful soul Welcome to Spirit Speakeasy. I'm Joy Giovanni, Joyful Medium. I'm a working psychic medium energy healer and spiritual gifts mentor. This podcast is like a seat at the table in a secret club, but with mediums, mystics and the spiritual luminaries of our time. So come behind the velvet ropes with me and see inside my world is I chat insider style with profoundly different souls. We go deep share juicy stories laugh a lot and it wouldn't be a speakeasy without great insider secrets and tips. You might even learn that you have some gifts of your own. So step inside the spirit speakeasy.
We are back with another episode of Spirit Speakeasy. If you are a returning friend, welcome in, pull up your seat at the table. If you are a new listener, I'm so happy to have you with us today you're in for a wonderful conversation with a beautiful soul. Today we are going to talk to my friend and colleague Carolan Dickinson I'm so excited for you to hear her story and her journey. You know, we talk about this here a lot that all spiritual practitioners whether it's mediums, psychics, spiritual luminaries of our time, our journeys are all a little bit different, even though they do have some similarities. Carolan is no different from experiencing spirit in her youth to her journey to become the best selling author and medium teacher licensed associate counselor that she is today. She even share some about her journey. In her military career and her career as a radio producer. She has so much to share. And if you're someone that feels like you've been feeling it pressed upon your heart or inspired to write a book, whether it's fiction or nonfiction, make sure that you stay tuned because about two thirds of the way through we dive into talking about some of the books that Carolan has written rember, she's a best selling author, so she gives us some really amazing advice for anyone who feels like you have a story to tell, that's within you that you're wanting to put into a book. So without further ado, welcome to my conversation with Carolyn Dickinson.
Hey, beautiful souls. Welcome into Spirit Speakeasy grab yourself a drink warm or cool depending where you are. You're not going to miss this conversation with my friend and colleague, Carolan Dickinson I'm going to read her bio so we can just jump into this conversation. Carolan Dickinson is a psychic medium best selling author, teacher and licensed associate counselor, Carolan's journey to becoming a medium was her journey of 1000 miles. That journey took her down the road as a veteran, a radio producer, a writer, a life coach, she did everything she could not to be a medium. Today as a professional medium. She believes there's no difference between the ability to connect with your soul psychic, or with the ability to connect with someone in the spirit world mediumship each kind of communication helps you differently depending on your soul's needs, and Carolan allows Spirit to lead the way in her private readings. As a counselor Carolan specializes in trauma and believes the foundational principle that healing from trauma is possible. Whatever path you choose, the goal is always about living the life you want and addressing anything getting in the way. When she's not working or writing or teaching class. You'll find her in a yoga class walking and talking with the archangels and spirit and engaging in the adventure of life. Welcome in Carolan. Thank you so much for having me. I'm so excited to be here. I'm so excited to have you and I will let everyone in on our little secret. This is our round two. Recording.
We made an attempt within the last couple of weeks and the internet. Mojo was not on our side. And we had so many tech glitches that after about an hour, we gave up and just had a chat. So
today, I'm so grateful to you for giving us the time again. Thank you love to hear about you have such a varied background. I would love to hear a little bit more about your journey of 10,000 miles would you share a little bit with us? Well, I think that I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up ever and I think I'm still kind of like that sort of in a way.
So I I really didn't know when I was younger what I wanted to do I just know that I wanted to ever one get away from the craziness that was my life. And so I joined the military ran away from home. That's pretty much what it was and I love to being in the military.
It was an adventure, I did a whole bunch of things I never thought I was going to do or was capable of doing either. Wow, we had to be so very physical. And I just never saw that in myself. And I had a lot of adventures in the military going to a lot of places. Culture Shock wise as well, growing up in a very small town. There's a flashing red light in the middle of the town that I grew up in. That's the only stop signals they have there. Wow. So to go from there to a place like the Philippines or Guam, or Japan, it was just a very, it was a culture shock. And it was an amazing mazing education. I can imagine. Well, thank you for your service. I thank you. In San Diego. We're a military town where I live. So I always, always appreciate all of our men and women in service, what branch are you in? I was in the Air Force. And I was so anxious to get out of where it was I just signed on the dotted line and said, Put me wherever you want to put me career wise. And so I ended up and a weapons control supervisor job, which means that an air traffic control, they try to keep airplanes apart. And weapons control, they put them together so that our guys can find the bad guys, much like you see in Top Gun. Wow, that's yeah, so it was kind of that's where I ended up. And I did that job in a control room, which didn't have any windows. And I'm also done that Joe job in sort of a forward air control command post in like a bubble situation living on the ground. Oh, my goodness, look at you, Carrie Lam, that's, that's quite an interesting start to your adult career life. It was very interesting. And it was very exciting. And I really loved my career in the military. I did. That's amazing. That's what I mean, I'm sure that you could write so many books just about the adventures you had in the military. It was very exciting. You know, that scene, and I do want to share this with you the scene in Top Gun where the the planes are upside down. And he's given them the you know, what, the bird? Yep. So, I have actually have a picture of an F 15 and a MiG. That was shot by the pilot of the F 16 When we were controlling that specific aircraft, and they were showing like a spy plane out of the area. So it was
That's amazing. It's, you know, as mediums, I think it's it's never ceases to amaze us the past and lives and histories that people have. So I'm both surprised, and not at all.
What an amazing and colorful woman you are so well, thank you. I appreciate that. It was a great experience. And it taught me a lot about independence. It taught me a lot about service. And it just it was like I can't say it enough. It was an adventure. This is maybe a strange question. But looking back, can you identify ways that you were using your own intuition when you were in your service position? Well, because I, when I talked about being a reluctant medium, I really was that was one of the things that I was running away from as being a medium. And I, when I was in the military, I had this teacher, my mother found out that I was a medium through a very weird way. And she took me to someone to get me to quit doing it. So that was my introduction to mediumship is like 1516. So he did teach me that particular gentleman did teach me how to kind of block spirit. It never really does. Just to kind of turn it down a little bit, maybe turn it Yeah, just turn down the volume a little bit. And so I did my very, very best to ignore it. But when I was in the military, I can tell you that there were so many times where I just trusted my intuition. And it kept me safe. Wow. That's, I feel like I could talk to you for two hours just about that. Okay, I want to back up a little bit because, okay, what you've just mentioned is that you were really sensing spirit when you were about 15. Is that when your spiritual gifts presented to you or was it much younger than that? It was much younger than that because I was
I think, well, I have this really neat story about my great grandmother, my great grandmother. I have this odd memory of my great grandmother taking me somewhere where there was a little room and there was a very strange lady in
have a room and I think was about five or six. And there were dark curtains in there. And there's this little table. So that's pretty much all that I knew about it. But as I got older, and I'm talking to my mother, I said, did great grandma ever take me to have my cards read when I was little? And she said she did. She went to take you to go see someone. And I said, why? She said, she never did tell me why? Oh, my gosh, I just got chills all over she probably girl, she probably was like, this one's got the gift, we gotta
see what we could do about her. It was a very strange memory. And I didn't even ask my mother about it until I was like, in my 40s. And it just kind of was this weird memory that kind of stuck in there. And I never did ask my grandmother about it either, which I was thought was really strange. But, of course, then again, we didn't talk about much when we were. Well, if it's a generational thing, right? We're your grandma's very spiritual women. I think my grandmother was in her way.
Mike, it was, this would be my great grandmother. So I was lucky to have my great grandmother until I was like, 20. Wow, that's amazing. Yeah, it really is. And she was, she was definitely different that she would have talked about things like in the very
Christian way of like, you know, God has laid it on my heart to tell you this. Yes, those kinds of things. And that's how my great grandmother would say her intuitive things to me. Wow, that's so interesting. And what like, what a special thing that she learned how to kind of package it that way. So she, I don't know, I always feel like some of us are hiding it a lot in our regular lives growing up. So I think so too. And then for me, I didn't really wasn't aware of it consciously until I was about 10. And I was out riding bikes with my sister, and I saw a little kid in the desert. And I said, Oh, my gosh, we gotta go get that little kid. He's lost. And my sister and my friend said, What are you talking about? There's no one there. Oh, my gosh. So I had this. For some reason we go there. Oh, there must be something wrong with me. Nobody else is seeing what I'm seeing instead of this is a miracle. Well, I mean, and that's the curious thing is a lot of us like it, that's the first reaction is like, okay, we're just not going to talk about that, because clearly no one else is seeing that. But that's the first time you remember seeing someone outside of yourself. Yes, yes. And that didn't happen a lot to me when I was younger, but I did hear a lot of things. And then I think I had some fear in there get mixed in with some of that, because we weren't talking about it. And then when I was about 16, I was standing next to a window when my mother was there. And I saw this energy coming off the tree and I didn't know what it was. And I said to her, What is that stuff coming off the tree. And that's about the time she decided me to take take me to this old time spiritualist who scared the bejesus out of me. And tried to teach me how not to do it. What's so interesting is Your mom must have had some level of understanding or experience to even, you know what I mean, to even think to put those two things together and say like, Oh, hold on, this is something. So that's kind of that's kind of fascinating, like, how do you know that guy? You know what I mean, there's no Google back then. I know. And it's really interesting, because it wasn't again, until we were later in life that she was told me that the reason that she did that is because she always felt so much from other people, whether they were in the room or not. And she was trying to protect me. That was her way of trying to protect me from feeling all of that stuff. Wow. Well, first of all, kudos to both of you for having that conversation later. I know a lot of people never do get to have those conversations. But what I must have really changed the perspective for you that she was doing it not out of not accepting you but more out of wanting to keep you safe from all of her, I guess. empathic abilities is what she was probably having. I'm pretty sure and she you know, she was really scary when I was growing up because she always seemed to be able to find me. It was weird. It's funny. She found me one night when a friend of mine had a car accident, and she was if they were afraid that I had been in the car with her. I wasn't, but I was at a party. I don't know how she found me, but she found me. Wow.
That'd be that's a whole nother book psychic moms and how
it was hilarious. Yeah, that's great. Wow, I bet and I bet when she became an adult, she shared lots of stories with you about things she knew or thought or sense that's pretty incredible. Yes.
Yeah, so no wonder you have always had such a strong intuition and figured out how to trust it. Well, I but I didn't, though because my mom and I never had that conversation until the end of her life. She passed relatively young. And when it was when I was taking care of her that we had all of these conversations. Yeah, that's such a that's such a beautiful time that you were able to have with her. So yeah, it really was. She was a force to be reckoned with, as you know, because you've read her before.
Many times, and she is such a strong and beautiful lady with just a firecracker sense of humor. I have to say she's no wallflower, right? Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Man. That's, that's amazing. And it seems like, you know, in that time, you would have been able to just really have all the conversations you wanted to have with her, which is so powerful. Did you end up discussing? I mean, did you know about your mediumship gifts at that point? How do you come back into them? Did you share with her a little bit more about it? I did. And we did have lots of conversations about it, because she grew up back in the day when,
even until like, a month before we had these conversations, she was still kind of believing in possession. So we had to have some really serious conversations about that. Because I was studying with someone back then. And she was like, Oh, my gosh, I'm so was so afraid you were gonna be possessed. I'm like, Mom, it doesn't work that way.
Well, it's that religious fear programming problem. Yes, it is. Yeah, it is.
So how did you when you transition out of the military, I'm sure you weren't jumping from military work right into psychic medium work. You obviously did some things in between how did you make that transition or that journey back to your gifts?
When the time that I got out of the military there, that was when talk radio was at its finest heyday. Right? And so I wanted to internship to learn how to be a radio, radio producer. And I did that and my my talent was Livia Delmon have asked Kavita a psychic radio talk show host. That is what you did? Yes, I
learned so much about this. I loved it. I loved it so much. I loved working with Lavida. And she ended up becoming my, my next teacher who tried to unravel and tried to untwist all those old teachings for me. And it became a very normal kind of part of my life. But it still took me a very long time to get over the fear of doing it because of all of the old religious teachings. But that was, that was my connection of radio. And that was my start of my mediumship journey was with her. So that was Yeah, call in like what guests call in and ask their questions. Wow. That's yeah, wrote in at the time, too. So. Yeah, they were it was old time calling in calling in on the phone and recording it. And we did that. I think we had her show for something like two years. Oh, man. That's a long time. It is a long time. Yeah. Yeah. Cool. So then she started working with you kind of mentoring you privately and advising, I guess, probably the best way to say it. She did. And she was also a reverend in the church of religious science. And I started taking healing classes back then.
practitioner signs of mine practitioner courses. So I started to take that and that was about the time that my mom got sick, so I had to step away from things and and take care of mom. Wow. I mean, it makes sense of course that's what you're gonna do. I forgot that you your one of your windows in was healing I'd forgotten that. I know we just talked about not that long ago. But yeah, it already at when you were caring for your mom, is that when you did your Reiki certificate or was it after that? When I was caring for my mom, I think is when if I ever had a doubt about mediumship. And if it was real, when I was caring for my mother's when I found out there without a shadow of a doubt. My mediumship was real and that I was being guided and directed every second of every day. How did you figure that out? Because I was getting messages from spirit the whole time I was working with my mom. Wow. And was it you? Did you at that point? Know who were the messages were from and, and all of that. Are we still working that out? I was still working that out. I just knew that something amazing and miraculous was happening because I was asking for help.
And again, it's like sometimes when you ask for help you don't expect to get an answer an audible answer or a visual answer. And you do. But I think it was just because of this was such a important time in my mom's life. That spirit really came through. One day, I was sitting at the edge of her bed, and I was just sending her healing. And I didn't even know if I knew what I was doing. But I was just sending her healing and she was asleep. And I felt the Spirit presence moving through the room, and I thought to myself, Wow, I wonder who that is. And my mom from her sound sleep said, I don't know who that is. And she never woke up. Wow. Yeah. That's so cool. And what did they did you just feel like they were there assisting? Did they want to guide you in some way at that point? I think they were there assisting. And they would just let me know when she needed me. For instance, I would be sleeping soundly. And I would wake up and I would just know that she needed me. So I would get up and go in the room. And sure enough, she needed help getting somewhere or getting something. Yeah, that's pretty amazing. And I guess, you know, over that time period, it becomes probably pretty hard to continue to dismiss things and you know, think oh, maybe this is just a coincidence. I think that's what we go through. Right is like, I'm my mind is making this up. Oh, this is a coincidence. Oh, you know, all the things so yeah, but it was like, really good in there for you. It gave me enough it I believe it also helped me help her make her transition and a more peaceful way than it would have been if it if not well, on what a blessing that you were able to be there with her because I think just the physical presence of someone that we love, you know, being with us in that time period is probably really comforting and makes it a little bit.
We did everything that she wanted to do. We watched all of her favorite movies she loved she was a Nintendo champ. She loved to play video games, we played all surprised.
Video games and believe it or not wait, when she was still able to walk we went they have this in the mountain town that she lived in this beautiful metaphysical store called Lady of the Lake.
And we went in there and she picked up a deck of Native American oracle cards. Okay. And so we come home, and she got the oracle cards out and we we did readings for each other. It was amazing. Yeah. And what a beautiful like, just as her daughter in that situation to be able to support that to where she's going from this totally fear based understanding to being completely comfortable and open and playing with cards and
and I didn't even think about that at the time. I just remember that she had gotten this Native American deck because it she said that debt card debt look like a work of art. And so that's why she chose them. So yeah, that's so cool. And the other thing is your mom's always so strongly around with you. So now you even more get the validation from that side. I'm sure I get a lot of messages of like, I was wrong. I was wrong.
Yeah, I think that's not the most uncommon thing your mom doesn't was such like, flavor and Sass and stuff.
She was that way in life in in spirit. Yeah, such a strong lady. I mean, I just remember her being such a hard worker too. And the way she comes through and really wanting to give everything for her family and you know, not needing a lot for herself. So she she was an incredible soul still is, but yeah, with us in a different way. With this a different way. And she really loves you. I mean, she comes through with you a lot and you've done such a beautiful job giving her messages all the time and a privilege always get Thank you, you and with her. And the other thing is, it's how cool is it as like a next step to that transition of her going from fear to like fun with it. But now she's from the other side, particularly when you and we've been in development together or practicing and she's right there like,
like, let me tell you something about Caroline.
She really is. Yeah, that's so cool that she's getting to really express her communication, even even still from the other side. It's one of the reasons I think I'll never get tired of mediumship such an incredible experience communication, you know, such a privilege. Yeah.
Do you feel like your relationship is just as close with her. Now that she's on the other side as it was, you know, when you are going through all of your times here, you
I think so. And I think in a lot of ways, I think it's closer. Yeah. Because there's not that sometimes with mothers and daughters, it can get a little complicated to preach girl totally.
So, but there's not that when when your people are in spirit, it's not it's not that way anymore. And but what's interesting and I have talked to her about this is that when she does come through now to me directly, it's because somebody else in the family needs something.
She's like, bringing you up from the spirit world like
a friend. Oh, that's funny. You bring up such a good point, though, because so often in this work, I think, people that maybe are, you know, less educated, but I used to be totally uneducated about it, but would think their loved ones might come through and communicate with like judgment or anger or not having that perspective shift or that higher perspective that they do. Now. So I think your mom is such a perfect example of that. She really is in and as I have learned, mediumship only happens in the element of love. And so, I mean, we do have communicators that come through, they express regret, and sorry, and make apologies, and that's appropriate, but mostly it's just to share love, and memories of their time with people. Yeah, totally. And sometimes it's needing to validate the challenges that they had in the life or the relationships or, like you said, you know, trauma can be healed. And sometimes just the admission or the validation of this did happen. And I'm sorry, it's such a unburdening. Right. It is. And then I didn't. And sometimes I've often hear things like I didn't realize that they knew that they hurt me so deeply. Yeah, you know, yeah. And that can be so powerful. And I know that you and I agree that really all of the work all of the mediumship and psychic work and all of its for healing, and yes, many levels, right, our relationships, healing within ourselves, being able to release the past. I love that you infuse your work as a therapist in with these theories. How do you How did you come to that part of your journey? Because that's, it's different than mediumship. And in in a lot of ways, I find so many similarities. I think so too. And it's, it's really interesting, because when I did find my, I was kind of self taught medium for several years. And then I just got to this place where I needed a teacher. And at the same time that I found my mentor teacher that I would be with for several years and kind of still am with him.
I also started my counseling journey as well and went back to school, got my degree at the same time, I was deep in study. So I was doing both things at the same time. I don't know why I decided to do that. But I do know that it was directed. It was spirit led that I do it. So I've been doing both. And oh, it's a lot. It is a lot. But I think for me, it was totally appropriate. I feel like they go hand in hand too. Because I know I've known many people who when they're training to be a therapist, or you know, psychiatrists, whatever level they're at. So much introspection and personal developments happening, which is the same truth as when we're developing mediumship. It's right. It's something that's like kind of a misconception that it's all about, you know, oh, all the fun of it. But really, it's a lot of self excavation. Good way to say it. I think that's a great way to say it. Because if you're not addressing those things in your own life, then that's going to get in the way. Yeah, it's going to get in. Yeah, that makes sense. It makes sense to do these two together if you're going to be excavating, like,
once, you know,
if you're going to be excavating, you might as well have the tools to deal with what you're excavating.
That's always right. That's right. And I do think sometimes I find this for myself, too, that when things are more like you said, Spirit lead, I am almost like three or four steps down the path before I'm like, wait a minute, what do we sign up for? Like, what do we what ticket? Yes, exactly. Yep. What am I doing here? Yeah. And then you're like, Okay, I signed up for this class, I guess. Like I don't, I guess this is what's happening, you know. And then you get to another point and you're, that's and then you're going along with that and then something else happens and it puts you on a different path, or it adds to what you're already doing. Totally. And so, so spirit is always working with us to take the next step and the next
Step in the next step. Yeah, yeah. And one of the things that I have found, I mean, obviously, mediums are all different. We're all individual people, but one of the beautiful three threads that I see and feel with all the mediums I know, you know, and you're no exception, you're you've totally fit this, we have the servant hearts, do you know what is where it's like, we really just want to help people in any way we can with whatever we may have, or be able to do. And I think that's, that makes perfect sense to me, you as a therapist and a medium.
That one of the things I think is really interesting is that and I think this is a big turn for me in my own life over the last four to five years, is that one point I wanted to like protect myself from either what I was feeling from spirit or from my sitter to
and then and then not. So I think what I've realized is that in order to blend, you have to allow yourself to feel whatever you want to feel. And I hear a lot of therapists say, I don't know how to protect my energy. And I'm like, Okay, you can't, because there isn't anything that you need to protect it from. And also, in order for you to be really super effective at what you're doing, you have to feel everything. I totally agree, that's really profound. And I get asked a lot about protection and all of that too. And I similar to you, I had a different background and training more the Berkeley psychic vein of training, which is a lot of fear based protection. And I find myself like forgetting to do my quote unquote, energetic setup and protection and stuff. And I'd be halfway into a reading and I'd be like, Ah, crap, I guess that's, I guess I could do it without it. So that eventually just realized, okay, there's nothing, this is all in love, there's nothing to protect from there's, you could certainly like reground yourself afterwards, or something, if you wanted to kind of change your energy field, or just let go, just any work, I would suggest doing that, like, you know, kind of let go the things from your work day and clear out your auric field, your bubble, flush out your bubble and go to the next phase of your day. I think that's a great idea. And you know, I try to do that too. Even in my daily work. I have a little container I put stuff in and I'm like, Okay, I'm done for the day, I gotta put it down. And then otherwise, it just gets to be a lot to carry no matter what you're doing with this medium ship or working down in the street. Yeah. Right. I the way I sometimes say it to people who are maybe a little more "Muggle" or not as like in the toes in the spiritual water is like, you got to take off your construction boss hat and put on your home dad hat or whatever, yes, it's different part, we all have to express different parts of our personality, as we go through day to day. Yeah, some of them more than others. Totally.
I do want to ask you, I know that you have such a beautiful and powerful relationship with angels and archangels, I would love it if you would share a little bit about how that came into your awareness and your practices. Now with angels.
was not I didn't really know about angels, or Archangels or anything, I just know that I would have like a daily prayer that I would say, that sounded something like dear God guides and angels. And that's the way that I would start my day or my practice no matter what it was I was doing. But when I get into healing work, it became more important for me to be connected to the divine in my own understanding of that. And when I started doing Reiki on other people, I would ask for the divine and the angels to come in. And as I was doing that work, I had had very amazing experiences where the angels actually did show up. And I had an objective visual experience of the archangels as I was healing, doing healing work. And so then for me, then it would became which is very much of my life, I have to experience it first. And then I go searching for more information.
And so the and the same is true with angels. So I, I did have one other instance of I was like in my kitchen and I thought do angels really exist. And I had like the feeling of feather wing going across my face. But I never really had the experience like I had with when I was in a healing room. And I had that experience with the angels. And so that set me on a whole journey of learning about the archangels and the angels and our guides and who's out there and how do we connect and all the questions all the things when you did so for those that don't know
objectively, psychically seeing something just means we see it outside of ourselves like you. Like I see my kitchen table right now. Like, yes, the chair in the room. How did that appear? In your perspective? In your perception? Was it in a color? Was it light? Was it a figure? It was for me, it was like, they were standing next to me. And I was seeing them out of my peripheral vision, and I could feel their enormous height. And I could see,
I wasn't sure exactly who was there. But I felt like Archangel Raphael was there. He's the healer. And Archangel Michael is the incredible protector in an all things strength and power. And so I felt like I had both of them in the room with me, and also my clients father, which was another huge turning point for me. Wow. So that was just one of those moments where I was like, Okay, I, I might be on to something.
Or spirit might be on to something here. Yeah, you took it much better than me. I was like, what is happening over here?
That was a moment when I said, I need a teacher. I don't know what I'm doing here.
I was like, hold on.
I have this do I want this? What is this?
About spiny? It's, it's always so interesting to me. And one of the reasons I love having these conversations to see the similarities and the differences in the way that we come into our gifts, experience them all the things so love it.
You know, and it's still changing. Yeah. Right. i That's a lifetime thing. Right. And it is, I think it's so profound to share with people because for me, I know, in the earlier parts of my journey, and before when I didn't understand any of this, I think I was just confused because of the wording we use and the way things are talked about. And I was already doing certain things. And I just had a different understanding of what it was. Because when someone would say, well, you're psychic. And I would be like, I'm not. I don't know about that, because I see it in the movies. And that is not what's happening over here. Do you know what I mean? And so just explaining that it's the subtlety of the presence next to you. And it's, it's not going to be necessarily like, you know, a bear hugging you, you know what I mean? It's very gentle. It can be very, I think, when that was actually just beginning, it was a lot more visceral. I mean, you could feel more see more. But as we have learned, the more longer you do this, the less energy spirit has to put out to get your attention. So it becomes more subtle and more subtle and more subtle. That's a great point. That was a big misconception for me too, is I thought, Oh, just like most things, you think, Oh, when I train, things will get stronger.
We get stronger in our understanding. But the sensations get subtle, and and we're laughing because we know that's not the truth. That's why we're laughing.
It is a funny thing. I also want to make sure that we talk about all of your works as a writer, because I think this is another huge part of your spiritual and healing expression, even though I know a lot of your work is fiction, and I'm dying to hear more about it. But I started writing and I think I actually started writing as another area to heal. And then I found out that I just love to write. So I started writing, and it's mostly nonfiction. But then a story came to me. And so I have several articles and anthologies with other writers. We share. Yes, we are publishing a book together. We are the last breath. Yep, that's a medium ship book. And that was a lot of fun. But I had a story in mind. And it was a fiction book. And it took me like five years. Wow, to publish it. It's three full moons is the name of the book. And I felt like I have a lot of help with that book. It was like movie playing in my head as I wrote it. Wow. It was a lot of fun, too. It was a lot of fun. It was a lot of hard work. And at some point in my life, I think I will be getting back to writing because I do have something that I've started but I just haven't had time to be working with it right now. Well, I think that's an important point too is setting the time aside when you have it and of course our lives you know, things happen and we get called away by other important things. And so just when you have a story in you like you did, it doesn't necessarily mean like full stop to life and focus on the story. It's okay to let it rattle around in there while it it really is. And I think it's really interesting when you think about it, writing and mediumship have one thing that's very much in common
And that is channeling information from a different source and to having to be completely vulnerable. That's a good point. That is very true. I'm curious. So you kind of were experiencing the story or the inspiration for the story. And how long was out before you actually sat down to start writing? Is it three full moons? Is that what you said? Yes, it's three full moons. I, you know, I'm not really sure. I think the story kind of rattled around in there for probably about six months, but the actual publishing of it was a five year process. Wow. So when you sat down to write, what's your process? I feel like so many people, I think anyone can do channeled writing, it's just a matter of having the desire to do it. And then the enjoyment to do it. Do you have a specific process that you use, when you sat down to write and bring the story through you? I, I actually, my process is the same whether it's a mediumship reading or writing or counseling, I always just start my day with being centered and going within and being blended with spirit like you would in a reading and then I just sit down to write I asked for help. And there I go. Yeah.
That's that's so cool. Tell us just a little bit of the obviously can't tell us the whole story. But give us just the synopsis. The back of the book, synopsis of the three full moons, the heroine is her name is Manni Hi, and she's Native American. And she's actually inspired by a real live person called Nancy Board, who was instrumental back in the day of trying to bring the tribes together
during the Trail of Tears period of history. And I actually was inspired by her when I went to research my family tree. And I saw a name in our genealogy that I didn't recognize, and my family's from Oklahoma.
So my great grandparents have a history there with Oklahoma and the land rush and all that stuff. So I did, I was doing some research on it. And I come across this amazing woman named Nancy Ward, who is Cherokee. But there is a term in Native American, I believe it is the Cherokees called the beloved woman. And it is this revered spiritual center person for the tribe. And so in the story, the heroine is finds out that she is this beloved woman. And she's like, No way. I'm not doing that. And then her her story unfolds. Wow, that sounds really amazing. Is it a solo audition? Is it a series at this point? When are we getting a series?
No, Friday, apparently, one of my friends keeps asking me and the story is already the second story is already playing out in my head. So at some point, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be writing it down. Yeah, at some point, you're pretty sure.
I think we all do that. We're pretty sure I'm gonna have to like explore this gift. And I'm gonna get to it. Oh, that's so exciting. Thank you. Yeah, I would love to write. I would love to write the second in the series coming up for sure. Where can we find the book? You can find three full moons on Amazon. Okay, I'll put the link in the show notes for anyone who wants to check it out. I'm gonna check it out. I'm excited. I'm excited about it. Thank you. Such a and I do think it's important to to understand for people that maybe don't mediumship is also a creative art it to an extent. So it's important to explore other realms of creativity that we have that want to come out. Right.
Right. And it's that
it's expanding and opening up and being available for spirit to work and work with us in different ways. And using our creativity is just one way whether that's painting, writing, drawing, counseling.
Do you have any advice for anyone who's wanting to write on their own whether fiction or nonfiction, you know, there's a lot of like,
the Writer's Digest has a great,
inexpensive way to get started writing they have a lot of classes, they can put you together with writing groups. And that's another thing that I would recommend people do is number one bright you have to write to be a writer. And, and to and don't think about it for a year but like I did, and then find a writing groups who would like meet up or somewhere like that you can find writing groups, and you can go and write and that'll help you be accountable to write and get off
some feedback on your writing and sometimes, but investigate your groups. You want a loving and kind group that's going to give you honest and kind of feedback. That's great advice. Yes, we, we are sensitive souls.
Take our criticism best with maybe like a little bit of honey. Right.
That's it. That's it. That's great. Are you also still offering mediumship readings? I am doing readings. However, I don't, I don't have anything available for like months, I need some time to unwind, and chill and Zen and get back into my own self care routine. So I'm taking a month off. So in about a month, I will have some open spots on my schedule. Okay. Well, you heard it if you are feeling called to get a reading. We'll put Carolyn's website in the show notes too. But make sure you book out because apparently it's taken a little self help and self healing break. Right. Which you for doing that. I know it can be. I know it can feel hard. Well, it's really hard to when you love what you do. It's so easy to not take the time. But when you take the time you realize oh, wow, I really needed that. Yeah, totally. And everyone needs it. So you're, I love that you're practicing what you preach. That's it. I think it's great. Well, are you ready for the spirit seed round? Sure. My for fun and exciting questions. They're, they're not too hard. They're all about you.
Okay, so question one, share one thing that really shocked you or was unexpected about your gifts as a medium?
Then I could do it. Yeah.
It's a great answer.
That one, if you got to spend a day in the spirit world, you got the full tour, you got to spend time with everyone you've ever known who's crossed over and it's almost time to return to your life. And your guide tells you you have one hour left and you can spend it with anyone who's on the other side. Who do you choose? And why?
Reverend Janet, Jehovah check. Ah, because I didn't get to spend very much time with her. And I love her to pieces. And she was always so incredibly excited for her students, and an amazing person and amazing teacher and mentor. That's a great answer. I did not get the pleasure of knowing her. But I know she is well loved and honored and respected within our community and beyond. So yes.
And even though we have spiritual gifts, we have very human lives. What is one quirky thing about you that people might be surprised to learn?
When what quirky, like a quirky thing?
That I love Marvel movies.
I love that. There's some good movies, let's just say. Yeah, yeah, I love Marcos. Yeah. I think there's a lot of things about you that people are like,
that's a good one. Leave us with a pearl of wisdom. What's one piece of advice you wish that you'd had early on in your understanding of your gifts?
If you think that you might be a medium or have spiritual gifts, don't wait one more second until you investigate
in a safe loving place. That's great advice. That's great advice. And I do think people we question ourselves so much, it's human nature. It's, it's funny when I started my trance mediumship development. I mean, I had a mentor that wanted me to do the course with her. And I had to get permission in this whole thing. And I was like, I don't know if I belong in this class. And one of the first lectures that the teacher gave was, if you're here and you were even interested to talk about trance mediumship or even attend this class, you are like, not everyone even wants to know about this. So you're feeling pulled? Probably you are.
Love. Yeah.
Well, I am so grateful for you. Being here with us today and sharing all about you. It's been an honor to get to know you a little bit more. Thank you very much, and always a joy to be with you joy. And you know, I just think you're amazing. You bring so much on behalf of all mediums to the world. And I appreciate you very much. Oh, you're very sweet. Thank you so much. I'm learning to take compliments. I'm just gonna say
thank you for sharing and shining your light. Thank you.
Wow, what an incredible conversation. I am so grateful to Carolan Dickinson for being here with us today and sharing all about her journey. What an incredible journey to you know first experiencing mediumship gifts so early on and then the military life and then radio producing, writing, being a therapist and a work
Get medium Carolan is just such an amazing soul. Be sure to check out all of her social media which I'll have linked, of course in the show notes for you and the three full moons, which is her fiction work. And again, she does have some nonfiction works as well, you can find everything at But again, I will link all of her website info, the book info and all of her social media info in the show notes at the bottom. I'm so grateful to you for being here with us today. I hope you enjoyed this conversation. I know that there are so many of you out there who have books inside of you, just waiting to get out whether it's the story of your life, or the story of a loved one who's crossed over, or a fictional story that you're being inspired by the spirit world to create. Or maybe it's an inspirational book that you're wanting to write whatever it is that is inside of you. Maybe it's not a book at all. Maybe it's a painting, maybe it's expressive dance, whatever your creative form is. I love that Carolan shared with us today about just expressing it just getting in there and letting it flow. So I hope that you will look into her suggestions if you are one of our spirit squad that has a book inside of you. I know the world is waiting for your light and for everything that you have to offer as well. So big thank you to Carolan for being here with us today and sharing her light and a big thank you to you as well. If you want to find me
you can check out my website And I look forward to seeing you inside Spirit Speakeasy

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