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Become Your You-est You® with World Renowned Coach Julie Reisler

Aug 14, 2023

Known as an interior designer for your soul, Julie Reisler is not only a multi time TEDx speaker, Georgetown Professor and Board Certified Master Coach, she is also the host of The You-est You® podcast, and the author of Get a PhD in YOU. Today she is here to deep dive with us on how we can each step into our own You-est You right now. Not only does she share specific tips and advice, she has an amazing free gift for YOU!

Show notes: Julie Reisler, voted Top 10 most influential Life Coaches in 2023, is a board-certified master life & wellness coach, and is an interior designer for your soul. She's a mentor to hundreds of coaches, change-makers, and soulful entrepreneurs. Julie is the host of The You-est You® podcast, a global show in over 175 countries, and the author of Get a PhD in YOU, an Amazon top-pick. Julie has been featured in Forbes, MindBodyGreen, The Chopra Center, Bustle, and Thrive Global for her work as a coach, teacher, and conscious business leader. Julie is a multi-time TEDx speaker and has spoken on stages throughout North America. She is also a popular course creator on Insight Timer; the number-one ranked mindfulness app. Julie holds a master's degree in Health & Wellness Coaching from the Maryland University of Integrative Health and is a professor at Georgetown University in their coaching program.

Julie is the founder of the Life Designer® Coach Academy, a leading-edge certification program where she certifies spiritual life coaches worldwide. To learn more about Julie, go to

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Episode Transcript:

Hey beautiful soul Welcome to Spirit Speakeasy. I'm Joy Giovanni joyful medium. I'm a working psychic medium energy healer and spiritual gifts mentor. This podcast is like a seat at the table in a secret club, but with mediums, mystics and the spiritual luminaries of our time. So come behind the velvet ropes with me and see inside my world is I chat insider style with profoundly different souls. We go deep share juicy stories laugh a lot and it wouldn't be a speakeasy without great insider secrets and tips. You might even learn that you have some gifts of your own. So step inside the Spirit Speakeasy.
Hey, beautiful soul. I am so excited for this episode of Spirit Speakeasy. I've been waiting for a little while for this interview today we have on this incredible guest, Julie Reisler. You'll hear me read her bio in just a few minutes as I'm welcoming her in, but she is an incredible life coach, and she also trains life coaches. She really just shares so much with us today in this conversation about really getting in touch with your own intuition what that's meant for her in her life, what that means in her coaching and just how she's seen it makes such an impact in her life and the lives of others. I actually found her during the lock downtime, the pandemic time when I was searching for new podcasts. So I've been a fan of her show the USU for several years now. And she is in my regular rotation. So those of you that sometimes are asking me what am I listening to? Julie is one of the people that inspires me and that I am always taking profound nuggets of wisdom from the talks that she does from her work. She's got an incredible book that she's going to talk about with us her coaching program. And she even has a free gift for all of you that I'm going to link in the show notes. We talk a little bit about it, but it's called a life coaches toolset. And it's a seven day workbook to design your best life where we can get set up for success with powerful coaching techniques that can help anyone design their best life and that's you and I and whether you are a coach or not a coach or you know, learning about this world of intuition and coaching this toolset can help you start to dive in as kind of a first step on your journey or a next step on your journey depending where you are. So check that out in the show notes and sit tight for this conversation with beautiful soul. Julie Reisler.
Welcome back or welcome in to Spirit Speakeasy. We have an incredible guest today that I'm so excited to share with you. I'm going to launch into her bio because I really want to get started chatting with her. Our guest today is Julie Reisler. She was voted top 10 Most Influential life coaches in 2023. She's a Board Certified Master life and wellness coach and is an interior designer for your soul. She's a mentor to hundreds of coaches, changemakers and soul entrepreneurs. Julie is the host of the USU podcast, a global show in over 175 countries now and is the author of get a PhD in you and Amazon top pick. Julie has been featured in Forbes MindBodyGreen the Chopra center, bustle, thrive global and her work as a coach and teacher and conscious business leader has been really just praised many many places. Julie is a multi time TEDx speaker and has spoken on stages throughout North America. She's a popular course creator on Insight Timer, which is the number one ranked mindfulness app for those that don't know, Julie holds a master's degree in health and wellness coaching from Maryland University of integrative health, and she is a professor at Georgetown University in their coaching program. Julie's the founder of Life Designer Coach Academy, a Leading Edge Certification Program, where she certifies spiritual life coaches worldwide. You can learn more about her at her website,, which I will of course link in the show notes with all of her other contact points, but welcome in Julie Reisler.
Oh my gosh, Joy. Thank you so, so much. I am so excited to be here. And just to dive in with you really excited.
I am so excited. I was I was surprised that you guys agreed to let you be on the show. Because I said I came to your podcast sometime in the last few years and you're on my regular rotation. I just love the concept of the You-est You and I would love for you to share about your journey to getting to that.
Oh yeah, this is this is a good one. Yeah. Well, you know, I think like many of us that are that are really awakening and becoming more interested in being service oriented and helping people and making a difference. And bringing more light and love to the planet. You know, that sounds really esoteric, but let me say this, I think a lot of times the things that we are doing the the greater purpose we have often comes from some of the most biggest challenges. And so getting to this whole, being my Me-est Me, your You-est You, you know, really stemmed from doing quite a bit of time where I just really was not so connected to my most authentic self to God to who I feel like I am. And I think some of that we can talk about it was pushing down my intuition pushing down preferences to really, you know, I could have gotten an A plus and people pleasing and just as a highly sensitive Empath, I'm real good at feeling people very quickly. And, you know, it becomes a coping mechanism, right to try to be a certain way. So, for me coming into this work, getting, you know, a lot of support doing a lot of inner work started in really in '03, I would say 2003. So, so about 20 years ago, led me to just a deep excavation of myself and led me to working with a coach to change my life being part of a support system support program that opened, cracked open me to myself, and starting this business almost 10 years ago, one of the things I realized was, you know, having that time where I wasn't sure I wanted to even be on the planet, and you would never know that, that time, I just felt like, Okay, this aspect, this this gift that we have, each of us this hero's journey, we each are chose to be here and chose to embrace as you know, one and like 14 billion trillion chances of being here. It's just like, I am not okay, with not being a Stan I should say, this way with, you know, being a stand for people to really be fully actualized. And, and to tap into your Higher Self, your potential, your, your, your authenticity, your self expression, whatever that might look like, each of us has our own gifts. So that that Youest You to me is really that most authentic aspect of yourself. It's constantly iterating and changing and growing. And there's an aspect of, you know, connecting to your spirit in there. Yeah,
well, I think it's so beautiful. Thank you for sharing, I think it's so beautiful that you're continuously highlighting in your work that we do have everything we need inside of us. It doesn't mean we don't need to excavate and explore. But I know you do a lot of work with your students and the way you coach teaching people how to honor their own intuition. Can you talk a little bit more about that?
Yeah, you know, again, this stems from I think, my own experience of, of, you know, having this inner wisdom and not paying attention not not honoring and not trusting it. And that led to decisions that ended up being lessons, major forks, in the road growth opportunities, really big challenges, tough challenges. And I just, I know, I believe from a lot of the studies I've done and just my own experience at this, you know, our intuition is something we all have, I think it's one of our biggest gifts, it's, it's built in, it's like batteries included, we all have it, we all experience it in different ways. And so you know, I, I weave that in into my coaching program into the work I do with clients. Everything I do, and my my big stand is that, you know, like whoever's listening, whoever's here that you learn how to trust and to access and to be able to decipher your own inner wisdom, intuition, because I really, I do believe it's like your lifeline. It's like an umbilical cord to to the greater divine, which is loving and kind and helping us at all times. And so what I've seen and I track it, I really actually have a place where I track this and it's unbelievable to see these miracles and shifts and what is possible when we tune into it doesn't mean it's always easy. So I do bring in a lot of tools I've learned from training with the Heart Math Institute, or on heart intelligence and other other trainings that I've done around healing and energy healing and Reiki principles and chakras and energy work, and the healing arts. And so, to me, it's, we you know, we want an integrative approach because we're not just our mind, of course, we've got the soul we've got the, you know, Mind Body Spirit, and we've got emotion, the emotional sphere as well.
Well, I think it's it's great to highlight because we are such multifaceted beings, right? But then we're moving through this complicated world where like you said, often, specifically women, not all only women, but you know, women tend to be more on the people well pleasing side or have been conditioned that way that we need to defer to others that we need to go with the status quo and and push that intuition to the side, I love that you're tracking it Are you right? It's not always the easiest thing to do, but it's totally worth it. And it is often those pieces of ourselves that we're hiding or that we're, you know, pushing to the side that do need to come to the light to help us be are us do out in the world, it's one thing to be it inside of ourselves, right? A totally different thing to be it in the world.
Yeah. You know, I would add, I love what you just said, joy and something to add to that what really moves me what touches and moves inspires and like, gives me that feeling of oh my gosh, this this is it is, you know, I think there's like this, this vortex, this this intersection when you are fully self expressed, right? You're connected to what feels authentic for you. And then you put that with what the need is in the world. Others that could you know, that you could be of service to when you take like those two axes together that like one that's you and authentically expressing yourself and then the other which is being of service, I just what I've seen is is don't be surprised to see the universe, the divine just strutting her stuff to make sure you are it is expand, you know, you're expanding and able to serve at a greater level, because it's really it's the it's the highest good for all. There's, there's an aspect of this that I think is getting the aspect of oneness that we're all connected, we really are even though we feel like separate beings. That aspect that the individuated divine source in you. There are gifts and skills there that are that are needed in the world the same for me the same for anyone listening. And so tuning into that, you know that by being your You-est You that is a path of service, that is a path of healing, that is a path of greater love, I just believe that.
I do too. And love the way you said that. And you know, you mentioned it earlier, we are all on this hero's journey, this journey through our lives. And we do face challenges and trials and things just happen to people we love in the world around us with my work as a medium, I'm often seeing people who are going through loss of various kinds, but it can be those things that I see with clients that kind of pivot them into, okay, I've gone through this big thing, right, this big life event that changed me in some way. And now I need to find a way to share it with others to, to coach to share, to teach to uplift others. And I love the way you weave the threads together to just help each person to be their own individual light. You know what I mean? Because we don't all have the same life or story. There are definitely common threads. What would your advice be to someone who is kind of in that middle place where they've come through and are still working through their process? You know, I know that you're like me, we believe we're always working through, you know, as we grow and change, we're still doing our work. But we're there at that point where they're thinking, Okay, I want to apply this in a helping way. But I don't know the next direction for me, what what would you say for that?
Yeah, it's funny. I actually, I wrote a book that is literally that I was thinking, I'm like, What would I say? I'm like, Oh, my God, I did write that I did. I do have a lot to say, well, this whole idea of getting a PhD in you. This is the book I wrote that actually, to be honest, wrote itself through me, I heard a greater intuitive voice that said, you need to write a book. And I it felt like let me take what I've gone through in the last 15 plus years, because this was about five, six years ago now. And put it in a way that there's there's a lot of open ended questions. There's a lot of activities, you know, ways of going deep within I mean, the first thing I would say in that book may or may not be for someone listening, I would say it's
definitely for everyone listening. Yeah, I
mean, I, I don't know, I like everyone. You know, I don't want to, I don't know, I do know that the feedback I've gotten has been that it's been profound. Like there's a lot of I really take what's helped me the tools. I mean, the first thing we know if you're in a support system, like a 12 step program, or any, the first thing we always want to do is is create that awareness. So if you're noticing, you know, becoming the observer, so you're noticing I'm a little bit in the middle space, I feel stuck or I feel like yeah, I'm just kind of feeling like, you know, light isn't on as much as I would like it to be. That's kind of what it felt like my pilot light went out. I think the first thing is loving, you know, compassion, awareness. So, can you even be with this with yourself? You know, taking the judgment out of the ingredients. Can you just can you start with a observation, curiosity, the intention of being loving and compassionate with yourself forgiving yourself? Realizing I think that awareness that you know, In the 12, step world where I started, that's step one, right? We admitted there's something going on. So being aware is the first thing the first place you want to be. And then after that, it, you know, a lot of this, I mean, I'll just say it, there's a lot of conditioning and programming in our world that we're not aware of that is, you know, fortunately for the ability for greater growth, and unfortunately, for when you realize, oh, my gosh, there's a lot that set up to have you feel, you know, not good enough to judge yourself and others to, to, to feel like, you know, to doubt yourself to compare yourself, resentments. I mean, and so getting, okay, and I just think forgiveness is probably one of the most healing paths we can take. So forgiving yourself, for where you might be, and forgiving as much as you can. The world that we quote, unquote, live in, and then the work really starts there, because then it's about how do you start changing your beliefs, your stories? And, frankly, how do you start tuning into the, I mean, I just think we're all these geniuses. And I mean, like, not in the brain. I mean, like, literally, we are made from the same stuff, as you know, as planets and stars. So how do you start to really trust yourself and follow that inner pilot light, that wisdom intuition? I definitely write about it. There is a lot, lot lot lot of questions and activities. And, you know, the first thing I would say, though, is to become aware and to be kind and compassionate, and start to get clear, what is it you're you're noticing? And who do you feel that you really are? Like, who do you know yourself to be? Because you often there's a big gap. And that's where we don't feel so great is when we know there's something that we're not expressing?
Well, and to your point, I often the way I tell it to people is, you know, sometimes you can pause and say Whose voice is that? Because a lot of times it's negative commentary from a teacher we had or a coach or a parental figure or it's not even necessarily our own beliefs and ideas. It's like you said the programming, the patterning that we're trained in, and then we're not we're just seeing the world through imposed lenses, so to speak. Yeah, I'm so glad you brought up the book. Because I really feel like it's such a valuable resource for people not even just as like a one time use. But like we mentioned, we're ever evolving beings like I'm a kind of new newly empty nester within the last few months. And so now I'm revisiting a lot of these questions and thoughts of who am I now? Or who who have I evolved into be going forward? So I think it's such an amazing resource that you've created, that we can kind of check in periodically? This is not like a one time thing if you don't want it to be right.
No, I mean, definitely, I would just say and it's interesting, especially in this book, there's there's a whole appendix with a, there's a well being life wheel, which which we I know, we had a version of that when I was going through my master's degree and and we used it quarterly because, hopefully, you know, if, if we're showing up daily to do the work, and I mean, the work and just being aware and conscious and loving and asking, How can I be more of my me SME? How can I be more connected to my heart to what's true for me? You know, Whose voice is this? All those questions? Yeah, what they do is they keep us from being asleep at the wheel in our life, they keep us from, you know, going through life in a robotic way we actually claim our sovereignty and our power when we do this work. I've seen miracles, frankly, first of all, in my own life, I mean, even talking to you being here, having a show, having a business, I mean, all of this came out of a very big challenging turning point. The other thing I'll say and this I know I've shared this in my podcast I've shared in the book, you know, we store emotions in our body, you know, there's that great book the body keeps score when I had this health breakdown about 11 years ago and it was around my, my, my thyroid and I knew intuitively joy the minute I it was funny I remember I was waiting to get the diagnosis or whatever they were calling it you know what it is and I and I my intuition said Julie, this is 100% related to your throat chakra the energy in your throat which is speaking up and speaking your voice and what had I just done? Spoken my voice consciously, uncoupled gotten you know divorce, which is not an easy thing to young kids, and I just knew I'm like it is connected to speaking up and so for me, one of the most healing things has been speaking and verbalizing. How I feel it's partly you know, with TED talks with the podcast, all of it is, you know, asking what needs to come up and out that might be of service to others. So, listen to your body, you know, Our bodies are giving us and I go through quite a bit in the book with this around your body and its intuition and its messages. But we all have these different ways of interpreting our life and what's happening. And so paying attention without that, you know, judgment is, is. It's a game changer.
I agree with you. I mean, definitely, the Body Keeps the Score. That's an amazing, amazing book too. And it's, it's, we have some similarities, it is one of the things I heard in your podcast that I felt immediately connected to you because I had a health thing too, that affects my blood and my lungs. And I similarly went immediately to, okay, where are all the places I'm holding my breath in my life? Where am I not expressing my self? Where am I tempering myself down to try to be small, you know, so that others can shine. So I think there's something to that. And I really love the way that it's similar to the way I work with people where it's like, you know, yeah, the the emotions that rise up for us are the way in or the, the bridge across, they're trying to tell us things about ourselves, not to punish ourselves, but to help guide us through to then the direction that we're meant to be in right.
100% Yeah, and I mean, I just feel you when you're speaking about your experience, it's, you know, this is one thing I have been learning along the way is our body is literally just it is responding to our thoughts and our mind and our beliefs. And so, you know, really getting to know for me, it was really scary. There have been moments where I felt scared, like, what is happening, what is going on, and that is where when you develop a stronger, intuitive, you know, sense and ability to decipher your intuition and we all have it in different ways. It's something I just know, I know we all do. I know that that's that's something like a muscle when you go the gym you can strengthen it, I actually believe you can strengthen more than just, I've seen it in my own life for sure. Not just you know, a feeling or a sense but a hearing and knowing visioning all of that. And, to me, this is our this is our loving lifeline. This is what the divine has literally made us created us with so that, you know we can look and say okay, like you You were so smart to tune in and say Okay, where am I holding my breath? For me it was where am I like, dimming my light or not speaking what's true. And you know, as a recovering people pleaser, that is not has not always been easy. I don't love disappointing people. I don't love saying things I know that are going to be upsetting. And I've learned you know, I've learned how to do that with love. And I've learned that that is crucial for me to be honest to be with integrity with myself. My my thyroid loves it, my body appreciates it and it just so we all have different messages you know, it's just are we listening?
Well and I love that it's it's an ongoing process for you. I mean, it's you're at this amazing place and your work you've had you're having tons of success and you're on international stages at this point with listenership how do you continue to check in with yourself and make sure that you are honoring that intuitive part of you?
Oh, girl that is like,
I know what it only feels like it gets harder as you go.
Yeah, I asked my husband I am remarried. No, he's like, when are you not doing I just, I mean, this has become it's become a way of life I and it's it's not all the time, every minute, you know, I have I have other aspects of my life. But I will say what's most important to me today is starting every day and I have alarms in my phone, you know, with messages. I'm a big fan of A Course in Miracles. So I use a lot of the lessons and reprogramming to love and from there. For me it's really starting out with just connecting in connecting to my heart connecting to the Divine I believe this divine creator is within each of us were created from it, we're outpourings of it. So for me, like when I start getting angry, frustrated, resentful. It's a signal Okay, Julie, because I do believe anybody that that that anything that's kind of irritating me isn't is a real gift doesn't always feel that way. But it's a projection of something going on within me. I mean, I just believe that everything in our life, that's where we get the idea that all our teachers. So you know, I think coming back to my intuition using to a journaling using connecting into my heart using the principles of just how can I see this through the divines eyes or heart how can i and then trusting my intuition, I just had something happen. It makes zero sense and for two months, I kept waking up thinking hearing I'm sensing like, Julie's got to do this. And I just know when I hear that our sense that there's to do it, it doesn't make sense. You know, it's, it's not an inexpensive thing to do. And I've just seen when I get that instruction to trust it. So, yeah, there's a bit of there's a lot of faith in here, there's surrender, acceptance, but I try to really bring this concept in, I mean, this connection as often as possible. I also, personally like the idea of reminding myself that, you know, my business, my job, my purpose, it's not really mine, it's come through me, I have a mantra that I say, which is, you know, the universe, the Divine is my employer. So I go where I'm, you know, where I'm asked to go, and I trust that and if I'm, or I don't go, where I don't feel like I'm supposed to stay away, I really, I really honor that intuition. And it also means there may be clients that I meant to work with, and some that I'm not. And so trusting our inner wisdom, it doesn't always mean it's easy, or that it comes out exactly as you want. However, I you know, this, it's just, it's always for our highest good. Well, it's
so powerful, what you just said too, because there are things that we're, you know, that are meant to cross our path and maybe it doesn't seem to make linear sense at the time that you're going you know, maybe it's a talk that you're going to that feels maybe adjacent to what you do, but you can't understand why you're going but you feel called to go and maybe it's a person that you're meant to meet or a situation there's there's all kinds of things going on behind the scenes the way I say it that we don't always get to see how or why things are connecting until down the line. So there is this amazing beauty in just knowing Okay, these are the nudges and I honor them and then I'll make I like to make notes about it too because I think we can we get so much information all the time. And if we're not documenting it or even just noticing it in a conscious way we don't realize how these nudges and signs and feelings connect so I love that you have said yeah,
you know, I think to add something that I did pick up from the you know, from my earlier days in the 12 step world which is a very much a spiritual program and for me today it's really this turning over and surrendering my life My Will myself and I don't mean that in a disempowering way it's actually very empowering to say you know, I'm going to trust today and I have a prayer that I say that's like really around please use me as an instrument allow me to hear you since you speak through me so I can know what that what that highest good decision is. And I am giving you know we have free will so there's kind of a in my mind we're saying I'm saying hey, listen, I prefer to go with the divine mind versus my small ego mind because I'll tell you when I do life that way I've done it it's it's not as fun it's not a lot of fear a lot of smallness small thing it doesn't it's so you know there is something about just making a decision that I am going to lean in and and really really open my hands and surrender to something great or whatever you call that whatever you feel that is and I do believe when you're in sync with that that's where you know you're us to my niece me shows up that's it's like a partnership you know between between you between me and you know the divine creator.
That's such a beautiful way to say it and I think for people who are feeling like we're talking about earlier kind of stuff or banging their head against the same wall that's a good indication that Okay, it's time to pay attention here there's something I'm missing there's an emotion that I'm I'm trying to ignore or invalidate, and then that can help even re track us or shift us towards that path because you know, as you know, the work continues as we continue to be different versions of ourselves every day. Do you have like a personal practice that you do for yourself every day that you wouldn't mind sharing?
I do it is not a short this is like I'll be honest this is my this is what I found works out well for my body and my mind my soul it's um, in I have redesigned my internet is like a former workaholic for real like I love what I do and I could do it endlessly like I find I have that addictive personality if I like love eating something I never want to stop eating it. It usually shows up with food this addiction behavior and it also shows up with it showed up in work because I don't even see it as work. I'm like, oh my god, I'm in love with this. So for me, you know, I'm going a little out here but I know just even in my astrological chart I have zero Earth. fun a lot of fire a lot of air and some water and I'm like, This girl needs to I really especially anyone listening And who's sensitive who's highly sensitive or Empath or highly intuitive, I have to ground myself and it doesn't happen in two seconds. So when I can do it, like the way that I like to doesn't always happen, can't always do this. But I, I do start out, I usually start out in the morning with a little bit of reading and journaling, gratitude and some prayers that I have found really just opened me up to the Divine I usually I do a lesson from A Course in Miracles one lesson a day, that's been helpful, I have an energy practice, I do that that literally has to do with bringing in light into my body, like just connecting into body and divine mind and that greater light, and then I try to do a yoga class. And then I use my I have an infrared solo, solo sauna. So by the time I'm like sweating, from yoga, and sweating, from that, I feel like, All right, now I am ready to face the world. And that's like, a good three hours, all of that, you know, put together. So this short version would be, you know, there are times I'm away, and I can't do all that it might just be a very short, you know, connect in prayer journaling, to a little bit of intuitive to a journaling, doing some, you know, tapping or energy work, and then even just a little bit of movement, yoga poses that kind of opened me up. That alone, you know, getting into nature walking, but that's kind of that really helps me to feel grounded.
That's a beautiful practice. And I'm sure that it evolved over years of you piecing together what you eat and honoring that. I love that I think people are often surprised that even when we're many years into this type of work and holding space for others that no we got, we have, we still need our practices to anchor into or ground into where you said,
Well, I would even I would say, first of all, I believe where you know, whatever it is, I'm here to learn, I must teach. So I'm teaching and talking about these topics, like right here with you, these are, these are the most important topics to me, I am on the court with these every day I really am because this is this is what I'm here for. And, you know, I think forever who for anyone who's listening, like we had, you know, that's a lot of different things to do. This took time to come up with that there have been times in my life especially when my kids are really young, it looks very different and even just sitting and breathing for two minutes. You know, setting an intention for me, what I would say is anything you can do to connect in with that greater you know, higher power connection with the divine God goddess, whatever you call it, your higher self, anything to take you outside of that small ego fearful mind. And there's lots of ways to do that I've done walks outside if that's the time I have. So we just find what works we play with it I don't believe there's a right way just think we all have our own way of connecting in I will just say it's um it's, it's become a joy and a gift to do to do these practices and I have a lot more energy and more to give because I am you know, giving that to myself, it's become very important.
I love that well onto your point. It can look different at different times of our life or different days of the week or, but it I think it's special to create some version of even a few minutes of time, like you said to just connect in with what resonates with you as the writer. Yes, I love I love that
and going to bed I think you know for me, it's usually talking about whatever that that lesson was. And I do that with my husband I do that with myself and then making sure to write and just read a little bit of something you know, or going to bed or subconscious we get in that lovely space where we're really easily programmable so what you're saying to yourself at the end of the night I love to and you know with a really loving thought or thoughts so I am very careful what I watch or listen to before going to bed as well.
I mean that makes sense. Just we're setting ourselves up for that next phase or for a lot of people you know we're moving into the astral during our sleep time or whatever else we might be doing even just from a rest perspective right if we're if we've just watched something that's adrenaline producing or scary or it might be more challenging to shift into that restful place I think I like that's important I like that
yeah, I think it's just you know, the the program I have right this term being a life designer right tool designing our life I just if you go with the ebb and flow of the way the world is set up you know, I've been there right you get stuck in social media stuck in comparison stuck into TV TV is fine and doses i mean i All of it. And it can just be this rabbit hole. I've been there. I felt it where I'm like I just feel shitty. And it's easy to get. So I just, there's a bit of intention and just being proactive with you know what I really want to design my life to fit me to fit my gifts to allow me to allow you to be that that instrument that channel and to have fun to have joy to piece that
would you talk a little bit more about your life designer program I first of all, I just love that you you know the interior designer for your soul. I just think that is the most amazing tagline and I from listening to your work. That is what you do. So it's a perfect description, but I'd love for you to share a little bit about your program.
Yeah, so thank you for asking I you know, coaching, I was a psychology major, I did not want to be a loves my best friend's a psychotherapist, I didn't want to, I just knew for some reason I don't necessarily want to I didn't want to become a psychotherapist or psychotherapist. And it was actually after working with this coach and then coaching in this fantastic Personal Growth program for about four years. And I remember just thinking if I could just do this, and this was like, over 10 years ago, joy before coaching, like now people are like, Oh yeah, I have a coach. I have a coach here and people were like, What are you doing?
So remember those days? Yeah, like, what
are you doing, I went back and actually got a master's degree in coaching with a health and wellness focus and fell in love with this modality and I realized this is a healing. This is healing work. It's using your words as the magic wand. You know, we have acupuncture, we have intuition, we have all these ways of accessing our greatest gifts or skills or desires or purpose. And so when I left my day job, you know left the benefits of salary single mom at the time I started my business I kept. I just love this work, I was asked to teach where I went to school. And then I was asked to teach at Georgetown University, they have an amazing health and wellness coaching program. And I been teaching for years and years there almost a decade actually. And I really didn't think much of it. I started doing other trainings with the HeartMath Institute with positive psychology, other modalities that really felt like an integrative kind of add on to what I done. The beginning of the pandemic, I literally woke up early, early 2020 and heard a voice that said, You've got to create your own coaching certification. And I gotta be honest, I was like, What are you kidding me? And like there is I'm already teaching it one way. And I just kept hearing no, this is this is different because it's, it's it's more of a spiritual life coaching it you can use it in any you can use it in any setting, but it's coming with more of that spiritual foundation. And I can just tell you this, this program literally wrote itself through me in about two weeks, I launched it and I've had it it's going into its third year we have our 10th cohort coming over 100 students now graduates, and I'm obsessed I've already was teaching this but I really brought in a lot of the tools that that I wouldn't necessarily teach at Georgetown even though I love it there makes sense. Yeah. And it's it's highly tie, you know, integrity, it has incredible framework and tools. And what I say is, look, you will learn how to help people to be there, you know, to be your USU Yeah, however, don't worry, because what you do for others and what you're learning to do for others, it's a natural, it naturally helps you to become more of your own us to design your best life. So it's intense. It's a four month program, there's a practicum you have clients, pro bono clients, there's a final. It's such a joy. It's like, I feel like when I'm teaching it and I have mentor coaches that I've trained now, I'm like, oh, okay, okay, universe now I see what we're doing here. I had no idea why you asked me but I'm in love with it. And we've had students from all over the world. It's been beautiful.
That's amazing. And I am with you I love and the way I teach is more of a mentorship immersion, apprenticeship. You know, I think we learn by doing we learn by practicing and I've seen so many people. One of my little pet peeves is I've seen so many people go through programs particularly for like energy healing and things like that, and then they have no practical hands on experience. So there's that fear that rises up and then we're free to do the thing we love in the world. So I love that your students are getting more practical experience to then check in and say hey, I you know, question about this or it is the training wheels that I think we all need to build the confidence and to start to understand, you know, our USD within that framework to because we you know, like you mentioned earlier, we each are bringing a very unique essence of us to whatever we do
100% And I think one of the things that we focus a lot lot lot lot on is intuition, and how to literally I teach how to identify your intuition how to trust it, how to you Use it in coaching with others how to help others to unlock it for themselves. You know, we in my program, there's a 30 hour practicum, it is not, I mean, we have a lot of time for practice and q&a and just diving into it. And what I've seen, I mean, I will say this, and I say it carefully. You know, I know coaches that were not trained and probably do a great job, I would just say, If anyone who's done a coaching program, and they want to refine skills, or they're thinking of it, hopefully, maybe it's mine or somebody else's, do some sort of training, get the foundation because you are entering another person, or if your group people's energy field, you're entering their stories, their traumas there, you want to know how to be with that in a really powerful way. And I'm a little biased, because I mean, you'd have to get a master's degree in it. It's a little much, but like, get some sort of training. It's, it's transformative. I love it. Because I just had a client I met with who like literally is living her dream life we met, we started a year ago together, and actually just posted I saw her on Friday. And I was like, oh my god, this is amazing. Like, this is the gift. She's, I'm with her, I'm helping her but she's doing it. And she's like, Julie, I am in love with my life. Like I'm literally designing the life of my dreams. And kind of all. I don't know, I think when especially as women, when we are in our power, when we are empowered, when we are connected to our source of you know, that life source and that heart source, you become magnetic, you become magical, you you have no idea how all of us as lights are, when you're in that space as your USU how you are changing the world, I just I believe that I think that's why we need more healers, intuitives coaches, all of us.
Yeah, and like you said, we all have it in us, it's just learning how to use it and learning how to apply it to the to the world around us. Speaking of applying things you have so generously offered to share a free gift with all of our listeners, the life coaches tool set, you just talk a little bit about that.
Yeah, so that's actually when you'd asked earlier, like a good place to start, I would say I think my book is fantastic, the tool set is really digestible, it's got seven, seven of some of my favorite tools, like really, hands on user friendly, applicable tools, if you want to start seeing, get an inside peek into your beliefs, your the way that you talk to yourself, your, you know, sense of, of purpose, and the way you spend your time, then I highly recommend it, there's a different tool for each day, it's a seven day, you know, has seven tools. And there's some other little surprises in there as well. There's some an audio meditation and some other things in there too. And it's just the feedback I'm getting is actually I'm so grateful because I'm getting feedback that it's it's it's really helped people, you know, changing their lives. Like if you use it, you know, if you work it, it works. So like anything, you gotta kind of practice and play with it. But it's, it's, you know, it's easy to play with. And it's, it's fun, I tried to make it pretty and fun, like something I would, you know, it's the tools I use. So it's
perfect and and thank you for so generously offering it, I'm going to link it in the show notes for everyone along with your website and contact points and all of all of that as well. But it is really just a safe way to have some instruction and roll up your sleeves and start using the tools and it's great to have a tool set to be able to partner through life with and move through life with so I love that.
Thank you, I believe these tools are the tools that bring greater consciousness right and bring greater awareness, greater heart intelligence, greater connection to your intuition. These are all life giving aspects when we are in that spectrum of the emotional scale and we are in that vibration of you know, connecting in and trusting ourselves coming from compassion and love and forgiveness. It's you know, there's a there's a self expression that is possible that I believe you know, I believe this is like you've probably heard the quote you know, world peace starts with inner peace so you want to see more world peace. It's important to do your own work to have the inner peace and that's that's that's really one of the reasons I created this is not only to design your love s life but how do we create more inner peace because I think that's where it does start.
I totally agree with you and some of our best life includes that inner peace because how are we supposed to have our best life if we're not peaceful inside to some degree or at least don't know how to get to places of peace for certain periods of time even you know, it's not obviously there's no such thing as the water being calm forever. We're in this life. We do the things right but Yeah, can you can you learn a way to move yourself into that peacefulness. That's so beautiful.
Yeah, exactly.
This is amazing. An amazing chat. I do want to shift gears because I have these for fun and easy questions for you. Before we let you go, so I'm just gonna awkwardly launch right?
Yeah, right here.
I would love if you would just share one thing that really shocked you or was unexpected about stepping fully into your self and your work as a coach.
Hmm, unexpected, shocking. Yeah, I mean, I'm like, I've so many of those. I mean, I would say, Here I am, almost almost 10 years into my business. This started as a whisper, I heard a whisper when I was in my day job a nine to five, you know, there's more to do here. You know, that whisper to go go back to get your degree, the whisper that said, it's time to leave your job. Don't worry about the benefits and the salary. I would be on like, to me, and I look, I think, could do a whole conversation on money and sacred prosperity. What shocked me was my year one, I just said, If I could just make close to what I was making in the year one, like, that would be amazing. I made like $2,000 short of what I was making in my salary and your one and then the second year, I double that. And and let me not say I doubled it. I would say we because I do feel like the divine with me. To me, there's there's impact related to that. So it's not like, you know, I don't have some some crazy formula. I just the formula, I think that works in terms of expansion, prosperity, abundance, growth, is listening to your intuition, asking where can I be of greatest, the greatest service? Where can I be? Where can you be your USU? I just believe abundance, prosperity, it leaves clues. And it's really connected to intuition. So that was shocking, in a good way.
Yeah, I love that. And I do think it's, I do think it's shocking to a lot of us when it happens. If you could spend a day in the spirit world, like on the other side, you got the full tour, you got to spend time with everyone who you've ever known who's crossed over. And it's almost time to return to your life. And your guide tells you you have one hour left and you can spend it with anyone who's on the other side. Who do you choose and why?
Well, of course, since I know that we can connect with more than one right away. I'm like, Oh, this is so funny. I'm like, it's not just one joy. I would have a council meeting.
I've seen it all that like you already did all the things. Yeah, I
had the council meeting. I mean, I first immediately I just saw this, this like beautiful, kind of like a retreat. And I have my grandmother and my grandfather on both sides. I was very close with my grandmother, my mom's side. I didn't get to meet my grandfather. They're just incredible souls, my grandmother never mean word. I feel like they would be there. I would have I mean, Nelson Mandela comes to mind and heart. Mother Teresa, Maya Angelou comes to mind and heart like all of these Nikola Tesla, I would bring in and the Archangels. And I'm bringing all of them and I would probably say Mary Magdalene and bring her you know, other half I'd probably bring in Jesus in there. And yeah, I would leave it open to any other light beings, but I would have a whole party. I see one.
Yeah, I love that. You and I have a kind of similar guestlist. So that's pretty good. Yeah. Yeah, make this poster amazing party.
Right? It's a party. I'm a Sagittarius, so it's always gonna be a lot of people. Fine.
That's great. Even though we have very spiritual gifts, we have very human lives. What's one quirky thing about you that people might be surprised to learn?
Um, oh my god, there's a ton of quirky things. I'm like, which one do I talk about? I mean, it's not two things. I would say one, I have to make the bed every day. I don't understand it. It's this weird. I tried it one day actually did on my Instagram I shared and I was like, it's really kind of not that not made. I don't know. There's a weird thing. I just feel like, I need to do that. That I'd like to let that go. Because there's something about that feeling controlling. I don't love my other quirky thing. I make the most bizarre smoothies ever. Like loving crazy crap in there. I know there's other like weird quirky things. Nothing is I'm sure things are great. Oh, yeah, I mean, that's there's more like how I am. I put pig lard on my face every night before I go to bed. There you go. It's
interesting. Yeah, that's a good one.
Yeah, that's a good one. I'm like there's gotta be more I know there are I think we
all have we all have lots of quirks but they're so integrated into us that yeah, you know, those are great. We got we got a few little Dozens of quirks from you. Yeah, leave us with a pearl of wisdom. What's one piece of advice that you wish that you had had earlier on in your understanding of your gifts or the way things were?
I would say that, like, I don't think most of us truly know who we actually are. So what I mean is, I really believe each human being, I don't care what your behavior is, what you've done or not done on this planet, is the direct lineage from the Divine, the divine matrix, the creator universe. And by that, I mean, you are made of love, from love to love, I believe that is the core of it all. And do not, for one second underestimate, the incredible, the love the power of love, and life and flourishing that's within you. And with that, I would just say on a more grounded kind of answer is to trust your inner wisdom and intuition. like your life depends on it, because I believe it does. And I can tell you, I have seen in many experiences in my past, my past, not my past life, and in this life, were really like it was close to life or death. And my intuition is always your intuition is here to guide you to greater love to greater healing to greater service. trust it, guard it, honor it, do whatever you need to, to connect with it and build that relationship within yourself. It is the most important relationship you have is with your You-est You with your intuition with the divine. That's hands down to me. That's it. I love it. That's it.
Those are amazing pearls of wisdom. So thank you so much for sharing your light with us today. And for being here. I want to encourage everyone, I don't love the word should. So I'm just gonna, I'm just gonna put it out there as an option to check out the You-est You Podcast. I'm listening to it regularly. So you'll be in that pool with me. And if you feel so moved, it's an incredible book, they get a PhD and you book and of course, we'll link So you can get that amazing free gift, the seven day life's life coaches tool set. And just thank you so much for being here and and sharing your light with us today. I appreciate you.
Well, and I want to thank you for just the work you're doing here having me as a guest, just your light and heart. I mean, we need a lot more of you. And so thank you for bringing me on. It's just been a gift loved connecting with you and with your audience.
Thank you very, very much. I am still feeling so blessed and lucky from that conversation with Julie Reisler. And I love how openly she was able to share with us about her own journey and her own kind of personal practice that she engages in these days, it's not often that we can have someone who is you know, a multi time TEDx speaker, who is a professor at Georgetown, and who also lives in this work and has for, you know, more than 10 years now, as she was saying, well, more than 20 years personally and more than 10, in her business and in her coaching programs. And let's face it, voted top 10 Most Influential life coaches in 2023. That's someone we want to talk to you right. So I just was grateful to get her as a guest on the show and grateful to connect with her as a soul and get to hear about her work, because she really is someone who's such an amazing example of a soul shining their light in the world for others. So I hope that you enjoyed this conversation. Don't forget to check out that free gift, which you can find at I will link it in the show notes, like I said, but it's that free seven day, a life coaches tool set and who doesn't need a life coaches tool set, right? Whether you are a life coach or whether you're someone who's just starting to identify as highly sensitive or empathic or anywhere in between? I think if you know me at all, you know that I am a huge fan of being in coaching or mentorship to some degree most of the time I think I think we're all a work in progress, right. So I'm so grateful that you joined me here today. I am so grateful for Julie Reisler and the work that she's doing, make sure you check out her podcast "The You-est You" wherever you get your podcast. And thanks again for being here with me today. Big hugs, lots of love from inside the Spirit Speakeasy

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