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A Letter to the Motherless Child in YOU. In honor of Mother's Day, I'm teaching this Must-Have tool.

manage emotions during challenging times relationships self-love toxic relationships May 04, 2022

A letter to the motherless child in YOU ❤️ 

This may not be what you hear in the main stream around Mother's Day but it will resonate with A LOT of you! So in honor of Mother's Day, I'm teaching this Must-Have tool.

If you are someone who has ever had a difficult relationship with a female, motherly figure in your life, I offer you this exercise for Mother’s Day Month 2022.


Ode to the difficult women in our lives; a giant step towards healing old wounds. 


Once in a blue moon I work with a client who had only positive, loving, supportive women in their lives as a child. But the truth is most of us have at least one female figure in our childhood, young adulthood or even adulthood that we have had a difficult relationship with. 


This doesn’t have to be a biological mother although it could be. This difficult woman could also show up as a mother-in-law, stepmother, grandmother, caretaker, teacher, older sister, aunt, even a nun. She can show up in any relationship and our lives. Often she is meant to be someone that nurtures our tender hearts and gives us an example of how to be strong and soft and loving all at the same time. In a perfect world, we would all receive some version of this. Most of us have a very different experience. 


Most of us have a difficult relationship with a woman in our life that was supposed to be those things but instead was something very different. Of course, the experiences in each of our individual lives will be different but the effects and imprints they leave on our lives remains. It’s important to honor the impact of these challenging Maternal figures, to dig up the root of the root within, identify and name your true emotions, and come to deeper and deeper levels of forgiveness and release as we continue to move through the ages and stages of our own lives.


If you are one of those blessed souls that had perfect relationships with all of the women in your own life, cherish those experiences and know you are uniquely lucky. 


If you are someone who has had a difficult relationship with a female, motherly figure in your life, I offer you this exercise for Mother’s Day Month 2022.


*I encourage you to resist the spiritual bypass of saying anything like “live in the now“ if you’re ready to heal to a deeper level. The emotional work is an onion, not an apple- there’s always another layer to peel back. 

*if you’re not ready to “go there” right now, it’s important to honor that too. Save this exercise for when you are ready. 

*it’s normal to continue to revisit the same challenging situations at different times in your own life (as you grow and change). You are an updated version of yourself now and there’s more healing to be had. It’s a level up not a step back! 


Exercise: take a few deep breath‘s imagine moving into the center of your head. Imagine sitting in your personal space bubble safe secure and relaxed. As you continue to focus on your breath allow your mind to be drawn to a specific age from your past, or a specific memory or experience. Allow an emotion to rise up that relates to this challenging relationship with this woman in your life. Write a letter to her about this experience, your feelings, anything else that comes up. Give yourself as much time as you need to write her this letter. When you feel complete with what you need to say to her you can either write your own response from her or you can read this response I have written especially for you this Mother’s Day..


Dear sweet, beautiful, child, 


       Thank you for openly and honestly expressing your true feelings to me. I know I haven’t always made it easy to trust me and I am grateful that you are giving me a chance to hear you now.


        While I realize that words cannot erase the past, I accept responsibility for my actions and my inactions. I was wrong. I was supposed to keep you safe, protect your heart, nurture you and our relationship. I was supposed to treat you like the beautiful soul that you are. I was supposed to give you an example of what the most gentle, strong, powerfully tender, kind and genuine divine feminine love. The mother’s love. 


        I don’t expect you to forgive me but please know that I hope you can one day release this burden I have placed on you. You deserve peace, joy, abundance, kindness, happiness, fulfillment and  most of all love. You are worthy of all of this and so much more. You always have been. 


                                                                                            I love you.




As an additional step if you would like even more closure and healing, you can write a response back to this woman accepting her apology, deepening your forgiveness and releasing the situation further from your space. 

**** Please note you never have to send this letter. This entire process is designed to be done privately for your eyes only.

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