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Healing with the Angelic Realm: Meet Archangel Metatron

Jan 29, 2024

Archangel Metatron is one of the most controversial angels there is! He also happens to be wonderful to work with and he's accessible to everyone! In this episode we will chat about why he's so controversial, some of the BEST things he can help you with (including bending time and writing) and how you can recognize him.

PLUS I'll even walk you through an experience to teach you how to call on him and start working with him yourself RIGHT AWAY!  

Show Notes: Previous episode mentioned:

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Episode Transcript:

Hey beautiful soul Welcome to Spirit Speakeasy. I'm Joy Giovanni joyful medium. I'm a working psychic medium energy healer and spiritual gifts mentor. This podcast is like a seat at the table in a secret club, but with mediums, mystics and the spiritual luminaries of our time. So come behind the velvet ropes with me and see inside my world is I chat insider style with profoundly different souls. We go deep share juicy stories laugh a lot and it wouldn't be a speakeasy without great insider secrets and tips. You might even learn that you have some gifts of your own. So step inside the spirit speakeasy.
Hey, beautiful soul Welcome back or welcome in for another episode of spirit speakeasy. Today, we're going to do something we haven't done in a while. If you are a returning friend, member of our pod squad, you will know that part of the work that I do is mediumship. But I also started with primarily psychic work and learning how to work with angels and ascended masters. And that is what we are going to do. Today, we are going to have an experience working with the angelic realm working with Archangel Metatron. I'm going to teach you all about him plus we're going to do an experience so you know how to call him in how to feel him and how to work with him and your own life. He is one that I work with. So regularly, I've probably been working with Metatron for maybe almost 14 years at this point. And I work with him several times a week. So I have a relationship with him and a lot to share with you today. So buckle up. I just want to put this little disclaimer on at the beginning. If you are driving or somewhere where it's not safe to close your eyes. Once we get to the part where we're going to do the exercise, you can just pause and rejoin later. But if you are somewhere safe to close your eyes, you're gonna really love this exercise. There are some things I want to share about Metatron I was inspired to focus on Archangel Metatron, mainly because I work with him so frequently. You guys all loved that previous episode that we did. Healing with the angelic realm having an experience with Archangel Raphael. So if you miss that episode, go back and find it. And you can replay that one to receive healing again and again. So today we'll do that exercise like I mentioned to help you recognize Metatron sends him work with him anytime you want. He's most known for helping with healing with youth, young people and helping with relationships but there's so much more to Archangel Metatron than that. I'll get a little personal this episode and share about my own experiences working with Angel healing and and energy healing for myself, as well as this idea of working with Metatron and how he's actually just this week. I worked with him kind of personally, I do work with them in healing sessions as well and then we'll dive into a guided experience and practice so you can start working with him on your own. Now, I do want to say Archangel Metatron has some controversy around him. And first, let me tell you how I got into working with Archangels when I first started training, I was training as a healer I was learning Reiki I was learning chakra balancing, Aura clearing cord cutting energy healing. And as part of that, I really wanted to start understanding, healing with angels, Angel healing and ascended masters. For some reason, I think that I just maybe had a personal reference for angels and so they felt a little safer to me. I later learned that I didn't need to be so scared of everything. But with Metatron I hadn't really heard of him. I didn't know much about him. He wasn't part of my earlier experience. He wasn't an angel I had heard of. So what I did was go into a meditation and sit with him. I just kind of invited him into my meditation and sat with him and started to feel and psychically experience, you know, clairvoyant, clairvoyantly, see and experience, the colors that he comes in and how I can work with him. And then I did some research after that. I just felt like it's such a nice transition to start sensing these very high vibrational beings that we call angels. I do want to say Secondly, you don't need to belong to or believe in any specific religion to work with any of the archangels including our gang, Angel Metatron. And if you don't feel comfortable with the word a
Angel that is okay too. You could just call him Metatron. And he'll still work with you just the same. It's more about the personality that he brings the energy that he brings the communication and the the love that He has for humanity and the love that he can share with you. And thirdly, you'll notice anytime I work with angels, I'm referring to them with a pronoun, right? Like he or she Metatron you'll hear me refer to as he angels technically have no gender.
Because they're not in a physical body, that's a gender they don't need to procreate, but Metatron feels like he and in the controversy I'm about to tell you about, you'll see part of why he's a he. So let's get into this controversy about Metatron. He really is one of the more controversial Archangels or light being figures. He's mentioned in passages of the Talmud, the mystical texts of the Kabbalah often pronounced Kabbalah, but it's Kabbalah.
And in the Book of Enoch, specifically, the third book of Enoch. So some people consider Metatron, to actually be the Christian figure Enoch, like from the Bible. You could see if you are into the Bible, Hebrews, chapter 11, verse five, you'll see Enoch mentioned Metatron, is not mentioned by name in the Christian Bible, but he is mentioned in those other religious texts, mystical texts that I mentioned a minute ago. He's one of only two Archangels that are considered to have ever lived as human. But this is widely debated. So it depends who you're asking. Now, kind of the deal with angels is that they've never been human, they've never embodied human form. They are light beings that have this great, broader than our capacity of understanding Love for humanity, they're there to support us, help us encourage us. But one of the stories about Metatron is that he was originally Enoch, he was brought to rest at the sight of God and is an intermediary between God and man. Now it's okay, if you don't believe that at all, I just want to tell you a bit of a controversy in the the debate about him. There's so much debate within religious communities, spiritual communities, metaphysical communities, about all of this, for me, will tell you, I don't, I don't necessarily, I don't want to say I don't care, because I don't think that's the right way to say it, I do care. But none of that is important to me in my personal work and relationship with Metatron. And you can go down that rabbit hole and explore and see all the different stories and who's, who believes what and why they're arguing and what the religious texts say if you want, but I just kind of wanted to give you an overview. And I think it's so fascinating that he is so widely debated.
Part of the deal with angels never having lived as human beings means that they have a, an outside perspective, almost. But if you believe or can go along with the version of Metatron, having once lived as human. The idea with that is that it gives him even more capacity to love and understand humanity because he was once human. So he has like a different level of compassion for humans. Either way, I experienced him as really compassionate and patient and having his own sense of humor. Since I don't personally identify with any of these religions, like personally, I'm not a part of this debate. But it's surely interesting. To dive down that rabbit hole if you feel interested in exploring all of that. My recommendation is usually to have a personal practice and a personal experience with any of these like Ascended Masters, angels, light beings, etc, that you want to get to know and work with. You want to build a relationship with them based on your personal experience with them. It doesn't. Not that it doesn't matter but in in your relationship with Metatron, for example,
it doesn't matter if one religion says he used to be this person and one religion says no, he's only this.
To me, I just stay out of that really. One of the things that Metatron is known for like his angelic specialties, if you will, is that Metatron is considered the most powerful scribe and if you think back to ancient times, what is a scribe a scribe is someone that would write down document things that were happening not everyone knew how to write not everyone was able to scribe and you think about it, we still inscribe things. So the word scribe, he was given the all
important task of keeping a scribe of all the choices made on the other side on the earth plane in a universal archive referred to as the book of life, which is also called the Akashic Record. So that makes him technically the guardian of the secrets of the universe, by the way. And so he really is in charge of all of the Akashic records. So, we all have our own, I'm not gonna go too deep into this tangent, but the Akashic records are basically that thing that we think of the record of everything we've ever done in our life, any lifetime. And we each have our own kind of record house or cloud storage of of all the things we've ever experienced been places, we've gone emotions, all of that, the full account of our life. So we each have our own full account of our lifetime. And every lifetime we've had, I believe in the way I work with the Akashic records is, there's a guide for every individual record house. So meaning you would have your own Akashic Record guide your own record keeper, but Metatron is the one who is the scribe for and guardian of the entire Akashic records. So for all of humanity, for all of this earth plane, and my assumption would be every other plane that exists the other side this side, so he really is in charge of all of it, which means, in my opinion, that he also is in charge of or works with, or oversees your own, Akashic record keeper, your own record guide. And it's really amazing to get to work with him, I mean, just think the guardian of the secrets of the all of the universe, like, that's pretty incredible. So it means that he can help with a lot of things because he can access everything you've ever been through in any lifetime, he can access all the wisdom of the universe, but he's also a scribe. So this means one of the amazing things that he can help with is that he can help with writing of any kind, whether it's, you need to take notes in a class, and you want to make sure you're writing down the very most important bits, or whether
actually, this is one thing I just worked with him on this last week, I needed to write an information page for a course that I'm developing, it's it's a lot of you have asked me for a shorter course, something that's not like a year long mentorship, but like a short course. So I've been working on that. And I was trying to express what I wanted to say about how, like the depth of information in this course, because it's a very short course for how much information is in there. And I for if I'm honest, for like the better part of the year, I have been banging my head against the wall about it, just not feeling able to get this information page down. It's a pretty, it's a pretty long information. But just this week, I've refocused and I'm intentionally like putting a lot of my time and effort into it. And all of a sudden, I realized, oh my gosh, I could ask Metatron for help on this. So I'm sitting down to work. I'm gonna go through the process with you that I go through a little bit later. In this episode, I called him in I sat with him and I just, you know, gave the intention, like, please help me express this. So those who are meant to receive it, it will speak to that it conveys everything it needs to convey for the highest and greatest good of anyone you know, that this information touches. And I'm not going to say it was easy, but I will say that I was more inspired. And really it flowed a little differently for me, because it's a very long page and a lot of like computer techie stuff, I didn't need to break it out into two different days. But I think that's what we have to do anyway, we write something then you need fresh eyes to like proofread it, but Metatron is amazing for helping with any kind of writing. So those of you that have been perhaps procrastinating or thinking about writing a book, writing poetry, writing a blog, anything that you want to write you can ask Metatron for help and like I said, even if it's notes or a term paper or you know whatever you need to write maybe you're working on your own website, maybe you're working on I don't know whatever whatever else a grocery list like anything you need to write down he can help because he is the master scribe. So I'm gonna go through a list of other things that he can help with. The writing thing was just the most powerful for for me this week and I really am feeling this energy in the collective of our pod squad or this group you guys have all of the things you guys are wanting to create an express into the world.
Really, that's why I want to highlight his ability as a scribe because any
thing that you're needing to get from inside of you in your heart and soul and mind out onto paper or screen. Metatron is your guy. He also helps with shifting internal thoughts. So remember, he's keeping a record of things. So those internal thoughts that we have in our mind, right, maybe you are feeling called to, I know book feels like lofty for a lot of people. So let's say a, let's say, a blog, you're gonna write a blog post, one little one little essay.
If you're having those negative self thoughts of like you, you really do want to do this, you're feeling called to do it, but you're like, oh, I don't, I'm not the best writer, oh, I don't organize my thoughts in the best way. Or, oh, I don't know who's going to read this, all of those internal thoughts, he can help shift,
you could ask him to, to help you see a more positive way of looking at this to help you understand or have inspiration about who's going to be helped by this work that you're wanting to put into the world. So shifting internal thoughts, it doesn't just have to be about writing, he can help you shift internal thoughts in any capacity. So if you are just struggling with your internal dialogue, he can really help you with that. He's really powerful with youth. So you can put your own number on what age youth is. And it doesn't have to be necessarily like a number age of use, but that youthful, rebellious kind of spirit that lives in all of us. That figuring it out, which I think we're all always figuring it out. He's really powerful with that. But if there is any use in your life that you feel like needs additional support, if you consider yourself useful and want some additional support, he can help in that way. Particularly, also helps with those that are highly sensitive people that are highly psychic, people that are healing from and wanting support with learning about things like ADHD imbalances, physical imbalances, chemical imbalances, focus, people that have a hard time like focusing on tasks, multitasking, whichever I'm going to touch into, like why that is, he's got some really cool things that he does, he can help with the second and third chakra. So if you've never done chakra work with me, second chakra is really the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves. Again, internal self talk, but in an energetic way, like it's your body telling things to your your energetic body system telling things to your body to the world projecting things. So second is self within ourselves about ourselves. Third is us in the world. So he really helps with those. And what the focus often is, is healing from childhood or younger life trauma. He really supports healthy independence and self confidence. If you think about that transitional time from youth into adulthood. That's a lot of what we're going through. And it could even be, you know, you last year is a younger version of you, and what are you growing and expanding into this year needing support with healthy independence, healthy self confidence, he also helps with dreams and plans for the future. So those of you that like to do dream work, you certainly can invite him to help you not only to help you experience dreams, and to help work with you through dreams, but to help you be able to remember and recount and scribe write out what your dreams work because if you're doing dream work documentation is a part of that.
And it also plans for the future. So if you're feeling like oh, I just kind of don't know what direction I'm supposed to be going or what's in my highest and greatest good Metatron one of my favorite things that he does that I work with him on like seriously all the time is this is gonna sound maybe a little strange, but bending time. So he's really good at keeping us on the timeline. Meaning if you've got two hours and you need to get six things done in two hours, he's very good at keeping us on track for time but he's also really amazing at the way I say it for myself is warping time. So say you are going to sit down to work on a project and you have this two hours but you need this two hours to feel like four hours worth of work that you can get done. You can call on Metatron and ask him to to bend time for you to warp time. And to make it feel like those two hours actually are the amount of time before hours and vice versa. So if you're having like
a day that you're not wanting to like speed through but just say you have an uncomfortable meeting for example, I use it sometimes for like doctor's appointments and things. If you have an uncomfortable meeting and you have to be present you you're going to do it you're going to commit but you will
Like it to feel like it moves kind of quickly magnetron he's really good for making time feel like it's going much faster than it is or like it's really going much slower than it is. Which is why he's so great with helping with focus and multitasking, it's all part of that time warping, right. I use him for this regularly, I invite him in to be with me throughout my day to keep me on track with time, I have a lot of anxiety. Those of you that know me know this, about like being on time or getting things done on time.
So he just really is so supportive and helping with anything that you need help with with time. If you're someone that's not regularly on time, he can really help with that he can help you be reminded of the time he can help you notice the time when there's like recurring numbers and things. So anything
to do with bending time is what I want to say. He really is great to call on for anything that you need,
like uplifting, inspiring help with the betterment of humankind, like if you are wanting to put any kind of work in the world because the truth is, any work is helping for the betterment of humankind, right. If you're fixing highways, if you're, you know, answering calls at a call center, if you're a teacher, if any work that you do, there's a way to trace it to how it's helping for the betterment of people. So he can help you with any of that if you need inspiration if you need upliftment, he also really supports
trance mediumship channeling any kind of automatic writing. So if you are someone that is wanting to work on automatic writing or channeled writing, he's your guy he really is so helpful with helping us move into those additional states of awareness. Right, we talk about often hear how our five senses our sensory experience, the things we're experiencing in our day to day life can be so loud, and that this higher vibrational energy or other worldly energy is so so subtle. So he's really great at helping with those altered states like trance like channeling like automatic writing and bringing it through into the world. He's great with communication of any kind. And he has his own sacred geometry shape. So you can also do a deep dive into sacred geometry, there's a lot of physics, there's a lot of what the different geometric shapes mean, his includes several different geometric shapes. It's called Metatron cube, or the actual name for it is Merkaba. M er KAB, ah, Merkaba. But if you just search Metatron cube, you'll see it the sacred shapes contained in his cube, invoke the five elements, which, in five element theory is water, fire, earth, air, and spirits. So it's part of why he's great with time, he's great with travel, he's great with helping us, you know, do this spiritual work, he's helping with anything that is bringing spirit towards, I don't want to say towards Earth, because it's same. It's you know, they're here all around us. But helping us use the two seamlessly together, he's pretty amazing. And it's often thought that this this geometric shape, the Metatron, cube, the Merkaba, is a way of moving right through this sacred geometric shape, moving across time, space dimension reality. So you can also use the cube to do sacred work, if that calls to you and if you are into that. Okay, so now let's talk a little bit more about his personality, how you might feel him how you might experience Him, it's all pretty cool. And I also want to say that that's not a cumulative list of everything he's able to do or work with or help you with, but it's a pretty good start. I could make an entire hour long podcast, just talking about all the things that he can help with. But I think that's a good start for the relationship building for you to get started with him. Those ways are really easy to call him in kind of in the day to day and work with him in real and powerful ways. So how will you feel him? For me and personality? I mean, like I said, I've been working with him for a long time. He feels to me playful and youthful. He feels very fast, high vibrational. I want to remind you, even as I'm saying this, when I say he feels a certain way, or I experience in a certain way, I just want to remind you that it's very, very subtle. It's not like when I hang out with a person that's youthful and playful, and I can feel it in a more observable way. It's very subtle. So expect this all to be very subtle when you play with the energy
So very fast, very high vibrational, very quick moving but very powerful.
It this is like a weird way that I'm gonna say this, but I want to say there's like this diamond like light refraction with colors that I experienced him and it almost reminds me of when you hang like a prism on a window and it it can reflect all the different rainbows but it also looks crystal like. So that is how I experienced him in color. Plus, I experienced him in a lot of gold and white light. Some people see flashes of light kind of in their peripheral vision like off to the side. Some people just experience it psychically more in your psychic sight. Like the idea of those colors. Or if you close your eyes, you can kind of feel or sense those colors. And remember, we all experience things a little differently. So don't expect the world to pause and light, bright flashes of white light all around you it'll be much more subtle than that. Some people experience chills, or tingles on like their head, their palm their extremities, some people experience it as like a light tingling, some people feel it as like a vibration sensation. For me, those feelings are very subtle, I used to want them a little stronger at the beginning. So I would ask him more like to say hello to kind of help me feel my head tingles. So I would understand him that he was there. I don't really do it that way anymore, just because I can become aware of him and the subtlety. So don't expect it to be necessarily like really strong sensations. But some people even report or recount smelling like a peppery, spicy like a pungent scent with him.
I don't really have a sense for him, but some people do. So it's okay, any of these none of these, any combination of these is okay, I just kind of want to give you some things to think about what you might experience. For me, something about him always feels a little bit like rock and roll. I know as a weird way to say it. But there is just something kind of cool and youthful, and easygoing about him. In the angel tarot, he's also on the chariot card. And he's seen in an actual chariot. But it's thought that that merkaba we were talking about the Metatron cube is his chariot, it is his vehicle. And we can actually use the Merkava to, or you can just call on the idea of his sacred geometry. It's a very complex shape. So if you look it up, you can kind of see it, I tried to see if I could find a good image of it to link for you guys. But there's so many images, and a lot of them are copyrighted, that if you just do a side Google search of merkaba, or magnetrons, cube, you'll see it pretty easily. And remember, it's not a flat two dimensional cube, it's actually multi dimensional, it's more than three dimensional, more than five dimensional, more than, you know, because he travels through time, space, dimension and reality with it. So he's known for this type of movement. It's why it's why he was placed on the chariot card in the tarot. So essentially, that is how you can expect to sense Him, those are the things you can ask for help with. And just a second here, we're gonna get into our exercise, we're going to call him in I'm going to I'm going to teach you exactly how to do it. But I want to say don't necessarily get too attached to that it has to be done exactly this way, I'm just going to give you one way to do it in this episode, but you can play with it, you can practice with it different ways you can, we're going to do like an eyes closed exercise, because sometimes I feel like especially when we're newer to experiencing a certain light being in this case, Metatron, or certain subtle sensing, it can feel easier to close our eyes just because we're blocking out part of our physical sensing. But you certainly don't need to close your eyes. At this point, I usually don't close my eyes. When I say hi to him, I just kind of say hello and call him in. And I'm aware of him just because I have a familiar relationship with him. So over time, if you don't feel like you need to kind of go into a light meditative exercise to say hello to him. You certainly could just, you know, after building a relationship like hey, Metatron come on in, I need some help with XYZ today, or I'm really concerned about this youthful person in my life, and I need some inspiration around how to support them, can you help support them? Something like that. So again, back to wanting to tell you that if you're in a place that is not placed, not safe to close your eyes, please don't close your eyes. If it's not safe to do so. You know, put your grownup hat on and either pull over to the side of the road in a safe place and do this exercise or do it later. If you're not somewhere where you can do it. I'm going to ask him to move around in your space a little bit so you can feel him and I'm going to invite you to call him in based on
The suggestions that we were talking about earlier, you know anything to do with writing or documenting or researching or finding information. He's also great about that think of like, the most powerful librarian for all the secrets of the universe kind of a thing. If there's information or documentation that you can't find, maybe you're looking for a resource or looking for
an article about something, you can ask him for help with that, too. Like I said, I could make a whole episode on only what he helps.
But the great thing is, as you build a relationship with him and spend time with him in meditation, he will let you know other things he can help you with, he will just kind of pop it into your mind of Oh, yeah, I should ask Metatron about that. Now, for the relationship building aspect of this, the way I do that is the way I encourage you to do it with your loved ones, your Ascended Masters, your own guides, your all of any angel you want to work with, is just to kind of go into a meditation become aware of your own bubble, your own auric field, which like I always tell you is your personal space bubble, and then just invite him to sit next to you. If you just want to sit in the energy with him, we're going to do something a little bit different today, we're going to actually call him in, so you can start to feel him sense Him in your space. And then you can learn to invite Him in whenever you want help. And for me, the time thing is huge meaning like warping time, bending time, needing extra time helping me stay on time helping me in a safe way, get places that I maybe think I'm not going to get to on time. Now remember, we want to keep it safe. Angels will not control your free will. So you still have free will, it's still important to like try to leave on time for things don't give yourself two minutes to get somewhere that takes an hour to get and drive like a crazy person and expect Metatron to fix it all it doesn't really doesn't work like that. And the other thing to know is we need to give freewill permission for guidance help inspiration. Remember, angels can't take over our freewill. It's our choice, we have to be the ones doing the action in the world writing the blog, you know, going to the place doing the things. But if you ask him for help, he'll certainly be there. So let's get into this exercise. I'm pretty excited. If you're somewhere safe to do so A one one more little quick disclaimer. I know I was talking about imbalances and other energetic things we might need help with. I hope you know this already by now. But please, if there is something you're experiencing or someone you love is experiencing, it's okay to see your physician. It's it's more than okay, it's recommended, it's recommended to seek a licensed and registered therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, any of those people can also help you. This is just to support the work. It's not a magic wand that's going to make everything better. But Metatron can support you and can help you learn how to use your energy in a supportive way. All right, so now that I've said that, let's get into it. So if you're somewhere that's safe to do so just let your eyes rest closed, you don't need to slam shut but just kind of relax, some shut. Good.
Hand, just come all the way into the center of your head now. Good.
And say hello to that auric bubble, that personal space bubble. And just with your intention, just let it be about an arm's distance on all sides of you. Nothing hard you need to do to make that happen. Just your intention is enough. But just getting a sense of your own space, your own auric field.
Good. Make sure you're sitting comfortably you can adjust anytime, we're not gonna go too too deep into meditation because I want you to be able to feel sensations and things.
And if you feel stressed or anxious about what's going to happen, just let yourself relax and have an experience you might need to practice this many different times. So that you can relax and become more and more aware of the subtle energies, feelings, sensations awarenesses. Go ahead.
And then just off from one side of you any direction you don't even have to choose just let it happen. I just want you to imagine some small flashes of light, or some white light or gold light. It might even look like moving light or little flickers and flashes like butterflies of light. And you don't have to see it. Remember we're psychically sensing. So you might have a visual understanding in your mind's eye as you imagine, or you might kind of feel the sensation the energy of excitement or chirping light so to speak a flashing light and just met
to trans start to gently, softly, slowly move closer and closer into your space towards your auric field.
And as he moves closer and closer, don't expect to be aware of a physical form, just let him be however he is, it might be the feeling of a mist or fog, it might be just an awareness of someone stepping into your space. And even if you don't feel like you're aware of anything at all, just know what's happening.
Good. And then just ask him to stand right to your side or just slightly behind you and off to one side. But let him be close enough, not where he's like maybe physically touching you, but just right next to you right beside you or right behind you.
Good. Just keep breathing, keep relaxing, you might feel sensations in your tummy, or in your energy might feel a little bit like nervousness or butterflies or something moving, it's just the power of your soul moving so that you can have this psychic awareness, go ahead. And now we're just going to gently invite Metatron to help you experience some tingles for his Hello. So it might be the feeling of gentle vibration, it might be actual tingles, it might be chills, it might be just a sensation that doesn't have a word. And just allow that sensation to be either on your palms, or the top of your head or your feet, just invite him to give you just a little gentle sensation. Let yourself breathe here as you move your awareness to either your palms or the top of your head.
And remember, it might be so so subtle, tingling, might even be too strong of a word, it just might feel like a very soft change in the temperature or the air or the awareness of your palms, for example.
Good. And just know what's happening. Even if you don't feel at this time, it can take some practice to get used to perfect, you might just feel gentle changes.
And now imagine, even if you don't know what the Metatron cube looks like the Merkaba just imagine a little cube like a square cube like a Rubik's Cube type cube appearing out in front of you in your mind's eye.
Just let yourself imagine a cube or a box, he will make it into his own Merkaba. If you know what the merkabah is you, you're more than welcome to imagine that.
And just put an intention in there for either the rest of this day or the next hour, the next 20 minutes, even whatever you're working with.
About one of the things that we said that Metatron can help with maybe writing maybe information finding, maybe warping time helping time go slower or faster. Whatever intention you want to play with right now. And it can change over and over as you do this exercise. Just imagine placing that intention in that cube or box that you're imagining out in front of you.
And imagine Metatron absorbing that cube. He's going to do what he does, and help you assist you. Now the part of the ingredient is that you have to remember what you intended what the intention is, what you're working on with him what you want him to assist you with, or how you want to experience him. And it'll be subtle, but you just have to remember so you can be aware so you can start learning how to work with him on your own. Good. And again, just feeling him to that side or slightly behind you.
And let's just ask him to show you in your mind's eye in your imagination, some beautiful golden swirls of light, whatever that looks like for you. And imagine him allowing those swirls to move around your physical body, giving you just a little bit of a light healing right now. And you could spend a longer time with him healing in your space whenever you want. But just letting that energy swirl around and you might feel a little bit of movement in your energy field or your physical body it probably will be very very subtle.
Good. You can give him a healing request if you like or the truth is he knows what you're working on and and how to heal. And then just imagine giving him permission to assist you with whatever it is you
Put in the cube for the rest of the day or for the hour or whatever it is you like, you need your freewill consent to help. But by inviting him into your space kind of calling him in, is your consent as well. Good. Just take a few more breaths here. And see if you can kind of feel any of his personality qualities. Do you feel him? Energetic? Do you feel him calm? Do you feel him? Steady? Do you feel him excited? Do you feel him jovial. And if you can't get the exact quality, that's okay. Even if it's like, I just feel a little bit of something, but I'm not sure what it is yet.
How can you come back to this, you could spend as much time working with him as you like. But for now, let's just allow him to stay beside you helping you for this next period of time that you've requested. And whether it's a time bending issue, you want help with a writing issue, a focus issue, an inner talk, issue, whatever it is, let's just invite him to stay with you for that time period that you have designated. And if you want to work with him again, tomorrow, for example, you just do this exercise again and call him in tomorrow. And then just gently start to open your eyes and return all the way to me.
I know that was a very subtle, soft experience that we did, but you see how you can kind of call him into your space, he might show up differently every time. But for me, it tends to start to shape into okay, this these type of colors, these type of feelings, these type of requests, and you do need to give him your freewill permission, but he really can help with so so much we are in a year where it's going to be really important for us to be intentionally choosing what to focus our time on what to focus our efforts on what we're being called to do. And he really can help and support you with this work and a powerful and sometimes charming kind of a way. So I'm so excited to hear your experiences, were you able to feel some tingles, were you able to just get a sensing of him in your space or next to you, for example. And he has your highest and greatest intentions always. He knows you. I mean, he knows all about your records, he knows the records of the entire universe. So he really does deeply understand what you're working on and who you are and the core qualities of your soul. So he's an old friend that you can get to know again, is I guess the best way to say it. I hope you enjoyed this experience. Let me know, if you're liking these, I'm happy to do more. I work with several of the archangels and ascended masters on the regular in my own in my own work. I don't really tell my clients that I'm doing it. But I've been doing it all the time. So I'm happy to share it with you guys. I know you like a little bit more information. And I invite you just continue to work with Metatron. Maybe you invite him into a meditation for you know, several days this month or you know, consistently so you can just kind of get to know him how he feels where he will say hello to you in your space. Meaning do you feel him on your right side, you feel him on your left side? Do you feel him in front of you. And all of it is just for you to start building a relationship with Him so that when you do want to work with him, you kind of can trust a little bit more how he feels, what he helps you with what he can work with you on? What's the first thing that you're going to invite him to help with let me know, I would really love to hear from you. If you want to share the experience you had I would love it if you would call in to the hotline at 305-928-5683 which is 305928 Love. Or you can also email them to me admin at joyful medium. And let me know if you don't want me to share your name, I can share only first name or you can use a totally different name if you want, no one will know. So I hope you've enjoyed getting to learn about Metatron getting to understand the controversy around him, how he can help you what he specializes in how you might receive Him and feel him. And I hope you had an experience in that exercise. So wow, we did a lot today. Let me know how this works for you. And like I said I call him in all the time to all of my sessions to help me stay on track to help me understand and actually I'm going to be working with him later on a little side research project that I'm doing to help me more clearly and quickly find information that I'm looking for in the vast library that we all call the internet now. So Big hugs. I'm so grateful for you being here with me today. I would love it if you enjoyed this episode for you too.
share it with someone else like part of your woowoo crew, someone that you feel like would enjoy this information, someone that you feel like would love to have an experience with Metatron maybe think about someone you know that's working on a writing project or a creative project of any kind. They have lots of love bye for now from inside Spirit Speakeasy

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