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2023 Astrology Predictions & Mastering Manifestation with Astrologer & Psychic Medium Sheetal Story

Mar 06, 2023

The Spring Equinox is the astrological NEW YEAR (on Mar 20, 2023) so get ready for some 2023 Predictions! PLUS, Sheetal shares the BIGGEST challenges with manifesting the life we want & her tips and wisdom for real happiness. Sheetal also shares about her own journey as a medium, opens up about the loss of her mentor during Covid and how her mentor guides her from the other side.

Today's guest, Sheetal Story, is a Psychic Medium, a Professional Certified Astrologer, a Grief Support Counsellor and a Law of Attraction Master Coach. (read her bio in the show notes below).

Show notes:

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Facebook: @sheetalstorymedium 

Instagram: @sheetalstory

YouTube:  @sheetalstory  

LinkedIn: @tal-story-72871421

TikTok: @sheetalstory

Sheetal Story is a Psychic Medium, a Professional Certified Astrologer, a Grief Support Counsellor and a Law of Attraction Master Coach. Sheetal’s mission is to help heart-centred people cultivate and strengthen their intuition, to trust and use it every day, so they can live their most aligned and soul-led purposeful life. Intuition is the compass of the soul, and she teaches that your soul always knows the way. The more you learn to trust your intuition and flow with the energy that life presents, the more life will open up the most magical opportunities for growth and abundance! On top of her Business degree, Sheetal also has become an international Psychic Medium and Meditation teacher, a Law of Attraction Coach, she achieved her Master’s in Coaching, and became a Certified Grief Support Counsellor. She is also a Certified Therapeutic Hypnotherapist, and Tarot reader. Perhaps her biggest achievement, aside from working at mastering her Mediumship, is becoming a Certified Astrologer under ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research) and she is also a proud member of ISAR and OPA (The Organization for Professional Astrologers).

Sheetal feels so blessed to be able to do what she loves every day. She sees clients every week, feels passionate about empowering women to trust and strengthen their intuition, navigate the challenges in this life with ease, so they can use this soul led compass within them to live their most passion-filled and purpose-led life!

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