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Embracing Your True Purpose: A Cosmic Q&A with the Violet Flame Collective

Aug 21, 2023

This very special "Cosmic Q&A" is a channeled question & answer session with the Violet Flame Collective. In the spirit of pushing the boundaries, Joy was inspired to bring in Crystal, a colleague & friend, to ask questions that the Violet Flame could then channel answers to through Joy.  And profound answers is exactly what they gave! Here are just a few of the highlights of what we dive into in this episode:

  • Who is the Violet Flame Collective
  • What are “soul contracts and how do they work”
  • How to be more aligned with your own “highest and greatest good”
  • How to find divine inspiration
  • Are innovation. Ai & technology blocking our spiritual gifts?
  • What to do if you feel “stuck” in finding your purpose
  • More on your true purpose and who you are meant to be

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Episode Transcript:

Hey beautiful soul Welcome to Spirit Speakeasy. I'm Joy Giovanni, Joyful Medium. I'm a working psychic medium, energy healer, and spiritual gifts mentor. This podcast is like a seat at the table in a secret club, but with mediums, mystics and the spiritual luminaries of our time. So come behind the velvet ropes with me and see inside my world is I chat insider style with profoundly different souls. We go deep share juicy stories laugh a lot and it wouldn't be a speakeasy without great insider secrets and tips. You might even learn that you have some gifts of your own. So step inside the Spirit Speakeasy. Hey, beautiful souls. Welcome back, I have something very special to share with you today. This is a special episode from the Violet Flame, a channeled episode. Now if you are new to this podcast, you might not know but if you're a regular listener, if you remember back not many episodes to Episode 32 We did a channeled message from the violet flame collective on harnessing the power of the pause. Well, this the same collective, as some of you already know I part of my spiritual gifts is that I am what is called a trance medium, which means that I can go into a deeper meditative state for healing as well as what's called trance channeling, which is this voice channeling. And this is a collective a group that I have been channeling for a little while now. They call themselves the violet flame collective. And I had an idea actually, I was inspired, wasn't my I don't want to make it like it was my idea I was inspired and kind of got the message from this collective group of guides that's been working with me, I did that last episode that was really well received several of you messaged me back either through social media or through email, or through sharing the episode. And thank you so much, it means so much to me to know. You know, we are a collective here in this group too. So I resonate partially off of the energy of what resonates with you and, and we're still fine tuning. You know, what I'm sharing and what you guys want to receive. So thank you for all your feedback. So I got the message of the next step in this channeling agreement. What we're doing here is that they wanted me to invite in someone who is a dear friend and former student and colleague of mine, I'm going to introduce her in the intro, because we don't get into it in the episode you'll see and have her not only hold space, meaning she is doing a special type of energetic grounding as part of this energetic container for this conversation, this communication. And it allows me as the medium to go into a slightly like an even deeper state of meditation than when I do the channeled episodes myself. And then she is able to actively ask questions to this group of guides the violet flame collective. So it's a question and answer session with the violet flame collective, which is what's so exciting. I haven't really done a lot of these. So we're just experimenting and playing. And this goes. So amazingly, I actually listened to it back and I it's I'm still processing all the information. So let me tell you quickly, who was helping me her name is Crystal, she is a Master Healer and master intuitive in her own right. Like I said, I'm she's former student of mine, I've known her for, oh, geez, probably probably 10 years now, maybe more at this point. She has a degree and background and a muggle career in language and literature and so much more. So because of her advanced knowledge, she's able to help me by holding the space, like I said, and by presenting these questions to the violet flame, collective conversation style. So based on the questions, and I know, we've recorded another one of these at this point. So this is the first one that you're going to be hearing today. But I just want to let you know that I don't have the questions in advance. I don't like to know the questions in advance. So she's come up with these questions on her own all these questions that she's going to ask today. And based on the questions that she asked and the answers that the violet flame gave in this conversation. We are receiving guidance today on things like first she asks them to explain who they are the violet flame collective themselves. So we talk a little bit about that. She asks and we talk about what are soul contracts and how do they work? What what to do to be more aligned with your own highest and greatest good I think that's the dream Action most of us are always trying to move right is more in alignment with what's best for our soul for the for, you know, our journey this lifetime, our highest and greatest good. So they go into explaining how to be more aligned in that way, how to find divine inspiration. What else I have a little list here. Crystal actually asks the question, I really just paraphrase differently, you'll hear it in this episode, our innovation, AI and technology blocking our spiritual gifts or our spiritual connection. So they talk about that. They talk about what to do if you feel stuck and finding your purpose. And they also go into more on our actual true purpose as human beings and who we are meant to be who you are meant to be who each of us are meant to be. So this conversation is a totally new thing that we're doing. And I really want you to just open your heart and receive now I was aware that they are communicating on both a physical level where there's like questions and answers that you can hear the answers to, but also on an energetic level. So there's an energy exchange happening. So as you listen, just for those of you that are a little more highly sensitive, just be available to see if you notice any shift in your energy field any shift in your mood or the way you're feeling where your mind is moving. So I'm really excited about this conversation. Without further ado, I'm turning you over to Crystal and her interview or her chat with Violet Flame collective. Greetings and gratitude, we are aware of the excitement and the love in this space. And we are equally excited as well. We are happy to share this loving container with you and ready to discuss any topic that you desire.
Welcome, and thank you for being with us. It's an honor. Is it okay if I ask you some questions?
We are ready for the questions you wish.
Thank you. Can we know more about you and who you are? Did you ever have a human experience on this physical plane of Earth?
We are many souls combined in unison in one voice, something that may be resonant understanding to you such as a symphony, many different instruments we have embodied many different lifetimes in many different places. And several of you here are also a part of our energetic collective to a degree consciousness exists on many levels on many planes all at once. So it may be a little challenging to understand how many voices can speak as one. However, we are from a pool of resonant belief, understanding energy, love, wisdom, connection, and those who resonate with our message also have droplets in this pool.
Thank you. And connection, I think many of us are at the phase where we're starting to feel that connection between people between spirit between energy. Can you tell us more? What can we understand at this point about what a soul contract is?
First, we must consider this idea of connection and how limited the word and meaning is in your realm. For you look at it a little bit backwards, where as we understand and some of you are beginning to understand that everything is interconnected. In fact, there are no actual boundaries. However, on earth, you perceive physical boundaries, the energetic boundaries do not exist as such. And so the boundaries are the illusion while the connection is the reality. Now, the contracts as you speak of them also exist on many levels, many understandings many planes of intelligence. These can be between individual representations of the divine soul, meaning perhaps there are two individuals who are from the same soul collective that reincarnate at different times together. And I know that you understand that time is a little bit different where you are versus the rest of reality. And these contracts are merely agreements, agreements to show up in relationship to one another agreements to be the person that provides inspiration agreements for for many different purposes, but the word agreement is the most resonant energy to be with, it means that your soul has previously requested these arrangements, there is nothing that is imposed upon in a contract, meaning that has not already been previously understood fully by your soul to a degree that is much more than the human brain can fully conceptualize. However, once you return to non physical, all of the wisdom, all of the information and all of the connection gained through any contractual experiences is fully realized by the individual soul as they return to non physical collective.
Thank you. And so this idea of of connection that we understand it as well as we can with our human brain, how can we, what is one thing that we can do in our physical world, to come closer into alignment with our highest and greatest good is it connected to the idea of these these contracts these agreements?
First, you must realize that in order to be connected, it means in your world that the opposite must also be true, that there is potential for disconnection, your world is a world of duality, and that is why you speak and understand in these terms. However, from non physical perspective, it is only connection, disconnect is not possible, you are always intertwined, not only with your highest soul self, but also with the entire world around you, every molecule, every atom, every energetic scene and non scene piece of the world is part of this connection, there is never disconnect. It is as if you imagine swimming in the ocean, yet being somehow disconnected from the water. It is just not possible in the way you understand. And the soul agreements are just part of this ocean that you are in. It is something you can think of in terms of this ocean example where maybe just a different fish will swim along or maybe there is different seaweed to explore or different lighting streaming through the water. Yes, you will experience these things in your reality, but they are not separate from you, nor are you separate from anything around you. And nor can you ever be separated from that highest version of your soul self. For it is that soul self of you that animates this physicality of you, this physicality of you, does not exist without the soul self of you, but the soul self of you does exist without this physical vehicle. Therefore, one cannot be separated from the soul self and no contract is needed. You are the embodiment of the soul self, the embodiment of Divine Creation itself. That is why you are each divine creators. Beautiful,
thank you. So then what can we do to be more aware of those connections if everything is connected and nothing can be disconnected? I feel that the the awareness of that and the understanding and the deeper understanding of that can help pave the way to our greatest and highest good, what can we do in our physical bodies to become more aware of how we're connected to everything.
We appreciate the inquiry and we understand the energy of the direction that you wish to move. If you look at the little baby, entirely connected, and tirely aware of connection, no disconnection available. This is because distraction does not yet exist and the illusion of separation has not yet been taught and understood. If you wish to experience more glimpses of how connected you are, one remedy is to intentionally remove distraction. The physical world is bothersome to so many of you in so many ways. The physical world is distracting and shiny and entertaining and there is so much to see and do and experience. It is like being in a whirlwind and being in a house of mirrors all at the same time. Everything reflecting back aspects of you, to you. It is in the pauses as we discussed in our The last chat that really you can move your awareness to this connection, as we just conversed about the connection is always existing ever present. But moving your awareness to it can more intentionally, more concretely happen in these moments of pauses. It is available to you to move your awareness to at any moment in time. However, this human reality takes a lot of your bandwidth of understanding, bandwidth of awareness and attention. It is possible for your human mind to pay attention to one thing and your energetic self to pay attention to something else. But we know that you mean moving your intelligence towards this awareness. It really is as simple as just shifting your focus of awareness, what is your mind resting on, and if your mind can rest on the pauses in between all the busyness and you can create more intentional time for these pauses, you can experience this connection and incredibly profound ways. But we would like to highlight that since you are ever connected, your soul is ever present, as are we these moments of inspiration can happen at any time, it is just moving yourself to be more sensitive to being aware of these subtle things, as as part of your teaching, to where this inspiration can be made available to you at any time, whether you are paying attention for it or not. However, training yourself to become more sensitive to these subtle, inter blendings will be a great focus at this time.
Beautiful I feel I'm at the point where I can almost understand that going back to the pauses I'm very fascinated with that. So that the pauses I think in American culture, especially we are trained to be uncomfortable with those pauses to avoid them, to fill them. So for us to be more aware of those pauses, you know what, what can we do to help ourselves to value those moments of silence those pauses.
The interesting thing to realize is that these pauses are such a part of every moment of every second of every day. And we can highlight this through bringing your attention to the breath of the human body. Within each breath is an inhale, a pause, and exhale, and a pause. And then you inhale again, these pauses are ever present, you can just move your awareness to these pauses. It is why many practices of prayer, meditation, mindfulness, focus, start with this awareness of the breath, it is to become aware of those pauses, so that you then may be able to understand and recognize them in other areas of your life. Once you realize that this is not something foreign to you or to your system, you become less resistant. The other piece to this is emotional processing, which is part of this resistance. There can be challenging human emotions that you have come here to experience and that are a part of your journey in the lifetime, this time around. The resistance of these challenging emotions, perhaps, is what most humans fear and resist the most.
Yes. So stillness, meditation, to help to appreciate and to listen to those pauses. I think what you said before about distraction is becoming more and more prevalent in our society, especially in the form of technology, this ever evolving world of technology, how can those of us that are trying to become more aware of the spiritual world? How can we reconcile Is there a way to become harmonious with the ever evolving world of technology and this need to to value and remember, the quiet and the pause? Is there a way for us to bring, you know, innovation and technology together with this spirituality that we're coming back into? Or is those are those two things at odds
that has a beautifully phrased question and full of light. We would encourage you to embrace this technological shift as it is part of the transformation of the way of thinking and the interconnectivity, it is needed to illuminate, to bring light to bring offerings across many areas all at once. There is a resonant energy in any given moment with different things, different social media, different media in general, different places in the world, different energy that you can tune to or that you can resonate with, we encourage you to resonate with the more uplifting the more spiritually positive, the more nourishing and nurturing and supportive energies across social media. They are, they're just waiting at your disposal. And by moving your energy towards the vibrational resonance of people who are shining their light, it is one way to positively harness all of the power and connectivity available to you through these channels and platforms. Additionally, many people have created beautiful, loving, supportive ways through technology and media to connect to things like meditation, positivity, affirmations, mantras, beautiful music, and soulful sounds healing. As you know, there are so many positive attributes and ways to use this technology. It is only limited by the creativity and willingness of those that are here wishing to spread the light. We often see you as beautiful lighthouses each of you shining out different, maybe in dimension, maybe in height, maybe in tone, each of you with your own light to share and technology media. Advancements specifically with artificial intelligence as well are all a part of this trajectory. These are all wonderful experiences for you to have, we do not discourage against this at all. However, as most of you are learning in some area of your human lives, moderation is also available to you. And that means many things, it means creating time for enjoying these advancements, and also creating time for enjoying things that are created for you by this earth itself. Nature experiences outside human connection with others, it is not dissimilar to your idea of balanced diet or diet and exercise and rest and enjoyment, there is a place for all it is just making sure that you are in some form of balance with what you are consuming, so that you can properly digest, assimilate, and part of your human trajectory and ability is to make choices, make choices in discernment, make choices and understanding what is beneficial, what is nourishing, and what is detrimental. What is painful, what is lower vibrational for you. And some of that is part of the growth as well. Because this is a world of duality. Sometimes you need to experience something that feels less comfortable, that feels what you might identify as draining in order to understand and to come to choice, that there are other options available for you. There is so much more technology and expansion to come. There are so many more ways to connect, that are available, just outside the physical that you will see moving into your world within the next 10 years. The advancements are great and limitless. And we encourage each of you to enjoy expansion in this way, as well as enjoying expansion of your quiet time, your time with friends and loved ones, your time and nature and anything else you might enjoy and wish to experience here.
Thank you I personally needed to hear that when I'm sure other people did to another way of connection but something else for us to practice with balance in all things. So along those lines, a lot of things are happening and evolving. What would you say? The next phase of human evolution is on the spiritual level? What are we as a society needing to learn To be on that path to our greatest and highest good.
What is challenging here is each individual is embodied with freewill choice, which also includes whether they choose to move towards the resonant energy of their soul's highest expression and expansion in this lifetime. Some will choose not to open to these possibilities in this lifetime. And that applies to individuals as well as groups of people, societies, and families have many levels. And most of this is intertwined in many varying ways. It is up to each individual to bloom, to reach towards their own light to awaken in their own timeframe at their own discretion. And this is also not a linear journey, as many things in this world that you experience. It is not necessarily exactly like the lifecycle of a flower where there is a seed into a little plant, using that chlorophyll and photosynthesis to grow and stretch eventually coming to flower to bloom, coming to be fertilized, coming to seed, this progression is available in many ways, in many dimensions for each person here, and also for the different collective agreements that you mentioned previously, the world is moving is evolving, is ever reaching new levels of consciousness. And sometimes because of the duality, it is very challenging, from your perspective to see all of this growth and expansion. Many of you may have seen the pictures used by telephone companies when they are expanding. And if you have been on this earth plane for many years, you will have seen many versions of this, imagine the map with the pinpoint lights. And as the coverage area expands, so do the lights cover more area, this is very similar to the way that we see each of you moving towards the expansion of the light within the light is already there. And light resonates with light. So the more of you that resist shining your light, the slower the progression is, the more of you that breath by breath, moment by moment, choice by choice choose to live into the fullest, most authentic soul versions of yourself, the more it helps others to also resonate with that light. Like attracts like, and light attracts light, as you might say. But we also want you to understand that time is only applicable in your realm. So while you understand things in measure of time, and feel this urge to move more quickly, in your understanding of time, it is not the same from our perspective, it is not the same when you are in non physical, it is not the same to the soul of you who is everlasting in non physical, everything will happen in its own progression. Everything is always for the advancement of your soul and for the divine collective. So not to worry, things are moving in a direction even though ideally, we know that you would prefer to see all creatures moving towards non suffering moving towards enlightenment. And it doesn't always appear that way from your perspective, but from our perspective, on a soul level, it is so
thank you, I'm very much hearing that I personally feel that I'm trying to work towards that progression. And I feel at least partially aware of that. And I don't think I'm speaking for myself with this next question. So in this progression, I can look behind and see how far I have come. I can be in the moment and appreciate how far I've come but I still see I have a lot more to go. And I understand as much as I can understand about time. I feel stuck though and I know a lot of us do. What is that or what can we do and when we know or feel that we are stuck and not progressing the way we would like to.
Can you say more about that stuckness Is there a specific applicable example or situation that we can work through with you?
Yes, thank you. I am Stuck personally in finding my purpose. I've had I feel many distinct purposes in the past, whether they were you know, considered a hobby or a job or you know, just something they did a way to define myself a purpose to develop myself and others. And as of right now, I don't feel a purpose.
What if we told you your purpose is only to bloom. And what if that means that it just, you open, you expand, you move towards what feels fulfilling, what feels enriching, what feels like expanding your light just a little bit more. There is not one path. But everything that you are everything that you desire to experience, even though we know that is changing moment by moment and year by year. This is all part of the plan. Even the pruning process, even when the bottom leaves fall away and die, so that your stem can grow stronger and longer. All of that is part of the process. And part of the reason you have come. Your purpose is to let your light expand. Live into the fullest version of who you desire to be. Your desire moves you towards the highest expression of your soul. You know, when you are out of alignment, you know that when you are facing a task or undertaking an involvement that does not feel like it helps you to shine your light that does not feel like basking in the warmth of your spirit. This is a good indication that that is not the direction that your soul most desires. However, it doesn't mean that you cannot grow and fertilize your soil from these experiences. Your purpose is to bloom and we have been watching you bloom for some time, we know that you wish it was more linear. But think of it like a beautiful long stem rose that has many blooms, it is possible for you to shoot off additional branches and leaves and buttons. There is not necessarily only one river for you to flow for all rivers lead to your highest and greatest good. And we ask that you focus on flowing with that feeling of bending your bloom towards the light, the light truly expands from within you. If something no longer resonates with you, it is okay to release it. If something new is calling your heart, your soul your awareness, it is okay to explore it. You are not meant to only experience one level of expansion in this lifetime. You are not meant to only walk one path, you are meant for many delicious, delightful, expansive experiences. You are already doing it.
Thank you very much. Thank you. All right. So maybe one Just last question. Could you give us a word or a theme for the next six months is something we could focus on maybe homework?
This is a wonderful question. This is another example of how you are expanding your light you wish to grow. This is a good indication that you are in alignment with your expression. All of your expression is beautiful. We encourage you to become more clear about the subtle versions of that feeling that we just described. The feeling of when you are moving like a beautiful flower towards that sunlight, we are sure that you have all seen a plant how it reaches for the sun, how it naturally moves in the direction that nourishes it feeds it warms it provides it with the warm and fuzzy feeling that you describe. However, we would also like to remind you about this world of duality and the fact that it doesn't mean that you will receive sunlight 24 hours in your day. The Darkness serves its purpose to the quiet time serve their purpose to the times when you feel like things are not in what you would describe as flow or not at the speed of flow that you might desire. Those are also in Divine Alignment to if you want some homework, you could consider paying attention to your own ebb and flow paying attention to when something feels like a yes, like a light shining From within you is expanding is warming in your chest, when something feels so beautiful that you forget time when something feels so wonderful and expression that you feel totally in resonant vibration with the universe when you feel inspired. For some of you this may come as writing or singing or making artwork. For some of this. For some of you this may come as counseling another teaching a child, saving an animal, it can come in your work, in your relationships, in your personal, intimate life within, it can come in any area of your life, but we encourage you to find that feeling so that you can move towards it in all areas. For we know that you each desire, your highest expression and expansion in all areas of your life. Just know that these will not all occur simultaneously for most of you, nor would you wish them to that might feel overwhelming in your world. Although we see you as much more expansive and capable than you even understand you have the capacity. We know that just tuning in with the vibration, the resonance, the sensation of this feeling is enough to help you understand it in multiple areas. The other thing we encourage you is to resist hmm, resist this inclination to judge yourself so harshly for times where you feel like you are not striving towards that light. Remember the ebb and flow we will talk more about this in subsequent teachings. But you are not meant to be sunlight 24 hours a day, it would be too much you are meant for rest as well. You are meant for nourishment in different areas, not all at once like you might like you are meant for the full spectrum of emotions, and not just the ones that you prefer. All of this, all of this is important for your growth and nourishment on a soul level in deeper and more profound ways than you can conceptualize all at once. We are so grateful for the time you have spent with us today and so happy that you are starting to fully recognize in glimpses parts of your potential, but we want you to know that we see the full expansion of your light and it is glorious.
That's beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your love and light. Is there anything else that you would like to leave us with today?
We are grateful for your time and your inquiry. Your light beams are shining out much further than you realize just by being open to receive the messages that we are giving. Not only are your human ears receiving these messages, but you are receiving information on vibrational levels as well. Some of you may feel subtle shifts, some of you may know that more loving healing information is being transmitted on many levels. We are very much looking forward to many subsequent conversations with you. This is a relationship that we intend to grow and expand for the support of your highest good. Thank you. So what did you think of that conversation? I am still processing I had to listen back to it to do this intro and outro today and in the time that's laughs since we recorded this conversation, which was probably by the time you guys are listening to it, it's been probably a month ish like right around. And in this time, we have decided and have been guided that this is just the first in a series of conversations like this. So there'll be another conversation like this coming next month where crystal is asking questions of the violet flame collective. We're also opening it up to questions. So if you want to email in questions that you want crystal to integrate and ask you can do that by emailing them to me directly joy at joyful Or to admin at joyful Those are the best ways to get him in. And we're actually thinking about holding a live event on Zoom where you can live interactive style ask your question your personal questions to the violet flame collective as like a group, kind of like a live reading style event. So check out the Events page on my website Joe For, to see that event, we're going to do it like around Halloween in October. So I'm super excited about that. It's just the next step in this process of communicating with the violet flame. And they are making it clear that they want to open this conversation, open communication, and do almost like live coaching style from the other side, it's turning into this really interesting, amazing exchange. So there'll be another conversation coming up like this and an event. And I just want to remind you really quickly if you're listening to this episode, in either August, September or October of 2023, don't forget to sign up for the free community healing. As you guys know, for me, the underpinning of all of this work is our own healing and expansions as human beings, and in this collective that we are in together, so I do this free community healing every month but the September and October, the August, September, October versions are special where I'm going to be teaching tools, as well as giving Reiki chakra clearing or clearing and balancing trance medium healing, which is similar to this trance medium communication, but instead of words, there's healing that's transmitted through so don't forget to sign up for that it's totally free. Just go to my website joyful and it is right on the homepage, just drop your email in there and it puts you on the VIP insiders list so you're sure to get the direct link and it's live on Zoom. So the link is not posted anywhere you have to receive it for me. So I hope that you are enjoying what this is turning into and I'm excited to see how this continues to progress. If you felt moved by this episode, I would love it if you would share it and subscribe if you haven't already so that you never miss an episode and get the episode a like if you go to the main page of the episode wherever you're listening to this and just like the podcast itself or share it that really helps me and it helps me know that I'm moving in the right direction with all of this in my own flow. So Big hugs, lots of love. Thanks for being here today with me with Crystal and with the Violet Flame collective inside Spirit Speakeasy

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