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Growing Up Mediumistic with Kelly Fisher

May 01, 2023

On this week's episode of Spirit Speakeasy, Psychic Medium Kelly Fisher shares her memories of seeing and sensing spirit throughout her life. Kelly goes into details of these experiences from ages 2, 4, 10, teen years, and beyond. Like many mediums, these gifts run in Kelly's family through her mom, aunt and has been present in one of her of kiddos as well. 
We also chat about a few of our experiences together as friend's on the unique journey of mediumship, including what it means when two mediums can "double link", both communicating with the same spirit person at the same time. 
Kelly and I have a demonstration of mediumship event coming up in May 2023. This Live zoom group reading will allow many attendees to receive personal communication and messages from their own loved ens in the spirit world. While we can't guarantee a message to each individual, everyone in attendance is sure to witness and feel the love of the spirit world in a heart touching way. 
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Episode Transcript:

Hey beautiful soul Welcome to spirits speakeasy. I'm Joy Giovanni joyful medium. I'm a working psychic medium energy healer and spiritual gifts mentor. This podcast is like a seat at the table in a secret club, but with mediums, mystics and the spiritual luminaries of our time. So come behind the velvet ropes with me and see inside my world is I chat insider style with profoundly different souls. We go deep share juicy stories laugh a lot, and it wouldn't be a speakeasy without great insider secrets and tips, you might even learn that you have some gifts of your own. So step inside the spirits. Hey, beautiful souls today is gonna be a very special episode, I'm going to introduce you to one of my dear friends and colleagues, we really does have a good time talking. And we have so many more stories to share that actually, we decided we probably will do another episode at some point. But you're not gonna want to miss this episode with one of my dearest friends and colleagues. I'm just giving you a little bit of teaser on this intro. But without further ado, I really want to get into this conversation. Let me just tell you who it is. It's Kelly Fisher, who is an incredible medium, also psychic and healer and Teacher and Author and all these amazing things. But also the person that I have had as my kind of buddy. During most of my development, we've traveled together we typically if we're gonna go to a workshop together, we're usually rooming together. And it's always a lot of laughs so it's Kel and I we actually share an office together which I mentioned on the on the episode. But it's sure to be a good time when Kelly and I are chatting and the hour just flew by. So let me know if you feel that way too. And Kelly and I have an event coming up together which we talk about on this episode she shares about her journey as a medium a little bit. Some really cool stories about how she met her spirit guide and the first time she got to talk to a spirit guide through a channel who's actually hurt him but she talks about so stay tuned and you know listen to this episode because it is not one to be missed with the incredible medium and friend Kelly Fisher. Welcome in everyone. I'm so excited to have you here. Whether you are a returning listener or a new listener. Welcome to the spirit speakeasy. My guest today is one of my favorite people I've ever read her bio and then we're gonna dive right in. Her name is Kelly Fisher. She is my friend and colleague and one of the most beautiful mediums I know but let me read her facial by Kelly Fisher is a certified psychic medium spiritual teacher, healer and author she has sensed the spirit world for as long as she can remember, her earliest memories and experiences are uniquely spirit centric. Growing up in a Catholic home and a Christian school. She navigated these God given abilities through what was culturally accepted, which at times meant keeping her gifts tucked safely away in her 20s angels and guides and spirit people nudged her relentlessly to start opening up and intentionally developing her gifts and in doing so she found that here's what she had been searching for all along. The architects plan her soul's true purpose to use her abilities to heal grief and pain. She trained at the well renowned Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England under world class mediums and our gifts have been certified by James van Praag, her great passion is supporting people all over the globe through their grief, Journey compassionately connecting them with their loved ones to bring them hope and closure. Through this work. She delivers spiritual guidance, healing messages and evidence of the existence of life and the continuation of the unbreakable bond of love after physical death. Welcome, Kelly, thank
you so much for having me.
I'm so happy to have you here. It's funny that it's by
no, this is much anticipated.
Yes, for those who don't know, Kelly and I met in early in my development journey, which I think was a little further into your development journey. We have stood side by side through many classes and mentorships and events together and we actually share an office here in Southern California. So we we spend some time
not as much as we would like but we do.
I think that's something that surprises people is that we're not physically together more because in classes we're in kind of known as friends and often confused for each other. Although we look nothing alike. If you're listening to the audio version of this, you could check out the video version either on my website or on any of the social medias. And you'll see that we look kind of similar, I guess in that both are roughly around the same. Same. Yes, we
are definitely about the same height. And we're we're close enough in age. So I can see how we could get grouped together in a big group of we tend to be the youngest mediums in this in any room we're in. Yeah. So I don't mind being
I think it's funny too, because even as people know us, they still kind
of, I just answered a joy now it's fine. I didn't call much more exactly get I'm surprised. I haven't introduced you as Kelly yet.
Oh, well, you know, that could always that can always happen. I do want to ask you about early on in your journey, just because I feel like we all have such different experiences. And you are someone who really has experienced spirit from a young age. So I would love it if you would share a little bit about them. Yes,
absolutely. What's what's funny is, every time I'm asked that new details come up, because it's like, then I remember something else that happened at some point in time. I'm really bad with specific timelines. So I'll try to keep it as you know, as accurate as possible. But my earliest Well, my most poignant earliest memory because I think my earliest memory of something psychic of a psychic knowing was probably about two two and a half I've my long term memory is tends to be pretty good timeline wise, not so great. Short term memory also not so good. But yeah, I think it might be, I think, I think it absolutely might be it's like short term amnesia long term locked in. But yeah, so I remember at six, I was sleeping. And this is just like my first earliest memory of a psychic occurrence. And I sat up straight up in bed, and I was just sobbing. And it was like, out of nowhere, you know, I think I was sleeping. And then I was sobbing. So my mom comes running. I couldn't have been asleep for long because of course, they were still up watching TV or whatever they were doing at the time. She comes running, thinking, oh my gosh, she's her like, what's going on? And she goes, Honey, what's wrong? What's wrong? And I said, I grandma, she's not okay. Something's happened to grandma. And she said, Oh, no, honey, she's fine. They were on an Alaskan cruise. At the time before cellphones. So they had just phoned in that day from someplace probably Anchorage or something like that. But anyway, phoned in, everything's great. They're having a ball. They're going to ship home a bunch of halibut, you know, sounded like a dream trip. And I said, No, she's hurt. Like, she's not okay. And so of course, it was unsettling, I'm sure for my mom, because she all she knew she was she was fine. And she wasn't able to reach the ship. So she just had to trust that I had a bad dream or something like that. So when they got back, we went to go pick them up. And when my grandma got off the plane, she was in a cast from her hip all the way down to her ankle. And she had when she was disembarking from the boat, she had fallen and shattered, like the whole thing. And then it was they they went back to that moment that I sat up and was sobbing, of course, was a time change between Colorado and Alaska. And, and they figured that it was exactly at that time that I sat up that she felt. So we were just connected, you know? Yeah.
That's, that's so special. And I mean, you and I are both moms, which we do talk about publicly. I would say, as a mom, that's like, probably a really striking thing, especially once the validation comes through. Like okay, something did happen, like, Oh, my goodness, did your let me ask you this. Were you any more taken out? As a result, or was it still?
Yeah, well, I was. And what was really interesting is it brought up another story that had happened between my mom and her grandmother, that that that linked them together on kind of a psychic line. So So I think for my and I can tell the story if you're interested, but but for my family, at least on the mother's side, like we're very sort of like LinkedIn to each other, but it seems to be like grandmother to granddaughter, kind of like, I mean, I'm linked into my mom, but skipping a generation. Yeah, so my mom's was even younger, she was five and she when she was born, she had like, she had ears that stick out like this. And I think she's precious otherwise, but the ears were were you know, and so my grandmother, having been German and sort of focused on, you know, wanting to make sure that her daughter looked normal. She decided on getting her plastic surgery really young, she just didn't want her to be teased and bullied and so on. So she went in for the plastic surgery at the age of five and she was recovering actually, she was she had had her head wrapped in a bandage, like all the way around so her hearing was pretty muffled. And she woke up in the middle of the night and the doorbell was ringing and so she ran to get my my grandmother, her mom, and she said, Mom, mom, the doorbell is ringing. The doorbell is ringing. And my grandma got up thinking, well, that's weird. We didn't hear anything. and went to the door. Nobody was there. But the next day they received a telegram. This is a while back that, that my my grandmother's mother had passed. So it would have been my mom's grandmother at exactly the time that the doorbell rang. So when a child that shouldn't have been able to hear anything, heard the doorbell ringing, and it was it was her grandmother coming to say goodbye.
Oh, that's so special. And I have met your mom full disclosure, and she's highly psychic. Is so it's so special. The way sometimes these gifts pass in a very direct way, generation to generation out of curiosity. I mean, I know your kiddos are highly sensitive as well. Do you? Have you seen yet that link between your mom and one of the kiddos? Yeah, that's
a really good question. I'm not to the extent where we can we have a story to point to but they are very bonded. Yeah. Interesting course. Yeah. Yeah, that but definitely I know, their LinkedIn. I just don't know if they you know if that story has emerged yet. So? Yeah, it's a good question.
That's so cool. It'll be interesting to kind of be absolutely, yeah,
I mean, my middle child she's like, so she's so clairvoyant, and just naturally, you know, mediumistic. So the stories that have already come out of that child are wild, but not directly as they pertain to my mom.
Yeah, there are, I didn't know how much you wanted to go into sharing. So I was I was just being delicate. But I mean, your kids really are highly sensitive and stories from from them. And I think it's so special to because now that you have really embraced your gifts and step into them and aren't scared anymore. It's probably a whole different experience to get to, as a mom, nurture them through what they're experiencing, or maybe, you know, not every experience do we put down to experience experience? So maybe being able to give them direction there? Do you find that? Absolutely.
I mean, I think that I'm so much better equipped as a mom to them than my parents were to me. And I think that they were as good as they could have been given the tools that they had an understanding that they had around it. And so it's that I'm so grateful for that. Because anytime they have an experience, I can help them to understand it, I can help I can, I can be there to understand it as well. Like, I just had a parent today that I was working with. And she was telling me about her daughter talking to spirit and when, you know, wondering what to do and I was I was encouraging her nurture it, you know, be inquisitive about it, if she's seeing something in a room? What, what's scary about it, is it scary, because it's an older person, sometimes Little People can be scared of older people just because they're older, you know? Or is it scary? Because of its size? Or its expression? Does it look angry? Or is it just is it just scary because it's out of place. So, you know, just be inquisitive about it and be supportive and nurturing. And that's a lot of times the best we can do as parents cuz we don't quite know what's what's happening with them what they're experiencing, but we can be supportive.
I think it's great advice. And it was actually going to be my next question, which I'm not surprised at all. You're already understanding each other nice questions. Yeah, Kelly and I could do a funny, it's not really funny. It's a it's a special, special part of our gift, where we, when we're working together, if we're doing a group event, for example, we can link our energy together or blend our energy together and sometimes experience the same things or understand the same spirit people or understand. I always call it psychic connection where I can understand what the other one is thinking across the room without necessarily needing to text I
remember there was this one party that you and I went to that I kind of dragged you to in Florida, in Florida, and it was we won't reveal all the details. But it was very noisy in there. And it was very interesting. It was a very interesting party. I'll say that. And I just remember like, with every twist and turn that was going on at the party, you would just look at me and it was like I just it was I just got exactly what you were thinking in that moment about that thing. And it was really the first time I can, you know, because I've we don't really go to parties like that anymore. But it was really the first time that I can remember thinking like this is really cool. I wish I had been psychic in college with other friends could have just talked, you know, telepathically without having to yell over the music.
It was the best especially because like you said like it was loud. And there were what was funny is there were several things going on all at once. And any number of them could have been what was funny or what was the joke but it's like I do feel like we were really dialed in and I know that you are getting like whole blocks of what I will be saying and thinking and then we just bust out laughing
like crazy As so that was that was really like a fun experience is something outside of what we were doing media mystically intentionally, which is when we double link and that that is an amazing it's an amazing experience. And I think it's kind of like I would say this is an extreme example. But it's sort of akin to finding your soulmate, like, you know, there aren't that many people that you can get on that same vibrational level with and connect and understand one another. And that's true media mystically as well, that there are not a lot of other mediums that you can very easily link into. But I love when we've got, you know, we're really bringing somebody's loved one through and you've got one part of their personality, and I've got another side of their personality, you've got details about one part of their life and details about the other. And then sometimes we're seeing the same details about the same part of their life. And I can just feel when you've gotten another piece of information. So I'll wrap up what I'm talking about and and let you come in, and vice versa. Or you can feel when, when I'm sort of looking for that next piece, but you've got it so you could jump. It's just it's great.
It's your I mean, it's it is so much fun, and I love doing it. I think it's an unusual, like you said it's an unusual bond or ability that even when you can double link is what it's technically called. But even when you can work that way with someone, there also is, I don't know, like a personality meshing for that ebb and flow and back and forth. That's really special. And like you said, I can feel you the way I feel it is kind of your energy nudging mine of like, I got something I want to, I want to say about that, you know, so that's really fun. And then there's been times where times where we've had the same spirit person, and both of us are discerning different information. But then there's been times where you have someone and I'm like, Well, I don't want that person at all. I have this person and then thinking of that one event in particular. And then that woman was like, Oh, you have my brother? I
was exactly. I was thinking that before you even said it. I had those two people in my head. Yeah, that was so wild. But I think who did I have? I had the brother and you had the sister? Yeah.
I think I kind of remember a little bit about some of them. So and I think they did live together for like a period of time as adults in this in like the family home kind of a thing. Which is really, I don't know, it's just it's kind of fun to have a friend to work with people don't realize I think that mediumship often can be kind of an alone
gesture. Absolutely. Yeah, it absolutely can't be because it's not a common field to work in. So you run up against challenges that, you know, I could go home and tell my husband about, but he's not going to know what to say. So really, you've got to have that, that psychic or medium mystic friend that you can bounce things off of. And that's been, you know, just an measure. There's like, I can't measure how helpful that's been in my journey. To have you like hand in hand and just yeah, just to just help me process through things or come over a hump that I'm up against, you know, and celebrate, too.
I will Yeah, yeah. And the truth is, we, we sometimes drag each other out of our comfort zone.
That's you, you pulled me out of my comfort zone.
I've been out of my comfort zone in in things that were you're
working on? Okay, I'll take that. I'll take it. No, but you just correct me if you like, yes, we do want to do that. And I'm like, I'm about to pass out.
Okay, well, that is a special. That is a special occurrence. I think what you're talking about is when Kelly and I did a workshop many years ago, it was like a three or four day workshop with the amazing. Mavis patella, who's now crossed over to the spirit world. We mentioned her quite a bit here. And she had asked us at the end of the course and one day, you know, she was just talking to different students and had asked us would we go and be on the platform, which is like on the stage demonstrating with her which I had never done before. Nor did I think I was even within five years of being ready to do but maybe this was a medium more than 50 years is one of the most respected mediums of our time, certainly. And when something like that asks you will you do this? It's kind of like you know what I mean? Like saying no says something about us as the word I don't know. I didn't think no was an option in that moment. And
you are Kamala and I'm so glad that you said yes. And raise your hand for both of us. Because I've always I've told you this a couple times that you're like my my courageous big sister. You just raise your hand and you're like, I don't even know what got into me but but there I am behind you. Like I guess I'm coming with you. We're doing this.
I don't know why I really don't know why I'm raising my hand half the time and even when I'm doing and I'm like oh my god, what am I doing? Like why are you like are you really raising your spirit just
moves you and then I've got to go with you. So
But we've done so many events together. After we did that one event with her, which was my first time, like I said, ever doing any type of like group event like that. And I was very new, I'll say it that way. And after that she kind of gave us our marching orders of, you know, a direction about working for groups of up to 25 for one year and what she expected of us and we weren't even going to be mentoring under her at that point anymore. But it was it just kind of one of those things where like, if you were a basketball player, and Michael Jordan told you, it's like, who would say no to that? That's kind of the caliber? Shortly? Absolutely.
And I'm always I look back on that was a really pivotal moment, I think, for both of us. And, and it really sort of gave us permission to go out and work publicly. Like, as you said, we probably would have taken longer to take the platform. And but when she gave us our marching orders, we kind of looked at each other and thought, Okay, let's do this. And we started doing a lot of demonstrations together and small groups and bigger groups. And it's been, it's been a wonderful journey, you know, we've got lots of good stories to
yeah, these days, we tend to be more ships passing in the night, we have opposite days at the office, which is why we're so excited to let me just announce it. Now, it's been announced, but we're doing an event together via zoom, but live on coming up on May 13 2023. And you could check it out. It's on my website, actually joyful under the events section, but I'm really, when was last time we work together, group like that,
you know, I don't know why it's been a while I we were really, really plugging along there right before COVID. And then, you know, of course, that changed everything. And I don't think we've done a bigger groups a big group event together since then. So
I think we've done a few small ones. But it's been it's been a while. So I'm pretty excited about it. And I always love working with you, I do want to go back to a little bit about your journey. Because I I feel like it's so valuable for people to understand that we don't all come to this work in the same way. And that a lot of us I know you and I have talked at length about this, but a lot of us kind of wrestle early on with that, especially if we've got any kind of faith background about, you know, maybe whether this work is okay, or maybe how we feel about it. And I I think you have such a beautiful way of speaking to this. So I would love it if you would tell us how you went from that little scared six year old girl to like this amazing what they do now. Sure.
Yeah. So that, you know, just kind of wanted to illustrate the an early point, just to say that, you know, this has been my experience for many, many, many years. And I think when when I was little, I didn't think of it as scary, because I just assumed everybody else had the same experience. And I think you've talked about this to that you always saw color. And you just thought everybody else always saw color. And I think a lot of children probably go through that they don't see it as weird or different or scary. Because they just assume it's natural and normal until they realize culturally it's not. So, yeah, so I, I there's kind of a gap there between like six and nine or 10. But I remember I remember around the age, it would probably would have been around the age of 10 that I was I was a gymnast at the time. So everywhere was my gym. I mean, the grass was my tumble mat. The rock wall next to the fence was my balance beam. If there was a bar, I was hanging on it, like I was a monkey. I was just just a little like little gymnasts all the time. So I was practicing I was competitive gymnast, I was practicing my beam routine on what was my outdoor beam, which was the rock wall between our house of the neighbors. And there was a new build across the street. And that actually had sat vacant for in my recollection would have been a long time. Probably in that day and age when the houses were selling it probably was normal but and I remember I had a pair wet in my routine. So it was it was facing away from the house. And then I parallel I did a turn. And then I was facing directly at the house across from across the street. And there was this window in the upper right hand corner and in the window staring straight out. And it was I felt like they were looking at me but as I as I go back and my recollection recollection about it, it was sort of like a blank stare like they were staring out, but not necessarily add anything directly. And it was a mother I remember very clearly it was a mother and her little boy and the little boy was standing in front of her and I imagine he was probably standing on like a ledge a window or something like that. But they were right up against the glass. And I could see them and I remember thinking oh great. Maybe there will be at the house. We'll have neighbors across the street. But then the next thought that hit me was what a weird thing for them to be wearing. like she was in this sort of like, older looking floral dress that probably was circa 1950s. Maybe earlier, he was in like a little sailor outfit. And the haircuts were different and everything was just off. And I remember, I remember, we, I can't recall the name of the guy that his name was like John fish or something like but anyway, there was a realtor in our real and in our neighborhood. We were sort of at odds with him, because we were we had like this clan that would run around the neighborhood and kind of like, we were a little naughty. So, so I don't think John fish. I'm gonna call him John fish. I've no idea what his name was. But, um, but I don't think he appreciated us very much, because we would, you know, kind of not always leave things as nicely as we had found them. I regret being like that. I wish I had been a little bit better when I was younger, but we had a lot of fun. So I knew what his car looked like. In other words, because we were always running away from him. This little red car wasn't sitting in front of the house. So I thought, Hmm, that's odd, because I had a huge lockbox on the front. So usually, if he was showing the house that he would have gotten into lockbox, and he would be in there with them. And I kept my eyes I was I kept doing my routine, I kept my eyes on the house, and they never came out. Nobody ever left the lockbox was intact on the front door. So, you know, I don't think I gave it a lot of weight then. But I look back on things like that. And I think oh, my gosh, that was just a mediumistic experience. I would, I would get it now. But I didn't get it then. So. And actually,
I think it's so funny. Sorry to interrupt you. To your point. I was just talking about something similar to someone earlier. And I could see in their face that they were they were like, What do you mean, you didn't like to mention that, but I don't know how to explain it kind of just like you said other than like, I knew it was out of place. Or I knew it was a little odd, but I just kept motion like, just kept about my I know,
it's like when you're 10 you know, you like run inside and you eat dinner and you go take a bath and like you go to bed. It's like you don't really think about it. It didn't scare me. It just was out of the ordinary. So yeah, so funny. So um and that was really like an interesting I'll just tell you really quickly and then I'll go into to the rest of it. But they finally the House did get sold to wonderful people who became great neighbors. We love them. They had a dog named Clyde It was hilarious. But their house was was always so active. I could see it from my when they moved into I could see their their house or comings and goings from my window from my bedroom. And lights would go on and off in the middle of the night when I knew that they were gone. And then one time I went over there and I was babysitting their cute little girl. And there was this massive crash in what would have been that same room with that mother and little boy. And I saw I grabbed the baby. I ran across the street and my mom's like, what's going on? I'm like, I don't know something. Somebody's in the house. So the lady came back. And I told her I said, I don't know what happened. But it sounded like a bookshelf came crashing down upstairs. And so she goes, Well, why don't you stay out with the baby? Let me go like clear the house. Just make sure there's nobody in it. And and she came back down and she goes, she goes, You know this house is haunted. And I was like, actually, actually, it makes a lot of sense money. Yeah. So like
I do know, in fact, we are we are you okay. A little bit. I'm just so curious. Because I know we talk about this a lot I just actually talked about on the podcast last week, that some places due to lots of emotion happening. There are lots of different things over the years, like old cities feel more quote unquote, haunted than others. It's that residual energy that we talk about, that people can leave behind. But in a new build like that. What are you as a medium now, looking back, what do you attribute it to? Do you feel like it was perhaps the land that had been there before? What
that one has always been very perplexing to me, because you can usually find a reason why somebody might have hung back.
Do you think those people went to that family somehow, maybe it just didn't. It had to be months
that I saw that woman and that child prior to them taking residence in the home. So I don't feel a connection between the two. And I'm not sure. I mean, I don't think that there was a lot on that land. I mean, there weren't old buildings or anything like that. If anything, it would have been, you know, belong to indigenous people long time ago. So I don't Yeah, it was very strange in we talked about kind of the idea or the possibility of vortexes and ley lines and you know, these spaces on our earth that create more sort of activity or invite more activity, and it's very possible that that's what was going on. Because there was a lot of activity in my house as well, particularly in my bedroom. And so, which was it? You know, the distance between the two wasn't too great. So as I don't know if that was me meeting mystically or
Well, that's what I was gonna say that's kind of maybe exactly kind of a the medium that you're aware or is it that the space is? Yeah. Anyway? Yeah,
exactly well in at the time, so I can't explain why the house continued to be active after that mother and child were Yeah, were visible but but you know, you never know maybe they were maybe that duo passed in a car accident or something nearby and you know just sort of found home in that that space? I'm not sure it's, it is interesting because it doesn't have an answer, you know, we don't have a concrete answer. And there's almost no way to to be 100% certain about it.
Well, I feel like that is one of the things like you mentioned earlier, I'm so grateful to have you on this journey, because we can kind of talk about things that we wouldn't normally have someone to talk about or think through or, you know, and it is just, you know, this, but I secretly visualize that the way that they see us as mediums from the other side is like with some kind of lightbulb over our head. I'm like, Oh, she can, she can see me like, exactly the thing. But yeah, that's that's a fascinating, that's, that's a perplexing one, because we don't really know, you know, what would have been their message? Or why would they? Because like, we often talk about a lot of times, if someone has some sort of spirit activity, so to speak, in their house, there is something you know, that spirit is trying to call attention to, even if they didn't ever know. Yeah,
exactly. I have like a vague recollection of we. So we were really good friends with the next door neighbors. And those were the two kids, my brother and I, and those two kids that we would run around and you know that we were bored. It was in the 90s. Right? So but late at night, I remember when the house is was vacant, so vacant, we would dare each other to sneak into the backyard. Because it was so creepy. Yeah. And I remember at one point, asking the next door neighbor, does that look like a coffin coming up from the ground? And of course it wasn't, but it was the way that the shadow was hitting. So just I mean, this is a new revelation. But perhaps, maybe it had been like some sort of a burial ground or a cemetery or something way, way back in the day. And maybe that's why I've received everything. Yeah, exactly. It could be but I do remember the door opening inside all of a sudden, and he went bolting out in the backyard. So
think that's one thing that probably a lot of people don't know about you is that you're
a little Yes. Yes, I am a little bit of that. So I don't know that you've grown out. I'd like to think that I have changed a little bit. I know you instigate every now and then keeps life interesting still.
Yeah. And then were you already in kind of Catholic and Christian schools at that? No,
I wasn't. I mean, I grew up in a Catholic home. We were Yeah, my mom would make us go to church every Sunday. So we were devout in that way. But I would say that she wasn't overly strict. Both my parents grew up in Catholic and Lutheran home. So they were raised that way, our grandmothers were that way. You know, our, that was that was like the family, family faith and ethics and all of that. But But that said, this wasn't off the table. You know, my other grandmother. On my dad's side, she had had some psychic experiences and stuff like that. So when it was it was something that could be discussed. wasn't necessarily understood, but it could be discussed. Exactly, yeah. I didn't go to Christian school until later. I, that was my eighth grade years when I started to go to Yeah.
Okay, so that's, that's a little bit ahead did did having that openness to be able to kind of even bring up those topics help you to, I don't know, get more comfortable with what you were experiencing?
You know, it's, I look back on it. And I'm trying to remember my parents mindset at the time, I think my dad was kind of like, if I can't see it, I don't believe it, you know, and, and my mom had she, because she had been so open so early on, she had shut the door because she'd had some scary experiences. I don't know what they are. Exactly. And so she kind of tensed up I remember her being very uncomfortable about anything that could be that was in the unseen realm, essentially. So even though she was she created sort of a loving safe space for me, she was uncomfortable with me talking about it, so it was kind of a catch 22 And that way she just made it 180 degree turn since then. But But yeah, so that I don't know that it made me a whole lot more comfortable, but I didn't feel like I had to hide it from them.
Yeah, that's interesting, because I do feel like that's, you know, a lot of people feel like at some point anyway, they have to Yeah, I did. Or it's a you know, it's a it's a strange thing. How did you end up feeling comfortable? You know, with? I mean, I guess you weren't ever really necessarily totally uncomfortable with the gifts? Yeah,
well, I was very uncomfortable with them at one point, I would say about a 1615 1617. And that span of time, I was I was afraid to go to sleep, because just that my room was so active, I would turn out the lights. And, you know, it wasn't every night, but I had a lot of people passing through. So yeah, and at that time, you know, my understanding was, was coming from solely a Christian perspective. And so it was either good, or it was evil. And, and so if it was misunderstood by me, or it was perceived as different than it was scary, and it was evil. So, you know, there was a lot of like, trying to protect myself and pray and send it away in Jesus name, and all that stuff. And I think that those were good tools at the time. But I wish that I maybe would have had somebody to say like, Hey, not everything is evil. Just because it scared you doesn't necessarily mean that it's bad. And, yeah, and maybe if somebody could have helped me understand, you know, why things were happening? Or how to feel into it and interpret it and not to be afraid of it, then that would have been helpful, much earlier on?
Would you give the same advice to a parent or someone themselves who's like a kind of a, an older team that's experiencing things I know, you touched on the littles earlier? And what you know, what you recommend? Do you recommend the same thing for older, you know, closer to? Not quite adults? But not quite?
I think so. I mean, I think I kind of had a victim mindset, I kind of felt like, you know, this is happening to me, and I am powerless to control it. And the only power that I had was, was using, you know, like Jesus to cast them out, essentially, right. But we, and that is, that's, that is powerful. I'm not knocking that to any degree. But what I'm saying is, like, we have a lot of our own, we have power on our own, we're very powerful as people as spirits as souls, and I didn't realize that I could kind of control the energy and the activity in my room. So I think to answer your question, what would be most valuable for people who are raising children who are experiencing that at whatever age is to give them their power back? You know, tell them look, you don't have to do this, you don't have to be visited in the middle of the night, you can sleep in a quiet, calm, peaceful room. So. So that would have been probably the most helpful tip. back then.
I love that. And I think, yeah, it's kind of a you can say, No, thank you, or you can set boundaries around it. And it's, you're right, we do have a lot of authority in our own space of what we choose and choose not to experience and when and I think that's really good. I love that. How did you go from having these experiences, and maybe not necessarily knowing how to articulate them or what to do with them to then transitioning into, okay, I'm going to, I'm going to train in this or I'm going to make this I'm like, pausing because I know this for a while wasn't necessarily your primary focus, you had other careers and other things happening. But I know, it was a secondary focus for you maybe or an additional focus, how did you make that?
I, you know, I would say that something that was really pivotal around that, that teenage time for me was there, I had had an experience over and over and over of this man, you know, in my room as I was going to sleep at night, and he would stand at the foot of my bed, and I called him a shadow figure, because that's what he how he appeared. I could make out I could see him like I can see you but I could see vaguely his shape his height, that he was holding a medical bag in his hand how I knew it was a medical bag, I'm not sure it might have been the size, but it would have been like, you know, kind of like England circa 1850s medical bag, you know, that kind of feel. And he has like a, like a big coat on like a trench coat on or something like that. And he was there so regularly. And I kept thinking, Who is this? Why are you here? Like, please go away. And there were times that I'd asked him to go and he wouldn't. And I just grabbed my pillow and I like run around him. I remember just sort of like getting as much room going against the wall as much room as I could to get around him. And I'm going to discuss sleep on my parents floor. So I grew up when I graduated my aunt johnette who has a channel and was prior to this as well at the time. took me on a trip to Brazil. And this was something that's something that she does with all of her nieces and nephews she doesn't have her own children. So she takes everybody on a trip of their choosing wherever they want to go in the world when they graduate. It's been a beautiful gift for all of us. Yeah. And so I don't think I don't think I was decisive. Anyway, we ended up in Brazil. I think she suggested it. And I'm glad we went there. But it was it was downpour, it was just pouring one day. So we stuck in the hotel room. And she goes, Well, we're bored. Do you want to channel? And I'm like, Well, I don't know how to. And she goes, No, do you want me to channel for you? And I kind of was like, I don't know. I mean, so it was kind of like, I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with that, like, who's gonna talk to me? How does this work? Does your face change? You know, I didn't know. I didn't know any of this. Yeah, I was I was just a little bit like, oh, no, thought it was a little bit out of the ordinary, of course. And so she explained it to me, she said, I'm gonna get into my space. And I'm gonna she at the time, she was channeling White Eagle, that was her guide. And, and she said, I'll connect with white eagle. And then you just ask them questions. And I'm like, Well, what questions she goes, I don't know, whatever you want. And so I said, Okay, so, so she does her thing. She gets into her space. And why do you go comes and when he came, it was amazing. This is one of, you know, just a really, really, I'd had lots of experience at that point, but nothing like this. Her face shifted. It shaped like it took on this sort of masculine, you know, sort of leathery, it was really fascinating the way that her face changed. And, of course, it wasn't this full transformation of her face, but it was like the way that she held her features shifted. And, and I was just immediately kind of overcome with this beautiful piece of his presence. Like, like a really, really old grandfather, really wise grandfather that you, you know, had never met had just shown up. That's kind of how it felt. And her intonation change. So she started to talk and it wasn't her anymore. It was him. And it was it was amazing. So I thought, I think it took a minute to kind of be like, Okay, so we're gonna go now I'm in the in the room. It's boring. And there's white eagle here. So what are we doing? My questions were so random. I remember asking something about career path, because I wasn't certain at the time, and I was headed to college. And I believe he answered that really, really well. Then I asked about JonBenet Ramsey, because, like, well, it's a big mystery. Let's play with you.
You weren't you were in Texas for a while.
Yeah. When actually I got I was going. Yeah, she was in Boulder though, right? She's, no, that's okay. So I was going to university Colorado Boulder, which is, you know, she and her parents lived on the Hill, which is right there. And there's more to that. But I'm going to skip on to the next question. So then my final question was, there's a man who stands at the foot of my bed, and I'd like to know who he is. And White Eagle took a moment. And you could see John at closing her eyes, but it was way to go there. And, and he kind of took a breath and look to the side. And then he looked at me and he said, he says to say his name is Malcolm. And I'm like, okay, and he goes, and he's your spirit guide. And, and then he goes, and the boss if he has any means to tell you is very sorry. He's never meant to frighten you. But he didn't know how else to tell you that he was there. And so that was a really I say it was a pivotal moment, because I didn't know what a spirit guide was. I didn't know that I had one. I didn't know what his name was. So I started I talked to John at once. johnette came back and White Eagle went away. And I'm sure yes, like so and we weren't even on drugs. I mean, this was just like a, you know, a non drug induced evening. But yeah, so I asked her, you know, okay, so I've got a spirit guide. That's cool. What does it mean? And she sort of gave me some tips for how to work with him. And so that was the start of my journey with Malcolm. And it was really the start of my journey into developing my, my spiritual gifts and and we've been, I would say, we became very close it sounds kind of odd but but those of you out there who are listening and you know, this joy, who are close to your spirit guides, like there's a such a beautiful connection and bond that that forms and and they those your guides, your angels, they're really your best teachers. You know, you can seek out the best mediums in the world or psychics or whatever and develop under them. And I think everybody should but but your spirit guides are really going to be the ones who know your soul who know your path and who helped you develop and unfold. So it started to build more confidence because I learned to trust him. I learned to listen to him. I learned discernment even in a greater way. He has, you know, all guides are different. Some of them have walked the earth as you know No, and, and others haven't Malcolm walked the earth, he was one of my ancestors, he was a doctor. So, so I think he came for a very specific reason. And then, and then he actually moved on and was replaced by my current spirit guide. And, and it was, you know, you kind of if this has ever happened, anybody you kind of go through like a mini period of mourning, because that, you know, it's like when a professor that is well loved by you is taught you everything that that they can teach you, you know, then you move on. It's like kind of a sad thing. So, yeah, yeah, but But to answer your question in a very long form way that was, that was how I
like, yeah, love all that. I'm gonna have to follow up questions. What do you remember the career advice? That white eagle? Yeah, I
kind of do I. So I remember, I was going into broadcast journalism. And I think I knew that at the time. And I was also considering doing like a minor or certificate and like media technology, and you know, something, something. And I remember him saying, I think that this is a good path for now. And then he kind of was like, but it's not what you're going to be doing forever. So I think that there was the there was a knowing on their part because he said, you know, what you're going to be learning will be skills that you're going to be able to parlay into future paths. But it was very clear that you know, like, yeah, you're not gonna go anchor, you know, Fox or CNN or, or whatever MSNBC, like your but it's a good path for right now. And and it was.
I do feel like it's funny, because I want to highlight this it a lot of times we expect or think or maybe misunderstand that spirit guides, whether they're ours or coming through someone else will give us answers. A lot of times it's it's more in the vein that you describe where it's, it's, they're not going to tell us the future, so to speak, because it just doesn't write that way. And mine often say you wouldn't understand even if we showed you so can you just this part here? And we'll get to that. Yeah.
Could you just like, hang on and trust? And we'll get you there when it's time?
Yeah, exactly. Would you speak a little bit about your relationship with your spirit guides, I think we all work differently, whether it's like more directly or less directly in there in the background, I would love to hear more about how that is for ya.
Um, let me see if I can kind of gather my thoughts around that. So yeah, I'm just No, I love
it. By the way, because I just could, we don't get enough time together. And I could just sit with her and chat with her for hours and hours and hours. I think we've talked through entire and
yeah, so I was just gonna say Yeah, absolutely. And we've definitely stayed up late chit chatting about stuff, when we should have been sleeping. So. So I missed this time. And it's yeah, it's overdue. So the reason I'm pausing is because as you know, some things in this connections in the spirit world are intangible. So I know how I experienced it, but I'm trying to formulate a way that I can put it into words that makes sense for somebody else. So my current guide is Ishmael. And I am trying to I remember exactly when I met Ishmael, actually, I was trying to remember when I met him, but back to John at dawn, it's been my mentor and finding my Spirit Guides. But she called me back in I think it was maybe 2005 2006. And she said, I'm doing this course how to meet your spirit guide. And you know, it's not full. So if you want to come on, I'll let you on for free. And I just felt called to it. So I did it. And it was like it was a whole day, it was a whole day seminar on how to meet your spirit guide and, and so I did the whole day with her and that's where I met Ishmael. And you know, looking back like Wow, I'm so glad I did do that because I wish I maybe wouldn't have met him till later known who he was there. So my, my connection with Ishmael is very much like your connection with with a mentor or respected older elder or something like that. I am very highly clear audience when it comes to my connection with him, so when I talk with him, it's clear it's telepathic. It's I'm gonna say high vibrational, but that just means that in my discernment, I know that this is something that comes from a very high place and is nothing I ever have to worry about a, you know, a wolf in sheep's clothing or anything like that. I know. I know Ishmael, I know how he feels to me. And when, when he refers to me, he will refer to me in a particular way that I wouldn't call myself that I know it's him. And that's kind of What we call like a calling card. And so there have been times where I'm like Ishmael, are you here. And you know, because you know how it is, sometimes you're in a mediumship mediumship session and you're bringing through spirit or you're, you're like, hoping to bring through a spirit and there's just, you know, crickets. And, and so I've been like, Okay, I'm gonna need some help Ishmael Are you here. And you'll always, it'll always be there if I if I call to him. So I go to him occasionally, it's not like an everyday thing. It's not even every week or every month occurrence. It's just when I need a little extra boost, or a little extra clarity or a little extra guidance. I'll go bring it to Ishmael, or I'll bring it to my counsel. Yeah, and it's amazing. And I always kick myself and think, Kelly, why don't you do this every single day, right now, because it's same, I
know their guy. No, but then maybe it's just because we're not supposed to be spending our time like that every day, we have to live in the world. So maybe that's why and maybe we
just have to make like human mistakes and human missteps and, and have all of those human days. Because if we, if I sat with them as often as I do, I probably would be a lot more wise than I know.
That resonates? Do you go into meditation, and that's where the exchange of information happens, I feel like this, this piece, I feel like is is perplexing for a lot of people who are maybe new in this work or outside this work, because I love it, if you would just kind of share a little
so I used to have to, you know, I when I wanted to connect with them, I had to go into a meditation or get into, you know, sort of a my Zen zone. And and then and, you know, I had all kinds of ways I would lift up I would you know, ride an elevator, I mean, I had all these these different ways of getting up there. These days, I don't need to because I just can acclimate really easily. And really quickly, I can just kind of snap my fingers. And you're like this too. I know. But, but for people who are just starting out on their journey, working with their spirit guide, yeah, one of the things that I used to do, consistently, now it's coming back to me, I'd forgotten about this, but I had kind of imagery of this vast open field with like golden wheat looking stuff coming up from the ground. And then there was this golden circle in the middle. And the golden circle would be something that you could actually climb into and sit in. And there were these two big like, I think you call them wingback chairs, you know, really soft and cushy, but they would face each other. So I would go to the circle, I would sit in the chair, this is all sort of like mental guided imagery, right? And, but I would just get there myself, I'd guide myself there. And then I would sit there and I would just wait, I would just wait for my guide to show up. And then I would have that conversation. And then I would I would leave. Now if I have a question I just asked it, and I just received the answer. So so it's a lot more like it feels more casual, too, but it's kind of Yeah, he's just kind of always there with me whenever I need him.
And I love that. I mean, they are always there, obviously, ya know, that, you know, now I understand that I also used to have a very elaborate visualization process to, to feel the shift in energy, whereas now perhaps it's just, we're more experienced and can feel that subtle shift or the moving of our awareness to communicate with them maybe in a stronger way than we did before. But yeah, it's I do love that they get to be a part of our yes team.
And our hike wouldn't do it without him.
I don't I don't know. I don't. But maybe we could. I don't know. I don't know if we could. And everyone has spirit guides regardless of whether they're an active part of your work in whatever field you're in or whether they're in the background. We all we all have that support on the other side. Yeah,
absolutely. We do and they can meet him.
I know which is which is super fun. I don't know there are fun parts of this work and there are emotional parts of this work and I think a lot of people don't realize that as the worker we like you said we go through extensive training and and all of that but it's also usually some sort of extensive like emotional excavation for us to it's not for the
faint of heart.
I didn't tell
so I'm excited.
I didn't tell you this. Can you believe we've been talking for almost an hour already? Yes. In just a minute i I'm going to ask you to do the spirit Speed Round okay, what we call it it's just it's a few quick questions. They're definitely not out of your wheelhouse or ability to answer there's fun. And then I would love it if you tell people maybe maybe tell people now how you like to work what how you're seeing clients see These days what the what the bulk of your work is, so people know how to work with you, you know when they want to?
Sounds good, I'll do that. I'm excited about the speed round. Do you want me to tell people how to how to connect with me? Okay, I didn't know what the order was. So there's no order here. Easy go. And, um, yeah, I work with people one on one. So always a private setting. And then group group readings as well, that's, you know, intermittent throughout my days, my weeks, and I have some group events coming up, which of course, I'm excited about because there was, like we talked about earlier slow down during COVID. And now they're ramping back up so and kind of a hodgepodge. You know, there's like a sound healing and mediumship messages, there's the Mother's Day themed messages that you and I are doing on on May 13, at 1030 in the morning, Pacific time. And, and I've got, I've got a few other things on the docket. So if anybody's interested in kind of dipping their toe into mediumship, but they're not quite ready for a one on one session. Groups are always a great way to come and experience it you may get a message you may not but it's it's still cool way to see how Spirit works without feeling like you're in the hot seat. Well, unless, of course your your loved one comes through then your kind of thoughts. And maybe a little amount of best possible way. Yeah, exactly. So my website so Cal is the best way to go on and check my availability and and then my events are listed our events to is listed in the event space of that page.
And I will link it in show notes everywhere. So if you can't remember SoCal, you can look in the show notes and find it there and just click it. And I will say, Kelly is who I refer my personal friends and family to, it's, for me, it feels challenging to read for people when I know their whole entire life history, you know, back to third grade, it's like it's, it's, it's sometimes easier to just have a clean slate with someone and know nothing about them to work. And so if ever there's someone you know, that I just can't get in my schedule, or that's a personal friend or family, Kelly is lovingly Kelly's who I send them to. I just think you're a fantastic medium and the way you handle difficult emotions and situations and scenarios in families is just
beyond thank you right back at you right back at you. It's the same. It's the same for me, I'm always referring you when I can't be there, or if I'm out of town or you know, whatever. So it's just it's a lovely, the lovely work wife relationship that we have.
And it's you know, it's nice to it's so it's been so amazing to have someone trustworthy, too. Because just like in any profession, not everyone is equal. You have to smile, say that way. dutifully set. Up. Are you ready? Okay. I
don't know. I'm getting nervous. Go for it.
Though. You could do this. This is like these questions. Be right up your alley. Okay, share one thing that really shocked you or was unexpected about your gifts as a medium?
Because I don't know how fast is gonna be
shocked. You were unexpected. It doesn't have to be like the most shocking you could be like anything, but I
think I'm shocked every time I get like, still every time I get a name. And it's the name of the person talking to me. I'm like, shocked. I'm like, How did I do that? What did how did that come through? Yeah. So I mean, I'm shocked. I'm shocked consistently in a good way. And I think it's their way of just like keeping me hooked. You know? It's like, okay, you You still got sister like it's gonna be okay, because not every reading is perfect. But yeah,
it is kind of shocking. Sometimes the specific details that are like, on you have
absolutely, yeah, don't I mean? Yeah, just, it's always shocking. And I think it's really healthy to keep that sense of awe and wonder so that you never lose that, you know, this is a miracle kind of feel about what we do. Because any kind of work that anybody does can become mundane. And but I think the work that we do it would the day it becomes mundane, you let me know. And I'll do the same for you.
Yeah, sounds good. Well, we'll have to let each other know I don't, I don't think so covered. If you got to spend a day in the spirit world, you got the full tour, you got to spend time with everyone you've ever known and loved who's crossed over. It's almost time to return to your human life. And your guide tells you you have one hour left and you can spend it with anyone who's on the other side. Who do you choose and why?
Ah, I might cry. Um, yeah, I think I think it would have to be my my grandma Lou. My dad's mom. Just it's been a long time since she's been on the other side. We were very close and I miss her so much. Yeah, I love
that answer. Even though we have very spiritual gifts, we have very human lives. What is one quirky thing about you that people might be surprised?
You should have asked us if my husband, um, when quirky thing about me a you know, I love to listen to true crime while I'm gardening. I think that's so weird.
Okay, that is, I mean, it's maybe, maybe for medium people might think it's weird just because it could be a little bit dark. It's like
super gory and bloody and I'm like planting my little, you know, seedlings and giving them love. It's just the paradox of the two don't seem to go together.
I love it. I think that's a cool, that's a cool one. Leave us with one pearl of wisdom. What's one piece of advice that you wish that you had received early on in your understanding of your gifts?
I'm gonna give to that kind of work together. But I would I would just say and it's not something that I didn't understand. But I think it's just so poignant that you are loved, and that you are never ever alone. And I think if we just repeat that to ourselves every day, and in all the hard moments, it makes everything a little bit better and a little bit easier. But especially in this world that can feel so lonely. Yeah, you are loved and you're never alone.
Yeah. And so applicable to everyone, no matter where we are on our journey, you know, in life with gifts or or wherever it may be. It's that is a really profound thing to to hang on to. Well, thanks for being here with me today. I always love talking to you. We'll have to do it again and maybe with some margaritas because that is a bit of a tradition. Not everyone knows between Kelly and I, when we do big group events. People always ask, you know if we're tired, and actually I think Kelly will agree with me on this. It's it's feels to me more energized, but usually hungry,
very hungry. We always have rabbits. We're just like starving at the end of a session. Yeah.
Yeah. And it's so fun to go and you know, grab some tacos and a margarita and chat about all of this spirit people that just came through in the event. And so that is a little known secret about what we do after we work. So we'll have to get back on to share some stories from reading. I would love to just kind of come on and share some stories from readings or even even after this event, maybe share some of the some of the details and stories about a lot of spirit stories.
Yeah, we absolutely do. So I'm so excited. That'll be great. I'm looking forward to it. Thank you for having me on.
Thanks for being here, of course, and you can find Kelly at SoCal And again, link in the show notes. And we will see you very soon. Can you believe that that hour just flew by like that. I feel like anytime Kelly and I get together, we can talk for hours and hours. And I'm sure we really will do another episode where we share stories about the events that we've done. And we actually went to the college that that I mentioned in her bio, the Arthur Findlay College we were there together, she's we've been there. Well, she's been there separately. For me, I've only been there, the ones were there together. So we do have lots of other stories to share. But now that you've met her, I just was so excited to get to share Kelly with you because I really do know, from the bottom of my heart that not only is she a beautiful soul and incredible person, but just a fantastic, medium and psychic and, you know, a great ambassador for the spirit world. So I've been so happy to get to share her with you. And if you want to attend a group mediumship reading, we do have that demonstration of mediumship coming up live on zoom on May 13 This year, which is Mother's Day inspired, but you don't have to be a mom or have a mom on the other side to come we'll be giving messages from lots of different types of spirit people really it's spirit who decides who comes through and who gets messages. Lots of people who attend will receive personal messages and even if you don't receive a personal message, it's pretty amazing how spirit can touch the hearts of many people with these events. So if you want to check out tickets for that there is limited seating because we want to make sure that it's you know, the event goes as smoothly as possible. So don't miss out you can find tickets on my website joyful under the events section, so joyful And you will see it there. And again, Kelly's got some other events coming up herself. Plus she does private readings and private group readings just like me, and you can find her at SoCal and almost a social platform. She is so called Media. So again, look at the show notes for that direct link I'll have for her so you can find her and how to work with her. Best. And also I don't know that she mentioned it but she does in person readings as well as online so you don't have to be in the Southern California area to work with her. You can work with her online or by phone from anywhere in the world. And like I like I mentioned that is actually 100% true but that Kelly is my first choice of who I refer my own friends and family to for readings because she just is such a beautiful medium and a beautiful soul. So we were very lucky to get to chat with her today and I am pretty positive that this will be the not the last time you hear us together on this podcast. So thanks for being here. I hope you got some enjoyment out of this one and had some laughs along with us. I'm so happy to have you here. As always, if you are enjoying this podcast, I would love it if you would subscribe so that you never miss an episode and you can also share your favorite episode with a friend. If you are interested in a free signs mini course I do have that up on my website joyful On the homepage, you can get a free three day signs mini course and learn how to become a sign magnet to get signs from the universe to answer your most pressing questions and also to get signs from your loved ones in the spirit world. I know we talked about Kelly being able to connect with her own loved ones and others when she was a kid and well if you would like to get signs to connect with your own loved ones in the spirit world and that course will teach you how and it is totally free right to your email box. You can find that in joyful and again check the show notes for all about Kel as always I am honored and grateful to have you here with me inside the spirit speakeasy. Bye for now, from inside

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