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Replay: November's Monthly Free Community Healing

Nov 14, 2023

Yes! You can still receive the energy healing and learn the tool, even on the replay!

In this month's session of my Free Monthly Community Healing (go here to sign up for the next one: ) you will receive Reiki energy healing, chakra clearing and balancing, timeline healing, cord cutting, color healing and more.

PLUS, you will learn a tool that can help you manage the energy of any gathering (even a party of one!) at any upcoming gathering this holiday season and ALL YEAR LONG!!!

I'll also guide you through sending some love and healing out to souls in the world and in your own life.

As always, there is no experience necessary and all are welcome.








Full transcript:

Okay, here we go. So, uh, welcome in to our monthly free community healing for November. In just a few minutes, we're gonna get started, we're just giving time for a few more people to hop in Hello to everyone that saying hello in the Chat. Today, on the day that we're recording, this is Monday, November 13, you can still watch on the replay and receive the healing, we're gonna do some things the same and something's different. And I'm pretty excited about it. I, as many of you know, that I've worked with me have a lot of training and tools to draw from, but then I also continuously get new inspiration and I'm guided by spirit and I go along with it. Because I feel like that's what we're supposed to do. So on the new moon side of things, we are moving into a new Moon in Scorpio. That's right, right New Moon in Scorpio, I love a new moon. I know some people feel more energetic and stronger at the full moon, I love a new moon it really to me and spiritually represents you know, because it's the dark moon right. So it's that resting that going within that restorative in most moons that new moons are kind of like a planning a planting seeds, thinking about what we maybe want to focus on for this next moon cycle. And it's really just a nice way a lot of the world only does it at the New Year. But if you play with the moon cycles, you can kind of set new intentions or I don't know, like I don't even have the word right now. What's the thing we set on New Year's and everyone forgets what they are? Resolutions. So you can you could do a resolution every month if you want. With the moon cycle. New Moon is when you're kind of planning your new intentions, your new resolutions, and if you want to harness it with the energy of Scorpio, it's also kind of focusing those new intentions for this next segment on Scorpio has to do with depth of relationship, our knowing our own truth, knowing our own boundaries, working with those parts of us that we might not like to show to other people, those parts that we keep to ourselves. So really just loving yourself around that. And if you're wanting to set some intentions, I know we're kind of tipping into holiday season we've got whatever the new word is for the turkey day coming this month, we've got Diwali is in November. As you guys know, we've got Hanukkah in December and then Christmas and then Kwanzaa towards the end of the month. And here's Of course, for those of us that are celebrating the regular calendar, New Year, Lunar New Year is totally different time of year. But we've got all that coming in the next few weeks. So part of what I want to do with the healing today is build on a tool that we have already worked on before some of you know this tool. Some of you are first time here so some of you will be new to this tool. But don't worry, I'll walk you through it. It's one of the rose techniques so those of you that are familiar know what that is. If you're new Don't worry when we go into the guided meditation part of this I'll just walk you through some visualizations just know you're doing it right there's no right and wrong. I try to swap out words like imagined see feel sense just because we all resonate with them differently but just know you're just doing a little guided visualization and it's okay to feel like you're imagining it because the imagination and the visual faculty of the psychic senses often called the clairvoyance they work together so it's okay if you feel like you're imagining it so we'll do some setup for all of the gathering days we've got coming up. We will also do what else are we doing I want to do kind of like a little bit of a sending love and healing for all the many things that are going on in the world right now. But we're going to do it in in a special way. Then we'll do some silent healing where Fallon and I who I haven't introduced since we started recording will go in and do some Reiki and chakra balancing some clearing in your space probably cord cutting probably some healing on your timeline back and forward just depending on what what we both see Fallon who on my screen is in the top left but on yours might be somewhere different. Give us a wave. Fallon is above my master level of students. So she is a full fledged, incredibly well trained and gifted practitioner. All of her arms are on so you will be in great hands will be teen healing tonight. Some of you know Fallon. She is a familiar friendly face to many of us. She's got great energy and she is a powerhouse of a healer and just so bright light of a soul. If you don't know her, find her on Facebook and make friends. She's pretty great. That's Fallon. So she'll be going in there with me and we'll be doing some healing Your space. So for that segment won't be about 10 minutes, and we'll be quiet during that time. The reason I don't use music is largely because of copyright issues. So that because we're recording, and then towards the end, I know everyone loves when we kind of build that collective bubble and just put in good intentions for anyone in our lives or that we might know or see or imagine that needs some extra love and healing. So that is, in a nutshell, what we're going to do today, really, all you have to do is just relax and follow along. So if you remember none of what I said, That's okay, I'll lead you through. Really, the only thing you have to know is just give your self permission to relax, take what works for you leave what doesn't, there's no way of doing any of this wrong. So you're definitely doing it right, just with your intention, all of your intentions are in the right place. So that being said, let me just make a couple quick announcements, and then we'll move on, I'll try to announce them at the end too. And I've been working really hard to try to keep us on time for things because I can get wordy as all get out as a lot of you know, new podcast episode just released today of spirit speakeasy, it is called grieving through the holidays 11 tips for how to deal. So grieving, remember is not only necessarily about a loved one that's crossed over, but about any area of our life that rises up. And it might not be you personally, it might be just us supporting people in your lives. So if you're into that, you can find it wherever you listen to podcasts, I have a demonstration of mediumship group reading coming up on December 9, you can find that on my events section of my website joyful tickets are only $17. I'm trying to keep everything pretty low, I usually do a special event like this around the holidays. And many attendees will receive messages from their loved ones and spirit personal messages. But even if you don't receive a personal message, it's pretty amazing how one message can touch many. And I usually give some kind of an inspirational talk as part of that. So that's coming up. If you ever want to invite anyone else to these free community healings, I'm starting to also list them in the events section of my website. So that's sort of starting from all the events to break through. Anyway, so the December session is already announced there, you can mark your calendars. Yeah, so very exciting. I got some other exciting stuff in the pipeline for the rest of the year. So that's what I've got going on. And I'll try to remember to announce that group reading again, at the end, I've been trying to send it out in the emails as well because inevitably the day after a handful of people email me they didn't see it. So. So that's that. All right, well, let's dive in. I'm so excited to be here. with you guys today are more than welcome to have videos offer videos on whatever you like. I'm going to gently close my eyes as we start working. And I just invite you to gently close your eyes or at least soften your focus and gaze off out the window or into space or whatever makes you feel comfortable. And as you start to close those eyes, just check in with your physical body. Make sure your position comfortably. It's always okay to move or adjust during these sessions. But it's nice to start out from a comfortable position. And just start to say hello to your breath. That gentle inhale and exhale. Good. With each exhale, imagine more deeply relaxing your physical body, maybe you're intending to release tension from your back or your knees or your neck or shoulders. Since each exhale, inviting your body to relax a little more
fully. Good. I'm just starting to bring all of your attention all of your awareness right into the center of your head. Sometimes we have such busy days, we can get sidetracked with lists and things going on outside or things that happened or will happen to just let all of that external chatter go. And just be right in the center of your head behind your eyes. Good. Saying hello to that auric field, that personal space bubble that surrounds you at all times. And just with your intention, ask that auric field to be just about an arm's distance on all sides of you. As we move through our busy day, sometimes our auric field can spread way out ahead of us trying to discern information. And as you get a little more practice in your meditation, you might sense where your auric field is if it's close or far but it's open Hey, just with your intention to imagine it in about an arm's distance on all sides, including front and back, above and below, and just your intention is enough to shift it into that place. Good. And as you continue to breathe, just imagine a beautiful golden, rich, warm light starting to stream down into your bubble into that personal space bubble. Good, you may notice the quality of the light, you may imagine it moving in like a fog or streaming down the way light would, or pouring in like liquid light, whatever visual shows up for you is perfect. And just know that this is surrounding you to begin settling your energy to start clearing out anything that's not serving you. Good. And I think we're going to start with just offering some healing out since you're all in such nice relaxed places. I just want you to gently bring your awareness to that third chakra, even if you don't know what that is. It is a beautiful yellow wheel of light kind of in that solar plexus area. So just below your ribs. And just imagine as you breathe, asking that chakra to turn down a little bit. Some people like to imagine a dial, like on an old fashioned radio. Some people just imagine kind of like a portal shutting down a little bit. But we're just asking that third chakra to calm down and quiet down a little bit. And just your intention is enough to make it happen. You don't have to do anything strenuous at all. This just starts to help to calm your system even more. So you can focus in just a minute and just just gently raise your awareness up into that heart chakra or that heart space. And the chakra is often represented with a brilliant emerald green. As you move your awareness towards that heart chakra, just let yourself start to remember those feelings of compassion that you have as a human being those feelings of empathy, those feelings of pure love for another soul that you don't know, never met and may never interact with. You're all highly sensitive people and empaths Yeah, most of you have healing or psychic gifts, whether you know it yet or not just as part of your natural makeup. And you all have such an overwhelming capacity to love and nurture and help and support others. So as you continue to say hello to that heart chakra. And let yourself be reminded of those emotions. You might even feel that heart chakra, feeling like it's swelling or expanding or lighting up, some people call it I just want you to have the intention. Almost like when you see one of those beams of light shooting off of a building up into the sky, kind of like the bat signal. For those that are old enough to know that. Just imagine a higher self somewhere off in the ethers of someone that you don't know. You've never met the soul that belongs to this higher self. You've never met that person, you probably never will. But this higher self that you're envisioning or imagining as some star off in the distance represents a person in the world who needs some extra love or compassion or healing right now. We don't need to know what it is or why. It's just a nice way to send healing to someone in need. Totally removing our ego from the process and any limitations and then that higher self can deliver pure love and healing in the best way for that individual human. So just imagine, just like streaming are beaming a light directly from your heart, almost like the Care Bear Stare, but a little higher up from the heart space. Imagine streaming a pure stream out towards the soul of that higher self. Like I said, maybe you imagine it as a star twinkling in the sky. Maybe you imagine it as just a light outline of a figure. Start beaming love from your heart Artspace to that higher self, even if you don't feel like you know how to do it, your system is intelligent and just your intention is enough. Can imagine putting into this stream of love, compassion. Imagine putting into this stream of love, kindness. Imagine putting in hope and peace, calm and whatever form of healing they might need. Remember, you don't need to know what it is just the intention that they receive the healing they need. Just take a few breaths here, letting that beam right out from your heart space. And their higher self will know how to transmute and deliver that energy. Good. And some of you most of you, your beams are so big, maybe there's even additional higher selves, taking the overflow of that energy to deliver to other souls, not just you just about another 10 seconds here. Good. Maybe you're adding in some compassion. Good. Good. Just imagine letting that stream come down to now utricle and slowly turn itself off. Wishing Well to all of those higher selves and trusting that they will deliver all the healing energy coming through live and on the replays to the human selves of those that those higher selves represent. Good. Now just let that go completely, almost like you're going to erase that chalkboard in your imagination. Bringing all of your attention all of your awareness back to you. In your golden bubble of pure, loving light. Go ahead. Now we're going to work through a visualization of a tool that rose tool that I mentioned, many of you know the rows are at work this with me before we did it just a couple months ago. And at that time, I had you imagine a big white fluffy rose just underneath of you. So either the chair that you're sitting on or bed that you're lying on, if you've got a big space, just imagine yourself on top of a big white, beautiful, fluffy rows. Good. And as you sit on top of your rows, you might even feel a slight shift of energy. Just know that the intention of this rose is to start to gently dissolve out of your space, anything that's not serving you. Anything that you can release anything you don't need anyone else's energy, don't have to judge it just doesn't belong to you. And it can go. Some people like to imagine that rose as gently magnetic to that type of energy. Some people like to imagine it just as a filter, just easily collecting everything being released.
We just let that rose sit under you as we work here. And that's the way we did it the last time that we worked all together in the community healing this time because as I mentioned, so many gatherings are coming, I'm going to teach you a different way to use it that I have always loved myself and have found it's helpful for everyone who uses it. So in your mind's eye and your imagination, I just want you to imagine one gathering that you'll be at in this next period of time could be this week, or this month or for the rest of the year. Or if you feel like you're going to be alone on those gathering days just imagine your space by yourself. But if you're going to be at a gathering, imagine if you're hosting it at your house, if it's going to be at a restaurant if it's at a friend's house. And you can do this meditation again for yourself when you're more clear on those details even if you'd like I just want you to imagine that day. Imagine what the specific gathering is for. Imagine a few of the people that will be there if any or if it's just you. Imagine if you'll be going for a walk or if you'll be just cozy at home on your own. Good. And as you imagine yourself on that day I just want you to imagine floating a big white beautiful rose about the size I have a watermelon out in front of yourself. Good. So it's an easy way we can set up some healing energy for ourselves on a different part of our timeline. I know this is a little advanced. So if it feels like you're not getting it, just go with it, it's, it's gonna work anyway. And just imagine that day, that version of yourself that white rose out in front of you collecting any energy that feels charged any energy that feels aggressive or upsetting or too much. And it doesn't mean that these things won't come our way. But it does mean that there'll be a little bit diffused or filtered. By the time the actual energy of it gets to us. It also means we might recognize these things sooner so that we can make another choice. I can also help with feelings of loneliness. And reminding us kind of drawing out that loneliness and reminding us of all the wonderful aspects to our life, all the privileges we do have. Good, then we're going to take it one step further. And whether it's you at home alone on that day, on your favorite side of the couch, or a gathering of you know, 30 people imagine all of the chairs that will be filled, like I said, whether it's one or 100 Imagine the chairs at that table. Even if you've never seen the table before never been to the place you can just imagine it you can imagine a big long table or a table only the size for your family members. And on each seat, or just under it whatever you prefer. Imagine creating a beautiful white fluffy rose that's going to go on or under that seat. And you can create them really fast. If there's 100 seats. For example, you can imagine 100 roses all at once. If you'd like to intentionally go around to each seat and place them under on, you can do that. I love to do this the day before a gathering. Because then it just anyone who sits at that space is just going to gently release what's not serving them be a little bit more, even if it's at 1% more available for positive exchanges. Good. And this is just a layer of this tool, it goes much deeper. But this is a really effective, really easy layer that anyone can do. Go good. Just imagine all those roses there. You can set them and forget them. You don't have to manage them during the day or do anything about them. Just setting them kind of setting up that energy almost like if you were going to Sage the place right in the middle of the event or do some other clearing, it's going to just do it for you managing the energy of that entire space of each person. And again, we can't change someone's freewill choice or behavior. But these roses tend to soften it just a little bit at least for some people, it says a lot more than that, but all in their highest and greatest good. And the highest and greatest good for that collective that day. Good. Take just one more minute to sense or feel or imagine or know that those roses are there. Like I said, even if it's you on your own on a day that people would be gathering, I tend to do my holidays on different days and the actual date. And I like to kind of spend some time on my own sometimes on those days or in inspiration. So if it's a couch, you can even put a giant rose under your couch if you like. Good, just 30 more seconds here. And again, you can recreate this again the day before the event. You can do it while you're setting your table if you're the one setting a table, home or away. Good. And now just let that visual go. Almost like ripples in a pond just erasing it entirely good. Now settle back into your space. Sometimes when we're doing these visualizations, we can get very forward in our bubble almost like we're trying to lean into the picture. That's the way I feel like it is so just with your intention being back in the center of your bubble center of your head. Good. Back in present time and space. Good for just about the next 10 or 15 minutes. We're going to be doing some healing in your space and all you need to do was relax and receive. And whether you're live or on the replay, you're going to receive the same healing that you would whatever is in your highest and greatest good is always our intention. And we always work with your higher self because your higher self knows exactly what you need and in what proportions much better than we do especially in a group setting. So I'm gonna be quiet now for just about 15 minutes. And then we will move on and do a little bit of sending healing. So I'm going to be quiet now continue to breathe, continue to relax and we're going to work in your space
As you start to hear the sound of my voice, stay in that cozy meditative space. Floating in that warm, soft, easy energy. Don't let yourself come all the way back just yet, we're gonna do a little bit more collective work. Stay in this relaxed space of ease, and allowing, and comfort is out in front of you. Out in front of all of us, I often imagine us in a giant circle, with spaces reserved for all of those that'll join later on the replay, or again. So if we're all in a big, beautiful community circle of about 500 people imagine starting to allow to be created between us a big beautiful bubble, a bubble of white light, pure divine, white light of healing and love. No bubble might start small, like the size of a I don't know cantaloupe. And just imagine that bubble expanding, growing, increasing to the size of a car. Imagine with all of our collective intention that bubble continues to expand and grow to bigger than the size of the entire room that you're in. And still growing bigger, expanding, filling with even more divine white light, love support. Good. Continuing to fill and expand. As you hear this energy is urgently needed by those who are about to put in this bubble, letting it expand even more to the size of a movie theater. Good. Continuing to let it expand in this space of our circle of 500 or more people who will watch this meditation continuing to expand to the size of a football field. Good. I just want you to allow yourself to start thinking being influenced by the energy of this Scorpio New Moon, have those in your life, past present or maybe future that you want to build, establish, continue a connection with maybe there are some that come to mind that need healing and support themselves. Imagine for each person that you think of putting their name or their likeness or some representation of them into this football field sized bubble of white light. It might even be that you imagine putting a giant cut out figure of them. It could just be their first name. If you don't know their name, it could be any representation of them. Good. Think of those who may be your connection has worn thin with maybe for no particular reason other than distance or busy lives. Imagine putting their name or likeness or representation in this bubble You might also think of someone in your life who doesn't take care of themselves enough who gives and gives and gives, and really could use some refreshing some love some compassion for their name or likeness in this bubble, maybe that's you, and it's okay to put yourself in this bubble as well. Maybe you have a furry loved one or a feathered loved one or a scaled loved one that supports you that you'd like to put their representation or name in this bubble. Maybe there's someone that you haven't seen or thought of in a really long time, who comes to mind that you just want to send some anonymous love and support to you can put them in this bubble. Certainly, if there are people close to you in your life that you want just some support, some highest good healing, some compassion and nurturing to go to them. Put them in this bubble, this bubble is so big that there is more than enough room for everyone. Good. Maybe there's a friend that you haven't met yet that you want to put in this bubble, just put even a question mark in there to represent them. Good. Just let anyone else come to your mind. Maybe it's someone who you don't get along with all that well, a family member, a colleague, a neighbor. And you know that the best way to give them love or compassion or healing that they might need is from a distance you can put them in the bubble. Good. Anyone else who comes to mind, you can also put a representation of them in the bubble as well. And now let's also put likeness or representation of anyone experiencing lack of lack of love or lack of proper housing or proper nutrition, even if you don't know them, you might just put a representation of that population or those populations into this bubble. Good. Anyone who is currently hospitalized or perhaps even in palliative end of life care, even if you don't know them, never met them probably never will. You can imagine putting likenesses of all of those people.
Good. And anyone else who is a healer, a helper, a nurturer a safe space for others.
Even if we don't know them, maybe they are teachers, maybe they are medical staff. Maybe they're just a friendly and safe person who doesn't ask for acknowledgement or reward. Who's just one of the good guys intending to put all of those souls in the bubble as well. Good. And let's imagine raining down onto this football field size bubble from all of the angels and guides and supporters and ancestors on the other side. Just beautiful, multicolored rain pouring down. Even more love, even more compassion. Even more validation, and support and healing. Maybe there are 1000s of colors of raindrops coming down representing each of these qualities are presenting hope and peace and whatever needs they might have finding their way to them. Whatever healing or loving energy is in the highest and greatest good of their soul, let that be part of this energy raining down until this entire football football field sized bubble is filled with all of these multi coloured multi dimensional raindrops of pure Our love and positive intentions, good. And now imagine hovering above all of us, angels guides, supporters, ancestors, one for each person, each soul that we've put in this bubble and imagine all of them descending all at once, scooping up giant buckets of this energy to then take off individually to each one of these souls and administer in the highest and greatest and most receivable ways for them. Good, you might envision all of this energy flying the way in these giant buckets or whatever other visual or feeling or knowing you have is perfect, good. And sending out from our soul from our heart space, gratitude and acknowledgement to all of those unseen helpers and positive forces who have just assisted us with this healing. As well as to your own guides and ancestors, angels and inspirers whether you feel like you know them or not, they definitely know you. Good. And letting that visual go. Returning back into the center of your own head back into your own space. Good settling comfortably back in. We've already done a re grounding for you, just because I thought it might be too much to do a whole nother visualization. So let yourself ease into that feeling of being present, of being relaxed and at ease of trusting that you received exactly what you needed in this healing tonight. And that you'll continue to receive droplets of healing over the next week from whenever you last watch this and it's okay to watch it again. Knowing that you can use all of these tools for your own benefit with no experience at all. And they will work just as if you had years and years of experience. Good knowing that the light within you is valuable and important. And we need the love and the expression that only uniquely you can give in this world and I'm grateful for each and every one of you. Go in with each breath just gently allowing yourself to become more aware of your physical body easily becoming softly aware of present time and space. Remind yourself of the age that you are and the day that it is of the week when you're watching this or experiencing this
let yourself feel the air around you. Temperature the quality remembering the space that you're in physically. When you feel ready, you can gently start to stretch or move your physical body and when you feel completely ready. You can gently softly start to blink your eyes open. Coming all the way back to me. Just let yourself move with ease no need to rush. Good. Taking your time. Perfect. I trust that you all made it back. Okay, I know some had to pop off and some didn't make it in. They'll see the replay. I'm so grateful for all of you showing up to receive we have to agree to receive right. So it's nice that you're all doing it for yourselves and whatever you have going on the rest of this month. Like I said you can revisit the recording of this to practice the tool again to work through the visualization. I am always grateful for the time that we spend together and big thank you to miss Fallon who lended her beautiful gifts to us this evening. Beautiful soul she is. Again for those of you that are looking for a little something special but also entertaining this holiday season, I do have that group demonstration. It's a, it's called demonstration of mediumship. Sometimes it's called a gallery reading. Sometimes it's called a group reading, whether you've been to one or 100 They're always unique and special events. And that's coming up on Saturday, December 9, live on Zoom, so you can be in the comfort of your own comfort zone. And I think I'm gonna record that one as well. So got lots of big things coming up for you guys. Fell in not but yeah, Fallon. So yeah, thanks for being here. If you want to check out that event, you can go to my website joyful under the events section. Also, if you haven't already checked out this week's episode of spirit speakeasy, I just really feel like so many people experience different levels of grief throughout the holidays. And sometimes it can just come at us from an unexpected place. And maybe we feel great right now or fine most of the time, and then something rises up. Or maybe there's someone in your space that you don't know yet that you'll be supporting. So you can check out all of the video versions of the podcast. Obviously, the podcast is on all the podcast platforms where you listen to podcasts, but you can also find the video version on my website, Dr. On under the blog section, with lots of other videos and tools and stuff. So thank you all so much for being here, where on time, we're doing great. Lots of love to each of you. I hope you know that. I value you all deeply and just think you all are such beautiful souls yourselves. So paying hugs, lots of love. Look for this replay in your inbox probably tomorrow. And I will see you all really soon. Take care bye for now.

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