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Replay: Session 3: Weds 10/11 Have an experience practicing self-healing with TWO Archangels

Oct 11, 2023

Session 3: Weds 10/11 Have an experience practicing self-healing with TWO Archangels (& you'll be amazed by what you can sense and feel) Plus BIG NEWS!!!

Tonight we had a mystical experience practicing self-healing with TWO Archangels! And they might not be the ones you expect! Learn about two very special and unique archangels that specialize in topics like helping when you feel like things are "stuck" in your life, warping time, supporting your intuitive gifts, gaining clarity, supporting mental health and challenges like ADHD, addiction, releasing self sabotaging habits, and revealing your highest and greatest good. Then get to experience the for yourself in a powerful guided experience!

PLUS a big announcement about Bonus Sessions and an exciting opportunity to expand your gifts. 



 Hey, beautiful souls. I think I've got this dialed in tonight, I have you on the side so that I can see all your comments. Make sure you say hello, as you're getting here. I am going to try not to be bothered. If this silly machine tells me all day that I'm losing my stream, I've got my phone over here, which usually helps.
As far as, which usually
helps as far as like me being able to see the comments and stuff. So even if I can't see them on the screen here, I should be able to have them. We'll see. Be patient with me. You guys are amazing. Hey, Amy, good to see you. You're in from New York. Anna. Hello, Dawn. Hello. I saw your email right before I popped on. So thank you for sending that. And yes, you're right. Maya Hi. I hope I'm saying your name correctly. Chrissy. Hello, RA. Hey, good to see you, Debbie. Hi. i Hey, Kim. Good to see you. I'm gonna give it just a couple minutes. Hey, Adams cam always love to see you. And the other Kim. Hi, Kim. And Kathy, while I was so many of you are hopping on tonight, I'm so excited. Hopefully. Okay, Mia, thank you. I know it's frustrating when someone says your name incorrectly. I have a I have crazy names and my family. So I have so much tonight that I'm only going to give it a couple minutes. I hope you guys are seeing the replays in your email inbox. You can watch them, they'll be up till the end of next week. Hey, Karen, good to see you from London. Hello, Jennifer. I love that we have international friends, I have to tell you, it just warms my heart that our community is so expansive, it makes me so happy. And of course, there'll be a replay of this recording coming up for you guys. So I'm just going to give it like one more minute, we are going to work on some self healing with the Archangels. And I'm really excited to tell you about this one. Because I think it might be not what you're expecting. And I'm pretty excited about it. So I won't be able to give you like an entire lesson on working with Archangels. But I'll give you kind of like a mini lesson and then we'll have an experience because I really feel like all of this psychic healing or psychic skills, intuitive skills, healing skills, we really learn more by practice. Hey, Boone Good to see you. Pam says you got the flu from the flu shot oh, no, hang in there. It's perfect time for you to come and receive some healing, and just get some relaxation and rest. That brings up a good point. If you ever are kind of like a little bit under the weather or extra tired. Sometimes you might not sense the experience as as much like the way I want to say it, which isn't exactly the correct language is like you might not feel as much you might not sense as much, it doesn't mean that things aren't happening in your space. They are it's just that sometimes when we're a bit under the weather, we can't focus to that degree to be able to feel see sense in our space. So don't be alarmed if there's a time where you're just not feeling yourself and you're not like feeling much. It's okay. I'm going to do a prize drawing today near the end, which I'm super excited about. Let's dive in. Okay, so many of you know what Archangels are I actually early in my journey when I was telling you that I did lots of different training in lots of different ways. Becoming a certified angel card reader and a certified they used to call it Angel therapy back in the day. Healer Angel therapy healer, so I kind of used the tools that I learned in those largely self study courses and have expanded them over the years. I really love working with this angelic energy. I just want to quickly mention if for some reason in your system and your history, you're not comfortable with the word angel. Just think of it as like high vibrational light beings. Ain't PATRINA Good to see you. Angels really are this incredible, high vibrational beings of love. They have incredible love and compassion for humans. They something else to know about them as often we assign angels genders, they don't technically have genders because remember, genders are more about the physical body. So they don't really have genders, but sometimes they have more of like a masculine feeling or a feminine feeling. And so we assign those pronouns, but it doesn't associate to gender. I always like to tell people that because I don't know.
The more we learn, right,
I have a feeling this is going to be a thirsty day. So I'll be having lots of fun otter. Good to see you Sara. I'm so happy you're here. We're just getting started. So I'm sure many of you have heard about what I consider like the big three of Archangels Archangel Michael, who is often depicted here I receive him with like a beautiful royal blue or like an electric blue light. He often is seen with a sword. He represents justice a lot of like police fire military have sometimes like tattoos or like medallions of him he's a protector he's strength. So he's one of the big three the second one of the big three that most people know is Archangel Raphael, Archangel Raphael is a comes in a beautiful emerald green light. Remember I mentioned I did a podcast episode of my podcast spirit speakeasy, shameless plug. If you're not already following I would love it if you would. It's on every platform that you get podcasts on. It's called Spirit speakeasy. So I a while back released an episode where we did healing experience with Archangel Raphael. So he often comes in this beautiful emerald green light.
What do I want to say he's known for healing is like the main thing he's like known for his secondary thing that he would be known for his relationships. So helping you to create the relationships you want, helping you to heal your relationships. And then a much lesser known thing that he handles is travel. So that's the second of the big 3/3 of the big three, maybe slightly lesser known as Archangel Gabriel, the Annunciation Archangel Gabriel has to do with communication and really supports communication. So one of the ways I love to teach about the archangels is as additional guides now, I believe that we all have our own team of guides and inspirers. Yeah, we all have our own team of guidance buyers. So Archangels aren't necessarily on your personal team, because they belong to everybody. They're here to help everybody. But with that, that means everybody gets to access them, which is wonderful. So we're going to talk quickly about a couple of the maybe lesser known archangels, you might have heard of them, but I'd be surprised if you've worked with both of them. And because some of you have previously done work with angels or already have some healing experience or intuitive experience, we're really going to touch into two Archangels that you can work with. And don't be, you know, work at your own pace. If you only sense one and not the other. That's okay, if you sense neither as we're working, that's okay. But I want you to know that I'm going to bring them both in in this healing exercise. We're going to talk about them quickly. The first arc Angel I want to talk about and I have pulled out this is the first deck that I learned to read on this is the angel tarot cards. It is Doreen Virtue and Radley Valentine and later versions, I think Dorian has her name removed and it's just Radley Valentine. This is a beautiful deck. It's a little different than reading traditional. And I mean, it's the same system. But the symbols are different, the suits are different. But I really love this deck, I'm going to show you some cards from this deck just because they have great references of these archangels and the energies they represent. But little plug for that deck not sponsored just like it like all my decks. So Archangel Metatron is the first Archangel we're going to talk about and we'll be bringing him in in healing, he has a he pronoun, generally, he has a little bit of a more masculine energy a little more useful energy. If you've ever heard of the Merkaba or Metatron cube, I wish I would have brought up an image of for you guys, but I didn't. That is his mechanism of movement. He is really useful. He's great with helping for healing and supporting youth. Also, mental health challenges, additional things like ADHD or ADD or focus problems. He also helps with timeline. So if you feel like energies not moving in an area, he can help get things moving for you. If you feel like you need extra time in your day, he can kind of elongate time if you feel like you want this time period like I have to go to the dentist tomorrow like maybe you want time to hurry up a little bit I'll be calling him into like Let's speed this along. Remember always with the intention of what's in your highest and greatest good because we don't want to bypass something you know, perhaps the energy is not moving that quickly because divine timing hasn't lined up. So that's a different thing. But my intention is always working with them like in the highest and greatest good if this isn't the highest and greatest good. Can we move this timeline along? So I'm going to show you a couple depictions of him now. I hope you can see this. Okay. One thing to know is that this card it's he they used him as the representation but this card is not actually a depiction of him him this is the dreamer. So in the tarot system or Tarot the dreamers journey is what the Tarot is. It's kind of like the hero's journey in literature. But if you look at the energy all around this person, see this omega, this oh, this zero that he's walking through into his new path, Archangel Metatron is kind of like to the side and all around with this beautiful supportive energy of motion, creating new movements, supporting this youthful journey or next chapter. So that is part of the energy, you can see that these cards are like well loved and well used. There's, this is another card of Metatron. This actually is more of a depiction of him and what he's known for. So the chariot, the black and white horse have to do with balance, but the chariot has to do with movement, like we talked about getting things moving forward for you, moving the energy moving a situation moving a communication, moving an emotion, so any type of movement, and also timelines. I really love doing timeline healing. We'll talk a little bit more about that later. So those are depictions of Archangel Metatron. And during the session and just a few when we bring him in, I will kind of make some suggestions of things to offer him for healing and you can just go with what resonates you as you've already seen a little bit, so far this week, you can just follow along with me. This this next Archangel that we're going to work with in this experience. Her name she's often depict, like with she pronouns, she's depicted more female, this is Archangel Haniel. Now Haniel is this incredible, just really nurturing, supportive, deeply intuitive, psychic, it's kind of like things on seeing coming to the light, she helps support psychic and intuitive gifts, she helps support any of the subtle energies and our ability to use them. Here's my little asterik Remember, there is no magic wand. So often people ask like, Oh, can I just open up my psychic abilities or they're looking for a meditation to like open their third I think of your your psychic gifts, your spiritual gifts, whether it's mediumship, intuition, healing all of it, it's not a light switch, it's a flower. So you're gonna, it's going to unfold over time as you heal as you expand as your souls ready. It's not something that you turn on and off. So if anyone's ever promising you that they're going to do some, you know, magic Juju and turn on your third eye. That's just not how it works. It's an unfolding. We couldn't physically handle it if everything turned on all at once. So just know that when you're working with her is asking her to support these gifts to move you forward as you're ready. There's no light switch so I don't want you to be disappointed. As what I've tried, I don't want you to be disappointed as why I'm saying it. Let me show you these cards depicted with her. She's also I know I've been giving you guys waterfalls for your homework this week. For like doing your homework as a little acknowledgement. Water in the spiritual work often indicates moving emotions, which is why I've been using the waterfall. So she really can help us with healing our emotions because remember what we talked about. We talked about it a million times in the past, our Clairsentience our psychic skills all of the Claire's the clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clear salience, Claire cognizance, really they are all directly connected to the emotions so we need to move and heal and work through our own emotions. Therefore, we have more space to be more sensitive and have more discernment, which is what we were talking about last night. So you can see her here. This card is the moon so if you think of associating her with the moon, the moon represents deep intuition, deep emotion, things coming to the light gently that are unseen being illuminated by the light of the moon right. I'm going to show her on one other card. I love this card. This is the High Priestess because someone that is working with all of their spiritual gifts is considered a priestess. In some traditions. I love the word. So she really is supporting people that are stepping into their priest or priestess hood as far as being an energetic practitioner having connection with the other side with energies greater than our own. So she can really support and facilitate all of that work. And since you're all sensitives and empaths in this group, I thought she would be the perfect one to bring in actually I did a little meditation to ask who I'm gonna was gonna bring in and those are the to for the last few days that have been saying they want to work. Trina Thank you. I know I'll get to it later. Amy.
Let me show you again really quick. It's called the angel Tarot Um, you can get it all the places that you would get normal tarot, it's, it's pretty common. I think Hay House has it. I think Amazon has it. It's it. It's a tarot deck though. So it's not like an Oracle card deck where you pull a card and can get like one message. It's more of the system of tarot. But you can find it just about anywhere. You can google Angel Tarot. I highly recommend, if you're wanting to like, learn more about archangels and how to work with them. Yeah, sure. I love Radley Valentine, I studied with him for quite a while or had studied his work, I should probably say, I was studying him, but I don't know if he knows about it. So those are the two Archangels we're going to work with. I told you some information about them. I'm reserving a little bit of information about them, because I want to tell you afterwards to kind of validate your experiences. Thank you, Chrissy. Oh, I'm glad you are like you met Julia. I thought they were perfect, too. So let's have an experience. And then I have so many announcements for you guys. I'm really excited about it. So we're not going to go we're going to do meditation, like guided meditation like we have been. But we're not going to go through the whole system of grounding and re grounding. And all of that can send you just watched a webinar with Radley. He's a great presenter. He's wonderful. He's so wonderful. He's, you find him on YouTube, too. He's got a lot of stuff up there. He's he's just a doll. Okay, they lovingly call him Angel boy. So okay, so you guys ready to have a little experience, it's a great time to get a sip of water if you need it. If you're watching on the replay, this is a great time to pause and have a comfort break. If you need to use the facilities and then come back to the meditation we're going to dive in. Because we have a lot to get to. But I want you guys to have an experience. Okay. So as usual, get comfortable in your physical body, I think you already know I always suggest sitting up having lights on, I forgot to turn a couple of my lights on. So hopefully, it doesn't get too crazy dark as we go. But yeah, lights on to help you stay awake. And just start to settle into your space, kind of get comfortable if you need to adjust your physical position. And with all of this, you can adjust your position as we go. It's always okay to move. But it's nice to start comfortably. So just gradually start to gently become aware of your breath as you ease all of your awareness into the center of your head. And you're just moving into the center of yourself. Often we are really far out in our auric field and we don't even realize it. And then when we say come back to the center of the head, it's like oh, yeah, let me get let me get back in there. So all of you are often doing that as well. And just like yourself, take a few breaths as you gently comfortably move into the center of your head. Good. Saying hello to your physical body. Checking in making sure everything feels comfortable, or as comfortable as it can be for are just about 15 or so minutes here. Good. Saying hello to that breath. Knowing that it's going to carry you and support you in this meditation, not needing to change it or control it at all. But just saying hello to it. Good. Saying hello to that auric field that energy emanating from you, sometimes called the human energy field. And just with your intention, invite that bubble, that personal space bubble, that auric field to rest at just about an arm's distance on all sides of you. Like we've talked about, sometimes our energy spreads way out ahead of us. And we don't even realize that you can kind of gently invite it close back to you. You have seniority in your space, which means you are in charge of all of your systems. Good continue to breathe. And just check in with that auric field that its resting about an arm's distance to the left and right front and back above and below. Just with your sensing just gently. Remember these energies are very subtle. So don't expect to feel them strongly expect to feel them very subtly. Good. Say hello to your higher self, always a part of you. Good and as you breathe. I just want you to imagine gently expanding that personal space bubble just a little bit. Just till it's about maybe five feet from you on all sides. You might feel subtle shift as you do that, or as you invite that, I used to try to hold my breath or change my breath to make it happen until I realized I didn't need to do that. So just with ease, you're in charge of that auric field. So just your invitation is enough. Good. I just want you to get a sense of the space that you're in. And just imagine the two furthest corners of the room from you. One on one side and one on the other side. And if you're not in a physical room, you're in a car, you can do it with your car or the space outside your car, or you could just imagine an energetic room and put yourself in the middle. Go ahead. Let's start with one corner. Let's start with the corner that's on your left. And if you're like me, and you can always remember left from right, it doesn't matter which side you start with. I'll just say left and just know you're doing it right either way. From that corner far and you're left, just to see a small, gentle light starting to illuminate good. And that light might be glowing, it might look a little bit like a firefly.
But just let it feel comfortable and easy.
And let that light slowly start to drift a little bit closer, almost like baby steps, but in a gentle, easy, almost floating towards you way. Good. And as that light comes just a little bit closer and just a little bit closer, you might start to get the sense of a melody or a vibration of some type, you might start to sense your energy moving quickening, you might feel a little excited or a little bit of tingles and let that light come closer and closer. And as it does see it expanding even bigger, almost to where you can just almost make out the outline of a beautiful light figure. Good and letting that light come closer and closer and closer. stepping towards your side, but still about five feet away still just on the edge of your bubble. And take a couple of breaths here. And you might visualize about a person sized maybe a little taller, light standing next to you you might sense feel imagine or just know.
And feel that light just on the edge of your bubble. Good.
Now imagine that light that light being taking just about a half step back. So they're just behind being in line with your shoulder on the left.
Good. Wonderful.
And now imagine letting that light slowly, gently permeate that bubble, that auric space. Still being a little distance away an arm's distance away from you, but now inside your bubble.
Good. And just take a few breaths here.
With each breath that light, that light being easing gently closer and closer until you can sense or feel them just along that left shoulder or down that left arm. This is Archangel Metatron you've invited him in into your space. And you might feel him as solid or easy or playful. Just take a few breaths here and just sense the energy of him you don't need to know anything more.
Good. Good.
And as you sends him you can even imagine sending a little Hello energetically. You might get a little hello back. It might be an energetic Hello. Don't always expect words. Not everybody has a voice box and just feel the size that he appears in for you. The frequency anything that you can sense even if you don't have the words for Pour it and as he stands here, we're just going to gently move your awareness to that corner off to the right of your space. And we're going to do the same, we're going to invite Archangel Haniel. Starting as a gentle, soft light in the distance, moving easily, slowly, closer and closer with ease with grace. With gentleness, she floats, you might feel her a little bit lighter, a little bit quicker vibration, you might feel her a little differently in some way. Even if it's different than the words I'm using, that's perfect. And let her move closer and closer, expanding larger and larger, until she reaches just the edge of your bubble on that right side. So she's just at the edge of your auric field right on the outside, maybe about five feet away. Good. As you breathe, just imagine inviting her to permeate your auric field to just step right inside. Oh, some of you felt that as she moves right in. Good. You might start to feel her energy as you are aware of her. And with each breath. Just inviting her allowing her to baby step closer and closer to your right side. Good. All the way until she is just at your side on the right. And then just imagine her taking just about a half step back as well. And as you breathe, allow yourself to gently start to feel her energy, either near your right shoulder down your right arm, by your right tricep or elbow feel expansiveness of her a different quality of her energy. All guides and angels appear slightly differently in their energy. Sometimes we visualize them different but they're always have a just a slightly different sensation. Good. Let yourself become more and more aware of her. Imagine sending a little hello to her energetically.
And you might get a hello back. Go ahead.
And then imagine facing center aware of both of these Archangels both of these light beings Metatron at your left and Hannah, yell at your right. And just take a few breaths, letting yourself be aware of both spaces that might feel a little different. And if that feels too much, you can just be aware of one of them, that's fine. And even if you feel like you're not aware of neither of them, just know that they are with you and will be healing with you during this little time together. Good
as you breathe,
I don't want you to think with your mind. But I just want you to let come to your awareness. Someone in your life that's been having some challenges, even if it's you. It could be challenges in their mental health. It could be challenges in substance, perhaps substance addiction or a challenge in that way. It could be a challenge with giving up something that's not beneficial or not serving. It might not be a substance but it might be a habit. Go ahead and maybe many people rise to mind and maybe just you yourself or who you have in mind. But imagine giving all of the energy of those individuals, even if it's you over to Archangel Metatron, almost like you're passing that worry those thoughts right over your left shoulder and take just a few breaths here as you do that, feel him collecting that energy from you. We're gonna allow him to heal on this. He knows much better what to do. He has direct access to the higher selves of all that we've just thought of. Go ahead. Now I want you to let rise to your awareness. Something that you might like a little assistance with as far as time, maybe you want time to feel a little bit longer in some area, maybe you want time to move a little quicker in some area, your perception of time. Good. Maybe there's something coming up on your timeline that you're having concern about. You want extra healing on a certain day, or extra support during a certain period of the year, coming up for us. Whatever that request or intention is, you don't have to say it out in words, even in your mind. But imagine passing that over your left shoulder, to Archangel Metatron. Good. And just take a few breaths here, sensing him feeling him seeing what you might be aware of about him, maybe he feels tall or small. Maybe there's a color you sense with him. And remember, it might not be in a visual sensing, it might be in just a knowing or you might feel like you're imagining it, that's okay.
feel his energy. And then let yourself just feel His love. Feel the love he has for all those suffering for the youth.
For anyone suffering any challenges of the mind, of the understanding,
any challenges with movement or time or balance, he's also wonderful, there are focus. Good, just feel him for another couple breaths. Wonderful.
And now gently, become aware of Archangel Haniel. Again, to your right thing, hello to her. And without thinking, I just want you to let bubble up to your awareness as to situation or an area of your life that you'd like to have more clarity about. It could be a relationship. It could be something to do with work or home, or finance, or even just a day to day decision. Could be something more esoteric, something you just like more clarity about in the bigger picture of things. Good. Imagine, whatever that's come to your mind. Imagine passing that intention over your right shoulder, giving it to Archangel Haniel. You might already feel a difference in the energy of these two beautiful angels. And then again, just let it rise to your awareness. Any area where you might want support in your intuition, maybe it's just your intuition in general. Maybe it's to expand your abilities as a healer and have support finding the right path for that or as a sensitive or an intuitive. Maybe it's expanding your sensitivity and discernment to have intuition in your work. Or in your relationships or in your life or with your loved ones, family children. Good. And imagine passing all of those intentions over your right shoulder to her. Good. And now one more. One more thing, let bubble up to your awareness. Anyone else in your life that you are wishing clarity for on their own situations something or someone you want to be supported and receiving clarity about their own choices and decisions. You don't even have to know what it's about. Perhaps there's someone you know that's making a tough decision or just making regular decisions or feeling challenged in some decisions or situations facing them. And you want them just to have some support in having their own clarity. Whether that clarity is about the choice they need to make or whether that clarity is about all the support that is available to them from the other side from beyond just this physical world. And imagine passing that person or situation or people over your right shoulder to Archangel Haniel. Let her receive all of that. Good. And just take a few breaths here. As you feel her sense her feel the size that she appears to you or feels to you if she felt large does she feel small? All or medium? Can you feel any sensations behind that right
shoulder or right arm?
Is there a color that you sense with her or tone or a vibration? Good Can you sense the difference in the frequency that you receive her energy in. And we'll all perceive everything just slightly differently because we're all unique beings ourselves. So just honor whatever you feel knowing that these are divinely loving and supportive beings. Good.
And now feel her love. Her love for you, just as you are good.
And then imagine facing center again. And just take a few breaths here and feel the energy of both of these angels swirling around you expanding in your auric field. Moving through you moving around you starting to work in your energy to create clarity to create movement, in whatever way is in your highest and greatest good remembering that sometimes we know what way is in our highest and greatest good, but often we don't. Often there are other things that need to happen or shift or move first that we might not even be aware of. And we might not even know when they shift. But just honoring the infinite wisdom that these two beings have to know. And to hold what is in your highest and greatest good at the utmost importance. Good. And now, with the love of your heart and your energy, imagine thanking these beings either at the same time or individually deep bow of love and gratitude to each.
And start to feel them gently float is out of your field. Stepping back one step at a time.
Good and then gently out of your auric field. Oh, some of you felt that change. And then letting the lights of them just drift off into the distance out of your awareness.
Good. Awesome, you guys are doing great.
And bringing your awareness back into the center of your head back behind your eyes. Good with each breath, becoming more and more aware present time and space. And as you feel completely ready, you can gently blink your eyes open coming all the way
back to me.
And when you get all the way back in, just let me know. Like my eyes are seeing funny colors. I tend to see a lot of colors. And so I'm so curious of your experience. I'm so curious if you're aware of any colors with either of them. If you were able to feel that I know we moved kind of quickly. But I don't want to lose any of you into sleep. Or you guys are saying thank you good, you loved it. Okay, you're back, you're back. You guys are coming back. I know it's it's a kind of a lot to transition back when we have those experiences. And really I'm just helping you move your awareness to the subtle energies that are available to you. One of the things I love doing in my practice and I love teaching is how to set sacred space so calling in angels and guides to hold the space and the energy. It's funny because every office I've ever had I do something I call setting sacred space and I always teach it but people always come in and say like wow, this is the most calm space or this is the most like this place feels so good and I've had them all decorated a little differently. So if you've ever been in my office, you probably know what I'm talking about. Okay, you guys are coming back. Hi Levi Good to see you. Shannon said I felt air on my left high shoulder I felt lighter or tighter. I can't read my little eyes or squinty on my right but only towards the end. Yeah, that's okay. And remember this is this is an unfolding not a light switch. So it takes practice it takes expansion it takes building your competence it takes nurturing and support but you can do it it's just that you haven't been taught and you haven't been given the right support and nurturing. Christie says I felt Han is much stronger than Metatron that's okay. It's just practice. And as those few he was beautiful red and she was pink with yellow. I smell honeysuckle and grapes. I love that Hamza saw a lot of shadows. Okay? And remember, it's not seeing like with your physical eyes, it's more of like a sensing. So don't expect to see things necessarily with your physical eyes. Julius is right was stronger and taller. Okay, cool. I will tell you and remember there's no right or wrong we all perceive spirit and the subtle energies differently so it's okay if what I'm about to say is different than what you feel. For me. I always understand Hannah out in really lovely, lighter pinks and purples and sometimes with a bit of yellow streamed throughout. And those kind of lava lamp style working together and Metatron I always feel him in some blues but more metallic Silver's gold. That's what I always feel with him. Lots of metallic colors with him. So if any of you felt any of that, that's great validation for you. Trina says heavier air on the left lighter on the right, Don says I thought vibration, warm vibration on both shoulders and neck. My right bicep Twitch oh cool, deep blue and pink. Oh, very cool. Right was purple and left was blue. Okay, there you go. And also know that the way you sense or feel that might change over time. It's really about building a relationship with any guide Ascended Master angel that you want to work with. You can build a relationship over time so when they do step in, or when you invite them in, you know exactly what they feel like. I missed someone Sarah says, I rarely see your field colors. Each of the sides were distinctly different. Very cool, and it's okay if you um, some people need to be taught to sense color. Everyone can do it. It's not necessarily having to have like a an internal visual experience, but you can sense the color that something feels there's a way to do it. Don't worry, Debbie says oh, I got pink purple and was thinking maybe yellow overhanging. Oh, wow. So cool. Yeah. Good job, Deb. Kathy says the little thing keeps clicking. My scalp was tingly. Oh, I love it that's showing that your crown is is sensing energy and you're starting to be able to sense in your space, which is great. That's part of discernment. Knowing when there's different energy in your space and your bubble and your auric field. Ross says I related a white blue purple glimmer with Metatron and white orangish for Hannah. Oh, I love that beautiful. Kim says I said to myself, he was playful right before you did Oh, funny color didn't come deaf definitively. That's fine. She was purple for me. They each left something for me. Oh, beautiful. Not sure what maybe just a sense of knowing. And maybe you'll come to your awareness leader. And maybe it's them just letting you know, hey, we are working in your space. Don't worry. Maya says I felt Hannah do more pink and purple. Oh, lovely. And it's okay to work with them individually. It's just some of you, I know have done these type of exercises before. So I wanted to kind of add another layer in. But it's okay to work with them separately to call them in separately to I just wanted to give you guys the experience, it's actually really advanced to be able to be aware of two being souls at the same time. It's something that's kind of advanced in mediumship. Even so it's very advanced. So don't feel like if you didn't, you weren't completely sure that it's like, oh, you weren't doing it, right? Well, we did. It's actually very advanced. I love pushing you guys, because you can do it with the right support with the right nurturing with the right coaching and guidance. The other thing that's so important for me is to be able to have question and answer like this. Because as you know, we learn something and then until we practice it have like a hands on experience. We don't even know the questions we have right? And then we have an experience and then we have more questions and then we go back in and have another experience. So I'm so excited. You guys had so many amazing experiences tonight. I have the announcements and then we're going to do a prize drawing so stay if you can. For the prize drawing Sarah says first time I truly felt these angels so strange to feel them at the same time. Yeah, it's a different experience, right. And like I said, these are kind of lesser known angels but two that I work with, like all the time. So first announcement, I have decided to expand, extend, expand this workshop, the free workshop. So we'll be here same time tomorrow, Thursday. I'll make a post about it after so you guys can see the lineup but I'll tell you quickly, tomorrow we are going to do all about protection. I'll teach you what projection is what it isn't what you need to know and how to anchor your energy. You're gonna really like that one. If you if you've been liking the tingles and stuff you're gonna really like that one. That's tomorrow we'll do same time 6pm Pacific nine Eastern. You guys can do your timezone math. I'm really bad at it. Friday the 13th we are going to do our free community healing so come and receive healing. And since we've been building this week, I'll actually expand and tell you more more of the things that I'm doing in there before we do them. I know I don't always say no, not everyone wants to know the P's and Q's of it all, but I think you guys do. So we'll tell you all the things we're going to do in there, the beginning of our session, it's Friday the 13th. So what a fun way to like, get some healing and have some fun. And we have the Eclipse coming up on the 14th. So we need to do some healing. So and then Saturday and Sunday, at 10am, Pacific 1pm. Eastern, both of those days, I'm going to do free live mini readings. I know you guys love the mini readings. One of those days, I'm going to bring a guest on in just a minute, I'm gonna tell you why. Again, there's gonna be a post about all this and I'll send out an email. So don't feel like you got to remember all this right now. Monday will be the last day 6pm, Eastern 6pm, Pacific 9pm Eastern, we'll do a different meditation, meet your inner mystic healer and you can get a message or guidance about your own next steps. So that's going to be really really fun. Okay, so that's my one announcement. My Oh, don't worry, I'll there'll be replays and you can send in Christy if you want, you can just email me.
Or, I don't want to forget, I was gonna say like, I'll just do one for you on there anyway, but I don't want to forget. So try. Try to be on the live if you can't. If you can't, that's okay. Have someone else ask for you. And I'll I'll do it. But I just don't want I just don't want to forget, I can get forgetful. So that brings me to my next announcement, I am opening doors to my modern mystic healer program. I've changed it a little bit. This is the third round, you guys have a lot of older siblings in the in the program. And I'm so excited. It's a 10 month intensive mentorship with me, I'm going to tell you a little bit about it. I'll also share the link after so you can see like all the details what you get. Essentially, like I said, I honed and kind of tightened these tools through experience over the last like more than 10 years. So what I'm going to teach in 10 months is what I have been working through and tightening up over 10 years. Really, this course could be two separate courses, because one element of it is Reiki. So you're gonna get Reiki level one and two, but not just a tuned, one of my main pet peeves with the I think there's a place for them. But those weekend workshops are those like quick get attuned. Poof, you have Reiki, which is wonderful. But I can't tell you how many people come into my office and say, oh, yeah, I got attuned to Reiki, but I don't know what the symbols are, I don't know how to use them, or I don't really use it because I don't know what to do with it or, you know, no one really taught me like I wouldn't know how to like do a client intake and like actually have a client or charge someone. So I really feel like there's so much more to teach in there. So one half of the course as we move through the 10 months is Reiki, it's a deep dive training I teach you not only, like I said, the actual attunements, which is a beautiful kind of ceremonial initiation in your energy, you get a Reiki Guide, which is amazing. But I teach you the business side of it, how to do an intake with a client how to talk to them afterwards. What recommendations are you giving? What are you not ever saying? How to do the business of it based on I mean, we've had people actually internationally in this course and I go in and look at the laws and regulations and make suggestions we do some business brainstorming if that's the direction you want to go. Some people want to use these tools just with themselves or the people in their lives, to tell you a million stories about how people are using them. And some people have started businesses. The other segment of the course that could be standalone is what I call the modern mystic tools. That's things like learning the deep, expanded version of all the chakras. Each chakra stands for several areas of your life, like I said yourself within yourself beliefs about yourself programs that you have kind of been taught over your life, your survival, your connection with higher power, Higher Self, the spirit world, your clairsentience, which is all the Claire's together. So we work through that. Plus you learn not only the meanings of all of those, but how to clear them how to balance them how to heal within yourself or for a client, we learn the colors. So the chakra colors are a little different than healing with color even though they work beautifully together. So the meanings of all the colors because part of the healing and the way I train it is intuitively psychically clear sentient ly reading the energy field of your client as you go even if you have never had any experience with this before. I think you've seen this week that you can do some things that you didn't know you can do with the right support and the right nurturing and coaching. So chakras colors timeline here like to go back and heal on the past timeline, you can go forward and heal in the future, you can hear heal generationally. ancestrally, there are a million things you could do with timeline. We also talk about what I was talking about earlier setting sacred space. So not only will you learn how to work with your own healing guide, but I'm also going to teach you how to work with angels with Ascended Masters with any healing force that you want to work with, on the other side in your sessions, and how to build relationships with each of these different guides. If you choose what else is in there, there's so much in there. There's cord cutting, there's I said, timeline already I have a list here that I'm just not I'm not looking at i feel like i I'm so passionate about this work that I always feel like I can just remember, color, oh, yeah, how to use your intuition and Clairsentience as a healer in the healing session. And in the intake and outtake and in how to deal with clients, we do a lot of business planning, if you want it, we have the opportunity to practice all the tools you're learning so that by the end of the course, you could be able to work as a professional healer right away if you choose. And this is a professional certification course. So not only do you get certificates, for your Reiki level one and two certification to trace your lineage from me all the way back to the original Reiki Master Master who's why, which is kind of a big deal. You also get that modern mystic tools, certification, so you're professionally certified at the end of this course. And you can be divinely connected and empowered and create the transformation as a healer and miracles in your everyday life as a true mentorship. So we're together four times a month, you get access to Sage support, I've had tons of experience. So I probably have the answers to the questions that are gonna come up for you. And I have access to my own mentors too, in case I don't, and you'll get all the tools to go pro, plus, you'll find your soul tribe, you really do make connections that last a lifetime, I'm going to tell you exactly what you're gonna get. Besides being really respected in your field, because you're properly certified, we do these four sessions a month. So one session of the month is Reiki deep dive where we're exploring the symbols how to use them. And it's in unexpected and expanded ways, how to send healing across distance across time and space how to transmit other things across time and space. So that's one of the sessions is the Reiki session every month. One of the session is the modern mystic spiritual healing tool. So that's all the things we were talking about all of the chakra work all of the secrets of healing with color, how to recognize your healing guide angels, the healing masters cord cutting how to guide your own meditations, if you want. So if you want to do distance healing, for example, and guide your client through meditation, I teach you all that one of the sessions is a group healing session. So early on in the course I'm doing healing for you. And then later as you feel comfortable, I'm partnering you guys, and you guys are healing each other. So you can actually have practical experiences. It is so valuable to receive validation from a partner when you're starting to learn how to work with the subtle energies with healing with your own energy reading abilities. And it's such a nurturing safe group. It's a safe container. It's one group for 10 months, so you guys end up being I'm thinking because the past groups are all still friends, which is really cool. You guys have met some of them. So that's the third session in the month is the heal session. And the fourth session in the month is the Empower session. That's our virtual mixer. We meet once a month outside of our regular class setting, all of the mentorship groups are invited. So it's really like I said, building a community to last you, the people that I came up with and development are some of my best friends and resources. Still, I can't even tell you how valuable it is. Because there's things in this work that people outside of this work kind of don't get. We do all kinds of things in the Empower mixer. Actually, the one at the end of this month, we're going to do many readings for each other, which is fun. Some of the advanced students like to do the readings now too. And it's a really supportive group. So if you want to just receive readings you can if you want to pull some cards you can. It's really fun. It is a sibling hood of the most powerful kind, we call it like a virtual happy hour with your woowoo crew. And then there's an additional option for people that want even deeper understanding even more personal attention to do monthly one on one coaching with me where you get your own private coaching session for anything that's coming up for you and your own work. And as we heal and learn healing, we heal ourselves. So anything that's coming up for you, within your own self and within your own life. I use my gifts as a psychic medium and my experience as I've been called to heal healers healer, to really unfold what's going on for you hold space for you to process and coach you in a very personal way. These are especially valuable for anyone who's wanting to create their own business. And what else was I going to tell you Don't worry if you don't know what you need in those sessions I will. So, um, basically with those sessions, it's like you're getting a one on one session with me actually, for way longer than I even offer publicly there 75 minute sessions. And what was I going to tell you there, it's like, the whole monthly cost is less than it will cost you for a session of that length with the recording. So you get, oh, that's the other thing everything's recorded. So we meet live on Zoom. It's typically around this day and time. So most of the sessions are 6pm, Pacific 9pm. Eastern, mostly on Wednesdays, a couple of them are moved around out when I give you the info page, it has all of that. And in the Frequently Asked Questions section. I even have the schedule through like January or something.
Okay, let me see. I think there's questions. Oh, very good. You guys are excited. Okay, so what else do I want to tell you there's a couple earlybird bonuses to know about before we wrap up. So the card is going to be open till Monday night at midnight. And then I'm going to have to close doors because I'm going to get started and invite everyone to the Empower session that's at the end of this month in case you want to get many readings and meet the rest of the group, your woowoo crew. But if you join Saturday, before midnight, Saturday, the 14th this week, there are some bonuses that you get you get a one on one healing session with me live on Zoom, I have the values of all these listed in the info page too. And if you want to do that VIP level, the modern mystic on fire, where you're also getting the one on one sessions with me, there's a couple additional bonuses if you earlybird. By Saturday night, you get basically I send you a really lovely, semi precious stone that I intuitively choose specifically for you to support you on this healing journey and fuse it with Reiki and healing and send it to you. Plus, there's another bonus session if you're in that VIP level, which is called the next step session. So if you're someone that is wanting to take it to the next level, towards the end of the course, we meet one on one and talk about your next steps. I actually have someone that use this session to really kind of hone her business. And Reiki and healing can go alongside so many businesses. And we've had high level government professionals in the course we've had Pilates instructors, teachers, IT professionals and marketing professionals. I'm trying to think of who else but my little mind is drawing a blank people in the health and beauty industry that are then kind of moving that into their career. We've had people that do hair that are now offering healings as part of like their service offerings, which is really incredible. And I'll tell you, most of the people that have been in the course weren't sure they could do it at the beginning but really have just had incredible growth and expansion. So that is that is the course. And if you have questions about it, you can ask them I will be on the days we do the mini readings. I'll I'll kind of like answer some questions in between if you guys have questions after reading the info page, but I am really excited about it. It used to be a nine month journey, I've expanded it to 10 months, because mainly because we can take some time off because it is it does feel long. But what we end up doing is I you can see on the schedule, I have it buffered where there's two weeks off at the end of december two weeks off at the beginning of January. So that holiday time could feel expansive, because I know everyone gets so busy. We'll take a break with some homework in the spring easy homework that you will love. So it's going to feel spacious and easy. You're going to be building a community, you're going to be learning and expanding your healing gifts. And remember, just like all of these guests, like I talked about in my own journey, when we expand one area and agree to heal within ourselves and to work in the energy, other gifts bubble up and rise and expand sometimes that's what's blocking them is that we haven't given space and attention to move our own energy or even to spend time working in this energy. It is amazing what you will see and be aware of in other people's fields. And then when you like for example, when we're doing the partner healing. When they tell you you tell them oh I was aware of this blah blah blah. They will validate for you and say oh my gosh, I do have that going on or my knee does hurt. Debbie says what are the are the meetings on a certain night so everything's live on zoom but recorded and put in the course portal. So you guys have your own logins. You can rewatch the videos at your leisure as many times as you want Most of the sessions are on this day and time most of the sessions are Wednesdays at 6pm. Pacific 9pm. Eastern, because the Empower sessions are joint sessions. They move around a little bit, but they're mostly at this time. 6pm Pacific 9pm Eastern. Sara says it sounds amazing. We have another Reiki starting this week. Oh, thank you so much. You can email me to connect Joy joyful And I will put I will put the link in is everyone gifted in some degree? Yes, everyone is empathic, everyone is intuitive. It's just that most people are not given the right tools and the right support to actually know how to feel and sense and move energy, like you've already started to experience this week. So everyone has gifts to some degree. But I did a podcast episode about this not long ago called like, can anyone be a medium, sometimes, even though that gift hasn't presented itself yet, it doesn't mean it's not there. It just could be more latent and can come up later or can come up as you move your energy for me, I needed to learn healing and deeply marinate in it, to trust to trust what I was sensing, to start to get those validations over time to know that everything was you know, true and valid. And it takes time. These are sensitive gifts, and we're sensitives in the world. So we need extra kind of nurturing and coaching and guidance. Oh, yeah, one more thing. Each session tends to be about an hour to 75 minutes long glory, the monthly free community healing if you guys have ever been to any of those, and you sometimes see me announce apprentice healers or we call them side chair healers, you got to do that too, if you want. Some of them don't like to be announced. So there are some that come on and heal in the background with me that don't get announced. But if you want to be announced, I am happy to announce you for exposure for you to start learning because it's a different thing to heal one on one than to heal in big groups. So what you guys don't know is that the healers that want to participate, any given session, and it's optional is not mandatory. We hop on Zoom together about 15 minutes before I give little healing assignments. And then we all go in together and heal and they it's called side chair, they side chair me so there's the opportunity to do that too. As part of it, I'm going to do the prize now because I don't want to forget. Okay, if you have more questions, ask them as soon as we get off. Actually, I can pop that link in now. But as soon as we get off, I'll make a I'll make a post about it. So you can see it. And then if you have questions you can ask them we again, don't don't forget, I'll make a post about the additional sessions that we added. But we also have that all about protection. Tomorrow. We have community healing on Friday, we have mini readings Saturday and Sunday. And then we have the meet your inner mystic healer on Monday. Now don't put your guesses yet wait till I pull a card. These cards are between one and 54. So everyone who's still on the live, you guys are so welcome. And I'm so grateful to you all for being here and showing up for yourself. It's pretty incredible. It shows that you want the coaching, which I love. We really were so sensitive, we need the right mentors, I've had several mentors, and I'm always in some kind of mentorship. Because I believe we need that nurturing and support to continue to grow. So in just a second when I pull a card here, I'm gonna make some really good. I want you guys to make one guess in the comments of your guests kind of tune in energetically, I'm gonna shuffle two more times. I have a little thing about like how many times I shuffle some of you debit you know about this. So, okay, so I'm gonna pick this card, I'm not going to even look at it. And I want you to kind of tune into the energy of this card and drop your guests. Try not to guess the same as someone else because I'll take the first guess between one and 54 Put your number in the chat. Put your number in the chat between one and 54 and the number closest, the first one closest, don't make multiple guesses. Just make one guests make it fair for everyone.
Okay, I'm gonna look now. Okay, no, this is funny. All right.
All right. I'll give another minute. I know I've kept you guys over a couple minutes. Let's see. Let me start looking at the thread here and see who's close to so far and it'll be whoever's closest if no one gets it exactly. That's okay. I'm not that much of
a stickler okay. Let me look let me look let me luck.
Okay, let me look on my phone because that one keeps hopping. Okay, one more or like 30 More seconds between one and 50 for
whoever's closest will win a surprise prize
I used to announce the prize ahead. And then because we have international people, it's so expensive surprises overseas, that if someone's overseas, I have to send a different so now we do surprise prize. Okay. 30 more seconds.
Okay, I'm looking. I see who's closest. Oh, right. Okay, don't
sometimes it's on a delay. So I want to make sure no one else is putting in numbers and I don't see him. Okay. Are you ready? So the person that is closest is Kathy Munson Stanley with 42. This card is number 45. I laughed, because I'm 45 for a couple more months, and I was just thinking about it earlier. So number 45. So Kathy, you are closest, email me your mailing address. I don't care if it's your home address or your mama's address or neighbor's address, joy at joyful email me your address. And then once the workshops over, I'll send out all the surprise prizes. Keep doing the Monday homework, that grounding and running your energy and keep posting that you're doing it because on the last day on Monday, I'll do a like a bowl and I'll put everyone's name in there. Some of you have seen me do this before. And I'll draw out. Probably two I always say one and I always end up picking two. So let's just be real, I'm probably gonna pick two. So I'll pick two people out of that bowl. And we probably will do a prize. A different night. I'm not sure if I'll do it tomorrow or Friday, but we'll do a prize a different day as well. I love prizes. Hey, if I'm going to the post office anyways, we might as well all have some fun, right? Okay, so thank you guys so much for being here. I hope you guys will consider or at least look at the modern mystic healer program and see if it calls to you. I am always no pressure. So even if it's not the right timing for you, please come to the rest of the workshop and get these tools and learn about protection and get healing and get some mini readings and have some fun. I'll have a guest on Sunday for sure. Saturday might just be you and me because I want a little extra time with you guys. Monday again, we'll be meet your inner mystic healer and get your own next steps. I'll post the post a picture about that in just a minute and the link so thank you guys for being here. I will see you tomorrow, Thursday, same time. 6pm Pacific 9pm Eastern, and we will learn about protection and I will teach you how to anchor your energy so you don't need to worry. big hands. Lots of love. I will see you guys very soon. Thank you so much for being here. Bye for now.

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