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Replay: Session 5: Fri 10/13: Group Healing: Receive Psychic Energy Healing & Reiki

Oct 14, 2023


Session 5: Fri October 13. Group Healing: Receive Psychic Energy Healing & Reiki Happy Friday the 13th and New Moon Eclipse weekend!  YES you can receive energy healing through the replay! Healing energy can be sent across distance and time! (& timeline healing is part of the Modern Mystic Healings training!) 

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ll right. Hey everyone, how are you make sure to say hello. As you're signing in. I know that Facebook's on a little bit of a delay, let me get my phone set up so I can see the comments. Just because sometimes they show up when I stream into the group like this, and sometimes they don't.
Alright, let me get you guys up on my phone here. Hopefully everyone is filtering in for our community healing. All right, let me mute over here and look for comments. Okay. So I'm going to give a minute for everyone to get on. It is great to see you guys. I wanted to include our monthly community healing as a part of this workshop just because this workshop is all about healing, right. So we're going to talk a little bit about the Eclipse energy a few of you have asked some questions about that. It's great to have some water near you if you feel like you need to. Let me look at the comments. Hey, Kim, good to see you. It's okay. If you fall asleep, you receive just the same amount of healing awake or asleep in these. Hey, Don, happy Friday the 13th. Good to see you guys. So in just a minute, we'll talk a little bit about the Eclipse energy and and what to expect this one's a little different. As I understand it, I have a couple questions I'm going to answer for you guys that came in. And then we'll get into it with the healing. And I'll tell you a little bit more obviously, if even if I explained all the things I'm doing in the healing, it won't make sense if you're not trained in these tools, but I'll kind of tell you a little bit. Hey, Pam, from Nova Scotia, Canada, our neighbors to the north. How are you? I'm doing well. Hey, Lisa, good to see you. Happy Friday the 13th Hello to Wanda Good to see you. Hello. Hello, Chrissy. Good. Good to see you, too. Shannon. Hi, you guys are all hopping on, which is wonderful. I know it has been a lot of emails for me this week. If you are new to me and new to my email list, I usually try to send out only one email a week. But I just don't want anyone to miss any of these lessons. Because inevitably,
if I send out less emails, someone reaches out later disappointed that they didn't get the sessions. And this is the first time of any of the free live workshops that I've done, that I'm actually sending out the replays to people who signed up. I've never done that before. So that is another reason why you're getting a lot of emails because so many people asked for those replays that I'm sending them out. So it will go back to a more normal or lesser amount of emails after Monday. So don't panic. You don't need to unsubscribe, I promise they'll slow down again. Hey, Pam, good to see you, too. Understood. I love getting them keep them coming off. Thanks. I've got some people not as enthusiastic as you. So I appreciate you.
I'm super thirsty today.
I had a full day of readings today and tomorrow as well. So that brings me to my next point as you guys are hopping on and even those of you on the replay. Some of you have emailed me privately, I've gotten to about half of those emails. If you haven't received a response from me and you emailed me please know I'm working through them give me a little bit of grace. This is a really busy week for me with the workshop and then obviously like as I'm still seeing clients, so I am getting everyone I will if you if you email me I really do make an effort to respond personally. It might take me 48 hours this weekend. I will work through Sunday and I don't normally so just know I didn't forget I did most likely see it and I am getting to you but if you don't hear from me by today's Friday night, if you don't hear from me by Sunday, don't don't don't hesitate to reach out again. So let's oily says she loves the replays good. And Kim said you love getting them. Thanks. Okay, good. So let's talk a little bit about the Eclipse energy. I'm going to answer a couple questions that people had sent in about the course. Lori says Happy Friday the 13th Happy Friday the 13th. I know that in I don't know I guess in the US and maybe in Canada and maybe in some other countries they because of the movies we think ooh, Friday the 13th scary in Italian culture 13 is a lucky number. So it's a lucky day.
You guys can take my Italian 13th luck if you want it. So it's a I just like Friday the 13th I think it's kind of cool. Hey Karen, Karen made it from London. We are so happy to have you it is our
Already the 14 where Ms. Karen is thanks for being here. Laurie says lucky Yes, yeah, it's lucky. So we can tune into whichever energy we want, remember, and it'll, it'll meet you wherever you decide to be. So a little bit about this eclipse energy as most of you hopefully know, I'm a practicing psychic medium, like a working medium, but I am not an astrologer. So I dip into astrology just in my own personal workings to understand the energy if I want to, I don't always, if you want a little bit of a deeper dive on the podcast spirit speakeasy in June or July, my astrologer friend and colleague she Tall Story came on and did a, like an astrology prediction from this for the second half of the year. And I want to re listen to it myself this weekend. Because she does I remember her talking about the eclipses and all the things going on in this time period. So I'm gonna listen back to it, if you want to, it might be a deeper dive on to kind of what to expect, in this eclipse energy, I will tell you a couple things that I'm aware of some through people that I listened to, and some just in the interpretation and energy that I'm receiving and understanding. It'll be kind of basic, though. So for those of you that know a little bit about astrology, we have what's called the north and south node. And we just recently over the summer, shifted those nodes. And really all I want to touch into about it is that the south node is currently in Libra, this new moon eclipse tomorrow at I think it's like around 1:30pm Eastern Time, is also in the sign of Libra, but Libra in this South Node, I think actually, she taught me this on that podcast episode I was mentioning, in this case represents letting go of old systems like archaic systems, structures that no longer serve us it as the greater whole. So with this eclipse, I would say maybe not needing to do a ton of energy work. It's more, this one in particular, about healing about being open for inspiration, or any guidance that you personally receive or know about the relationships in your own life. And it doesn't just mean romantic relationships. It is relationship to yourself relationship to things in your life, your work, your money, your food, your home relationship to whatever you're in different types of relationship with, but not needing some ambient noise coming, I don't know if you can hear it. Not needing to focus like we do in some Eclipse energies. I actually heard an astrologer this morning recommend like not even trying to charge or clear crystals and this energy just to like, take it easy. I know sometimes our nature is to want to like do something. This is one, as I understand it, like do less just be available for any inspiration or guidance or inner nudging that you might personally receive. The other thing I wanted to say about this one was let me reach back up into my brain and get it it's been a long day, guys.
What did I want to say about this one? Oh, eclipses in general, the general like sense of them is that something needs to be eclipsed out. So something else can be eclipsed in a new cycle. So let me say some hellos. Hey, Boone, good to see you. Hey, Anna, I'm glad you're here. So just like any Eclipse, we can expect certain things to be eclipsed out, which sometimes is a peaceful transition of exit and sometimes feels like upheaval. So something else can be eclipsed in. And in the year of this South Node Libra, one of the themes of overall is that we're eclipsing out those old structures, archaic systems, that kind of thing. So just in general to know
something else I wanted to just quickly touch on, I know that there's so much going on in our world right now. So we will do a segment of this healing, to send healing to those in Israel. And if you don't want to participate in that part, you can just imagine sending healing some one else in the world that needs it or to the Earth itself. But I'll let you know that during that time, I actually when everything started really erupting. I was hesitant to do this workshop. But the guidance and inspiration I received was that we need healers more now than ever, and that everyone needed community more than ever and so I went forward with it, especially because I've been praying
I'm gonna sing it to you guys since like August, I think. And the other thing is I've kind of pulled back on on personal posts for a little while. But I do still have the posts for this workshop going out and I was really conflicted about it. So for those that are wondering, I haven't really spoken about it. But that is why you don't see me posting a time right now and why I decided to do this workshop anyway. And we can all you know, truthfully, the hard thing is, we can't do much.
Check on your Jewish friends are your Israeli friends, send them some love and let ask them how you can support them. And remember what we talked about last night, if you want to be in that position of support, you it's important to anchor your energy as support, right? Because we can't, if someone is going through a time of trauma and we fall apart, then they're comforting us. And that is not it. Right? We all know that. We don't want to make it about us. So really, just like any, anytime a devastating tragedy like this happens, check on your friends that are identifying as members of that community. And you can offer healing in a blanket way as a whole. Remembering, you know, whether you have Reiki offer Reiki, if you if you don't have a train system of healing just offer white light like we did the day that we channeled the white light energy from your higher self. And remember just holding the intention for the highest and greatest good, right? We are in no position to know what any specific person needs, but we can offer energy and intention for the highest and greatest good. So that is my little soapbox about that. And my explanation about why I went forward with this workshop. I'm going to answer one or two questions that were sent in about the course. So those of you that asked me like, What do we need to do during this eclipse, really just be observant, be observant of your own emotion where that goes, if you want to take some notes or do some light journaling, you could do that if you wanted to take a bath to just relax and be available for whatever needs to be eclipsed out in your personal life so that something new can be eclipsed in, you might get nudging or stirrings around something that has been kind of nudging you of like, it's time to let this
iteration of this idea go, for example, like for me, when we had COVID, I released the segment of my business that was hands on and focus more on the internet side of things. So things like that, what have you been kind of getting that internal nudge that it's time to release this habit, it's time to this relationship is no longer serving you this agreement is no longer serving you that kind of thing. But not, I wouldn't suggest taking any action in that way unless you absolutely feel completely called to do so you all have your own wisdom. But it's really just a time of going within and getting really clear and honest with yourself. And you can do that just by noticing those subtle emotions that you feel because those emotions as part of this healing energy. That is some of what happens in the chakra system. Like we were talking about emotions stir and bubble up. It's why we get that gut feeling or that kind of inner knowing right in these two lower chakras usually, because the emotion bubbles and stirs to try to get our awareness. Sometimes it's something that we need to become more consciously aware of to release and heal and let go of sometimes it's something that's guiding us to recognize something else in our life or how we feel about something else. So just kind of honor your feelings this weekend. If it's within your privilege to do so take it easy.
And I would I would go into conversations with loving kindness in mind, I want to say sometimes it can get a little prickly I'll just say it that way. So you know, maybe not intending to have any huge life changing conversations this weekend. But you also can receive inspiration nudging stirring so be available for all that and we will intend to support that energy and shifting of emotions with our healing tonight. Okay, so someone asked What if they can only make half of the live course sessions they are live every week with me just because I like that live access. I feel like questions come up when we're working in a live group and then one person asks a question and answer someone else's question and then it leads to another question. So I love the learning energy of that for this because these tools are so deep even though they're accessible to everyone. But if you can't make a live session, you always have the replays to watch and the next time you are on a live session, you can ask your questions or if
You're doing that VIP level, you can save all your questions for the one on one time that you have with me. And we can kind of go through them in a more personal way. I try to be really, you know, you can share as much personal information or as little personal information in these classes as you want. And it's, it doesn't change the learning. It's just up to you. So I tried to honor whatever you're doing, typically on these sessions to someone asked, Are these community healings are the extra people that we see from the healers course? Yeah, those are the healing apprentices. So everyone is graduate now and beyond actually, I have several that are master level, which I'm super proud of them. I tonight, because we're doing the workshop wanted it to be just us. The live mini readings tomorrow morning at 10. Pacific one Eastern will be just us. And then Sunday, we'll have a special guest on and we will have fun together, it'll be a really relaxing, exciting one. So if you can make those live mini readings sessions do it. Someone asked what is the first session of the course I do have the schedule in that information page. And I'll give the information page again tonight. For those of you that need it. Again, it's also on the group page. But the first session is actually like an informal invitation not required session. And it's the what we call the Empower session, which we also refer to as virtual happy hour with your woowoo crew. And sometimes we do different things. Usually at the end of the year, we I teach everyone and walk everyone through figuring out your like personal year number for the next year. And what that means. This time, we're going to do many readings for each other some of the advanced students are doing readings at this point. So it's kind of like whoever wants to participate can you can just receive readings. So that is actually next week. So it's not a mandatory class, because I know everyone's transitioning their schedule and all of that. But you guys are invited, it's kind of the tail end of the last goddess untamed group, the master level is already a little bit into their next year's course. So those sessions are cross mentorship, meaning it's not just your group, it's all the groups so you get to network and mix and mingle and meet friends and and long term
partners, you know, for this work, it is so nice to be able to have friends that understand this work. And that came up in this work. And it's nice to even be able to like trade healings or several of the course members or friends at this point. So that is the first unofficial session. And then the week after that as the first official session, I will teach the basic pieces of Reiki and then I started tuning you right away because the sooner I can get you a tuned the longer I have to marinate you train, you give you opportunity to practice and it is all very gentle. Hopefully you guys know my energy by now to know I'm I am going to lovingly urge you out of your comfort zone, but I am not going to push you off the tree. So it's and it's it's, you're kind of invited to go at your own pace as far as like how public you want to be like some people after we learned the session where I teach you the structure of leading a really powerful guided meditation. Some people want to try it and lead a meditation for the class. Other people are like I do not feel comfortable talking in front of the class. And that's okay, too. So I hope that gives you the vibe of the course.
Okay, and I'll answer more questions tomorrow and Sunday. And before we start Monday, so if you have them, you can keep sending them. Okay, one last thing, and then we're gonna dive into the healing. So many of you have been doing an amazing job with your Monday homework and posting, I am behind on getting to everyone who posted since last night. I caught up on them last night and then today just didn't have a chance, I will see them and get to them. And don't worry, you will be entered in that prize drawing for Monday. For those of you that are signing on today for the first time or watching on the replay. You can even email me the days that you've done your Monday's homework and then I'll enter you into the prize drawing and I'm gonna do price drawing on Monday surprise prize. To be quite honest, it depends what country you live in. Because if you're in the States, I can send something differently than if you're overseas I send something a different way. So it will do two prizes on Monday. Okay, so let's talk about the healing and dive right in. I'm going to tell you a little bit more about what I do in there. So essentially, it this is all in the training but essentially I walk you guys through a guided meditation which is pretty much how you know I teach you to do it I teach you the steps of it and then you can move around those puzzle pieces and add in color however you like. So I do that a walk you into a bit of a guided meditation, and then I let you know when I'm going to become quiet this is actually distance healing.
Hands on healing is obviously putting your hands on or over someone distance is either by internet or
Distance even in the same room can be distance. So I love the guided meditation for distance. I am quiet on these when I'm hailing only because it seems like having music sets off everyone's speakers and tech glitches in strange ways we've discovered that over the this month is, I think two years that we've been doing this free community healing. So we have discovered that playing music through any type of speakers is just messy on a lot of people's end. So I let you know when I'm going to be quiet. But there is a period of silence during that period, you are just relaxing receiving. Some people who are receiving healing will feel kind of warming or tingling or energy moving in their space. Some people fall asleep, like Kim was saying earlier, some people just drift off into a really peaceful place. Just know that whether you're feeling or sensing anything or not you are receiving what I and the healers are doing typically during this period is I use the appropriate Reiki symbols to enter your field I am moving symbols in your space, I heal a little differently for one individual versus a collective. And I do have it where I teach and set the energy so that like even if you're watching on the replay, that energy is still in the energetic container that we create. So it can be there's just not good language for this downloaded by the person watching the replay to receive and experience the healing. So we set that up. As you know, I often will do what were one of the things we're going to do tonight and energy bubble to offer healing to either other individuals in our lives or like we'll do for Israel tonight.
So we do that we do some timeline healing a little bit back on the timeline, I set up some healing forward on the timeline for you. I call it time release.
This is an official term I made it up. So I set it up on the my timeline looks like an old school history timeline like history class timeline. So I set up healing on the timeline for you guys. So it can drop in as we move through this eclipse is what we'll do this time and into next week. Eclipse energy as usually felt kind of the week before and the week after. So I'll set that up for you. Depending on what the group energy needs, sometimes it'll rise to my awareness to incorporate some cord cutting or bring in Archangel Michael or one of the other Ascended Masters Ganesh or
there's lots of them. I'm like I don't want to I don't want to offend anyone's belief system, but they're all the highest and greatest for you just know that. I always set sacred space. So it's why we can anchor into this energetic container together. I always redo your grounding for you that Monday homework grounding and running energy. What else am I doing, I'm always working with your colors and the color of the group. I'm always working in the chakra system, I'm always doing an energetic tool for energy clearing and release. So offering your energy the opportunity to kind of like dump out anything that's not serving in a really quick and powerful but like comfortable way. Danielle from Mexico. Hi, good to see you. I'm so happy you're here.
So that is what we will be doing. I know there's a couple other elements that I'm missing, I go in there and do a lot of things. And then most of you know, I'm also a trance medium, which means that I can go into a deeper state of
unawareness, I guess is what it is. And I have guides that I channel with voice, which we'll talk about tomorrow. But I also have guides that I channel for healing, so they are able to raise the vibration really high and do an incredible healing with you guys. I also am often calling in all of your healing guides or your support guides so they can support you individually. And some of you know who your guides are. And some of you don't. But we also teach in the course how to recognize your guides, different guides, what they do, how to work with them, how to how to recognize them and bring them in. And then there's a little bit of magic that always happens because anytime I'm leading, especially a group healing, I mean individual sessions to I leave some opening for spirit right where I can be guided to understand the the main needs of the collective or how to set the energy. So there's some that I'm kind of freestyling while I'm in there. And that is always changing depending on the need of the moment. Sometimes it's me, setting the highest energy kind of how we're talking about setting the crown setting the crown of the group at ease or at
breathing, you know, just depending what the need is, but I usually can recognize it when I get in there. So like I said, the way I teach healing and the way I do it's why I call them the modern mystic tools because there is an element of reading energy and kind of being able to I always I wasn't a sports kid. One of the one of the things I did
So being able to like dodge and navigate and call plays, as I'm going in the healing, it's why I love having the whole toolbox because then yes, there's a structure I can work through step by step. But also I can call audibles. And as I'm healing, I can say, Okay, we need to do this today. And I can do, you know, maybe setting the healing on the timeline a little differently, or a little extra. Okay, if I read these comments real quick, and then we're gonna get into the healing. So I want to make sure I give you guys at least like a good 2025 minutes. Karen says 222 over here, and you had 22 viewers. Oh, so cool.
And remember, if you've taken the sign mini course with me, if you haven't, it's on the homepage of the website joyful It's a free three day signs mini course, one of the things I teach is numbers as signs and two to two essentially means this too shall pass. So for you, Karen, whatever you're going through this too shall pass. Laurie, thank you so much for all you do, I really appreciate you. Ah, thanks, I appreciate you guys too. You know, I just I love being able to have community with you guys and and have this as a safe space for you. So
If you need a sip of water, now's a great time for that.
If you're watching on the replay, now is a great time if you need to take a comfort break to pause the recording and do that. Because we are going to get into healing and we will be in healing for probably all told probably 25 minutes, including the guided meditation. So in just a minute here, I am going to invite you to close your eyes, I will do similar to Lee similarly to how we have been doing it all week, I will have you check in with your bubble, I'll have you move into the center of your head, just follow me, I'll move I'll help me move your energy. And then I will guide you into a space. Just go with me. Sometimes I think I know where we're going. And then it veers off to the right as I'm working. So I'll take you to a meditative space, I'll leave you somewhere restful, I'll let you know when I'm going to become quiet. And then I'll become quiet and work in your space. You just relax and let yourself have an experience or have a rest. Don't judge your experience either just be with whatever it is. And then I will guide you back through meditation kind of back into the center of your head and back to open your eyes like we have been all week. And then you can share your experience if you like. And we will do a little closing. So okay,
let us get into it. So if you are this one you can lay down to whereas most of them I suggest kind of sitting upright and having lights on this one, you're not working you're receiving so you can be as comfortable as you like. And even if you fall asleep, you will still receive the healing because you've given your freewill agreement through your higher self by being here. So just a little caveat. So let yourself rest into your physical space.
And as you start to breathe, I mean you're breathing hopefully already. But as you start to notice your breath, just become aware of that gentle inhale and exhale, not needing to change or control it in any way.
But just letting yourself be aware of it.
And then just slowly moving all of your awareness right into the center of your head right behind your eyes. Letting that outside world drift away just for this little time together.
And saying hello to your physical body.
Letting yourself adjust or better support any thing that feels like it needs it down. Like always, you can adjust or move at any time during this session. But it's nice to start comfortably.
From that space in the center of your head, just say hello to your auric field. That personal space bubble.
And you might sense where it is you might feel you might know you might feel like you're imagining it. It's all correct. Even if you don't sense anything at all. Just know that it's there and you're doing it correctly. And just with your intention. intend for that orc bubble to just be about an arm's distance on all sides. Good.
And just let yourself continue to breathe.
Now just imagine from that space in the center of your head just gently dropping down into that heart space. Moving you're aware
Ennis, into space nearest and dearest to your heart. You can imagine it as that vibrant emerald green chakra, you can imagine it as the space that you intend to be talking about when you say from the bottom of my heart.
Moving into that space, you're all sensitive, you're all empathic, you're all intuitive, even if you're not sure how to use it. And so, energetically, you are aware of so many emotions,
and feelings and sensing.
And it's nice to just kind of duck inside sometimes.
And as you move all the way into that space and the bottom of your heart, let yourself feel enveloped by your own energy, surrounded, loved accepted. Take a couple breaths here.
Your heart is not just for everyone else, but it's for you, about you as well.
And imagine moving even deeper into the core of your physical being even deeper into that sacred stillness within
even deeper into the essence of who you truly are.
And from the space deep, deep within us want you to say hello to yourself as a soul.
Saying hello to that soul version of you that lives in you as you
can imagine that light of your soul deep deep within, igniting almost like lighting a match or a candle.
Start to let that light of your soul self expand.
Just imagine sitting
in a pool of this beautiful soul light.
Now just imagine a little door illuminating out in front of you.
Good. And just with your curiosity, let yourself drift your awareness right through. Moving on to the other side, feeling firm ground beneath you.
As you inhale, remembering that smell of crisp air,
and fireplaces off in the distance.
Still a bit of warmth in the air around you as you step fully out into this space.
And as you start to get more of an awareness of this mystical scene I'm moving you into let yourself feel how comfortable and safe this place is.
And as you start to look around, I want you to become aware of leaves on the ground and vines on the ground.
And as your awareness expands even more, you start to see gentle smooth edges of pumpkins and gourds and squashes of all different shapes and sizes.
And actually, some of them are quite large, making you feel quite small in this space.
And as you come to a big giant pumpkin, big as a room.
You see exactly how small you are in this space. Starting to wander around to the other side of this big beautiful pumpkin getting a sense of the color. Is it a rich orange? Is it white? Is it still yellowish? Is it green.
And if you don't know it's okay just being available the sense and as you move all the way around to the other side. You're aware of beautiful dragonflies flying through this pumpkin patch.
And as you let your one your awareness wander through this magical space, just let yourself
be drawn to one pumpkin that calls you towards it that feels comfortable or that just beckons you for some reason.
But as you approach that pumpkin or gourd or squash just like yourself
elf. almost imagine giving a big hug
and the energetic work, pumpkins and gourds and often squashes represent abundance, and fulfillment, and luck
and nourishment. And that's what we intend for you today. Good.
Just make your way around the gourd or pumpkin you've chosen and find a comfortable little spot that you can lean against noticing the texture or noticing that skin
becoming aware of any colors that you are aware of as we work together.
And just let yourself have an experience in this mystical place. Even if the experience is just being at one with yourself. That's more than enough. That's incredibly powerful just in itself.
Kind of thoughts should come in just imagine giving them over to one of those dragon flies flittering around
and if you should feel lost, just return to that breath that inhale and exhale and relax and receive
and I'm going to become quiet now and work in your space. gone for just about 15 or 20 minutes and I'll bring you back in just a little bit. It's going to be silent. But let yourself continue to breathe.
And as you start to hear the sound of my voice, just finding your space and that mystical pumpkin patch
and just taking notice of that space around you again
as the timing shifted has your pumpkin or gorge shifted, Have you shifted
and just gently slowly, letting your energy your awareness through drift
through those ground vines through all of those leaves
through the dragon flies, moving all the way back to your little door
as you reach that little door with ease, just let your awareness drift right back through.
Finding yourself again deep in the core of your physical body.
Again aware of that light of your soul.
That soul that dwells in you as you with you.
And slowly let yourself drift back to that heart space.
Almost like a floating feather or helium balloon.
No need to force just gently drift or move your awareness into that heart space.
Again, feeling all of that love that belongs to you. All of that love that you have to share.
No Let yourself slowly gently drift back into the center of your head back behind your eyes.
I'm actually going to do the grounding with you since you all have a little experience with it at this point. Just imagine from that root chakra and the tailbone area creating a new grounding cord.
Whatever shows up for you is perfect for right now. I'm letting that grounding cord dig
Through the chair or bed or you're sitting through the floor,
all the way through
the layers of the earth deep, deep deep into the Earth's core, anchoring you in to present time and space on this planet.
And just imagine energetically giving that grounding cord a little tug, just so you can feel it anchored in
and through the soles of your feet, allow yourself to draw up some of that earth energy.
Always loving of us, nurturing, supportive, sustaining, rising up through the soles of your feet, up through your calves and shins swirling through your knees, rising up through your quads and hamstrings,
rolling up to your hip joints, swirling through those hips. And then letting that earth energy roll into that figure eight pattern right in the pelvic bone between the hips there.
And just move your awareness to that highest version of you your higher self. And just imagine and tend allow sense feel your Higher Self pouring down over you some of the perfect Higher Self energy for you right now.
That might show up for you as a light or a stream of glitter or a color. Just let that stream of higher self energy pour down in through the top of your crown at the back, rolling down the back of your head back of your neck
down between your shoulder blades. Good. Continuing down behind the heart, behind the solar plexus down streaming through the low back.
Good, not letting that higher self energy mix into that figure eight pattern.
And whatever energy you're not using will naturally fall down through that grounding cord. But just intending those energies to mix in perfect proportion for you right now. Take a couple breaths here.
And now just letting that perfectly blended energy roll right back up the front of your system, front of your lower abdomen front of your belly button,
front of your solar plexus up in front of your heart space all the way up through that throat chakra up over the face up over the third eye in the forehead. And then just like a spout right out through the top of the crown,
washing down all of your auric field from the inside.
Take a few breaths here and let that energy run.
Feel that cycle rising up and pouring down and that perfectly blended energy rolling throughout your system. Good.
And now with some of that stream of higher self energy again, feeling it's still pouring in through the crown.
Bringing it down the back of the head,
letting it start to roll over the shoulders.
Good through those arms, elbows, forearms and out the palms and hands. Good.
And now through your physical hands or just by your intention and creating that energy out in front of you. Just imagine all of us collectively, creating one big beautiful orb of white light energy out in the center of us. When we're working, I often picture us in a circle and leave spaces for those that'll join on the replay so everyone can participate in this part, streaming that white light from your Higher Self
either through your creative channels in your arms and out your hands and directing it into this beautiful orb. Or just with your intention sending that energy from your heart space into this orb either are perfectly fine, whatever feels better for you. And imagine letting this or build and fill an asset fills.
It becomes so
Big and it starts to rise. It is now bigger than a car. And as we continue to send our energy, our love into this orb,
it's becoming bigger and bigger still
as big as a room
as big as a house.
And all you need to send is love. Just that highest vibration of authentic love.
Good. Take a few more breaths here.
Good. And while you continue to send that loving energy, just place intention for this
healing, loving energy be energy to be used for the highest and greatest good for everyone suffering in Israel,
for all of its children around the world, who suffer along with it.
Just imagine this energy ball rising higher and higher.
And imagine calling forward all of the archangels Michael and Raphael and Han al Metatron, Gabriel, Joe file and Zadkiel
and several others,
waves and waves of that highest vibrational light being angelic energy.
And as we release this orb of love and healing intention to them,
just imagine allowing them to take it beyond our understanding of time and space and dimensions so that they can best deliver those intentions and the highest and greatest good.
And with the most profound love, and let that bubble release to them.
Now, we're just going to create one more or but between us, still streaming that energy of love out into the center,
again, starting to become aware of this collective energy building into a big, beautiful orb of white light.
Again, as it starts to rise up letting it become the size of a car.
And as we continue to stream that white light from your higher self, letting it become even bigger
size of a room,
and then the size of a house.
I just invite you to place the name or representation of anyone that you would like to offer energetic healing to in this bubble.
Perhaps it's someone near and dear perhaps that someone that you don't personally know it all, but that you have the highest intention for
and just imagine releasing their name or a representation of them into this white light bubble.
Then imagine collectively, lifting this bubble up.
And now let's call forward all of the ancestors of every timeline who ever served in any healing capacity.
And just imagine ripples and layers of ancestors souls appearing around this bubble high above us.
And you may recognize them or you may just know that they are souls of love and healing light.
As we release this bubble to them, our intention is for it to serve the highest and greatest good of everyone it's intended for.
Now release that bubble to the ancestors knowing that they know where to take those intentions and how best to deliver them.
And now letting that stream running through your arms and palms just gently turn down to a comfortable res resonance or vibration or speed.
Almost letting it go out of your awareness and refocusing on that energy loop at energy
running in your system.
And how shifting back into the center of your head.
Good. With each breath now gently becoming more and more aware of your physical body
gently becoming aware of the air around you the temperature of that air
gently becoming aware of the day of the week,
the time of day.
And as you become more aware, when you feel ready, you can stretch or move your physical body.
And when you're completely ready, you can gently blink your eyes open, come in all the way back to me
hopefully you guys are making it back successfully from that experience. I wanted to kind of incorporate a few of things that we did this week. So you can see how you already have some working ability with these tools.
And that's one of the thing it's just getting experience and practice and knowing how to use it and nurturing and understanding what it is and what it's not. Elise says oh my that was beautiful and powerful. Oh good. I'm glad you liked it. Anna says that was beautiful. Good.
Yeah, in the spiritual work. Like I said pumpkins and gourds and such often represent this harvest season and also abundance, the abundance we want to receive but also the abundance we want to give. And because all of you are sensitives and empaths and have many of you natural healing abilities, certainly intuitive abilities.
I just want to validate for you that it's enough just to give your love sometimes that's all we can give. Kim said absolutely divine. Oh good. I'm glad that you I'm glad you felt that I'm glad that so happy that you're all here even those that will be watching on the replay. I'm so happy that you're showing up to get this energy reset this
healing this starting to be have become aware and have discernment in your space in your own energy. Laurie said it felt peaceful good.
I love to heal for a little bit longer. But obviously, I don't want to, you know want to respect your time because you guys have shown up. So I'm glad that you were able to have an experience tonight. Those of you that are new, I do have a free live community healing every single month I send out an email. Normally we're all together on zoom in like my one of my Zoom rooms. Normally it's not streamed like this. So this is just kind of like a special version. But I hope that you will join me for future sessions as well. Danielle says I met my soul. She is so amazing. I love that so beautiful. You've known her all along, don't worry.
So yeah, these experiences can be so much more powerful. And like, without wanting to sound cliche, like life, changing all of this healing energy and learning how to work with it and understanding
really how energy can move is I it was life changing for me, as I learned to read energy and heal like this. There was so much validation in there, it's actually what convinced me that I could be a medium and could be psychic, and that I could work in that energy to was because I was becoming aware of things, you know, with clients and in sessions and I'd say it to them and it was correct. And sometimes it would just be an emotion that they were wrestling with. Sometimes it would be something from their past or something they needed or had been thinking about or just something going on with them in their system. Sometimes it was like a previous injury that was kind of lighting up and bothering them. So it's kind of amazing how this works. And I think all of you know to some degree and definitely innately that we are all much more connected energetically, then we are currently taught in our regular lives. So it's why I think it's so powerful to have these safe containers and these supportive groups. It's one of the MiFi
For things about teaching these course mentorships is it really does become kind of like a community within the community. And then you know, there's there's just this support system many of us as sensitives are lacking a deep community and the way we need it and like the sensitives way, meaning like we have other communities in our lives, we all have families or friends or you know, colleagues or whatever. But having this type of sibling hood is just a different, a different thing. Do you know what I mean? So I It has been so valuable for me in my development, it has supported me, you know, we all have ups and downs as people we all have times where we feel stronger in ourselves and and where we feel struggling and that's just part of the natural ebb and flow. Remember, I said all of this energy and all of the spiritual gifts, it's not a light switch, it's an unfolding. And so there's times where we feel you know, more insecure or less comfortable or more out of our comfort zone and it is those deep, trustworthy friendships.
That for me personally and for those I know who have have their own like we will communities, it really does help you through all of those times the highs and the lows and it's beautiful to be able to, to tap into that type of sibling hoods. So
Kim says me too. Oh, I love that and Namaste and namaste. Okay, so we are just about to wrap up. I do want to remind you, we have free live mini readings this weekend. So I know there are going to be more questions coming in I will I will kind of answer them as we do the free live mini readings tomorrow. So Saturday and Sunday, the 14th and 15th of October which is if you're watching live tomorrow and Sunday, we are going to do free live mini readings at 10am Pacific 1pm Eastern I'm going to be giving messages I think what I've been getting the inspiration to do is like your your personal next steps with healing.
But you'll see I'll set it up when we hop on you can ask it as like a for a specific area of your life or just a general message I will get through as many as I can on the live I do it for like the full hour I am it's just going to be you and me on Sunday I'll have a special guest I'll answer any more questions that you have and will I do two days because I can't always get to everyone depending how many people are on the live I can't always get to everyone on the one day so I've discovered that often having two days of it is just gives more of you an opportunity to get a little reading which
you know after healing I really love reading because I think they can go hand in hand especially when we're reading the energy with the intention of expanding unfolding deep more deeply healing ourselves so that we have more love to share right? So I hope you guys will make the mini readings. If you can't you can still watch them on the replay. Oh that's the other thing I wanted to tell you on those mini readings. One of the things I do is I give a general a general message to so make sure even if you can't come live watch the replay because there'll be a general like you see I don't want views are not but I didn't do the weekly reading this week because we're doing this so I'll do each day I'll do a general message as like a part of that and then I'll do kind of rapid fire readings for everyone in the comments who wants one you can still come and watch even if you don't want to reading it's by volunteer not by me just like imposing it on you that's that is not good ethics. So if you want to be there 10am Pacific Saturday and Sunday 1pm Eastern 1011 12 One Karen I don't know what time that is in the UK but I hope you make it one of those days. Monday will be our last day and it's going to be at 6pm again because I know weekdays evenings easier for many 6pm Nine Eastern and we'll do meet your inner mystic healer and get a get a personal message from your own inner mystic healer. And if you want to get in on those early bird bonuses
just know that they end tomorrow night we'll talk about that again a little bit tomorrow what they are. Kim says next steps would be a perfect reading. Okay well I hope you will be there and get that so thank you for being here with me today. Big hugs. You guys are all so beautiful at giving love and support and energy and I know that that will be taken and shared in the highest and greatest good so I appreciate you all for lending your Higher Self energy and your love to this healing tonight. Thank you for showing up for yourself to receive I know as sensitives that can be hard. You are all so so welcome. Big hugs bye for now. I will see you 10am Pacific 1pm Eastern and Saturday and Sunday for so many readings and some fun. Okay, lots of love

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