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Everything You Need to Know About Space Clearing! What, Why, When, Where & 6 Ways How!

Dec 25, 2023

Are you ready for an energetic reset in your space? Whether you've been entertaining for the holidays, or are just ready for a full reset any time of year, clearing the energy in your space can help you! You'll walk away from this episode understanding what "Space Clearing" actually is, why you'd want do it, when to do it, where you can do it and we will even dive into 6 ways HOW to do your own space clearing!

In this episode I even share several of my own personal processes and preferences. Plus, I give some pro-tips, warnings and, don't worry, there's something for everyone from super simple "nothing needed" tools to my extra layers for the advanced practitioners here.

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Episode Transcript: Hey beautiful soul Welcome to Spirit Speakeasy. I'm Joy Giovanni, Joyful Medium. I'm a working psychic medium energy healer and spiritual gifts mentor. This podcast is like a seat at the table in a secret club, but with mediums, mystics and the spiritual luminaries of our time. So come behind the velvet ropes with me and see inside my world is I chat insider style with profoundly different souls. We go deep share juicy stories laugh a lot, and it wouldn't be a speakeasy without great insider secrets and tips. You might even learn that you have some gifts of your own. So step inside the spirit speakeasy. Hey, beautiful soul welcome into spirit speakeasy, I'm so happy to have you here. With me today. As I'm recording this, it's Christmas Eve. And this is the episode that releases on Christmas Day. And I'm really excited to talk about space clearing. Now, if you are a regular listener or viewer, you will remember that a few episodes back we were chatting and I said if anyone wants to learn more about space clearing or wants to just do a deeper dive, let me know and a few of you messaged me and said yes, I would really love that. So here we are. And it's, I think perfect timing with stepping into the end of 2023, the beginning of 2024. But as we're going to talk about, there are lots of reasons that you might want to do space clearing. So we're going to go over what space clearing is why you might want to do it, when you might want to do it and some ideas and ways methods of how to do it that I have personally used. And some pro tips because there's some extra things to know. So if you've ever wondered about space clearing about shifting the energy in your physical home or office or your space, this is the episode for you get excited. Join me right now grab your cup of something I've I'm still working on my coffee for the day. And as just a side note, if you haven't already called me on the spirit speakeasy hotline, I'm preparing an episode, hopefully within the next couple months to be released around people's signs from loved ones in the spirit world that they have experienced. So I've got that free sign mini course which you can go to my social media platforms and just comment the word sign on any post. Or you can go to my website joyful And right on the homepage. Right now as I'm recording this, there is the place where you drop your name, if you want to get access to the course, it teaches you how to get signs from loved ones in the spirit world that teaches you how to get signs from the universe. And it teaches you how to understand recurring numbers as signs and communication and what they mean. So whether you've gotten that or not, I really want to hear about how you've received signs from the spirit world, the universe in your life. So call me at 305-928-5683 That's 305928 Love L O V E 305-928-5683 Or love. And tell me your story. Try to keep it under a couple minutes because I am hoping to put the audio in so we can all share and hear the person who's who's telling the story. I might have to read them as transcripts. But I would love to hear your story about a hello that you've received from the spirit world or a sign that your loved one shows you. So if you are someone who has any experience at all with that, give me a call and tell me your story. I'm gonna take a quick sip and then we're going to dive in to learning about space clearing. Okay, as usual, I have some notes for myself. So those of you that watch the video version to this, some people ask, Why do I look to the side a lot. Sometimes I'm reading notes for myself because some of these topics are so expansive that I have to make notes ahead of time and think about what I want to say. So maybe it doesn't seem like I think about what I want to say but I usually do. So with space clearing I want to talk first about residual energy what that is what that means. Really, we all have an energetic signature that we leave a little bit of everywhere we go. We know that we do it this okay, this might sound a little gross, but we know that we do it with skin cells, right we know that there's skin cells and dust and that we shed skin and hair and especially if you're someone that has long hair like me, or pets shed hair most of them are dander of some kind. So we know that we're leaving little bits of our physical self as we go. But we're also leaving little bits of our energy behind. And a couple of cool ways that I really deeply got to understand this through my work as a medium is through a couple of different teachers that I've worked with. Now. The first one I want to mention, who will be on our podcast soon is Andy bang, who's my husband, my main mediumship mentor, he did an experiment with us in class and the way he does his courses. His mentorship is that you develop with the same group of students over a period of years if you choose. And so there was a group of us, we've been together all of us together for a while. And he did an experiment where he said, I'm going to leave the room, I want one of you to come up to the front of the room, and sit in this chair for just a couple of minutes, just sit there, and then go back to your seat. And then he was going to come in and do a reading on the person that had been there. But because Andy is always working towards really validating for someone who might be skeptical, he also had someone else in the room who was going to be the speaker, meaning he only wanted the student who had sat in that chair to nod their head, yes or no, he didn't want even want to hear their voice because we had all been with him for a bit. So he knew us. And he was, you know, essentially saying like, well, a skeptic could say, oh, you recognize their voice and you knew things about them. So that's how you got that information. And so he had already thought about Of course, he's he's brilliant. And had set someone up as the person who was going to give the verbal yeses or nose. So that's exactly what happened. One of our friends, classmates went up and sat in the chair, he had already left the room, you know, they went back to their seat he came in. And then he gave just so much detail about the person, their life, details about things that were going on. And it was pretty fascinating to see, especially with all of those extra criteria set up. I've also experienced this with another teacher and amazing medium that you've heard me talk about Mavis patella, where she did it where she stepped out and then had a student hold an object, I think it was a rose. In this case, I can't exactly remember I can see the whole room. But I can't quite remember, I wasn't the one sitting up there what the object was, but I think it was a rose. And then, you know, similar thing where then that person went back to their seat she turned and then we, we actually got to practice doing it. So it really is fascinating how we leave bits of our energetic signature. So that's part of why sometimes some people enjoy doing some version of energetic space clearing. And it's not really judging this residual energy as good energy or bad energy. It's just different than yours. So space clearing really, it's it's such a misconception that it's about like clearing away evil or bad juju or whatever. It's just about refreshing your space, it's just about like, it's like a clear and set is the way I usually say it or changing the vibrational resonance that is in the physical space. And especially if it's a space where a lot of people come through or like perhaps if you've been entertaining, that's why I thought it was kind of perfect timing or just you know, since this is going to be released on Christmas Day, and we've just had so many celebrations, you know, starting from back in October or November, I kind of always feel like the holiday season starts at Halloween, and just really builds from there until the end of the year. So if you've been someone that's had, you know, entertained people over people staying I know some people have house guests, perhaps you left and had to go travel somewhere else and you have like a house sitter or your house just was kind of sitting, right? Maybe you want to change the energy in your office for the new year. Maybe you are like me and have clients in and out of your office. And I actually share my office with someone else. But luckily, she and I energetically put out like a similar intention for the office. So I really don't have to manage that too much. But I'll talk about that in a little bit because I did some things in that office to kind of set the energy, which I enjoy doing.
So that's essentially like what what it is it's just changing the vibrational resonance of a space. And it's not a permanent change. Unless, I mean even if you're the only one that ever enters that space, it's it's not necessarily a permanent change. But if you think about the reverence of entering like a church or a temple or mosque it's that residual energy that's built up in that place over time, that is part of what makes it so moving so powerful. So invoking of emotion or reverence or whatever it is that you feel. So it's like I said, it's not necessarily a bad thing to have different energy in a space, especially if like my office or like a, you know, a place of worship. It's that similar intention, right, that similar high vibrational intention. So it's really up to you if you want to do space clearing, but that's essentially what it is. Essentially, why you would do it, like I said, as if you have people coming through, if you just want a refresh or a restart. At any time of year, really, I mean, if you think about it, we tend to do it for like spring cleaning, for kind of change of season cleaning, most of us are doing some version, or most of you I know, anyway, we're doing some version of like a deep clean, at least at the big seasonal changes. And that's part of why we're doing it especially like, in the winter, we've perhaps you know, it's pretty nice where I live, but depending on where you live, maybe you're staying inside and really hunkering down when especially people we have friends of of the podcasts that are in like more remote areas of Canada, for example, who you know, tend to like it, when it snows to a certain degree, you're inside for a long period of time. So there can be like a stagnation of energy that happens to it doesn't just have to be if you've been entertaining, it can be if the energy is stagnant it can be I think I did mention this on that last podcast, when I mentioned space clearing, it can be like, if you've had the flu or a cold, you just like are like okay, the you know, it's been resting nurturing sick energy in here. Now I want to, you know, change it out, I'm feeling better, just like you would like wash your sheets. So a lot of it I'm hoping will make sense to you just because a lot of it follows. You know, a lot of the reasoning follows that the reason we clean things just to give it a refresh to freshen so it's very similar with the energy. I'm trying to think of like, when else might I space clear? To be quite honest, I don't do full space clearing all that often. I tend to only do it a few times a year. And I'll talk about how you know the different ways that I do it. But I do get asked about I do have people reach out by email and say like, you know, there's that energy here, I need to clear my space, and how do I do it? So we'll go through several different ways to do it, like I said, with some tips. But there, there's any number of reasons why you might want to do it. I know I went through a few of them. But those aren't the only answers. And the other thing is do you have to do space clearing? No, it's like most of this energy work most of these energetic tools. If it's something that makes you feel stressed out, like you think like oh my gosh, I have to do this every week or you know, when it becomes overwhelming, then it's okay to not do it. Or it's okay to just do it in a very simple way. Because I really am going to give you some super simple ways to do it too. Or if it's something that feels good, and you can actually feel a change in the energy and it feels positive and it feels like Oh, I really liked doing this just like I like wiping down my counters, then yes, you should do it. I do want to throw a little caution in here about cultural appropriation, making sure that we're understanding heritage of where things come from and doing things that are in your own traditions as best you can. And of course, it's okay to learn but just makes sure that we're respecting the roots of where things come from. I'm not perfect, I don't necessarily know the roots of all of these tools that I do, just because I feel like it's such a collection and it's so many overlap right? So go with what resonates with you let go of what doesn't and really just let it be you know, we're thinking about lightning and refreshing the energy in the space bringing it to a higher vibration so it makes sense them to like be in an easy way when you're doing this feel upbeat feel happy or feel peaceful if you're if you're in like a bad mood. And let's say no unless you're someone like me who sometimes if you're in a bad mood cleaning may put you in a better mood. Unless that's you, you probably don't want to do this when you're in a bad mood. It's it's just one of those things to do on an easy day or an evening or when you feel like it so there's no necessarily 100% right and wrong about it. I do. I am going to give you some cautions and things obviously. But I'm going to go through several ways and we are going to start the ways with the energy bubble. Now this is the most simple I want to say like the steps are very simple. You don't need extra equipment. You just need yourself for this first way of doing space clearing Um, and for me, this is maybe the one that I do the most frequently, just because you know, it is really super easy and you don't need anything. So essentially, we all have this energy, this power of our own soul. And we do it in that those of you that I've ever attended to the the healing workshops that I do like the free live workshops, we do this thing where we even feel an energy bubble between our hands. So it really is just using our own energy to create an energetic bubble. And it's okay, if you feel like you're imagining it, it's still happening. And just really letting that bubble act as a filter for the energy of the space. So if you're someone that does any version of like sitting in the power of meditation, of course, the space is tuning to that higher vibration, when you're sitting in the energy, the presence, the power of your own soul. If you don't know what that is, that's okay. Really, it is just sitting in. It's not meditation is not even really focus or concentration, it's just sitting with the energy of your own soul, letting that energy rise up, imagine it kind of filling your auric bubble or your personal space bubble, and then just naturally letting it expand into the space. I know that sounds really simple, it is that simple. It just sometimes takes some practice to do it. So you can either do it through expanding your own energy, and just sitting peacefully for, I mean, I would say at least 10 to 15 minutes. And you could do it as frequently as you like, I mean, I do it, I do a version of this meditation. Most days, I've actually been off my game a little bit through this holiday season, just cuz I haven't been feeling 100% of some of you know, but I'm typically doing a meditation like this, five or six days a week for 45 minutes to an hour, you don't have to do it to that degree. But it's just part of my practice my spiritual practice for my work, and for myself. So if you don't have a regular meditation practice, that's okay, you could just sit for 10 minutes here and there with the intention of expanding your energy your auric field to to remember, we're just changing the vibrational resonance of the space to change it to that higher lighter, more intentional vibration. The other way you can do an energy bubble is like I was talking about with the class, you just kind of take the energy. So the best way to describe this, I know some of you listen to this podcast, and some of you watch it, I want to like give the best description for those of you who are listening. It's really just imagining sensing, creating, starting from a small bubble and letting that bubble build and fill with the vibrational energy of what you're trying to create in the space. So if you are trying to create peace, for example, if you're trying to create love, you're trying to create harmony if you're trying to create even just like you don't have to put a word necessarily, if you're just trying to create a high vibrational resonant energy, just create a bubble of that. And we're all divine creator souls. So you have the ability to create a bubble of energy. Like I said, You're sloughing off energy everywhere you go anyway, so you definitely can do it in an intentional way. It is as easy as it sounds, you might feel like you're imagining it at first. But it's pretty amazing. I mean with any of these tools, but it's pretty amazing with this one, even with how very simple it is that other people will feel the shift in the space pretty frequently. So like if there's someone that you live with, whether it's family or just a partner or whatever, a parent, whoever it is, if you do some version of energy clearing, even if it's this bubble that I'm talking about, they often will, you know, come home and say like, did you move something, or did you clean something or something different in here. So just that's kind of like a fun byproduct of all this. So you just let that energy bubble sit in in the center of your room, I kind of pointing to the center my room right now, I just kind of imagine it hovering, I usually like it to take up a good bit of the space. I mean, you can make it as big or as small as you like, you can imagine it filling the entire room to every corner, top and bottom.
Or you can just let it hover in the middle of the room and just the intention is for the vibration of the room energetically to match that, that you're intending that what you're intending. So the energy bubble really is the simplest way to do it. Because like I said, you don't need any tools you just need yourself you can do it in any space that you go into. So I mean, you can do it in a space that you are not in almost like an energetic astral projection. Meaning like if I'm sitting in my living room and I want to put the bubble in my bedroom, I can I can do Without because I can envision it. You, you might not feel it the same, it does work the same. But especially when you're starting out, it's nice to kind of be in the room you're trying to clear. And I've done in all kinds of rooms. So there's not a limit to like what type of room you can do it in. And then when you're done with that energy bubble, you just imagine releasing it and letting it kind of float out into the atmosphere. I usually say explode and dissolve into nothing, but you can do it however you like. So energy bubble. Another way that people often do space clearing and setting is with crystals. I, I know that there are energetic properties to crystals, I know that they help with different things. I know that they help us remember certain elements that we're focusing on. I don't necessarily I know some people say that they feel like a really strong energy from crystals when they touch them, or when they stand near them. It's pretty subtle for me personally, if at all. And I'm not discounting what other people feel, please don't misunderstand. I'm just telling you how it is for me, because I think for a lot of us, it's very subtle. I also personally, I know we've talked about this before, but personally, I enjoy rocks and crystals just because just because I like them, I think they're fun and pretty. And I even have a whole collection of rocks that maybe would not be pretty to anyone else. But they're pretty to me. And I've been like this my whole life. So while I do know that there's like a very kooky stereotype of like person with crystals waving them around. Like it's not that that's not, that's not really what I'm talking about. Although if someone wasn't into this, I could see how it could be construed as that. I do have various crystals kind of all around my house, just because I like them. Again, some of them are gifted to me, some of them I just kind of fell in love with when I met them, which is usually how it happens for me. So I have them around, they can like I said they do have different properties assigned to them. Or as a part of them. Some of these properties have to do with the color with the minerals, but the place that they come from. And all of that is available on Professor Google. So all you have to do is search. And there's tons of information about that. And they act as energetic filters, right, because they they are a different vibration of energy crystals. And these types of stones are very high vibrational energy. And it's setting it at the qualities that that stone possesses is really the intention with it. So some people like to clear their crystals now and then I'm going to talk quickly about crystal clearing because I know that that's going to be like a first question on people's mind. And then I'll talk about setting them and placing them. So clearing them, there's a few different ways to do it. Some people clear them in moonlight, I will just as a little aside, and you can deep dive it if you want to know more, but I wouldn't clear them typically in like an eclipse or an astrological event. Some people clear them in the full moon, some people clear them in the new moon. So you can do that. Depending on where you live. Some people placed them outside, some people just placed them on a windowsill or a table, you know that the that the moon light can shine on, all of that is totally fine. If you're, if they're gonna get stolen, don't put them outside. To put like I said, depending where you live, you can also clear them in just like a sea salt bath. I will say you have to know your stones because something like Selenite I would be very careful clearing because it tends to be a very splintery material. Even I mean I do have I don't have it in reach. But I do have a Selenite heart that's very polished and even that I can feel some little residue coming off of so something like that that's very porous or very delicate. Titanite is also very splintery unless it's really polished. So if you know don't put water on something that's fragile, is what I'm saying. But if you have a hardier stone like a rose quartz or even elaborate diet or an amethyst or clear quartz, something like that, you could do a gentle sea salt bath. And it's really you could do it in your sink you could um depending on how big your stones are you doing in your bathtub, and it's just making like a saltwater like an ocean water and giving them a little giving them a little bath. They do get dusty over time. I know different places in the world are dustier than others, but it is really dusty where I live in Southern California. So it's nice to just give them a little clean a little clearer. You can also clear them if you are someone that has like Reiki or any other Their version or method of energy work of energy healing, you can clear them like that. With Reiki, there's a couple of ways to do it, you could put the symbol under the stone, so like on a note card or on a something and put the stone on top of it as like an it will radiate through the stone, essentially the energy of the Reiki symbol, and will continue to clear it as as like a filter, it doesn't mean you never want to like give them a little dusting. But that's one way to do it. Or you can do it with Reiki energy itself. If you're like level one, Reiki, for example, and you don't have the symbols yet, you can do it just with the energy from your palms as you would in Reiki or from your auric field. If you don't have Reiki or another similar discipline, you really can do it, again with the energy bubble that we just talked about in the last segment. So you can clear a space with an energy bubble. But you can also clear an item an object, and stones are objects. So they're a noun. So you would just take this, I have a stone right here that I keep looking at. So if you're on the video version, this is one of my little, little, pretty little lab dates, you just would, you know, wherever it is in the room, you don't have to physically touch it. Unless you're doing like a physical Reiki clearing, you just would create an energy bubble around it and just imagine asking it to release whatever energy it's built up and and let that go into the earth to fertilize other beautiful things. And imagine filling it up with its own qualities or with golden light or white light. So that's how you can do an energy bubble to clear crystal, I would say those are probably the main ways that I'm clearing crystals, although in just a minute, we're gonna talk about space clearing with sound and smoke, you can also clear crystals with that. So just know what I'm going to say to that applies to clearing your crystals to now as far as placing your crystals. Depending how sensitive you are to the energetic properties and vibrations of crystals, I have known some people that will place a certain thing near their bed and then feel like they can't sleep, whether that's actual or psychosomatic, it doesn't matter. That's how they feel. So that's how you feel it's okay. Don't put them too close to your bed, if that's how you feel. But there are certain stones that are said to help with dreams or help support meditation helps support peace and relaxation. So you can place them around based on the properties that they exude or represent. You can also just place them with like what works for your decor, I have some beautiful agate, slices of like coasters that were given to me by a friend. And so I have those just where they would be in my decor, but they still have the properties of agate, they're still a natural stone, they're really special. So you can do it however you like. There's like I said, it's really just up to you. And you can change it around. And you can see how you feel. It's why some people will even carry a little crystal in their pocket as like a pocket stone for a reminder or for support with something they're working on. For example, if something's if someone's working on like self love, or self care or nurturing or being more kind to themselves, they might carry a little rose quartz. So those are some of the properties of Rose Quartz. So I do place them in all those ways based on their properties, I placed them based on my decor I placed them on, I can see this from this place in the room. And I just I like to be able to see it because it's pretty. So there's really no rules about that.
Like I do have a Selenite that someone gave me that the iPad by my TV, it's kind of a long, skinny one. And I just keep it under the TV and hope that it helps calm and soothe my electronics. So you can do it in both of those ways. I will tell you in my I don't think I've shared this publicly before in my home and in my office, I do keep Rose Quartz of some kind, they don't have to be huge, just what you have or what you can get your hands on in the corners. So I keep one in each corner it just kind of sets the space and holds the energy of that space. Remember, ultimately we're talking about space clearing. So while you can have them staggered and all around, I do just personally it feels good to me. I've tested it I've had them in every office that I've ever formally been in since I started my healing and massage practice years and years ago and what's funny is when I would take the crystals out to like take them home and clean them are clear them. People would make comments because I had clients that would be in the space, you know over and over again. And they would make comments when I put them back in fresh like Oh it feels so like nice in here it feels so you know what I mean? They made comments when I first put them in, I always have people come into the office and tell me how calm and grounded and nurturing it feels in there. I mean, of course some of it is because of the nature of the work we do in there and that it is high vibrational. But for me, I enjoy and feel like these rose quartz in my corners helped to hold that space. Now does it have to be Rose Quartz, no, it could be whatever you want. It could be something that's really grounding and solid, like an obsidian like a black obsidian. And again, they don't have to be giant stones, they can be very small, I was lucky to find some pretty good size, like a little bigger than a softball size Rose Quartz at like a flea market, like a swap meet years ago that the guy was selling for like dirt cheap, I think I got four of them for like 25 bucks. So I do have some big ones at home in the corners. And you can put them in the like the corner corner where the wall meets on the floor, or you can also put them like if you had a piece of furniture in that corner or near the corner, you could put it on there. And people would think it was just part of your decor, because they are really pretty. But in the office, we all have smaller ones there. So I have more of like the slightly large palm stone size. And I think a couple of them are the actual orbs like a like a small ball. And those are maybe a little bit bigger than a golf ball. They're not very big. And I infused them with Reiki and with the intention prayer energy that I want for that space. And I've placed them in the corners and essentially the energetic intention and feeling is that they hold that energy there. So working as space clearing all the time, but also continuously infusing kind of like an air freshener, but with energy and fusing that space with these intentions. Now I tend to just refresh those about once a year. I know that sounds not very often it's not very often. But I do clean them a little bit more frequently than that. So you know when you're just doing your regular dusting or whatever your cleaning method is I tend to dust all the things right the baseboards and the stones and low whatever else is in the space. So you can just kind of give them a little dust. And then you can re infuse them with your intention. Whenever you want. It does I do recommend? I won't say it like like I said there's very few rules with all this. But I do recommend, if possible getting a stone that supports the intentions that you have. So like I was saying obsidian is great for grounding. Rose Quartz is great for a space that's for like healing or therapy or that you want to feel nurturing and supportive and safe. And it gives a coziness. It's that divine feminine energy and love and we all have divine masculine and feminine in us. Remember, I'm looking around to see what other stones I have, you could use a clear quartz really easily clear quartz is kind of thought of as like the all healer or the all holder. So it really has a little bit everything. So you could infuse clear quartz is great to support whatever and it's probably the easiest to find. So clear quartz is Great Smoky Quartz is very similar. It's like clear quartz, but it's got it's gray usually, and that does support grounding and stuff as well. They don't even have to be pretty stones or polished stones. And if you didn't want to use crystals, if that's a little bit hokey or woowoo for you, you can use like actual stones like say you went on, say you went on a hike. And there's a place that you find very grounding and peaceful and inspiring, you could take four little tiny rocks from that space with the intention of infusing the energy and the feelings that you have in that hiking place into your physical space and put those in the corners. So that that's how you do it with crystals. The next element I want to talk about is sound. Now not everyone realizes that they can clear their space with sound, but if you think about it, sound is a vibration. So you're essentially tuning the space to the vibration of the sound that you're infusing into that space. I use sound and smoke very similarly. So we're gonna talk about sound first, and then we'll talk about smoke but the way that I do it in the space is very similar. So sound can look all different kinds of ways or I guess sound all different kinds of ways. You could do it with music, so I call this kitchen dance party, but you could just put on music that is really lively and uplifting and have it in the space and the energy of the space will shift to match more of that vibration. I do it sometimes with like Cuban music with all the horns or like a beat jazz. It's really just the vibration you're wanting to feel in that space and that day, but it's up to you because we all feel differently and music is meant to have Back to all of our emotions differently. If you wanted something a little more peaceful and mellow, it might be, you know, something that's feels more like that to you. But we all feel different from different music, some people find really aggressive metal music, very relaxing. So it's really just what works for you. So music. And you could do that in a couple of ways. You could just have speakers that kind of infuse the space with music, you could, you could, I mean anymore, we have music in our devices, you could just have your phone in your pocket following you around with music. Another way to do it with sound is through chimes. Now, there's lots of types of chimes, you may have seen the Tibetan chimes, which looked like two golden, golden colored, they're almost like like little symbols, they're kind of heavy, they're usually still kind of brass or metal like that. And with a leather strap between them. And they're just chimed together, you often see these at like meditation circles or retreats or in sometimes in yoga classes. It's just a very lovely vibrational sound, I don't at one time I studied the notes with sound healing and what they correlated to as far as the different chakras because all the chakras have meanings and, and there's like a depth that you can go to with this work. But you can also just click them together and see if you like, the tone or the vibration. And that probably means it's a good tone or vibration for you to do space clearing with now with the chimes. I'm gonna talk about chimes and singing bowls. Next, and then words and things. But generally, the way that I would do it, if I don't use the chimes, it's just not just not part of the way I do it. But I you the way to do it really, if you're gonna use chimes or bells, it's kind of to move them around the space almost like you're tuning each area, just because it's not like a speaker that fills the hole and vibrates to the whole place or like an instrument that really, you know, like an Oregon think about in in a like a church space or worship space where it kind of resonates and vibrates through the whole place. The chimes are smaller, obviously. So and there's lots of ways to do it. There's a little tuning fork chimes, there's, like I said, those Tibetan chimes. So whatever chimes you like, you could even just use a bell like a little old fashioned jingle, Lee Bell, any kind of Jingle Bell, even if it's like Christmas time, and there's one on sale at your local corner store, like any kind of any kind of bell will do. And just kind of move it around through the space. I a little bit extra. You don't have to do it this way. But I like to start in the north corner and go clockwise. That's just the way I do it. You don't have to do it that way. That's the way I learned many, many years ago from someone much much wiser than me. And I'll talk about it again. But that's essentially how I do it for all sound or smoke.
singing bowl is another way to do it. I have mine across the room right now. But I have a beautiful quartz crystal singing bowl that was gifted to me, they're also the little ones, they don't have to be a little bit like the metal singing bowls that you see, it does take a little bit of practice to get the hang of how to use them. I think often if you've not seen them used before, the inclination is to there's usually some sort of like a paddle or a wand that comes with it that's either made from some sort of like soft rubber or wrapped with a leather or soft cloth. And when we see that we're analyzing them. And when a lot of people I've known have seen them for the first time, I think we want to circle around the inside of the bowl, you just want to circle around the outside of the bowl. And I'm sure there are a million tutorials on YouTube of how to do this. It really those resonate so that really similar to like an instrument because it is an instrument will fill the space and vibrate in the space. I still like to move them around through the space. My crystal singing bowl is a little bit big for my I've tiny hands. So it's a little bit big for my hand. I mean, maybe they're not tiny, maybe they're normal size for me. Whatever the bowl is big, and it's a little bit difficult to hold it on the palm of my hand because it needs to vibrate so you can't hold it like you might hold a mixing bowl under your arm it needs the vibration happening to the bowl and not being disrupted is what makes it resonate in the space. Typically there's a little ring that you set it on so you can set it on a table or you know the floor or whatever I do like I said prefer to carry mine around and do it throughout the space. But with the singing bowl, I find it's best for me with this one in particular that I have to just leave it stationary just because I don't want it's beautiful and very lovely thin Crystal and I don't want to drop it and I'm a little bit of like a clumsy person. So you can carry it around your face or not up to you but it's tuning Get to the high vibrational resonance of the note. That is what the bowl sings. And like I said, these notes do correlate to different chakras. If you wanted to deep dive out, like I said, you can, it's on the internet. I didn't do this myself. So when I was first learning about singing bowls many years ago, I, I don't know, I tend to be an open minded skeptic. So I was like, Okay, I don't know if I believe this, I had already learned a bit about chakras, and was it was in my healing practice already. And I found a website, I actually think it was a local maker of these bullet, they think they were doing blown glass bowls, the specific place, but I was like, okay, they had the notes for each bowl on their website, like a little mp3 that you could play. So I went on the website, I didn't want to see what chakra is the notes correlated with, I wanted to see if I felt it in my body. And then I wanted to check it after not like a test, but like a quiz. So I did that. And I went through each note, pushed each little mp3 button, kind of close my eyes and saw where I felt the vibration or the the focus in my body with that specific note. And then I made a little note about it went through each one and then went back and looked at which chakras they correlated with. And I was amazed to see that they it was exactly correlated to the ones that was that they said it was correlated to for me. So since then, I've been like, okay, there's something to this. But if you're not into singing bowls, it's okay. You can kind of find them a lot of places now. And you might want to learn more about, you know, the way they're traditionally used, depending if you have class or crystal or metal, where their origins are, you know, just to kind of like I was saying, Give respect to the originators of these versions of clearing, you can also use voice vibration. So that could be like chanting, it could be like singing like actual singing. But our voice holds power. It's why when, you know, prayer, or worship or uplifting talks, or even mediumship is is done or healing or yoga is done in a place, you know, chanting, that kind of thing. It does change the vibration, it does put that vibration more and more deeply into that place. So you could go to practice with some chanting you like I said, you might want to learn about it. Yeah, you could do singing you could do it doesn't even matter. If you're not a good singer. It's really just the intention that you're putting in there. And you can also do words. So like I said, if you feel like you're not a good singer, and you don't have the confidence to do that, in your space, it could be things like prayer, things like kind words that you're just imagining expanding and infusing into the space. I don't know if you've ever seen this water experiment, the ice experiment. I oh my gosh, I think it's a Japanese scientist, I cannot remember the name of who it is right now. I made a note for myself to look it up. And then I clearly forgot, I wrote the notes for this earlier in the month. But if you just Google water talking to water experiment, it'll, it'll pop up. There's a scientist who spoke words into glasses of water and then froze them because when water freezes, it makes ice crystals and you can see them through a microscope. And I'm gonna, just in a nutshell, give you the cliffnotes version of the experiment. So the scientist spoke different words and labeled these different waters, spoke loving words, and uplifting words and kind words and label them you know, each and then also spoke very harsh words, negative words, discouraging words and labeled those and then froze them and photographed them in the microscope. And love is the most powerful vibration. I'm like, 90% Sure, there might have been another word that was a little bit more but you can see these incredible almost like snowflakes blossoming inside this frozen water. And it's so beautiful and amazing to see based on the word that was spoken into the water, like verbally spoken into the water, the different shapes of the ice crystals and it's it's like an amazing experiment because the the put down words the harsh words, the negative words. The crystals don't form they don't. It's really interesting. And we are 98% water. So just imagine you can connect those dots. So words in your space spoken out as prayer as encouragement as even just affirmations or mantras, positive words out into your space, you could read someone else's words like if you had a devotional book or an inspirational book or a you know how they Hey, maybe for Christmas, you got A daily inspirations book or you can lots of websites have them where you can get like a daily inspirational quote of the day and just speak it out into your space, that will also help to tune the vibration. Like I said, I like to start in the north corner and go clockwise around, you don't have to do it that way, you could do it just in the middle of your space. Depending how big your spaces though, if you have a really large space, it might be good if you're going to do words to also do if it's just you doing words like if it's a bunch of people chanting or saying prayer are positive things that will, you know, vibrate a little bigger, but if you're doing it, you might want to do it alongside with music or instrument or a chime or a bowl. So that is essentially how to do space clearing with sound because remember, it's shifting out changing out the vibrational resonance. So it's not necessarily like take one out and put one in, but it's just it's changing it, it's leveling it up. Another way to do clearing is through smoke. Now, obviously insert fire safety warning here, you want to be very careful with smoke, you want to be very careful, infusing your space with smoke I, at one time really got into learning how to make my own incense with different resins and flowers and herbs and there are these little charcoal discs that you can burn under them that will then release the properties in smoke. But in the last handful of years, my physical body can't handle anything burning, so any burning smoke. So I don't really do this this this way much anymore. I will tell you if you're going to burn something. So whether it's like an incense that you buy, that's a stick incense or cone incense or whether it's an incense, you're going to make yourself, make sure you're educating yourself because there are certain things like cinnamon, for example, that can be very harsh. There are certain more spicy things that you probably wouldn't want to burn or want to be very careful about how you burned it. Some things when you burn them are more poisonous. So just do your homework do your research. I do also like personally, I've found many use candles, for example, I've shifted to like an all natural, clean burning wick, I think we just want to be aware of what we're breathing in. But that said, there are many long standing traditions of doing smoke clearing most
most religious beliefs have some version of incense or burning for clearing or infusing the space. I'm thinking of. Most of my references are Catholic just because I went to Catholic school when I was very little. And so I have memories of the the altar boys walking with this swinging metal. I don't even know what you would call it orb of incense, and I believe it's frankincense and myrrh. And something else in there, there is an incense called Three Kings. And I think it's that and they swing it and then the priest walks behind them. They're like clearing and infusing the way because you know, that's the way it works in the Catholic religion. But there are others that have similar traditions, it's very common to have incense burning as an offering as a clearing. And you can use smoke to clear the space. So it could be something like an incense, it could be something like a sage, there are many different kinds of sage but again, do you have to do it this way? No, there's a million ways to do it or you could not do it at all. I'm trying to think of what else I used to use that was like actual burning smoke, there are different resins but like I said, just educate yourself on what they do, why you're using them how you're using them. Be very aware to not set off smoke alarms and fire fire detectors and all of that. Like that's not what you want. I would say if you're going to use any kind of smoke and it's possible I would like crack a window. So it has somewhere to to move through an exit and it's kind of the the way to do that. If you are someone like me who you know just doesn't want to use burning smoke or candle burning smoke. You can also use a spray. So there are plenty of these on the market. If you look on Etsy for like a meditation spray, they're often called or a space clearing spray. I did them as meditation sprays but they really were for clearing and fusing. It's easy to make your own you can find lots of recipes. You want to use some kind of distilled water, some kind of like rubbing alcohol or witch hazel just a little bit Be careful know your ingredients. And then you can use whatever you want there if you want to use rose water and there are some supernatural things like that that are I mean, I've used rose water a lot. That's probably one of the more common things I use. You can make your own rose water. It really is water infused with Rose petals if someone gives you rose, it's lovely to make rosewater when they start getting a little wilty there are tons of easy recipes for rosewater online and that's like a very fresh, gentle the properties of roses often are very similar to Rose Quartz that that nurturing loving, envelop enveloping self care type of vibe.
So that's great for Rosewater, peacefulness, tranquility. You can also add essential oils to waters I guess to sprays, you do need something to help it diffuse. So
that would be like a little couple drops of rubbing alcohol or witchhazel. Because oil and water don't mix and it won't, it won't. It'll just kind of splat out it won't diffuse out in the way you want it to. But be very careful. I'm going to talk about this with this next one too with essential oils. I know a lot of people don't take them as seriously as they are I trained as an aroma therapist. I know a lot about essential oils, I personally have had a lot of reactions to different essential oils when I was new in my massage practice, I thought oh, I'm going to make these healing blends that I'm going to put in this lotion because there are properties and essential oils for different ailments. I mean it's it's very traditional like folk medicine, to use plants to help with healing, whether it's a bath that you're going to take or a rub or a salve or lotion. And the more medicinal my lotions were that I made, the worse they smelled and the less people liked them even if they worked for what they were intended for. So I learned that people prefer you know, the more common or more understood or more simple sense. So that's one thing and the other thing is both topically and aromatically they can be like aggravators so let me just mention the next thing because the next thing is steam, right so you can do smoke spray or steam. Steam would be like a diffuser where you put the water in you put a couple drops of whatever you're gonna put or a little bit of rose water or whatever it is and it steams out into the space. You can also do steam by boiling something in a pot so you could boil for example like orange peels or lemon peels and the steam of that you can let it infuse into the space. Be very careful if you're doing it hot. The way I do it might not be the way everyone should do it but I boil it in a little pan that has a handle until it starts steaming and then I will carry it around the place and kind of the same way I told you north corner clockwise little bit of window open and I will put my intentions for clearing with steam and then I often will also let it simmer on the stove fully attended Do not leave pots unattended while on heat please and just kind of let it steam out into the space while I'm working in the kitchen or whatever. So that's another way to do it. But if you are going to use essential oils you have to be very like do your research please. There are things like Cinnamon essential oil for example or clove oil which can be harmful to pets it can be harmful to littles in your in your world. So just making sure we're not using anything that isn't an something that's gonna aggravate. For me personally, I am very careful using them topically. People often think they can pour like a ton of essential oil on their skin and a lot of these essential oils if they're used direct and not kind of watered down in some way they can really give you a reaction I've had some really strong reactions to certain types of Kava meal on my skin for example. So just if you're going to that's my warning if pro tip caution for pets and littles with anything that you're going to burn or diffuse into a space you just want to do a little bit of research and make sure it's going to be safe for your for your pets and for your little little kiddos in the space. We don't want we don't want to hurt anyone and I have known people that have unintentionally hurt pets by burning or diffusing certain oils into the space that they just didn't know was not for pets. So please please please do your research. That being said, it's you know you take your own doctor's advice and know your own health but it's generally safe to have a steam diffuser. Most of them have automatic shut offs now where you can have it going for like an hour and it will shut off if you're using in like let's say like two cups of water if you're using two or three drops of if you're not someone who's sensitive to lavender like a lavender oil or like a couple drops of a lemon oil or an orange oil that is most likely fine but just do your research. So you know for You and your family, but really sent and aromatic is a beautiful way to clear and infuse a space, you can play with different versions of it, see what you like. And then the last way that I'm gonna give you do I do smoke or spray, like I was saying I don't really do smoke anymore, I used to do it quite a bit, I used to do it. Not maybe every time I cleaned, but maybe like every other time I cleaned. So maybe like every other week, when I would like wash floors and do deep clean anymore more, I live by myself, I don't really have to manage the energy in my space in the same way. And I'm pretty particular about who I share my space with who comes into my space, like my home anyway. So I will sometimes run a diffuser kind of in the corner of the room, I personally don't want to breathe things into my lungs. So I have it at a distance where I'm not like vaporizing it and directly breathing over it.
And with steam steam is probably the one of these that I tend to use the most like I was saying, I'll just boil it I did a couple years ago a video on it. Maybe I'll try to make another video for you guys soon. Have like some ingredients that I put in for a space clearing with steam and I just have a pot and I boil it in there and I let it just really steam into the space just like you would like a soup. Like it just bubbles on the stove. And then the space fills with the smell. The one I probably do most commonly because I'm not sensitive to these ingredients. But again, check for yourself is some sort of like orange peel, I will put a couple cinnamon sticks. I don't have any pets or kids right now. And I like rosemary, but I like I used to have a rosemary Bush outside my house. So I like fresh rosemary and just throw the springs in there and let all that bubble together and clean and clear. But you know, do your research on ingredients and try some of these, if you want, the last one that I'm gonna give you is a little bit advanced. So don't feel like you have to do this, I will do this one. If I'm moving into a place if there's been some sort of like big upset in a place, if someone is moving out of a place. That's what I tend to do this one and it is wash. So in a bucket like if you're going to wash your floors, I might wash my floors a little differently than other people, I'm realizing I tend to you if possible, I tend to use the sink and a bucket or like the bathtub and a bucket. Because I want to be able to wash off the dirty water and use more clean water, I don't like to use the same bucket and make the water dirty and keep putting it around. So the way I'll say it is like clean your floor however you normally would. And then I will do what's called the spiritual floor wash. Now, again, you want to be careful because some residue is going to be left on the floor, it'll be minimal. But if you have like a pet or a kid licking the floor, this is probably not a good idea for you. Depending what you're wanting to infuse in the space or or your intention for the space would be the ingredients that you use. You could also use Reiki or some sort of energy healing or an energy bubble into the water if you didn't want to actually use like herbs or oils or ingredients. The other thing I want to really caution you about, we have to think about all the things know what your floor cleaner is, because you don't want to use something that's going to have an interaction like a chemical interaction or a bad reaction. I tend to use more natural stuff to clean my floors. I don't like a lot of harsh chemicals. I'm very sensitive to harsh chemicals. But if you're using something specifically that's chemical based, but even different oils and products can have interactions. So just be careful. You can even wait a day if you want. So clean floor as usual. And then I will make another bucket I let that dry make another bucket of water I often will put a tiny bit of sea salt just so it continues to clear the space and then whatever like is that whatever else you're trying to infuse a couple drops but light less is more in this situation because we don't want to leave tons of residue everywhere that's just going to collect dirt and make it grimy, you want to keep less is more and then I will in a very light way. I don't know how you take care of your floors but it's not good to put like a lot of water on any type of floor that you would put water on but you don't light a light coating. And I will just kind of wipe it over the floor again depending on what it is I might wipe it again with water I might leave it and let it settle that way. But essentially doing a floor wash with some sort of essential oil or rose water or other water that you have made. There's lots of kinds of water to make spiritual water, orange water, there's depending on your intentions and what you want to do so you can do it that way. And there are some that you can also do on walls and close. So what I mean by that is there are times where like if someone's moved out for example, or if I'm moving in and I feel like I really want to do like a super deep clearing and infusing that I will do what I just said with the floors and then depending on the walls, so test your wall with like in a non conspicuous area like maybe the bottom of a closet or somewhere that you won't see with a little bit of water and make sure that you're not going to make a stain. The walls I have right now I couldn't do it with but if you have like high gloss paint for example that you can wash or wipe down, you can do it that way. Or you can do it like again with a spray or something in the room. But you can actually use similar to to a floor wash the cleat clean water, and you can wash the walls with it. But again, make sure your walls are washable, please don't do this and ruin your walls and then tell me you ruined your walls. Check it first. And just like you would like I have exposed brick where I am here I am I'm always dusting this brick with like one of those dusters and so you want to clean first anytime you're going to do a wash or a an infusion like that clean first, right. And it is good to clean first with with any of these, it's even just doing like a dusting and a general cleaning like the way you would and opening the windows and freshening the air, it really does make a big difference in the energy of the space. So you could try it out first and see if you feel like it's enough and then go to these different layers of cleaning and clearing that I've given you. But be very careful if you're going to use it in laundry. Here's why. You know this last thing that we're talking about these washers or these like putting a couple drops of something, some oils or flammable like in the dryer, for example. So it's why even when I was a massage therapist used to be very careful washing sheets that have oil on them people's dryers catch on fire, it's a real thing. However there are things like that are safe for washing that are like I keep wanting to use rose large because I know it's safe. But you can do a little bit of research and see what's safe for you. You can do like a little rose water mist on your pillow or in your bedsheets and then that can get washed with it. Or if you put a tiny bit of rose water in the water, just like you might in a bath water. You can do it that way. But just especially if you're going to put it in close water or bath water, be very careful about irritants, know what can and can't go in your washer and dryer. For example, if you're going to do some sort of spiritual bath, which if you guys want an episode about like spiritual baths and washes and things like that for yourself, like not for your space, throwing up space clearing today, but let me know and I'll do one about that. Just Just be careful and test things as irritants on your skin, make sure you're not going to have a reaction, cuz we want to be safe, we want to clear our spaces and infuse them with positive energy not make ourselves allergic, right. So that is a little bit of advanced one the wash. So don't feel like you have to do that. Like I said, I do it maybe a few times a year that the really deep way. But in general, there are much lighter ways to do it. And there are many reasons you might want to do it. But you don't have to do it. So I'm so curious to know if you try any of these. If you have some tried and true favorites that I didn't mention, these aren't the only ways to do space clearing I just, you know, it's impossible to talk about everything that exists. So those are just from from easiest to most advanced. Those are some great ways to do it. Let me know if you try any of these. Let me know how you liked them. Or if you felt a difference or if people comment that there's a difference for you or what your favorites are. And again, don't forget to call in and tell me your signs story. You can call the spirit speakeasy Hotline at 3059285683305928 Love and I would love to hear your story about signs from a loved one in the spirit world or signs from the universe. If you're listening to this on the day that it is released, I'm wishing you a happy Christmas and Big hugs. I will be back next week with another episode and we are going to talk about something different than resolution. I'll save that for a little bit of a teaser but you don't want to miss it because I think you're all I think it's gonna be up all of your alley if you are a regular listener even if you've enjoyed this episode. So Big hugs, lots of love bye for now from inside the Spirit Speakeasy

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