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3 Signs You’re Feeling the Veil Thinning and What to Do About it

dreams energy intuition mediumship psychic sixth sense spirit Jan 05, 2022
veil thinning

3 Signs that you’re feeling the veil thinning and what to do about it


First of all, let’s quickly address what the “veil” is and what it means to you. 

Also called “the veil between worlds”, this term refers to the etheric curtain that separates our physical world from the spirit world. You might think of it as the invisible dividing point between the seen and unseen, the known and unknown, or as separating the time-bound and the timeless. In simpler words, it makes the place between worlds invisible to most.  As Albert Einstein said,  "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one".

Some people, even sensitives, don’t feel anything different at this time of year. For others spiritual gifts seemed heightened, emotions close to the surface or the world around us can just seem a bit more energized- almost like an invisible “static” feeling in the air. 

Are these all psychosomatic or is there an actual, noticeable shift? 

The following are 3 signs that you may be feeling the veil thinning:


1. Dreams are vivid. This one may stand out particularly if you are one who rarely remembers your dreams. Some dreams may feel more like guidance or a comforting visitation from a departed loved one. Others experience dreams that seem like riddles or make no logical sense. Whatever the content, the dreams seem overall more, well, vivd. It could be argued that this vivid dreaming is the unconscious mind becoming aware of these subtle energetic changes even in our sleeping state. 

2. You feel a “prickly” or “static” feeling in the air. This one is harder to articulate. Growing up, I thought this “feeling” in the air was just the fall season in Boston. When I moved to California , I felt it here too. It has nothing to do with geography at all. It is the invisible feeling that someone is walking behind you in a public place when no one is near. It is mistaking the whisper of the blowing wind for someone quietly talking. It is the underlying excitement you feel in your chest when something magical or unexpected might be about to happen. You may feel it in your body or just have a sense of it all around. 

3. Your life feels like a Lifetime movie. Seriously, you’re carrying tissues now because tears could be jerked at any moment. Ok, maybe not quite that extreme. What I’m trying to say is that emotions may feel very close to the surface right now. You may find your feelings (or ego, let’s be real) get bruised more easily than normal. You may feel easily annoyed or quicker to lose your patience than normal. Sad things feel sadder, heavier emotions feel more painful or your empathetic heart may break for others a little easier and more deeply than usual. 

Ok, so maybe the veil thinning is “lighting up” your Spidey senses a bit. What now?!

1. Try a dream journal.
Before you roll your eyes at me, hear me out. By journaling your dreams you will have the opportunity to notices patterns or themes that would have gone unnoticed. By writing everything that you can recall right away, you can save some of those details that would otherwise be lost or forgotten but may prove to be the real gems in uncovering the common threads in several dreams. You can write it out by hand or there are also free apps that you can use “talk to text” with- no pen needed. Still not convinced? Can you recount, in detail, your last 5 dreams? 

2. Start working with you intuition. After all, it is a gift. If you are a natural empath and you’re feeling the emotions of those around you, start to practice noticing when an emotion actually “belongs” to you and when it doesn’t. You mind find that you are perceiving (or “empathing”) the emotions of others around you more than you realize. If you already have an idea that you are sensitive /intuitive/psychic/mediumistic now may feel like the right time to explore your gifts further. You can start simply by opening up to and asking to see signs around you from a loved one in the spirit world. 

3. Get grounded. There are several ways to do this. 

A. Meditate: There a quick (and free) grounding meditation /visualization on my website. There are many great options for grounding meditations on YouTube. If you find one that resonates with you, I recommend a daily practice. 

B. Get outside in nature. In a pinch, this can be as simple as taking a walk around your block and being presenting the moment-no texting! Other options include going for a hike, beach walk, or even sitting down on grass or dirt. Basically, get connected with Mother Earth in a way that makes you very present.

C. Carry rocks in your pocket. If you are into crystals, onyx, black tourmaline, smoky quartz or lava stone can all be used to keep you feeling firmly rooted and more balanced.

These are just a few suggestions and I would love to hear what works for you! What’s your experience? Do you feel like there are energetic changes this time of year? Let me know your thoughts!

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