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Weekly Reading, Energy, Potentials & Guidance for April 12-19, 2024. Strong urging from spirit!

Apr 12, 2024

Weekly Reading, Energy, Potentials & Guidance for April 12-19, 2024  (Free🌷 “Spirit Circle” Community Healing Session coming up on Monday 4/15!! Sign up at )🌷 This week we are being strongly encouraged to focus on LOVE. This includes self-love as well as sending some love to those who are important to you. Like attracts like so if more love is what you’re wanting, more LOVE is what’s required for you to starting putting out! 🩷 

Part of this is the encouragement for a bit of a self evaluation. Have gratitude for what is working and get clear on the areas you still “want more” so you can focus your creative energy and action to create more of what you want to be truly fulfilled.   

You are likely feeling ready to move on from what’s no longer serving you or what it’s time to move on from. Everyone may not be happy with your choices (especially if you’re a recovering “people pleaser”) but if you are choosing out of integrity and self-love, you’re on the right track!   

Lastly, get ready for a potential invitation or reason to celebrate! Remember, to create new opportunities we often have to engage in new activities or with additional people. This may be one of those opportunities from spirit. But again, choose from self-love and overall compassion this week in all areas.   

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