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Weekly Reading, Potentials & Guidance May 10-17: Gifts, Growth & CAUTION ⚠️

May 10, 2024

🤓This week you are being asked to look at where you can be a bit more structured with your time to get all the things done being required of you. At the same time, be sure to look at where you may be TOO rigid or inflexible and missing opportunities for ease. It’s about using structure and “rules” to help you move forward in the ways YOU want to. Some discipline is required for growth! ✅


🎁Be available for the spirit of giving this week! It may be you receiving a gift OR spirit may be asking YOU to be generous and giving with someone else. 


❤️Relationship are at the forefront this week. Make sure in the current (and potentially new) relationships in your life you are being intentional with the energy you bring yourself and being aware of what you truly wish to cultivate going forward. Choices, choices. 


🔑Bigger picture, be aware of the need to balance creating time to “go within” -it can’t all be about relationships and outward focus. This is also part of that discipline we mentioned earlier. It’s fair to get input from others but be sure to build in quiet personal time for your own intuition to make itself known. [For some, there is also an indication that it may be time to seek out a mentor to grow to that next level]


⚠️There is also a “heads up” this week to take a look at the energy you are currently bringing- are you being unnecessarily defensive, critical or guarded? It’s fair to have boundaries but be aware of how some of your boundaries (and internal “stories”) may become blocks or breakdowns. 🛑This can be a very subtle form of self sabotage. Part of the aforementioned “going within” is about getting clarity in this area. 


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