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Weekly Reading Blog May 1-7: YOU Are the High Priestess (what may be blocking you this week)

Apr 29, 2022

Weekly TAROT AND ORACLE Card Reading May 1-7: YOU are the High Priestess, learn what might be blocking you right now

 Look at the energy and potential this week PLUS receive a message from  the spirit world. After having worked on balance a lot lately, you are being reminded that the scales of Justice are being weighed behind the scenes.

You are highly intuitive, as the High Priestess card indicates, but are you still missing an additional option, inspiration or potential that is just below the surface. Is the way you’ve been doing it working or does something need to be addressed? This understanding may be the key to moving things in your life forward. Is your ego (or fear) getting in the way of your true potential? 


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Decks used: (Please note I am not an affiliate for any of these decks, they are from my personal collection) 

#AngelTarotCards by RadleighValentine 

#ModernWitchTarot by #LisaSterle

#Natureswhispers by #AngelaHartfiled

#TalkingtoHeaven by #JamesVanPraagh 


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