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🛑Double Nudge from spirit🛑Weekly Reading, Energy, Potentials & Guidance for June 28-July 5

Jun 28, 2024

💰Want to move your abundance forward? Collaborations, teamwork and stepping out of your comfort zone are on theme this week! Abundance comes in many forms, which is showing up for you this week??


🧲Don’t let any anxious thoughts get carried away this week. Focus on solutions instead of drama or desire to control. Use your energy to get extra rest this week! 


🌙Speaking of rest, get rest! Take a break, a staycation, or even just carve out time for some laughs with friends. It’s a busy month, rest up as much as you can! 


🥂Celebrations, connection and fun are also much needed right now! Being in community can fill up your cup this week. Get out there with others! Even just a bit will help.


🛑DOUBLE NUDGE from spirit🛑: your anxious mind is not your friend this week. Scrolling and stressing is NOT resting, it’s breeding more anxious energy. The energy of this situation is about to resolve, reveal or turn a corner. And remember, spirit is always working in the background. 


📚If you need something to “do”, seek resources, a trustworthy advisor, collaborators and build a team around whatever has you upset this week. Ask other people for their assistance finding information, even if that is outside your comfort zone! 


💜Everything is working out! Gather your team, put in your effort and don’t give up! 


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