Goddess Untamed

Boldly Claim Your Psychic Power to Direct Your Journey

A 6-month Transformational Mentorship Program with Renowned Spiritual Expert Joy Giovanni


You’ve been carrying around this 6th sense your whole life with

no owners manual!

You deserve access to the timeless wisdom, clear guidance, and spiritual connection that has been locked deep inside you

all this time.

But there’s a problem…

You haven’t found the right method to grow and strengthen your intuition so that you can tell what is a message for you and what is just chatter in your busy mind.

You need practical tools and techniques that you can use in real-life situations, whenever you need them.

You are ready to move beyond self doubt and start intentionally manifesting the life you want and deserve, but nothing you’ve tried has been quite what you need to get you there.

Without the keys to tuning-in you’re left questioning and second guessing.

But with the keys you can finally…

Get unstuck

Confidently achieve your goals

Draw the right relationships into your life 

Receive clear signs about the most important questions in your life

Connect with your loved ones in the spirit world

Know how to tell what is a message for you and what is just chatter in your busy mind.

Seize the right opportunities to create the life you deserve

This 6 month mentorship is the powerful blend of personal development, psychic development, healing, personal support and sisterhood that has everything you need to get the clear guidance you need and the tools to intentionally co-create the life you choose from now on.

Enroll Now! Untame Your Psychic Wisdom

Here’s the cold hard truth…

Intuition and connection to the other side feel out of reach not because you aren’t able to connect. You feel disconnected because no one has given you the right tools to "tune in" to that consistent, trustworthy inner-knowing.

You can be the most amazing person and have the biggest heart. But, at the end of the day, if you don’t have a tried and true blend of personal development practices and practical intuitive/psychic techniques that support your continued growth and deepen your connection, your inner guidance will not be discernable,  let alone loud and clear.

The great news is… you CAN learn to intentionally and powerfully tune in to that connection that already lives deep inside of you.


In Goddess Untamed, you will:

  • Go from second guessing your choices to feeling confident that you know the best choice for you in any situation.

  • Free yourself from looking for validation and permission from other people to be your authentic self.

  • Learn how to request and receive signs and messages in the world around you.

  • Learn how to connect with your loved ones in the spirit world.

  • Know how to tell what is a message for you and what is just chatter in your busy mind.

  • Be able to receive your own guidance on your best next steps in any situation.

  • Understand how to use your emotions as a doorway to opening your intuition.

  • Feel more connected, more guided, more open and in the flow.

  • Have an experienced mentor to support and guide you as you learn and grow
  • Bond with like-minded seekers and create lasting friendships that will support you on your journey for years to come!

Here’s everything you’ll get in this 6 month intensive mentorship:

Massive Support 

So many intuitive training courses fail because they don't give you any personal support. Not this! I want you to have a true mentorship with all the support you need to succeed. So, you'll have access to me via email and, if you choose, you can upgrade to get monthly one-on-one sessions. 


Group Coaching

Get coached by me through our monthly group Q&A sessions. Need a quick bit of help on the intuitive exercise of the month? Want to walk through a block you're experiencing in the personal growth exercise of the month? Bring your questions and get a breakthrough! When time permits, we will also cover topics that are coming up for the entire group. (Special note: We take holiday weeks off from coaching so everyone can get some time to regroup!)


Live Training and Implementation

Weekly LIVE training sessions full of expert insights and strategies I've used to help years worth of clients step into the power of their own intuition in a real way. We will cover everything from tuning into your soul's guidance and moving through blocks to connecting with loved ones in the spirit world, getting clear signs, monthly personal and psychic development tutorials and monthly group energy healing sessions to help you integrate everything you're learning. 

Accountability to Keep You on Track

Have you ever signed up for a course then just sort of fallen off track? It's so easy to do this, right?  Consistency is crucial to getting strong results in intuitive development, especially in the beginning stages. In the Goddess Untamed Mentorship, I don't just share expertise. I also become your development mentor who cheers you on, holds the vision for you when you doubt the process, and gives you gentle nudges when you need them. I also check in with you monthly to help guide you along. 

Tools that Work

As part of the Goddess Untamed Mentorship, I share the very tools and techniques I've used to nurture the development of hundreds of private clients over the past 10+ years, from the foundational mediation techniques and trusting your intuitive power to specific how-to steps to receive guidance on your “next steps” in any situation and what to do when you feel "stuck", plus so much more. 


Close-Knit High Energy Community

You’ll get to join my exclusive private Facebook group for course participants, where you can get extra support from like-minded sensitives. You will also have a standing invitation to our exclusive monthly Goddess mixer (for Mentorship Members only) where will connect, chat and bond in a casual, virtual setting. It’s often said we are the product of the people we spend the most time with. This is an amazing group that will support you in your growth no matter what!


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What makes “Goddess Untamed” so unique?

Most psychic development courses do not address the core issues that block or dull our sixth sense. We are conditioned since childhood to “sit down and be quiet”, keep secrets, and be whatever we need to be to fit in. We're stripped of our child-like self-confidence and inner-knowing. And we are taught self-doubt and inner-judgement. Almost all psychic and intuition courses miss this CRUCIAL element - and therefore they don't help you! 


 The tried and true methods you will learn in Goddess Untamed have been carefully woven into the framework that can support your personal and intuitive development for years to come. This isn’t just a class that offers a few basic exercises that you could probably find online. This is a transformational program that has been tested over the last 10 years in private practice.

 Goddess Untamed is a unique blend of personal development, psychic development, healing sessions and the personal support of a mentor.

 The perfect balance of what you would expect from an apprenticeship with a mystic sage of old mixed with the ease and affordability of modern day group coaching through technology.

You are a Goddess who just needs to be untamed to boldly claim your Psychic Power to Direct Your Journey.

This is the path back to you.

“I was fortunate enough to attend Joy's course in 2020. Amazing, powerful and emotional is how I would describe my time as a student of hers. She has wonderful positive energy and such a relatable way of connecting with her students, that you feel like you've just spent two hours talking to your friend instead of being in a class. Joy provides a plethora of tools, skills, references, information and first hand knowledge to assist you in healing and furthering your spiritual growth. She is very open in sharing her own personal experiences with the subject matters. And she provides an encouraging and accepting atmosphere for learning. I highly recommend training with her."

— Roz Reynolds

“A simple thank you cannot express my gratitude for having Joy as mentor/teacher of mine. She has helped empower me from being someone who was not in touch with my intuition to now giving professional tarot readings. I have taken a psychic development course and also private readings and coaching under Joy over the last 6 years. She is a very gentle teacher who also pushes your boundaries to help you step into your power. I've learned meditation and grounding techniques that I still practice each time before my Tarot readings. She genuinely cares about your spiritual journey inside and outside of the course. I have had a wonderful experience receiving feedback on my tarot reading as well. I would not be where I am today without Joy's gentle guidance. She radiates energy that is full of love and light. I can't recommend her enough!!”

— Victor Quan

"Joy is excellent at creating the container for a deeper level of learning and understanding in the way she teaches. 
I truly value the way she explains things in layers to help form the full picture and ensures that each student is connecting with with the information and exercises she is teaching before she builds the next layer.
Over the last 6 years I have gone from not knowing very much about intuition or energy to now using my intuitive connection every day and embracing my gifts as a healer. I feel so much more in touch with myself."
-Brittany Green 
Enroll Now!

The Goddess Untamed Curriculum

Our group will meet online for one 90 minute session each week overt he next six months - focusing on Personal Development, Psychic/Intuitive Development, Group Healing or Group Coaching . PLUS, you will have VIP access to our private monthly Goddess Virtual Mixer (see below). AND, if you choose, you can upgrade to get monthly one-on-one private intuitive coaching sessions with me. (You will also have access to recordings of each session in case you can't attend or want to review)

Grow: Personal Development

Monthly 90-minute LIVE tutorial and practice experience using tools that work. Break free of self-sabotaging patterns and release the fears that are blocking you from intentionally co-creating the life you want. Understand your chakra system and how your physical body gives you intuitive nudges.

Transform from making choices from a place of worry to being free to trust your inner wisdom- meet your true self, maybe for the first time. 

Attune: Psychic Development 

Monthly 90-minute LIVE tutorial and practical experience. Learn the foundational, life-changing tools for psychic development. You will learn and practice specific psychic exercises designed to progressively strengthen your intuitive muscles. Learn how to receive guidance and signs. Learn how to connect with your own loved ones in the spirit world. Understand what a spirit guide is and how to build a relationship with yours.

You'll walk away from each session with tools and techniques that you can use in a real life -  to get guidance about whatever is important to you, whenever you need it. 

Heal: Group Healing Session 

Monthly 90-minute LIVE group energy healing session. With 20 years experience in the healing arts, Joy has often been called “the healer’s healer”. In these sessions you will receive a unique combination of Reiki and trance medium energy healing to help you integrate all of the work you are doing through this course. Just log on, sit back, relax and receive.

Think of it like a monthly energetic spa treatment.


Support: Group Coaching

Monthly 60-minute LIVE group coaching session. Check-in, ask questions and get the support you deserve throughout this journey. So many courses feel empty because they don’t give you any personal support. Not here! I want you to have a true mentorship with all the support you need to succeed.

These sessions will help keep you on track with your development and also create a time and space to be nurtured, encouraged and empowered together. 

Empower: Untamed Goddesses Virtual Mixer 

Meet once monthly on Zoom outside of our classroom setting! Share, chat and build a lasting sisterhood. One of the most powerful pillars in my own growth over the last 10 years has been the spiritual soul sisters I have gained along the way. I want this for you too!

It’s like a virtual happy hour with me and your woo-woo crew! 


Refine: One-on-one Coaching

(Optional Rose Gold Goddess Package). Monthly One-on-one Private Intuitive Coaching 75-minute session with me to work on anything you are needing personal attention with that month. Receive invaluable guidance, coaching, and soul support during these private sessions. Using my gifts as a psychic medium and my experience as an energy healer and coach, I hold space for you to ask, process, grow and unfold in ways that are specific to your unique journey to untame yourself.

Don’t worry, even if you don’t know what you need, I will! 

Early Bird Bonus:

(join by Saturday 6/11/22 9pm PT/12a ET)

40 minute private one-on-one Spiritual Assessment. During this bonus session, I will use my unique gifts to become aware of the core qualities of your soul by connecting with your auric field and your soul. We will discuss your personal spiritual gifts and potentails.                      Value $205

Rose Gold Goddess bonus:

Receive a hand selected crystal or semi precious stone gift. I will personally intuitively choose a piece especially for you, infuse with a Reiki blessing, and mail this one of a kind gift to you. Value: $50

Are you ready to claim what is rightfully yours?

When it comes to your life you have two choices.

You can keep going the way you’re going……

Feeling like you don’t know exactly what to do to get the strong, clear guidance you need when you need it.

Feeling separate from your loved ones in the spirit world, your guides or your higher self

Feeling like you don’t know how to intentionally co-create the life you want and deserve.

Or you could step into your power, get in touch with that connection you know lies deep within you and start directing your journey for real.

Here’s a recap of everything you get with the Goddess Untamed 6 month transformational mentorship

It’s difficult to assign value to a program like this. After all, how can you put a number on a personal transformation that reconnects you with the deepest parts of yourself and gives you access to the psychic wisdom within, forever? Not to mention getting to be personally mentored and nurtured through the entire process.

What kind of price tag can you put on that? It’s tough to say. So, I’ve done my best to put it in perspective.

Our group will meet online for one 90 minute session each week focussing on Personal Development, Psychic/Intuitive Development, Group Healing or Group Coaching  

1 Monthly Grow: Personal Development sessions: Tutorials and guided practical experiences plus homework. Value: $1100

1 Monthly Heal: Group Healing sessions: Receive powerful, live group healings with Joy to support each month’s topics. Value: $1100

1 Monthly Attune: Psychic Development sessions: Tutorial and guided practical experience using tools plus homework. Value: $1100

1 Monthly Support sessions: Group Coaching sessions. Share your experiences, ask questions and get my personal feedback and guidance. Value: $1100

PLUS, 1 Monthly Empower Social Hour: Untamed Goddesses Virtual Mixer (share, chat and build a lasting sisterhood) Value: $400

PLUS, 1 Monthly Refine sessions: (Optional upgrade, 6 total) One-on-one Private Coaching 75-minute session to work on anything you need personal support with that month. Don’t worry, even if you don’t know what you need, I will! Value: $2025

Recordings of all sessions in case you can’t make it or to review. Value: $500

Private Community of likeminded soul sisters. Value: Priceless

The expertise to get the clear guidance you need and the tools to intentionally co-create the life you choose from now on... priceless 


Total Value: $7,325

But you won't pay that. 

You’re Protected with my Satisfaction Guarantee

I’m confident the Goddess Untamed Mentorship Program will help you take your intuitive power to a new level, providing you implement what I teach you. So I am offering a 30-day guarantee.  

How the guarantee works: Enroll now and join me for a month. If you complete the homework exercises, implement what I teach and still find the mentorship isn’t helping you, you may cancel. If you paid in full you will be refunded for all but month 1.

Is the Goddess Untamed program worth the investment? 

This course is so special to me because it's the Secret Playbook I wish I had on my own journey. Most intuitive development programs are missing the two crucial ingredients necessary to unlock our intuitive abilities: personal development sessions and support. 

Most of us just go it alone, feeling around in the dark for far too long. We are given the sixth sense but nobody teaches us how to use it. We are taught to sit down, be quiet, and hide the most authentic parts of ourselves to fit in. This leaves us feeling alone and uncertain, untrusting of our own inner knowing. We aren’t taught to honor our intuition let alone taught how to intentionally work with it to manifest the life that we want. 

 I know first-hand how stressful and lonely life can be without knowing how to use your intuition. I also know that with the right strategies and support, you CAN uncover your own intuitive gifts and learn how to use them in real, life changing ways. 
This 6 Month Mentorship Journey takes the guesswork out of it for you - you won't have to waste any more money on courses that don't work. And I will personally guide you through my unique combination process of Intuitive Development, Healing, Coaching and the secret sauce- Personal Development. But the best part is you will have the potential reap the rewards in all areas of your life including relationships, career and even personal finances, all while feeling more empowered and more yourself than you've ever been.
Got a question? We've got answers! 

Hey, I'm

Joy Giovanni

I've been where you are. If you feel disempowered, disconnected from your own intuitive answers or your loved ones in the spirit world, I'm here to tell you that you can change that and I can help. 

I'm a psychic medium, intuitive coach, energy healer, and quirky teacher who feels like a gal pal all rolled up into one. Even as a child I felt a connection to spirit and had sensitivities (and experiences) I couldn't explain. I had a love of supporting and empowering others and wanted to help people find their courage to listen to their heart.

I felt a strong calling to wellness and healing after my second child was born when I was 22. I began training in natural medicine and certified as a fitness trainer and massage therapist. I was also doing some fitness modeling, decided to pursue an acting career, and ultimately got a once in a lifetime role as a WWE Diva on tv every week in front of millions of people. And while those experiences were amazing, something was missing. I had let that inner voice be drowned out by the needs of everyone around me. 

Once again, I returned to personal development and wellness. I became a Reiki Master and opened a small wellness practice in San Diego. During this time my gifts as a psychic and medium came into focus. I sought out and was mentored by some of the most well-regarded masters in the world of psychic mediumship.

Over the years I started to notice a pattern. As I coached my clients on their intuition and supported them in their personal development, they grew through old hurts and fears and then their intuition could grow stronger too. They each needed a combination of intuitive tools, healing, personal development and an experienced, supportive mentor to guide and empower them along the way. And I've seen the most beautiful transformations happen in the lives of my clients. 

 Now it's your turn.
You are a Goddess who just needs to be untamed to boldly claim your Psychic Power to Direct Your Journey.

This is the path back to you.

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