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"WTF Universe! Where's My Sign?!"

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You're seeking signs from the universe, the spirit world, and your higher self --  to help you make the best decisions and create what you want. After all, you know signs are one of the most powerful ways to rise above setbacks and draw in more security, ease and fulfillment. But... 


No matter how hard you try, you're just not getting any clear guidance from the "other side."  It's so frustrating and confusing, right? 


Don't worry - Your sign struggles end here. 


Introducing the ultimate free mini course...   


{Become a Magnet for Clear Signs so You Can Finally Create What You Want}

Here are 4 ways this mini course will help you change your life!

Gain the Clarity You’re Seeking 

Put an end to self-doubt, feeling disconnected and alone.

I share little known keys that will help you stand in your connection and know yourself as you really are – loved, supported and fully capable of connecting to the guidance of spirit/the universe all around you.

Crack the Sign Code 

Master my simple techniques that enable you to quickly cut through the confusion and get instant clarity on how the language of signs actually works and how YOU can be a part of your own personal  conversation with spirit through signs. 

Connect with Spirit 

You don’t have to waste any more time wondering when or if your loved ones are giving you "Hellos from Heaven".

When you learn my simple 3-step method, you can finally receive signs CLEARLY and easily.

I do this every day with clients and the results are DRAMATIC!

Get my personal "numbers cheat sheet"

One sign you may ALREADY be receiving is numbers {333, 222, etc) but do you know what these numbers mean??

You'll also get to my free "numbers cheat sheet" PDF so you can have a quick reference guide as you go throughout your day so you can finally understand what these numbers mean as clear guidance for YOU. 

Yes! I'm ready to be a SIGN Magnet

So if you're tired of desperately seeking signs...

and feeling like you're not sure if that actually IS your loved one saying hello....

Or feeling frustrated that it seems so easy for other people to get clear signs from spirit ...

And maybe you've been wondering "WTF Universe! Where's My Sign?!"

Here’s your chance to put your deepest desires in motion. 

Get Ready to become a SIGN MAGNET Seeing & Understanding Your OWN Signs TODAY with this free mini course!!

Hi, I'm Joy Giovanni,


As a psychic medium and international spiritual teacher, I’ve helped thousands of people around the world learn how to connect with spirit, step into their own Power and live the intentionally co-created  purposeful lives they were born to live.

No matter how sensitive or intuitive you are, I want you to know that the clear guidance and connection you crave is possible for you.

Even though I didn't always understand my gifts as a medium, signs have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. From as young as six years old I can remember engaging in a conversation of sorts with spirit through "signs" in the world around me. As I stepped into my gifts as a medium and teacher, I realized that these methods work for everyone and I began teaching my clients how to receive powerful, specific and meaningful signs that they could actually understand.

These are tools that I still personally use and teach all the time and I am so excited share them with you so YOU can experience this special way of communicating with spirit for yourself!

See you inside the course!

Big hugs, 


You deserve to spend EVERY day feeling connected to the clear guidance and love available to you from the spirit world.  And the signs ARE RIGHT THERE just waiting for you to receive them.


I know that the guidance and connection you crave is truly possible and I don't want you to have to ask, "WTF Universe! Where's My Sign?!"

 ever again. 


Let me crack the code for you and hand YOU the keys to becoming a SIGN MAGNET today - so you can create all the security, happiness and abundance you crave! 

Yes! I want Signs NOW!