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Are You Psychic? 11 Signs to Know for Sure

Feb 12, 2024

Are you psychic? Chances are, you're missing some key signs! This episode is like an audio quiz you can take as we go so by the end you'll know for sure where you stand! Since I aim to bring you a unique "insiders" perspective as a working psychic medium, several on this list may surprise you. I wish I knew these years ago!! (And, of course, I share some personal stories and examples from readings and clients for you!)

Just keep a mental Yes or No for each as we go through these 11 Signs that YOU are psychic and I’ll give you your score at the end! 

As I share these 11 signs and you start to see yourself in some of them, know that there are so many different ways these can show up, and that truly, we are each unique blends of the way these gifts manifest and move in each of us, combined with our personalities, and life experience  making each of us completely  one of a kind while also somehow strangely similar as sensitives. 

Plus, in this episode you'll also learn:
What it means to be psychic (and what it doesn't mean)
How predictions work and why they sometimes come true
What is the difference between being psychic and being a working psychic 

Show notes: Article Mentioned by Andye Murphy written for Gaia

Netflix show mentioned: Surviving Death (is a docu-series directed by Ricki Stern about near-death experiences and beliefs in life after death, and psychic mediumship).


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Episode Transcript:

 Hey beautiful soul Welcome to Spirit Speakeasy. I'm Joy Giovanni, Joyful Medium. I'm a working psychic medium energy healer and spiritual gifts mentor. This podcast is like a seat at the table in a secret club, but with mediums, mystics and the spiritual luminaries of our time. So come behind the velvet ropes with me and see inside my world is I chat insider style with profoundly different souls. We go deep share juicy stories laugh a lot, and it wouldn't be a speakeasy without great insider secrets and tips. You might even learn that you have some gifts of your own. So step inside the spirit speakeasy.
Hey, beautiful soul Welcome back or welcome in to Spirit Speakeasy, we are going to talk about something really fun today. Have you ever wondered if you are psychic, I'm going to talk about what that means. And we're going to go over the 11 signs that you are psychic. And as I read these, we're going to kind of do it like audio quiz style. So as we go, you can really start to see which of these resonate with you and keep like a tally of how many yeses you have. And then at the end, I can give you kind of your score and go over what that means for you. Since I really aim with this podcast to bring you a unique workers perspective, so to speak, several of the 11 signs that your psychic might really surprise you.
And I want to tell you this funny thing about me. So when I first started developing, I actually was learning Reiki which is a modality of healing. And it was my Reiki teacher that was like, You know what, you're psychic. And I was like, Oh, you're full of it. Like I just I thought she was crazy. I didn't believe in psychic at all. And a big part of what it was, was that I misunderstood what it meant to be psychic, right? From movies and TV and all the things that we see, I really had a complete misunderstanding about what it meant to be psychic. And I think that happens for so many of us, we think it's going to show up for us like it does in the movies where, you know, either we're going to know that we're some kind of like mystical fortune teller, or he thinking about in The Matrix, when he goes to, you know, to see the, the Oracle, you know, where we like can just have these flashes of predicting the future or time stands still. And we experience all these things outside of ourselves. It's really not what it is at all. So I just want to kind of quickly give you a working understanding of what psychic means. I want to talk a little bit about prediction and why it seems like sometimes it works. And then I want to talk a little bit quickly about the difference between having psychic gifts and being a working psychic. So those are two different things. And then we're going to go through these 11 signs. So you can start to see where you see yourself in some of them. This is going to be a really fun episode, I worked really hard on this one. I mean, I feel like like I work hard on all of them. But I think you guys are gonna like this one. So what psychic means it really has to do with using our subtle senses to perceive emotion, information, potential possibility. It doesn't mean like I was saying that we're some kind of Oracle or fortune teller or that we can predict people's future because the future hasn't been decided for us. So if it was something that was already pre determined, right, like a lot of people talk about it as Destiny like you, you have to meet this person, you have to do this thing. Well, we have a lot of freewill choice. And so we can see the potentials like for example, I had a client recently and we were talking about kind of what was her life's mission, what was her path that she wanted to pursue? And in the reading, I was able to become aware of her core qualities so that she was a natural helper that she had the ability to teach people that she really her soul really craved that connection with others and the ability to help them in that way. I also became aware of some strengths about running business and having to do with the way she's able to, to articulate like to communicate things in a very special kind of unique, very simple but complex way and her ability to be very organized both in business and with her
her thoughts and goals and then I was able to identify some challenges for her. So with this client, I wasn't telling her Oh, you absolutely will become XYZ. But I could understand her soul's qualities enough that we could understand, okay, these types of goals and roles would fulfill you and these types probably would not, she then has to use her freewill choice to choose what she's going to do what she's going to learn about what she's going to pursue in the world. Now, you might be a step ahead of me asking yourself, okay, then why does prediction sometimes work out? So it can work out if it's a potential, right. So for example, I might become aware, I'm thinking of another client that I had within the last couple of weeks, and he was a nurse. So I was aware that he was a nurse. And I was aware that he was also had gone back to school and was studying something more advanced and specialized within his work. And he was he was studying to be a specific type of surgical nurse. Well, we could see the potential for this, but he's the one that has to go to school, he has to study he has to do the practical experience, he has to take the exams, he doesn't do that he's not going to be this surgical nurse. Right. So I could tell him, yes, you're going to do this, but he has to continue to make those free will choices along the way. Now, in this instance, chances are that he probably is on the course to continue to make those freewill choices. So unless something happens that derails him or a life circumstance changes, or he makes another choice, chances are, He will fulfill that goal that desire. So if I told him, you know, Oh, I see you being this higher level nurse, and he continues to make those choices, then yes, I predicted it, and it worked. But I keep thinking of someone else. And these stories pop in as I'm, as I'm talking with you guys sometimes, and I try to, I want to share them enough so that that person, you know, wouldn't feel exposed. There was a gal that I had several years ago, and I just was aware of this potential for her in the future to become a mom. And I was aware of the idea of a little kiddo who happened to be a girl child and sort of what this kiddo would look like and sort of the period of time on her on this girl's timeline, my client between I want to say it was like between 30 and 33, or something like that, that she, you know, there was the potential that she was going to have this baby. Now the thing with this client was that she wasn't sure she was going to be able to have kids due to some circumstances for her personally, like some private like medical stuff. So I saw this potential. I told her, she messaged me years later and was like, Guess what, I'm this age, I had a little girl, it was totally unexpected. She looks like this. You were right. So what I was becoming aware of was the potential for that little soul to come through her into the world. Not necessarily was I able to say definitely, that's what's going to happen. Because, you know, with pregnancy, there's a lot of freewill choices that go into that she would have to have a partner or someone to be with or she would have to create this pregnancy in some way she would have to follow through this pregnancy. You know, there's a lot of variables in there. So why it sometimes works is because the potential is likely in there right in the energy of the soul. But why it often doesn't work is because people change their mind they have different freewill choice. And prediction can be a little bit dangerous, because for example, if I was to tell you, someone, your friend, oh, yes, I see the person that you're destined to meet. And they have, you know, dark hair and blue eyes, and they're, however tall, five foot 10 And they have this job there a fire fighter person, well, then your friend would only be looking for someone that looks like that, and would potentially miss someone who could be the most amazing partner or the love of their life or exactly the qualities that they want. So
it's really why most of us in the work who really take this seriously don't do those kinds of old school movie style predictions. It just doesn't work. It's it's, it's not real. I mean, like I said, sometimes we can be aware of things that are potential and they do come to fruition. So it can happen, but there are some dangers in there that just make it not
really worth it. And then there's also the idea of self fulfilling prophecy, right? Where, you know, you're, you're only looking for this one thing or you're saying I'm gonna fail, I'm gonna fail, I'm gonna fail, and then you don't study and you get nervous and you fail. So it's like a self fulfilling prophecy right? Now, the difference between someone who has psychic gifts or abilities and being a working psychic, all of these gifts are natural. We talk about, you know, these gifts as being kind of like unique and special. And they are because we're all unique and special, but they are a part of us whether yours are right on top or they're deeper within or they're more kind of latent or in the background, or you don't know about them. We all have the ability to perceive to understand I know we've talked about this here before. So if you're new, go check out some previous episodes because we talked about that we all have this additional group of senses, they're called The Sixth Sense, but it's it's these non physical senses right? Now to be a working psychic just means that this person like like, I have trained quite a bit to learn how to understand how to focus my awareness, right? So am I focusing on towards the spirit world? Am I becoming aware of a person that's not in a body? am I focusing on my client for a psychic reading and becoming aware of their energy? The things that I'm becoming aware of? does it relate to them? Is it about someone else? Close to them in their life? Is it that I'm becoming aware of something in the present? Is this a something that happened in their past a memory or a trauma? Is this a potential for the future? So there are some things to learn as far as like how to manage the energy how to understand how to discern, and the truth is being a working psychic and or medium. It's an art form. It's where crafts people, so it's just like any other craft or trade, there are things to learn and develop and understand and deepen. So that's the difference between just having the gifts. Because when people know that you have gifts, like for example, say that you identify with all of these 11 signs, and you're like, Oh, yes, okay, I do all of these things. And maybe you can give advice and guidance to friends, they will take what you say a little more seriously, because they understand that you have some abilities to perceive things that are maybe not, you know, physically able to be seen or understood. So we have a bigger responsibility. When we're working and doing a reading for someone, we have a responsibility to have deeper understanding about what it is we're saying. Because the guidance that we give, while we're not responsible for making anyone's decisions, everyone's got to make their own choices. If you've ever had a reading for me, you know that. But they're going to consider what we say and their decision making. So there's a little bit of a difference between having these gifts and actually like jumping into being a working psychic. And like I said, what we're actually doing is becoming aware of energy, emotions, potentials, possibilities, and knowing how to work with them and what they relate to. So as I share these 11 signs, and you start to see yourself in some of them, know that there are so many different ways that each of these 11 can show up. And that truly, we are each unique blends of the way these gifts manifest and move. And each of us, combined with our personalities, our life experience, and the things that we've you know, seen that have happened to us the places we've been making each of us completely one of a kind, while also somehow strangely similar as sensitive. So it's kind of an amazing thing. So I'm going to give some different examples for each of these. And as we work through these 11 signs we're going to jump in right now. Just be in your mind keeping a tally of how many of these you say yes to how many of these resonate with you, you've experienced something like this, you, you know what I'm talking about in a personal way. And then at the end, we'll do some tallies, and I'll kind of tell you what it means however many yeses you got so the first sign that you're psychic is you feel drawn to content like shows, videos, podcasts, movies, social media accounts, things like that, that feature or explore taboo spiritual topics and think of shows like charmed which is about witches X Files if you're old enough to know that show which was about paranormal and often like extraterrestrial and that kind of stuff.
The Originals which is about vampires and magic, the magicians Harry Potter, which is obviously witches and wizards and magic, even something like Star Wars, how they talk about the
force, the force is with you, The Force is strong in this one. That's the psychic energy. So you're drawn to things like that shows topics.
And it might not even be that you're like you believe everything about it, it's just that you're interested in it, you're intrigued by it, you're drawn by it. Because something deep inside of you resonates with pieces of these Fiction and Fantasy works as true. Sure, not all of it is true and works in our reality, right? I keep thinking of like Harry Potter, where it's like, yeah, we don't have wands and making cups fly around the room, right. But something deep in the core of you knows that the essence of what they're talking about the essence that there is more energetically more magic, more connection,
things going on behind the scenes more going on, right? So that is what is kind of speaking to you or calling to you, even if you don't know it. But if you're psychic, chances are and like I said, it could be different shows me a long time ago, I was
I was scared of shows that even talked about anything
kind of witchy or there's another show that used to be on after charmed and I could see the actors and I can't think of what it is and I never watched it because I was like oh no, they they talk about scary things. I don't want to open those doors. So I was avoidant to certain shows but then other other shows like Harry Potter I thought was super cool and Disney magic I thought was I Love You know what I mean? A little bit bitty boppity boo. And so in that way I was drawn to kind of the lighter side but it doesn't matter which piece of it you're drawn to hearing about exploring there even some more like Docu series shows the talk about really taboo spiritual subjects around death around reincarnation around there's my mentor end being as in one that's on Netflix right now called Surviving death. So you're kind of drawn to intrigued by
interested in shows or or information that explores these type of spiritual or taboo topics because something deep and you know that there's more going on. And that's a yes or no for you. Okay, number two of these 11 signs that your psychic, you're an empath, which also in this category is, there are a few other terms I'm going to give them to you and then I'm gonna explain what they mean. But I don't want you to get too stuck on these terms. I don't tend to love labels like this, but they exist out there. So we're gonna go over them. So you're an empath, I'm going to tell you in just a sec, what that means. And also in this category under this umbrella are things like Indigo Child, Rainbow child, Crystal, child, old soul. I think we all know what an old soul is, I've been called an old soul my whole entire life. It just means that there's something a little that feels like it's not your first go round, right? It feels like, oh, this kid's got deeper wisdom or bigger words, or they they just know things somehow.
If no one's ever called you, an old soul, think about who you know in your life that feels like they have wisdom beyond their years, or there's something about them that doesn't feel brand new here. So an empath really just means that you are already able to sense other people's emotions. Now, as a side note to this, when you're on your personal healing journey, which I think we all are kind of indefinitely, based on where you are in that journey. This can shift how these show up in your life. For example, if you you know, have not started processing your own emotions, you might unconsciously take on the emotions of people around you like in your workplace, for example, maybe you know, someone is agitated and you start to become agitated for no reason because you're matching their energy. This can happen even if you've got no experience with any of this and kind of an unconscious way. Or if you're someone who has been working on your own emotions or your own processing, and you're consciously perceiving the situation and choosing Oh, okay, I feel that emotion in the room. I feel that somebody is irritated. Am I irritated? No, I'm not irritated. Okay? That's there's not mine. I'm going to leave it there. So that's a more conscious way of doing it. But we are sensitive beings, whether we identify that way or not, and our auric field, our personal space bubbles going out ahead of us and discerning information all day long. So you might be in a meeting and kind of feel the energy and excitement in the meeting. And then there might be someone else in that meeting that you feel like Okay, hang on, like this person.
is not something's going on here, it's not the same. So empath is just being able to be sensitive to to feel and understand other people's emotions. I use that word feel carefully, because for some people, they can like feel it as if it's their own emotion, they get confused, and they don't know. But they just feel it as if they're, it's their own emotion. For other people, that word feel is too strong. It's a very subtle sensing or understanding. It's not something that's like as strong as your own feeling for some people. So that's what an empath is, in a nutshell. The other terms I'm going to go over kind of quickly, they're, quote, unquote, new age. And they have some overlap. The first one is Indigo Child, which is a term that was coined by a woman named Nancy and I think it's tap or tape, it's ta PPE, perceived. She was psychic, but also a psychologist or therapist of some kind. And she perceived an actual dominant indigo color in the auric field of children or people that she termed indigo children or Indigo Kids. And they call him that even when they're grownups, too, which is a little misleading.
Really, I'm gonna give you a quote, gifted children on a clear mission to challenge and shift reality first began appearing in the 70s. Beyond psychic awareness, they're highly driven and creative with a perception that sees through the established norms of society, old souls, indeed, their mission is clearly laid out, to shake up the modern world and pave the way for the future generations to create greater peace and harmony for all that is written by someone named Andy Murphy and I, it's for the website So I will link the article in the show notes. So you can check out more of the signs of being an indigo child. There's so much overlap in these terms, though, I would encourage you not to get attached to having like needing a label like this for yourself, because I think we all fit in lots of these categories. So that Indigo Child, Crystal child is essentially a very similar thing, but born more 80s and 90s.
They are said to tend to be like impulsive, they don't hide their feelings. They're very loving, and often highly intuitive from a young age, they can easily experience sensory overload so they can be really sensitive to loud noises or too many people they can need their alone time. They're very sensitive, and they're also very forgiving. So it's, it's kind of thought that not all but many Crystal Children are born to indigo children who then have children and they're these crystal children born in the 80s and 90s. And then the third one is Rainbow child, which in the in the new age of at all, is kind of said that they're born 2000 and after. And again, since these are new age terms, they're not like scientific terms, and there's quite a bit of overlap in the explanations of them. Crystal Children are thought to be impulsive, they also don't hide their feelings or I mean sorry, rainbow children, colorful, creative, full of energy. They can kind of sense or like read people's emotions, they tend to be highly intuitive. They have huge hearts and they bring joy and harmony to like their families, their communities. They the rainbow children are said to be I keep thinking of my daughter
shout out says love Yeah, they can be a little bit in their own world sometimes and just in their own thoughts and in their own in their own world. They're thought to develop speech often a little bit later and communicate often without words. So whether that's like telepathically or whether it's that they are kind of letting people know what their emotions what they need without communicating with words. And they're they're just incredibly sensitive, colorful, creative,
emotionally, deep souls, these rainbow children. So that's essentially what those are. So in this second sign that you're psychic, you're either an empath like feeling and perceiving emotions and people in situations around you or you would have heard terms like Indigo Child, Crystal child, Rainbow child, old soul, I think most of us probably identify with with Empath and old soul but I wanted to give you those others just in case so if any of that resonates with you, you are yes on number two okay. The number three sign that your psychic is you feel strongly drawn to or resistant against that's an important part. Spiritual pursuits like religion. This could be Eastern Western, pagan, any religion, theology, spirituality, the study of different religious systems, for example, being interested in higher power and wanting to under
Stand a connection to something greater than you as an individual.
Something deep inside of you recognizes the vibrational truth that there is more connection here to something greater than you as an individual. Now what that something greater is that you want to pursue or learn about isn't really the focus here. It's just the knowing itself. So it doesn't matter what religious system you feel called by or you feel resistant to, it's just this idea this knowing this, this deep vibrational truth, that there is more connection here, something greater than you as an individual going on. And
I'll tell you a story for me. So I went to Catholic school when I was little, my parents weren't particularly Catholic, actually. But it's when I first remember starting to physically feel sensations, I've heard them called like, Angel chills, or different things like that, that those words don't really resonate with me. But a lot of the I'm from Boston, and in Catholic churches, a lot of the services, at least segments of them were done in like Latin, so I didn't even understand what they were saying. And I was like, under 10, so Oh, a little. And I remember that certain times, when there was the organs and the certain types of singing or certain types of prayers, I would actually feel physical feelings through my body, it's not quite chills, it's vibration, but it's,
it's different. And I also started to be able to see colors, the auric colors, like the auric field, around people giving prayer or people giving song or speeches. So I something about being there just resonated me with me to the point that I have I'm traveling around the world, I like to go see old churches. And again, I don't identify with that religion, I quite frankly, don't agree with some segments of it, and some pieces of it as I think a lot of us feel. But I was able to start feeling something that I knew, even as a little kid deep in my bones and my soul was true, and that there was some some connection here or something here that I wasn't aware of, and other places. Now, to this day, I still a lot of people don't know this about me, I still collect rosary beads. Even though like I said, I don't identify as Catholic. So it can be something like that. And it can be a particular resistance to religion as well.
Depending on the system that you were raised in, some people become, and I probably fall under this category to be incredibly resistant to organized religion. Because what happens is the energy, the emotion, that feeling that something deeper, that we feel and sense and know to be true, can often not exactly match up with like the rules of man, like the things in the book, they tell you and who's allowed to be here who's not allowed to be here. Sometimes for a lot of us that those two things don't match the energy of that pure love that feeling of connection of something greater of higher power doesn't always match with the judgmental side. So it's also common in this third sign to feel resistant against some of these religions. So if that resonates for you that so yes, the fourth sign that you're psychic is you feel a connection to nature, and a connection between nature and like something more divine order type thing.
Now, I laugh at this one, because I have a friend who jokes about this. She's an amazing psychic and medium and she always says like she's not into nature, she's allergic to a lot of nature. But this can show up in so many ways this can be yes that you love to be outdoors or that you want to go hike and hug a tree. Sure, but it doesn't have to. It can also show up as the author of the energy of a storm in the air I have I have a friend who really loves that feeling when a storms coming. There's a different energetic feeling for her. It can be the sacred appreciation of the beauty of the turn of the seasons, as it changes from that frosty winter into that first bud on the tree of spring. And just the awe and appreciation of of that transition and realizing Wow, there's more. There's more architecture going on here. This can't just be random. It can show up as the love of crystals or in my case often even playing stones or rocks or shells.
It can be the author of a giant full moon and all of her
Glory, it can be being breath taken by a sunset or a sunrise or an incredible ocean view. So this connection to nature or understanding or feeling ourselves relative to Nature doesn't have to be just you love hiking and want to hug a tree, although like I said, for some it is, but it's just this deep appreciation almost like a sacred appreciation, like a reverence for
where I feel it a lot is the ocean, I have a reverence for those waves in the ocean. And I have such an appreciation if you knew how many pictures of sunsets I have in my phone, just even out my window. So it's things like that is just a special connection to nature, the beauty of it, the order of it, the majesty of it, if you feel that connection between yourself in nature, or even this understanding that like, oh, wow, okay, things are divinely ordered here. When you think about the geometry, inside of a structure of a seashell, for example, like that's incredible. So that is number four, I could go on about this one for a long time. Number five sign that you are psychic, you question authority and or the status quo, like the way things have always been done. Now, this can also show up like the rest in many ways, it can show up as wanting to create change, like some version of an activist, which in and of itself, as we know, can look many different ways. Some activists March some right some work in legislature and making change that way. So even within these, there are lots of different ways they can look. But it's this feeling of wanting to make a change for the greater good, a change for future generations, it can also be an overall questioning of whose authority is it actually, also known as what makes you in charge of that. So this is when I kind of got in trouble for when I was a kid, sometimes I
I'll give you I'll give you an example. At one point, I was going to a school and a friend of mine and I we were kind of it was a small religious school. And we were kind of like ambassadors, we would give tours to new people and, you know, talk to the families and things like that. And I started to just feel like they weren't in integrity with what they said their mission was, I kind of started feeling like, oh, this is all about the money. I don't like this. And then I started questioning authority, like the little rule authority of that school, and saying, like, you know, I don't like this, here's what you guys are saying, Here's what you're doing. I don't, I don't think this is right, I don't want to be a part of,
you know, selling in the way that you're asking me to be. So it can be even as simple as that something in our own lives that we start questioning and authority when we don't feel like something is right, or like it's in integrity.
You know, some people are full changemakers in the world and others, it's showing up in their own lives in small and subtle ways. Starting to have this understanding that even on a simple level, that you could be the boss of yourself, it's not necessarily someone in your life having to boss you, right? So it's this questioning of authority or the status quo. Now, I will say it doesn't necessarily mean that the individual doesn't want like, structure, order, etc. Because a lot of times, like me, I like a certain amount of order and structure and rules. It can be maybe some of the rules don't resonate, and we work to change them or we question why. So it's that type of a feeling not just going along, but asking questions challenging the status quo challenging, oh, it's that way, because that's the way it's always been? Well, maybe that way is not right. And let's talk about that whether it's more globally or in our own communities, or even in our own personal lives questioning authority. Alright, number six sign that you are a natural leader, and organizer. So this can also show up in lots of ways you might be the one out front in the sixth sign that you're psychic, the like, I'll do it team leader. Or you might be the behind the scenes grounding force, kind of Wizard of schedules and spreadsheets, keeper of schedules. This is someone who takes responsibility and is often going above and beyond. Sometimes not even getting any recognition, which is usually the case. Maybe for some of you this resonates as the feeling that the people around you kind of elect you to be the leader without you asking to be in the running to be the leader. Maybe you learn to step in where you're needed. Like even without being asked. This part is kind of giving Middle School Project energy. So think about when you're in
Middle School when you're at the tables, and they're choosing like, okay, these four people are going to be on the team and who is going to be the project leader. If that was often you, even if you didn't want to be, this is a yes for you.
This may be like a new phase in your life, or it may have always been this way for you. I've seen it, for example, in people who are not the oldest sibling in their family, but in their personality, it kind of feels like they are the oldest, like you would say, like, Oh, are you the oldest? And they'll say, oh, no, no, I'm the middle. They're just kind of placed into those roles of having to look after people or lead or organize in some way. Even if you would identify as an introvert, there may be some area of your life where you just take charge. Sometimes, this is kind of funny. Sometimes people perceive this person, as the parent, like the mom or the dad of the friend group. This was always me when I was a kid, I always had like, band aids. And so it's, it's just being a natural leader, or an organizer. That is a huge sign that you have psychic abilities, like gifts. And I know like I said, a lot of these are gonna be things that you don't expect to be on this list. But they are because we just feel the need to, you know, we can do it, we're gonna step into that position. And like I said, some people might feel really excited about it, like they're excited to be team captain. And some people might feel like, okay, well, no one else is going to do this, I have to do this.
And it can be, like I said, out in front, and it can be behind the scenes. So this one can show in lots of ways. The number seven sign that you are psychic is you've experienced some form of intuition, inner knowing or accidental knowing, we're gonna talk more about that. Intuition can look as simple as, like a friend saying one thing like they call you to talk about something and they're talking about a problem at work. And you keep feeling like I Oh, there's something else going on here. There's something else going on here. This, this is not just about this one thing that I know, I hear them saying it's just about this one meeting, but this is about something else. So just that intuition, and it could go the other way too. And maybe they're telling you like a really happy story. And you're like, oh, yeah, something's not quite, you're not all the way happy about this. It can be that inner knowing, which can sometimes feel like when you hear an inspirational message or something inside of your physical body inside your energy knows, without a doubt that it has truth. It could be like written word or spoken word or music, it's just this inner knowing this inner resonance.
I think now we see it a lot is like those quotes those inspirational quotes, and it could resonate just really deeply with you as an inner knowing of truth kind of universal truth. And then the other one is accidental knowing this is
this can be really simple. This can show up like thinking of someone and then suddenly they call you or your phone's ringing. And then before you see the phone or pick it up, you you say oh, you know that so and so it just pops into your mind kind of out of nowhere, it's accidental. You're not intentionally trying to figure out who it is, it just kind of pops in there. Now this is funny, because I when I was thinking about it, this used to happen to me sometimes when I was a kid, when we had phones that were attached to walls inside of our house. And now a lot of times we know who's calling because we see it on the picture on the caller ID. But it would be like if your phone's ringing. And before you saw that name or that picture, you say like, Oh, something pops into you like, Oh, that's so and so. Or someone's always calling, or like you just think of them. And then they're calling that's an energetic connection, essentially. Now, I've also seen this happen, for example, have you ever had the experience of just like knowing a factual detail about someone that you just shouldn't know?
Almost a sense of like, I'm thinking of an example here, I had a friend that was not really happy with the place she was living. It was not intended to be forever, it was kind of like little guest house and she just was wanting some more space. She had been looking for places. And we were talking and having a conversation and I wasn't really thinking about anything. I just was talking and she had seen a few places and all of a sudden I was like yeah, but one of them is at the bottom of a hill and that's not probably good because the rain and she was like why? At what do you how do you know what's at the bottom of a hill? I was like, What do you mean? She's like, you just said it was at the bottom of a hill and it's at the bottom of a hill and how do you know that it's at the bottom of a hill so it's that kind of a thing we're just a detail comes out you just say it you didn't intend to know it you just kind of accidentally know it. I think a lot of us feel it more in the
the way that like with the phone call thing. I think that's a really common one or kind of feeling emotions under the surface. You know, that other intuitive emotional feeling is like do you ever like walk into a room and everything's quiet or calm but you just feel like
all the energies often here are like, Oh, someone's upset or there's been an argument or something's something doesn't feel like peaceful and cheery in here or the other way I've had, this happens in my office a lot people will walk in and be like, Oh, wow, I feel so good in here. And I haven't changed anything. I mean, I clean and stuff about it. Okay, so if any of those resonate with you, that's a yes for you. The eighth sign that you that you are psychic is in some area of your life, you just feel extra, like you feel deeper or stronger or extra. Now, because of things like differing life experiences, trauma, life circumstance, this one can show up in vastly different ways. But really, it's about asking yourself, what area of your life are you moved in your emotions, like is there an area where you feel really moved in your emotions, I'm gonna give you some examples of this one. So for some it might be feeling or even people in your life saying things like You're too sensitive, you feel too much or too sensitive. For some, you might feel music very deeply, and certain music will have a powerful ability to move your emotions, for example, I have a whole playlist of songs that kind of bring tears to my eyes, or bring emotions to the surface for me. For others, this might come in other areas like arts or the movies, books, poetry, dance, physical artwork, paintings, sculptures,
where it like your emotions are moved by that type of artwork. For many, we especially kind of feel extra around tragic or violent events, like in the news or on social media, even in movies for some and this reaction can feel completely overwhelming at times, I tend to not be able to see pictures like that I'll kind of get the story either through hearing the story or reading the story. And I don't like to see the the pictures, the graphic pictures, because I feel like I'm aware of so much more than just what's in that photo. And I can actually feel that the emotions and it can be like I said, completely overwhelming it sometimes I feel really strongly that way. For a lot of us, it's with children or pets or animals that we kind of feel extra or feel more deeply or more easily. For others, they find emotions of passion in their work, right? It doesn't have to just be like happy and sad emotions, it can be passionate emotions, it can show up as emotion in sport, maybe maybe you are into a sport or you play a sport and it really invokes the emotion in you. And some feel the extra, like that extra feel that feel extra that we're talking about, right that the area that they feel it in for some people, it's in the positive of the emotions, like you know, being moved to tears by,
you know, for me, it happens a lot with live music too, I can feel the energy difference. So being moved to tears by music, for example, would be considered more on the positive side of that spectrum. For some, it can be more on the challenge side. Think of this, the feeling of being like totally overwhelmed by the various energies out in the world on any typical day. So really just be thinking about what area or is there an area of your life that you kind of feel extra. And that would be the eighth sign that you're psychic, the ninth sign that you're psychic is you give solid advice. This one's pretty cut and dry. You might find that people often come to you for advice for your opinion or for your quote unquote feeling on something which is funny because they often will actually even say how do you feel about XYZ situation. In some cases, you may even have actual expertise or like life experience in some way in that area. But chances are that the person is coming to you because they also value your ability to quote unquote see from a perspective that's truly trustworthy. And they also likely feel seen, supported, understood by you in some way. You may have seen this with people you know, so like close friends family, coming to you for advice or for your feeling about something. But you might also have experienced this with people who you might not know very well at all, on a personal level, like a co worker or
acquaintances or these days even on social media, you might just find people wanting your feeling on things wanting your perspective on things. Sidenote, I'm not saying that you're always good at giving yourself advice. We're often too compassionate for others to be like truly objective and our own challenging situations like where we can feel the emotions of the other people in the situation. So we're not always as clear with ourselves. But but it's this feeling of like you can't
really solid advice to other people, and people are often coming to you for advice doesn't have to always be the same people. And it doesn't have to be all the time. But you would be someone who who kind of gives ya solid advice. The 10th sign that you're a psychic has to do with Dream activity. This one occurs on a spectrum, and we're all unique. So before you get all up in arms about your dream activity, for some, they have access to lucid dreams, that's like where you can move around and make choices and you know, you're dreaming. And you can decide, oh, I'm going to open this door and go into this room now, or, Oh, I know I'm dreaming. Let me see if I can fly.
For others. It looks like visitations from loved ones in dreams or guides or even their higher self sometimes takes part in dreams with them. Others have vivid dreams that are different than regular kind of like processing the daydreams.
processing the daydreams or like, anxiety, dreams are more like that dream that we hear about in movies all the time of like someone having a dream that they're standing in front of the meeting in their underwear, that's kind of like processing dream. But these dreams just feel different. And a lot of times, there's an important message or like a significant something to understand in in these type of vivid dreams.
I had one recently I'll tell you about in just a second, these dreams can be like a regular part of the way your gifts work, I have a friend who, like actively and regularly has these lucid dreams and can kind of ask for guidance in her dreams and get it and has the special part of her gift. But for others, this can be only occasionally or even just once like it doesn't have to be something that's more than one time even, they may be less or more like our dreams might be less or more active. If we're actively meditating, for example, or learning about this type of work, they can be more or less active when we're going through some challenging human emotions. For some people that makes their dreams more active. For some people, their emotions are so drained that it makes their dreams less active. I recently had a dream, it's kind of a funny one, I only remember a bit of it.
I had someone scheduled in the middle of the night, like a client schedule an appointment in the middle of the night. And it sends an alert to my phone, and my phone kind of being banged in the middle of the night. And I looked at it and I just I'm always checking to make sure it's not one of my kids. And I saw that it was an appointment that was scheduled. And I immediately got really nervous. I don't know why I had already had my set schedule set for the next day, it was just something that kind of just popped in the middle of my schedule the next day. And I remember feeling really anxious about it, and then going back to sleep. And when I went back to sleep, my mediumship spirit guide was in my dream, he's never in there. I recognized him. And it's I remember, it was funny because we were walking in this place that is a place like I've never seen before. Kind of like walking on the moon. But with rivers, I guess is the best way I can explain it. And there he was. And I recognized him. And I remember saying to him, is this what you look like because he the way he feels and the way he showed up in that dream are very different. But I was I knew it was him for sure. And I remember all of a sudden getting the knowing in the dream, not like him saying it with words, but just the knowing from him of like why just some showing up in a way that you could receive me and understand me, don't worry about that. And then he gave me whatever information he gave me. I know I got it on an internal level. And I did some more work with it in the morning. But it can even be something like that. And while we can work to develop just about any aspect of our spiritual gifts, dreams might be more primary for some people and much less involved for others. And it's based on the need of your soul. Not always the desire of your mind. So you might think, Oh, I really I've done this, like I really want to be able to get this type of dream. And for me, the dream space is minimally used in my psychic and mediumship gifts a little bit just like I told you about that dream I had within the last few weeks. It's not the primary thing for me, the focus of my soul is work in the awake time, not in the sleeping time. So for me even though I've tried to work on dreams, and I've worked on dreams a little bit over the years, it one it doesn't call to me as like the most important thing or the most interesting thing I want to explore personally. And to it. It just doesn't seem to be as on top for me as like becoming aware of the spirit world, for example, it's right there and I just moved my awareness and there they are. But dreams just don't. They're just not as big of an aspect of the way it works for me personally. And like I said, there's no judgement about that either way, it's just, we're all a little bit different and our soul wants and needs to express in certain ways in this lifetime. It's not about now
necessarily the desire of our mind like, oh, this person has these dreams, and I want to have these dreams, maybe that's not what your soul needs. For your highest and greatest good, maybe there's a different combination of expression of your gift, that is the way you'd be best served or your soul's
purpose, a mission, but your soul's blueprint would be best served. So that one was dream activity, the 11 sign that your psychic is you feel an inner call to make a difference in the lives of others. And like all of these, this can show up in many ways. For some people, it's like making a difference in the actual physical care, like their caregiver of some kind, or their medical person of some kind. For other people, it is more stepping into leadership in a public way. So maybe they hold a public office. Maybe they're like a firefighter person who has a position of authority in the community and really helps the community, it could be teacher, I have a lot of people that fall into this category under teacher, where the difference they're making is with younger people, with the education of people with the nurturing of people, it can show up in any way. But it's this feeling of the inner call to make a difference in the lives of others. And I will tell you, the majority of the clients that I see for psychic readings, this is such a common thread, it shows up differently in the way like the stuff they want to do in the world to make a difference. But this feeling this yearning, this inner call to make a difference is there. And I've had people do it. Like I said in many different ways. I just was chatting with a gal the other day who had done some work for like a Habitat for Humanity type organization where she actually went and built and helped build things in other areas, other parts of our country, other parts of other countries. So it can be like that it can even just be wanting to make a difference in the way people feel about themselves or the way people see themselves. Artists make a difference in people's lives. They add color and beauty and, and performance often into our lives. So what area or in what way in your life or this number 11? Do you feel that in our call to make a difference in the lives of others, it might even be within your own family and show up in all different ways. So we've gone through the 11 How many yeses did you have? I'm gonna go through kind of the guide and let you know what this means. So at the end of this if you have five or more so between five and 11 yeses to this, Are You Psychic quiz. Your gifts are right on top they they're at the surface, they're available, they're ready for you to start working with them. I would try guided meditations, I would start seeing what you feel drawn to I would start playing with signs. If you haven't already taken my free three day mini course sign magnet definitely do that because it's more of an active communication using your psychic senses with signs. So five or more yeses at the end of this. Your gifts are at the surface. Yes, psychic, one to five yeses. So if you got between one and five yeses for these 11 signs, your gifts are brewing and stewing. They're not at the surface yet, but they're starting to move and bubble within you. You can be more available for your gifts, you can allow them to continue to rise to the surface by doing things like personal development, emotional processing, meditation, spending time with your own soul with the presence of your soul, you also could do that sign course and start practicing and playing. If you are someone that had none, all of these you said absolutely no to nothing of it resonated with you, you had zero at the end. It doesn't mean that you don't have any of these gifts and abilities, it just means that they're deep, deep within. And probably there are several emotional layers to peel back. There's investigating to do about why you don't believe this about yourself that could have to do with worthiness it can have to do with how you view yourself or what you think you are able to have in the world. So it doesn't mean you don't have them. If you don't say yes to any of these, it just means they're deep, deep within. If that's you, I would go more the emotional processing route. You've heard me say it a million times. I think therapy is very, very profound for people it's about finding the right therapist for you if that's within your means. There are lots of amazing books out there. And even just hanging out here with us on the podcast and starting to understand these topics more starting to let your heart and mind open a little bit more to them can help these gifts. rise to the surface can help you learn to consider these topics and play with them. And you might find that over time, more and more of these
Things resonate with you. So let me know how many of these you got how many yeses did you have? You can email me joy joyful Or you can call into the hotline and tell me about your experience 305-928-5683 If you'd rather leave a voice message for me 305928 Love 305-928-5683 is the call in number. And let me know how many of these signs that your psychic resonated with you. So I hope this has been really informative. I have a feeling you've been surprised by at least some of these because they're not the maybe necessarily things we think of when we are wondering if we're psychic or not. Hopefully you are feeling more competent in your gifts and abilities and knowing that you've really got something there to start exploring. So like I said, let me know how this resonates with you. Big hugs, lots of love. Thanks for spending this time with me, psychic friends. I will see you inside the Spirit Speakeasy next time bye for now.

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