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How Spirit Communication Works

Feb 19, 2024

You don’t need to be a medium to communicate with your loved ones who have crossed over to the other side! But HOW does it work?!
You’ll walk away from this episode understanding:

  • How you can send messages to your loved ones
  • How they can communicate with you
  • How it works for mediums 

Plus we’ll also talk about:
The soul,
Physical vs Non-Physical (where IS the spirit world??)
The Life Review 

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Episode Transcript:

Hey beautiful soul Welcome to Spirit Speakeasy. I'm Joy Giovanni, Joyful Medium. I'm a working psychic medium, energy healer and spiritual gifts mentor. This podcast is like a seat at the table in a secret club, but with mediums, mystics and the spiritual luminaries of our time. So come behind the velvet ropes with me and see inside my world is I chat insider style with profoundly different souls. We go deep share juicy stories laugh a lot, and it wouldn't be a speakeasy. Without great insider secrets and tips. You might even learn that you have some gifts of your own. So step inside the Spirit Speakeasy.
Hey, beautiful soul Welcome back or welcome in for another episode of spirit speakeasy. Today, we're going to talk about how spirit communication works. There's so much under this topic that I want to talk to you about. But the three main things we're going to go over is how you can send messages to your own loved ones in the spirit world, how they can communicate with you and how it works for mediums. So I want to dive right in and let you know that you don't have to identify as a psychic medium to be able to communicate and receive communication from your own loved ones in the spirit world. Now, I know that might surprise some of you. But you actually can send messages to them, and they can communicate back with you. We're going to talk about why that's true and how it works. But first, you need to understand some basic things. I want to talk about the soul. Now each of us who is here in this physical world is a soul, we are inhabiting and moving around through a physical body during our time in this world on this planet. But when our physical body passes away, our soul continues on our soul doesn't die with the physical body it lives on in the non physical world. So that brings me to what I want to talk about next. But first, I just want to make sure we're all on the same page about we are a soul we're having this human experience. The soul is something that is, was here before this physical body got here is helping us now and it's our soul lives in us with us as us. It's also encompassed in the higher self. When we talk about the higher self, we're talking about the soul, we're often talking about that part of our soul that is largely outside of our physical body. So that is part of our soul as well our higher self that's like the highest most intelligent,
least afflicted by the human condition version of ourselves. But that version also live streams, if you will, through our physical body. Now, when we're in human form like this, as you know, we also have our logic, our human brain, the loudness of our five senses, like we often talk about here, we see this three dimensional world, and learn to focus on it and understand it, we also have our human personality, our life experiences. But when we cross over to the other side, some of that comes with us, all of our memories come with us. All of the things that we ever experienced, our emotions come with us, we leave behind the physical body, the challenges of the physical body, so like illnesses, ailments, whether they're physical or mental health, all of those things stay behind in this physical world. They're a part of the physical experience, not the non physical experience. And challenging emotions also become understood and in a way, are left on this side and are not in the same way a part of our experience. On the other side, challenging emotions are things like resentment and anger, that side of the spectrum of emotions. So what is the difference between physical and non physical, I think that's really something important to touch into to to help you understand how our souls can still communicate. So understanding that your soul, you know, is in this body and then transitions and lives on outside of this body taking its emotions with you. With us, all of us, we can identify that the emotions that go with us are things like the love that we shared, the relationships that were in our lives, the people we care about the things we care about those things that are important to us. So, because of the love that we share, because of those emotions, those emotional connections, those interests that we have, we are still able to share energy
Communication. We don't often like to talk about people as energy in this work, because if you've lost someone to hear a medium talking about them as energy can be off putting, but the soul is a vibrational energy, just like anything else is a vibrational energy and we can share and exchange and pass back and forth energy, there's energy all around us in the physical world and the non physical world. So let me touch into, as promised, the difference between the physical world and the non physical world physical worlds, I think you guys all probably know what that is. It's our physical reality here, this life that we experience as human beings on the planet Earth. And all of it comes with that the non physical world, the way we say it in the work is, it's a world within our world. So it exists all around us in the same space, multi dimensionally so in dimensions that we can't necessarily see. But it is all right here as well a world within our world. Now, I know that sometimes, depending on traditions you were brought up with, we often think of heaven as being this like really far away place where our loved ones go when they pass away, and that they are separate from us, that they you know, if they're sending a message, it's like some old fashion, Telegram coming in a proverbial spaceship for miles and miles and miles and light years away, it's not like that, they cross over into the non physical plane, which is just all around us. Now, there are things that we accept, in our common life that are in the non physical space that also kind of crossover or effect or we work with in our world, I'm gonna give you a couple examples. Things like lightwaves, for example, well, light waves are part of our world, they affect us very much, but we don't always see them. Think of like an infrared light ray, we don't always see that with our physical eyes, we've have developed equipment to detect it sometimes. But it's happening in that non physical space, just like sound waves sometimes happen. If it's a very high frequency sound wave. Sometimes we don't hear it with our physical ears. But it's, again, we we've created some machines to make some of these things detectable. But they still exist, it's just that we can't touch them with our physical hands or hear them with our physical ears, things like Wi Fi waves, you probably all are using some version of Wi Fi right now, on several devices going on in your life at this moment. I know I certainly am to record this for you guys. Those waves travel all around us all the time. Yes, we have machines to detect them, but we don't detect them in our physical world with just our physical beings. So there's lots of things going on in the energy around us all the time, we can't see them or feel them. But we accept them as true because we know how to work with them. Well, similarly, when our soul crosses over to the non physical, like I was saying, it's just a world within our world, they have the ability to be right with you, wherever you are, in any given moment, you don't have to be out there resting place, for example, or have their ashes or even have spoken to them in the time before their passing, they still can access you through that energy, that emotion that love that we share. So this is a natural progression into understanding how we can communicate with them and get messages to them how they can receive those messages and how they can communicate back. So now that you understand that the soul is this emotional, understanding, intelligent,
everlasting part of us that contains everything we've ever been all that we are and all that we have the potential to come
to become, you know, our, our blueprint for our souls design is within us anything that we have the potential to become in this lifetime is within us. And when we crossover, all of that carries over. And actually, I wasn't planning to talk about this but
you know, there is this life review that happens when we crossover and early on in my development and in my spiritual journey, it was really important for me to understand this because the version of life review or heaven and hell that I had heard about deeply did not resonate with me I just couldn't just couldn't get it. It didn't make it didn't it didn't resonate deeply within me something felt wrong with that or off without and the way I've
I understood it through my own guides on multiple occasions. And the way that I've understood it, even through other teachers and mediums, it's so fascinating to me how very often we will have slightly different versions of kind of the same message, if you will. And the way I understand it is the life review is not a person or a spirit, who's on the other side with like this long Santa Claus style list of all the things we ever did good and bad, right and wrong. It is an experience that we go through when we crossover where we review our life. And we stand in the shoes, so to speak, of everyone we've ever come in contact with, we feel every emotion that we ever created in another person, we get to fully understand all of the circumstances, all of the situations, all of the guidance and help we were being given behind the scenes that we didn't even know about. So kind of everything is revealed to us about our lives. It is that feeling of that advancement of the soul that you hear about or maybe have even thought about yourself. It's just that we come to such a full complete understanding, we get to kind of see behind the veil, literally. So they are so much more deeply, profoundly intelligent in their emotions and understandings. And so when they communicate with us, it is coming from a place of love of compassion, have the highest understanding, and why that's important is because the next part that I'm about to tell you, people always say like, Yeah, but what if I had a challenge with that person in relationship? What if like, we were fighting at the end of their life? What if I didn't get to make amends with them. That's why it's so important to understand that they will have seen the full view of every circumstance situation. I don't know if you guys can hear that. But outside right now, there was like a crazy loud motorcycle. And I just think it's it's such, I don't know, I think it's synchronistic timing of just like that, that affirmation. So really, I'm going to come to how they can give validations and affirmations. But really just understanding that they really do have a different vantage point to deeply understand the emotions the situation. So even if you had a conflict with someone, before their passing, they will understand the truth of that whole situation.
Now I want to talk about how they can receive your messages, so that I can kind of go even more into, for example, if you didn't get to say goodbye or clear something up with someone before their passing, and we're going to go into even more than that, too. So since they are in the non physical, and they are emotional, and intelligent, and have all of the additional senses available to them, they really can feel see experience sense the emotions that we emit as humans. So you might be sending out an emotion from your heart of love, like maybe your mom passed away, and you're sending out so much love from your heart to her that you're thinking of her and you're just wanting to send all of your love to her, she will receive that as the emotion that it is they also can experience the colors of our auric field. I know we talk about that sometimes here, we all have an auric field. The way I always explain it is just your personal space bubble because that it's so much more than that. But that's how most of us already know what it is personally. So our aura is constantly moving. It's constantly changing colors as we speak, as we think as we feel throughout the day. So I always think it's funny when when people will say someone's auras like one color and that's the aura they live with, it's not not actually work like that, that color is in there for sure it might have risen up to the top in that moment when that reader experienced it. But those colors are always moving and shifting. So that same person on the other side can also experience the aura colors moving and will understand that love, in the emotion in the color in the memories. They also can hear
you guys know I always complain about the language. It's not here like we do with a physical ear but it's understand receive thoughts that we send out. So if you're sending thoughts to your loved ones, I'm gonna give some examples of this in just a few. But also if you're reminiscing if you're if you're thinking about memories of them, then that's kind of that whole package right? It's your thoughts that they're receiving your auric colors will be moving with the memories of and the emotions of that they'll feel the emotions you're experiencing love missing them, whatever it is.
And the other thing I want to tell you is some people will get caught in this idea of feeling like they need to
verbally say things to their loved ones on the other side, you definitely can do that. Like if you just have some clients that just like talking out loud to their loved ones to a photo, or, you know, just understanding that they're so with them and talking out loud to them. And you certainly can do that they can, they can receive it that way. But also, if you don't want to do that, you can just send it in your thoughts, send it from your heart, they receive all of that they understand it, they hear you, even if you were to write it in a journal, or in a letter, they receive that. So I'm gonna go back to that example of someone who maybe didn't get to say goodbye at the end of a loved one's life. I have a friend that lost her dad, and they had a very, very challenged relationship, he was not in the best mental health and was was not a safe person for her to be around. And she had such a hard time after his passing, because she really felt like there was so much left unsaid, and she really had done her own therapy and work and to heal herself. And so she was writing letters to him. And he in a reading, you know, I didn't know about any of that. And in a reading, he expressed that she had been writing letters and that he received all of them. And she was like, Well, how is that even possible, because he already had died when I sent those letters. And this is exactly what I was explaining to her that no, they can, they can still receive all of that information. And take it in, even though they're not reading it with a physical eye, they're still experiencing and receiving through the emotion through the sensing through the wisdom and understanding to know and to deeply feel an experience. Because remember, they've they've understood in that example, her dad would have understood how his challenges affected her how his words affected her things she went off and did as a result of the way that she was treated, for example. So he would have gone back in his life review and deeply understood all of that. So he could receive those letters from a different place from a healed and intelligent and emotionally profound place. So whether it's you sending it from your heart, whether it's just in the emotions that you're feeling day to day, whether you're thinking these thoughts to them, writing them down, saying them out loud, just know that your loved ones do receive all of the communication from you that you're sending to them.
Now, I want to explain to you a little bit quickly about how it works as a medium, people always ask this, because like I said, all of what we just talked about, you're doing, whether you're a medium or not, it's how it works for all of us, the way that mediums are understanding, communication from your loved ones on the other side, and all mediums work a little bit differently. We're all unique beings, just like everybody else. But mostly, I'll say the main number one way that we're receiving information is through the emotion, it's through the sensing that that feeling sensing understanding of the emotions. So that's the main way that we're all experiencing it. And then, you know, it's a little different for each of us from there, but we've just trained to work with it in a different way. So how can you then receive communication from your own loved ones, I'm going to give some examples of this because I sometimes feel like examples are the easiest way to illustrate something or more, you know, you maybe could see yourself a little differently in the examples, but just remembering that they're not limited.
They're actually much less limited than us on the other side. Because they don't have any of their, their I was gonna say their stuff, but like their baggage anymore. They don't have any hard feelings, they do deeply
understand everything now from their side. So these examples I'm going to give are from clients that I've had in the past.
I want to talk to you about how your loved ones will communicate through love through emotions, they'll also communicate with you through thoughts. So not only can you send a thought to them, but sometimes they will send a thought back to you. You may have experienced this personally. Like if you I have a grandma on the other side. And I didn't know her incredibly well, I got very limited time with her. But there are a few phrases and things that I remember her saying and so, you know maybe for you you have a grandma on the other side and you're you know, maybe you've gotten into an argument with someone else in the family hypothetically, right? And you're just like stewing on this challenge with this like cousin let's say and you're feeling like Oh, I'm so frustrated and I don't know what to do and you
Who, in your mind kind of hear the memory or the thought of your grandma's voice saying, just let it go, maybe that was her phrase, just let it go or let go and let God or you know, whatever grandma's say. So they can communicate in the memory of the sound of their voice, meaning like, it's not like you're gonna hear their voice in their head, but it's like remembering what they would say in that type of situation. It's because that's what they would say. And a lot of times, we dismiss it. So a lot of the ways they can communicate with us just because sometimes we're afraid to believe sometimes we're so deep in grief, sometimes.
We don't realize that that's how it can work. We dismiss these things, when really that's them right beside us saying they're there, it's going to be okay.
I have a friend that I'm thinking of, I know she's not going to mind if I give this example. But her grandma used to always say, Santa Santa, which is a Mexican phrase that's really common in Southern California. It's a whole little statements on Asana, colita, that Jana? Say no, Santa always say, Santa Manyana. And essentially, it means if it's not going to be okay, today, it's going to be okay, tomorrow, like they're there, it's all going to work out. And when she'd been a really stressful times, she would, she would tell me that she would always kind of remember the memory of her grandma saying that to her as she was little and as she was growing up, and her grandma would kind of sing it and Pat her on the back and say it when she was upset. And so that memory would flow into her mind. Well, that's her grandma trying to reassure her in whatever situation she's in, when she's remembering that, that like, hey, it's gonna be okay, and what a beautiful way to use a memory and wrap love around her in those moments. So they can communicate through sharing memories through little nudges, like if you keep getting the nudge to reach out to someone, it can be that sometimes they can communicate in energy, which might feel like tingles, or, you know, lights or sounds or sometimes electronics going off, they can communicate that way. They can communicate through inspired thoughts. Like maybe there's something you've really been thinking about and and all of a sudden, you get inspired with
a different way to look at it or a different option to try or, like, oh, yeah, I forgot I could go about it this way. Or I could call this person or I could look into this. So sometimes it's just like an inspiration. Signs. You know, we talk about signs in the world all the time, so they can communicate through signs. If you haven't already gotten that sign course sign magnet, please get it if you've already done it, maybe try playing with it again. These type of communications are not like a one and done thing where you can click a light switch. And then suddenly, some magical world opens up where you always recognize the signs. It's a practice, it's a relationship. There's another way that they can communicate that I think people often miss and it's a really fun one, and I have a few examples I want to share.
But first, I want to tell you that sometimes when our human emotions are loud, like frustration, or like we're really angry, or we're grieving, and deeply in sadness, or we just get distracted by the busyness of our life, and all of the things going on, you know, social media is loud, families loud, the world is loud, we are less available to be aware of our loved ones communicating, they are still there. It's us being less available to be aware, and not them. The other thing to know is, if you're someone like for example, who is still in the beginning phases of your grieving process, and it's really raw and painful, your loved ones are aware of that. And they're always going to have your highest and greatest good in their intention. So if they feel like assigned from them is going to help uplift you. They'll give it but if they feel like it's going to make you break down and impede your healing process, they're not going to give it yet it doesn't mean that they won't give it it just means that you know, sometimes
if it's going to be more hurtful than helpful, there might be better timing, or they might wait for you to move through your healing or grieving process just a little bit more. So don't I just like to tell people this way, because I don't like you to think that your loved ones aren't there if you're not understanding the signs or the hellos or the communications and I'm going to give you some more examples in just a second here. But
we are just usually less available. If that's happening. It's not that they have gone away or they are somewhere else. It might be that the way they're communicating with us just changes. Maybe when they first passed away, they came to you in a dream a few times and maybe now years later you just once in a while. We'll send
swim around, doesn't mean they're not around, it just means that you're experiencing them in a slightly different way. So another way that you can communicate with your loved ones and kind of ask them to be a part of your life, I want to make sure I'm careful about the way I say this, because they are a part of your life, they care about you, they love you, they have interest in what's going on with you in the things that you want to create in your life. Of course, they would have an interest in that. But sometimes we feel like are we being supported? Do they know what's going on. So I'm gonna give you some examples from some client readings I've had in the last little bit here. So I have a couple of these are recent, and a couple of them are from a long time ago.
So there was this gal that I had, and she had taken over the family business. And her dad who was in the spirit world, really, really loved this business. It was a family restaurant, he had come from another country and put all of his blood, sweat and tears into creating this family restaurant business, the whole family worked in the business, it was like a community staple. Like everyone knew this place. Everyone knew her dad, because that was just his personality. And so he shared all of this in her reading. And she said that she really just needed to know if he would be okay with her selling the business because she had a different dream. And she was wanting to go in a different direction. And her dad was communicating to let her know, you know all of these things about how much he had loved the business because he wanted her to love what she was going to do. Maybe that would be the business for her. But maybe it will be a different dream for her. And it was just so important to him to convey how fulfilled he felt in his business because he loved her. And he wanted her to feel that same level of fulfillment in her life. Now, she was really open hearted. And she took all of the details from the reading. And she really was able to understand that her dad was there. But I gave her a suggestion to kind of play with this in her world. We have our loved ones, of course, so she had her dad supporting her. She also had other family members, aunts, and uncles and grandparents, so relatives, but she also had her team of guides and inspirers. And angels, we have so much support on the other side for us. So I encouraged her, you know, in her private time to just kind of offer up the thought or the feeling or she could write it down as an intention if she wanted to, like, hey, everyone over there, I really want to go a different direction in my life, she actually wanted to go into kind of like a wellness type business. I really want to do this wellness pursuit. I really want you guys to support me and be with me and help me along this journey.
And what was so funny was within a few days after kind of doing that exercise and sending those thoughts out there and being available for the answers or the hellos or the information in the world. She as she went about her day started seeing more and more references to wellness type businesses. Now she wanted it to be kind of like a day spa type thing where there was different, like, beauty procedures and treatments available. And she started seeing, you know, she'd see like a billboard for a new spa something about skincare, right? And she was like, Okay, that's cool. That's a cool idea. And then she would see, you know, a business for rent like an open storefront and she was like, Okay, I'm not quite ready, but like, that's a good idea. And then she started making her own efforts and was taking the classes that she needed and furthering her education. And even as she went through that all along the way she was seeing these little sometimes we'll identify him as synchronicities, these little synchronicities, rise up that just were like these little breadcrumbs. And they weren't necessarily like things that she could identify as, like specifically from dad or specifically from grandma. Because it was more about her her journey, her business. They had other signs that they were showing her, but this was just bread crumbing her and letting her know, like, Hey, we're still here. We're supporting you. We're excited about this for you. Congratulations like when she was graduating from some of her courses that she needed to take.
And actually, the presenter who presented them when she graduated from some of these courses, had a nametag and actually had part of her dad's first name and in His name, so it was just like an extra little, an extra little nod an extra little love little Hello. So if it is a thought that you're sending that's kind of a bigger theme in your life like a career you want to do like in this level.
The ladies example,
you know, it is just, they're letting you know, like, hey, we hear you. We're working on it behind the scenes, I also always want to just remind you that we have ingredients that need to go into this mix to we have free will choice. So she needed to choose to research the schools about which place she wanted to take these classes, she needed to sign up for the classes, she needed to get the education, she needed to learn the skills, right, they couldn't do that for her magically and wave a Bippity boppity boo over her. And then suddenly, she's, you know, an esthetician, for example, though there's training and there's commitment that she needs to put in. But they could help guide her support her along the way, even if she couldn't understand what they were doing. Remember, we talked about in that life review, we get to see all the things that were going on behind the scenes that we didn't recognize when we were here, we just can't possibly know everything going on behind the scenes, we have so much going on in our world, I think our little minds would blow up if we knew all the things going on behind the scenes too. I just don't think our human perception can perceive the grandiosity of what's going on really the magnitude.
But she was able to receive that guidance and support and help from the collective team that she has behind her right. I'm gonna give you another example. I sometimes, like I said, I think examples just kind of help us see, you know, the truth of what's happening. Or we can see ourselves in the examples a little bit. There's another woman that I had, who was trying to find love, you know, it's a decent part of my work, people who either are healing from relationships, or looking for new relationships.
And this gal really wanted to find her partner, she had had a couple of long term relationships that were really painful for her, they didn't work out, unfortunately, you know, one of them was a marriage, and she went through a divorce. And she just really had lost hope maybe that there was going to be a partner out there for her. And she kind of sent out the thought, you know, we had done done a reading and had a conversation, her mom was on the other side. And her mom always really dreamed of her being happily married and having, you know, her own family. And this girl really also wanted that for herself. And she just kind of would say to me, like, I don't understand why I'm not finding my person. Well, part of it was her needing to put in her own ingredients. So we kind of worked on that and coached on that over the years together, of her needing to
heal and come to understanding about her past her needing to develop self worth and self love so that she was choosing partners that were going to be good partners, right? I mean, if we're, if we're not healed, and we're choosing bad boys or bad girls, well, that's not going to be an ideal partner. Do you know what I mean? So there's personal work to be done in here. So she had been doing that over the years. And then she said, You know, I'm still not finding that person. And I said, Well, you know, she's feeling unsupported. And I said, just similarly, you know, send out the call, send out the thought, send out the request to your team on the other side, your loved ones, your mom, your spirit guides, your angels, and tell them, you know, I'm ready to find the right partner for me, I'm ready to receive help, let me know that you're helping me. And similarly, she started seeing different things that had to do with love and dating and people getting married, and one of her friends had sent her a wedding invitation. And at first, she was getting like a little discouraged by this. And she was like, listen, Joy. I don't know what kind of jewelry is going out there. But everyone around me seems to be getting married. Like, I accidentally saw an engagement when I was at dinner with my friends the other night, and my other friend is getting married, and everyone's finding their partner around me. And what about me? And I told her like, Oh, you're just not realizing that. That's your loved ones, bringing all of that near to you to show you like, Hey, we're doing our part and working on these things in the background.
Part of what she was working on when we were working together was putting herself out there again, and I was trying to explain to her that like, you know, if you're just at home all the time, and you're not putting yourself out there and you're not
getting out in life and and have living your best life, right? You're not enjoying yourself. How are you going to find that person? You think they're just going to come to your door? And if they do, it's probably not them. So, you know, that was a piece of it. And once she really committed to putting herself out there ultimately she did find a wonderful partner. They were together for a few years and ultimately decided to go different directions. But it was the most amazing partner that she had.
ever had because she was ready. And she got all of those signs. And once she understood what they were, she was like, oh, okay, I get it. I'm going to keep forward, keep going forward and keep watching for all of these references to happy relationships and partnerships and love. And instead of letting it make her feel jaded when you know, Valentine's rolled around, and she saw all the the hearts and candies, instead of being upset about it, she got excited about it, she started buying herself those flowers, she started putting her effort to putting herself out there to feeling secure and confident. And those little signs and synchronicities that were showing up. She refocused and understood, oh, yeah, my loved ones are supporting me, they are helping me behind the scenes. Let's keep going forward with this.
I'm gonna give you one more example of this. So there was another person that I was working with that was,
had lost a partner. And part of why they were coming in for the reading, which I didn't know when they came in, I became aware of their partner, I became aware of lots of details about their love together, they had been together since they were teenagers, they had been together for many years. I mean, she wasn't that old of a person. But you know, if you're together from teenagers, they I think they had been together like 30 years, maybe a little bit more. And her husband was explaining to me several things about their relationship and how it was between them and and then he started sharing about his passing that he got an illness that he wasn't expecting, and and you know, the progression of that, and, and how hard it had been for her. But then he kind of shifted gears and made me aware, you know, my wife is a young and vibrant woman. And she's starting to feel ready and wanting to put herself out there again and wanting to,
you know, engage in life again, and wanting to be open to love again. And he was encouraging and essentially giving the message of like, I want her to have all the things she wants, I want her to experience hugs and passion and laughter and private jokes. And he was wanting her to have all of those things. And he was saying, in the reading, it's not going to change the love that we had, it's not going to diminish our love in any way. Our love is its own unique, special relationship. You can also have other relationships, and it doesn't change anything about the love that we share together. And he also wanted her to know, it's not going to take him away because she was afraid. As it turns out, she she validated everything and said yes, that's exactly what she was struggling with. She had actually met someone and you know, they had become really good friends. And there was a romance developing and she wanted to know a would it be okay with her husband. And one of the beautiful things that came through in the reading was he said, I told her this before I passed away when I was very ill at the end, I told her when you're ready date again, don't be alone. And she started laughing. And she was like He did totally tell me that I just didn't know if I could, you know, believe it I in my heart of hearts. I want to do right by him. And so she took great comfort in that. And then she was saying, Yeah, you know, she had met someone and she was afraid that if she remarried or re partnered or you know, had a committed relationship that maybe her husband on the other side would like, Go away or maybe he wouldn't communicate or she wouldn't feel him around anymore. She wouldn't get the hellos from him anymore. And I helped her set up a sign with him and I you know, I told her it's okay, if you want to find another partner, he seems to be saying he wants you know, all the wonderful things for you. And in fact, he told you himself so she could accept it. And you know, I told her, why don't you set up a sign with him so that you can know that he's supporting you and loving you and
giving you his approval and his congratulations and he wanted to shower so many blessings on her and wanted her to know that he expected her to have an incredible life experience despite his passing that he wanted her. You know, she loved life. She was a person who loved to travel and had so many things ahead of her. She was still so young in her in her life, because they had gotten together so early. And he was saying I don't need her to be a shut in. I'm still going to be with her. I love when she feels vibrantly I can feel that when she is having, you know, an exciting time and she had recently something came up in the reading that she had recently been like going out boating like on boats and having like just a really screaming good time. And he was was showing me that and he was saying like I feel all of that and I feel like I'm getting to be there and do that with her. One of the things
symbols that he showed me for her was a rainbow. And so I said, Why don't you just work with that and let him continue to show that to you in the world as a representation as a synchronicity as a show that he's going to always be with you. And, of course, he does. And she touches him with me periodically by email, and lets me know that she still continues to see rainbows in, of course, like in the sky, like an actual rainbow, like we understand. But also, if you're, if you're watching this video of Rambo my shirt today actually,
also in the strangest ways on a t shirt on a billboard on a sticker. They'll they'll come across her path in the strangest ways, she says in the most amazing ways. And she takes it as love from not only him, but all of their loved ones on the other side, that they still are there that they still are witnessing, and especially what he said about how he can feel the emotions of when she's having a wonderful time, when she's excited about a trip coming up. Of course, they can also feel when we're sad, and when we're grieving, and they'll give us support then. But I hope that these examples have kind of illustrated to you how, you know, no, it's not, it's not you seeing all the things you want in the world, and why aren't you getting them, that's your loved ones, and your guides and your inspirers putting those things across your path, as synchronicities as affirmations of Yes, keep on this track, keep working for this, keep putting yourself out there. But remember, our ingredients are just as important, if not more, so we have to give our freewill contribution, we have to you know, whatever it is, if it's the job that we're wanting, we've got to do whatever it is to get that job, we've got to apply. We've got, we've got to interview, we've got to have the skill set, or brush up on whatever we need, right? It's not just, you know, sometimes we think that just because they're on the other side, and they do have this profound emotion and wisdom, that somehow they're going to be like a magical Yoda over there setting things up for us in a way where we no longer have to try. It doesn't work that way, guys. I wish it did. But it just doesn't we we're here to learn and experience and grow. And we're here to try. And sometimes
this is the other thing people get really frustrated because they feel like yes, this can start working right away for sure. But sometimes if you're not used to being coming aware of like signs, and synchronicities, and the hellos from the other side, sometimes if you're not used to it, it just takes a little bit of practice. But how many things have you ever done completely successfully, the very first time you tried, I mean, even if you're making a new recipe, a lot of times it takes like a few times to get it, you know, edible or get it right.
Give lots of different examples of how that is. But you know, think about learning to drive, you probably had to practice quite a few times to learn how to handle the vehicle and to learn how to, you know, do the gas on the brake and do the mirror and make sure that you know what I mean. So it's like, These things take time for us don't like yes, you can start seeing signs and synchronicities and recognizing it right away. But don't be discouraged. If it takes you some time. And some practice, I still sometimes forget, I still sometimes forget to be available for communication for hellos from my loved ones, because this is how I communicate with them as well. It's when I'm working as a medium. I'm more wanting to communicate what your loved one is giving me what their story is of their life with their experiences, the things that they need to share with you. But it doesn't quite work that way with my own loved ones. It works like this, like I'm telling you. So I hope that these examples have shown you how you can communicate with them. Even if you're not a medium, even if you don't think that you have any gifts whatsoever. I'm here to tell you. I mean, you have your own intuition. We all do. We all have this ability. We all have emotions, we all are a soul. We all have this energetic field around us. If you ever maybe I'll do an episode about this. Let me know if you're interested. They've done studies about the electromagnetic field emitted by our heart space.
It goes out about three feet around us it can be felt and detected by other people. And that's just what machines can detect. If they're starting to detect energy coming out from our heart. How much more do you think the unseen world who doesn't need one piece of equipment to discern all this can feel feel sense, experience received from us. It's profound. So hopefully, you will have some food for thought on this one. And get your hands in there and play with your own guides loved ones your own team if there's something you're trying to create in your life if there's something you're wanting to bring
into fruition. Remember, it's not a genie lamp. So it's not like you're going to like, win the lottery, and they're going to make it happen for you. If you do, and you know the secret to that, let me know, let me know. So we can all win.
It doesn't work that way. It's you know, if you're trying to, to find that partner, for example, letting your loved ones know I'm available for love doing your work on yourself, making yourself happy. There's nothing more attractive than a person who's stable and happy and fulfilled and enjoying their own life, right. So there's ingredients we have to put in, but let your loved ones show you those bread crumbs of, you know, little bits of relationship things little. There was one other story I was going to tell you, I forgot. And it was about a friend
who wanted to go to Fiji. And they really really wanted this trip and you know, similarly civil, put it out to your to your loved ones and guides and ask them to assist you. And
they were already like saving for this trip actively. And they started more and more seeing the signs and synchronicities. You know, someone would drop a Fiji water bottle in front of them, they'd get a triple A magazine that would have a Fiji page in it for vacation. Do you know what I mean?
It was their guides and loved ones letting them know like, hey, we know your intention. We're supporting you, we're here we're seeing it, we're are helping make moves and connections behind the scenes, you've still got to show up and do your human part, right. But they are supporting you. So I'm so excited for you to start practicing with this. So you can start seeing how they can say hello, how they can communicate how they can show you in the world that they are aware of what's going on. And remember, the future is not decided for us. So it's not like we are just players and a little game going along. And everything's decided for us. So they can't see much more into the future than where we are I do believe they can see maybe just like a few steps ahead of us, but not all the way down the path because it's the choices that we make here. And now day to day that determine whether we're going to get to do certain potentials, or whether certain things are going to come to fruition, we can want them all we want. But if we're not willing to take action, you know, chances are, nothing's gonna happen. So don't expect your loved ones to predict the future for you. That's not a thing. Don't expect them to have answers that don't exist yet. They can help you bit by bit, move by move, they can support you every step of the way. But it's not like they have some magical window into a future that doesn't exist yet. The future doesn't exist yet. We're creating it now. They can help you in your co creation of the future that you want. They can inspire you. They can put memories into your mind. They can give you nudges to like, Hey, look over here, think about this school, check out this. But you've got to put your freewill commitment into it, you got to have some stake in the game, right. So I just always like to throw that in there too. Because, you know, I think sometimes for whatever reason we believe that they somehow are like magical and all powerful once they cross over, it doesn't work like that. And we're responsible for our human experience. So don't expect them to you know, magically
make you open your closet and millions of dollars pour out if it wasn't in there already. That's just not how it works. But allow them to show you the signs and synchronicities and references out there in the world so that you know that you're being supported every step of the way as you do move through the world. They are definitely with you here beside you. All around us in the unseen world totally available just by sending a thought and emotion, a feeling whether you want to say it out loud or not they are receiving all of your communication so I hope that this has shed some light on things for you and helped you understand or change your perspective or given you something to play with a little bit let me know you can always email me joy at joyful with any experiences that you have, but also I have that spirit speakeasy hotline now, which is 305928 love. It fell on the floor so I'm looking at it for those of you that are watching the video. It's 305-928-5683 I would love it if you share your stories with me of how you see these synchronicities in your world how you you know feel or experience or understand your loved ones in memory or thought are an inspiration. I love all of this stuff. It's more than just my work. It is
a very special part of my life. So
I'd love to hear from you. And if you haven't gotten that science course already, check it out. It's right on the homepage on my website joyful I'll also link it in the show notes. So you can get that free science course it'll teach you how to experience signs from the universe, how to set up specific signs with your loved ones. And if you've already done the course, are you continuing to play with it day to day and build that relationship, build your experience so you can experience more of it. Big hugs, lots of love. Bye for now from inside, Spirit Speakeasy

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