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Your Cosmic Library Awaits: Delving Deep into the Akashic Records with Josephine Hardman

Aug 28, 2023

The Akashic Records are like your own personal etheric library, with all the wisdom and details from the entire history of your soul. You even have your own record keeper. You can access your own Akashic Records for wisdom, healing and guidance for your present day life! Whether you're a brand new to the idea of this cosmic library or you already have some level of experience with the Akashic Records, this conversation has something for everyone. Join this insider's glimpse into the world of the Akashic Records with master teacher and healer, Josephine Hardman.

Meet Josephine Hardman: 
Josephine Hardman, PhD is a certified intuitive healer and Akashic Records practitioner and teacher. She spent 10 years teaching writing and literature courses at the college level before leaving academia to fulfill her true purpose and do spiritual work full-time. Now, through her Akashic Records work and online programs, she helps her clients and students awaken the healer within so they can fully own their gifts and share their brilliance with the world. Josephine hosts a weekly podcast, Inner Work: A Spiritual Growth Podcast.


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Episode Transcript:

Hey beautiful soul Welcome to Spirit Speakeasy. I'm Joy Giovanni, Joyful Medium. I'm a working psychic medium energy healer and spiritual gifts mentor. This podcast is like a seat at the table in a secret club, but with mediums, mystics and the spiritual luminaries of our time. So come behind the velvet ropes with me and see inside my world is I chat insider style with profoundly different souls. We go deep share juicy stories laugh a lot and it wouldn't be a speakeasy without great insider secrets and tips. You might even learn that you have some gifts of your own. So step inside the spirit speakeasy. Hey, beautiful soul. Have you ever heard of the Akashic records? What about soul contracts or soul agreements? These are just a few of the things we are going to talk about today with our very special guest, Josephine Hardman, she is a master at Akashic Record healing and teaching people how to use their Akashic records. This is so near and dear to my heart, because Akashic Record work was something that was so important to me. In my earlier development, it's something I still work with, personally today, I don't offer it for clients in the way that Josephine does. So I am just really excited to have this conversation with her today and to get to share it with all of you because I know that Akashic records can be such a mystifying broad topic sometimes. But Josephine has a really special way of breaking it down, explaining the pieces explaining how it shows up in your real life. You guys know I like a world real world application for things like I want to know how is this showing up in our life? How is this helping us in this lifetime? So she talks about all of that with me and so much more. And she also has a podcast. That is how I found out about her, but we'll touch on that in just a minute. Get your self are ready, whether you're listening as you drive or exercise or you're just puttering around the house with a cup of tea or a cup of coffee. I'm so grateful to have you here for this conversation all about the Akashic records so with me step inside spirits Hey, beautiful soul Welcome back or welcome in. If it's your first time to spirit speakeasy. Your seat at the table. I am so excited for our chat today. This is someone who I reached out to because I am a fan of their podcast so I'm gonna read her bio for you and then we're gonna get started chatting. Our guest today is Josephine Hardman. Josephine is a PhD certified intuitive healer and Akashic Records practitioner and teacher. She spent 10 years teaching and writing literature courses at the college level before leaving academia to fulfill her true purpose to do spiritual work full time. Now with her her Akashic records, work and online programs, she helps clients and students awaken the healer within, so they can fully open their gifts and share their brilliance with the world. Josephine also hosts a weekly podcast called inner work, a spiritual growth podcast. Welcome in Josephine Hardman.
Oh, thank you so much for the invitation. And for listening to my podcast, that really means the world to me. Yeah. So I'm excited to be here.
We were just chatting before we popped on I try not to chat with anyone too much because I like to do the conversation live. But I did just tell Josephine that that's how I found her is I am a fan of her podcast, you guys if you know me, you know, I love Akashic Record work. It's not something I offer currently, but I think it's so valuable. So I would love it if you could start with kind of just like a working definition for people who maybe are new to Akashic Record work or have just heard the term but kind of don't get it quite yet. Yeah, no,
that's a great place to start. And I always think about making it as concrete as possible. Yeah, because it can be such an abstract concept at home and topic. But basically, how I define the Akashic records is as a vast storehouse or archive of information. Because we do live in an in a universe where you know, it is made up of energy basically, right. So we feel like things are solid matter. But really, there's this energetic universal grid and field behind that what looks like a material reality. And so the records are basically held and deeply just ingrained in that and a natural part of that energetic grid or energetic universal field and So, as I'm sure your listeners know, energy can never really be destroyed, right. So whenever a word is spoken, or an action is taken or a choice is made, whatever it might be, there is an imprint of it that is left behind. And it is logged, so to speak, that's how I put it, and then archived into the records. So the records are all around us at all times, this is not some exclusive thing that only certain people have access to. So they're even in us and around us, because we are part of that universal energy field, too. So the records are in us we are in the records at all times is just a matter of learning how to be able to sense the energy of the records, and then access it in ethical, empowering, responsible healing ways. But essentially, it's an archive of this universal information and guidance and healing energy as well.
I love it. It's such a it's such a profound but like, easy to digest definition. So thank you. Yeah, for Yeah, and see you guys. This is why I love Josephine's podcast because you really do like you give such Thorough explanations. I mean, you were your background as a teacher, so no surprise there, and you're still a teacher, I would love it if you would just kind of share with us. I mean, coming from academia and having letters behind your name. And I know a lot of us get stuck in that like, what's, you know, what's considered like a real profession and not? How how did the Akashic Records come to your awareness as someone who was like steeped in academia?
Yeah, well, the funny thing is, they actually came to me before I lived ever in the academic world. So it was more of a journey of like coming back to them, and you'll see what I mean how it all comes full circle. Um, so I grew up in a home where my mom is a psychotherapist and a healer. And she found the records first. So she started going, she started reading all have the Linda Howe books and doing readings for her clients and learning how to open the records for herself and all of that. And she would often introduce me to these new modalities, you know, in theory and practices that she was learning about. So when I was around 1718, she said, Oh, there's such a thing as the Akashic records, I think it might be helpful if you look into this. So I was open to that, because she would always direct me to really cool places. So then I started exploring the records, myself just as a tool for kind of daily life to open and see what's there. What guidance do I need to receive as a tool to refine my intuition, these kinds of things. So just as a personal healing journey, and then I started realizing, Oh, maybe I can actually use this as a tool to be of service and help others. But then, again, funnily enough, because I am so highly sensitive, empathic, I feel things very deeply. So there was a phase in my life where I turned away, I would say, from the spiritual dimension of my life, and from the intuitive gifts and all of that. So I went into the academic world, I retreated up into the head, and the mental space, the intellectual space, because it just felt safe. To do that, it felt comfortable, I was getting external validation and approval for being up in the head all the time. And it just felt like easier that I didn't have to feel all of my feelings all the time. So that's why I went into the academic world, or other reasons, of course, because I do love literature. And I do love teaching. So there's a lot of good that came out of it. But eventually, I realized, Oh, hold on, there's something missing. Here. There's a piece missing. Maybe I'm not exactly where I'm supposed to be, or being, you know, of the most service that I can be. There's something missing in my heart. So I feel that's when my heart kind of started knocking on the door. Again, like, Hold on, I'm here to I'm here to you need to listen. So that's when I realized, oh, maybe I need to go back to all of those spiritual stuff and the records. And that's when I learned about Reiki and energy healing and all these other modalities that I now integrate in the work that I'm doing.
Well, and it's so beautiful. Thank you for sharing part of your story. I know you have a much, much more expanded story than that i I've heard through so if you want Josephine's full backstory of how she emigrated and the whole thing that's all there's a lot It's so common the way you just articulated it, I'm sure you see this in your work to where people will say, like, Oh, I just got a stirring or I just felt incomplete. I enjoyed this work for a while, or I knew something wasn't resonating anymore. So I love that that's a part of your journey, because I think it's so resonant for all of us, right? Yeah,
that's so true. I like what you're how you're framing it because it's not, you know, for a while, I think, looking back at Academia, and I would sort of demonize it, you know, in my own thinking about it, and my own self narrative about my story. And it would be like, Oh, those awful years in academia, where I was just living from the neck up. But if I really look back on it, honestly, there was also a lot of good there, I learned so much, I had to be there for a lot of different reasons, there were patterns that I had to face that I wouldn't have been able to face in any other venue, like my perfectionism, right, or the seeking for approval. So all of those things really came up to the surface for me to heal in that environment. And it was just part of my purpose to be there. And then eventually, I outgrew that purpose. And then I had to transition into something that felt more heart centered. But that's okay. You know, I think wherever we've been, whatever detours we've taken, it can be part of our evolving purpose.
I totally agree. And I love the way you said that, because I feel like, typically for most of us, it is more in hindsight that we realize, oh, I gained so much, even though maybe there was aspects of this that I could see where I could have made different choices, or, you know, I don't know, I think sometimes we like to identify them as better choices. But I don't think that's always the case. It's based on like, who we were in that moment, right. But it's amazing that you were able to come back to what you knew. And I love that kind of looking back, we can see where like, Look, you I'm sure you wrote courses and writing and literature courses, I mean, and now you're so able to it's not wasted time, so to speak, because you're applying it, and then immediately could start seamlessly moving into teaching, because you already have those skills. So that's pretty incredible.
Oh, I'm so grateful that I have those skills and understanding of like how to create a course curriculum, or how to help students navigate a course and keep them engaged, though, yeah, so those are all crucial. LBOs are really important. And also just that I got comfortable over those years of lecturing like in front of hundreds of people. So now I can do things like podcasts, or teach groups, you know, and and so it feels like second nature by now. So yeah, it really was sure.
Well, and would you talk a little bit about that transition period, because I'm sure that there was, like you said it was stirring and you're thinking, Oh, maybe I should return to looking at my own Akashic records. I'm sure there was like a time period in there. We were still in your like what we call your muggle job. Before you gave yourself permission to step out as this powerful healer and teacher and record reader that you are
Oh yeah, it's an I am a risk averse person.
I feel you girl.
Right. And not everyone is like that. And that's perfectly fine. Like some people realize, oh, there's something missing in my job right now. So I'm gonna go in tomorrow and quit. Yeah, like and just go for it, which I completely respect. Like, my husband is more like that. He's done that maybe three times? Wow, life. And I just look at him from the upside, like, wow, that takes some guts. Sure. But he's always landed, you know, like where he was supposed to be next. Um, but anyway, I am more risk averse. So it took probably a couple of years. First of realizing, Oh, this is really not the place where I'm meant to be and then accepting that. Yeah, because I had worked, you know, towards the PAC and all of that for so long and had invested so much time, money, energy. And for so long, it just felt like, Okay, I'm gonna be your professor. That's the path. And there just was no question about it.
I mean, it makes perfect sense is what you went to school for, like you said, like, of course, that would be the next thing
exactly that that was the path. And I had been just automatically, you know, following the steps and jumping through the hoops and all the things to get to that endpoint. So just, I feel like releasing the resistance to that being the truth that Oh, actually, this is not the path or maybe this path is complete now. Yeah. And I can just get the degree and then exit out of academia and do something else. So that took its own time, you know, because it's not overnight. Sometimes if we're wrestling with that inner conflict of where am I actually supposed to be? You? And can I even trust my inner knowing? Yeah about and my intuition, because if I do, then what happens like, is my life gonna unravel. So it took a while of wrestling with that going to see my own healer for a couple of years, I would see her every two weeks. And she's also by the way, my Akashic records, teacher and mentor. So I was doing a lot of her courses at the same time and a lot of taking a lot of her trainings. So that's how I became a certified intuitive healer. So at what there were a couple of years where I had almost like one foot in the academic world, continuing that track, and then another foot, gaining all of the skills and getting the training and kind of playing with the idea of oh, is this more where I'm supposed to be with all this virtual work. And eventually, it just, I kept getting pulled in that direction. It felt like that's what really makes me feel alive. Yeah. And for me, that's a really important like measure of when I am on point with my purpose, or where I am aligned with my purpose is if I wake up, and I feel really alive and excited to learn more about it and do that work. So then once I realized that, and it was really clear, and it was also really clear that if I stayed in academia, it just was not going to be a sustainable thing, a choice for me, for my personality, for my health, for my sanity, it just was not compatible anymore. So that's when I just decided, Okay, I'm gonna finish, I'm going to get my degree because I've worked so hard. And it means something, so I'm just going to complete it. And I like to complete things, sometimes to a fault, but the thought was important. And then I said, Okay, I'm going to complete it, then I'm going to take a couple of months off, which was basically the summer. And then I just started building my business. After that,
that's amazing, you bring up so many good points, I think it's so valid to just acknowledge that, as humans, we kind of, you know, don't love discomfort, we resist it. But often, when it's time for a chapter to wrap up, our soul will continue to make us more and more uncomfortable to like, you know, get the process rolling. But I love that you also simultaneously held this feeling of like, okay, I get this, I hear this feeling or I feel this feeling. I'm gonna come complete with what what I've already set out to do this degree, and then I'm gonna give myself permission and move on. So that's really incredible that you were able to do that. Yeah, the thing I want to touch into is that I know from your work that you believe that these gifts are natural and available to all of us. And we all have our own flavor, maybe of them. But there are spiritual gifts for everyone. But just because they're a natural part of us, doesn't mean that we should magically know how to use them all without any training, mentorship, personal healing, I would love if you would share a little bit more about that part of your journey.
That's such an important point. Yeah,
we think I mean, we hear people have these gifts. And we think like, Oh, I must not have that. Because I right. I'm not doing it like that. But sometimes we got to marinate a little bit. We do
I know. Yeah, I do think I firmly believe we all come in with a set of unique, really powerful deep gifts and contributions that I feel we're meant to make. If we are to fulfill our purpose in this lifetime, but sometimes those gifts, you know, get covered up with other things. So conditioning, like social conditioning, family programming, people telling us we're not good enough, indirectly or directly and then we start to internalize that message. So I feel the gifts can get covered up with a lot of grime, if you will. And just confusion or misperceptions about who we really are and what we're really capable of. So I do think it requires some inner work and healing work to clear out the stuff, right, yeah. And then we can polish the gifts and reclaim the gifts that are already there. It's just that they're underneath maybe that layer of stuff that we can fully see them or feel like we have them which again is a misperception. But the other important thing is that I do feel it's really valuable to have mentors that have especially with something like the Akashic records, right or any of these healing modalities. So to have mentors that have been using them for years, decades, that kind of know the ins and outs that know what the challenges are that tend to come up repeat At least as we start to implement and use these tools in our lives, because it's just it's so helpful to have that as a roadmap. Yeah. So that I feel the training is important. It doesn't mean you need to get certified in a million things, right to feel like now I'm a credible healer. But I feel just for the mentorship, and to get to practice all of those tools and skills and polish those gifts. As I said, it can be really invaluable.
Yeah, I think so too. And even I mean, I think there's different levels and layers to it. Because I do believe it's important for us, as I know, you do to continue our own processing, you know, we're always greeted with things in the world and our life and our relationships and our work that we get to continue processing to a deeper level. But then the second layer is then if you are someone who wants to employ these things with clients, or even friends, or that's a whole different level of holding space, that I mean, there's just such a nice transition of mentoring or apprenticing to do the work, which is why I love the way that you do your programs.
Right, yeah. And that's, I feel, probably the biggest value that people get out of the programs is that they walk away feeling fully equipped to be able to hold that compassionate healing space for others, which is not always easy, and can really challenge us and can trigger our own ego stuff and our own patterns. So we focus a lot on client work, and how to navigate that, and how to stay really steady in ourselves. So that we can bring those gifts that we have, and then be with people no matter what they are experiencing, like without trying to fix it for them without taking too much responsibility of our clients feelings or challenges, right, and really helping them to take ownership of their lives.
Well, those are all such important facets in there, too, that I think sometimes for me anyway, and for a lot of students that I work with, I see there's always elements to the work that we don't anticipate, right. Sometimes it's things like that. Yeah. Oh, wait, I didn't realize, you know, sometimes we were focused on one aspect of the work and don't realize there's these other things challenges, you know, things to know that will bubble up.
So Exactly, yeah. And it's like how, if you have someone who's been using these tools or doing this work for decades, yeah, with a bunch of client experience, then they will likely be familiar with some of those unexpected challenges that can come up. So that can be so helpful.
That's it. Yeah, it's just so important. I think I agree with you. Will you share some examples of ways that accessing the Akashic records can help people? Yeah, a lot of people don't even know like, all what they can know in there. How do I apply?
I know, and that's the thing they could well, really, it's like endless things that we can do, and discover and heal in the records. So again, it's really a vast, it's hard for our human minds to kind of wrap around it. But the information that is recorded in the records, well, no, I want to put it this way, time is not linear, inside of the records. So everything there is happening at the same time simultaneously. So we can go in and for example, heal past life trauma. So the classic example that I tend to go to because I see this so often clients and students is for those of us who have had previous lifetimes as healers, more visionaries, mistakes, of some sort. Sometimes we have lifetimes where those gifts were not so well received. And maybe we were persecuted or cast out of the tribe, jailed, killed, whatever it might have been. So there might be residual past life trauma from that. Yeah. Which then we carry into the next lifetime, unconsciously right, it just happens automatically. Because these past life traumas become embedded in our energy field in our energetic DNA. So we carry that into the next lifetime. And then let's say for example, that I'm working with a client who is growing a business right now. So growing their own spiritual business now as a healer, and they're hitting up against all of these challenges, maybe procrastination, or feeling like what they have to bring to the table is not good enough or everyone else is already doing this work. What's the point right I have nothing valuable to contribute that someone and is going to want to pay me for. And so these kinds of self doubts that can come up. But if we go deeper, and if we open the records, and we ask, what is the root cause for these challenges in growing my business, right, just as an example, as a healer? Or what is the origin point of this? So is there Do I need to go back in time to figure something out that ignited these kinds of challenges and is still fueling them? So you can open the records and go back and see oh, okay, right. Actually, this starts, you know, 15 lifetimes ago, we don't need to know the number doesn't matter. I'm just saying as an example. But it starts way back in a previous lifetime, where I had that experience of a trauma of being cast out of being rejected and being mocked, or jailed or killed for my gifts. And so now that fear is coming up, as I am building my business or becoming more visible, I see that all the time, when people start to get more visible, or their businesses kind of start taking off. And then there's like a pullback, or self sabotage patterns that can come in. So we can go into the records and ask what's the origin point, and then go back to that point in time, and then address that trauma when it actually happened, which then helps to clear it across all dimensions of time, and space. So it's also clearing it in the present. And then people just tend to feel a relief and a release, and they can move forward without the patterns that are getting in the way. So that I think that's just one example. But we can also do so what I called present time work, it's not always about past lives. So the records are so useful for discovering and fully aligning with our souls purpose, that's really an ideal, the records are an ideal tool for doing that, and for getting guidance about that. So I often use it in that way. We can also open the records and heal relationships, right? So go in and ask, Do I have some type of soul level contract with this person, so on So whoever it is my mother, my father, my spouse, my friend, who's always triggering me, my business partner? So we can go in and take a look and see, oh, is there a contract you've made that's not serving you. And then we can revoke the contract. So these are like unconscious contracts that we make sometimes. So there's really no limit to what we can do. Yeah. Does that answer?
Yes, you said so much. And there's so much to unpack, I have to tell you, for me personally, in my earlier development, this was one of the most profound things learning about the Akashic Record and and your record keeper, and all of that, and getting to go in and it was so profound to me to see exactly what you described past life scenarios where I was persecuted. And I know I this is we're getting way out there. Whoo, whoo, guys, but who knows me knows like this, where I live. So there's, sometimes it can show up in our work, but like you were saying, it can show up in so many different areas of our life, even you stepping into your role as a teacher, I'm sure aspects, you know, came up for you about, you know, being in front of a group of people, and that what that feels like, and it's Yeah, to your point, it's not always past life stuff. But that can be a huge, profound part of the healing. I want to talk about contracts a little bit. I love this work. I don't talk about this a lot. But I believe and I think you do as well. But before, you know, first of all, we talk a lot on this podcast about how we're a soul having a human experience, just in this physical vehicle for this time period of you know, however long we're on this planet at this time. But we come in with these agreements that we make with other people with situations we even I believe we even choose our team, our guides and supporters and inspires we have a part in all of that. So I'd love you to speak a little bit more to that because I know you have such an expertise in this too. Oh,
and I agree with everything. You just said that it is all orchestrated in advance based on the lessons that we have yet to learn, or that we haven't mastered yet, based on what would be for the highest healing and evolution, not only of ourselves, but everyone in our lives and ultimately of humanity if we want to get really big about it really broad. So the way I look at it and the way I've understood it through my work with the records Is that? Well, everything you said just now, I look at those things as what I call soul level agreements, which we make, I feel in that period in between lifetimes. Yeah. So when we, you know, leave a physical body and a physical lifetime behind and kind of return to all that is, and return to that just being a soul. I don't know exactly what happens or where we go, but I just see, you know, we're just floating around somewhere, and totally light and not hindered by a human body. And that's when we're making those soul level decisions agreements. Okay, so and so is going to come in and really trigger me about this particular issue so that I can actually heal it. And really tell
you, sorry to interrupt you. But I don't believe this is funny. When I first started learning about this, the way my guides showed it to me was like, Yeah, you have this team of, you know, people that are guides that are going to help you. And it's like, when you go to a cruise, and you're like signing up for all your excursions, I love that, like, sign up for all these experiences in our life.
That's exactly it there is like, yeah, we're basically signing up for the cruise adventures. Yeah, that we're gonna have. Like that a lot. So we're making those soul level agreements. Now. Sometimes, just because our soul is making them doesn't mean they're always going to be fun. And like unicorns and rainbows, because sometimes a soul level agreement could be, oh, I'm going to struggle with this illness, right? This physical illness or with this relationship issue, or whatever it might be. Just because at that higher vantage point, our soul is wiser, and more aware of what is needed for ourselves and for everyone involved to get the most healing out of the situation or their circumstance. Well, there's like
a different big picture view from the soul perspective to Right,
exactly. Yes, it is a big picture view. And then we come into a body and it's like, Wait, I don't want to go through. Exactly right. And we don't get it. Yeah. And it can be so challenging. And of course, people will say, you know, I don't believe like, I can't believe that I shows this for myself at a soul level, like, what does that even mean? That doesn't make sense. But it still doesn't mean that it's not true. So those are soul level agreements. Now through the records, I also work with what I call past life, or karmic contracts, and vows. So the difference really, the key distinction is that those contracts we make in a past life, so we make them from a human limited point of view, in reaction to some kind of trauma, like what we were talking about before. So the difference there is that we are making these contracts out of reactivity, out of an intense emotion, so maybe fear, or an emotion of abandonment, or jealousy, or rage, or whatever it might be. So let's say with our example of Oh, someone in a past life, who was a healer, and was persecuted for it. So unconsciously in response to that trauma in that past life, that person as a human might have made a contract such as I will never use my intuitive gifts again, or I'm shutting down my ability to see through my third eye, these kinds of things, or I will never make any money using my spiritual gifts, which again, is a really common one for healers. So those are the kinds of unconscious past life contracts or vows that we might have made. And we're not making them from a soul level perspective. So these are the ones that we can actually go into the records and clear. Because once we become conscious of them, we become conscious of how they have been limiting us or how they're manifesting in our current lifetime experience, then we can go in and say, okay, through my free will, I choose to revoke this now, I mean, I have a whole involved process for revoking contracts. But the point is that we get to choose if we don't want to experience that any more that we can go in and clear that out.
And to your point, I mean, this is where it gets so layered, right because some of it can be these days. vows and contracts we made in our past human lives. But then even in earlier parts of this lifetime, for example, we can through like beliefs and patterns and observations that younger versions of us make, we can kind of create these messy. Yes, contracts and Vows, even in this current lifetime comes. I love that, like you said, since it's not linear time and space, since it's all of the information of our soul in one, you know, record house so to speak. We can access all of those in in these multi layered ways. So it's yes, there's just so much to this work. Yeah. Well,
typically, I call those unconscious agreements that we've made in the current lifetime. Yeah. And I see so much of how those show up in clients and students, especially as it relates to unconscious agreements that we've made with our family of origin, for example, Oh, yeah. So there might be an unconscious agreement about, oh, I'm never going to earn more money than my father. Or I'm never going to outshine my sister. And I'm just going to hide in the background, right. So we can carry those. And we can also carry inherited unconscious agreements coming down through the family line. So yeah, it is really Laird, it can get a little bit overwhelming. But ultimately, the most important thing is that we take a look at what is actually going on in my lifetime right now. So with the records, I always bring it back to current lifetime relevance, so that we don't get, you know, kind of lost in the past lives and the what kind of contract is this? Because ultimately, what matters most is what are you experiencing right now? Or what is causing you suffering right now? And how can we use the records as a tool to get out of that suffering or to alleviate it. And if there is some kind of contract, then we will be shown by the record keepers. So it doesn't have to be this like overcomplicated process either.
And I love that you highlight that as the way in just the things that we feel, that aren't resonating with us in our current life. And then like you said, a push pull where we know we're maybe not on the path of our soul's highest expression, those things don't have to be these like negative bad guys in our story. I can be a catalyst for us. So it's so empowering the way that you teach this work?
Yes, I Well, thank you for saying that. But yeah, I tried to bring it down. Like sometimes we just have to bring it back down to basics. And ask a question like what you're saying of, okay, hold on in my current lifetime experience? How am I not aligning with my soul's fullest expression, right? Or how am I holding back that full expression of who I really am? And then maybe just use that as like an anchor question that we can go back to time and time again, and get different kinds of answers information, guidance about what needs to be released. Because again, if there is a contract or unconscious agreement, it will naturally come up. So it doesn't mean we have to go like dig around or try to figure it all out and fix it. It's just better to have that one essential question. And then allow the information to pour in as a needs. Because sometimes the other thing is, well, the record keepers will always give us exactly what we most need in that moment, and also only what we are ready to hear and work through. Yeah. So if you if your listeners are ever in the records are trying to access the records, and it feels like an overwhelming experience, then typically that's not a good state to be in. So it's better to close the records, get out, get into a more emotionally stable, grounded state. And then go in and just surrender to whatever the record keepers need to give you in that moment. And having a lot of trust that whatever the experiences that you're having in the records for that one moment, or that one reading is exactly what you most need. And sometimes that's we might resist that. Maybe we're not getting anything or it's like we're opening and we're just sitting there, or it feels like we are missing a piece of the puzzle. So we don't know How to put the information together. Or there's an image coming through, and we're not quite sure what it means. So we always have to trust 100% that what we're getting is exactly what is most needed in that moment and try not to overthink it or second guessed it, which is challenging,
you brought up so many good things. But two things I want to just touch in, you had mentioned earlier that while in the records, and on the other side time, and space is not exist, like it does here, or empty space does exist here. So sometimes, we've set out the intention or gone into the records, or whatever it is we're working with, to say like, Okay, I'm ready to understand this or have more information, it doesn't mean that immediately in that moment, sometimes it needs to move around in our field a little while, or it might come to us in like, you know, the days following or, or, you know, show up in our life in different ways. So, I think it can be so easy to get discouraged sometimes, you
know, yeah. And it's like, sometimes we need to understand something else first. Yeah, or have some other life experience first, before we're gonna get that information that we're asking about. So really, I think surrender is the key attitude in working with the records and the attitude that we have to try to go back to over and over again.
Yeah, well, and I love something else that you said, I mean, all the things, but I think as a guiding light, it's an amazing question that you just shared for anyone to use as a journaling prompt or a completely pondering or meditation prompt. Where am I holding back? Right? Because yeah, I think most of us that are awakened to some degree or certainly if you're even interested in the work that you were I do, you do have a sense of intention of being more in alignment with your soul, self, or whatever that is. So sometimes we think like, oh, I Well, I feel like I am trying to be in alignment. But then it's reframing the question the way you did of where am I holding back? I think I think it's not, not that it's not hard to identify. But I think sometimes we know where we're holding back or find it.
Right. But again, we might have resistance to surrendering the things we need to surrender. Yeah, I think another good question might be, what do I need to release in order to fully express who I am at a soul level, because sometimes it's not, you know, the thing that we're missing maybe is that we're we have certain attachments, to things or to life being a certain way, or just certain relationships, even that could be holding back that authentic expression of who we really are. But I love your idea of using these questions, even just as journaling prompts, because the thing with the records that I really hope people will get is that, just as I keep saying, it doesn't have to be a complicated process of opening the records. And number two, you don't some a lot of people, a lot of students that come into my certification program have already been accessing the records spontaneously, yeah, without any kind of complicated method or prayer. And I know some teachers are, would like cringe if they hear me say that, because they're like really sticklers about, you have to do it this particular way. But to me, I feel what has distinguished me as a teacher is that I just have this belief that there are infinite ways of getting into the records, I'm not going to dictate to you the way that makes sense to you to go into the records. So it is completely possible to sit down with a clear intention. And just start writing, you know, ask the question, and then just start writing with the intention of, I want to connect to the Akashic records and receive some information about this. And just open yourself up to that experience and see what unfolds, right. So just keeping it really simple.
I love the way you say that there are infinite ways versions, we're only limited by our creativity. We're all different in at different times in our life. I know that your certification program is currently closed, because you're running it but for anyone who's maybe interested in getting on your waitlist for next year, would you just share a little bit more about what the program is? You know, all the things?
Absolutely, yes. Thank you for asking me that. Yeah. And I will say the waitlist is already open. Okay, great. So people can get on it right now.
And then I'm sure if they're on the waitlist, they'll get more information from you. And yes, okay. Of course, I'll link that in the show notes. So anyone who's listening and wants to check it out, Oh, great show notes. The link will be there.
Yes. But so basically, this is an Akashic Records certification program for practitioners or people hoping to become practitioners. So Oh, typically I say there's no experience that you already need, like prior experience that you need to have with the records. So I have students coming in with, they've read a couple of books about the records, and maybe try to go in once or twice. And then I have other students who have been, like, even right now I have someone who has had an acupuncture business practice for two decades, right. And she's been working with the records already, she's taken other certifications. But she felt she was missing something. So she came in to learn more and do more in the group. So there's really a vast range of skill sets, experiences, backgrounds, which I think is nice, because everyone gets to work together and practice the tools together. But at any rate, so really the foundation of the program, and how we start is building your own relationship with the records, because that's where it all has to begin. Because you need to have that solid, personal connection to the records. And again, as we were saying that's different and unique to everyone. So I teach through this program, all of the protocols, the techniques, you know, the healing techniques, the modalities, all the things that we can do through the records, including revoking contracts, or ancestral family line healing through the records. How to do and how to combine energy healing with the record, so like clearing the energy system of a client was and so much more. But it all starts with that personal relationship to the records. And I really encourage my students to make everything that they learned in the program their own. So again, I would never dictate and say you have to do this one way that I'm teaching you or it's not valid. So I want people to be creative to experiment, and really kind of run with it. And also to develop that relationship with the record so that they themselves can ask, okay, records, how do you want me to use you for a through my business through my life. So to find that unique expression of how the records want to be used by them is a really essential part of the program. So we work over 16 weeks together, and we meet every week. So it's pretty involved. And there's homework in between. And there's a private Facebook group and all the little, you know, logistical things, bells and whistles. And then students get to practice with each other so that they can really master the protocols and like know, okay, how would you walk a client through a contract provoking session? Or how do you help a client heal the past life trauma? How do you work with family trees inside of the records to heal the family lineage stuff? Yeah, so it's pretty comprehensive, I would say.
And I know, sometimes it can sound overwhelming, like, there's so many parts, but I know the way you do it is breaking it down into more bite size, understandings of these individual tools and techniques and protocols. And it's like, I kind of think of it like, the tool belt, right? Or the toolkit. And that's your training on not even just case by case, but like day by day, because things change day by day for us how to, you know, which tools someone might use in combination, or how to understand and like you said, how to how to use the existing tools and protocols to then develop each person's own. Yeah, particular secret sauce way of doing it.
Exactly. Yeah, you said it perfectly. And it's also just, you know, I want to give my students like everything, I've learned everything I know, everything I've developed and working with the records, because they're going to have it, you know, for the rest of their lives. And I really want them to get their money's worth, which is just like a thing with me. And I really want them to get so much value out of it. And then they can pick and choose, you know, Okay, this one protocol really resonates with me, like when I use it, it really clicks. It's really clicking for my clients. It's facilitating transformations. But these other things maybe I'm not going to use because I don't care about them as much, which is completely okay, too.
I love that. I don't know if you'll agree with this. But I once had, I trained for several years as a trance medium and I that teacher several of us when we came into the course we're like, is this like for me? Am I supposed to be here? I know as humans we get that insecure. Am I supposed to be here and yeah, he said it was if you're feeling called to it and you're even interested in this work? It's probably for you.
Yeah, well, I agree completely. And with the records, particularly, you know, it's not even me that people are called to, although sometimes it is me, like, specifically as a teacher, which I am so humbled and honored by, but it's more the records that are calling to them. And that call is never accidental. And it's going to keep coming and calling on you. Like, if there's work that you're supposed to be doing inside of the Akashic records for personal healing, or to be of service to other people on this planet, then that call tends to be pretty insistent, like, you'll start to see the records mentioned in different places, or you'll start to see books about the records everywhere. So until you follow that calling, like it's gonna keep, you're gonna keep hearing it.
Well, and I think that's just such a powerful way of, of even how we can see in our real, you know, tangible lives of how these soul contracts or things we agreed to learn in this lifetime can kind of poke their heads up here and there through synchronicity and the world around us. Yeah,
that's so true. And it is true that I feel like even now, for example, I'm teaching the program, I have 14 people in there, and I feel with each of those 14 people, I have a soul level agreement, that and they have one with me that they would come into this experience. And they also have agreements with each other, right? Because otherwise amazing wouldn't be different. And it would have come together differently. So there's so level agreements, like all around, and we're all fulfilling our particular purposes. In this program, I'm learning so much, I'm hitting up against some patterns and having to clear them, like as I teach. So it's really just a process of healing, growth, evolution for all involved.
And that's, it's just so beautiful. And I love the way that you said it. It's a great way to thank you. Well, thank you for sharing all of your understanding of the records and about your course and all of the gifts that you have discovered through working with the records. Are you up for a spirit speed round? Yes, for question. I would love a bit of fun. Yes. Exciting. Okay. Okay, cool. So the first question is, if you would share one thing that really shocked you, or was unexpected about working with the Akashic Record? Oh, wow.
Um, I think well, when I first started, what was most unexpected was, like, the hilarious sense of humor that the record keepers have, yeah, um, but also how they can. Sometimes they can be like, pretty, I don't want to say harsh, but blunt, direct, straightforward. They can just close the doors on you. Like if you're asking the same thing over and over or wanting a different answer, or not doing the work. So that was unexpected. Just the sense of humor and how straightforward they are and how they don't allow us to get away with any human drama.
I love that. That's perfect. I've had them tell me come back when you finish the last year.
Exactly. Yes. It's like they don't hold back, you know, because they can see our full potential. So they don't have any patience for us like getting in our own way. Yeah. humaneness?
Yeah, exactly. If you got to spend a day in the spirit world, like on the other side, you got the full tour, you got to spend time with everyone you've ever known who's crossed over. And it's almost time to return to your life. And your guide tells you you have one hour left, and you can spend it with anyone who's on the other side that you want. Who do you choose? And why? Wow,
that's a powerful question. Um, so even as you were asking, instantly what I could see in my mind's eye was like taking a walk with my grandpa who has sinned who has passed who has crossed over already to the other side. And I feel there's so much that so he died before I started doing my spiritual work really, like while I was still in academia. So I feel there's so much we could discuss. And I'm sure so much he could teach me over from the other side. And it would just be so nice to be in his presence
again. So powerful connection.
Yeah, he's helping me from the other side all the time. He's always sending me clients.
One of your one of your supporters. Yeah. Even though we have the spiritual gifts, we have very human lives. What is one quirky thing about you that people might be surprised to Oh,
wow. Well, I don't know if they'd be surprised. I'm because well sometimes it can be obvious. Or if they've heard my podcast ever it can be I'm, I'm pretty honest there about all of my humaneness as you say. I'm a quirk Well, I'm a neat freak. Oh, I love it and a recovering control freak. So I have always have struggled with like wanting everything to be in its, quote, unquote, proper place or proper to me, which is not necessarily what anyone else like proper to anyone else. But that's still something that I've struggled with to this day and my husband is much more loosey goosey. We don't have to do the dishes for a couple of days, like just live life and doesn't matter. So I can get pretty Rayji. Yeah. And I have to remember in the moment, like, okay, would I rather have everything in its place? Or would I rather be at peace? Yeah. And just like live? So I have to keep going back to that. Oh, that's a
good. That's a good one. I like that. Yeah. Leave us with a pearl of wisdom. What's one piece of advice that you wish that you had had early on in your understanding of your own gifts?
Oh, okay, that's big. Um, I would say and something that I have learned recently, actually, and I'm really trying to live it now is that it actually doesn't matter that much to be accepted in life, like by your parents, by your friends, but like society, anyone really, um, it doesn't really matter that much. And I used to like, to me, that was the priority. In my previous life, you could say, in the same lifetime, and I was constantly seeking approval from others. And I needed everyone to agree with my choices. And to say, yes, what you're doing as good and to get a thumbs up and to get validation. And it was so freeing when I realized, oh, it actually doesn't matter that much. And the more authentic I am, and the more I show up as myself, the more it benefits everyone else, to Yeah, because it just frees them to be themselves. And it also magnetizes to me much more authentic friendships, client healer relationships are the clients that come in the students that come in friends that come into my life situations, just everything is so much more aligned with who I really am at that soul level. So letting go of that need for constant acceptance, I think is really liberating. And something maybe we can all strive for.
I love so profound, and I love the way you shared about how it shows up, like in my life, you know, so thank you for that. That's great. Yes. Well, thank you so much for being with us today. If you want to learn more about Josephine, you can go to Josephine Again, don't worry about the spelling. I'll have it in the show notes. You just got a Cricut. I am so appreciative of you for being here and teaching us all about the Akashic Records today and shining your light. Oh,
yeah, thank you for the opportunity and the space to be able to do so and for your amazing questions and wonderful conversation. Yeah, I really appreciate you.
I just loved getting to spend this time and have this conversation with my new friend, Josephine Hardman, like I said, I've been listening to her podcast for a while now. And she just is so great at the way she breaks things down and shares them. So I'm so curious to learn from you. Did you learn something new? Did you have a term defined that you've been wondering? Like, what the heck does that mean? Did you get a little more clarity on how how the Akashic Records works or how it can apply to this lifetime, or how the threads Connect? It's so multilayered, I know, sometimes it can take some time to like process and digest all of this information. But what I love about the way that Josephine teaches the Akashic records is it's an all level thing. Because truly, we do all have access to the information of our own soul. We talk about that here a lot. And sometimes it just takes having a mentor or a teacher or a guide to kind of show us the way so then we can take over the reins and do it ourselves. And it's just one of my favorite things about her work and the way that she teaches. So make sure you check her out Josephine You can listen to her podcast. It's called inner work, a spiritual growth podcast, and I will have everything linked in the show notes, of course, but make sure that you give This episode of five stars if you liked it or if you learned something, and I know we talked a little bit about signs and synchronicities. If you're someone who's still learning about signs and synchronicities in your own life, you can head on over to my website joyful And you know, right on the homepage, I have that free three day mini course sine magnet, it'll teach you how to get specific signs from the universe to answer your questions or let you know you're on the right track. It'll teach you about all the recurring numbers as signs if you're someone that sees 222 or 444 1111, it teaches you all of the numbers and what they mean. And it also teaches you how to set up a specific sign with your loved ones on the other side. So if you have loved ones in the spirit world that you're wanting to get hellos and droplets of love throughout your day from them, it teaches you that as well. So if you're interested in that, head on over to joyful and it is totally free. It'll also put you on my VIP insiders list so you can get access to the monthly free community healings and all of the fun free workshop offerings that I have coming up for you. I hope that you have enjoyed this conversation. I totally did. And I am so grateful to Josephine Hardman for giving us her time and her wisdom and shining her light today. Lots of love, from inside Spirit Speakeasy

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