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Healing with the Angelic Realm: Experience Working with Archangel Haniel

Apr 01, 2024

As the personification of The Moon, Archangel Haniel is THE go-to Archangel to support working with intuition, developing spiritual gifts, and energy healing. But she has so many gifts to offer! Since The Moon is also where we work through the shadow aspects of ourselves, Haniel can guide and support you on your deepest healing journeys. Plus, in this episode I'll guide you through an experience so you can  start working with her for yourself RIGHT AWAY!  
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Full episode Transcript:

Hey beautiful soul Welcome to Spirit Speakeasy. I'm Joy Giovanni, Joyful Medium. I'm a working psychic medium energy healer and spiritual gifts mentor. This podcast is like a seat at the table in a secret club, but with mediums, mystics and the spiritual luminaries of our time. So come behind the velvet ropes with me and see inside my world is I chat insider style with profoundly different souls. We go deep share juicy stories laugh a lot and it wouldn't be a speakeasy without great insider secrets and tips. You might even learn that you have some gifts of your own. So step inside the spirit speakeasy. Hey, beautiful soul welcome into another episode of spirit speakeasy. On today's episode, I'm excited to share with you more of healing and working with the angelic realm. Today we're going to focus on Archangel Haniel, you're going to learn all about her why she is the best of the archangels to help you with any of your psychic or intuitive or spiritual gifts, as well as really deep healing. So without further ado, let's get right into it. You're going to love this episode. Now, if you've been with me for a while, you will remember that we worked with Archangel Metatron, just at the beginning of 2024 and episode 58. We also previously worked with Archangel Raphael, on episode 16 for March of 2023, which is just believe it or not a little over exactly a year from today. Han is actually one of my very best favorite archangels, she is definitely in the top group that I work with on a regular basis for myself. So I'm so excited to share with you all about her. And at the end, we're going to do an exercise. As you guys know, I love incorporating exercises in some of these. But I will tell you, if you're listening to this, and you're not somewhere where it's safe to close your eyes and have an experience, when we get to that part near the end, you could just pause it and come back later or by then maybe you will be somewhere where you can do an exercise. So let's start talking about Haniel, a couple little precursors that I like to give when we talk about the angels first, the way I understand and work with the archangels they're not having to be subscribed to any specific religion. So what do I mean by that if you don't identify with a religion that works with angels, or if you don't identify with any religion at all the archangels are still accessible to you all the angels are still accessible to you. You can just think of them as like if you don't like the word angel, for some reason, you can just think of them as very high vibrational beings of pure love and light. Angels, especially the archangels have never incarnated as human beings with two exceptions. So they have a different, less complicated Love for humanity, I want to say but they have so much love and care and want to support us and nurture us. So Archangels are accessible to anyone, you can totally work with them. You don't have to believe any specific religious system or even have any religious or spiritual practice whatsoever to work with this energy. I am in the history of who Hannah L is. And when I'm explaining her and introducing you to her I am going to explain historically, where she fits into the stories of angels and things just for context. So you have a little bit of a better understanding. But if that part doesn't resonate with you, you can just lean into the things that she can help you with. The other little note I want to give, which I may ultimately end up saying many times throughout this episode is that remember when we're talking about working with your intuition, your psychic gifts, your spiritual gifts, mediumship clairvoyance, which is part of that psychic, additional senses the sixth sense. I want to remind you that working with all of this is not a light switch. It's more of a relationship or the way I wrote it here in my notes is that it's the gifts are like a relationship and building a relationship with your gifts and not a light switch. Many people search online I did when I was first new to all this search online for things like how do I open my third eye or turn on my intuition? It's it's such a misconception. And you know, one of the things that I created this podcast for was to dispel some of these misconceptions. Some of these commonly misunderstood things about these gifts in this work that I do. It's not a light switch. So what I'm going to be teaching you today is a way to start building a relay. ship with Haniel also that she can work with you on any of the things that she works with, which we're going to talk about in just a minute. One other little thing that I want to mention. So whether you're watching this episode on YouTube or on my website, joyful, or any of the clips or whether you are listening on any of the podcast platforms, I am actually typically recording from my home office, which is at home. And today, I'm actually recording from my other office, the office that I see clients in during the week. So if you are noticing that the sound is a little different, or the background is a little different, I actually trying to record with air pods today. And normally I have a full fancy Blue Yeti mic and big noise cancelling headphones and all the proper equipment. But today, I decided, let me just try to record this episode here and see how it goes. I had a little extra time before my next client, and I really been getting the nudge to the point where I'm like, Okay, I can't wait any longer. I need to record this episode and get it to you guys right away. So if the sound is a little different, that is why and if you're noticing a different background, no, I didn't move. This is my office. This is where you see me do the weekly readings. If you're on any of my social media platforms. When I post the weekly Tarot card readings, this is the desk I'm doing a mat and the background you see for that. So that is why it might look or sound a little different today. Okay, so Archangel Haniel. Now her name in direct translation means glory of God or grace of God. If you again with the religion, if you don't like the word God, just put glory of spirit in your mind or grace of spirit or just grace is fine. Now, of course, she belongs to several different groups that claim her in ancient Babylonian times. For example, there were priests who were also astrologers, astronomers, they worked with astrology, they worked with the way the planets lined up, they also worked with everything that they could have access to as far as like what they knew at that time. In an astronomy sense, the stars, the planets, the ethers, right. She also represents the moon energy, and various different deities or gods or goddesses that they worked with. She was in that group and she was held as one of the most important goddesses of that time. And she's one of the archangels, who they worked with, but they didn't associate her as an archangel. They actually in ancient Greek times, on Titan times and Babylonian times. Her name actually became known as Selene, and that is the name of the goddess of the moon in ancient Greek times. So Selene, essentially, Haniel in her goddess personification, is the personification of the moon. Now, if you work with the moon at all, that's already giving you a little heads up or a little intuition into what her areas of work are, what you know what areas she serves us in some of the Kabbalistic of the Kabbalah texts credit Han il as escorting Enoch to the spirit world. Now, if you remember from our Metatron episode, Enoch is considered one of the only angels that ever lived in human lives and was transformed into an ark Angel, Archangel Metatron. So the cool thing about that is, they work together very frequently. And if you believe this teaching, as far as like the Kabbalistic texts, she is the one that escorted him to the other side to into like heaven or the ethers or whatever you'd like to call the other side, to then be transmuted into the archangel that we know him as Metatron. So she escorted him she helped him so she was around long before Metatron if you love Metatron, you probably will love her.
Her energy and presence is associated with things like intuition and joy and beauty and grace of course, because her name means grace and also with the rhythms and cycles of the moon and the divine feminine like we were talking about. So if you personally feel drawn to work with the moon or the moon phases, or you just feel interested or intrigued by things around the moon, like maybe you have a couple of T shirts with the moon or you just feel interested, it's likely that Hannah Hill has already been working with you or is inviting you to work with her. So it's pretty cool because I know a lot of you feel strongly interested in are drawn to the moon. That's how My own Haniel, her name spelled a few ways I spell it h a n, ie L which is one of the more common spellings. There are some older spellings. And they all count as you know, I should have mentioned this upfront I call her she because she personifies Moon, which represents divine feminine and she also is a representative of that divine feminine energy. Angels don't take form that is masculine or feminine. physical bodies don't work like that and the angelic realm. They are more energetic bodies rather than physical bodies. And as we've talked about before with angels, the male and female anatomy really is part of this plane for procreation and doesn't carry over into the non physical. So while we call her she, it's okay if you feel her in a different way, don't get attached to that the generalization I want to say. And the other thing to know is when I say divine feminine, remember, divine feminine and divine masculine exist on a spectrum, just just like everything that is masculine and feminine. So whether you identify it as a male in this lifetime, or identify as a female in this lifetime, or even if you identify as non binary, you have divine feminine energy in you as part of your system and part of the energy that you can access, we all have a combination of divine masculine and divine feminine energy within us. And we kind of in spectrum style, we float between what we're running primarily in our energetic system based on the tasks that we're doing in that moment. And it can fluctuate throughout our lifetime. And also even just like throughout the day. So don't, don't be alarmed if you feel like oh, I identify as male or I'm non binary like is divine feminine. For me, it's for everyone. It's part of all of us, just as our divine birthright. So moving on to more things that Haniel helps with, if you are a healer, or are interested in any of the healing arts, Hannah also helps us recover kind of those loss secrets of natural healing and healing remedies. This is everything from plant medicine, and more like holistic health and healing. Non medical modalities, as well, as I'm sure was helping the ancient medicine people, whether that was in tribes and villages and communities in that way, or once we started advancing towards more of a western medicine, she also would be involved with that, because she really helps with healing of all kinds, but especially those that are of a more natural nature or have a more spiritual nature. And also those of course, harnessing any of the Moon's energies, especially like if you're someone that works with crystals and likes to put your crystals in the moon, she would be helping to charge and and make those crystals more potent. If you call her in to do that, that counts for potions and tinctures and incense and whatever else you're creating, Haniel will also helps us on the emotional side to add things like beauty and harmony, grace, compassion into our lives. So one of the ways that she does that is through helping us heal and address work with either what we call the shadow side, or that inner child healing work. Now, what does that mean? So I love this because it ties so beautifully into thinking her thinking of her as a personification of the moon energy or angelic vacation? Would it be? I don't know, let me know your thoughts on that. Like I just made up a word and justification. So really, what I mean is with the phases of the moon, when we're in the full moon and the Moon is at its brightest, is when we're releasing things or things are coming to the light when we're in the new moon or the dark moon right when the moon is dark. In the initial phases of the moon. That's when we're doing what's called Shadow Work, which really is just looking at the tough emotions, looking at the things that we tend to hide even from ourselves, right so she helps truth to be revealed. If there is a tough emotion that you're working on. She can help and support with that. Give you nurturing give you compassion and help usher you through that time. Now that doesn't mean that there's not hard emotional work to do we all have shadow aspects of ourselves. We all have challenging emotions and even within our personalities, right? Even if you're a wonderful, amazing, loving, good person. We all have moments certainly that we tip into the shadow aspects of our personality. We all lose our temper at times we all occasionally feel jealous or or feel resentment or feel judgment towards others. At some point in our life, I'm sure we've all had moments of that. Because the human emotion, after all, is what connects all of us. It's what we all have the same experience of, regardless of what the circumstances and experiences of our life is, or are, we all have that spectrum of human emotions. So she really can help while you're doing that deep dive Shadow Work, any of the work on the tougher pieces, the personal growth, the personal development. And, and remember, there's always fine tuning to that. So even me after, geez, I think if you guys heard my my original episode, when I the WWE Diva to psychic medium episode, I talked about how I started doing personal development work when I was like, still in high school. And maybe even before that, to be honest, I think Oprah really helped to raise and heal generation of us or send us on our healing paths. And that certainly was true for me. So I've been doing this shadow work and this inner child work since I was a child to be honest. And I still have layers and levels that I do. And I work with Hannah hill all the time. Some of this is what she helps me with. And it's what she can help you with as well. The inner child work, of course, is those points on our timeline in our past, whether it's yesterday, you or 10 years ago, you or 30 years ago, you or however far back that goes for you. It's those moments in time where we either interpreted something or someone hurt us or a situation was traumatic and experience was traumatic. And those younger versions of us still reside in us to protect us to help us. And we're always working to heal and integrate those versions of us, right. But it's often where our challenging habits come from, or the patterns that we recreate in our lives. You know, sometimes we recreate relationship patterns to give ourselves more opportunities to heal a relationship that we experienced as a child or as a younger version of ourselves, for example, so she can help with all of that work. And I'm not gonna go too deep into the inner child healing or the shadow works. That's really not what this episodes about today. But it's such important work. And I just want to offer to you that she can help you with this. So when we do the exercise later, and I teach you how to call her in and work with her, just know that over time, when you're working with her, this is one of the things she can help you with this personal development, this shadow work these tough emotions. And not only is she giving compassion, but she's giving grace and trying to teach us and help us learn how to give grace to ourselves, which is so desperately needed. For all of us. That's just the truth, to give yourself kindness, all of that warm and fuzzy self love. And sometimes we have to tough love ourselves. Let's be honest, I tough myself on a regular basis when I have one of my obstinate inner child versions rising up not wanting to do something. So she can help with all of that healing. And remember, in this next little section, we're going to talk about the intuitive side and all of those gifts that she can help you with. But the other side to that coin is the growth, the personal development that dealing with and working through understanding tough emotions. That is the other side of the coin of the spiritual gifts, intuition, psychic gifts, clairvoyance, whatever word you like in there. When we are not willing to work through the quote unquote tough stuff, it really does hinder our spiritual expansion, the expansion of those gifts. So both sides of this coin of what she helps with are so important and so necessary. So let her help you, if that's what I'm trying to lecture you into saying, she also can really help to
add beauty into your life that can look like encouraging you to get outside and see some beautiful surroundings. It can show up in a lot of ways. But it can show up in the way of bringing new friends into your life who can help and support you, you can call on her for that. She can even help you. If you're for example, going into like a job interview, and you need to be poised and put together and graceful and communicate effectively, but also perhaps use a little bit of your intuition. She's perfect to support you for going into something like a job interview. It also goes along the lines of like if you have to give a speech or do a performance or even if you're meeting up with friends and you're feeling nervous about it. I know we have a lot of people that would identify as highly sensitive people here in the pod and she can help some Are you in those situations, maybe you're trying to go out and about with friends more, bring Hannah along, let her help you, she can really help with anything that you're needing to be the center of attention, or you're needing step out of your comfort zone, even if you find it triggering. Now, of course, as a little disclaimer, if you have shadow work or inner child work that you feel would be best supported with a therapist or licensed professional, please do that. As we know, there's no magic wand that's going to waive all of our troubles away. So if you feel like you're needing some additional support from someone on this side, please seek a licensed professional for that. And I also offer support for women or those that identify as women during their monthly cycles, because the monthly cycle is tight into the moon and tied into the ocean because the moon, as you know, the cycles of the moon affect the tide. So there's really so much here. One of my favorite aspects, you know, we need the healing and the personal development. Is it the sexiest, like most delicious part of this work? Not really. But it is the part that advances us the most and and helps free up that energy for our intuition for our healing and spiritual and psychic gifts. And that is the other thing that she helps with. She helps with intuition with psychic sight, which is also often called clairvoyance, psychic feeling or the sensing which is the clairsentience. And remember, we've talked about this before. If you want, I can do another whole breakout episode on this. The Claire's, we call them. In the work, you might have heard of clairvoyance, or clairaudience, or clairsentience. We used to be taught a long time ago that those are separate things and you either have one or you might have a couple. But all of us have all of those actually. And it doesn't mean they're all strengthened and working to their full capacity in this moment as you hear my voice but they are within you. And I learned from Andy being you guys hear me talk about all the time he's an amazing mentor. If you ever get to study with him, you're quite lucky and I feel quite lucky and blessed to call him mentor and friend. He teaches it that there think of it like a wheel, those Claire's that extra six cents. And the wheel represents the Clairsentience that clear feeling or sensing and the others are spokes on that wheel wheel, the clairvoyance the inside pictures the seeing right, Claire audience which is hearing either thought words or thought inspiration, sometimes thought songs, the clear cognizance, which is the clear knowing voids, audience cognizance, gusty winds, and Salesians, which are the taste and smell, which is kind of like if you vitality you imagine the smell of your favorite perfume or cologne, you can't probably smell it unless you're wearing it. Maybe you can. But it's like the memory or the essence of the smell or taste. So all of those are encompassed in that Clairsentience or that clear sensing or feeling. And that is one of the main things that she helps with is the psychic gifts. She can really bring you guidance and support and not only raising your vibration and expanding your auric field, your consciousness, your discernment, but really can start helping you experience understand, uncover deeper and higher levels of spiritual wisdom, divine truth, universal truths, right. I will tell you in just a few minutes, we're going to bring her in, but she is gentle and loving and nurturing. But she also has a very strong, powerful, almost like a little bit of like a wild woman in the woods type of energy with her. Because remember, she's harnessing all of the power of the moon and has access to the full power of that energy and more. So she's powerful, even though she comes in as compassionate, loving, gentle, graceful, of course, she really is fiercely powerful in her ability to heal in her ability to I want to say this in the best way, kind of like when we're working on something and not necessarily wanting to always see all the parts of ourselves or see something about ourselves. You know, sometimes when someone else shows up in our life as a challenge, we're like, especially if it's like in a casual way like someone at a store is rude. Are they highlighting something in us for us to work on and insecurity, a part of our personality so she has this way of like highlighting those things for For us, but it's always with the intention of highest love your own expansion, helping you achieve your own greatest potential in this lifetime, she is always willing to help us do the heavy lifting to help us in our times of need. And in the deepest, darkest, most intense part of ourselves. She's not afraid of all of our messy human emotions. She's not afraid of how challenging these emotions or experiences can be, she really has the power to help shift all of those tough things. And like I said, as you're doing that, it also opens up intuition, that psychic sight. So for me, and potentially for you the colors you may experience her in. I want to say there are a lot of reports online when I kind of looked at people experiencing her in like a turquoise blue, I actually tend to experience her more in sort of like an opal essence, which I guess has some shimmers of blue in it, if you think of the colors of an opal. So opalescent, a little bit of blue, but more for me, it's the magenta and deep purple. But it kind of almost has a tie dyed effect when I am aware of her in color. If color is not a part of your gifts or expansion right now that's okay. Or if you experience her in a different color, that's also okay, I just like to offer it because I know color has been so helpful for me in my own journey. But I do tend to experience her more in that opalescent magenta pink, like the deeper pink, brighter pink purple, that zone. So we'll see what it is for you. But like I said, if it's something else, that's okay, too. When we're working with Archangel Haniel, she really welcomes anyone who calls on her. So like I was saying you don't have to have, like a particular belief system. You don't have to believe in any other Archangels you don't have to even use the word Archangel when you think of her. It's just a way to identify her. And you could just use her name hound al if you wanted to. She really is a powerful ally, friend companion. For anyone who is wanting to expand their spiritual gifts, she's a great support. Now, like I said, it's not a light switch. So we do get to do the work ourselves, we do get to practice we do get to build a relationship with her, we do get to start to learn to trust our intuition. And again, part of that is our personal development, our personal healing, kind of moving through our own stuff, so to speak. So we can access deeper levels of that intuition. Because the intuition and the emotions are so tightly wound together, you can't separate the two you can't really access.
The psychic sensing that Clairsentience without moving through the emotions, it's it's how it works. So if you're feeling stuck in your gifts, your psychic gifts, your spiritual gifts, it doesn't mean you don't have them, it can mean a you might have some more emotional healing to do personal development to do be you might also have some more meditation and growing in your discernment, your own personal spiritual practice to do. And the other thing is these gifts grow incrementally. So perhaps you have some intuition, but you're not sure yet, if you have mediumistic gifts, just because you don't have them now doesn't mean that they're not in you somewhere. So sometimes as we grow as we heal as we develop, those gifts can rise to the surface when our soul is ready to present them to us. It's why even the best teacher can't make someone a psychic. It's we have to contribute our work as well to really evolve those senses and evolve that within us. As you know, I believe everyone has intuitive abilities. I used to explain it like my guides a long time ago again gave me the metaphor of baseball that like anyone can play and just have a good time with their friends on a beach day or in the backyard or on a video game. But not everyone is going to make it to the major leagues and become an all star. But everyone can play on some level. I recently heard it shared as singing like everyone can sing in the shower in the car. But not everyone needs to be onstage in their own show in Vegas or in concert, for example. So everyone has intuitive ability. So even if you feel like you're not certain yet, Hannah Hill can really start helping you but you've got to be willing to notice and to rise to the occasion. Stepping into the light, for example, she really does know, have like, I want to say like a different vantage point of view, she sees your higher self, as well as your human self and knows the potentials that you have in this lifetime. So she knows what your soul is wanting you to expand towards, even if you don't know yet she has access to that. So it's one of the one of the reasons that she can be so helpful. She really is known to dive into whatever you might be experiencing, that's challenging and like illuminate or shine light. And that area that is in alignment with your highest and greatest is sometimes the way we say it, you're the best possible intentions for your path and your growth in this lifetime, which of course is leading us towards love and fulfillment and true happiness, not momentary happiness. And when you call on her, she really can also help you access those innate gifts that may be lying deeper within. And again, it's not like a light switch, it doesn't mean if you are not experiencing mediumship, or communication from the spirit world today. It doesn't mean that if you do this practice with her, then tomorrow, you will be a medium it's in the work that way. There's growth and development and personal development and all the things that go into it. But she really can help you start moving in that direction. If you're willing to build a relationship with her and work with her consistently work on yourself consistently. And she can help you discover deeper truth across the board. So maybe you're someone that saying, you know, joy, I'm not really interested in developing my spiritual gifts. But I certainly would like to learn more about universal truth or the laws of the universe or whatever you'd like to title them, she can help with that, too. She really is great at helping you learn how to receive more spiritual guidance from within. And again, that's just another way of thinking tuition, I guess. She just is, I just really love her, I have her with me most most days, if I'm honest with you. She's one, I haven't even worked my way through all that I that I tend to work with all the time, but I do tend to work with her. I mean more days than not, I will say in just a minute here, we're going to get into an exercise. But again, I just want to remind you this is this is something to practice. It's that's why we call it our spiritual practice or practicing our gifts. It's not something that you could just buy at the store and then own or lately I've been having a lot of people ask me about, Oh, what about these courses that say in four weeks, or four lessons, they can make you a working psychic, or in six weeks, they can teach you and make you become a medium. In my experience, I would have found that if that was true, it's just not the way it works. Even those of us that have been working on these gifts for years and years. mentors that have been in this work many, many years more than me will tell you that they still are always fine tuning, always expanding, always working on their gifts, always learning how to better work with their gifts and abilities. And the other little thing I just want to mention, I think it's so important when we talk about psychic abilities and intuitive abilities is one psychic is not about predicting the future. It's about better understanding ourselves better understanding if you're reading for someone else better understanding them, the qualities of their soul what they need. It's not about predicting the future. No one can predict the future because it's not decided for you. It's not like a cruise itinerary where you've already, you know, have it all mapped out you're choosing as you go and the things that you're choosing to do and learn and be involved in are creating the future for you are setting up what you're going to experience now. Are there certain things that we signed up for ahead of time that will work their way into our lives at some point in time somehow? I believe so. But I don't believe the day to day is something that can be predicted because it's just there's potential for it. But you have to make your freewill choice and move through the world in order to create those next opportunities next steps to create the future. So that's the first thing. The second thing is I know that we all wish that the intuitive gifts, the psychic gifts and even the mediumship gifts, I know we all wish they were stronger. So when we talk about strengthening these gifts, it doesn't mean that suddenly you're gonna have time freeze and an apparition appear in front of you and show you I don't know some kind of vision. That's not the way it works. For example, when we're communicating with our loved ones on the other side as people who love and miss them, not even as mediums right but as people who love and miss them when you are thinking of your a loved one, and you're saying like, I wish I could feel them stronger? Well, we're working with subtle energies. So they're never going to be physically strong, or able to be felt in the way that we mean it. When we say it, it's always going to be very, very subtle. But what you can do and what we are working on when we're talking about expanding these gifts, is becoming more aware of the subtle energies. So we are the ones that can get stronger at sensing, the thing that we're sensing is not going to get stronger, louder, firmer, brighter, it just doesn't work that way. But we can sensitize ourselves and make ourselves more discerning so that we realize that sign when it comes across our path, so that we can sit in meditation and do our like workout for the day by holding that focus and allowing discernment and energy to move in our space, our personal space bubble, our auric field, so that we can be sensitized enough so that when someone's talking to us, and we are feeling their emotions, or are sensing emotions, and what they're saying, we can have that discernment to know okay, I know they're saying it's okay. But I feel the essence of things not being okay, for example. So we're sensitizing ourselves, it's not turning up the volume on the subtle energies. I feel like all of us wish, we could just turn up the volume and see and hear the spirit world like we see and hear television.
But it just doesn't work that way. So I like to reiterate it a lot, because I just want to set your expectations appropriately. Because I know for me, before I was really in this work, it's why I thought I couldn't do it. Because I was like, Well, I don't see and hear and experience things like they show in the movies. That's not happening to me. So I don't believe that I have these gifts and abilities. Even when people that knew about it would tell me I did I would not agree because I couldn't understand I just had a misunderstanding about when they say feel I thought it meant like, oh, I would actually feel a feeling or I would actually feel someone touch me or feel someone next to me like when human and physical form is standing next to me. But when they're in the spirit world, they don't have a physical form. So you're feeling the essence of their soul, which is a very subtle, subtle, subtle energy. So okay, that is the lecture I want to give you about that. So I hope that makes sense. If you have questions about it, definitely reach out. My direct emails, Joy joyful medium, or if there are other topics around this that you want me to expand on, like the Claire's, any of it that we've talked about so far. Let me know. I know you guys love these Angel sessions that like I said, there's only a third one I've done, but I will start trying to do them maybe like once a quarter, the angels and then we'll work into the Ascended Masters because I have some ascended masters that I work with also, ascended masters are essentially along the lines of deities or goddesses or I'm trying to think of another really the other words Ascended Master. So whatever word you like in there, it would be like Buddha, Ganesh, Mary Magdalene, the figure of Jesus. Who else Kali is who I'm thinking of. There are lots Lakshmi there, there are lots. And we'll talk about that in another episode. But if you're interested, let me know because I, this is a lot of the work that I do personally and privately, it's not really a part of mediumship it's not a part of the psychic work. It's a part of the healing work. And it's a part of me, it's a part of the work that I do, largely because these light beings introduced themselves to me, it wasn't me seeking out and saying, like, oh, who can I culturally appropriate and get involved with it wasn't like that. It was them presenting themselves to me, me starting to build a relationship and understand them and then going and researching and saying, like, Who is this that keeps showing up in my meditation, for example. And just to quickly clarify, when I say showing up in my meditation, it's the subtle feeling that someone is beside me and I will start getting very quick, subtle impressions of internal like thought pictures, thought words, but very, very subtle. Again, not someone standing next to me, that's disincarnate talking in my ear. If I can figure out how to make that happen, I'll let you know. But I wish they would stand next to me and talk in my ear but it just doesn't work that way. It's not the way they communicate for nonphysical. Okay, so now is the portion of the show Oh, when we are going to get into that exercise with Archangel Haniel. So if you are not in a safe place to close your eyes, I suggest just putting this on pause and coming back later. But if you are in a safe place to close your eyes will only do a short experience and then you can expand it and make it longer on your own. But I just want to give you a taste of working with Ken, I'll have how to call you in now that you know all the things she can help and support you with. Let's learn how to call her in so you can start working with her on some of these things. And then we'll chat a little bit before we go. So if you're somewhere that's safe to do so close your eyes, settle into your physical space. By that I mean adjust your body, make it comfortable. Good. Let yourself find the rhythm of your breath. Move all of your attention all of your awareness into the center of your head behind your eyes. Letting the outside world fade away just for our little time together here. But say a gentle hello to your auric field. It's just your personal space bubble. Just imagine intend allow that field that bubbles to be just about an arm's distance on all sides of you. Front and back side to side above below. So you're in this beautiful egg of your own energy. And just take a few breaths here. You can take deep breaths if you like. But you can also just allow your breathing to settle into a comfortable rhythm not needing to change it or control it. Just using that breath to give you something to focus on. So you're busy mind doesn't get distracted. Good. And then from the space in the center of your bubble, I just want you to imagine from one side off in the distance a gentle pink light. And if you can let it be sort of a magenta, deep, dark, bright, pink, whatever shows up in your imagination is fine. And imagine that light coming closer and closer and closer. Slowly, gently, easily. And start to let yourself become aware that this is Archangel Haniel moving into the space near you. And just get a sense of where she wants to stand does she want to stand behind you Does she want to be off to one side. Some people feel her behind and slightly to one side anywhere she shows up as fine but it just will help you in the future when you call her in to recognize her by where she likes to stand in your space. Good and just tend to feel that emanation of her energy, her light. And even if you don't experience it in color, if you just feel like you're imagining it, that's okay. Remember, this is a practice you're building a relationship with her and her energy. And just get the sense the feeling the knowing of her expanding her light. And you might start by feeling it or sensing it on one side of you. It'll feel comfortable, compassionate, graceful if you can feel that emotion, but it'll feel supportive, a little bit energized, almost electric. And let her continue to expand that light all the way around the back of you. Almost like if you were going to cozy into one of those big arm chairs with the high backs or wear a cape that went all the way above your head and start to feel her energy behind you. Good. And you might imagine that pink purple, turquoise opalescent light expanding from her. But even if you don't, you can just feel or imagine her energy. Good. Now when you work with her in a healing capacity, you can just sit with her letting her wrap her light around you like a blanket asking her to help you become aware or identify those areas or emotions or ages that you can work on or have healing with. But if you want to work with her, for your psychic or intuitive or spiritual abilities and gifts, you can just start to imagine asking her to touch her energy onto that crown chakra on top of your head. If you're not familiar with chakras, it's just a wheel or a ball of energy that helps your system process. The crown is the seventh chakra That's the purple one on top of your head. Just imagine letting her touch her energetic finger into your crown. And you might even feel it onto your forehead onto your face into your throat. You might feel it all the way down into your heart, all the way down into your solar plexus where you get that gut feeling good. And when you have more time, just do this. And you could even pause it here and sit with her for some extra time letting her just pour her energy into your chakras into your energy centers. Good to start working with you. Now, for me, I always see colors swirling inside my eyes when they're closed. If that's not a part of you, that's okay. But for some of you, you might start seeing some colors behind your eyes when they're closed. Good. And this is the way to start building a relationship with Hannah to so that she can show up and you can feel her when you need her most. Or even if you want to do it daily or several days a week practice of sitting with her in this way, she will start to help you with discernment with expanding your gifts. Good, I promise you this will be a short one. So we're going to have her start drawing her energy back out of your space, you will have received the healing, any expansion that she could give you for this moment. So residually she's changing and shifting and expanding your energy, but we're just going to start asking her to draw her energy back out from that solar plexus back out from that heart back out from your throat, your third eye or your forehead back out from that crown. Well, some of you can really feel this, I like it. Good. And still feeling her beside you with that blanket of her energy wrapped around you. And ask her to start taking that off or down as well removing that blanket of love, of compassion of grace. It's okay if you still feel a little bit a bit left behind it's part of the gift of her healing and of working with her. Good. Still feeling her beside you just imagine sending her some love and gratitude. You might feel a smile coming back from her or the energy of love. Good. Just imagine her taking one giant step right out of your Bubble to where she's still nearby, but not directly in your space. Good. And now just imagine her starting to float up, up, up all the way up until you can visualize her as the moon. And whenever you see the moon just now Hamels, also smiling over you can let the moon be a reminder of working with her of getting to know her have that deep, intuitive and healing and personal development that she can give you gifts around. Good. And just coming back into your own bubble, meaning being the only one in your bubble. Now. Still in the center of your head. Just feel if you feel anything different in your space. If you feel a little different having her stepped out of your space and backup in that moon energy. When you feel ready, just gently start to blink your eyes open coming all the way back to me. I know that was a really quick experience. It's a little unusual trying to lead exercises in podcast format where I know we're not supposed to have long silent pauses. But I hope that you got a little feeling of her a little essence of her. And like I said it sometimes takes multiple times to practice before you feel like you're aware of anything. It might just be where your discernment is at currently your ability to sense when another energy is in your space, be it an angel or be it a loved one or a guide or a puppy, whatever it is. So just I invite you to practice and bite her in whenever you'd like. It's wonderful to do little short meditations with her even just 10 minutes of sitting with her kind of like we did just now and inviting her in so you can start to get that healing that growth from her. And you can even set a sign for her if you'd like if you'd work with the free mini course sign magnet before that I have you'll know how to set a sign and you can just choose a sign for her it can be the loan if you'd like, if you don't have that set of something else, it could be her colors. It could be anything you like. As you know, if you haven't tried that course yet, I highly recommend it. It's mine and it's free. It's on the homepage of my website joyful So I invite you to go get that free course. So you can start learning to play with signs as well, but you can play with her energy, you can have her start to help you on your healing journey, your personal development journey, and certainly the journey with your own spiritual gifts. So I hope that you have enjoyed today's little lesson and exercise and learning about Archangel Haniel. She really is one of my very best favorites, I have to say I keep her close a lot of the time. I certainly am inviting her into the room when I'm doing readings and healings I want to say like most of the time, more than more than 75% of the time, if I had to put a number on it. She's so gentle yet so strong, so compassionate and loving yet a powerhouse at the same time. And don't we all need a little bit of a someone like that in our lives, she's more than willing to work with you, all you have to do is ask which is your free will agreement to let her work with you. And remember, there's no fear needed here, the angelic realm is of the highest love and light. If you are feeling scared or like something scary, it's okay to not do this. But just know that that is your own personal development, your own growth, your own emotions that you're working on, and would not be something that they would be sharing or giving. So, you know, it all comes back down to our personal growth and development. And it's just something that we can't ever get away from truly, but how amazing that we have the opportunity to keep healing and growing as human beings for as long as we are on this plane. And then I believe we continue to heal and grow and expand and evolve on the other planes. So let me know how you liked this episode again, let me know if you're interested in hearing more about the Claire's more about other angels more about how to work with them more about how to work with Ascended Masters. I really have been expanding into some different topic areas and having some fun but I always want to know what you want to hear more about. I hope this has been enlightening. Enriching and giving you something to work on. Big hugs, lots of love, bye for now from inside Spirit Speakeasy.

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