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Update! Blue Light Beings: Predictions & Light Code Upgrades Revealed with Nancy Rebecca

Oct 23, 2023

Join us in this exciting Update Episode as Nancy Rebecca delves into the newest transmissions from the Blue Light Celestial Beings. Discover the specific dates for big shifts & new cosmic details they've unveiled, unravel the mystery of their celestial origins, and learn how indigenous wisdom has always held their secrets. Nancy also unveils the upcoming dates for transformative light code upgrades, provides insights on what to expect, and shares invaluable tips on navigating energy shifts during these cosmic transitions. Don't miss out on the scoop about her exciting upcoming group events! 
Show Notes & Links:

Show Notes & Links:
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Episode Transcript:

Hey beautiful soul Welcome to spirits speakeasy. I'm Joy Giovanni joyful medium. I'm a working psychic medium energy healer and spiritual gifts mentor. This podcast is like a seat at the table in a secret club, but with mediums, mystics and the spiritual luminaries of our time. So come behind the velvet ropes with me and see inside my world is I chat insider style with profoundly different souls. We go deep share juicy stories laugh a lot and it wouldn't be a speakeasy without great insider secrets and tips. You might even learn that you have some gifts of your own. So step inside the spirit speakeasy. Hey, beautiful soul welcome in for another episode of spirit speakeasy. If you remember back in March, we talked to Nancy Rebecca about the blue light celestial beings, she is back as promised, with the updates for what types of energy upgrades transmissions, what she seeing and knowing and receiving is going to be happening through the rest of 2023. And certainly rolling out into 2024 as she's going to tell us in just a minute when we dive in. If you haven't listened to the previous episode, that details how Nancy started to come in contact with these blue light beings. The previous messages that she gave her her journey really all over the world following guidance that they gave her, you can check that out. It's episode 17. It's called messages from the blue light celestial beings with Nancy Rebecca it was from March 20. I'll link it in the show notes. Plus she's got some events coming up for these blue light transmissions to better tune yourself to the energy that we're going to be receiving, I guess is the best way to say and I'll let her explain coming up in our conversation. So whether you are commuting on your way to wherever it is you're going or walking the dog or just tidying up the house, this is going to be a great conversation with lots more information about the blue light beings. She even tells us where she now knows that they are from. So get excited. Here we go with our conversation with the antsy, Rebecca. Hey, beautiful souls and welcome in. I am so excited to have back with us returning guest, Nancy Rebecca, I'm going to remind you a little bit about her. But definitely you should check out Episode 17, which is titled messages from the blue light celestial beings with Nancy Rebecca. It's from March 20 of 2023. And Nancy is back with more information she had told us in that episode that there were going to be some big shifts and changes coming November 2023. So she has so graciously agreed to come back and tell us all about what that is and about an event she has coming up. For those of you that haven't met Nancy rebec. I'll just tell you a quick bit about her. She is an RN, and intuitive psychic development Teacher for more than 25 years now. And she had a moment that we really went into in the last episode about how she had this down on her knees moment that triggered spontaneous out of body experience where she became suddenly sighted and all of her psychic and intuitive abilities came rushing in. But in 2017, her experiences took a turn in a new direction when these blue light celestial star beings started visiting her and she shared all about her trip to China and all the powerful messages that she got. So definitely revisit that episode, if you haven't. And now she has been working on finding balance between the 3d and the five D world of frequencies, which is challenging at best in circumstance. And Nancy is here to help us navigate through this great time of expanding within the awakening process. Welcome back, Nancy.
Thank you joy. Thanks for having me, especially with this event really coming up. She's coming around the corner and I'm like a kid in a candy store kid waking up on Christmas morning. This time has been building for a long, long time. So I'm super excited about it.
That's great. And we will share all the details in the show notes for the event that you're going to tell us about and the information that we're going to talk about today. So what is new in the blue light, the light beam, I guess,
the light beam the light beam. So it's you know, I kind of so I call it the you know the galactic we are having an enormous galactic celestial surge. And it's never stopped happening over the past several years. But in 219 when I talked about that, you know is a very huge like this laser beam of light that came to the earth through the pyramids and xi in China. And then in 2021 It came through into a to a con i never can't say that Right, right in Mexico, and then I just kept hearing was going to be in the southwest. It took a long time for that to come through. And I was really thinking about this today, because in the beginning, this is how the blue star beings came through, I could definitely see them. I'm a clairvoyant. But it doesn't mean that my clear audience skills, that clear hearing is at optimal levels. So I'm sure many of your, I'm sure you and many of your listeners, you know, you hear that high pitch shrill. And so when they came in, and I could see them, but all I could hear was a high pitch, you know, buzzing in my ear. And what I know is that to high frequency communication, and it means in this 3d world, I can't quite tap in there. But the overall writing sound was whales, and dolphins. So it was kind of that sonar type sound. Now, what's changed is the frequency on the earth has elevated so much, and humanity, we've all elevated, not just me, but you and everyone else. In that kind of intuitive. Those intuitive capacities have been enhanced for everyone. Now I can hear them in words. So I can still hear that dolphin kind of whale, huge mermaid influence in the background. But now they're going to come through and, and I will be able to hear them. So what's exciting about them, I've kind of forgotten your original question.
I just wanted to hear what was going on. I do want to quickly just touch in and ask you with that clear audience when you're hearing them. For me, I'm always trying to set people's expectations appropriately. Because I think sometimes we expect it's going to be a booming voice from Ai. For me, typically not like that. So do you mean more of that internal words or information kind of coming in and more of an oral narrative, but not necessarily a big voice from outside of you? Is that correct?
Correct. And it's in my head. And the best way I can describe it, if you've ever watched a video where they're communicating in a different language, yeah, but you've got the sub titles underneath that are coming up. But or it's kind of a little more than that, when it's clear audience. It'll be like, you know, you can hear the person speaking in Spanish, and then the interpreter is speaking in English, kind of slightly overlapping it, that's the way it is for me. So it's almost like I can hear the background noise of the whales, dolphins, mermaids, but then there's this English overlay that's just slightly delayed. That's what takes talent. You know, that's what takes skill. And anybody can learn it. And for me, in the beginning, I had to ask that the delay be a little bit slower, a little bit longer. And now I can almost hear both at the same time and not get too disoriented.
Wow, that's really amazing. It's a little different than I work, I tend to just go away, and then the information just streams through and I'm not having to be a part of that translation. So I know that you had talked to us previously, and you just mentioned that things are going to start shifting moving happening differently in the southwest part of the US. Can you talk more about what's changed what we're moving towards now?
Yeah. So in the beginning, I was thinking about this. In the beginning, you know, there was a light that came out of the darkness. So, so it's kind of like I feel I don't you know, there's a permit site. Have you changed, Nancy? Is this why you're getting more detail? Or has the earth changed? You know, and I'll ask them that and they are saying, they'll remind me, they'll say, Remember Nitze? In the beginning, we couldn't really come down into the Earth's atmosphere, it was too uncomfortable. We had to really slow down our frequency to come through like talking through water. So now what they're saying is because the Earth's frequency has risen, so you think about the 3d, you know, frequency is rising in the end, so it's kind of matching the 5g frequency. Now they're able to transition from wherever they are in the universe, which they have finally told me where they're from. And then they're able to come down. So back to your question was what's happened since then? Yeah. So for me in the very first one I had to buy I was in 19, I thought nothing was happening with blue. I just thought on November 19 2018, we're going to have this big blue surge, and the world's going to change. And that that happened. So it's almost like my mind had blinders on. The second one, though, that happened two years later. I in between those two years, I would see rain coming down. I don't know if I talked about that last time, I think a little bit light codes.
Yeah, you touched into it just a little bit. So later about it.
Yeah. And I was just kind of standing looking out the front window at my neighborhood. And, and I was kind of drawn to these lights. And they were these blue kind of sparkly lights. And they were just kind of showering down. And so then I thought, well, that's interesting. And I remember looking to the left looking to the right, I went to the back of my house to see because it was at rain, it wasn't like wet hitting the ground. And then it's like a downpour of these blue. To me, it looked like blue sparkles of rain. Now, because I'm a clairvoyant, I have this capacity to be like a make my eyes like a microscope. So as a nurse, let's say you're having I see some energy around your liver, I'm going to tune in and I can look inside the liver with detail. So kind of like an MRI machine. And that's all that I've used it for as a registered nurse. So when these star beings came in, it's like way, you're not in my wheelhouse. That's not the road that I'm on. But I've grown and changed since then. Because now I realized that the blue light affects our physical awakening and lightning. Alright, so then I tuned in to these frequencies. And it's almost like seeing computer codes of ones and zeros. So it was just it was just coming down, we're seeing ones and zeros. But then I started seeing something a little different than that. I tuned in more and it was like hieroglyphics. It was like rooms, like little symbols on rooms. I, it was things that I definitely have other languages of ancient languages, and definitely some that I've never heard of before that maybe anthropologists have heard of. So this really started coming down. And when that started happening, that's when the COVID pandemic hits. So, you know, whether, you know, they're associated with each other. It's way above my paygrade and bad. But it started me to explore what what is that? Why is that? And let's say in that two years, maybe I saw maybe five or six events of that. So it wasn't like Okay, going thing.
Let me pause you really quick. When you're clairvoyantly, witnessing the what looked like droplets, but was actually cold when it's hitting the ground. Did you notice? I mean, obviously, it wasn't pooling because it wasn't water, but it seemed like it was absorbing end and it goes right, it goes
right into the earth. Okay. Yeah, it just goes right in, and it just disappears. Yeah, it's just like this panel, of these blue, vino sparkles coming. Yeah,
I can't even see it in my mind's eye as you're saying it. Now, in the days following these four or five events that you said that you noticed over those two years? Did you as a sensitive, kind of feel anything differently? Or was it just kind of like when it rains like, okay, that happened and moving on? My,
I will say my own personal capacity, because for almost 30 years, I've really spent a lot of time developing my skill, because as a nurse, I'm super curious about how, what the heck is happening, and how does this work? I will say the depth of my skill level. You know, it's almost like if you look at a tree, and it's to D. And let's see, with my clairvoyance, I could see light radiating off the tree. So a lot of people can do that. Well, what began to shift was, it's almost like I could see through the tree, the tree was still very solid, but it was became it had depth to it, like three dimensions, okay. And now it has shifted, where I can see the three dimensions, but I can see behind it and in front of it, and the sides at the same time as well as below the earth and above. Okay, so those kinds of skills have changed. Not just for me on the face of the planet, but for everyone. So, I'm sure you're noticing joy. I'm noticing many more people are very curious about intuition. Their intuition is awakening. Totally. Yeah. And they're not quite sure what to do with it and that ability to compromise ourselves. is no longer working, you know, and so that skill and abilities coming up. So that's what I noticed for me. What I noticed in the world was big world events were happening every time there was a big blue surge, there was a big world event that was happening. Yeah. And I
feel like what is sometimes challenging from our kind of human perspective is sometimes these big world events feel uncomfortable. They feel like complete upheaval. They feel challenging and traumatic and tragic, sometimes emotional, and devastating. Yeah. But in the grand scheme of things I know, you know, sometimes it's a version of an evolution, I guess, right? If things needing to go away with the old or, you know, upheaval to then rebuild, is that my understanding that right?
Yeah, I try it, because I'm a nurse, it's, you know, I like to talk about, you know, ascension symptoms. So, an oftentimes kind of amaze people. Because we use that term so much, I forget that it's not a common language term. But it just means to ascend means to rise, and then the energy that's in your field that is not capable or able to rise with it. So let's say, you know, that you, you had a car accident, and you have the PTSD from that car accident, and you broke your left hip. And so all the energy and memory of that is stored in that left hip, you don't really know that it's stored there, you're going through a healing process. But as the as your frequency starts to rise, that trauma can no longer stay stuck in that left hip. And that hip starts to ache, and it starts to feel like your hip joints kind of pop out and it start and you feel a little nauseated because of the pain and the left hip. So you have all that stuff happening. And you're going to the doctor and you're getting X rays, you're taking pain pills. But really what's happening is your frequency is rising, and that needs to move out. So it's kind of like a birthing process. It's not comfortable. Yeah. Now a term I use a lot is detoxing. So I've never done this personally taking a water, what do you call that? We all you drink his water, like a water detox fast, like fasting for two weeks, and you think I'm gonna do something really healthy for myself, and I'm just gonna drink water. And I'm gonna just cleanse, I'm gonna drink a lot of water, and I'm gonna meditate, listen, music, get some good sleep. And you're just sicker than a dog and you might throw up, but you get these achy headaches, because you're not drinking your coffee. But you're doing something really good for yourself, you are detoxing. So when I'm talking about the blue light coming to earth, the blue light beings have explained it to me this way. The earth is going through a detox process. It's a good thing. The blue light frequency is helping us to raise our consciousness. But we have to shed the toxins. And it doesn't take much effort to see how toxic our world is right now. Yeah, it doesn't take much.
So I think it's begging the question, then with this next wave of frequency adjustments. Do you have any idea what to expect when these things are happening? What are they told you, Nancy, we
want to know why you were gonna ask me because because the way that I work, you know, get information, I've given the information on need to know basis, explaining back then I'd hear whale sounds, but that doesn't mean that I it'd be like, word drops here on there. But I kind of have to create the story in between. So I'm getting a little more this time. But in the beginning, they said the blue light is here to dissolve all illusions on the, you know, on the planet on Earth, dissolve all illusions. So, we might have an illusion that I most certainly did. Not everybody did, but I had the illusion that that we had a stable government. You know, here in the United States, I had the illusion that only those people that get voted on are really working for the people you know, I mean, I'm not to go in that kind of political direction, but that's what I thought. So then as the blue lights are coming through, they said all illusion is going to be dissolved and what how Spin hidden, the truth that's been hidden from us is going to be revealed. So this is what they told me starting in 2017. Well, again, doesn't take a psychic to know. There's been a lot of illusions that have been hidden that have come to the surface, the truth has been revealed. And so that was then. And that's still happening. But now what they're saying now and 2023, because more of the star beings, the Pleiadians, the Orion's, the Syrians, the Lyrans, those are the star beings that I'm witnessing the most. There's many more. But what they're saying now is, they are here to assist all of us in humanity. And they're very clear. Okay, not just just because I can hear them doesn't mean I'm extra special. I can hear them because I've worked hard at practicing my skill. So anybody practices that can hear that. All right.
Okay, I'm gonna pause you again. Just for clarification. So when you're seeing these star beings, as you just mentioned, how is it like they're looking like regular people? Or is it different? How can you just explain a little bit more about that?
Well, they are, they do not look like regular people. In some ways they do. They have eyes and nose and a mouth. But they're very tall. So definitely the I would say the Orion Syrians are much taller, they're blue. They're very slender. So the best way to describe them is they look almost exactly like in the movie Avatar.
Okay, so you're not just kind of like seeing them with your physical eyes kind of walking around at the mall?
Yes, I can. Yes, I can. And it's like you have many of them standing behind you right now. So I can see them. But they're luminescent blue, like I can see through them. So yeah, it can be a little distracting for me, when I'm walking my dog around the block. And all of a sudden they start to appear. So normally, I might see one or two, maybe a dozen. But if I start seeing them by the 50s, and hundreds I know something Signet they're working.
Okay. And then where are the blue light beings from?
So so I just I'll just say quickly, the Pleiadians do look much more human. Okay, they are taller. And they are much more expresses of their creative, compassionate, loving, very sensitive, very clairsentient. You know, so they're really helping us to tap into the feeling to develop that. And then the Lyrans, which are the lions are cat people very associated with the Egyptians. They're here. They're not I don't see them as tall but they definitely are bulkier. Okay, so now getting back to your question was, what was your question?
Where are the blue light celestial beings?
So about two months ago, I'm meditating with them. And I set or I'm meditating. And I, and then they're in the room, I can sense their presence. If I open my eyes, I can see them there. And then I said, Where are you from? Because it's been really it's a big universe. And they said, We are from the Dog Star. When I said, Okay, you're from the Dog Star, having no clue. Have you ever heard that dog? No, I
have no idea what that is.
Well, I'm a huge Dr. Google fan. Me too. So I typed it in. And there is a Wikipedia post about the Dog Star. Interesting. So it's a planet serious.
Okay. Oh,
so then I happen to have a very dear friend. We've been friends for over 20 years medicine man, he happened to be staying with us for a month.
I remember that I read comes down.
And I said, Have you ever heard of the Dog Star before? And he his head snapped around. And he looked at me and he said, Well, of course, Nancy. That's where my people are from? Oh, my gosh, of course, I know that. And I'm like, What do you mean, where your people are from? And he said, Well, my ancestors are from the stars, you know, and they are from the planet Sirius from the Orion constellation. I did have another opportunity to ask another indigenous elder of our community. And I said, Have you ever heard of the Dog Star and She said yes. Like, well, what is it? Well, it's the planet serious. It's where my people are from. So if anybody looks into the ancient indigenous cultures, whether it's an Egyptian, whether it's from Mexico or China, or Tibet, or you know, they're going to show these constellations, their pyramids are built according to the Orion constellation, and they have the planet Sirius. So Orion, the Orion zone, so I'm just gonna I got my book. Love it. So now it's backwards for me. So I don't know, but
I can see it. It's called the Orion zone by Gary a David and I can also link it in the show notes.
Yeah. So the Orion zone. So what he realized was in the Hopi Hopi,
I was just gonna say I just did in a recent podcast talked all about the Hopi. And I was like, This is so crazy. I didn't want to interrupt you. But okay, I'm putting things together.
So it has the three meses. So this book is about the three meses, aligning with the planets in the Orion's Belt, you've got the three planets, and the Syrian planet. So it's aligned with that. But even more than that, some of their ancient, ancient little villages and staff that are hundreds of years old, 1000s of years old. So he marks them. And they completely aligned with the entire constellation. And even on the small stars that you can't see. The Hopi could see them and know them. And of course, they're like, Well, of course, this is where our ancestors are from. Wow. And so my mother gave me this book. And I was blown away, because the Blue Star Beings told me, it would be in the southwest and the pyramids in the southwest. And I said, we don't have pyramids in the southwest. Like, I know what I'm talking about more than they do. And then they said, what what is hidden will be revealed. Wow. And so I waited, and I waited and waited. I knew it was going to be in southwest. I didn't know where I didn't know where we had pyramids, and thought we were going to have a big discovery of pyramids. And then my mother gives me this book. And I just talked to an anthropologist in Utah, and he I was telling him about this and he looks right at me. And he goes, and you believe the three meses are three pyramids, don't you? And I went? i Yes, I do. And he said very good. Because they are. Wow. And so it's like, yeah, Joy. You and I are trying to catch up with that going down the road, but she's in the bus girl. But there's a lot of people who are on this already. Then if you look up the blue cucina, the hope you're waiting for the return of the blue cucina. It's Yes,
I literally like just a couple of weeks ago did a new podcast about the thinning of the veil. I think I was telling you, and I really did an exploration into how the Hopi people understand communication with the other side and was talking about the blue cucina and all of that this is Oh my gosh, never cease to be amazed by this seriously, that's what I was doing when you were just traveling.
Oh, my gosh, well, no wonder I see the blue beings of light behind you. And so I will stop short of saying that the blue cucina is the Blue Star Beings. And the reason why I say I will stop short of that is because that elder medicine man, he said, tread lightly here, Nancy, because you are not Hopi. Yeah, you are not an indigenous person. You are not a native person. You don't get to speak their ancient stories and you know, their oral traditions and their stories. You don't get to name that. So even when we're going to do this event, the blue I am told the blue surges will come through the three different races and three different times in November. But we're not allowed to travel astrally or energetically or anything. It's like, we have to remain very respectful. So I've really talked a lot I've really thought about this a lot of meditate on this a lot. But the thing about the three mesas on Hopi land. I've been to Egypt to Giza. I've seen those pyramids. You can walk from one to the other in a little day tour. It's the same in China, although they've got there's behind armed guards, and then the ones in Mexico. You can Do a day trip, visit the three pyramids and you can visit the museum and still have time for lunch. The three mesas and on Hopi land, they're 50 miles apart from each other. Yeah, this is huge. So anyway, I'm super excited. So to get back to what's hot, what's going to happen this time. The first time it was a light that came through this radiant light, it's almost like the whole earth turn blue. The second time, the radiant light came through like a laser column of light. It was like the Earth became liquefied, and it was like ringlets of waves going out, going out to wherever in the outer atmosphere, and then it would come back in and these waves went on for about six months. Wow. And now this time, what they're showing me is what has been hidden will be revealed, the Earth has to be detoxed. This first beam of light is going to come through, and it would be kind of like a pile driver. You know what I mean by that, like, yeah, you know, it's going to, it's going to hit some hard granite, whatever, is gonna keep hitting it, but it's going to the way they're showing me it's going to come through, it's going to shatter. It's like black glass, it's just going to shatter, and that black is a hatred, violence, you know, warring power, abuse, you know, money abuse, all of that abuse of other cultures. You know, all that has saturated the Earth. It has become like cement, it's hardened. It's, it's dried. So it's going to break that up. And then the second one that comes through, we'll break it up even more and start to clear it by the third one. They said, I'll be more powdery, much more easily dissolved. Mouse. So that's why they're saying what we're having these wars right now, because they're reflecting what stuck in the earth, if I can put it that way. Yeah. And again, they've got this knowledge that is beyond the beyond, you know, and they put it in bite sized pieces for me. Yeah. But I know, it's much more complex than that.
I think it's always more complex. It is one of the messages that that Violet Flame has been sharing often is that sometimes even through listening to the channeling, yes, we're hearing it on an auditory level. But vibrationally our system is a tuning, rising, moving to those frequencies, even if our human ears and human brain doesn't consciously understand what's happening. So I think there are things that are, you know, going on energetically, always behind the scenes. So are these three events, three transmissions, three separate dates that are spread apart throughout November? Okay,
yeah, there'll be three different, they'll be three different dates that they will be happening. And I know that the information you're going to put that, but I actually looked it up, because I'm trying to remember. So there's going to be the dates around the third, fourth fifth of November than the 17th 18th 19th of November, and then the 24th 25th 26th of November, wow. But we're going to do a pre event, the event and then a post q&a of the event. So that's going to be where some people may tune in and want to tap into a column. Those who want to get every single drop of the experience of this blue light, then they will participate, but you have others who can just simply participate in the three, you know, event, so but this is what the blooping exactly what you said, you know, like I'm a nurse, your liver has a different frequency than your bones. Your brain has a different frequency than your heart. You know, so I can hear the frequencies I can feel the frequencies in the body. Could I do it? 25 years ago? No, I, yeah, I've just practice it this. But then they went on to say but emotionally, you're impacted by the emotions of anger, you know, or jealousy, or the emotions of sadness or joy, you know, or happiness or elation. You can walk into a room and be happy and you can have somebody in a grumpy mood that can impact everybody in the room. So They try to help put it in perspective of, you can feel that, but you don't even know that somebody in the rooms angry, but you can feel somebody's angry. But this with the blue light, it's such a high five frequency, you can't feel that. But your whole entire human body and chakra system are being impacted by this blue light. So everyone is going to be touched by it, whether they're conscious of it or not.
That's really fascinating. So do you do you are you aware of I guess I should say any kind of physical symptoms either within ourselves or of the Earth itself during these three events that you were mentioning.
So headaches are big ones. Because I was, you know what, I can't wrap my mind around that. So it's human nature, and especially in our Western culture, to try to make sense of things. I have to admit that's my default. You know, I'm this Aquarian Virgo Capricorn person. I mean that you can't you can't get much more mental than that. So I'm, I've always had to train myself to override that. However, not avoid it, because our minds our human minds are brilliant. So. So yes, a lot of headaches are coming up, because we're trying to clamp down rather than allow the expansion to happen. It's like, all allow the expansion to happen. As soon as you tell me what I'm going to be like after ace. Yeah. But the other thing is neuropathy, anything to do with the nervous system. Anything to do with the eyes, because Yep, our intuitions, opening up clairvoyant or psychic abilities, opening up, people are going to be maybe, definitely seeing more on the side. But it's almost like, your eyes are going to move in and out. I find myself rubbing my eyes and looking and rubbing my eyes and looking you know, it's just like, I can't get my eyes to get on paid on the same page. So don't have
to. I've been mentioning it a lot on my lives and stuff. Yeah, like, I think I need glasses, guys, I don't know what's going on. But so fascinating that you say that? Well, and time
and space is the biggest freaky thing of all. So it's like, Alright, let me just wash these last few dishes. I'm gonna take the dog out for a quick pee, put the dog in the crate, and then I'll hop in the car, I've got time to stop for a Starbucks before I get to work. And then you're washing the dishes doing it. And then the next thing you know, you still have an hour to go was like, Wait a minute. I thought I had 15 minutes. So it's like, you can expect you could take this to the bank joy. This is already happening so much this weird time workers sort of thing. And then other weird things that are happening. It's like your car keys will be there. And you're like, Okay, I've got the dog out. Dadadada da ready to jump in the car swing by Starbucks. What just happened? My keys, they were just right there next to the purse. Now I know, we all do that. That's normal stuff. But it's going to start happening more often that you like, Okay, this is beyond logic. Yeah. And, like my mother tells the story about how, okay, I'm gonna make the bed. I'm gonna go finish loading the dishwasher. And then I'm gonna come back, I'm gonna make the bed. So she's got planned out her choice for the day, she comes back and the beds made. Wow. So those kinds of things. And this happened to me, I just got back from Ireland. Who? Ireland, I don't even know what dimension it's in. You know, we talked about the five D, I think it's like in the 35th dimension in some areas. That happens so much. It was crazy making. But what's happening there. So what's happening is you're shifting into a higher frequency, then you'll struggle to see the 3d world. Okay. And your keys are right there in the 3d world. But then, and remember, when you're busy, you lose your grounding, but then you get grounded again, you've clicked back into the 3d world, suddenly, you can see your keys that are there. But you go a little freaky because you think they really disappear. But they didn't. You did.
Just okay. So let me ask you this for anyone who's experiencing these symptoms of this transition. Do you have any suggestions for self energy management? Support to ease the ease the transition, I guess, is what I'm asking.
Yeah, well, let's just say the simplest form is to remain in a state of curiosity. So that's the simplest form Oh, yes, I wow, that's curious. Wow, that's kind of cool. I don't have a friend I can call right now, you know, and start creating a language around it. Because the blue Beings of Light tell me all the time, we are creating a language of the future. So we don't have languages to describe this. So you can go through all of that. Be curious. Get some books on it. There's lots of books written about YouTube videos. But my big thing, which to me is non negotiable, is to get your energy running, because you want to stay well grounded. You want to imagine your grounding, and I have free meditations. If you go to intuitive And I think it's under shopping and free, you click there, you've got grounding meditations. Right now, if I were to give the best recommendation of all, every single day, at least 10 minutes a day. And what would make me super happy, is 30 minutes a day, 30 minutes twice a day, especially during this blue light movement. And I have to free blue light meditations to but I'd say do it once or twice a day, especially over these next six months. Okay. And I know people are going to be listened to this podcast two years from now. Meditate twice a day? Because these changes are not stopping in January, you know?
Well, yeah, that's what I've been, have been like, I feel like I've said it 1000 times in the last two weeks. It's these energetic systems that we have, it's more of an unfolding than a light switch. I think our human nature is to expect like, oh, turn it on, turn on my third eye turn on my you know, whatever. And it's not a light switch. It's more of an unfolding. It's more of a relationship than, you know, a one and done thing. So I'm not surprised that this is extending over, you know, yeah, the period of time. So I want to continue to hear about this. But I want you to touch into those events that you're holding personally, you know, that you're offering to everyone around these events. Can you talk a little bit more about what you're going to be doing and the space you're going to be holding?
Yeah, yeah, thanks. So excuse me, when I first began again, when you're psychic, your intuitive like I'm a nurse, and all I could see was illness. I am going to get to the point here, but all I could see was illness. And I remember one day I asked my higher why self. I'd like to just have a conversation with my friend over a cup of coffee without saying, you know, Oh, her lungs are full. Bla bla bla bla bla. And spirit said, well then change the channel. Yeah. And I was like, Oh, what do you mean? And then when I I'm like, what if I, they support you want to see people's spirit guides, yeah, change the channel. So you go change the channel to the spirit guide channel. And then you start kind of sensing spirit guides around the door. Anyway, so with the blue beings of light. So I'm tuning into this event. So I started doing weekly talks on I have a blue light, what's called a private member, blue light movement page, which everybody can join. It's on Facebook, I only require that you play well with others. That's it. You play nice,
I call it no jerks in the sandbox.
Exactly. And we talk about everything blue, but I've been giving talks. So I would need to prepare for that talk. So leading up. So now what's happening in November, I've already been planning for this probably the last two years. I can't rush into it, just like you said, I can't flip the switch on I had to wait for them to give me the I had to wait for them to know when I was ready for the next level of information to interpret and share to others. So the first may set so what on October 28, kicks off everything. That's next. That's on Saturday, October 28 kicks off everything. I'm going to do a reading for the group. And I'm going we're all going to meditate together as I look at the energy field of the group to prepare them to receive the blue light. We're all receiving it. But there can be bumps and lumps and along the way. Then on the third, fourth and fifth, so on the fourth of November, I'm calling it the Blue Earth search. So I'm I'm going to guide people prep them on the floor, excuse me, prep them on the third to get prepped for how we're going to do this Then we're going to create a round sacred house of, and we're all going to enter into it through meditation with a guide them. And then I tell everybody exactly what I'm seeing. It's like, alright, the blue light has just entered our atmosphere. Okay, the blue light has now just hit our Earthwatch. Okay, the blue light starting to come through you keep breathing, let it pass all the way through the blue or snack going into the blue light to the earth. And then I'll just guide what I'm noticing is happening. And then we'll do a follow up kind of q&a, people get to share their experience on the fifth. The same will repeat on the second mesa. But this one, these are the blue Beings of Light gave me these terms as the Blue Water surge. So it's not, but it's water is highly intelligent. I mean, highly intelligent. And same with the blue light. So now we're going to work with the whales and the dolphins and the MER people in this and we'll do another guided meditation, some people won't be able to go into the water, and they're guided meditation so well, but it will merge with the blue light, we're going to have an experience that way as well do the pre and then the post cheering. The last, the third and final one for here in the United States is going to be that holiday Thanksgiving holiday weekend. But it's just like an hour to two hours each day. It's not all day long. Is the blue cosmic search. And that one? I would say I think is going to be the trickiest one of them all. Because it's going to be incorporating the the galactic core and the Great Attractor. Have you ever heard of those two things
I have, but I would love it if you would expand a little.
So we're, the galactic core is like this black hole. And I call it well, my friend who's the medicine man, elder, he calls. I laughed because I'm like, I can't even believe you're describing this. And this is exactly what the blue light beings told me. But he says it's the space of nothingness that contains everything. Yeah. And so when you go into that, as a group, we're gonna go into that it's a total steal point. You cannot wrap your mind around a steel point you can't. It's just you go totally steal. And when the blue light beings took me into the Galactic Core, they had me set my timer. Because they said I would stay in that suspended state forever, like someone would have to bring me back. So they had me set my alarm for only 10 minutes. So we're going into that state. Wow. That the Great Attractor, Poles, planets, so even our earth is being pulled. You can look it up on NASA. I've done my Dr. Google search, it pulls the planet. So time and space bins. So as we expanded light time lengthens. So they talk about when the astronauts are in outer space on the spaceship time is like two minutes, either slower or faster up there than it is here on Earth. So they're always having to adjust the clocks. So it is going to kind of be a little wild trippy, but in a non scary way. It's going to be like in this way of like, whoa, that's awesome. That's awesome. You know, so exciting. Yeah, it's I'm super excited. Because the first two I experienced the Stillpoint. It's like, tick, tick, tick, and then the clock stops pure silence the birds stop singing everything like that stops. It's like only two or three seconds it has been and then click, click. It's like everything starts again. But a whole reset has happened inside of you like you are not the same person you were two seconds ago. It's I love to think about how all these things work. And I know you do to joy I do. But these concepts are way out of my pay range.
I agree. I mean, I love thinking about it, but it also kind of kind of hurts my brain. Like I can't wrap my brain around it and I know like you were saying earlier just some things we can't logically define or understand we don't have the language connected with the understanding and meanings. This is So exciting. And I'm sure you have an info page for people to kind of read all about the events, right?
Yeah, so definitely, if you go to my website and intuitive, I've got the page right there about Are you ready to soar? Okay, we'll
link it in the show notes wherever.
Yeah. And so once you click on that, there's a ton of information that you can read about, I'd say, make a cup of something and just really enjoy get nice and cozy and read through it again. But feel feel it, you know, as you're reading it. Yeah. But I just, there's definitely at the top of my page, that I didn't say that they wanted me to say today,
please, we have plenty of time. You know, me, I always have 1000 questions.
So what they said, now, what they said was hidden, what would be revealed, but they said, We, because now they can come to the earth by the hundreds, maybe by the 1000s. They are here to assist us humanity to tap into higher realms of possibility. So basically, they're helping us to override our limited thought patterns. Oh, I can't do that. I didn't graduate high school. I can't do that. I didn't do this. Well, I'm not athletic, you know, so I can't join a softball team. You know, it's like they're saying, they're here to help us reach for that higher bar that already exist. Yeah. And then they said, they're helping us to do hire problem solving capacity. And then they said, no matter what your status is in life, no matter what your education level, your wealth, your support system, it doesn't matter. Every single person on the face of the planet will have the capacity to move into higher problem solving. So let's just talk about, you know, the war that's happening, you know, right now, that's all over their news. It's like, they may have limiting ways of problem solving that situation, but the blue light is going to help. Oh, I didn't think about that before. And then we're going to see it in the sciences and medicine, in our you know, saving the planet ecology and the heirs and the waters, like, we think of it from that perspective of, Oh, my God, the world's going to end and we've screwed it up big time. And what they're saying is no, you haven't, you just haven't tapped into the solve, it's possible to solve these problems. And that that is our evolutionary process that's happening. It's exciting.
what's so fascinating, even as you're saying it, like throughout this talk, there's been so many things that I just, I like, always want to interject. But even as that when I read for someone when I'm working, and I can see, you already know this, but I don't believe anyone can predict the future because we have free will. And it depends on which kind of like which avenue which stream, we choose off our river so to speak. And when I'm reading for someone, I can often see a couple offshoot branches from their tree that they're moving towards. But then I can usually see several six or seven other eggs, avenues of possibility that they may not have even considered yet. So it's so fascinating to hear you describe it, because I'm like,
this is this is what's happened.
Well, and what they're saying is, yeah, it's a frequency thing. You know, so if they're, like you said, you're doing that reading, and they're just like, especially societal stuff, right now about relationship. And, you know, like, if you're stuck there, it's in South Africa, where I trained with the single most the Zulu people, they're just like, if you're looking down at your feet, all you're gonna see is your feet, you know, sight, but but they'll say, lift your chin and look at the stars, and feel how you feel. And inside, it dramatically changes. So I would ask anybody who's listening, tuning in, do it for yourself, look down at your feet, think about a problem, and then look up. So looking up, is those other frequency selections?
So is this going to be kind of a I'm not gonna word this correctly, but kind of a non optional leveling up for everyone, we're just additional possibilities will start opening up whether someone is intending to be available to see that or not. Does that make sense? I'm asking it.
Yeah, it makes a lot of sense. And, and this is where, you know, we might kind of bump up against some societal beliefs in the society, the us and them, you know, there are some who will be remained in the third dimensional world and there are some who will go into fifth dimensional world, but what they're showing me is everyone is going to bumping up a level. Okay? Now, it doesn't mean that they're going to be reciting, you know, Plato or you know, the great philosophers and things like that. But their level of consciousness is going to rise, and it may be within their realm of consciousness. Because here where I live, you know, we are having a violence problem, you know, where I, you know, I have I hear guns going off a few times. So we drive by shootings and that kind of stuff. And so, I think about this a lot. You know, it's like, are they going to have a leveling up of consciousness? Yeah, I
think this is exactly what I'm asking. Yeah.
And the blue light being said, Well, of course, why wouldn't they be?
But do people have the choice? Whether they're going to accept that leveling up? And and the behavior will shift accordingly? Or is it just kind of went like evolution where things just shift and change and climate changes? And then you're just, that's what it is now? Is it more like that?
It's not a choice. Okay. So but let me explain it to you this way. It's different. Yeah, we have a lot of choice and a lot of things. Yeah. So now I'm in Ireland, I It's crazy vibration, I can't sleep, I'm wide awake. You know, my dream, when I do fall asleep are crazy. Alright, so you're in a stone, you enter into a stone circle. So you're outside the stone circle, you can feel the frequency you go, and it's amplified. And so if you're sitting there, no matter what status in life, I'm looking at my note, no matter what status in life you're in, anybody can go into that stone circle. And the stone, the frequency of the stone, the frequency of the circle, the frequency of the vortex is going to uplift everybody who goes who enters into it. Now, let's take it to another level. So joy, you've been developing yourself all your life, your pride, groovin out in the center of that circle, you're just like, you know, you're just like, enjoying it, you're like loving it, like, Bring it on, you know, and a half hour later on, like joy, you got to get out of the center of the circle, your body's got to have time. Just one more minute, you know, you might be like that. But we or you could be someone who goes in, it's like, Whoa, this is too intense. And then you'll step back out again. So some people will, everybody's going to be impacted by the frequency, everybody is just some are going to be able to take that in a little easier than others. But what spirit is what the blue light beings and spirit is quick to remind us, you could be sitting there just rocking out to that incredible vibration. And then you can have someone who's struggled all their life, they might have been in prison, you know, they might have been doing drugs they might need, and they walk in and flash totally awaken. And they have more ability than you who's been doing it for 20 plus years. Yeah. So that's the freaky thing that's gonna happen as well. We're seeing young kids right now. Telling us right,
yeah. Oh, very much. So yeah, that's, it's so it's also fascinating. And it's, like you said, you know, kind of at the top it was it's our mind wants to wrap around it and make patterns out of it and make understanding out of it. And it's just not going to work exactly like that. Yeah. So these events are happening in November, the dates that you mentioned, and then sort of energetically integrating over the next six months or so. What can we expect in that six month period? Do you anticipate obviously, you can't give us all the answers because you no need to know basis. But
what are we looking at here?
Well, I'm super excited about them to yeah, these next six months, and even the next year, you know, we have Aquarius, who's moving, you know, into Pluto, and they're becoming great bedfellows. And that's that expansiveness. So we definitely have the astrology that's just functioning perfectly for the surges. It's like well, of course, you know, pretty amazing. It's pretty
and even as you're talking like, these are the things I haven't said but I also got the message when I was deep diving into the all of the Hopi tradition and, and wisdom, I share very little of it because I got the message that these are sacred traditions you are allowed to understand, but limit what you share. This does not belong to you. You can't speak for them. Right. Exactly. And even as you're talking about the dates, I'm like, Oh my gosh, I was guided to do the channeling event on the 29th I had no idea why of October and I'm like, This is crazy Nancy. I I'm so so excited to hear Yeah, it's coming.
Yeah. So going back to the stone circle, yeah. So on the trip the woman, it's Maria's Irish sacred tour, so you can look it up and or Pharaoh tours, which is she's changing the name too. So she put into the tour. So my parents were on the trip with me and my mother. So it's my mother and I's ancestors, stone circle. So we came from this county Limerick, which is where we're from. So the stone circle. And it turns out, it's the largest stone circle. And all of Ireland. Now, it's not my family's, but it would have been for that counted, people would gather and do ceremony there. So I had to I had been there. But I had surprised my mom, that when we pulled up, and I surprised her, I said, this stone circle is from your ancestors. Alright, so I go in the center. And I felt compelled to lay on the ground. And I felt like a magnet was pulling me to the underworld or something, but I'm laying kind of out. And all of a sudden, I see the blue Beings of Light, they're gathering around, and I thought, Oh, that's cool. You know? And then all of a sudden, I hear. So I start thinking about November and everything and and I'm like, Yeah, you know, kind of tapping in and they said, and then when that's done, the real work begins.
This is what I was wondering.
Because I'm like, wait a minute, I know, it's not a light switch. So. But
I was like, you know, I mean, isn't that human nature to lead to the worst case scenario?
Like it is, I think I always know, it's, sometimes there are things that can feel temporarily just comfort and you know, uncomfortable and great,
or that it's hard, or it's going to be hard. Because we've been doing hard, like, we know how to do hard on the earth, we know how to survive.
And most of us are more of a creature of habit than creature of change, right? So Right.
So all they showed me was like a phoenix coming out of the ashes, okay, so it was like the crumbled, the crumble when they break apart, all that old stuff, and it's just like this rising of light. And then it's just like, then we're just gonna start creating and molding, you know, how we move forward, in our life as, as a human culture and unity consciousness. And so I think we can be really excited about that. I think it's
why what you said is so wise. And it's, I feel like you and I, and several others are constantly blowing this horn of like, get into your meditation practice, because truly, we each have that seed of wisdom within we have a soul that has wisdom that our human mind doesn't understand all the time, all the way. And that is how we will start receiving that inspiration that you know, exactly that nudging pulling us forward check here, look here, and sometimes it gets you know, pulsates a little louder as we're needing to move towards it more. So, for me, I feel like part of what you're saying is, you know, through having a meditative practice of quieting and going within each person will be, you know, guided, inspired, nurtured through the transition, perhaps each in their slightly own array.
Yeah, yeah. That's very true. And, you know, when I was guided to kind of put this guidance, these events, you know, out to the public, because you have to remember, this is, this is a real coming out for me, you know, and it's a coming out for you. I mean, I've kept it in a very small group that it's like, oh, yeah, I talked to star beings. Oh, yeah. You have Star Beings in your ancestral lineage? Yes, our ancestors came like, this is a big deal for a nurse who has two parents who are doctors and all that stuff. But what's happening is what spirit always tells me is every single part where it's billions of people on the planet, and each one has a piece of the puzzle. Yeah, and your piece is exactly like my piece. It just has a different shape. You know, and the homeless person has a piece and the President has a piece, you know, like everybody. So as we start to meditate, and I meditation, the type of meditation I teach, I call it intuitive meditation. But we're actually flowing energy through the body. We're not trying to quiet the mind. We're giving the mind a job. So people get kind of blown away. They're just like, wow, I can do this. So it's very doable. But when I asked the blue light beings like, why does it matter if we're all going to be being showered with this blue light? Or we're standing on there? Earth that's turning blue. Why does it matter that we do anything. And they said, Well, if you jump in to a deep lake, and you didn't know how to swim, you're gonna sputter and a cough and choke your way to the edge until your feet are on the ground. And you're probably going to think twice before you jump back in to learn how to swim again. But if you have a swimming coach, a swimming teacher, that's like, let's start at the shallow end, let's just go under the water and then up, like, if you have a coach, then you're the chances of being successful and getting the most out of your experiences a lot easier. And so that's why they they said, provide these opportunities for those who would like to have a coach to move through them anyway, just gonna have a lot of fun. Yeah, it'll be a lot of fun,
you'll have an experience. And yes, someone is coming to this podcast after these events, like say it's already towards the end of November, the events have passed, even though we're going to get this out right before the events, what guidance would you give or what would be the best, I don't know the best thing for someone to do that's coming after these events have already passed.
So we will have some we are recording all the events, I'm not quite sure what we're going to do with them, however. And I would say start meditating with the blue light. So start letting so basically, you're grounding blue, you're bringing blue through your legs and your arms and your skin in your head, you're bringing blue, you're bringing blue cosmic, you know, through, you're tapping into blue crystals on the earth. So it's like that's going to help you to integrate what's already in place. Yes, is the blue light. But all the normal things work really well, getting a good night's sleep, getting our own walking, you know, sitting in nature, you know, staying hydrated, good food, good company, good laughter. All of those things work really well that help integrate. And it may be
a strange question. I know in the past, when we hold on to emotions and try to shove them down in our body, it causes all kinds of long term problems, as we know, is this going to be part of this revolution evolution, that we're no longer going to be able to do that, or it's going to be much more uncomfortable to do that. So is that part of the guidance is making sure we're working through emotions that rise up discerning our emotions from others emotions, that kind of thing, you touched on it a little bit earlier?
Well, so let me just share a little story about Ireland. And so with Maria, if she was talking to the group, because I had noticed, when I plugged in my cell phone, you know, like, you plug it in, I don't know, the battery can die in 12 hours or something. But you definitely plug it in once a day. And what I noticed was sometimes I can go three days, and my battery wasn't dying. So I asked her about it. So this is going to answer your question. And she goes, Oh, we don't our magnetics is different than other places in the world. We don't have a magnetic field, we have non magnetics so she said what that means is we can't hang on to stuff. So magnetics pull us down into our trauma, our drama magnetics pull us down into our old emotions. magnetics kind of can pull us in be stalker kind of cause those memories and energies to be stuck. So what she said was here, we're just, we're so much in the now we're so much in the present moment. And they are like, I remember, we were going to another county we're going to go see a fairy circle where the fairies live and their their circles are huge. So I asked this man, we're gonna go this other county and see this fairy circle. Can you tell me any thing about it? And he said, Well, no, that's not my business. Like what do you mean, it's not your business, that's another county. It's that county's business. I live in this county, I tend to the business in my county. So we can that's kind of how it's going to be for us. We're going to stay in our own backyard more. We're going to want to stay in our own backyard more distractions, just orientations that need to be over carrying over concern for others all of that poll off that's going to change. We are going to be able to let go of things more. However, what Maria was quick to say though, is we are so in the moment we're so in the now that sometimes we've had some traumatic things happen in our country that we didn't process and then we end up having to repeat it again. And so she does believe that process time isn't Horton hanging on not so much. So those things will change. But it's like, when I'm meditating with a blue light, and you're telling me about a problem, it's like, I can see that the solution is laying right next to the problem. Or I can see, oh, this isn't really a problem. She's going to be resolved by tomorrow. That's what's going to be happening for us. Like, we won't be so easily hooked. Yeah, by. Yeah, our own stuff. I call it contemplating our navel. That's just not going to be as great a pastime as it has been for the past. Yeah.
Well, it sounds incredible. I hope you will return and join us in six months. So we could talk about what has happened and what's to come at that point, because I know that this is part of your work. As a healer, you're continuing this communication, this relationship and continuing to get need to know basis information, which is exciting. Do you have any last thoughts or guidance that you want to leave us with about the blue light or things that they have instructed? Or given? You've given us quite a bit already?
Well, when I did ask them, you know, where are you from? From the Dog Star? Who are you? Why are you even here? And they basically said, My, their sound my interpretation, we basically, I'm just going to put it in this kind of literal sense, we answer to the same God you do. That was the very first thing they said, or we answer to the same creator, or we answer the same goddess, but it's that, yeah, the highest wisdom that we we align with. So they were very quick to say that to me, and they said, and just like, God, the God of your heart, the divine asked you to help humanity during this great time of change. We too, have been asked by source to help humanity during this great time of change. We can't interfere. We can't do it for you. But we can stand by we can support we can encourage, as you kind of go through that evolutionary expansive awakening of consciousness phase, and that they'll celebrate us. So I think that's, that's where I'd kind of like to, just to assure everyone, I could feel that truth.
Yeah, I deeply can to I almost want to cry even as you're saying, it's what the violet flame tells me to same source, they always say same, since we're all of the same source. Yeah. So there's a built in trust and ease there, you know?
Yeah. Well, and just that other thing is, you know, I had someone say, you know, what you're doing is fringe, it's on the edge, you know, it's not going to appeal to a lot of people. So I'm like, oh, yeah, I totally get that. I mean, how long it's taken me to kind of get on board. But I said to the blue Beings of Light, you're probably not going to get the people very interested in what you're doing right now. You know, we just it's kind of fringe it's on the edge. And they came back and said to me, what's wrong with fringe? What's wrong with edge? Do you really want to stay focused on what a mess the world is right now? Do you really want to base that as your reality? And it was like, oh, yeah, I want fringe
fringe, for sure. And I mean, even just historically, the things that there are so many things even within our lifetimes that were once fringe that are now just an acceptable part of
your classes. So yeah, yeah. Anyway,
join Nancy Rebecca for this leading edge fringe, but beautiful, uplifting experience, and we just rattle off your YouTube and your website for us. And of course, I'll link it in the show notes, but I just want people to hear it. Yeah.
So I definitely have a YouTube channel and it's called intuitive mind with Nancy Rebecca. So even if you just put in YouTube, Nancy, Rebecca, my channel will pop up. I talk a lot about the human energy field and how we are impacted but a lot of things and then blue light as well. The Facebook page, so I have the blue light, it's called Blue Light Movement. We have about 2000 people in that group. It's not like a highly engaging group. You know, I I'm hoping you know, that will change but, but we're still deeply excited about it. So I can I can feel that and then what else did you ask me?
Your website is intuitive. is that right? Yeah, intuitive
And I do have a calendar. They're there. I do have three, one year program. So it's psychic mastery. One, psychic mastery, two, psychic mastery, three. I don't need to explain but I I'm like, yeah, oh, we can workshops great. But if you really want to make, you know, some life changes and live life and intuitive way on a regular basis, Yep, got those programs, you can read all about those there too.
So, well, we
would definitely wherever you're watching or listening to this, all of that will be in the show notes for you. So don't feel panicked if you're jogging or driving or walking your dog to remember. But I am so grateful for you, Nancy being an incredible resource and sharing your wisdom and light, I know it can feel vulnerable, even
very vulnerable and really make it your excitement. It's like, okay, she gets it like she gets, there's a reason to be excited. And I don't always get to share in that, you know, so I saw I so appreciate who you are.
Oh, thank you, you're the best. Well, everyone, I am planning to be there for at least some of Nancy's events. So you will see me there if you are there. And Nancy will definitely be there. And I am so excited to just experience whatever's next for all of us, it's definitely going to be positive. So thank you so much for joining us. So shining your light. Thank you so much. So what did you think of this conversation giving even more detail about not only where the blue light beings are from but detailing what we can expect next, the transmission of energies inside of North America that's going to be happening? What do you think if you are listening to this in time to attend Nancy's events, or get the replays of those I highly recommend it. I like I said in the episode I'm going to be attending just to see what I can feel and know when as you guys know, I'm a channel as well and have an event coming up very soon, too. So if you are watching or listening to this after the energetic events, the dates that she mentioned in the episode, did you feel anything? Did any world events happen on those days, and the energy rolling out as she mentioned over minimally the next six months, which lines up coincidentally, or not so much. So with the eclipses that we have throughout the year? So I am so curious to see what happens during these energetic periods, how those transmissions are received, how they affect world events and our own energy. And I guess we can expect a lot of shifting and opening up. So I would love it if you would let me know, wherever you're watching or listening to this podcast. If you could give us a follow, I would really appreciate that. And then there's often a place to leave comments, as well. So what do you think about this energy? Are you surprised does this for me it was really resonating all the way through with different information. I've received different research I've done based on that information a lot of times, just like Nancy described, I'll go into a meditation to see what I can receive first, and then I will research after. I don't like to research first because I feel like my mind is predisposed. So I think it's so cool that Nancy does it that way too. And I also love that we kind of have some of the same information which is just always really powerful and validating I think for all of us. So get ready for the blue light transmissions and Nancy's events and I am so excited to see you next week here inside spirit speakeasy, Big
Bye for now.

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