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Ghost Stories! Visitations from the Spirit Woman in My House

May 08, 2023

What would you do if you if all the lamps in your office started making strange noises, late at night, and then you felt "a presence" and then felt something pressing against your temple? Well, I decided to ask this spirit person some questions which led to an amazing mystical experience filled with facts I could validate. Today I am sharing the story of a very recent communications and experiences with my new “ghost” friend, the soul of a woman in the spirit world who’s been visiting me at home.

Show Notes:

 | PRE-CONTACT KUMEYAAY NATION, 1769, it is estimated the California Indigenous population was over 150,000 strong — up until which time the Kumeyaay were living off the land in harmony with nature, developing their unique culture over THOUSANDS of years, including their Yuman languages and vast knowledge of the land, indigenous plants and medicinal herbs.

The arrival of the Spanish in San Diego 1769
 • The Spanish expansion into Kumeyaay Indigenous tribal territory 1798 San Bernardino)

The location of the Kumeyaay Indian villages varied from the ocean, to the high mountains, to the desert and to the Colorado River. There are three subdivisions of the Kumeyaay – the Tipai, Ipai, and Kamia. The Tipai lived south of the San Diego River into Baja south of Ensendada and eastward to the Laguna Mountains and beyond Mount Tecate. The Ipai lived in territory extending from the San Diego River (approximately State Highway 78), and eastward through Escondido to Lake Henshaw. The Kamia lived in Imperial County and over the mountains east of San Diego County. The Kumeyaay reached the San Diego area from the Colorado River more than 2,000 years ago.

Kumeyaay Socio-Political Structurel


sources. Beginning in 1955, repeated ethnographic interviews with

numerous Kumeyaay elders were conducted.

At that time, at least five were 95 years of age

or older; one was at least 115; another ten

were above 80. and about 15 were above 70.

Approximately another 20 were in their

sixties during the late 1950s and early 1960s.


The “Channeled History” Podcast I mentioned was “The Alchemist’s Inkell”, episode title “Of History and Channeling”. 

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Episode Transcript:

Hey beautiful soul Welcome to spirits speakeasy. I'm Joy Giovanni joyful medium. I'm a working psychic medium energy healer and spiritual gifts mentor. This podcast is like a seat at the table in a secret club, but with mediums, mystics and the spiritual luminaries of our time. So come behind the velvet ropes with me and see inside my world is I chat insider style with profoundly different souls. We go deep share juicy stories laugh a lot, and it wouldn't be a speakeasy without great insider secrets and tips. You might even learn that you have some gifts of your own. So step inside the spirit speakeasy. Hey, beautiful soul. Welcome back to another episode of spirits speakeasy. I'm your host Joy Giovanni. It's so good to be here with you today. This is one of our solo chats. In today's episode, I'm going to share something that I don't normally talk a lot about. As most of you know, I am a medium and I connect with other people's loved ones in the spirit world. During their readings and sessions, sometimes I'm connecting psychically with the energy of my sitter, sometimes I'm connecting with their loved ones in the spirit world and understanding their soul. But this is a little different. So as a medium, I'm able to connect with other people's loved ones. I'm also you know, we're all able to connect with our own loved ones, as I'm often saying, but sometimes I can also become aware of other people. We've talked recently on this podcast about why some places might seem more haunted than others, and how spirit people aren't stuck or bound or locked into a physical place. But they can travel about they can visit places that they are interested in or that they knew in their life or for any reason or no reason at all. They can be visiting the person that lives there if they have some connection to them, or they can just be visiting the place. And that is what we're going to talk about today and experience that I had pretty recently. The way I'm saying it to myself is my new friend. So I have made friends with I guess I mean, why wouldn't we be friends, but I have started communicating with receiving information from a spirit woman who has been visiting me in my home. I'm trying to articulate this in the best way. You know, I guess if someone's going to judge this work, I guess any of it could sound crazy if they don't understand it. But this experience was a little different for me than others that I've had. So I'm just going to tell you the story of what happened. I'm going to tell you some of the elements and I'm going to tell you the validations that I received, it's a little bit unusual. So I've been living in this place this property that I live in for the last not quite three years, but almost. And I have several times been aware of spirit people in this house. You know, some of them have been my own loved ones who have crossed over to the other side, I have a lot of friends and family on the other side. And some of them have been people that and when my daughter lived here, she she's become aware of them to feel like they know this place this house, right. And her and I have kind of compared notes on what we felt or, you know, what we what we thought the person might be about where they you know, there's one in particular that feels like a gentleman he feels tall, he feels like he knows this house itself. haven't communicated much directly with him. But both she and I have felt him on several occasions. And then there are a couple female souls that we've recognized in the house that don't necessarily feel like they belong to our family or friend group that's on the other side. And, you know, as a medium, I don't think much of it because I know that souls are around all the time, some we know and some we don't and some that just take interest in whatever we're working on. Or it's not super uncommon for other people's souls to be around especially because of the work that I do. But I didn't necessarily spend any time to intentionally connect in any way. Well, as most of you know, if you are a regular listener, I recently was going on a trip I went to New Orleans, which I talked about a few episodes ago and this was the week that I was getting ready to go any of you that are a small business owner or have a job with a lot of responsibilities know that sometimes to take a few days off there's like a lot of prep work you have to do and a lot of stuff that you got to like I have to had to set up a bunch of emails and make sure that I was you know, kind of ahead on my computer work and more of the admin side of things. So I was I was staying up kind of late that week, into the into the night to get all the things done. So I could be prepared for my trip. So I could just have a good time. And you know, just be answering emails while I was gone, I was also getting set up for that free workshop that we did. So I had a lot going on. And I actually was in the room that I am now where I record these podcasts. Now, I used to record them in my room. And now I record them in the office, which used to be my daughter's room. And so I was in here, I actually liked the space quite a bit, I've been decorating it and repurposing some old furniture and painting furniture in here and just having a good time and really making the space feel like my own. So I can work in here. So it's pretty comfortable for me to be in here. I like working in here. And I was in here, you know, like I said, it was kind of late at night, and I was just finishing up some stuff on the computer, I was starting to get a little a little tired. But you know, we're still very much awake. But truthfully, my eyes are a little bit sensitive. So sometimes after a long time on the computer, my eyes start to get tired, and itchy and red and droopy. Anyway, so it was maybe a bit of an early bird these days and try to be in bed at a reasonable hour, but it was probably 10 o'clock at night. And I was still in here trying to finish up some things and working on some creative projects. And all of a sudden, I just started hearing kind of some unusual noises in the room, and I didn't really think much of it, you know, it's an older place. And sometimes, as you know where I am in Southern California, the temperature can change a lot between day and night. So sometimes the house will make quote, unquote, settling noises are just, you know, little little noises. It's an it's, it's a historic place. So it's, you know, has some old features, and they make little noises sometimes. So I didn't think much of it. But then as I continued to work on the left side of my forehead, kind of near my temple above my eyebrow, in a space about two inches or so long, I started to feel a pressure. Now it wasn't a pressure from inside like a headache, it was a pressure. Like if someone was pressing two fingers against my head, it kind of but in more of a straight line, it didn't feel like two separate like fingers, quote unquote, it felt like a little bit of a straight line a couple inches long on my forehead, and it almost felt like I could feel an indentation. It didn't hurt. It wasn't aggressive. But it was recognizable. And it was unusual. And it was not like a spasm where it's like in one point it was across too big of an area. It just struck me as unusual. And the pressure was increasing. Like almost if someone was pressing on me for just like maybe like 60 seconds. It wasn't it wasn't terribly long. And then I stopped and I acknowledged it and I kind of said like Hello. Like, hi, I recognize Someone's here. This is not the way that I usually received my hellos. So this was just unusual. And I wasn't scared at this point. You know, I recognize that there are lots of things that I maybe can't see with my physical eyes. And that doesn't mean they're scary. So just kind of said hello. And, and then it released and I was like okay, so hi, I get it like you're here. Hello. And then I started to hear one of the lights that I use clicking in an unusual way these lights don't make noises, they're new. They, they, I've been with them a lot and they just don't ever really make noises. So I thought it was a little bit unusual.
But I just was like, Okay, I wonder if I can communicate using the sounds that are happening in this room around me and with the lights and with you know all the things in this room. And I just started to ask some questions. Again, normally, this is not the way I communicate. When I'm aware of a soul or a spirit person I moved my awareness I blend my souls energy with their souls energy and I start to discern and understand through things about them through my subtle senses. This was not like that this was me aware of someone in the room, who I was aware of a physical sensation to get my attention. And then I started just asking questions, and I was asking them out loud, which I really don't do so I'm in this room by myself asking questions out loud. And I started to ask things like because like I said, we we've known that there are some souls that visit in this house that aren't our family that probably go to this house in some capacity. So I wanted to know, Are you a person that belongs to this place, or are you a person that belongs to me? And then I, the way I did it was I said, you know, make one noise if you belong to this place and make two noises if you belong to me. And then it was one noise, and I was like, and it was a pretty loud, unusual. The lights I use in here have led little tiny bulbs, they don't make noise. I don't use the overhead with a light bulb in this room. It just doesn't work well. So we're strange pops coming from the light. But it was just one significant noise. And I was like, okay, so you go to this place, you're not someone that I know. And then I had asked, you know, did you did you pass away in this place? And I think I said, one noise for yes. And two noises for no. And I think I got one noise again. So it was like, okay, yes, they they passed away in this place. You know, we're near this place this area. And then I wanted to know, did you pass away recently, like within the last 100 years? Or because my place is almost 100 years old? Or did you did you pass away, you know, hasn't been much has been longer than that. I don't think I said much longer. I said, you know, 100 years within the last 100 years or longer than that, and again, asked for, you know, one, knock for this and two knocks for this and received two knocks, and it was you know, more than 100 years, and I was like, Okay, now, where I live, you know, there was the Crusades, which is what actually still exists here is a monastery that's just, you know, a couple blocks. You sometimes in these videos, maybe not this one, because the time of day it is you can even hear the bells of the church across the canyon, and there's still a monastery and there's still the, the church that goes with it. And there are several churches. So we know that this area was conquered in several ways over several generations. And I wanted to know, is this person, you know, of one of those people that moved to this land? Or did this person belong to this land before? The way I asked it was before this land was stolen? Because I'm aware of what happened. So and the answer was that they belonged to this land before before it was stolen. And I thought that was just really fascinating. I was aware that this presents this person was a woman I was aware of, generally of her stature when she had a physical body obviously, when they're in the spirit world, they no longer have a physical body. And I think I asked her a couple more questions, you know, within that vein of just trying to slightly discern you know, who is this person and where are they from and and then I was aware that I was becoming really tired and it was going to be time for me to go to bed so I played the Question and Answer game out loud with clicking noises in the room for maybe like a half hour or so that was me just backsliding, banging my ringer on the the calendar here the table here. So then I went to bed and you know, just went to sleep and did my normal thing got up in the morning. And as many of you might know, I do my meditations in the morning. So I have gotten up done my little routine, I like to brush my teeth first because it helps me wake up. I like to turn on the lights and make it where I'm like sitting up so I stay awake during meditation like I call it setting myself up for success because sometimes it's easy to fall asleep in meditation. So he's doing all that I normally do. And then I sat down to get ready to start my meditation and on my I was in my bedroom and I heard not quite a knock on my bedroom door but a noise on my bedroom door that almost sounded like it was being closed but it was already closed. And then I just kind of said like a hello because I thought that was unusual and then the door opened just slightly so it's most likely true that I probably didn't close the door very tight so that it latched I probably had just closed it. But there's no breeze in my house. I don't leave the windows open overnight. It's actually been quite chilly these last couple months. So there was no breeze that would have caused the door to open there was no reverse like suction and the air in the door open just like two or three inches, just a little, just a little bit. And then I said hello and actually said thank you because I don't you know I in the past and my younger version of me is to scare quite easily and they know that I like to just be gently alerted sometimes, you know, to their presence. So I said hi and I said thanks for knocking and I just got the sensation that she wanted to join me in meditation and so I You invited her in and said, You know, I would you like to join me in this meditation. And then I just went back into my meditation just like I would do, and essentially invited her to share the space with me. So what that basically means for me and meditation is just to invite that spirit person to kind of sit in my personal space bubble with me and share her personal space bubble or her auric field or her energy of her soul with me, and to blend souls with mine if she'd like. And so we sat there, I typically do that meditation for the better part of an hour. And as I sat with her I, I wasn't intending to like, there was no like, questions I was asking, it doesn't work that way. For me, I just almost the way I imagined it or kind of want to word it is just open my heart for anything that they want to share. But it's not really opening my heart, it's blending my soul with theirs. And then just being available for anything she might want to share. Anything I could understand about her, any, you know, just whatever, whatever she wanted to share in that moment. And I, I started to receive. For me, often the way it works is, is a lot of emotion that I can receive and feel and sense. And then I receive quick flashes of mental images, pictures in my mind's eye. And then sometimes words or this is a little confusing the way I'm going to say it, some people use the word download. I don't love that word, but almost like blocks of thought. So almost like if someone gives me a whole chapter of a book all at once, not like I see it closed caption style, but like I just know, a whole bulk of information in kind of one moment. So that's the way that my mediumship communication works. And that's exactly the way that this woman was communicating with me. Of course, because of the night before knocking conversation, I was aware that she was an indigenous person to this land. And I was actually starting to receive sort of the name of her people. I didn't have it quite right. I knew it was complicated. I knew it sound it started with like a hard see, like, I knew there were several syllables, and I knew that it was rhythmic. And I had just a, I couldn't even tell you exactly the way I had it at that time. But I had a version of it. That wasn't quite right. And I knew it wasn't quite right. But I got the gist. And then she was showing me this amazing. I kind of was like Well, what what can I know about you? You know, that was my, that was my not really a thought. But like that was what my heart wanted was like, What can I know about you like a new friend? What can I know about you? And I started to see images in my mind's eye. And I was aware of her. It's not really talking like a person would talk out of a voice box, but her sharing information almost like narrating and saying,
you know, showing me this amazing way of weaving and she was taking in my mind's eye and these pictures I was seeing she was taking these long strands of what looked like grass, and weaving them together incredibly tightly. And as I was watching her do this in my mind's eye, my natural It wasn't even quite a thought but my natural wondering was like I wonder how you like get that so tight without cutting your fingers or like breaking the the grass. And then I heard her say in my mind, oh, you have to pull the sweet grass when it's wet. And you have to weave it tightly when it's wet. And then you can weave it and it dries all together. And and the way she was showing it to me like I said it wasn't necessarily English and it wasn't necessarily in words, but she was showing me that you can then weave it so incredibly tight tightly and she showed me a basket filled with water. And I was like wow, that's like really cool. I didn't know I didn't know that was a thing. And then I continued to sit with her and she continued to share and as I mentioned earlier I live near near her on these big canyons that we have which essentially are overlooks or big hills that that make a canyon and she was showing me how they would walk out and look at the brush that get these big shrubs and all this greenery and I was aware of males in her family group or her tribe that were cutting some of the brush and working with it and then she was showing me fires you know in the distance how they can happen and how we do get a lot of fires here and and how they would move the brush is the way I was understanding it essentially doing some version of intentionally cutting or moving away specific large bushes and plants and it was so interesting the way she was showing it to me. I just didn't know. I hadn't seen it quite that way before and then as I just continued to blend my energy with hers she She was indicating, you know, I didn't like I said, it's not like a The reason I'm so hesitant is because it's the way I want to say it is then she said, but it's not really exactly like that. And you know, I'm always trying to be aware of the languaging around this work, because I think it's confusing. And so then I was aware of her sharing information. And the words I was aware of, with her was keepers, keepers of the medicine. And that that was one of her roles in her group was that she was one of the keepers of the medicine and that this was part of her role that was passed down from her father, and that she was trained in this natural medicine and this way of healing. And that was one of the roles the jobs that she did, she was showing me this huge area of land. Huge, I mean, that would have covered like, much more than just the county that I'm in several counties wide, like really a really big area of land, I almost could see it like I was up in an airplane looking at looking over like just a really large expanse of of land. And the what I was aware of is her showing three different, this isn't gonna be quite right the way I say it, but almost like three different camps, like three different, not quite villages, but like city centers, almost like this is the center of this area. This is the center of this area. And what I heard her saying was one people, one family living in three villages. That's what I was aware of her sharing. And I was like, Oh, that's so interesting. And I just kind of continued to make not even mental notes, but just have the experience. I'm not necessarily when I'm in this type of experience, I'm not asking direct questions, I'm not forcing the information or trying to demand information of the soul that's communicating the spirit person, I'm not trying to lead the conversation. In fact, I'm trying to more intentionally allow her to lead the conversation, because I don't want my mind creating information, I want to be trying to receive everything and not color it myself. So just being available and present having the experience. So after I was aware of these three villages, she was talking to me about how the land sustains the people, and that they are so grateful for the water and the plant food and the sacred animals and the sacred medicine and the sounds and that everything is communing at all times, and that we now think everything's very separate. But what they knew then was that everything was communicating in communion. And that there was energy moving between all things at all times is the way she was showing it to me. And then as we were gazing out over this canyon over this outlook, she was showing me the sacred mountains, and there were a couple of different mountain formations that she was showing me I have no idea, you know, I sort of know this area, but not definitely not well enough to pick out mountain formations. But I was just aware of the shapes that she was showing me and some different rock formations. And then I was very aware of the emotion and feeling of reverence and the sense that these were sacred and almost like temples, that there would be specific prayers and ceremony and ritual and gratitude, offerings and love and shepherd. Stewardship, I guess is the word I want to use shepherding but stewardship of these areas and of this land. And I was aware that she was an elder woman and lived, you know, into her into her older years. And it was just such an incredible experience and what I like to do, which my guides and my team knows, and I feel like the Spirit people I work with know, I like to receive some specific information that I can go and validate later. And after having this experience with her, you know, my time was kind of coming to an end, I can only stay in meditation so long and and we had a beautiful experience. And I thanked her and I asked her to continue to visit me as much as she'd like. And we've actually had a few conversations or communication since then. But what I did later was go and research. So I could see, like what was valid that I received to kind of like double check myself, you know, to make sure I wasn't making this up, or I think the validations still feel important to me and my work especially when it's not a person that I knew or that someone else, you know, a sitter like a client or recipient knew. And so I did a little research and the word I was receiving for her people was Kumi i and the Kumeyaay tribe is the indigenous tribe of my area, the indigenous people of this area, and actually one of the things that they are more is known for is their basket weaving. And it's even in the research that I found online and I'll link several of the sites that I looked at in the in the show notes here. So you can see them, I think it's important to obviously cite my sources. They're known for their baskets, and they, they had baskets that were woven so tightly that they could hold water. And I was like, Okay, so I'm not making this up, obviously, there's no way I could have known that. Obviously, I'm receiving this, and she just was able to share so much with me. It was pretty amazing. I'm gonna go through some of the validations that I made notes about and again, I'll cite the sources in the show notes wherever you are listening or watching to this. So you can do some looking yourself. Now I did learn through the
Kumey i It's called The Kumeyaay info page, pre contact Kumeyaay nation in 1769, is estimated that the population that at that time of this nation, the Kumeyaay nation, these people were over 150,000 strong. Up until that time, they were living off the land in harmony with nature, developing their unique culture over 1000s of years, and including their language and vast knowledge of the land and indigenous plants and plant medicine, which might not sound so surprising. But it's just an unusual thing. You know, for me, it felt unusual to be receiving. And really, it was the arrival of the Spanish in 1769, and the expansion into the Kumeyaay, indigenous tribal territory in 1798, that changed the way things were here. Right live, it was so fascinating to I mean, it's become increasingly important to me to understand, you know, the places we live in and the peoples that they originally belong to, and were stolen from. I hadn't actually looked into this yet, even though it was something that was kind of in the back of my mind that I wanted to do and wanted to become more educated about. So I love that, that this woman was so gracious and coming to me and helping me understand and explaining things to me, I'm going to give you a little bit more. This actually this bit is from one of the Cal State websites, again, I'll link it below. But it's the location of the cuckmere Indian villages varied from ocean to high mountains to desert all the way from California, into what we now know as parts of Mexico all the way to the Colorado River. And this part was so cool to me. What this data says is that there were three subdivisions of the Kumeyaay nation. I am probably going to butcher these names so I apologize in advance it's the to pie or to pay the pay. And the it's I think it's it's K M I A the comm a. What was so amazing about that, as I was reading it in my research, I was like, Oh my gosh, this is exactly what she was communicating about one nation, one family, one people in three separate villages are three separate centers. And I was just blown away when I was reading this because I was like what they are, they are separated into three subdivisions of one nation of people like this is not crazy. It's not the word. But like, I just thought it was so amazing. And this article goes on to share about you know, the different regions and and which groups were in the different regions. And it was just so amazing, because the expansiveness of the land that I was seeing in my mind's eye. Remember, I was saying it almost felt like I was looking from an aeroplane and seeing how big this land was. And she was showing me were these three different like, quote unquote, villages, which looks very large, the way they were and the way they were spread out over this giant area of land. It really is very resonant with this article, and where, you know, the way they were saying that these three subdivisions so to speak, were set apart and set out in this land that was all part of the Kumeyaay nation. So that felt really validating and incredible to me, because that was a specific and unusual detail that I would have never thought of on my own. But really, you know, the Kumi I reached all the way, you know, like I said, from parts of what we now know, as like Baja, Mexico, all the way very far up into what we know now is California all the way to the Colorado River. And they were here, you know, at least 2000 years ago, which is so amazing. And really, they've done a lot of research. There are some Still people of the Kulin nation who are around today. And over the years, they did a lot of research, there was something called ethnographic interviews done. Back in the day in 1955. Again, I'll put the source below just some studies of the Kumeyaay. And their socio political struck political structure within their nation. And these interviews, were done with a number of community elders, they were conducted, like I said, in 1955, and at that time, there were at least five members of that nation that were 95 years old or older, there was at least one person who was 115 years old, and at least 10. Others were documented as above 80 years old, and 15 to 20, others above seven years old. And then there were approximately, you know, 20, or more people who were in their 60s During the late 50s, and 60s, when this research and when these surveys were being done, which is pretty incredible, because like I said, the way she was expressing it to me is that she lived a very long life much longer than our quote, unquote, normal life expectancy here and now. And she did feel like quite an elder and quite a wise keeper of the medicine, as she said, and I just thought it was so fascinating to have that communication and then to get to go validate and learn about her, I have deep reverence and respect for the Kumeyaay people. And I, I kind of struggle with this, quite honestly, because I, through my own privilege, realize that I benefit from land that was stolen from them, and from this system that was built on,
you know, on unfair seizure of land and unfair imprisonment of people and war. So I know that this land is theirs, in actuality and in my heart, and I know that me being here, and living here is benefiting off of that land. So I have some mixed feelings about this. And I think it's important to acknowledge the indigenous people who owned who that land belong to originally, no matter where you live, it's kind of cool there. There are lots of ways to research that you could even put in the zip code of where you live now. And most areas have some database that you can search and understand who originally inhabited the lands that you are living on. But I just thought it was such an interesting way for me to learn this. And I love that she was so willing to communicate with me, she was so gentle, but so wise and so strong all at the same time. Another thing that the Kumeyaay we're known for is their stewardship of the land and the way that they did intentional, what we call now brush clearing to avoid fires or to help to care for the land. I thought that was pretty amazing. And according to my research and what's available, they were actually very advanced as far as their agriculture and the way that they were germinating and combining seeds to I'm not super agriculturally knowledgeable but the gist of it is essentially they were propagating cross pollinating seeds, making more resilient grasses and, and creating food and, and their own sources and supplies. And they were quite advanced with the way that they understood water and irrigation and knowing that they needed to move brush for fire. And so they were they were very intelligent. And like I said, advanced in the way they understood the land. I did also learn about several sacred natural mountain and rock formations that looked just like the ones I was seeing in my mind's eye. There are so many of them around and and I actually want to start going and paying homage and visiting and giving my respect and making some offerings. i Some of them are kind of hard to find. So I'm gonna just make a little list and maybe go on a little pilgrimage around my area on my own. They're pretty spread out. But you know, there are so many of them. And it was pretty amazing to me, the way I saw them in my mind's eye. There were specific shapes. It wasn't just like a regular mountain, they were, they had unusual kind of toppers, like usual little tops or the way the structure of the rocks were interesting. And you know, lo and behold, it's there in black and white on the on the internet, that these are sacred places and that these are very specific places that ritual and ceremony and respect would be given and it was just pretty incredible to get to have this experience. And the other thing I struggled with a little bit was whether or not to share this. Because, you know, even though I don't make money off his podcasts, it's not like I'm making money off this story. I just feel a deep amount of respect and reverence for this woman, the soul who is sharing this with me, for the privilege I have of taking advantage of this land now, for all the things that happened to the community people. And I didn't want it to feel like I was using it in any way. That felt like an exploitation of my relationship with the spirit world, or of this indigenous woman or of this communication itself. So I've actually held on to this for several weeks and and kept it to myself, just because to be quite honest, I wasn't sure how I felt about sharing it if it was okay to share if it was appropriate to share if there was some layer of cultural appropriation if I shared it. And so those were the things I was sitting with and considering. And ultimately, what I decided to do was ask my friend asked my Kumeyaay friend, in spirit here, and a couple of different days, I actually asked her for a specific signs, or one I did a specific sign, and I received it as like a yes, it's, it's okay to share this and that there was like approval and agreement, consent, if you will. And then I did another day, just because some of you know like, I'm a little bit extra. I like, I like checks and balances, I like to know things more than once. So I asked, you know, I was in this room again, and I asked her to do the knocks again, and I think I said one, one for no and three for yes. Because I if it was a yes, I really wanted to be certain that it was a yes. Just because like i said, i i My loyalty, my integrity, my reverence to this relationship I have with the spirit world is primary and is paramount. And if she had indicated know that this was just for me, and this was not a story to share, I would have not shared this publicly. And so I got the Yes. And then actually what happened after that was kind of early in the morning, and I went to get ready. And as I was getting ready, I just there are several podcasts that I follow some I listen to all the time. And I usually have a few new ones in the mix that I'm like trying out to see if I like them, you know, people suggest them to me, or I come across them. And there was a new one on my list of like trying out. And I just so happened to click it, it was in my new episodes list or rotation. So I clicked it. And I actually thought they were talking about the history of channeling because you guys know my channel, I can channel direct voice of Spirit, I can channel healing, many of us do this work. And I was like, Oh, that's cool. I'd like to hear their version of like the history of channeling. And as I was listening to this episode, it wasn't about the history of channeling at all. It was about channeling history, it was about mediums connecting with spirit people and communicating with them in you know, these mystical experiences, these meditations are these blending of soul, the soul to soul communications, like mine, and receiving information. And then you know, getting some details they can validate going in validating it and then understanding more about history through these experiences that we can have as mediums. And so for me that was just such an extra validation from spirit about like, No, this is you're not the only one that does this. I didn't know. I mean, I know I have some friends that play like this and do these kinds of experiments and do these kinds of things and push the edges for ourselves and see, you know, because if I can't validate any of the data, then perhaps my mind's created it perhaps you know, there are lots of other things that could have happened. But if it's things that I didn't know that I haven't studied or learned or researched, and I received the information and then I can go validate it. That is a version of confirmation. So I just thought it was so serendipitous and synchronistic. And for me was definitely my third approval from spirit of like, Yes, this is you're having this experience, you validated it, it is to be shared. Go forth and share. So here I am coming forth and sharing. So that was my experience with this amazing Kumi I elder woman who presented herself to me more than once to share bits about her story bits about her nation, her people. The first people it really of this entire region. And I just thought it was the things that she shared to me were so powerful because I know with the basket weaving piece in Britain ticular I could smell the sweet grass and the experience that I was having. And I could just feel and see the way she was, you know, it was being woven so tightly and like I said, my, my immediate reaction was just a person was like, Wow, are you? How are you get that so tight like that grass, like, isn't it dry and doesn't like, like, for me I'm such a baby that I was like, Oh, we get paper cuts or like grass cuts from that. I don't know, I played outside when I was a kid. I don't know if you did. But I would sometimes like pull the grass or touch the grass. And you could get like a, like a thin almost like a paper cut like, like felt like a little razor blade cut in your fingers. So that's where my mind went was like, oh, like how do you do that, and then immediately heard a response in my mind of like, Oh, you have to get the sweet grass when it's wet and malleable. And then you eat tightly, and then you you know, make what you're making. And then you dry it and cure it and but it doesn't come like that in a sentence like you and I talked to each other, it comes just in like a almost like a little package of information, you just kind of know all of that all at once. So it's pretty incredible, the way she was communicating. I'm really grateful. And I do feel like I have a new friend and I don't know how long she'll be around and communicating with me. Of course, she's free to be wherever she likes to be, I feel very honored that she has been willing to share with me and communicate and I hope she continues to do so I really do have such a reverence and a respect and deep gratitude.
And, you know, maybe some guilt even for the way that things went and the way that my privilege allows me now to take advantage of the loss of a nation of people for this land to be taken and developed and changed and populated. And you know, all the things historically that have been done. So I have really been sitting with it a little differently. But I was grateful to have a level of permission from the spirit world to share this with you guys because I felt like I wanted to share it. But I just wanted to make sure that you know, I respected the process and this soul this person who was so willing to share and communicate with me. And even just to me, it shows such again the intelligence of the spirit world, because she must know you know, obviously she knows that I don't like to be scared that I don't like you know, I don't like to be startled I don't I like to you know, someone's gonna come into my meditation I like to be in the morning and I I wouldn't feel comfortable with a door just having a knock on it and then gently opening by itself in the middle of the night like I would not like that very much. So just the way she went about it her gentleness her just the strength and power in her message and in the way she communicated was pretty amazing. I wish I could show you kind of the mental visuals I was getting obviously, there's no way for me to do that. And when you're in the experience, you're experiencing them, but after it, it's just a memory you can't like you can't just flip back on that type of experience. So I I will continue communicating with her and I know that she will continue to visit me whenever she likes. And it's been interesting to me to play with this other way of communicating through like actual audible noises in my room, you know, in my office of things clicking and I can't even describe some of the noises because these are like one of these lights is a like a big standing light. Not like a halo light that you use for recording I have one of those too, but this is just like a room light like like I think it's called like a torch light. It's a light that you would put in the corner. It's all LED and I have several of this like exact same light now I have two of them in the office and I have one another room and I've got this one and so they don't make noises none of the other ones have ever made any kind of clicking or popping or ticking or clanging or knocking are no noise at all. No flexing noise no expanding noise and I am the first one to say like oh maybe that was something other than spirit, which is why I kept switching up during that first you know session of communication when I was asking for the knocks that's why I would say okay, one for now and two for yes. And then I'd say Okay, two for no and, you know, one, one for yes and two for no I was switching it up just to make sure it wasn't me leading or misunderstanding what was happening or so it was it was a different experience. And it is one of my favorite things about this work. I feel like I have a lot of favorite things, but it's one of my favorite things that there's always more to explore. There's always more to learn. There's always ways to grow. Well, and I, I'm willing, and I'm here for it. And I just feel really honored and moved about the whole communication. And, you know, I feel like there was a time for a long time that I wouldn't have been comfortable or would have been nervous or would have been too in my own mind or too self doubt or too insecure to communicate in that way. But there's something so special about, I don't know, just the way she was sharing her story with me and the story of her, her people. And the way that she was saying hello, and even teaching me a different way with the you know, the noise and the knocks in the room. Like I said, it's not normally the way I communicate. I don't normally say things out loud. I wouldn't normally ask a question out loud and say one for yes, two for no or whatever. So I just like I said, I was a little bit tired. And I was like, alright, well, let me just try this. Since this noises are happening anyway, let me like, see what happens. And then I did something funny. Also, within these last, you know, few weeks, I wanted to see because I was playing again and asking the questions out loud. This is probably going to sound bizarre, but I have an an antique dresser that makes lots of noises for no apparent reason at all different times, day and night. Just like taps and knocks and bunks and clicks. And for no reason. Like I said, even when no temperature change has happened, or you know, when I've been sitting in the room for a long time. So I that furniture, I'm used to making noises these lights I'm not. So I was just doing a little bit more communication with her one day. And I decided, you know, I don't normally say these things out loud. So let me see. Normally the way I would make communications in my mind, right, like telepathically almost so psychically, really. So I kind of in my mind was like, if you can understand me, when I asked a question non verbally, in my mind, you know, two for yes. And one for no or whatever. Which obviously, if it was just be no noise, it was no, because she wouldn't heard it. So. And I did get my answer. So again, like I didn't, I don't have to do it out loud. It just was kind of fun. So I could just ask the questions in my mind. But most of the time, I don't do it, interview style like that it is me experiencing things in more of a meditative state or various depths of meditation, I'll say it that way. So sometimes light meditative state. And then sometimes I can go deeper into a meditative state and experience things a little a little differently, but still kind of similar. So that's where I was able to see in my mind's eye, it's not quite visions, but like the mental pictures of the grasping woven in the basket being made and the basket holding the water and the, you know, kind of how she was explaining one, one nation one people. Actually, the way I wrote it down was one people, one family living in three villages or three areas groups. So those things, I was able to kind of feel the emotion here some words, get some, some thought, it's technically Claire cognizance, like blocks of thought, or understanding and see some pictures or like mental movies about it. So it's just a really cool experience, I just wanted to share it with you guys. It is something that anyone who's mediumistic can do. I do like to do it, where I'm getting some specific details for validation. But again, I don't demand what those details are to be, how unusual was it and how how intelligent was it that I mean, because that thing about the combination being separated into three quote unquote subdivisions is what this paper or study called it that to me is just never something I would have even thought to ask about or anything that I would have read or studied or even thought about, you know, so, I thought it was so fascinating and continues to prove to me the intelligence of the spirit world that she showed me one thing that was very practical part of her day to day life and experience something that was very more like socio political or cultural about their group. And then something that was, you know, her her age and her work as a, as a medicine keeper. That was something that I could validate that there were people you know, of the communication that were that were very old, like that study showed and then you know, lastly, the things about will not even last night with things about the mountains and the structures and and how specific ones looked and the reverence there. And then the way of working with the specific plants for plant medicine, different types of plants, and I do know just a little bit about plant medicine. As far as is like, you know, I think a lot of us know like ello, you can use for a burn or a cut or a scrape or things like that. I am trained in in a decent amount of natural wellness in that way so, but she was showing me a lot of plants I didn't recognize. And then the way that she was showing me the brush and the way that they were moving the big bushes and clearing it and looking out over the canyon and stewarding the land. Those things, even though they were such cool experiences to see in my visualization and an experience with her. They were also all things that I could validate in very clear and specific ways. And even though it could feel general of like, well, you know, people make irrigation systems, the intricacy of the details that were available. When I did the research was like, wow, actually, this is exactly what I was seeing. I just didn't know what I was. I didn't know I was seeing an intricate irrigation system, because I didn't recognize it as that. Do you know what I mean? And then when you're hearing it explained, you're like, oh, yeah, I guess that's what that was a picture of, or a mental movie of. And when I say mental movie, it's just like maybe like a 32nd kind of being able to understand or, like I said, seeing the land from like a bird's eye perspective, and how big an expanse if it was.
So let me know your thoughts about this. I know, I've been sharing about a lot of different topics lately. I do love these types of experiences with the spirit world, like I was saying, especially when it's done in a way where there's things we can actually validate, I think that's important, especially if you're doing something that's a little more experimental like this, where it's not like you're communicating with, I don't know, like your grandma, there's stuff about your grandma that your family knows for sure, this is actual research that's been done. And people that we know, were the first people of this land, the indigenous people of this land. So just really special. And like I said, I encourage you to do a little bit of a search about who are the first peoples of of the place where you live the first nation or, you know, the indigenous people or nation of the land where you live. And then perhaps you can invite them into your meditation and just sit in that space with them. I do feel like it's important to mention, I don't demand information of the spirit world, so not demanding of them. But having an open heart and being available, if they should choose to share just like you would with any other person, right? You wouldn't go to a person in the living, especially someone that was an elder of a family or a nation and say, Hey, you have to tell me about this and give me something I can look up and you just would never communicate that way with another person, especially someone that is to be respected as an elder. So think of it like that, or it's more of just anything they want to share is great. You know, it's not demanding, it's not trying to control or make them share something specific. It's, it's with reverence and respect, and so much gratitude. So I hope this was a cool conversation or you know, something for you that you are interested to hear about, I will continue to share about these as they come up. And as I get the Okay, the green light from the spirit world. Like I like I always say I, I work for them. And my first responsibility is to them to the best of my ability, I'm not a perfect person, of course, I make mistakes and put my foot in my mouth all the time. So much love and deep bow of gratitude to the first people that komi I nation, all of their members and family and loved ones and land and so much respect. I am privileged to live and work on their land. So please know that my intention with this episode really is the deepest reverence and respect to not only this woman who communicated with me, but also to the Caribbean nation, and its people as a whole. So I hope that this has been interesting for you, maybe it's opened your mind a little bit wider. It certainly was an experience it opened my mind even wider, I like to think of my mind is pretty wide right now with a good filter, like a good screen door on it. I let a lot of new things in for pondering and you know, if you're available for it, and you continue, you know, any of us as mediums as sensitives if we continue to do our work, continue to do our personal development, continue to live our human lives and be work towards being better versions of ourselves all the time. For me sitting in meditation is a part of my regular practice and allows me not always sometimes to have these types of experiences. So I just want to encourage you in your own journey, whatever that means for you. I'll tell you even 15 years ago I'm, I would have not imagined doing this work in this way or being able to communicate with this incredible soul in this way. So just because if this isn't happening for you today doesn't mean it will never happen doesn't mean you can never do it, it just might be some learning and some experience to have around it. So I hope you've enjoyed this episode of spirit speakeasy, I want to mention a couple things really fast. If you've not already gotten my course, the three day sign magnet free mini course, I highly recommend it. Lots of people have given great feedback about it, it's going to teach you how to use numbers as signs and the specific meanings of all the numbers like the recurring numbers, 333 1111 555, all of those. And then some few different extra tips and tidbits of how to use the numbers and how I use them for signs. And then how to get specific signs from the universe. Like if you're just wrestling with something or you just want to know like, Is this for me? Like, should I seize this opportunity? Or which apartment? Should I pick? Or, you know, whatever else is that you've got a question about? There's a way to get a sign from Spirit to specifically answer a question that you've got. So I teach that and one of the lessons and in the third lesson, I teach how to get a specific sign from any loved one in the spirit world. And I even teach you that you can get a different sign from each and every loved one you have in the spirit world if you want to and how to set those up over time. So check that out, you can get that right on the homepage on my website, joyful And there's a you'll see it right on that homepage, you just drop your email and it comes right into your email inbox has a free gift for you. So I hope you take advantage of that. I probably will have it up there for a bit longer. But if you want it, make sure you get it. Thanks for being here with me today. If you are enjoying this podcast, I would love it if you like and subscribe. And if you feel moved to do so share any episodes that you feel might speak to any friends. Just because I love having you as a part of this community. And it helps me know what you want to hear about and helps me understand what you're liking to hear about and then you never miss an episode and we all win, right? So it's really meaningful to me that you choose to spend your time with me and that you are part of this community. It's really my intention to create a community for us and to create some some trustworthy resources. So I appreciate you for lending your energy to the creation of this community. You know, without you, the community doesn't exist. You're a valuable member and a huge part of why I do what I do. So thanks for being here with me so much love and gratitude to again, the Comey I people the first nation and to you for being here. And to my new friend, this Camilla elder woman. She hasn't given me a specific name for her yet. I just know the way I feel her. And I'm okay if I think I think the name is sometimes the least important part about us. So I'm so grateful to her for sharing these experiences with me and given me permission to share them with you. Thanks for being here to get today. Again, big hugs, lots of love from inside the spirit speakeasy

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