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Beyond the Leash: Channeling the K9 Spirit Guides with Heather Leigh Strom

Mar 25, 2024

Have you ever wondered if your K9 companion was more than "just a dog"?! In her award winning book "K9 Spirit Guides: The Healing Power of Man’s Best Friend", Heather Leigh Strom reveals that these unique spiritual energies are here to guide us on OUR journeys of healing, growth, wisdom, transformation, spiritual evolution and ascendency. And the best news? You don't even have to have your own dog for these K9 Spirit Guides to work with YOU! 

In today's insider chat, we explore who the K9 spirit guides are, how they can help you in your own life, plus Heather Leigh shares about her own incredible journey from a difficult childhood, to undergoing brain surgery (and the first time she met her spirit guide team while under anesthesia) to being a renowned Cyclist AND Dog Trainer and how this journey ultimately lead to the most unexpected part of all....discovering her own spiritual gifts including the ability  to communicate with the K9 spirit guides! 

Show Notes:
Meet Heather Leigh Strom:
In her groundbreaking book K9 Spirit Guides: The Healing Power of Man’s Best Friend, Heather Leigh reveals that these unique spiritual energies are here to guide us on OUR journeys of healing, growth, wisdom, transformation, spiritual evolution and ascendency. And the ones that choose to enter your life through your pet are divinely matched to you to teach you what your soul is calling to learn.

But Heather Leigh would only discover this for herself—and for humanity—after having passed through many decades of a deeply difficult life, beginning with a verbally abusive and emotionally absent father, then poverty, crippling accidents, loss and more. Fueled by sheer determination and will, pain and repressed rage, she nevertheless created three highly successful careers—in dog training, physical therapy and cycling.
Today, Heather Leigh Strom will share the story of how her canine companions each came to her with specific gifts at a specific time to move her toward healing and a joyful life. And, how she has become the channel through which the K9 Spirit Guides are bringing their messages and frequency of healing and transcendence to all of us.

Heather's Book:
K9 Spirit Guides: The Healing Power of Man’s best Friend”.
- How this author was able to heal decades and lifetimes of pain, stuck energy, and
destructive programs with the healing assistance of dogs.
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Episode Transcript:

 Hey beautiful soul Welcome to Spirit Speakeasy. I'm Joy Giovanni, Joyful Medium. I'm a working psychic medium energy healer and spiritual gifts mentor. This podcast is like a seat at the table in a secret club, but with mediums, mystics and the spiritual luminaries of our time. So come behind the velvet ropes with me and see inside my world is I chat insider style with profoundly different souls. We go deep share juicy stories laugh a lot and it wouldn't be a speakeasy without great insider secrets and tips. You might even learn that you have some gifts of your own. So step inside the spirit speakeasy. Hey, beautiful soul welcome in for another episode of spirit speakeasy. As promised, this year we got some really exciting guest interviews and today's no exception. In just a moment we are going to hear from today's guest, Heather Leigh Strom, she wrote a book that's called canine spirit guides the healing power of man's best friend. And it's not what you probably think at first listen to that title that it is it's not about our animal guides. It's about the guides that work with the canine animals in our lives to assist us so guides for us that work through our animals. She's so gracious in this interview to let me ask all of my questions. Well, as many as we could get to. I could have gone on forever. As you guys know, I have lots of questions. And I read the book and I loved the book and had so many thoughts and, and questions and dots connecting for me as I read it. So I'm really excited to share her with you she so openly shares about her own personal story. And I love that she's not someone who knew that she had these gifts or these guides all along. So she shares about that too. I'm sure that you'll be able to see yourself in her story if you choose to read this book, and certainly will identify with a lot of the emotions and fears that she shares through her journey. So without further ado, let's get right into it. And let me introduce to you today's guest Heather Lee strong. Welcome back for another episode of spirit speakeasy, we have a treat today. We have an award winning author. I'm going to read her intro and bio and then I'm so excited to launch into this conversation with Heather Leigh Strom. You may have thought that your dog was just here to be your loving, supportive and joyful playmate. But your pup is potentially much much more than that. According to Heather Leigh strim. Your pet could be the physical conduit for your canine spirit guide. If you've had dogs, you've maybe thought of this on your own. In her groundbreaking book canine spirit guides the healing power of man's best friend Heather Lee reveals that these unique spiritual energies are here to guide us on our journeys of healing growth, wisdom, transformation and spiritual evolution for our own Ascendance and the ones that choose to enter your life through your pet are divinely matched to you to teach you what your soul's calling to learn. But Heather Leigh would only discover this for herself and for humanity after having passed through many decades of deeply difficult life, beginning with a verbally abusive and emotionally unavailable father. Then her journey through poverty, crippling accidents, loss and so much more. Fueled by sheer determination and will pain and repressed rage, she nevertheless created three highly successful careers in dog training, physical therapy and cycling. And today Heather Leigh Strom will share part of her story of how her canine companions each came to her with specific gifts at a specific time to move her towards her own healing and a joyful life, and how she's become the channel through which the canine spirit guides are bringing their message and frequency of healing and transcendence to us all. As you know, of course, I'll link all of her contact points in the show notes. But welcome in Heather Leigh, how are you today? Thank
you, Joy. I'm terrific. Thank you for having me. So
Oh, thank you for being here. It's so wonderful to talk to you. Right before we press record. I was just telling you how much I enjoyed your book. I feel like there's so much packed into what is under a 400 page book. It's it's not a terribly difficult read, but it's just so jam packed. Yeah. One of the beautiful things that you actually disclose in the book is that it was these canine spirit guides that helped you understand how the book was to be ordered and the information you are to share how amazing is that? Yeah,
yeah, I had no idea any of this was coming and that was it. that made it even more spectacular.
I bet. Would you kind of start at the beginning and give us a little bit of overview, one of the things I just loved among many was that you wouldn't have really necessarily identified as a spiritual person, yourself through the journey of your life and what a journey it was. Will you share a little bit about your journey to get to even understanding that these guides are working with you?
Yeah, it's been an incredible journey. And I just keep pinching myself, you know, because it just seems so surreal. And, you know, I grew up a preacher's daughter. I never fit in, and I was a very, what do you, I was a wounded child. So I didn't speak very much. And because of that, I didn't know how to interact with people. I didn't have very many friends. And my dogs were really my only source of companionship and friendship for a long time. And thankfully, I had them at least, but I had a lot of wounds from my childhood that I, I knew were there, but I didn't know what to do about them. You know, like a lot of people I spent a long time in my adulthood searching for answers. Why was it the way it was? What can I do about it? How can I resolve these feelings? What do I do now and I, I turned over every stone, I read every book, I did every self help technique, and every affirmation, you know, I tried to resolve all of this, I knew it was eating me up inside. And I couldn't find a way out of it. So I tried to just go on. And what I disclosed in the book is how obviously, this does not work. And it bleeds into other parts of our lives, it becomes transformed into some other part of us that we don't like, you know, it has to be expressed and it has to be healed and dissolved before you're done with it. So I found my way into the medical profession because that felt like a safe place to be a very logical place. And I was always very, very curious about the body. So I spent 30 years as a physical therapist, a Reiki practitioner, massage therapist, functional medicine practitioner, I just kept reinventing myself because I never feel like I know enough. But it just never was enough. You know, it just working with the physical body only got me so far as far as my clients go. And also with myself, and I'm I just knew there was something else there. And the first dog in the book, Tori was instrumental. In this whole process kicking off, she was the most recent dog that I had, and when she died, it literally broke me. And I swore I would never have any more hugs it, you know, I had had 30 dogs up to that point. And for some reason, she was the straw that broke my back, I just was done. Unfortunately, I didn't have a choice in that matter, which, which is revealed in the book. But um, but when she died, it was a shift of sorts. And this started a time period for me that I described as a cocoon. It was a, it was a dark place. Although I didn't know it was a dark place, I just felt really lost. And I felt lonely. And I didn't have any direction. And it took 11 years. And this this whole this stewing of this cocoon, which I didn't know that's what it was at the time until it burst open. But through these 11 years, I became more and more desperate to find myself to find the answers to discover why am I here? Because as far as I was concerned, the world was a terrible place. Why am I here. And I couldn't understand other people that were very positive about the world and had these wonderful relationships with other people because I had never experienced that for myself. So I just learned after the fact that this was very critical in sort of preparing me for this major explosion that was about to happen. And after the fact you know, 2020 hindsight, it all made sense. But I tell you during that that 11 year period, I was very miserable. I describe it kind of as I'm an eczema on the inside of your skin, like you just can't reach it and you can't figure out what it is and what's causing it. And it's this constant irritation. So ironically, what put an end to this time period was during COVID locked down when we were all shut into our homes and I did have I had one daughter left of of Tory the dog that we referred to. She had left me with two of her baby Bees and I still had her left. So she and I were out in the yard one day, and we stumbled upon something really, truly amazing. I don't know how many of you know what a conjoined twin is? Have you ever heard that? I know, you've
heard that. I think most people will probably know what it was. And that really was such a profound way that you kind of tiptoed into this whole unfolding of everything. So go ahead and share about that. That was such a cool, yeah, interesting part of
about a conjoined twin, of course, is the the late term for it is a siamese twin. So in my yard, I found a conjoined squirrel, that they were joined at the back. And they were about halfway grown. And it looked like they had fallen from the nest, which was quite a ways up, they had parts of the nest intertwined within them around them. So it looked like they had literally just grown into their nest until they finally got too heavy and just fell. And it appeared that their mother had kept feeding them because they weren't emaciated. Half of this squirrel was already dead and was swollen. The other half was still alive when I found it. And it it, it was very startling to me, I had never seen a siamese twin in person. And it really tapped into my heart. And my dog was also very startled, usually she goes after prey in the yard. And she found this conjoined twin and she kind of went, Whoa, what is that. And she didn't want anything to do with it. So she was also very affected by it. And I didn't know what to do for this creature. So I just tried to put it aside where it wouldn't be harmed anymore. But I wasn't sure what to do with it. So. But what was so miraculous about this was when I saw it, this, this whole shield of energy just poured down on me and I felt this major change. And it was almost like, it was almost like a vacuum feeling. Like all of a sudden, everything was just sucked off of me. And I was naked. And I felt very uncomfortable there. Of course, because I had never been naked in my life, you know, spiritually I'd always been shrouded and pain and anger and resentment. You know, I've always felt that way. So it was very uncomfortable the way I was feeling. But it also told me that something really huge was coming. And I didn't know what it was I just suddenly had this this desire to find spiritual people that could help me through whatever was about to happen. And that is the miraculous part about us humans, you know, we have this innate ability to receive this higher knowing even though sometimes we we shut it off, or we avoid it or we don't listen to it. If we listen to our higher selves and our intuition, it tells us a whole lot of information. So that's one thing I've always been really good at is following my intuition. So I proceeded to do that I proceeded to build a team having no idea why that I wouldn't need over the next two years. So the lockdown was in 2020. By the end of 2001. I had located the first member of my team, which was a numerologist. Shortly thereafter, I met with my mentor for the first time who was a he was a clairvoyant shaman, Mystic shaman has lots of titles, clairvoyant, Mystic Shaman. And he guided me through this entire process that was about to explode, after meeting him. And one thing he told me was that I was going to be writing a book after he met with my soul's energy. He said this year about to write a book and it's got to be done this year. So I met with him February of 2022. And having no idea what the book was even about it was written by October of 22,022. So it was written very quickly. And after that, I found with his help, I found a wow. I want to say anesthesiologist, but that's not correct to
say like a regression therapist. Yeah, she was hypnotherapy Yeah,
hypnotherapist and also an astrologer that was incredibly talented. And when you work with her, it kind of felt like she was just reading your soul. I mean, it was just the most in depth explanation I've ever gotten of who I was and where I was going. So these key teammate, team members were really critical in helping me move forward quickly, without having any doubts or fears or concerns. I mean, they just really held my hand and what was so fascinating by it, by the whole process was, I didn't know the canine guides were working with me this whole time, I didn't know that they had helped to handpick all of these people. I didn't know that they were working through these people with me. The only thing I knew was that my mentor could hear them. And they would answer my questions, but they would not deliver their message to him, they would only speak to me. So that kept everything really pure. And sacred, as far as I was concerned, because I didn't want to feel like someone else was putting words in my mouth, you know, I needed this was coming from me. So he would answer my questions. And I always had a million questions when I met with him, mostly to validate what I was getting, you know, I was already channeling and had no idea. So he was able to re, you know, qualify what I was bringing to Him. And I'm going oh, that's, that's correct. I didn't know that I had access to that kind of information. So it was really reassuring. But yeah, so that's kind of the story. In a nutshell, I didn't have any idea that I was an author, or that I was going to write a book, when the year 2022 began. So.
And I love that the way that you share that in the book, too, because I think it's such an important point to note that you had had, like you said, 30 dogs up to that point. And you didn't realize through that time, until it was retrospective that these canine guides had been showing up through several of these beloved animals. I know you knew they were special, and you knew that they were special souls in your life, but didn't realize that these guides were there and working through them and showing up for specific reasons, which you detail in the book, will you share a little bit more? I was confused. When I first picked up the book, I'm just gonna be honest with you what probably maybe a lot of people are if they don't read the inside cover. Yeah. That, you know, because we all think, oh, yeah, dogs are very special, you know, souls and forces in our life and, and that they are guides for us. But actually, if I understand it correctly, it's that there are guides just like, you know, spirit guides, for example, who are working through these amazing canines in our lives, to help facilitate the learning and healing that we need. Is that am I understanding that fully correct? Yeah,
point. Yeah, you did that very well. And that was hard for me to understand, too. So I totally, I still totally know where you're coming from. Because it took me a long time, probably, until the very end of the book that I finally got it. For the longest time, I thought I was channeling the specific dogs. And it took me a while to figure out oh, no, that's we're going a whole nother another layer level above that. So the dog itself, the canine has their own soul or their own energy, their own spirit. And depending on the evolution of that particular soul will determine whether it's still a community spirit, or whether they have broken out into their own individual spirit. So that there can be a lot of different Interplay based on the particular dog as well. But they have canines have their own spirit guides. But it differs from our spirit guides, because their spirit guides are not here for them. They're here to work with humanity. So they're really our extra spirit guides that are kind of dictating and directing the relationship that transpires between the human and the dog. So it's really miraculous how they work together. And to give you an example, I shared a story with Tori, where I felt like I was being persecuted by everyone, like no one appreciated who I was, I kept, I kept winning competitions yet. No one was giving me a pat on the back. You know, no one was like, wow, you're incredible. You know, I want to know what you know, they would just kind of be like, Yeah, okay, you want another one? Go on with yourself. You know, it was, it was like this very dismissive attitude, and it was really hurtful to me. And I didn't understand what was happening. But this dog Tori that I shared about first in my life, was the same dog that had reincarnated from my childhood when I was 12. A dog named Trixie and she had also been trying to share this message with me because people were trying to take my trophies from me they were giving my award to other children who didn't deserve it. I had a higher score. Oh, my
heart ripped out for you. And that story is awful. miscalculation of the points and the and then you had to choose do I take this award away from someone else? Yeah, because I tech ugly one or do I? You know, now I have to crush this other. Yeah. A little bit of an old soul even.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. And it was just heartbreaking to me because it was like, Why am I being treated this way? So initially, my human brain is like people are terrible. You know, I can't win. I'm never good enough, you know, all of these emotions kept coming up. But what, Anthea, that the spirit guide of the dog was trying to show me was that there, that part of myself that belief that I had the trauma that created the belief needed to be healed, so that those experiences wouldn't happen anymore. And that's what was so beautiful, because when I worked with her and meditation, she showed this to me. And then she instantly healed it. It was just gone. completely dissolve. Amazing.
Yeah. That's a couple other little points in there. I would love to ask you about so just how you were talking about the the conjoined twin squirrel? And you getting this? I guess I want to call it an intuition that, okay, something's looming here. At that point, you were just maybe starting to have this awakening. But you mentioned several other times in the book, having that intuition that knowing like you said, you didn't know what necessarily it was going to be. But that something big was on the horizon. I think that's just so important to note, because I think so many of us feel like, oh, maybe she had this awareness all along, or, and I just Yeah, I hate to say it this way. But I love it that you didn't.
I didn't know it. I mean, I'd always had a very sharp intuition. I was able, as you read in the book, I was able to find dogs from all over the world that were calling. So this was my intuition. And I call it a calling. But you know, when that calling comes in, I am powerless to fight it. And if my husband were to put his foot down and say, I'm not allowing another dog, I would have left him, I had to follow howling. Thank heavens, we never got to that point. And he's always been very supportive. And he knows everything works out. I mean, even though it doesn't make sense, it works out. So I think we all have those tendencies, but we tend to dismiss them because we're programmed to think that it's our imagination, that it's not real true.
Well, and like you said, to look back and be able to honor Okay, wait a minute, there are all these different points that I was being guided, and it really just double validates what you're becoming aware of in those later parts. You did have an experience, and I'm so curious to learn more about that you share. So one of the really traumatic, tragic things that happens is during your college experience, you end up having a brain tumor that needs to be removed. And you share a little bit about how when you were under that surgery, the anesthesia, you kind of took a little journey and your soul to meet your spirit team, will you share a little bit about because that's so many years before this 2020 experience? Yeah. But you know, sometimes we'll just like you seem to have done like, then like, Okay, that was a one off experience. And then you went 20 more years? Yeah.
Oh, my gosh, not really. And that was kind of the point of the meeting was because they were telling me you still have a lot of time to go yet before you're going to be activated. And they were asking me, do you still want to stay in play? Or do you want to come out because I was struggling? I was struggling with everything with being myself with with the world. I was struggling financially trying to just put one foot in front of another. And with my family, I didn't I really never had family support. So and horrible boyfriend breakups that were just eating me alive, you know, so there was so many things that I was just so destitute about. And they were concerned, I think, but, but it was also a planned time. And we all have exit points, where we meet with our counsel or guidance counsel, and we review okay, this is what's going on, this is what you had taken on. And this is, you know, is going to be hard. Are you sure you want to do this, because the earth plane is the hardest place to live. And I truly understand that now. And so some of us really take on a whole lot. I've always been a person who's taken on as much as I could, just because I'm a goal oriented person and I like to get things done and you know, achieving makes me feel good about myself. So I've always been someone who liked it, take it all on and my guys were concerned about my my goals and my objectives and they said are you sure you want to do this? And what was so interesting, I didn't remember that at all. I just remembered floating up in the ceiling. You know, as the anesthesia was coming in, but I never I didn't sleep for the next 30 years after that. And I've, I've tried everything to sleep drugs, meditation, I try everything. And what was so fascinating was when my astrologer read my chart, and I described the scenario to her, and she instantly put together a new chart for that event. And she said, Oh, that they were meeting with you. It was an exit point. And they were, you were trying to decide whether to stay or go. And ever since that surgery, I kind of felt like something happened during the surgery. I wasn't sure what I just had this feeling that something happened. And that's probably why I couldn't sleep. I wasn't sure what it was, I was kind of nervous. I thought, well, was I abused when I was under anesthesia. I mean, surely not. But something profound happened. And ever since that day, it felt like, my life was different. It felt like a whole different. Like, you take the book of life up to that point, and you flip it over. And it's the total opposite of everything that had been before, it was really fascinating. It felt like a do over or a second chance. And what I described in the book is that I went back through my whole life, the dog training, the cycling, I can't remember what else massage, I revisited all of that, and did it over again and took it to the next level went way beyond whatever thought I was capable of going with either one of those. And it was kind of like an extension on life. Really. I felt like it was a bonus. Like it was, you know, and it was the bonus part of my life had I not stayed? I wouldn't have experienced that. Right? I would have just had the negative part of the life.
Yeah, that's true. And it's so profound. I am sure you don't mind me giving the spoiler but as part of that surgery, it wasn't like you suddenly woke up and then you're the healthiest, strongest version of yourself. You then had to spend 20 years was it relearning all of your cognitive skills and teaching yourself to read again, and learning your math which you had excelled at? Yes, Lee. And so it's so fascinating to hear you say it was this? You know, second chance, this next chapter for you, when I know, you know, from the back end, you really were still having to work? Yeah. So so hard through all of that. And then you share with us how, in retrospect, you could see these canine guides showing up through additional, you know, animals who are in your life loving you and and being companions. Yeah, to assist you. Through that part of the journey. How incredible Yeah, it
was really incredible.
That's so special. Well, you. So in the book you share about what you call the core four, who are the first four of these guides that you're introducing us to, you kind of give a little trail off at the end. And through the book, you mentioned that there are potentially more than 50 of these guides, and more will be introduced in future books. So before anyone gets nervous, I'm sure you've got more and more books on the way. But in these core four, where you share a little bit about how they showed up in your life and how perhaps we can recognize them in our own beloved furry friend. Yes,
I'd love to the core for they that's what they call themselves. And I didn't understand why until recently. They deal with getting down to the core, the core emotion, the core belief, you know, the core event, we've got to really get down in there. We can't expand spiritually until we what I call dump the tanks. So we've got to remove healing remove the lower vibrational frequencies, which are our memories, our belief systems, our trauma, our pain that that we're just holding on to energetically within our bodies, our DNA holds our energy. So it follows us from lifetime to lifetime. So we have to resolve it before we can expand spiritually into this higher consciousness that we all seek to be. So the core four are critical in doing this because they are literally the intergalactic version of our dogs. So they come to humanity with these expedited techniques for healing, like I said that are instant, the the frequency is so much more advanced than anything that humanity has experienced in the past. And the reason they're coming forward now is because humanity has grown to a point where we can begin to hold it and begin to work with it. And that's why we're work so fast is because it's a whole different frequency than what we've known in the past. But each guide has their own identity, their own name, their own energy, their own specialty of what they work with humanity on. And I'll show you pictures of them as we go.
But I'd love that we
have Anthea is the first one in the book. And so the guides have a conjoined image and a conjoined frequency. So they'll identify with the dog breed and also a shamanic animal wild animals. So we have the golden retriever and the cheetah for Anthea, who was Trixie and Tori's spirit guide and working with me on specifically on divine self love and joy. So anything that blocked my ability to experience joy or to love myself fully such as my, my, she calls them tags. So my beliefs that, you know, I'm not lovable, or maybe, you know, people are persecuting me, I don't deserve it. You know, those core beliefs are what she works with, she will identify them and remove them for you. So she has a very grammer grandmotherly energy she's very soft and, and welcoming and comforting, very warm energy. She works with a lot of people because she, she she likes to get in get in the trenches and work with everybody. And she's
also what I loved about your sorry to interrupt your story is that these core emotions that you identified, even though all of our stories are so unique, and individual these emotions of unworthiness and deserve ability and fear of persecution and fear of failure are common. Oh, yeah, for all of us. So I'm not surprised that she works with Yeah, and so and she's also represents the divine feminine energy. So
when we're able to embody our full divine feminine energy, we've, we've done the work with her. So we have to clear these blockages before we can hold that frequency and be a balanced feminine entity. So she's, she's incredible to work with. And I see her a lot. Because humanity has a lot of these tags that she works with. The second guide is Oscar car, and he is the black and tan Coonhound, which is a very fascinating breed. I didn't know much about this breed until I had to research it for him, and then the lion, and Oscars very special. He's kinda like Aslan, in The Lion, the Witch in the wardrobe, this energy is very, very heavy and soothing and calming and reassuring. And he deals with tags as well around our voice, being able to speak our truth, being able to have a voice, our courage, and, you know, so many people, and this involves people who don't, who are oppressing others with their voice or with their power. So this has to be balanced. So it's not just the lack of, but it could be the imbalance of so he works with the divine masculine energy, because the divine masculine is not a a brutal masculine force, the divine masculine is actually just the container for the feminine. So it supports the feminine, it provides the opportunity for the feminine, and it provides the space for the feminine. So until this is blended and healed, the Divine Feminine can't have full potential. So the two have to be present together, you have to have both, but he's really magical to work with. He's very quiet. Doesn't say very much. But his his energy is incredibly powerful. So he'll work a lot around the throat area with some people. I can give you lots of examples, but he's, he's he's special. He's really special. And I was impressed with how he was able to free up my voice after being shut up for so long. being oppressed by my own father who wouldn't let me speak. I had no right to have an opinion couldn't defend myself. He had to heal all of this for me, so that I could stand before you now and deliver my message because if I'm blocked there, I can effectively deliver my message even if I'm speaking the words, right. It'll, they'll be an energetic block to it. So it's important that all of us be able to mend and heal and balance that part of us. Oh, that's wrong order. But
the other thing as you're as you're showing these two I think it's important to just point out that it doesn't mean they're only necessarily showing up in these breeds of dogs. Like they're depriving these beautiful pieces of art. But it's the energy, it's the spirit. Is that am I saying that? Yes,
this is just the this is a representation of their energy. So they're not going to only show up in the Basenji, you're going to any, it doesn't matter what breed of dog you have any of these guides could be working with you through that dog. And also, they don't have to have a dog to work with you, they can work with you through me. So I'd say 75% of my clients right now, don't have dogs, they're just working with the canine spirit guides. And that's a beautiful thing, too. Because some people don't like dogs, you know, but they want the healing, you know, so they'll work with all of humanity. But this is how they've always worked with us is through the dogs. So this is Oregon, and she is a pristine, highly. Her frequency is extremely high. And she reminds me a lot of Lady Diana, like a royalty type frequency or voices soft and elegant. And she's really, really critical. So the first two guides worked with tags and the guides after that none of them do. I thought I had written it wrong at first, like where's the tags, you know, but then they explained, well, we don't work with tags. That's just the first two guides that do that. But um, Oregon is the Basenji and the Black Panther very powerful energy, she helps us to identify masks that we wear and we use. And these masks will, will we use them to project the version of us we want people to think we are. And they also serve as a filter. So whatever's on the inside of your mask will filter your experience in life. So if you've had a bad run of it, and you like I did, and you think that all humans are bad, then that's all you're going to see. That's all you're going to experience in life. So until these masks are identified and removed, you can't really fully connect to your soul. Because you can't see it. You can't find it, and you can't perceive it. And even if you did get to your soul, you wouldn't be able to see it because the mask would block that. So she dissolves these masks for us just as she did for myself. And then once that's dissolved, she will escort you to your divine soul. And that was one experience in the book that I shared. I had never met my own soul before. And it was the most incredible energy I had ever experienced. I thought it was God. You know, I thought it was in the presence of God, I didn't know that my soul was that expansive, and that pure. So it's important that humanity realigns with our soul right now. Because when you're in that space of your pure divine soul, the only emotions that you're capable of are love and joy. That's it. So if all of us walked around connected to our soul, we would have no bitterness, no anger, no war, no violence, I mean, it just wouldn't be possible. So it's really important right now that humanity connects with that part of themselves. She's really special. And she is my favorite, which is why she's on the cover of the book.
I love how you share connecting with our own soul to because I feel like it's so you talk about it a lot in the book. And I feel like it's so commonly misunderstood that we are separate from our higher selves. Sometimes the way I say it is like it's live streaming through us, but the greater part of it exists outside of us, just cuz we can't wear small containers. I love how important you focus, you know, put the place to focus. Yeah, on that in the
book. Yeah, it was a big revelation for me, you know, this body, this container can only hold a small fraction of our soul. And when you take that field trip, and you meet with the entire expanse of your soul, it's a real shock. You know, because we've been so disconnected from it. So yeah, I mean, it's incredible if I want more people to experience that to experience what I did, because it was so life changing and it would be life changing for our whole race for all of humanity if we could connect Sure. Yeah, for sure. Incredible. Now the last guide, he was a little bit tricky. This is demanded on Edik he has three names and it took me a long time to understand that and and then also to be able to write it because I only speak English. My astrologer had to help me figure out how to write his name because I don't I don't roll my arse, I don't know how to spell that, you know, I can barely pronounce his name much less spell it. But he's truly amazing. I described in my book, The time when I met him was actually during an Iowa Oscar ceremony at a ceremony with a plant medicine. And it was very special. And he had waited to the very end, I had that ceremony after I finished writing the book. So I had to go back and, and add that part to the book because it was just too incredible not to share. But he had given me specific words to put in the book about him and I blindly followed into it, okay, I'll write this down. I don't understand it. All write it down. Sounds great, you know, but I didn't, I hadn't truly felt his energy until that time during the Ayahuasca ceremony. And after I felt his energy, I suddenly realized why he had had me put those words in the book. He is the bald eagle, and the pug, which is a very fascinating come combinations. But if you think about it, these two have the same neck, and kind of the same nose. You know, but he's fairly special, because he comes in when we're ready to discover the the intergalactic version of ourselves, he offers incredible guidance, protection and an escort into our our multi dimensional abilities. So he's the reason I was able to quickly learn to travel in the in the quantum realm and meet these guides and also to meet other energies I needed to bring these guides in. And he also showed me past lives that were critical in understanding so that I could connect the dots a little bit more, and then he and then he helps to heal all of that as well. So he's an incredible presence. And he's actually the guide of my current dog, Ji Ji Ji Ji, and what what's kind of significant about this dog, like, if you look at all of them, to me, it's all in the eyes. So when I look in a dog's eyes, I can kind of tell what guide that dog is, because you can see into the soul through the eyes. And this guide is really interesting, because, you know, we think that dogs are unconditional love. The dogs that came through with Edik are not unconditional lovers. They're, they're not what you would expect out of a dog. So my dog just last night, I was mad at my husband because he didn't let her lick his bowl. So two hours later, when we went to bed, she would have nothing to do with him. And she usually cuddles with him, not me. She usually cuddles with him all night long. All night she refused even go to his side of the bed absolutely miffed with him, because he wouldn't let her lick his his bowl. And this to me is not my definition of unconditional love. I don't know about you. But so
funny. But these guys are for those that are watching or listening. You do share pictures of all of these dogs that you've been talking about in the book. And Gigi you've had on your YouTube channel, even in the way you describe them. It's very palpable to feel these personalities shining through. So sorry, go ahead. Yeah.
It's fascinating. He's, he's just not into the human qualities. He's here to do a very specific job. So these dogs aren't going to be here to hold our hand. They're not going to be here to make us feel better. They're here to get their job done. They're here to move you quickly. So they're not going to make excuses for you when you balk. Or when you turn away from an opportunity. They're gonna be there looking at you like,
um, you know, yeah, you know, because funny because it seems like as a byproduct to Gigi just happens to have a personality that like you were saying in your physical therapy office. Everyone just loves her and she brings people together and she but it's not necessarily important for her to be cuddly to write, do her mission.
She's an ambassador. So she does bring people together. She does open people's hearts, but her job is not to reciprocate. Her job is to act strictly as leader, not as companion that that's a different container, right? Like your boss or your leader is not someone you're going to go out and do yoga with or go on a walk with. It's someone that you really respect and you honor and so sometimes they occupy a completely different place in your life, then your companions or your friends instead you hang out with right? So it's a completely different container for these guys. So
fun does every brings me to a good question, Does every canine have some sort of spirit guide working through them with the humans in their life? That
that's a great question what I have been shown and what I've seen, it depends on the dog because some dogs are here on their own journey. They're, they're more of a baby soul. So the animals when they come through the animal kingdom, their first experience here on this planet is as a community soul, they don't have their own soul. That's why we see herd animals, you know, acting together as one because they share the same brain, they share the same soul, they share the same energy. Once this soul begins to evolve, and also specifically to the canine, once this canine learns to connect to a human, and they do share that love bond, then that helps that canine evolve into its own soul. That makes sense. So depending on where the dog is, and that journey will determine whether it's capable of following the guidance of the canine guides. So some of the dogs in our life are on their own journey. They haven't developed their own soul yet. And these dogs are easy to spot. They're real, they're kind of spacey, they, they love to hang out with other dogs or not so much into you. They don't really get the connection, the bonding connection between human and dog, they seem really immature, as far as that goes. They don't understand the big picture. You know, they're different than the dogs that are here to help coordinate the evolution of humanity. So those are going to be your more evolved souls of the canine and those are the ones who are going to be working in cooperation with the canine spirit guides.
With one of the 50 Plus, yeah, yeah, I excited. So excited to learn about the ride. Yeah, I'm
excited to meet the rest. They've been kind of introducing themselves to me, and I'm seeing animals in the next group, which will be the essential aid there, they've been showing me animals that don't exist on this earth plane. So this is going to be really interesting. Well,
and it's so it's so powerful the way that you talk about it too, in your work. Now, like you said, someone doesn't have to necessarily have their own dog, maybe they don't like dogs, maybe I'm kind of in a place similar to where you were previously, where I lost my dog a handful of years ago, and I just haven't felt ready to have another friend. Kind of like you had articulated in the book. I'm kind of traveling a lot doing a lot of things. And I felt like, oh, I want to be fair. And so if someone wants to start working with this energy, what's the best way to start tiptoeing into it? I mean, first read the book. Yeah. First things, yes. But
after that, yeah. And, and don't take don't take that for granted. Like when you read the book, they're already working with you, the energy is already working with you. They're helping and whatever you notice in the book, whatever makes you sad, or makes you angry, makes you frustrated, agitated, that's the spirit of the book working with you. So those guides are journaling things up for you already. So what I tell people to do when they read the book is to journal, highlight, take notes, if you're mad at me write it down. Those are all messages for you. So you know, I shared my story. And it's a very neutral story. So if you're mad at me about that story, that's something for you to look at. Right? And I have a podcast about this very thing. Exactly what happened to somebody who read the book, and they got really mad about the book. And they they expressed it in a review. And I'm like, Oh, this is great. Wow. Because this is showing me what this person needs right now. And so I did a podcast over it so people could understand if this happens to you. This is what it means. But yeah, so when you read the book, be sure and pay attention, take notes, and you probably need to read it more than once. You know, I've had people have read it four times, and they still haven't grasped the entire concept of the book yet. Yeah. So work with it. The next thing you'll want to do is ask questions. If you have your own dog. Start asking that dog questions. Who are you? Who's working through you? What message do you have for me? And listen, just listen, you have to just be open. Don't judge anything that comes to your mind. Don't judge anything that you write down after you ask those questions. Just accept it, embrace it and work with it. And of course, you could always work with me, you know that I do private sessions and I do group sessions too. We get down to it really quick, like there's no guesswork.
So, one of the other things in the book that you do a beautiful job of is, as you're offering your story and offering the information, I love the way you positioned it as like, Hey, I'm just gonna say these things. And you could take it or leave it and you could just enjoy it as a mystical story. Or you can take this on board, like it's up to us, it was a beautiful way of offering it out there because we all have so much emotional healing and work to do while we're here. Yeah. And you know, when you're starting to go ahead, when you're working with someone in a one on one session, how do you how do you start diving into that one? It's
so easy, so easy. So I meet as soon as I get someone on my schedule, I tap in to find out, you know, what's, what's the story here? What do I need to know? See, I'm always asking questions, what do I need to know? And so the guides will tell me, okay, this person is ready. If they're not ready, they'll tell me what needs to be done before I meet with this person. So I might write the the client and say, okay, the guides know you're coming, they need you to prepare, I might give them a meditation to do because energetically, if you're not ready, even though your mind says you're ready, we have to get your energy moving. So some of us have such buried deep trauma that we don't even know about that has to be shifted in and loosened and prepared to be freed before the session. So they'll give me things that the client needs to do to get ready for that. The other thing I do is, before I get on my virtual call in all my sessions are done booked virtually. So before I get on the call with a client is I sit in that client's energy before ever made meet with a client. And I receive a download from the canine spirit guides about what the client needs to know, what is it that you're struggling with? And it's not just cognitively What is your soul want you to know. So it could be about a past life, it could be about this life. I just recently did. Not recently, but earlier this year, I did a reading, and it was for a lady's concurrent life. So you know, the galaxy, the quantum field is the limit, you know, there's so much more possible than we realize as humans. So whatever it is that you need to know, that's what they want me to share with you. And then they'll tell me which canine spirit guide is going to be working with you during this session. And it all depends on what needs to be cleared, what needs to be what you need assistance with will determine which guide comes forward and volunteers their services for you. I had one when I do one on one sessions, it's usually one guide at a time. But here recently, I had a session where all four guides showed up and worked with her simultaneously. And it was intense during the session, and she really felt it and was really tired for a couple days. And then after that she had she'd struggled with MS for 32 years after that her MS pain was gone. So she had to process it. And then and then she was relieved of her major complaint. But so when I get that download, I then get on the call with a client and I share with them what I've downloaded. And they have the chance to offer ask questions. And I since I'm still connected with their energy, and I'm, I'm connected with the canine spirit guides, I can share those channeled messages with them in real time. And then soon after that, we go right into healing. So the guide that that stepping forward to work with the client is offering instant healing for that client over those issues during that session. And it looks kind of like a guided meditation, I'd bring their energy in and I just described to you what they're doing what they're saying. Sometimes they're adjusting our energy field, sometimes they're going to the to the place in the body where all this energy is being held and it has to just be exploded out of there. Some of the guides use crystal energy and and some of them use plant medicine. I've been working a lot with plant medicine energy as well because that's very effective in in eradicating blockages just breaking up stagnant energy. And then always at the end of this we want to be sure once we've cleared the space, we want to be sure that our souls energy is coming in and filling that space. We don't want to leave with just a cavity, right just an opening we because then you're you're just leaving it up to the cosmos as far as what is put back in that space. So the guides will always help you to bring in more of your divine souls frequency and energy, especially to you All the places we just voided out, just to make sure that's the energy that goes back in. And it's, it's, it's a profound experience and one on one, you know, are really nice because I can cater it to that person's requests or that person's major concerns. And so we get right into it. And then usually they'll have the client work with that meditation, because it's recorded separately, they'll have them work again, with that meditation on their own, to help, you know, the integration of the shift.
Sounds like some pretty profound and very customized work happens in those sessions. And you said, you also do some group work, and we are lucky to get you at a time where you have an upcoming event, just at the end of the month of March 2024. If you're listening to this, when it gets released, will you tell us a little bit about that event, and what you've already been guided to create for that? Yeah, specific date. Yeah,
it's gonna be a really impactful event, it's a half day workshop with Anthea and Oscar and, and they're both divine energy, so anthias, the divine feminine, all scars, the divine masculine, and what they've shown me is they want to help people heal these parts of themselves and, and blend them together. So that we have a more balanced human being. So during the session, we'll work with them one at a time. And you'll get to know more about them a little more in depth about these guides, and what messages they have to share with the group that's, that's within the room, and it's all virtual. So they'll share whatever messages those people in the group need to hear regarding their divine masculine and feminine, and, and then they're gonna walk the group through, you'll get to work with each one individually, they'll walk them through a really intimate and yet profound spiritual shift. So it'd be like a guided meditation again, and the group sessions are really, really powerful, because we have everybody coming together, co creating this experience. So they always surprise me with what they're capable of doing. And the people who attend you know, I get a mixed bag, some people have never done anything like this before. Some people are really skilled with this type of experience. And usually, even the people that are total novices are going to feel something, even if they've never done meditation, I've had people I've had people in the room, everybody saw the guide in front of them, even though they've never had an experience like that before. So it's a really, it, they help us to shift our energy together when we're working like that. And another thing that's really important for us to understand is that when you make a commitment to an event like that, they're already working with you. So they're already tapping into your energy, they're already sending me messages, I get previews for the, you know, the two weeks up to the event going, Oh, we're going to do that, oh, we're going to do that, you know, they're just constantly feeding me information. And I just go with it. I, the morning of the event, I just sit with them and I channel in what they're they're planning on doing with the group. So until then, I don't know what the final, you know, the final guest count is going to be who's going to show up and what's going to be necessary. So I'm usually surprised because it can change, you know, two days before the event it can change, you know, compared to the day of the event. So I wait to the last minute to get the instructions. But it's it's incredible, absolute incredible. With their kale exciting.
Yeah. And we will be for those of you who are feeling intrigued, it means potentially, that your souls already being worked with Yeah, it's to pique your interest to get you to this conversation in the show notes. I will have all of the links for you to find all of the things. This is probably a little premature. But do you have any idea when we can expect the next it's clearly it's gonna be a series you already told us that?
It won't happen this year. I well, you know, I say that, but I'm moving flow. So for all I know, I could have another one out by the end of the year. That's so funny, because my publisher called me today want to know if I was working on my second book yet.
That's funny. Like it or not, I feel like you probably are Yeah,
I'm I'm taking notes when I get them and cataloging them for future reference. I just have I've been so busy promoting this book, I haven't had much time to sit and get any downloads for the second book. I don't even know what dogs are going to be in it yet. But it's gonna be a lot different than the first one. The essential eight has a different motive and a different frequency. So they're kind of Join me, it's gonna be a little more magical and light hearted. You know, the first book was a little hard, it was a little heavy, because we had to do some hard things in the first book. So it was
heavy, but in the best way, yeah, I feel like the the, the gold nuggets that you gave and the parts of your life. And I know you said in the book that there's even much more about your life that you couldn't possibly include all of it, you know, the things that you'd experienced. But those nuggets, I feel like most people can see themselves in the emotions in the struggle, even if the story is different. So I think it was so necessary the way it
was very necessary. And it because I was healing while I was writing the books, that's that's how the guides introduced themselves to me. And that's how they begin to work with me. And each time I had a healing experience with them, I had more of my own psychic gifts come out. So and that's what's so critical is we have to peel the layers off and empty the tanks so that we can perceive and we can embody those higher versions of ourselves. So each time I went through a healing session, and I went in the same order as the book, so I worked with Anthea, wow. Then I worked with Oscar, and then Oregon and then Edik. So as I progressed to the book, at the very end, they said, Okay, this is how you need to work with your clients. This is this is what you're going to be doing now. And I said what I thought I was just writing a book, I didn't realize that I was going to be doing the energetic work with the canine spirit guides. So after I published the book, that's when I had this gradual transition from physical healing into spiritual healing, and energetic healing. So it's been quite the trip.
I bet and I do feel like that's what happens often when we are, you know, having opening of our gifts and learning to work with them. We do go through our own healing journey as a required Yeah, if required stop on the, on the route, which is continuous, I think, yeah, I really am just so grateful for you, writing this book and going going along with these guides who were telling you, you know, hey, you're gonna write this book. And it's, you know, you could have easily you had option to resist or tend to not do it, but you showed up and, and did the work and live to the lift to the experience. And it really is, I don't even know how I mean, other than divinely ordered, I don't know how else you were able to cram so much. It could have been three separate books all in itself was just your life story. And then the story of, you know, the dogs in the dog training and how how you illustrated each of the gifts and lessons through those experiences is really, really profound. So I highly encourage everyone in anyone to read it. I'm going to tell you the title again. But we'll have a link in the show notes. Canine spirit guides, the healing power of man's best friend. Oh, there it is backwards, but heavily tagged as you.
This is my teachers module.
I love it. I do something fun at the end of every interview episode that I didn't tell you about. But I'm hoping your game for Are you game to do what we call here the spirit Speed Round, which is for fun and easy questions for you about your journey. Yeah. Awesome. Okay, the first question is, I'd love you to share one thing that really shocked you or was unexpected about all of this information as it came to you. I feel like there's so many things you could say here, but
it's hard to pick one. No. I think the most shocking thing was that I was so deeply undercover that I didn't have a clue who I was. Like, this is who I was in the beginning, but I had no idea.
You know, for me, I love that it was that way for you. Even though it's probably painful to experience it because it really is so many of our journey that we didn't realize, you know, with the powers in us all along or whatever, under the rainbow, you know, saying you want to say in there. So I think it's so profound that you didn't realize a lot.
Well. And the other thing I would add to that it's hard to pick one. Everything happened for a reason. And people say that but they don't really believe it or see it but I was able to literally see oh my gosh, now I know why that happened. Because it's
in black. And you illustrated that so well. That was really, really clear through the book. And it was you made it really easy to you know, kind of like you said consider your own life as the reader and think oh, yeah, you know, I can see how they're how they're least Ernie, these things all make sense, even though they seem so unrelated at the time, perhaps I can see in my own journey, this truth as well. So that was really powerful. If you got to I'm a medium. I don't know if you know this about me. But yeah, so that's where the that's where this question comes from. If you got to spend a day in the spirit world, you got the full tour, you got to spend time with everyone you've ever known who's crossed over and it's almost time to return to your life. You're on this side. And a guide tells you that you have one hour left and you can spend it with any soul who's on the other side. Who do you choose and why?
Oh, well, I got to visit my a higher version of myself on a higher timeline who was doing this job with the animals over there. Only her animals were like Pegasus, sin tars dragons. I mean, all all the animals, not just the earthly animals. She was the keeper. She is the keeper. It's a concurrent life. She is the keeper of all the animals. And I visited her three times and I never get enough. I want to I have so many questions. I want to go back how profound
I want to visit her girl. Come on. Let's go. That sounds amazing. Thank you for sharing that. I love that answer. Even though we have spiritual gifts, we have very human lives. What is one quirky thing about you that people might be surprised to learn? I'm a loner. That's some cool quirks. Yeah,
I mean, I'm still kind of a loner. This work has forced me to come out of that a little bit, but I'm okay being totally alone and out in nature.
I love that. Like that's a really I think that's really special. Actually, yeah. Will you leave us with one pearl of wisdom? What's one piece of advice that you wish that you had early on in your understanding of all of these gifts and abilities? Yeah.
Healing is not meant to be hard. It's not meant to be a journey. We have the ability to heal instantly. And that's what the guides always want me to, to share with everyone. It doesn't have to be a process. That's what we've been programmed to think.
And it limits incredible. Yeah, you've shared so much with us already today. I know that I could keep you for many more hours.
I know what but I can forever.
I believe me, I would have like I have a whole list. I would love to know if there's anything we didn't touch on today that you wanted to share. It's okay, if there's not, but I just wanted to check in Yeah, so many offerings. One of
the Group offers I have is my own podcast that I do on YouTube. And those podcasts are channeled messages from the canine guides. And then the last half of the podcast is a healing around that message. So people have access to experience the healing and the frequency of the canine guides when they attend those podcasts. So, you know, if they, if they're curious about the canine guides, and what that's like, they can check that out. It's on my YouTube channel.
I will link that in the show notes as well. If you do go to Heather Lee's YouTube channel, you will get to see the amazing GG Yes, that's your welcome video has her in it. And I did get to sit through and watch and receive healing from one of those podcast episodes where you were channeling a message and sharing about an event that was happening in the world and did healing with that so that those are really beautiful and powerful. So anyone who is even a little bit intrigued or interested in what you do, I highly recommend going to the show notes and and getting that link because that's really amazing that you offer those just just out there for anyone with no barrier to entry whatsoever. You can just go and receive it when Anthea
also has offered a meditation for everybody on my webpage as a free meditation from Anthea that wow,
that's amazing. And that is for those of you who who may already know about this book that is the guide who worked through Tori with you and several other reviewers.
Yes. Beautiful. She's the grandmother, the grandmother guide Yeah, the grandmother lady.
Yes. The nurturing, loving, shepherding often Yeah, yeah, motherly guide. Well, thank you so much for your time today and sharing your wisdom and all of these incredible gifts and understanding of an even deeper and more profound exponential way that our canine friends work with. Thank
you so much. Thank you for reading the book and being coerced it
was it was a treat. Thank you for sharing your light with us today
by everybody.
So if you couldn't tell, I could have gone on talking to Heather For probably several podcast episodes worth of interview times of episodes, just because the way that her book is written. And that's really my introduction to hers is through this book, I didn't know her previously. The book is just so profound, like we talked about in the episode, it's less than 400 pages. And it's not a particularly like challenging read as far as like being hard to read. It's very conversational, very open and honest and raw and the way she talks about her experiences and her emotions, and I feel like we can all see ourselves in the emotions that she shares. But really the way she works in her experiences with the dogs of her life, and how she can see through retrospect, after having this profound awakening how these different guides were working in her own life, I just think you're gonna love the book. So highly recommended. And as you guys know, I don't recommend a lot of books here. So take note. Also, if you want to connect with Heather Lee, further, check out the show notes for her website for her link to the book that the event that she has coming up the YouTube channel with the free healings, everything is is going to be listed in the show notes, and we'll be right there for you. I actually found her in a unique way we were talking about it off recording, but I know that I was guided to her and guided to share her story and to share her with all of you. I went down a rabbit hole actually looking at someone else's podcast, and then just kind of went through this interesting nonsensical rabbit hole of Google search and somehow came to her work. And I actually thought it was something different. When I came across that I thought it was her helping us understand our animal spirit guides and how our dogs work with us as spirit guides, but it's so much more profound and layered and mind blowing than that. So I hope that you enjoyed today's conversation. Thank you for being here with me today. Again, another big thank you to Heather Leigh Strom for coming on being a luminary of our time and sharing her light and her wisdom with us today. As always a big hug lots of love. Bye for now from inside Spirit Speakeasy

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