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What Can Hypnosis Do for YOU? With Expert Hypnotist & Medium Jonny Torgersen

Dec 18, 2023

This may be exactly what you've been waiting for! Have you ever wondered things like: Does hypnosis works on everybody (or if it could work on YOU)? Could hypnosis help with YOUR challenges? How long does it take to see reults and do they even last?! You will walk away from this episode understanding how and WHY hypnosis works and why it is so much deeper than some "party trick". Expert Hypnotist, Jonny Torgersen, also shares several specific client success stories that include everything from releasing "bad habits" to healing trauma. And, of course, he allows me to ask LOTS of questions!

Plus, Jonny shares his profound journey which includes discovering his gifts as a medium in his teens, his HUGE move from Norway to the U.S. and how he came to train with world renowned teacher Lisa Nichols. Jonny also shares why once he tapped into the hidden power within the subconscious mind there was no going back.
You won't want to miss this informative and uplifting, yet easy and fun chat!! 

Show Notes:
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Jonny Torgersen is a hypnotist and a spiritual medium. He started his development at the age of 18 and has since then always been fascinated by life after death and the human experience.

In 2018 he started studying the strengths and the weaknesses of the human mind. He got to experience hypnosis for the first time and once he tapped into the hidden power within the subconscious mind there was no going back. 

Through hypnosis, his clients experience major shifts in their lives, emotionally and mentally, in order to live closer to their truth and their goals. They report back that they overcome fears and barriers that are decades old and become ready to take on new opportunities in their lives. Jonny's goal is to facilitate a life-changing experience that allows his clients to have breakthroughs that not only heal but create a renewed sense of happiness and a more fulfilling trajectory in life.

Jonny is a certified transformational coach and board-certified hypnotist. He has studied with both transformational life coach and motivational speaker, Lisa Nichols, and master hypnotherapist, Tom Silver among many others!

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Episode Transcript:

Hey beautiful soul Welcome to Spirit Speakeasy. I'm Joy Giovanni, Joyful Medium. I'm a working psychic medium energy healer and spiritual gifts mentor. This podcast is like a seat at the table in a secret club, but with mediums, mystics and the spiritual luminaries of our time, so come behind the velvet ropes with me and see inside my world is I chat insider style with profoundly different souls. We go deep share juicy stories laugh a lot and it wouldn't be a speakeasy without great insider secrets and tips. You might even learn that you have some gifts of your own. So step inside the spirit speakeasy. Hey, beautiful souls Welcome back or welcome in to spirit speakeasy. I am really excited for today's episode. My friend and colleague Jonny Torgersen is a hypnotist and he is going to share with us all about his journey. Plus, we're gonna really more deeply understand some details about what hypnosis is, what it isn't what it helps with, and some stories from his clients and personal experience. So I'm really excited to share this episode with you. Johnny actually is a practicing hypnotist as well. So if you're someone who has been thinking, I wonder if hypnosis could help me with my new year's diet or with my quitting smoking or XYZ insert bad habit here? Yes, it probably can. He's going to tell you how it works and why. And I have always been really curious about hypnotists my entire life, I want to say I have several clients over the years that have used hypnotists in their own lives to create really powerful changes. So I'm so grateful that Johnny was able to join us. And let me ask a million questions. And hopefully they are the questions that you have yourself and that you would want to ask. So without further ado, I read the bio at the top of the episode and of course I linked Johnny's email and website why can I think of words and social media and all of his contact points in the show notes so if you are interested in seeing a hypnotist, I can vouch for Jonny personally, as a friend and colleague, he really is steeped in his training and I respect that so much about him. Plus he is just a great guy with a big heart. So without further ado, let's enjoy this conversation with hypnotist Johnny torgussen. I am so excited to announce today's guest he's a friend and colleague of mine, but I haven't gotten to give him a third degree about several areas of his work. So let me read his bio so we can launch into this conversation. His name is Jonny Torgersen. He's a hypnotist, a hypnotist. I'm going to say that wrong every time I want to say hypnotherapist, hypnotist and a spiritual medium. He started his development at the age of 18 and has since then always been fascinated by life after death and the human experience. In 2018. He started studying the strengths and weaknesses of the human mind. He got to experience hypnosis for the first time. And once he tapped into the hidden power within the subconscious mind, there was no going back through hypnosis, his clients experience major shifts in their lives emotionally and mentally in order to live closer to their truth and their own goals. They report back that they overcome fears and barriers that are decades old in their own lives. They become ready to take on new opportunities in their lives. Jonny's goal is to facilitate a life changing experience that allows his clients to have breakthroughs that not only heal but create a renewed sense of happiness and a more fulfilling trajectory in life. That's lofty, but I want to sign up for that. John is a certified transformational coach and a board certified hypnotist. He has studied both transformational life coaching and motivational speaking with Lisa Nichols who is incredible. We're gonna talk about that and master hypnotherapist, Tom Silva, among many others. Welcome in Jonny Torgersen. How are you?
Thank you, Joy. I'm doing great. Thank you so much for having me on the show. I'm very honored that you asked me and I know we've been talking for quite a while to like do something together and finally making it happen. So I'm very
talking for many years. No, like more than five years now. But we got to collaborate on something. So I think this is just the first of many collabs for us. I think so yeah, yeah, I'm that far more. So even though you've only spoken a few words so far. This episode, will you tell us your grand journey because people in a minute are gonna hear your accent and they're gonna want it from right. Oh, how did you at 18 start all this development. And I know there's a big move in there.
Yeah, a lot. Lots of big moves. And for those that don't know i I grew up in Oslo, Norway, I was born and raised in Oslo, Norway. And at the age of 18, that's when I started to become interested in spiritualism and life after death. And back then in Norway and Scandinavia, there were a lot of TV shows where they had mediums on TV, and they did ghost hunting shows and whatever, people have different opinions about that stuff. But it exposed me to that there's something more between you know, where we're at right now, what we can see with a physical eye. And while we can tap into using the subconscious part of our mind, and so, you know, I started I didn't remember if I was on the internet, or how I found it, but not to date myself. But like, I'm not 19 What? I'm 37 now, so like, that that long ago, right. So somehow, I came across this medium that was doing a demonstration in Oslo, her name was Iris Hall, and she was from England. And I was very skeptical. But I was able to convince a couple of my friends to join me for her demonstration, because they were kind of interested in as well. And so we went, and you know, it's a small room, maybe like 3050 people, and we sat way in the back is like, I just want to observe, I don't want her to come to me, I don't want to, you know, I don't want to have any attention to drawn to me whatsoever. And sure enough, like, one of the first messages was for me, she was like, young man in the back there, you know, it's like, oh, God, here we go. And she's like, I know, you don't want me to come to you. But I'm going to anyways, because I have your grandma here. So she gave me the evidence of my grandma and describe her personality. And, and that was kind of it. I was like, Okay, there's something to this. And I immediately sign up for her workshop that she had the following week. Wow. And I did her workshop several times. And yeah, that was my introduction to mediumship and spiritualism. And I just got hooked after that, for sure. What was it
that stirred in you during that communication from your grandma through this amazing medium that made us go from like, okay, there's validity here to Oh, I think I could do this. Let me take a class. That's a big, bold, probably, like,
you know, leap. It is, and thank God, I was 18. So, you know, I didn't have that critical factor, you know, fully developed yet. I think for me, it was just, I just had this knowing this sense of like, this seems natural. To me, this seems like we all should be able to do this. Right. Like, yeah, you know, in the beginning, I thought only special people have this ability to communicate with the dead. And I'm just, you know, realized early on, like, this is a skill that anyone and everyone can develop. And it just made sense to me, you know, I was watching these mediums on TV, and I just wanted to, like, do what they were doing, because I'm like, it seemed effortless. And it is effortless. You know, we shouldn't put that much, you know, emphasis or effort into it. And so, yeah, that was kind of my introduction to it. And that's what got me started.
I have to say, this might be my own pre judgment. But I've had a handful of friends from Norway, like grew up in Norway over the years. And I always think of Norwegians culturally as like very analytical very left brained very, I'm so mind blown to know that you were exposed to so many shows before that was really necessarily, you know, made it over to the pop culture.
Yes, that's a great point. Scandinavia is a very secular area of the world. Like, we don't have a lot of religion, people are really faith based. And so I think mediumship actually was a perfect way to introduce people to spiritualism because it's, it's not some, there's no dogma behind that. There's no rules, there's no way of being it's more like a very simple, natural way of doing life. And actually, a lot of indigenous Scandinavian people and people, they don't know that Scandinavia has indigenous people. But the indigenous people that live way, way up north, the Sami people, you know, they have 1000s and 1000s of years history of, you know, being mediums and communicate with the dead and spiritualism. And so and that's part of my, my ancestry way, way, way back. And so, yeah, but no, you're right. There's a lot of skepticism in Scandinavia and rightly so because as we know, in this industry, whatever you want to call it, you know, there's a lot of BS and it's good to have a healthy skeptical mind.
Yeah, absolutely. I agree. And I'm wondering if that belief that seems to like have permeated you always this like, okay, healthy skepticism, but I will go with what I feel if that's what led you through this training to also want to train in that hypnosis to become a Hypnotherapist. Right,
because what I learned, learn, you know, we do all that meditation, you know, when we develop as mediums and that's such an important part of our Our journey when we develop ourselves and really mediumship is just that, you know, byproduct of spiritual or being spiritual. I think, for me growing up in Norway, no, God love my home country, I love the people that I love my family, I love my friends. But we're not very emotional there. And so when you get to learn to sit with yourself, be with yourself, you get to tap into your own emotions. And when you do that, there's gonna be a lot of darkness there, there might be some, you know, old trauma, some murkiness, whatever you want to call it. And I think for me, it's almost like you get to meet yourself in the in the doorway, you know, once you sit in the quiet, you get to sit with yourself, be with yourself, be with your own feelings and emotions, like, Oh, this is kind of uncomfortable, this isn't all that pleasant. And so learning that witnessing hundreds of people, you know, doing the same thing, and I'll tell you a little bit more later what we did. So a friend of mine, and we started our own spiritual center in in Norway enemy, we would hold circles and trainings and workshops. But you know, witnessing all these people that would come through the door, they all had, like, they also like have this mission of finding something. And a lot of times people look outside of themselves to find that missing piece. And I just, I just saw that in people, like if you just sit with yourself, and let your yourself overcome these difficult emotions that you're trying to avoid, if you actually lead into them, overcome them, you're going to be feel better and be better in your own company. And so yeah, just witnessing people having personal development and going through that journey was just, there's something that just spoke to me that said, you know, this is what I want to do this, there's more to the human mind. And then you know, what we can just think and feel about sometimes, it's so
important. And like I told you quickly, before we hopped on, I have a million questions about the hypnotherapy side of things. But I'm gonna reel you back a minute, because you had a center in Norway from 18, you started training, and then you're developing, and then how did that unfold for you? That's yeah, cool. I had no idea about that.
So going through these workshops with the medium Iris Hall, she's she's, you know, moved on to the spirit world since since then that time, you know, several of her participants and I, we got really close connected, we started sitting in circles, home circles, who will sit at each other's homes every week for several months. And then we're like, you know, there's so many more people that want to join our circle, and we didn't have more room in our homes. And so my friend vancare Surname, she's a great medium, she still lives in Norway, she was like, Well, why don't we just get a place that we can rent and holds public circles, and we're like, Sure, I'll sign up for that, I'll help you. And so we found this location, it had probably, I think, three rooms, like one big room where we could host like 3040 people, and three times a week, we would just open the doors for people to come, they will pay like, I think five or 10 bucks at the time, just to sit with us for three hours. And you know, we would teach what we had been taught. And that's kind of how I started.
That's so cool. I think many of our listeners will know what circle is. But for those who don't, we just give a little quick explanation about absolutely means.
So setting a development circle or awareness circle, where it has many different names. It's basically sitting in the presence with yourself and the other participants who are in the circle and opening yourself up for the Spirit World to Come draw closer to you. And when you do that, you develop as a medium, but not just a medium, you just you developed a side of yourself that's, you know, longing for deeper connection with yourself with other people. And in that process, you know, let spirit come in and influence the power of our mind. So we can have, you know, a little easier time living our lives day to day lives.
It's interesting, because I feel like in some ways, that's kind of a quote unquote, like an old tradition. And I know in the UK, many teachers still do it where a student is required to sit for a year in a circle, like you described before, they're even allowed to begin training. And I feel like in the States, we don't, I don't see a ton of that. And I don't feel like a ton of it happening. But I think with everything being so loud from, you know, social media and the internet. And of course, we need all that and it's wonderful and where you have 1000s of points of stimuli at any given moment. I think there could be such a power in and I know you were really trying to recreate this with our code. And so it was I but these in person community circles of just kind of sitting together and meditation just to have that quiet supported time with our own soul. Is that something you're thinking about revisiting Now that things have shifted once again? Yes,
just as recent as last week, because I found this new space, you know, where I do my hypnotherapy and they happen to have a larger room where we could actually have circle sound like I talked to the owner, I was like, Can we maybe do some thinking I should I absolutely would love to. But yeah, I just want to go back to what you said, you know, like, yes, people will take workshops and, you know, they, they'll put themselves out there as a meeting, whatever, you know, that was far from from my story. You know, with our circles, we would always rotate leadership and it was never like somebody or one person teaching, we will just collectively, you know, use the the exercises that we have learned through this different workshops. And and we will talk about mediums to come to our center and hold workshops. So we have several mediums from England come and do some workshops for us, which is great honor, because you know, there were smaller crowd and but you know, they were eager to come and train us. That's
amazing. This center, Norway, it's cracking along is how
it sounds cracking along. Yeah,
who knows? Maybe that's what you and I will do one day go visit? Is it still in existence today? How did you move away from it? What what was another
great place. So we did that for maybe two, three years. And my friend who started she's, they'll have their own center somewhere else in Norway, you know, this physical location is no longer there, unfortunately. But, you know, I was 1819 20 in when all this happened. And so I was very young. And you know, it's pretty bold, for an 18 year old, 19 year old to sit there and claim that I have somebody's deceased loved one, you know, beside me, and I didn't have a lot of life experience. And so I actually felt like, maybe this is all too much for me to take on right now. And so, and for some weird reason, you know, I kind of stopped believing in the spirit world for a minute, even though I had great evidence of the survival of the soul and spirits through evidence that I would get, and I would blow my own mind, you know, you know, from some of the stuff that I would bring through. But there was something like, you know, I don't know, I just started questioning everything again and doubting it. And I was like, I just gotta go live my own life, I, you know, I can't just be doing this, I gotta have some real life experience. And so I just kind of quietly withdrew from that circle for a while and then ended up in the States. That's another long story.
He just kind of magically clicked your heels together and ended up in the state.
You know, I asked, I asked the universe for a challenge, because I was getting bored. You know, I felt like I'd hit a plateau in my personal life and my personal development. And you know, nothing was really satisfying me. And I was like, I would just want to explore what's out there. I just had this intrinsic, you know, desire to, to learn more about life and different cultures. And I never thought it would end up in the States. But here we are, wow,
it's crazy. Once we kind of open it up to spirit or, you know, cry out and say, like, Okay, I don't know, what's next. I don't know what to do. I just know, this doesn't feel like I'm in the right place any longer, right? Yes, I think it's such an important point that you bring up because as humans, our nature is to like, settle into a groove. And this is the way it's going to be from here. And we're, to your point ever evolving and changing. And so for anyone listening, sometimes when we do start to get that stirring in US of, you know, the shoes don't fit anymore type of a feeling and whatever field we're in, it is a good indication from our own soul that there's just more for us to, to do, right. Absolutely.
And, you know, looking back, you know, there's a part of me that wishes, I had that ability to just be cool with stay status quo, and just not move and just be happy, you know, working nine to five, and you know, all that stuff. But thank God, I was young, and you know, I just follow my heart. And, you know, I just listened to it, thank God, I listened to it. Well,
and you grasp the opportunities that were coming across your path is what it sounds like.
Yeah. It's, there's this funny quote that I hear all the time, you know, we make a plan of how we think life should unfold, and the universe will just laugh at us. You know, like, you can't plan this part of that life. I don't think so.
And it's so funny, because you just articulated something. Right before that, that I feel all the time of like, Yeah, I wish I could have just studied in one field and did a traditional, you know, nine to five and checkout with my 401k. And you know, i i Those shoes don't fit sounds
very comfortable. It sounds very relaxing, comfortable was so boring.
Oh, my gosh, so you moved to the US and then are you practicing mediumship here, are you on full break from that and just
lambri off searching for something else I so I kept up with my meditation and sitting in my own power and my own essence, you know, that's always been part of me, you know, never want to get away from that, thank God. But you know, alongside sitting in circles, I also sat in my head, a meditation teacher in Norway, and he had a very interesting background and tradition of something called trigger yoga, meditation, which is like a double breathing exercise where you stare into the teeshirts eyes and you have this energy exchange for for expansion. And I got so much out of that. So much so, because he was connected to an ashram, okay, which is like a spiritual community in of all places in Portland, Oregon. And at the time I worked for an airline. So I had, you know, really an easy way to travel around the world, thank God for you know, 100 bucks. It was a great, great time I traveled all over the place. So I was like, you know, let me just go visit this place in Portland never been to America before, you know, never been on a transatlantic flight whatsoever and just decided to go and he connected me with some of the people that lived at this Ashram this community. And they embraced me took me in and yeah, just did a few workshops there. And that was my introduction to America. It was a very soft cushion to land on coming here. And yeah, so I did that for a couple years lived there for actually, I think I lived there for about a year total.
Okay, and yeah, so you came and went, or was it solid? You
know, how do you go back and forth several times. And then I think the longest I stayed it was like, six months. But cumulate until like a year,
what was that contrast, like from being in that like warm and fuzzy ashram community where everyone's in meditation and tries to be peaceful to going back into like, you know, the real world? Was that a tough back and forth?
No, it was, I mean, coming to America was great. Going back to Norway was always very difficult, because like we talked about earlier, you know, growing up in Scandinavia, most people are very heavy, analytical, not very emotional. Then they don't express a lot of emotion. And that was a big contrast to what I experienced at this ashram or feelings. They talked about deities, and you know, in public. Oh, yeah. And we had all kinds of really cool meditation practices and Buddhist rituals, too. And so, yeah, it was like, I think for me was I finally developed a language for my emotion. So it's almost like become emotionally literate. Because before that, I didn't know how to talk about my feelings, didn't know how to express myself in that way. So yeah, it was a big contrast. But it was a much needed contrast. And there was no going back.
I think that's so wonderful. And I think it's so needed most of us that grew up no matter where we grew up, that are kind of in our I'm 45. So kind of in our age range, maybe, you know, a little below and a lot above. need that some form. However, we find it of like education about our emotions and naming them and we mostly aren't taught it. So
no, we're not. And I think we suffer because because of that. Yeah, I'd
agree. Hopefully, one day, it'll be somehow, you know, embedded in different parts of curriculum from a young age. I
hope so too. Yeah.
So how do you go from this exploration of your own emotions to them? Finding hypnotherapy? All
right, so years later, you know, I find myself living in Southern California, after living in New Mexico for a few years and some other places. And I came across this motivational speaker. It's a long story, but I'll keep this the same. So I came across this video with a motivational speaker. I think this is like 2015. And that was Lisa Nichols. And her. She's been fantastic. And I was like, Who is this lady? You know, she was talking about being a single mom. I was a single parent at some point, you know, before I got married, recently been divorced again. But that's a whole nother story. So there's been a lot of changes, but there was something about how she expressed herself and her journey. She owned her truth, she owned her struggles, and she owned that part of herself that she wanted to change. And I was like, very inspired by that. Come to learn that her offices were like 10 minutes from where I lived. And I was like, Whoa, interesting. And long story short, through a friend of mine, you know, had started working with her I was introduced to them to their company. I started volunteering there. And once I got my green card, you know, I was hired. And it was just such a blessing to have that first job in America was I love it. Yeah, for
those who don't know Lisa Nichols she you may know her she participated in the movie The Secret like a million years ago whenever that was she's been a teacher inspire I don't even know more than like life coach is not even the right term for
her but transformational coach, all the things right. Yeah, so
definitely Google her and go down that rabbit hole if you're so inclined, because she's amazing. Yeah,
she has some great videos. So you know, and a part of a her company was teaching entrepreneurs how to become successful speaking and, you know, expanding their careers, and one of her clients. She happened to be hypnotherapist and we were doing a Business Mastermind at that time that I helped coordinate a setup. And I was like hypnotherapy, like what is that I had never heard of that. And her name was her name is Leah, Leah Gami. She's a phenomenal hypnotist. And I just started asking her a bunch of questions because naturally, I'm just a curious person, you know, I just I want to know everything. And so we we went out for lunch, and we chatted for like four hours. Once you got into, you know, the topic on the subconscious mind, I was like, this is mind blowing, you're telling me that, you know, we were all hypnotized right now. But like, we're slaves to our own subconscious programming from from experiences we had as children or you know, through trauma. And then I was like, how do you change that. And so she just gave me the full spiel on how it all works. And I was just fascinated that she hypnotized me, we went down to the beach, and she did a little session for me right there. And that was my first time getting hypnotized. And I was blown away, because I was like, I like to think of the mind the subconscious part of the mind as as the moon, you know, we have that part of the moon that we can see that's lit up, and it's easy to see all the details on that part of the moon. But then you have the Dark Side of the Moon that we don't you know, just because you can't see it doesn't mean that it's not there. Yeah. And so once you explore that part of the mind, the subconscious part of mind, this stuff that we're unconscious, unaware of, but it's still there, and it's dictating our behavior and our thoughts, and you know, how we show up in relationships, it was just like, a mindfuck. And to tap into that part, and using hypnosis as a tool to illuminate those sides of me that I hadn't looked at before that I didn't know existed. It was stripy, and then you can change it. Without,
I'm definitely not asking you to share anything too deeply personal if you don't want to, you know, what? Do you remember some of the like themes or things that came up for you in that very first thing, sometimes people are afraid of like the first experience of like, Oh, my God, I don't know what's going to come pouring out?
Yeah, that's a great question. And that's, I think that's the biggest fear that, you know, most people have, you know, before they reached out to me, they've been thinking about it for weeks, maybe months, sometimes, you know, they thought about it for like over a year,
Google deep dives, really listened to the podcast and like,
what secrets are gonna come up and I say this. I think your subconscious mind will only allow you to tackle what you're ready to tackle. And so if there's really heavy stuff that you know, that's just going to wipe you out, it's not going to happen. And I also like hypnosis, it's not going to wipe you out because of you know, past trauma. So by reframing and looking at things differently, because what happens typically when we're children, but even adults, too, you know, when we have traumatic events happening, we have something that's done to us, the brain, the mind creates a story about what happened. And usually that story is a lie, because we want to make sense of it. For me, what I got to explore was a lot of rage, a lot of anger that I didn't realize that I had, which is probably a byproduct of neglecting myself and, you know, putting myself on the back burner in ways that are show up. But also another thing that came up, and that was very apparent for me to work on was like my fear of rejection. And every time I would meet a new group of people, or make new friends, I would always try to protect myself by kind of avoiding leaning into those relationships too, too deeply, because I feared rejection, just based on past stuff that has happened in my life. And you know, when I was a teenager, and start high school, all that stuff, my brain, you know, again, the brain is there to protect us and make us feel safe. But it doesn't always understand what's healthy for us, or what's actually good for us. So anytime I would, you know, enter a new group of people or try to make new friends. I was just always having this negative chatter in the back of my mind, oh, they don't want to chat with you. They don't want to interact with you. And so I was like, Okay, I'm gonna believe that story that I told myself. And so I would never get to, you know, lean into those relationships as deeply as I can now, so that that's something that came up, you know, do my hypnosis sessions in the beginning,
Wow, I feel like so many people can identify with that in their own right ways. So, obviously, there's some personal processing that happens kind of in between sessions or after a session, probably some reflection those kind of things. Did you then more clearly, after you had this recognition of like, okay, this is the behavior this is the emotion that's under it. Were you more clearly able to like identify it when it was happening in situations or like when you looked back 100%
So awareness is great. It allows you to look at things that may not be working for you and it was like anytime I would encounter Under new situations, I started to recognize that negative voice in the back of my mind that just wants to get louder, you want to get louder, it wanted me to listen to it. And I was like, I don't want to listen to you anymore. You know? So I just became aware of it. Because, alright, let me talk a little bit about the mind, if you don't mind, yes, I would love that. So if you think of your mind is like, there's two parts of it, you know, you have the conscious part of the mind, which is the brain or logical factor, you know, what we think, think with, and then you have the subconscious part of the mind. And I like to represent, you know, how they're represented by these two hands, right? Like, one part of the mind is going in this direction, right. And then you have the subconscious mind, you know, anchored in to all beliefs in this direction. And so the two minds are not aligned, they're not on the same page. But what happens when you're hypnotized somewhere, you go through that, and even meditation when anytime you try to align with your own self and connect with yourself, and through hypnosis, also, the goal is to line those two parts of the mind. So they're on the same page, the reason why a lot of people have a hard time creating change in their life is because they're using that the logical part of the mind to, to tell themselves to you know, stop smoking, or stop drinking or, you know, eat, eat less, whatever, or go on diets. But because the subconscious mind has a different idea of what is actually good for you, you know, you won't see change, it sounds like you have this internal conflict, this inner Tug of War, where the two minds are struggling to like cooperate. And so for me, yeah, the awareness was great, but they weren't alone is not enough. Right, right.
I mean, everyone's aware, like, yeah, or eating or eating too much sugar is not healthy for you. But yet, you know, cookies are amazing. So exactly, like, so excited about what you're saying.
Yeah. So for me, it was like, I have to change the belief on a subconscious level before actually saw change happening. So for me, in the case of, you know, fearing rejection, and not fully wanting to lean into relationships, was that I had to, I had to change my sense of self worth. And once I did that, when I started to embrace myself, love myself, unconditionally, you know, but the good, the bad, the ugly, all that stuff, it was a much easier time for me to ignore that negative voice, because now I didn't rely on those relationships for validations, if that makes sense, because I have a stronger sense of being able to validate my own self. And so because that subconscious belief changed, where I started to feel worthy of love, of acceptance, having healthy friendships, then my brain was starting to look for evidence to support that set, new subconscious belief. So now the story is very different. You know, now that I meet new friends, and people like I go full in, you know, I'm like, I'm not afraid of rejection, because I know if they don't want to be with me, it's not a reflection of who I am anymore. It's a reflection of what they're able to have in their life, not me. And so saying,
because I believe, I think you believe us too, that in an emotional and energetic way, all things kind of boil down to two buckets, either fear or love. And so it sounds like what you're saying is almost retraining the subconscious to motivate from a place of love rather than a place of fear. And then your conscious mind looks for evidence to support these new beliefs that you're working on. Yeah, you're
right. And so and that's how the brain works. The brain is there to prove yourself that what you think and feel about yourself is accurate. So if what you think and believe about yourself is negative. Such as you know, I can't make money, I can't have healthy relationships, you know, I suck at dating, whatever, your brain is going to come create stories, you know, that tells you why that's true. But when you change that negative belief to a positive belief, the brain is going to do the opposite. It's going to support those new healthy beliefs that you have and start to look for ways to make more money, look for ways to find healthy love, and to take better care of ourselves.
That's amazing. And I think it's, I mean, probably the biggest benefit of you know your work as a hypnotist. Yeah,
right. That's right. hypnotist. Yes.
I don't know why I feel like that word used to be not the preferred word. What do hypnotists prefer hypnotist Hypnotherapist? What's the difference? You
know, you'll hear hypnotist hypnotherapist interchangeably. I I'm not a hypnotherapist because I'm not a therapist. Like that's not my back. Okay, so that's a different, different thing. Yeah. But it's the same wheelhouse, right? It's me, I work with influencing people's subconscious mind. So I'm more like a coach that guides people on that path to be more aligned with their own true self.
So you have this experience yourself, which I think for many of us is kind of how we start to move into new work is having an experience and saying just like you did with the mediumship like oh my gosh, this is valid. This calls to my heart. Let me explore this and then did you dive into your own training? Yes, sir. like you love studying things. Yeah,
I love just like signing up for stuff that I feel called to. And so yeah, what the client at the company I work for, you know, she took me under her wing, she had her own company. And she took me through all her training modules certified me through her organization, through ICBC h, which is a board certified heaven, amazing therapist, organization. So, study with her many, many times. Then I started with her her trainer, Tom silver, who's a famous hypnotist, and he's been on many TV shows, so you can see some of his videos on YouTube. And he taught me a lot of new things certified in his techniques. So yeah, just always like to expand and learn as much as possible in the area that I'm interested in.
And you're still currently working in private practice, as I have. Yes.
Right. So I started in 2018 units when I was certified and got all my training and started just kind of started practicing, and my friends, and they would refer me to people. So some just like a side hobby that I had, and that I would get paid for, which is great. And then yeah, now that that's what I'm leading into full time.
Wow. So do you see like some common? I don't know, themes or challenges that people are coming to see you for? Primarily? I mean, obviously, you've just said like, it's just for just about anything that someone's working through.
Yeah, you know, you can use hypnosis for so many things there No, no topics off limit. Some people will come to me because they want to reduce smoking, you know, they want to have a habit change, or they're addicted to certain foods that they just can't get rid of like sodas, whatever. But the recurring theme that I'm seeing is just people overcoming trauma and emotional blocks and barriers. That's a big one. Wow. Because they see, you know, the see the limitations in their own lives, like how it's showing up, you know, people who are entrepreneurs, or people who lack confidence, or they don't fully believe in themselves, like we work with a lot of people to get them more successful in their own business. What
does that look like when someone comes to you as a client? Do they say, Hey, Johnny, this is what I want to work on? Or do they describe to you some of the like, challenges they're experiencing? Like you said earlier, many people can identify, Okay, this is the story. I'm telling myself, but just identifying it doesn't, like fix it.
Yeah, no, yeah, exactly. So usually, I'm always at the receiving end of like them having tried everything else first. You know, they've done the talk therapy, they've done all the whatever, and a lot of books, and they're like, I got nothing to lose. You know, I heard about hypnosis, I'm very skeptical, say they're very skeptical. And they're like, I don't know, if I believe in it.
They'll say like, I don't think you could hypnotize me
all the time, all the time. And when people have a very, you know, skewed idea of what hypnosis is, and feels like, people think they're in some kind of trance state, which is kind of, it's not really accurate. So it's a bit of a state between being awake and being asleep. And so you're fully alert and you fully aware, which is an important part of why hypnosis is so powerful, because you have to use that imagination, the part of the emotional mind to create change. So people, yeah, well, they will come to me, and they're like, I don't think you can have them ask me, but I have nothing to lose. I want to try this. So usually, they think they come to me for one issue, or they think that they know the root cause other issue, but after a session or two, they're like, oh, yeah, I didn't realize that, you know, when my mom used to yell at me, you know, that's why I have this belief that I'm not good enough, or, you know, they had people violate them in the past and certain different areas, and just how much that's affected them. And just seeing people like, I think if people have been aware of what's actually caused the trauma, or the negative beliefs that they held, you know, they wouldn't be so limited. But once they connect the two pieces are the dots as to why they are who they are today, because of what happened. It's a much easier way to change it. But a lot of times those reasons are unconscious, we're unaware it lives in this subconscious part of the mind. And so it's natural that we're not aware of it. Well,
I mean, to your earlier point, it's because our subconscious is trying to protect us from certain areas and creating these patterns based on stories. protect us from like experiencing, you know, like you said, Someone abandoning you or someone rejecting you, or, you know, whatever the case may be in each Yeah. Is that right? Yeah.
And the brain again, because it's trying to support and prove that believe that it's true. You know, you're stuck in this internal loop, where your thoughts are feeding into your emotions, your emotions are feeding into your thoughts. You're stuck in this hypnotic cycle. You know, it's a form of hypnosis, your your brain is and behaviors latching on to that subconscious belief and until you break that belief even change that belief, you know, you're not you won't see change, or at least it will take a long time.
Okay, so is this why, for example, like I sometimes have clients come, I have a few that I'm thinking of right now. And no matter what they do, or how they work on themselves, or what they recognize consciously, they seem to continuously choose different versions of the same partner, for example, this why is this why this happens? Yeah. Wow.
Well, it could be, you know, I'm not gonna say for sure certain contributing factor, let's say it that way. Yeah. And it's like any, any person who's just trying to create a change, sorry, something popped on my computer. So when people try to create a change, again, they using that the logical part of their mind and so in the instance of your clients, you know, attracting the same partners. Okay, relationships is a whole nother beast story. And I love talking about that, because we have to talk about attachment theories, I think. So if people aren't aware of it, you know, people are it's not as black and white as going to tell tell it is but you know, people are anxiously attached to people people are avoidant Lee attached to partners. I do ideally, you want to be securely attached to your partner. And then you have some who are both anxious and avoidant in the same concept. So I think for people who tend to gravitate towards the same partners, maybe there's a fear of them, now wanting to be by themselves and being single, and maybe they fear that experience, because they're not comfortable being who they are, or being with who they are, you know, their own soul self. And so, you know, again, they're chasing, chasing something outside of themselves, something external to make them feel better. But once you realize that nothing outside of you can, can fix you, and take ownership and accountability for your own actions and your own emotions, the story is going to be very different, you know, people are either looking to fix other people, or they're looking to be fixed by other people.
So interesting that the I mean, obviously, the emotions and situations and paths is different in each person. But it's just so fascinating that it all goes back to the, you know, yeah,
and I think, yeah, and your old story, we
told ourselves,
it could be because maybe you have this false narrative that you are not good enough, because of what a teacher told you, or a parent told you when you were younger, or doesn't matter the reason, but the belief is still there, that I am not good enough. And so also, with relationships, we tend to attract, you know, parents think we deserved what we think we deserve, or, you know, what our blueprint for love look like growing up, you know, through our parents. And so a lot of times, people will unconsciously partners that remind them of their parents. Wow, that may not be a healthy, healthy blueprint,
you know, often probably not,
which is why they, you know, go through relationship after relationship after relationship. Wow.
So what are some of like, the most common things or like your favorite things to work through with clients?
I think just that this, what I love working with clients about is like that self exploration piece, because hypnosis is a way to connect with your own self. And just to realize, you know, or help people realize their full potential and what they're fully capable of doing. And it's such a subtle and immediate change. People are always kind of blown away, because they think there's going to be like this huge magical shifts. And there's always there's always a big shift, usually, but it's not very apparent, it's a very subtle change. So if you think about how the mind works, you know, the subconscious part of your mind doesn't understand the difference between imagination and reality. So when you're in that perfectly receptive state of hypnosis, you know, you can tell the subconscious mind all kinds of positive wonderful things. And it's going to accept that as truth right there, right in that very moment. And usually, it's very permanent. And so when people have that awareness, you know, where they see they've been struggling, I had a client, he had a really hard time getting over someone that he was in a relationship with them, they had, you know, broken up, gosh, over a year ago, whatever. And, you know, he'd been going to a talk therapist and just wasn't getting better. And, you know, after two sessions of hypnosis, he was like, this is the best I've ever felt in six months. You know, what did you do? I was like, well, you kind of did the work. You know, all hypnosis is self hypnosis. And so what I do as a hypnotist, I just help influence the clients subconscious mind to see things differently. A lot of times people will come to me and they think they're so broken, they're so you know, misunderstood or whatever. And I just, I always tell them like, there's nothing wrong with you. It's just the way you look at yourself. That's a little off. So I'm just helping people putting on some help. theory glasses, some new glasses to look at themselves and in a different way. Wow.
So how I mean, I know you can't give a hard answer to this, but like, how long does it take before someone like, let's go back to that example, the person who comes in I've tried everything. I don't think you can hypnotize me. I can't stop eating whatever it is, I'm trying to lose weight. And then they see you they have their first session, how long does it usually take for those shifts to start? The subtle shifts
start? Yeah, you know, I've seen results as quickly as one session. My most interesting client, you know, after two sessions, she was able to have complete transformation in her life. She was addicted to drinking sodas. You know, for decades, she would drink sodas first in the morning, afternoon, like she never drank water, all she drank was just soda. So unhealthy, right? And she's fully aware of this. And very skeptical to hypnosis, very fearful, you know, very much like a control freak, thinking like that, it's not gonna work. But you know, what I got to lose. Yeah. And so we did a one session, you know, and she immediately started feeling better, and she would reduce her intake of sodas. But then after the second session, she was like, I no longer crave it whatsoever. And she, it's been, gosh, I think over a year and a half, maybe two years, and she just drinks water. That's amazing. So for her in that case, it was like a fear of letting go that thing that was making her feel good. So once we realize that identified, that was actually the problem for her, it was a very quick and subtle change for her.
Wow. So is that from from your side of it, doing the work as the hypnotist? Is it you just sort of guiding them deeper and deeper and deeper through the layers of their own subconscious emotions until they come up with the core issue?
Sure. I do a lot of I ask a lot of questions, I interview the client thoroughly before we get started. And then, you know, usually I get a pretty good idea, like, what's underlying here? And what's the actual root cause of this issue? Just because I'm naturally very, I love studying psychology, I love studying the human mind behavior. And so I generally get a really good idea what's going on here. And so in the case of her, you know, with a soda addiction, excuse me, I guide them into that state of relaxation. So let me tell you a bit about hypnosis actually is so it's, it's the state of fiscal relaxation, and magnify concentration. And so the whole time the client is fully in charge and control their own process. Like I can't say anything against their own. Well, we all have our own inner gatekeeper that wants us to feel good and feel protected and safe. So I could never suggest anyone to do any thinking that's going to put them in harm's way. So I just want to emphasize that that's great. So for her, you know, we talked about, you know, what is it that actually is in the way of her stopping this habit, this addiction that she has, or this emotional compulsion to keep drinking sodas, and you know, in most of those cases is because they want to make themselves feel good, and they want to avoid this uncomfortable feelings and emotions. Okay. So once we identified that, it was like, Well, how do you feel if you weren't able to have access to sodas ever again, and she was just like, oh, I would panic, I don't know how I would cope and live life without it. And so we were like, okay, so you have a fear of being without the thing that's making you feel good. Now, so it's not the soda itself that's making her feel better, it's the the masking of uncomfortable emotions. And so when we train the subconscious mind to replace the negative habit with a new habit, where she could still access these ways of making herself feel better, but through healthier ways, it was a it was a done deal. It was a very easy transition for her but also to teach her ways to sit with herself and be okay with her own emotions or help her process emotions. Because I think the biggest barrier for most people is that initial thought of sitting with themselves and like, I don't know how to process my negative emotions, I don't have I don't know how to be with myself. So just helping her you know, give her confidence that she was able to sit with that and be okay with that. Because once you sit with your feelings, where emotions eventually it's gonna dissipate, you know, just gotta give them space to breed sometimes and once you let them just be there, they will kind of float away and drift away.
So you talk with them in the pre interview and you are just learning information because that's who you are. And then is it the whole stereotypical like lay on the couch look at my pendula tells how it really is Johnny. Yeah,
certainly there are ways you can do that. You know if you've gone to Las Vegas you've seen stage hypnosis shows highly recommended by the way in box of art. He's hilarious.
Okay, he does what Like the dance like a chicken. Yeah,
and stripper poles and God knows it's kind of raunchy, but it's hilarious. So no, that's not what I do. It's I just talk to the subconscious part of their mind. And so I give the conscious mind the brain a task, and simply that's a focus somewhere for them to concentrate. And then I help the body relax just by some breathing techniques and visit the supply station techniques. And then I lean into that person's subconscious mind, I just have a normal conversation with them. You know, I do conversational hypnotherapy, if you will. It's not like you have to do all this grand stuff when you're after it. You just have to sit there and listen to the sound of my voice and focus on your breathing. And because when you're when you're in that state of physical relaxation, your brainwaves start to lower themselves. So like right now when you are I are talking, we're in the beta brainwave state. The second you close your eyes, you start to take a deep breath, you tap into alpha brainwave state, and then sometimes you can go into theta and delta, right. And so hypnosis is that state between being awake and being asleep. So you'll find that your your mind may, maybe drifting away to some pleasant place, or you will hear everything that I say, and you like writing the hypnotic wave where the brainwaves are just kind of going up and down and up and down. And through some of the trainings that I did, you know, we had a device on our head where we could actually monitor our brainwaves. And it was really fun to like, look at the screen and study the other students, brainwave activities, you know, going through hypnosis, I love that.
Wow, that's so cool. So then is it when you're while they're in that hypnotic state, that relaxed state and you're talking to their subconscious, and the details are coming forward? Are you also kind of planting suggestions in there kind of that way? We used to remember these to have those. You are no longer craving smoking, like if people were to like things when they slept? Is it? Is that a piece of it? Is that? Really?
No, that was totally real affirmations. And you know, just let's talk about that language for a second. Because the reason why hypnosis works, and because we have an emotional reaction to to words, right. So the subconscious mind is triggered by by words that we have emotional associations to. And so it's very important to even if you're not going to a state of hypnosis for like, when we have conversations with ourselves, and like, you know, if you're going into a meeting, or you're doing a public presentation, whatever, and you kind of hide yourself up, you know, instead of saying, I don't want to suck, I don't want to suck, you know, you got to emphasize on the positive, like on the positive outcome that you want, like, I'm going to be great, I'm going to be fantastic. I'm going to inspire these people to, you know, lead better lives. And so the reason why that it's important is because the subconscious party mind doesn't understand worse, like, no, not, you know, those filler words, but it only latches on to those words, who will have an emotional reaction. So they say, you know, I don't want to suck, you know, it's just, it's not going to hear the word don't, it's just going to hear the word I suck. And that becomes the reality. And so you just got to change that and train yourself to rewire parts of your subconscious mind to focus on the positive things. So you want to start to say, you know, I am great, I'm going to be great in for sometimes people, it's the transition from being where they feel like they're horrible at something to be great at something. You know, they're like, Yeah, that's not realistic. For me, that's too big of a jump. So I said, Okay, well just put in a transition word like, I am getting better, or I am going to get better at doing public presentations. And so, you know, help yourself and give yourself a little grace and space to just, you know, do a transitional way of saying things if that makes sense. That's
great. Yeah, totally. So people obviously sometimes come because they're trying to quit a habit like Sona, which I work on myself.
But have a session? Yes,
we should. But they're also sometimes coming to work through deeper, more traumatic things, I would assume but I want to know from you, is it like one takes longer than the other? Does it just depend on the individual, it
really depends on the individual and how much they trust me as they happen to have noticed, that's important that I have a strong rapport with the client and that they can fully trust me because they have to be able to relax. And so I, you know, I do that through a lot of conversations with them and make them feel comfortable and safe. But yeah, I've definitely had some clients, you know, they've had horrific things happen to them. And they've done the talk therapy, you know, even their doctors are calling me, you know, asking me if I can possibly help them because they tried everything. And so yeah, I think it depends on like, how real you want to be with yourself, but also just know that it's not as dramatic as you may think it is, because you're just changing how you see things. And so, but yeah, for some people, it could be, you know, up to five sessions.
Oh, that's not a lot. That's just Yeah. Feels like just sample.
Yeah. But it's a gradual process to and this is also another thing that I'm noticing like, you know, I've had clients, they do a few sessions with me and they see slight improvement, but then they'll call me like six months later and like, oh my gosh, it just clicked for me. You know, it's just like, you have to start that process of change and just let time unfold. And, yeah, I think when you're finally ready to let go of something you will? Well, I
think it's, it's part of our human nature that sometimes things take us a transitional period, right? Yeah, exactly. So someone is listening. And they're thinking, Man, I have some things I'd like to release or understand. And I want to work with Johnny, how do people work with you? Are you I would assume you're online and in person, is that right?
Yes, actually, most of my clients I do online sessions with but I also have an office space in Encinitas, California. So for those who are local to the San Diego area, like I do in person sessions there. But yeah, they can find me on my website hypnosis with So that's just hypnosis with John in jail, and, no, H, and Johnny, they can find me on Instagram hypnosis with Johnny or Facebook, Johnny Torgerson. And just send me an email, send me a direct message. And I'm happy to answer any questions that they have.
And of course, I will link all of those in our show notes. I feel like I could talk to you for seven hours and still have so many questions. So we will have to chat again. But I don't want to keep you a crazy amount of time. I know that I already warned you about the spirit speed round. Are you into shifting to some fun? Questions? Yeah,
for sure.
Let's do it. Okay, so question one, share one thing that really shocked you, or was unexpected about your gifts as either medium or hypnotist?
So as a medium, anytime I would get a name of somebody's loved one. And it actually like was their name. I was like, Are you serious? Like, where did that come from? And it was such a subtle awareness that I had in the part of the mind. And yeah, those are like some big shocking factors. For me, that actually really helped me believe, like, Oh, this is real.
Wow. And are you I didn't even ask this. But are you still a practicing medium?
I am. Yeah, I don't advertise it a whole lot. But I do readings, you know, it's more like word of mouth. And I do demonstrations from time to time. So
I'm sure people could email you about that too, in the context. Great, okay. Question two. If you've got to spend a day in the spirit world, you got the full tour, you got to spend time with everyone who you've ever known who's crossed over. And it's almost time to return to your life. And your guide tells you you have one hour left and you can spend it with anyone who's on the other side. Who do you choose? And why?
I love that question. Obviously, my grandma and all my grandparents definitely want to connect with them. And they're just what I'm most curious about, you know, when it's my time whenever that happens, you know, hopefully it's in a long time. I'm just so curious to like what happens once around the other side. So I would ask them, you know, what have you learned since you went back home? Because like, this is the Earth is not really our place to be this is not really our home. This is like a holding space for the soul. I feel like so I think space. Yeah, it's like the school and really hard school sometimes. So yeah, I would ask them like, what are you been up to? Since you your body died? And that's a great question. Yeah. Cuz like, there's still training that yeah, not training, but like they're still learning on the other side.
Yeah. And I think it's interesting thing as mediums we get glimpses into some of those things and what they might be, it would be great to like, really ask,
yeah, and I will see a lot of concerts and shows from people who, I didn't have the opportunity to go, because I really believe that, you know, I think, you know, they they live normal lives over their quote, unquote, lives, you know, where they have access to music and music and experiences and concerts. Like, it's
amazing. Okay, that's a great answer. Okay. Even though we have spiritual gifts, we are very human. What's one quirky thing about you that people might be surprised to? are so many things drink soda? No.
I think if you just spend 24 hours with me, you'd see a very different side of me. I can be very dramatic sometimes. And I can. Yeah, I just I love to have a good time. And I love to laugh and I love to crack jokes.
Oh, see your jokester.
Oh my god. Big time. Yeah,
I like it. Okay, cool. Okay, final question. Leave us with a pearl of wisdom. What's one piece of advice that you wish that you'd had earlier on and your understanding of all of your gifts?
That's it. That's a deep question. I love the quote by by John Lennon and you know, I think it was him who said You know, like this one? happens to you when you're busy making plans. So a lot of times we get so caught up and you know what, what is it that we want to do. And we're like, trying to plan our lives down to every detail. And just looking back on my life and the experiences I've had, I've had, there's no way I could have planned any of this stuff. You know, how I became a parent, and you know, how these opportunities came into my life. And so just enjoy life as it is and trust that the universe has a path for you. And you're not always in charge of it.
So I think your path perfectly illustrates that.
Yeah, thank you. It's just yeah, looking back. I'm like, Why was I worried there's nothing to be worried about. And, but I think those experiences are important that helps us shift and shape into, you know, a much truer version of ourselves that we're supposed to be and so
I think so. Okay, one more question for today. Today on there, for anyone who's thinking like, I'm really interested in this, but I don't know if it's gonna work for me, is there any kind of like, type of person or, or quality of person or challenges with a person that it probably isn't for them? I mean, I kind of feel like it's for everybody, but
I'm gonna know, it's like anyone who has a so anyone who's a human being who isn't a human experience, it's just about connecting to the truest version of yourself. And on the subconscious mind, I really believe is closely connected to our soul and our own spirit, the internal part of ourselves, you know, we're, we were we are full of love. And so if we can tap into that, embrace that love that we have for ourselves, you know, I think hypnosis wonderful for anyone and everyone. I
agree. Well, thank you so much for giving us a one on one all about being a hypnotist and what we can achieve. And thank you so much for sharing your light.
Thank you, Joy. It was a pleasure to to have a conversation with you. I want to do it again sometime.
I cannot wait. We got to look at calendar. So let's do it. Okay, so were you surprised by the way that being hypnotized actually works? I knew that it was a more meditative state and not a fully unconscious state. But I think it's so fascinating that as a hypnotist, Johnny is actually having conversations with that deepest, most protective, most primal part of us that has these memories reserved that we sometimes don't even remember on a conscious level. I've heard lots of stories from clients and friends about how hypnotism can work. But I really love getting this firsthand wisdom from Jonny. So let me know what did you think of all of this information about hypnosis? Did it affirm what you already believed about hypnosis? Did you learn something new? I certainly did. And I am of course, so grateful to Mr. Jonny targets and for coming on and sharing all of his wisdom with us. As I said in the episode, I could talk to Jonny for a whole day and still have questions just can I find his work so fascinating, and all of his wisdom about the mind and how it works and how it works in different scenarios, our personal selves relationships, so he is just a really amazing resource. Again, I will link all of his contact points, website, socials, etc in the show notes, so definitely give him a follow. And if you have additional questions for him, feel free to reach out to him like he said, and ask your questions and see if perhaps you guys can collaborate on some hypnotherapy for you. I am super interested so I think I'm gonna reach out to him. Let me know your experience. I would love to hear it and if you haven't already gotten my gift sign magnet my free three day mini course head on over to my website It is right on the homepage, you get immediate access to the first lesson and you can learn not only how to start deciphering when you see those recurring numbers as signs what they mean but also to start getting signs and communicating with your loved ones on the other side so don't miss sign magnet my three free day my free three day mini course. Totally free on my website Thanks as always for joining me for this conversation. You all are what makes this possible. And I'm so happy to share this time with you. Until next time, Big hugs, lots of love from inside Spirit Speakeasy

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