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Medical Intuitive Kim Seer is Sharing Her Secrets with YOU!

May 06, 2024


Kim Seer is a medical intuitive, master healer and seer. Kim's gifts have been with her since birth, and she grew up in a family that understood and supported her abilities. She has the ability to see into people's physical bodies and has worked with various professionals in the medical field. She has the ability to see the core qualities of someone's soul and their full potential. Today Kim shares her journey with us and how she truly believes that we all have the ability to access our own gifts of medical intuition with the right help and support. PLUS Kim has a very special free gift for YOU! 

 Show Notes: 

Show Notes:
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Full Episode Transcript:

Hey beautiful soul Welcome to Spirit Speakeasy. I'm Joy Giovanni, Joyful Medium. I'm a working psychic medium, energy healer, and spiritual gifts mentor. This podcast is like a seat at the table in a secret club, but with mediums, mystics and the spiritual luminaries of our time. So come behind the velvet ropes with me and see inside my world is I chat insider style with profoundly different souls. We go deep share juicy stories laugh a lot and it wouldn't be a speakeasy without great insider secrets and tips. You might even learn that you have some gifts of your own. So step inside the spirit speakeasy.
Hey, beautiful souls welcome in for another episode of spirit speakeasy. I have an incredible guest for us today. She is a friend and colleague of mine and also a healer that I have personally worked with privately. I do talk about it quickly towards the end. But she is an incredible medical intuitive. This is a gift that's been with her her whole entire life. She works for private clients. She also has worked on really big stages. And she's going to tell us about her gifts about how she understands medical challenges in the body and in the energy and then she actually has a super exciting free gift that she's going to announce to us at the end. I'm going to participate in this free gift too. So I don't want to throw that out there. Not gonna give the spoiler though, but I really am so excited for you to hear this conversation. It's a good time her name is Kim seer. And she's a good time just as it is a great personality a beautiful soul you're gonna love her I love her. And who doesn't want to hear from a medical intuitive it is our one of our most popularly requested topics or guests. So without further ado, let me introduce to you my friend, colleague and credible healer, teacher Master Chem seer. I am so excited to introduce my guests today. Kim SEER Kim is a medical intuitive Master Healer, community ecologist and community leader. Kim comes from a family of healers and seers. The calling has been passed down in the family through the line for generations, Kim's worked with many professions from scientists vast array of doctors and specialists who treat disease and illness and specialty clinics, pain clinics, police departments, and has even been on TV radio and in print helped me welcome Kim seer. Hey,
Kim. Hey, thank you so much for having me. Thanks
for making the time. I'm so excited to talk to you about your gifts. Medical intuition is one of the most like highly requested topics and guests. So you're Yes. So I'm really excited to hear all about your gifts. Now. I know that I just read your bio, and it talks about how your gifts are passed down through your ancestral lineage. Will you talk a little bit about how your gifts came into form for you? Like, is this always been with you? Is it something that came in later? Sure,
sure. So I was I was born this way. I thought I was fairly normal, you know, whatever normal is that people didn't see other people who were in body and out of body. I didn't. I didn't honestly, I didn't know that people didn't see it into other people's bodies. I didn't know, I just assumed that everybody was able to, you know, hear, hear what their animals are saying and, you know, see all kinds of things going on. You know, if you think your world is really packed full of people now, you shouldn't be in my life every day because it's a party of people and information all the time. So this this Yes. So for me, I was I was just born this way. And thankfully growing up in a family of healers, we, you know, it was safe. So my mom knew very much, you know, what was happening and, you know, people would be brought to us and, you know, at the age of six, I couldn't remember somebody a gentleman walking through our kitchen and I didn't know what cancer was at the time. All I knew was he had this big black mass that was bidding is abdomen, the innocence of children. I'm like, Hey, Mom, my mom's like, oh, well, what's what's? What's what honey goes in play now? Anyway. So how
amazing that you had your mom so your mom has some version? I mean, I know we all perceive slightly differently but has some version of the similar gifts as you
oh yeah, my mom, my grandmother, my grandmother on my dad's side it goes, it goes all the way back on my dad's side, more Sears. But it the healing aspect of it goes back on my mom's side as well. That's where it's goes farthest back now. For her, she focused primarily on astrology, and reflexology and things like that. So excuse me, she, she very much. People, it was not safe. It was not safe. It we would be made of fun, you know, people would make fun of us in the day, and then they wouldn't they were sick. Well guess guess where they came? Guess when they came in the middle of the night when nobody else could see them coming? And so
yeah, I'm sure I want to, if it's okay, I want to dissect a little bit of what you've already said. Because I know you probably feel like we're only just scratching the surface. But for people who maybe aren't as familiar with the way these gifts work. I know you mentioned that you actually see into people's physical body. Will you just kind of explain that a little bit? Sure. More. Yeah,
so. So two things. First and foremost, when I look at a person, I don't, I don't see what you're wearing, or what your hair looks like, or I have to I have, I've had to really learn to back everything up so that I could try to see what everybody else sees. When I look at people, the first thing that I can see is kind of who they are as a soul. And like what what is capable for them. Like, wow, like what's possible. And for me, I have spent the majority of my adult life just traveling around the world. There's nothing that any one of us can do that the rest of us can't. So there are things that are aganda can mean most certainly, but you should be able to see and know everything that's there for you as well. So the sets the first piece, a cool second piece to see into the body. So when I am working with a person, I can see, I can see blood flow, I can watch the nerves. Nerves are crazy fast. But you can you can watch the nerves flow I can I can see what's happening in your spine. You know, so, so many people with disease and illness. And, man, some of the craziest things that could possibly happen, end up coming my way, you know, many times people will come because they've been to every specialists and and people just they can't figure out what's going on. The the truth of the matter is, I'm just able to see things from a different perspective, that particular tests or how, you know, the medical community is tilted to look at something. I don't just look at that. It I I just see the whole thing. So
that's pretty incredible. So on one layer level, you're able to see the core qualities of someone's soul the full potential Yeah, they would reach. Yeah, that's really cool. And then is it? Does it appear to you almost like in various layers? Or is it all the information all at once right on top? No.
So the very first thing when I first look at somebody is I just see, I just see, I see. I see you as a spirit and with as vast as you are, and then there's your little body in there. But but more importantly, I really just get this very clear. This very clear knowledge and vision of what's possible, like what are some of the missions that you're you know, what kind of where are your gifts going to come? How are things going to kind of roll out for you now, I don't look at I don't want to get into all the details when we first look Somebody, but it happens really quickly. And so for me, then I just my goal then is to just keep handing the mirror to you and teaching each person to, to really see, okay, well, you're seeing this, but now look at it from this angle. Oh, you see a lot more. Okay. Excellent, excellent. Okay, moving over here, move it over here. The other aspect you asked me about, Do I see it on layers in regards to the body. So, again, the external qualities that everybody else, society really weighs, put so much weight, you know, how your hair is and what you're wearing? And you know, how you look. And I, I have, I really am challenged to see that part. I have to really, I've had to, I've had to just kind of have to wind things back to try to just recognize, you know, what, you know, what, what, what just the person's faces? And you know, do I like their outfit? And do you like this color? And so, yeah, so I don't I see it in different qualities, generally, the first flash of who they are comes to me and then that passes. And then, you know, I can just kind of go off from there.
I have so many questions. All right.
I know, I was with a group of friends in Chicago one time. And, you know, sometimes, you know, sometimes guidance just wants you to go interact, even though that's not what you're doing. That's not where you're at, guys. We're walking with a group of friends in Chicago. And I see this guy and his buddy kind of walk into a bar. And my guidance turns me physically turns me and they're like, You need to go and tell him to watch for his heart. And I'm like, Get out of here. Okay, first off, and you can negotiate with your guidance. I mean, they have all kinds of things they want you to do, most of them are you
just pause really quick, and give us a little definition of guidance, just so people understand what you're talking about.
Absolutely. Thank you, thank you so much for for. I want people to really understand that. They too, have skills, you have organic skills, that most people have no idea. Alright, so when I say guidance, what I'm referring to by that term, would be guides who work with me, I have a small group of scientists and physicians who have passed through history who worked with me. I have, you know, I work a lot with Holy Spirit. And so there's a so guidance would reference anyone who is not embodied. And for me, that term represents those who are. We're walking side by side through this experience to help interact and engage with life together.
So it's your special team of guides that help you with this faculty in particular, is that a fair way to say well,
well, well, my my guidance, my guidance, I talked to my guidance, nonstop, non stop. I cut jokes, they cut jokes. It so i It is not just limited for me. It's not just limited when I'm doing the work. It is a it is a part of my spiritual life. From the moment I wake up, literally threw out my day when wherever I'm driving, whatever I'm doing in every capacity, there's a constant. When I work with people, I very much work with people to build the relationship. Number one, you have to understand that the relationship is there. And then it's really a matter of helping them to build that relationship so that you hear them clearly. They know that they are able to communicate and you're so that communication is then back and forth. And that level of trust and confidence with it really builds.
We do talk about here often that we all have our own team of guides and spires that work with us exactly what you're describing. When you say that you hear is it here with your physical ears? Is it thought words is it signs and synchronicities in the world? A little bit of all of it. And then I want to go back to the story about the guy in the bar. Sure,
no problem. So when I hear so I, I can audibly hear at times. I hear internally, all the time. And it is it is as clear of a comp it is as clear of a sound internally to me as our conversation here. Now, it can be where it's I'm my knowingness, I'm getting more of that sense of conversation through that. But in regards this is this is partially why I think people don't understand how they walk through this world, and how engaged they actually are. Because they don't understand what that means and how it happens. I, I, I would say to my students, always, if I had one day, to be with you, and I stopped you every single time, that one of your guides, your any that you're being interacted with, after about 30 minutes, you'd be about ready to slap me Stop it, knock it off, knock it off, okay, I get it again. And again, you know, it's like,
I love that you're saying this because it is two things one, as long as you know me, I always say this, you'll hear me complain about the language, it just doesn't quite match up to the experience. And the other thing is, I just love that you're saying this, because I feel like I'm always tooting this horn of like, everyone has this guidance all the time available. It's just, you know, we have to do human thing we have to do life. And also, this is happening at the same time, it's never far away. So thank you so much for really just breaking that down.
Here's a classic. So I come from a family of healers. But that does not mean that all of my siblings and my family have an acceptance for
what we interesting.
So we all love each other. And I'm super grateful for the family that I have. You know, I think we're all we were born into the family because we're here to be a challenge to their balance, and them to be that to us, but for my family. Now, they're using intuition all the time. They don't call it that. My dad was the one who was just famous slash infamous for it. He just was always at the right place at just the right time to fall into absolutely everything that that he could possibly it non stop suspicious, non stop. The beauty part about it for my siblings, and I so for my brother, and there's only three of us, my brother and sister, but for for my siblings. It is their religious belief that doesn't necessarily align as clearly and I completely respect that as thing. I completely respect that. And they completely respect me and what it is that I do, because what we all three of us know for certain is we are all walking, following the path that God laid out for us. No matter what it looks like, what's important is that you're following. We are being called to go.
I agree. And for whoever's listening and watching Kim does teach this which we're going to come on to later but sorry for that derailment of our conversation. You're in Chicago with these friends your guidance. Talk to this man about the heart now I want to hear the story.
Right So again, I'm not I'm not here for this, you know sometimes They're like, insistent. Yeah, there is no day off. I mean, but anyway, so they were really pressing me. No, I really need you. So I ended up saying to my friends, you guys keep walking. I'll be right back. And so as I'm walking towards the bar, I'm thinking to myself now, how exactly is this conversation gonna go, you know, like, walk in, like what you know, so. So I walk into the bar, and him and his friend are sitting there at the bar, and I said, Excuse me, I said, I'm so sorry to bother you and take this for whatever this is. But I am just supposed to tell you to be really mindful of your heart. Sorry to interrupt, you have a really good day, and then I left. Now, there are many times that the universe whether it's me or something, or someone else, now, when that gentleman who might have been getting ready to have a heart attack, and just passed it by, and didn't do anything about it until it was too late. So I'm happy that he laughed at this crazy lady who walked in off the street to tell him to watch his heart. But I'll tell you what, the first time he starts to, you can't unhear what you've heard. So the first time he starts feeling anything suspect, he likely is going to pay attention. So I don't get called to do that you did it. And I wouldn't do it just randomly, but sorry.
I love the way you did it in such a gentle way. Like just pay attention, not like an alarmist. Don't just, you know, not to scare people, but just to draw the attention. So how do we go from Little Kim in the kitchen with the man walking through that has the black spot that's cancer to grown Kim on stages and doing medical intuition, I almost call it medical mediumship. Because that's just another I think term for the same thing. What happens in between is there like medical learning you have to do is there there's like we're missing, we're missing some other
line here is, you know, the other interesting thing is that, like, I can remember, my mom's father passed away when I was very young. And I was told I was too young to go to this thing called a funeral, whatever that was. And they were all sad. And I have no idea where they went to. But pep up. And I we stayed and we played all day long. So we had a blast. Like, like, like, they came home and they're all sad. And I don't I'm a little, I don't understand, I don't understand. And so, yeah, so there's all kinds of things. So all right, my life in between there. I am a jack of all trades. I love, love, love to see all the ways. You know, now for me, I call I call that higher power for me, God, but whatever it is that you call it, source, oneness, divine, whatever your title is, I love I love to see how the divine works in situations and through people and through environments. And I love that. I love that. So I have done all kinds of things. I've done all kinds of things from, you know, I thought if I worked workers compensation and liability that you know, I could perhaps just gently, you know, influence or bring some balance and you know, but when you it makes it a challenge because you know, that you you, you understand not only the crookedness of what's happening, that's blatant. But you see, you see, you see so much event and it's like, Okay, I can't, I am not going to cut these people off at the knees and try to make them feel good about it. Like, we were helping you, we were not. I have I've worked in human resources and you know, when I worked in human resources, I love that and, you know, for the big company that I that I work for, you know, they would bring During the people who were the most troublesome to everybody else, and they would bring them into me into my office, and of course, they, they thought they thought I was their best friend, I totally understood them. Because because I did, right, you just, you understand, and you hear more than just what the words, say. And see, so, you know, I did that for a while. And I've been in management all over the place. And, you know, there are just, I've had a few times, another one of these, you know, I was, I was working for a company, they got bought out in the company that bought them. It was not good, you know, they were just wanting to just hack it everybody and, and I said to them, I completely respect you. And I respect your right to run this exactly the way that you wish to do that. And I will just say that for for myself, and my own integrity, I respect you to do whatever it is that you need to do. But I will not follow through. And, again, pretty much cut people off at the knees. So I am going to withdraw from management, and I will go back to just being a normal person. And they were shocked.
Because you're such a normal.
I'm normal. For me, right, but I don't know about corporate world if it's normal.
I can be as normal, you would never know I was there was anything on there. All
Yeah, anyway, I got through that whole environment. And you know, they they never cut my pay. They never, they gave me anything that I wanted, whenever I wanted to work. And, you know, I just, I was not going to play that game. So. And
are you also on the side, like building up medical terminology? I'm so curious of how you know, because obviously, when you're working with people, you're specifically telling them you what you're aware of, and the knowledge of those terms. Yeah, of course, some of it can come from your guidance, but some of it must be coming from your knowledge or your understanding of putting those pieces together.
So do I have official medical training? No, I don't. Here's what I can tell you. I have been, I have been put in front of the National Institutes of Health, I have been gone through different sciences, I have worked with so many specialists. One time I was asked, I was asked to talk before this, these doctors about this protocol, that there was a breakthrough there, what I what we had showed them created a breakthrough. And here I am simply in front of all these people who have spent their whole life studying this, and how much how much do I know about it, here's the good news, when you everything that happens with me, really just happens through me. My job is to be the very best microphone that I can be. My job is to stay as clear as possible. Because when I get into an environment like that, the me of me this information that is coming so clearly and articulated so perfectly is not coming from here. I don't have any of that here. But so, you know, it's an and this requires a level of faith. Needless to say that most people will not ever have to be put to but so I I agreed to go talk to these people. And you know, I'm talking again, I talked to guidance all the time. I'm like before this, aren't you guys I'm serious. If you're I better show up because I do
in front of everybody, don't worry. Hi, how are you today? Well, ah, what do you want to know?
But, but needless to say, um, you know, if I do my part, then then they will do it. I am the vehicle to be moved around to work with whomever, or whether it's 1000 people, or whether it is one person, or no matter who it is. My role is to, to move and allow all of that higher understanding and information to come through. So needless to so it went off. Wonderful. I saw all these all these guys are like, oh, and they're right. And I'm like, Oh my gosh, I have no idea what I'm saying. My brain I was my beanie question. Yeah, it wasn't for me, it wasn't for me to know. information needed to come through needed to be said, and so poof.
That's amazing. So it's like you don't even know the terminology necessarily. I mean, of course. Now, once you hear something numerous times, you have a different Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. times where you don't know even the terminology that you're saying. You just know, this is
why Well, needless to say, 33 years, I've been at this song professionally. And just doing it as a full practice. And I have worked with specialists from around the globe. And I have worked with so many different disease processes and and things that are going on that certainly there's a fair amount that is now retained. Within me, but but I am as clear today as I was the very first, my job when I interact is to really, you know, show up and come forward and just create the environment where no matter what it is that each person needs to hear. They're going to feel like you're talking directly to them. Oh my god, she's talking to me. Do you know what she was talking to me? Did you tell her anything? Dude, I've had I've had so many people, room 1000 people, and I'll have 100 Different people on the course of a weekend. Come up and go. I know, I know. You were talking to me. Okay, well, yeah. Because guidance knows. Yeah. In this term guidance is now that broader. They know it. You know, they know every thought you're going to have everything you've ever said, going to say they know exactly what you need. I do not. Yeah. So I'm very clear about what my role involves. Stay humble. It
can feel scary to because you feel like Oh, it's you know, but it's lovely, that it's not your responsibility to know the information and figure it out or Yeah, no,
I would not be doing
me what?
So when you're doing the more corporate, mobile work, for lack of a better way of saying, HR and all of that, are you doing healing with clients on the side? I mean, I know it's always a part of you, as you've said, Sure. So is it something at that time you're pushing to the side? Are you working it? So for a
while, I was I had the normal nine to five. And I would work with people. I didn't advertise myself at that point. Again, the environment still wasn't terribly safe. Yeah. And then I, you know, I ended up you know, with so many people that I work with and interact with, you know, the next thing you know, I've got different police officers from different police departments and, and, you know, can I help them with missing persons? I, probably one of the funnest things in that type of an environment was to sit down with a bunch of detectives, who really there was only one day Chief, everybody else thought that this was nonsense and a complete and utter waste of their time. But I went and I put them through an exercise. And in this exercise, it was a blind exercise, I put them through this exercise. And they had very little information. But I, I triggered all the things that when you do something like detectives, your job is to pay attention to every detail and listen to everything. So inadvertently what most of them recognize coming out of this time with me was the fact that Zaif what makes them different from other people is they pay attention to two things that come to them. And they follow them. And they see things that aren't there to the naked eye, even though to them, they see it just like it's sitting right in front of them. Well, doesn't everybody else see that? Nope, they sure do not. So that was a lot of fun I to do to do cases, the missing persons. I can do that. i That's too. It's, it's it's not a direct part of my calling. And I was just trying to help. And it is i i, to me, I feel everything that that person is feeling when I put myself into that environment, and yeah.
Yeah, just not the nature of your calling, like you
said, Oh, no, thank you.
So how do you go from kind of back the way your mom did it, where it's word of mouth, and it's seeing people, you know, coming in through the back kitchen door? In the doeskin? How do you go from that to being so public? And on such big stages? Is it just a process of growth through that word of mouth and an expansion?
So my best friend saw this article in the newspaper, and it was about this healing touch clinic that was near us. She's like, Oh, have you ever done anything like that? I'm like, No, I'm done. Oh, let's go do that. All right. Okay, great. So we go do that. And we, you know, we have a healing touch treatment. And when I was done with the treatment, you get up, and then you know, you're sit, you sit and kind of get yourself back in your body, and then you know, and then you go to get your shoes back on, and you go, but when I was done, I went to put my shoes on, and when I stood up, my nanny was in front of me. And she told me that I needed to do this, and that she would be here with me. Until such time that I didn't need her to be there with me. Now, I'm in my 30s 20s, late 20s, late 20s, early 30s, who knows? Time what is time? Really? Anyway, and so. And so I thought, okay, so I so I took I took a level one I didn't do like the whole, you know, I didn't do a lot about it. But you know, but that's when I, that's when I really start thought that I, you know, I, again, my growing growing up and my relationship with my guidance I have been, they have really asked me to maintain the fact of I don't get to read what everybody's doing. I don't get to go and train and do what everybody else is doing. I don't so I don't have any idea what anybody else is doing. I don't have any idea. People will ask oh, well, so and so and so and so on. I'm like, Who's that? You know, in their conversation as we need you to just be as clear and not influenced by any buddy what anybody or anything else is doing. We just need you to just Do this. So, so I do. But so when I, when I first did this, I was like, Oh, hey, other people are doing this like, What? Is there a world out there?
Anyway, I felt like it's shocking when we discover there's a world of other people know about this that are doing? No. So did you end up working in that clinic for a bit with? Um,
I did and I did for about
maybe three months, four months. And then I had a gal who said, I want you to go and teach with me. And she was teaching spirit release meant. And so I'm like, okay. Yeah, yeah. So that's pretty cool. That's very cool.
How do you know when it's time for you to shift out of I mean, I'm sure your guidance is letting you know, but shift out of the corporate world and into this work full time.
It had just become far too uncomfortable. You know, in order to be in the, in the corporate world, I Yeah, you know, I will say to everybody never just turn off or block your gifts because they're too much or you don't understand them. There's a volume, you can turn it up, you can turn it down. But it had just become it had just become too much. And it was and it was time. And so, yeah, there you are. But, you know, I've always been the free, you know, free spirit. I'm, you know, I'm off. I got a friend friend who's who's was in the military in England. He's like, Oh, yeah, you know, just come on for hanging out with me. I'm like, 18 you're gonna hang out with me. I am a bookkeeper at a big accounting firm in Detroit, because I'm from Michigan, and hated it. Every last moment of it. It's great. Just was not my cup of tea. Like, absolutely. jump on a plane Off I go. Mom's like when you come home when I do. Okay.
Well, it sounds like you started teaching in this work. I mean, I guess I've had been with you your whole life. Starting in your late 20s, early 30s. Teaching is probably not all of the sudden. But no, it was someone who pretty much was feels like all of the sudden Yeah, for someone who just really hadn't, you know, you'd been in this other work and not really focusing there. Here's
the irony, but my vote. So I have a, I had a medical intuitive program, there are six levels to a certification, yada, yada, yada. I stopped teaching about, I don't know, 1011 12 years ago, something like that, anyway, never had any idea that was coming. It was one of those things that I had a big private practice where we lived. And, you know, in meditation one morning, they're like, We need you to go to Sedona by yourself, like, Alright, sounds like plan. And it it was it was one massive block in front of another for me to get out there. And I was so busy as it was I'm like, I don't have time to I don't have time for all this. Yeah, the other like, you need to go. So I went for a week, and I hiked a lot. And, you know, they had me up all night long. As they wrote the entire program. They wrote the whole first level. Did I have any idea there's going to be a second level? No. Not the way everybody should do it. But you know, and, and inevitably, you know, they wrote meditation. It was like being a madman. Then they said, Okay, go teach it. I said to
don't worry about that. Like
we got you just just show up. Okay. Is
this like the first iteration of the medical intuitive program that you teach today? Yes,
yeah. It was the first iteration of it most certainly. And we brought oh gosh, we brought a lot of people through that program. A lot of people. Yeah, it was a great program at the time I started to wind it down. Because it was time for it to wind down and it was time for me to shift gears And so I've shifted gears and then you know, created, you know, three other programs and then taught them everywhere. I used to. I used to. I used to fly like 120,000 miles a year. Let's so it's a lot of places, a lot of airports. You were here Did you love it, I can tell you what it looks like from.
That's what I always say about my work. When I traveled with WWE. I've seen a lot of basements of arena, right? And a lot of airports and they know me at Cinnabon and Dallas airport. And that's, that's what I did. So now, people don't maybe know this yet, but you are getting ready to start teaching this again.
I I am I have shared a little bit about me. Yes. So I have been encouraged to start medical intuitive mastery. And this is a program, you know, in the past we had in the in the first medical intuition program, you know, certainly we had doctors and nurses and but we had psychiatrists, psychologists, we had lay people, we had people from every walk of life. And actually other than medical people, the second highest profession that would come into my class, were finance people. And they would come in and say, I have no idea why I'm here. I have no idea why I'm here. i Oh, I don't want I don't want to know anything about this. It was quickly that they discovered money is just energy. Yes. So things that we taught, they could then take that and apply anywhere. So this medical intuitive mastery that I'm getting ready to launch. I'm really excited about it. It's it's been a long time coming. And I finally had to, they've been asking me to do this for a bit now. But asking is yeah,
you know, I don't know.
I'm a grandma, I'm a grandma, I got seven grandkids, you know, 13 down to two months. And I am it's in the midst of all of them. But anyway, so with this medical intuitive mastery. This is really for absolutely everyone.
No matter No, no experience, no
experience necessary. No. There are so many skills that people can do that you would never recognize it was that easy. That's what people used to come out of my level one, two and three going. Okay, I have no idea how this how I did that. And I can't even believe that I did that. And wow, was it really? It was really that easy? Yeah. Um, yes. Actually, things don't have to be complicated. Our mind over complicates. Yeah, so this is this is open for everybody and everybody.
And it actually is coming very shortly after the release of this episode. So I will definitely link all of your things in the show notes for anyone that's wanting to find out more about the course if you just tell us that URL, if you know it. Sure. Sure. Sure. Sure.
So I am I am having on the 18th of May, I am having a free medical intuitive tune up. It is a four hour workshop that I am offering for free for people. And again, you don't have to have any knowledge, not knowledge. If you want to know more about this. And when I say it's a tune up, it's because I will be giving everyone a healing as part of this tune up. But I am all about leaving you with tools. You know the ways the means how do you do this? You can register for this medical intuitive tune up on the 18th of May from my website. Kim at No, that's that's my email address. Don't do that. My site is my my site is just Kim And that's k And I will
put the direct links in the show notes too. So if you if you can't remember it, it's fine. Just go in the show notes and you'll have it right. Absolutely. And then I will What are you teaching in that? So excuse
me If so, I am there are several different techniques that I am teaching people with how to how to reset different organs and glands. I am all about helping you help your body, there are a lot of things that you can do that can make your health and wellness so much better. And it's, it genuinely is easy and takes like 15 seconds. So if you don't have 15 seconds, you know what I mean to do something better? Well, then I don't know what to tell you. But so we'll be teaching a lot about that. Information, I'm going to really start showing you just in that snapshot of time, um, you know, how you how your own skills comes through with this as well. So our goal here is to just broaden your understanding a little bit. And let's let's start to see our world through just a little bit of a wider lens. And people, people are always surprised that that's the main they're always surprised. How did how did that happen? How did I do that? Um, well, you did? And actually, you did fairly well. So well done you.
Yeah. I mean, I would say just go to the free workshop and get your feet wet. And, you know, Let him prove it to you that you can, in fact, understand this and access it.
Yeah, one of my favorite sayings is, you know, the proof is in the pudding. You know, you can say I don't, I am great for nobody believe a single thing I say, at the end of the day, take it use it. When it works for you, you know, if you're gonna get a healing, you have things you want to work with. If when it works on you, then, you know, I had a I had a surgeon who was a runner and had been training for a marathon and tore out her knee. And she was supposed to have knee surgery. And of course, it was gonna mess up her whole deal. Her her friends were also friends with me and they said, just go to Kim, so rebuild your knee, and then you run your marathon move on. And she be grudgingly but she came to my office and promptly told me for 45 minutes straight. Why this was the dumbest thing that was ever happening. And I and all I would say to her is, you know, I guess the proof is in the pudding. If you leave here, and you don't have pain, and you can run? Well, then I guess there's something to it. And if you don't well, then I guess you're right. Yeah. So needless to say she ran and did not end up having to have surgery. Wow.
Pretty amazing. Yeah. In the so in the free course the free workshop that you have coming up, it's kind of like the precursor for self healing more than looking at other people's. That's
correct. Yeah. So the so the the tune up the medical intuitive tune up is really for yourself. It's about information, it's for yourself personally. So even if you don't want to know anything else about medical intuition will then come to get a healing, like, let go some stress, I can help unload all kinds of stuff for you. And, yeah, it and we are always just about reaching out and doing whatever it is that we can to help folks. And if it so inspires you to know more well, then, you know, I will launch the full program, the medical intuitive mastery shortly after that. So and
I'm sure you'll talk about that at the free workshop. But for those that just want a little teaser about it in the Mastery program is that when you're teaching more how to apply these systems to other people kind of Oh, absolutely. I've been telling absolutely,
yeah, everything that I teach you, you can apply it to yourself, you can apply to other people. You can apply it to animals, you can apply it to finance you can apply it to so there's a there's a fair amount of a particular way that you work with energy that when you work with healing, obviously, you know, injuries heal and things like that. But we will teach you that entire That entire aspect of exactly how, how do you get? You know, when we injure things when we have disease and illness? Why does it keep coming back? Why does it linger? You know, why are these things happening, and we will teach you how to find and get to exactly what constant, which oftentimes is more by the time you feel something physically, that illness or disease has been with you for a long time. And it's been wreaking havoc long before your body, your physical body is actually the last aspect, not the first that it shows up. So yeah, we'll we'll teach it and at the end of the day, actually, genuinely, it is stinking, it is really actually easy to even do this. And my, my goal to my passion, is to hold that mirror up to each one of you. And just show you who you are. And if you have fears that are keeping you from from doing that you don't know you don't think you can you don't come and spend time with me, you will be well cared for. And we can get a hold of all those fears. No matter if you have traumas, tragedies, illness, disease, fears, if you can name it, we can identify it, get it up and out. Because you know, there's no time when tic tac tic tac thing is happening fast on the planet at this point in time. And you need to really know exactly who you are. And know those strengths because I tell you they are sitting right underneath your skin. I could go and oh look, they're they're
on to your point. I mean, like you said, these are tools that if if taught anyone can master anyone can access. It's just if we've never been taught, we don't realize, oh, I can I can do this. It's like if no one ever taught you to climb stairs, you didn't realize oh, wait, I could go up there. I
say that all the time. Why were we not taught these things in elementary school? Yeah, you used to teach kids classes. And I could I could advance children way faster than their parents. I'm sure because kids didn't forget who they really are yet. When by the time adults happen, well, then we've had a whole lot of life saying, You're not this, you're not that you have to fit into this box and do that and do this and do that. And not that we can't overcome that because load away. Yeah. Moving on. Turn the page. Alright, next. But, yeah, amazing. Well, what
an incredibly generous offer, you are very casual and nonchalant, just because that's who you are as a person. And but I want to say that this is just, I'm inside this work and I don't do exactly what you do. But I know this work I taken a more than a college educations worth of courses and mentorship and workshops and all the things over so many years. This is a ridiculously generous offer to do a four hour free training, like actually receive healing actually learn tools, not just someone telling you the gist of sort of what it is but not telling you that you're gonna give the step by
Oh, yeah, yeah, I don't have any I don't have any desire to, to, you know, just take your time, give you a little bit of sampling and then go ooh, but wait. No, no, you know, we're here. We're here for you. We're always here for you. And any way that we can be of assistance that has always been part of my mission. And yeah, no, we're here so we would be excited to see you. Yeah, come on. Listen, come find out.
I rarely I usually let people make their choices. I rarely highly encouraged things but I am highly encouraging everyone to at least look at the page and see if it if it read Nate's with you, I don't always talk about myself. But for those that are curious, I have worked with him privately as well. And I won't go all into it. But I will just say that Kim's an incredible healer and teacher and soul. I will likely be at that workshop too, just because I was so excited to come in, come in, hear about it and and understand the tools in the way that you work. So I will get off my little soapbox. But it's And again, it's in the show notes. So don't miss this free opportunity. Because I can't tell you how many times people are reaching out to me on socials emailing me, I'm hearing it in the ethers of oh, I want to do this, but I can't afford it or I don't remember I don't there is no excuse to not what what part I free this information for yourself. Yeah, exactly. So if you've got any, whether it's emotional, or physical, or any type of thing that you feel like you want to work on or learn about or heal on, this might be for you.
Absolutely, absolutely. And, you know, that life is life is a can be a really challenging thing at this point in time. And, and, you know, I work not just with the physical body, I, I actually laugh and say, healing your physical body is actually the easy part. That's, that's the easy part. It's like, you know, identifying what caused it in the first place, getting a hold of that. And then getting all of that up and out. You do not have to sit with traumas, you don't have to sit with fears and anxieties and all of these things. You do not have to have your life be so impacted. There is another way.
So and who can't use extra tools in their toolbox. No, I mean, I was saying, even me after, like so many years of this work. I'm like one more tool, like give them to me, you know, so don't be Bucha get your twist, right.
Especially the easy ones. I like the easy ones. Easy, effective. That's good ones.
Well, before we close out, I forgot to tell you this. I usually do something that we call here the spirit speed round. It's just for fun and easy questions. Are you willing to play now that I put you on? Absolutely.
Absolutely. I'm always up for fun. Let's go. I
figured, okay, will you share one thing that really has shocked you or was unexpected about your medical intuitive gifts? One
thing that has shocked me about my medical intuitive gifts is that I could do them that I guess I can see him could do them? Like what? Because I'm like, I don't have that knowledge. It's it's intimidating, right? I don't Yeah, it's that I'm a regular people think. And I'm not saying education is not good. Education is outstanding. Yeah, it was shocking to me, because I did not have that. You know, training and or, or, you know, database for me to be able to pull on?
Yeah, that's pretty that is pretty sure.
How God see your mind, go out there and do it anyway. Yeah, I say this all the time, though. You know, at the end of the day, you know, when you fly God airlines, like, what do you have to worry about?
Yeah, that's a good point. If you got to spend a day in the spirit world, you got the full tour, you got to spend time with everyone who you've ever known who's crossed over and it's almost time to return to your life and your guide tells you that you have one hour left and you can spend it with anyone you choose who's who's on the other side. Who do you choose and why?
I would have to say my honey, because my spouse just passed this last July. So I mean, I We talk all the time. Yeah, all the time with them all the time. Yeah, but still, but I can give you I can probably give you a bigger one than that. I would. That's a good I mean, that's fine. Yeah. Alright, we'll stick with that. My honey, okay.
Even though we have spiritual gifts, we have very human lives. What's one quirky thing about you that people might be surprised to learn?
Oh my gosh, that I am just that I am a goofball. I I love flying nonstop. We store in my family. We make up songs all the time. All the time. So if you were to be in my it'd be in my house and in here the songs I make up for the dogs. You No, just life is. Life is is is. It is an amazing thing. And yeah, I'm a goofball. And when, when I'm with my grandkids on the one who gets in the most trouble?
Yeah. Oh, I'm not what are you gonna do?
I love it. It's a cool, quirky thing. Will you leave us with a pearl of wisdom? What's one piece of advice you wish that you'd had earlier in your understanding of your gifts?
Trust what it is that you hear when you have a hunch about something. trust it. Don't let someone else try to change your mind when you have when you have a hit about something. Don't just push it aside and think well, that's silly. That's just my brain. No, I can actually teach you so that you can decipher clearly when it's your brain. And when the communication is occurring. So yeah, that's great advice. And you can do it, you can do it. Yeah. Yeah,
I think that's a big one, too. Well, thank you so much for being here with us today. And everyone listening and watching. Don't sleep on this workshop comm, check the show notes. And if you're listening to this way in the future, and may 18 of 2024 is long past, I encourage you to check out the website anyway, because I don't know Kim, like forever, but I know you a little bit and I can almost guarantee that no matter what date and time you're listening to this, she got something going on ways that you could check out. So thank you for being here with us today. And thank you for sharing your
path. Thank you so very much.
Did I tell you or did I tell you Kim is such a vibrant, incredible soul and the work that she brings into the world both in her past and helping with medical advancements. And with just her medical intuitive abilities, her teaching her guiding other souls to their own gifts is so incredible. And how about this free gift? I mentioned it in the intro we just got done talking about it before the end of the episode. And like I said, I likely will be there for this free four hour works workshop that she's offering I if you've ever worked with me or know me at all, medical intuition is not one of my primary gifts. I mostly work in a mediumship capacity or even you know, in psychic work, but I don't tend to love giving people medical information or even diving into that. So it really is so intriguing to me. It's something I would love to foster and nurture within my own gifts. And how powerful would it be to be able to, you know, at least on an energetic level, and you know, maybe even on a physical level, work on our own healing our own growth, our own advancement in a way that is tangible in our physical lives. So I don't know if you can tell, but I'm pretty. I'm pretty excited about it. So I highly encourage you, like I said to make sure that you check out Kim and again, everything's in the show notes. Just to see you know, even if you don't feel like you want to learn about healing, I would encourage you to go just to receive the healing I mentioned quickly in the intro and and just towards the end of the episode that I've worked with Kim privately receiving healing and actually in in one of her newer courses, and I just really love working with her you got a little taste of the energy she brings the positivity she brings. She is not lofty or unaccessible in any way and with her body of knowledge and work she easily could be but she's just not it's not the person she is. It's one of the reasons I was so delighted that she that she agreed to come on the podcast and share with you guys. So you might see me if you're out that if you're at that workshop, you might see me there and like I mentioned even if you don't make it to that workshop, I guarantee you that no matter when in time and space you're listening to this episode that she's got something brewing for you to check out. So I hope that you have enjoyed today's episode. I hope that it piqued your curiosity and that maybe you even learned something. I'm so grateful to each of you for being here with me today. If you are loving the show. I would really love it. If you would share an episode with a friend it really does help the podcast and help me you guys know that this is not monetizing. I just do all of
Aren't because I really love doing it and love having these conversations and want to bring trustworthy resources to you. So if you could follow by hitting the little subscribe button, it's totally free. And if there's an episode that is particularly meaningful to you, if you could share I would love that. And for those of you that are a little more technologically advanced, if you could figure out how to review the podcast and give me a five star review, I would really appreciate it. I am wishing you all the best I hope to see you at Kim's workshop. Big hugs lots of love. Bye for now from inside Spirit Speakeasy

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