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{Mediumship Reading} Rich Receives Messages and Memories from Beyond

May 22, 2023

This Mediumship Reading with Rich’s family is like a spirit family reunion! Sit in as we hear validations and memories from his Dad, Brother, Mom and beautiful daughter on the other side, proving that the love we share continues on. In this uplifting session, Rich’s daughter in spirit even shares how she has continued to be a part of the family all along, even from the other side, further validating that the bond of parenthood is limitless. 

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Full Transcript:

Hey beautiful soul Welcome to spirits speakeasy. I'm Joy Giovanni joyful medium. I'm a working psychic medium energy healer and spiritual gifts mentor. This podcast is like a seat at the table in a secret club, but with medium mystics and the spiritual luminaries of our time. So come behind the velvet ropes with me and see inside my world because I chat insider style with profound souls. We go deep share juicy stories laugh a lot, and it wouldn't be a speakeasy without great insider secrets and tips, you might even let you have some gifts on your own. So step inside the spirits
Hey, beautiful soul welcome into the spirit speakeasy today, we're gonna do something a little different. I've been experimenting a little bit with doing readings on this platform. And so today, you're gonna get a seat at the table inside a mediumship reading, we've got a willing participant and as you will soon see some very willing spirit people on the other side who are excited to communicate and give information, all of which was validated. And there are a few pieces that ridge shares with us at the end. And some more validation, I'm sure that is soon to come with some things that he wasn't quite sure or couldn't quite remember which you know, it's a normal part of it, we can't remember everything that's ever happened to us. But I'm excited for you, those of you who either have had readings before and know how powerful these experiences can be. Or for those of you that have never experienced a reading just to kind of see, you know, the vibe of it, the the mood of it, if you will, the intention of it. And just to know that it really does validate for us that our loved ones are still with us just in a different way that love never dies and that their souls continue on and have all of their memories and can spend time with us. And I love that each of Rich's people that came forward share different aspects of themselves. And you know, some talk about their passing and some talk about their personality and some talk about memories. And it's a little different, but you are going to get a seat at the table inside an actual mediumship reading. So get a cup of tea or a cup of water or a cup of something and sit down with me for this next hour inside the spirit speakeasy your seat at the table for mediumship. Reading with our guest rich better.
Welcome in to the spirit speakeasy, we are doing something a little bit different. Today I am here with rich and we are going to as promised way back when I started this podcast, we're gonna do some experimental, just mediumship reading sometimes and getting to kind of sit in on someone's reading session. So I'm just going to kind of launch in just like I would in the normal session. Now full disclosure, I wouldn't say I know rich, but I've met rich because he interviewed me for his podcast recently. And then I asked him if since he's so comfortable recording, if you catch the video version of this, he's got his whole own setup. So I asked him if he'd be willing to come on and let me try to do a reading for him.
But I don't know Rich, have you ever had a reading before?
I'm not like, not like this not a person. I think I mentioned before about during COVID.
I had taken a photo and said that to somebody that was it. Okay, you took a photo, kind of a reading based on a photo,
a picture had a reading. Well, I will just tell you a little bit about how I work and what to expect. It's a little different every time but there are a couple different things that can happen. And I'm I kind of help everyone to learn a little bit about how this works. So there's essentially two things that can happen psychic is when I'm more connecting my energy into your space, blending with your soul understanding things going on in your life choices, you're making that kind of thing. If for some reason that becomes a part of our work, I might be aware of bits of your past, which is making a scary face for those of you that can't. But usually if I am aware of bits of your past, it's only to understand what's happening for you now and potential guidance for the future. I don't believe anyone can predict the future I say it over and over again. Because to predict the future would mean it's already decided for us and I don't believe that's how it works. I think we you know as we make choices, I think new paths become available to us. So I think it's more important to focus on the now and potentials for the future. So I can sometimes be aware of, you know, if you keep going in this direction making these choices these are the likely outcomes sometimes that can be aware of additional potentials or possibilities that you may or may not have already considered
mediumship, which I feel like this is probably more of what we're going to do today. But we'll see. mediumship, of course, is where we're connecting with someone that's already crossed over to the other side, the type of mediumship that I practice is technically called evidential, which really just means that when someone's loved ones communicate, I like them to share at least some specific details of who they were in the world as, quote unquote, evidence that you can validate. And I will tell you, though, the evidence quote, unquote, that they share really just depends on them. Some will make their personalities really clear. Some will have me use wording in a way that I wouldn't normally word that sounds exactly like the way they would say something or what they would say. Some will make me aware of details or memories of their life. Some want to talk about their passing and some don't. So just like a conversation with any person, I try to honor and respect what they want to talk about and where they want to go with the conversation.
What else do I want to tell you? Really, all I need from your side is for you to just say yes, no, or I don't know, as I give you the details, right? Don't be afraid to talk to me, like don't feel locked in a box. Like you can only say those three answers. And no, no, I'm an open book. Yeah, I know, seriously, I've been looking forward to this. And as we discussed before, I'm really,
because if it was up to me, I would have somebody from the spirit world on my podcast and talk told me.
I mean, we could talk about that. So I think I think there's ways to do that in a different way. Maybe.
So yeah, don't be afraid to say more than just yes, no, I don't know. But just try not to finish the stories for me. And then I want to save a little time at the end, for you to kind of give some feedback about whatever comes up or whatever. Okay.
Now, we will see now what I do want to I tend to be a full disclosure kind of a gal. So when I was on your podcast I did. I don't usually do readings on podcasts or radio shows or whatever. But I did become aware of your I think it was your dad and your brother. Yes. And I know I gave you just little bits about each of them. I mean, we're talking like 30 seconds of details, maybe. So not much. I don't remember
any of it. But if I do remember something and know that I already know it, I try to just let you know, I already knew this but and then usually they they're adding to it for me.
Do you have questions about the process? I know you said you're an open book, and you're just excited to dive in. So no, no, not really. I mean, I've talked to a lot of people that have done this before. Yeah, my sister's done it in family members, neighbors.
So now I'm, that's so cool. All right, well, I'm ready. This is the part that I feel like is a little weird for a podcast, but I usually become quiet. Just kind of open my awareness. For a minute here, I can already kind of fill yours gathering. So I'm just going to kind of start to move
my awareness to the spirit side. I do want to say I'm immediately aware of your dad and your brother again. So let me work with them first, and then they're I have a feeling. I mean, I'm aware of more with them. So they'll open the door and let's let everyone identify themselves. Let me start with this gentleman who I feel like is dad now I do remember that your dad had previous military service? Is that correct? From my memory? Okay. I want to say he comes in with such a sarcastic but like charismatic sense of humor, and he's kind of like, okay, well, I guess I'm gonna start the show. Does that feel like his personality to you? Yes. Because there's this feeling with him that like, I do feel like if suppose there was like a gathering at home and he hadn't been home yet. I do think he'd throw open the door and be like, Let the party start. I'm the, you know, the life of the party is here. So you know, this like, outgoing side of his personality? Ah, 100%. What's interesting, though, is, even as I say that I'm aware that sometimes he uses this
larger than life part of himself to kind of detract or hide some of the harder emotions that he has. Do you know what I mean? Let me go into it a little. It's okay to say no to me, too. If you don't, if you don't understand or if it's totally wrong. It helps just as much as I'm not afraid in the nose. It helps us as much as the yeses do, because there's this feeling with him that sometimes it's like, he doesn't want to talk about the hard situations. Do you know what I mean? Yeah, like, again, your mom had a disagreement or weren't seeing eye to eye on something. Ultimately, he makes me feel like well, it's gonna be his way at the end of the day. Anyway, you know what I mean? And he doesn't necessarily have to sit down and say, Well, how do you feel about my decision? Do you know what I need? Right? And actually, I'm aware that he has very little space for other people's opinions about his decisions. Is that fair to say? Yeah,
As you can see here, he's old school. He's not taken surveys, right? Anything. Yeah. And I do want to say even as I say that he identifies now, obviously, we know you've got your brother on the other side and you but are there. Are there four of you all together? For siblings? Yes. Okay. Because it's this feeling of like when he is in his role as a dad, if he's going to dole out punishment, or if he's going to say like, now you're all in trouble, he makes no apologies for the way in which He disciplines can you understand that? But as I'm saying that he makes me aware that there's times where, from his perspective, now he's aware that his disciplining could be heavy handed, is that fair to say? I'm gonna work with it. But yeah, there's just if you have a sister as well, for one of you, sister in the mix, because he's saying he didn't try to
maybe not discipline her as harshly. But I also want to say there's this feeling with him of understanding that sometimes he even spoke to her in a way that was maybe more harsh than he needed to. Can you take it that way? And the way I'm saying it, yeah.
But he's saying with the boys, it's more of this fear of, well, if I don't, it's kind of that spare the rod, spoil the child emotion with him. Do you know what I mean? Yes. So in that way, I know that's where I am with him, like making no apologies for how stern he was how strict he was.
And he's saying, you know, you guys kind of gave him a run for his money.
Can you identifying it that way? Where it's like, you're not, not that you're like the worst kids but you're also not, you know, with your pocket protectors and all button? Is that fair to say? You guys are
killing? Now? Is there a story where two of you boys and a friend get into a neighbor's
it's some kind of like a vehicle and I can't even tell if this vehicle works anymore, if it's a vehicle that they were working on, and we're just kind of like, exploring and creating mischief at a neighbor's house let me get a little more specific in here and also is a little big.
Okay, let me back up a second where you guys grow up you understand it being suburban, but the houses aren't like super close together where you can like touch your neighbor's house how we can now Oh, not that I'll be they were close but not that close. Right. So you have like a yard you have like a bit of it. See your neighbor's house, but you it's like there's a fence in between and it's kind of that you know, a little more spread out. Not quite it's not countryside, though. It's not rural. Right. It's it's just suburban, but a little more space is the way I want to say it. Yeah, I can i He keeps bringing me to home that I know that's in Jersey, where it's like a front yard or backyard, little bit of side yard fence on both sides. And neighbors would have kind of something similar probably is that right? Yes. Because there's this feeling of like two down, they have some kind of a, almost like a ride on mower is what I want to say. Do you remember one of your neighbors having one of those?
Yeah, yeah, I feel like it's kind of a big deal, that they have this. And he's talking about you, a brother and a friend making mischief with this ride on mower. Do you know the story that I'm talking about? I know we're digging way deep in here. And I don't think it's anything that like, you have to pay for damages. I don't think it's anything that serious. But it's just this feeling of like, either you guys weren't supposed to be on it in the way that you were or they weren't home and you guys got into their little shed and got it out. Does that make sense? The way I'm saying it. Yeah, God, I'm trying to remember.
pin that story back there. Because I feel like all the elements are there.
To say I'm sure your dad's right on this. And he's just saying like, it's like, if you guys did get in trouble, mom would be the first one to get the news. And then it would be like, oh, when your dad gets home, so you know, this emotion with him of? Well, he kind of is the Enforcer? Do you know what I mean? So he's like, Well, what am I supposed to do except enforce because I gotta instill in these boys. You know what I mean? This, who we who we need and want them to be in the world. You know what I mean? Now, your dad has a higher power of his own understanding. Can I can I say that about him? Meaning I don't think he's a man that goes to church every week. But I feel like he's raised with a faith that he understands a God of his own understanding that fair to say. Yes. I now your mom goes to church that was that right? She went more than dead. Yeah, cuz
I'm saying and he's like, Well, my wife was like, I went sometimes I like Oh, holiday thing or like I could feel it's the way he's indicating and dislike. She would give him a pass and then she'd start getting frustrated, like, hey, you need to be you can't just never come and then he'd make an appearance kind of a thing.
But there is this feeling with him having those type of, can we call them like Christian or Catholic values of what he wants to instill in his family? Do you know what I mean? Yes. And he's saying it doesn't matter. I feel like this is such a dad's personality. It doesn't matter if I'm not at the building all the time. I know the rules and you're gonna follow
me. It's that type of wanting to install house, my room. Exactly. But but even like the church house, meaning like, he's not in God's house all the time, but like, these are the rules, and you're gonna follow it because we're good. You know, Catholic family, or Christian family, or whatever it is. Your dad does have a sense of humor. And that's the other thing is, it's like, it's never a dull moment at your house. Do you know what I mean?
Yeah, it's like between you boys and all the friends that would be over and you know what I mean? It's like it's, it could be a little raucous in there. Now, do you guys have some sort of, like a game room or like a, we call it like a rumpus room where I grew up. But did you have one of those downstairs or in your house, because he's wanting to take me down there when I'm talking about like the ruckus that you guys could cause he's wanting to take me down there. And you remember it having kind of wood paneling on the walls in there.
And there's a little bit of a
smell in there. It smells like home, but it almost reminds me of like a little bit of a damp, kind of like a It's not quite a mildewy smell. But it smells different than upstairs to me. So you remember there be like a distinct different smell. Now I want to say he's saying like the intention of this room was to be like a family room and a game room and somewhere to like, send the kids to be not running around the whole house, right? Yeah, he's talking about as you guys get older, this clubhouse of a room becomes a little bit of like a room for mischief sometimes. I'm gonna get into that I get some of your face that you do.
Recall some stories.
Okay, was there occasionally possibly some little bits of drinking that happened down there with you, kiddos?
You're making a face like, Oh, me?
I'll take that as a yes. Right. Yeah. But he's just he's just saying, you know, one, on one hand, your dad is very like, Well, kids will be kids. And as long as you keep it quiet, and it doesn't become a big issue. He's willing to look the other way that he's kind of joking and saying, but if your mom gets a wind of it, then I'm gonna have to do something about it. Do you know what I mean? Because I want to say your dad's not you know, he's he doesn't make a big deal of you guys like having a sip of of his beer at like a barbecue or whatever. It's not a big deal. And I don't even I do think you guys are bringing little bits of beer or whatever from other dads fridges. Is that fair to say? Like everyone's getting a hold of something and kind of bringing it together at different points. Oh, you mean all the kids? Yeah, the kids? Yeah. Okay, fair enough. Well, your dad clearly knows about all this now. So don't worry about letting the cat out of the bag. I think all you gotten all the trouble you go into about it. And it's it's just this feeling with dad of wanting you to know that. Like I saw more than you thought I saw and I knew more of what was going on. But even as I say this, and as your dad, it's I know, it's just his personality to be like a storyteller and reminisce, do you know what I mean? Yeah, it's this feeling with him of but look how great you turned out. Do you know what I mean? And I want to jump forward to
I feel like you mentioned that you have military service, right? Yes. And I know that your brother had a short time of military service as well. Did your dad have a brother? That's also military at some point.
You had a brother? I'm not 100 I believe he was in the military. Yeah. Because there's this feeling with your dad of like, No, we're a military family, even though we don't force it on our boys. They know, we would think it's a good idea. thing where it's like, well, I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna say no, like for him. It's, it's a service that he's very proud of. And there's this feeling of you making him so proud when you enter the military? Because I feel like he knows your brother's going to enter. But you're surprised. Is that fair in the way I'm saying it. It's a shift that I entered.
You surprise him that you choose to enter the military service. Does that make sense? The way I'm saying it in a way Yeah. Okay. Let me let me work with it a little bit because he makes me feel like you were on the fence. Like that was not your only option.
And with your brother, it's kind of like it was clear. That's where he was gonna go. He was gonna go that direction. We all knew it. But with you. It's almost like you were involved in a couple other things. One of them feels sports to me, and we weren't sure if like you were going to want to do college or you were going to work right away.
You are what you are going to do. But there is this feeling. Did your dad have a talk with you about that being a good option for you military?
Yeah. Is he the one that actually takes you into a recruiters office?
Like I know it's different. Trying to remember
what's worth taking away back into the into the memory of it.
It's okay, if you can't remember to it's, yeah, I can't remember if he took me because, yeah, I can't remember, there's this sense of him taking you there before you actually sign up as like a hey, if you have for checking out options, then like, let's check out this option to do you know what I mean? And I want to say your dad is he wasn't gonna force his way on you and tell you, this is what you have to do. But he, he's also not quiet about his opinions. Do you know what I mean? Like, yeah, he lets his preferences be known. And then there's this feeling of you, in particular, having more than one option of a path you could choose. And him just being so elated and excited that you do choose to enter the military. There's something about it, it making him feel good about his path in the military. Do you know what I mean? Yeah. Did he articulate that to you ever?
Before I went in, yeah. Cuz that's this feeling of like, while he I know, was trying to be reserved, I could feel I could feel the way he's saying it is like, your mom was like, don't force that boy to do the military. Like you let him have his opinion. But he's so he's over there, like, alright, well, I'm gonna, you're gonna choose but like, I'm so happy you're picking this type of I'm really excited. And I want to say your dad doesn't get super excited about stuff. You do all that often. You know what I mean? It takes a lot to kind of get him really pumped up about it. And even though he's saying you exit early, so you don't have a full career military. Is that right? Yeah. Short of that. He's saying it doesn't matter to him that you exited early. He's just so proud that you could see, it's almost like you saw him. Do you know what I mean? By you entering the military, you saw, Oh, this is what my dad did. This is what my dad chose for his family. And you you as much as I know, he wouldn't say it this way, when he was here in the world with us. You validated him with your choice and made him feel like you accepted him in a different way. Do you know what I mean? Yeah.
Because there's this feeling of like you could have, you could have pushed more against that military thing. And maybe it wasn't. Is this a draft that we're talking about this draft time? I'm not that old.
And I know we get drafted for all different reasons. You just feel like you have choice. Do you know what I mean? It's not it's not the only option for you.
And there is just this feeling with him of don't worry about not having done like your quote unquote, full service. He's equally proud of you. Just that you went and just that you did it now.
I am aware of your brother. I have to say I'm gonna bring him in as well. I want to know what else your dad wants to say about this. But I can hear your brother. In my mind chiming in and making many jokes about this. Of like, oh, what what I hear him saying and then I want him to validate himself a little bit as like Oh, riches, the golden boy and riches the favorite and but you know, that would be his personality to tease you like that?
Because younger than this brother. Yes. Because, okay, because he keeps wanting to like, be like, Oh, baby rich, like, Do you know what I mean? But I feel like that's just his way to Razzie you and wait and get like a rise out of you when you guys are kids. Do you know.
Now with your brother's service, is there an unusual circumstance around his exit from the military? Ah, yeah. Okay.
You I don't know if I'm gonna get it exactly. But he makes me feel like you guys exit in different ways. Is that fair to say? Yes. Is your brother passed away during his time of service? No. So he does get to come home and be home? Yeah. Is he injured during his service?
No, let me see if what I'm not understanding here because he keeps making me feel like when he goes in, he's one version of himself. And when he comes out he's a different version of himself. So this is not a physical injury. Could you take it as as more of like a mental health injury in the way we understand it today or like a PTSD type of a
change in his personality? Changes personality? I wouldn't say PTSD. Okay. Sorry about that. It's it's, and I'm not I'm not one to I'm not giving formal diagnose. Well, no, because a lot of people you know, from when he went in have that, and there's just this feeling of him being a diff
Aren't version of himself when he comes home? Not so happy go lucky. Not. So
there's just a weightiness in his emotion that I feel like when he shows me this younger self when you guys are growing up, it's like, he's a bit of a daredevil kid. You know what I mean? He's the first one to be like, Hey, let's see if rich can fly off the roof. You know? It's like, you're the little one. So does he actually do that? And you guys have something where you're like, jumping off of high things like that?
It wasn't the roof.
The roof of a garage or like an outside building to me?
Yeah, I'll be
Yeah, but this was later. Okay. Toby off,
threw you off? More like, let's let's try first. I feel like that's his personality as a brother now.
You understand there to be a still a lot of
I mean, I think we're, we continue to be sad and grieve anyone who we lose to the other side. But he makes me feel like there's a different type of grief around his passing. Do you know what I mean? Is his passing more unexpected in the way that it happens?
Yeah, I believe so. He makes me feel like there's a suddenness to it where even if we know that something's going on with him, we weren't prepared for him to go when he does. Is that fair to say?
You understand him taking some responsibility for the way that he passes.
I'm not sure if I understand. Okay.
I don't quite understand it from him yet. And it's not. You know, when some people have like a completion of suicide, for example, they'll give it to me in one way. This doesn't feel exactly like that. This feels like he's taking responsibility for aspects that led to or contributed to his passing. Okay. Yes. Yeah. I don't. It's interesting. The way he's giving it to me, it's, it's kind of like a roundabout. Like he's circling in on it. But I feel like that's his personality when he asked to talk about something difficult, or something he doesn't want to talk about. Do you know what I mean? Yeah, he's joking. And saying he could be kind of like a car salesman, when he's a kid where he's like, dragging you all over the place instead of not talking about the thing.
I will tell you, I don't know if he's gonna give me exact circumstances. But what I will tell you is he has an apology for you. And he's saying all the apologies went to our mom, because she was so devastated by the loss of him, but he wants to apologize to you because he feels like he's the big brother that's supposed to be there, by your side, guiding you or supporting you through life. And he feels like he even though I don't think it's his fault that it happens. He feels like he falls short on that role. Do you know what I mean?
In a way Yeah. Now I'm not saying you feel like I'm saying he's saying he feels like that. Even a disappointment with him. In his in his passing and in the way that it happens. I wish I was a little more clear on what happened here. Let me see if I can bring him in a little bit.
Now, when he comes home from the military, you understand this feeling with him of it being a little more challenging and day to day life than he maybe thought it was going to be?
Like some people slip right into a job and they write into relationship and have this great life. He just makes me feel like it's not like that for him. Right? Yeah, it feels like it's a little bit like two steps forward and one step back for him. Do you know what I mean? Yeah. Yeah, I'm trying to remember what he did afterwards. Yeah. Cuz it's that feeling of like, I think he does some odd jobs. I think he helps out here and there. I think it's kind of like a finding his way type time period. Yeah. And there's just this feeling with him of Okay.
I think it's much later than that.
There's just this feeling with him of not quite being able to find his rhythm. Again, in his like, day to day life for a good little bit of time there. Take that.
And there is this feeling with him of like that so much love from the family, so much. Non judgment and just saying, you know, given lots of love to your mom, your mom's still here, though, right now. Oh, she's on the other side, too. Why are they all want to talk about your mom.
But he's just saying like, your mom was so supportive of him and that initial transition back into the world. Does that make sense? The way I'm saying it, but you may have to do military. Yeah, yeah. But but not long after he's home like within within the first few years. Do we experience some big tragedies within the family? Yes. Because it's this feeling with him of like, he gets home and he's doing this like, like I said, two steps forward and one step back and then there's like, tragedy and tragedy
Eat and difficulty. And some of it feels within the family even though I'm aware that he's also lost other friends. So do your parents kind of pass away during that initial time period when he's back in the first few years? I don't quite know what this is with him, but he just makes me feel like it's several, several tragedies in a row like dominoes as though He keeps showing it to me.
But he's not telling me exactly what it is, which is unusual. The other thing is, I'm aware of this difficulty in your brother's emotions. So I feel like he he moves into this more.
It doesn't quite feel right to classify it as like a depression, but it's just this bit of a bit of an uncomfortable side to him. Do you know what I mean?
Like I feel like even when everyone else was laughing and having a good time, he's just not quite himself. Do you know what I mean? Yeah, there's, there's more complexity with him and his emotion. You know what I mean? Yeah.
Okay, now, you returned from the military before him or after him after? Okay.
Yeah, there is just I know I'm missing something with him. And I want to know so badly what goes on in here, but I feel like I'm, I'm trying to push push him to show me and I'm probably color and I'm here with my own mind a little bit. So let me just see where else he wants to go. Because maybe if I move away from this, he can bring me back.
Okay, there is a little bit of sense with him of he and your dad being quite at odds at times. Is that fair to say? Especially like when he returns home, there's just it just feels like they are butting heads like to know he's saying to stubborn rams is the way he's saying
and that putting a lot of emotional toll on mom is the feeling with it.
And then just your mom start to I can't tell where I am in the timeline. But I feel like it's after your brothers returned home, your mom start to have some health challenges in there.
I'm not 100% Sure. Okay, if she kept quiet, I'm gonna flash forward. So just your, your brother passed away before your mom. No.
He just makes me feel like it's so complicated in there in the in the mix. So
he's wanting to talk about your mom's health challenge. So maybe if he talks about it, she'll she'll step in.
There is this feeling? Okay? You understand there's a time where your mom starts to become unwell in her physical body, like an illness.
There's this feeling of your brother wanting to identify that even though he is a grown man, he is terrified when your mom becomes unwell, and has a very hard time
processing his fear and emotions around it. Yeah.
And him just wanting to acknowledge again, this is one of the areas he's talking about where he feels like he's supposed to be this strong leader in the family. And, and he's saying that you didn't judge him you have so much like love and forgiveness in your heart for him. But the he just wasn't able to.
He just wasn't able to face all of these fears around mom's illness in the way that he wishes he did. Do you know what I mean? Yeah. Now is your sister a big part in helping to be with mom and like orchestrate her caretaking? And all of that? Oh, yes. Because he's saying that, in some ways, he's he had a lot of shame over the way that he handled things. Because it's this feeling of him just not springing into the leadership role that he could have. And, and feeling like, well, maybe your sister was better at helping on this and and
the other thing is, I really feel like he withdraws a lot during your mom's illness, your brother, do you know what I mean? Yeah, not that he wasn't around because I do still feel him present and spending time with mom. But emotionally I feel like he just kind of defers to what everyone else says his best or wants or, and he he apologizes for that. Just because I know in this verse in this period of time, where mom's unwell he feels like a very different version of himself to me. Do you know what I mean?
And then, after mom's passing, I, I'm struggling with words because I want to say he doesn't take it very well. But I don't know how own could take the passing of their mom. Well, but yeah, he's indicating that he takes it extremely.
It's extremely devastating to him, even as it compares to the siblings. Is that fair to say? He just has a really hard time with it. He doesn't feel emotionally prepared. He doesn't feel ready. Um,
And you understand this feeling of it being very hard for him to see mom and spend time with her in those last days of her life.
It is him starting to kind of like do that emotional withdrawal. That's the emotion I'm feeling with him of not that he doesn't want to, but it's so painful for him to, you know, come face to face with what's happening. Do you know what I Right? Yeah. And so he's so sorry about that. Because even though I know it's been some time, there's just this feeling with him of wishes he could have processed it differently and supported the family differently. Because I know after mom passes, that he has a lot of pain and regret around not getting to say his proper goodbyes, or have the closure in the way that he maybe could have. Do you know what I knew?
Okay, now I am aware of your mom. Let's see if she's, if she's gonna communicate a little bit now. Is this cancer with mom? Yes. Okay. As she's coming in, your mom is so strong. I have to say she has this incredible strength of like her physical constitution. But I also want to say she's very strong in her mind, to where even when she's unwell, I feel like she's worried about all the kids and all the she had grandma at this time already.
Oh, yeah. Because I had to think for a minute.
I don't have any great
feeling of her like, even through her illness. And when we can see this physical decline in her she's worried about, oh, I want to look put together so I can see the grandkids. So they see me the way that they see me like she's so aware of everyone else's emotions. Do you know what I mean? Yeah.
But she does bring very much this feeling, oh, this is a different side of you. I'm learning about she's indicating that when it comes to your mom, you have such a tender heart in a way that might surprise other people because of how you present in the world. Do you know what I mean?
Yeah, do you spend quite a bit of time sitting with her and those last couple of weeks of her life? Because she's indicating that you like, almost wouldn't leave her side? Where I can feel them coming in and saying, like, well, you need to eat something, or do you want a break? And you'd be like, No, I'm fine. Like, I'm fine. I but she's indicating she understands now it was this feeling of you just feeling like you needed to be there. Like just in case you didn't want to miss those last moments with her. Do you know what I mean? Yeah. And she is so grateful. Not only for that last time, but because you you know, no relationships perfect, but you have a close relationship with her. I want to say throughout your life, do you know what I mean? Like she always knows that she's loved by you. And you always know that you're loved by her.
Whereas I know it could be a little more challenging in your relationship with Dad is the feeling there's an up and down there mom feels so steady to me in her love in her the way she like, defends you guys in the world. You know, like, these are my kids and they're, they're just fine and they're amazing. And don't you're not gonna say anything bad about them. And now she'll tell you all about yourself, but it's all out of love. Do you know what I mean?
now even though I know you're there so much in that last period with Mom are you not there exactly at the moment when she transitions
don't think I was
I'm glad that you don't you don't seem like you have like bad feelings about that because she's indicating that she wouldn't want you to have any bad feelings about that because it was almost like you were trying so hard not to miss that moment. Yeah, but your mom for as loving and as as tough of a lady as I know. She could be she feels very strongly about her like dignity and grace and about the emotions that she leaves everyone with. And it is this sense with her of no I would have wanted it to be when I was by myself and I just kind of fell asleep is that how you understand it to be where she just kind of becomes less conscious over time. And then there's like a I'm aware that there's an event that happens right at the end, but it's it does feel like more of a drifting away for her. Do you know what I mean? And she's saying You really helped to facilitate everyone who wanted to see her getting to come through and see her. Did you even drive a little ways to kind of collect some people that feel like potentially her grandkids that wanted to come and see her and be with her?
know not to collect people now not You okay, let me see if you can understand it this way does she have I don't necessarily know that they're her grandkids they almost feel like they're like
Grand nieces and nephews that lived a little ways away that someone has to actually like, bring in from like a couple hours distance. May have been Yeah, kind of just this feeling of like lots of extended family having the opportunity to see her and be with her. And I do think you know this, but there's a feeling that it makes her so, so happy. Do you know what I mean? Do you realize that she touched so many lives? She feels like she could have been a school teacher to me. She has such a, like a sweet,
loving but but strong disposition. Do you know when? Yeah. The other thing is she did. She does feel like she had a good long life, even though I'm aware that she would have liked to have traveled more. I think she would have liked to have seen like all of the islands that we have.
But does she and your dad go on some kind of trip to either like Hawaii or an I like Jamaica or an island like that?
They went Oh, yeah, it was a cruise. Because there's this feeling of like she gets to do it a little bit, but kind of like, oh, well, if I if I had more time and I had it my way I would. I would make sure I got to every tropical place. And yeah, I can hear her joking and saying that your dad feels like that's kind of a frivolous vacation. Like he prefers vacations to like where there's been a war where there's like something historical.
But she's got this twinkle in her eye and it's this feeling of like, Oh, she gets her way eventually. With Dad, do you know what I mean?
okay, I am aware with your mom that she is bringing someone else forward.
I feel like you might have told me this. You lost a daughter? Yes. Okay. Is it? Are you okay to hear from her? Absolutely. Okay. I want to say your mom, the way that I'm starting to experience your daughter is much younger than I feel like she actually would be now. Is she fairly young in her life when she passes away?
Big time. Okay, because she feels to me like still a kiddo when she passes away. She's still a kid.
well, she was actually still born. Okay. So she doesn't really get a chance to spend much time as a kid. No.
Is there is just this feeling with her. That's what I that's why I wasn't quite understanding. She kept flashing me these different ages, but not making the pictures around them move. And then she's indicating that she would be probably like in her like late 20s or early 30s. Now, is that right? Um,
I know. Yeah. mental math is hard. But then she keeps flashing me back. That's why I'm like, I know I'm experiencing her at an age. It's very different from the age she would be now. But there is a sense of
you have other kids after her? She's not the last one. Is that right? Yes. She needs you to know that she was so happy about that. And that that would have been her wishes for you guys, especially mom, because mom needed more mom needs more than just her. Do you have one kiddo before she comes? And then it's more after? Yes. Because there's this feeling of like she's she's in the middle. She's an older sister. But she's not the oldest, you know what I mean? She's also a younger sister. And she's talking about with your the one that was here before her how that even though they didn't necessarily express it a lot that affected them quite a bit to her loss. Because we were all so excited. And it was such a joyous thing in the family that she was coming and that she was going to be a girl. And
I'm aware that there are lots of little, maybe not lots, but I'm seeing at least two sets of little booties that have been knitted for her hand knitted and they're so so soft, the way she shows them to me. You still have these are your wife, maybe. Okay, if you don't know, you know what I'm talking about. Right? Yeah.
And also, just so you know, you never have to share or validate with anyone else if it feels like it'd be more upsetting your wife. You don't have to tell her. But there is this sense of of your wife having a little box of her things that we keep. But do you guys actually have a photo with your daughter that was taken of the three of you? And she's saying it's like you can still almost feel the little fuzz of her head? Do you know not the three of us but of her? Yes. There's not. There wasn't one with the three of you. Not that I recall. Pin it back there because the way she's showing it to me it's like I'm aware of your wife holding her and I'm where you kind of leaning in from the I guess you'd be on the side, whatever. Whatever side this is.
And just this feeling of okay.
You understand that there are some challenges right at the end of the pregnancy
because there's this feeling of excitement all the way up to
And then there's this feeling of, she's indicating that mom knew something was wrong. Yeah, mom knew something wasn't right. And then we get checked out. And then that's kind of confirmed that there's a problem with the heartbeat. And then we're wondering if it's just her position, or if it's, there's this little short period of time of uncertainty as the way she's saying it. And she's so sorry for that period, because she's so aware of your emotions. Because even though you know, her physical body is not working, her soul stays with you, you know, during that time.
And she is aware that I think you do it too. But particularly, she's talking about her mom going through every thing she did in that period. Did she eat something weird? Did she have a fall? Did she and there was like, There's nothing? Do you know about my wife? Yeah, her own mom.
And to look at her, I have to say when when she is born, she looks perfect. Do you know what I mean? Yeah, like she just looks like a beautiful little angel, just like you would think that she would.
But she thinks something internally didn't form quite strong enough in her. Do you know what I mean? There, there was some internal problem in her systems that just didn't quite form solidly, but to look at her you would never know is she saying it.
And the other thing is, she gives so much love and gratitude for you guys allowing her to have this experience, because she's saying it also wasn't her path to be here in the physical world in a body that was incapacitated in some way. Even if it's like her mind wouldn't have been quite right or something wouldn't have been quite right. That wasn't her journey. Her journey was just to be with you guys for that short time, right. But there's a sense of so much gratitude around the time that she does get with you, because she's saying you were talking to her in her mom's belly all the time. Like she knows the resonance of your voice. And she even like, this isn't quite right. The way I'm gonna say it, I just know the emotion that she makes me feel but she was like dance in the air, when you would start talking. It's like I can feel her do I'm a little doing a little dance. So she must have had reaction to your voice and moved or pushed or did something earlier on, we talked to her. And she's talking about
that her mom used to read her stories when she was in the tummy and that she got to hear and be around you guys all the time. And even her other sibling would come and talk to mom's belly and talk to her. So she does need you to know that she knows just how loved she was in the world. Now your mom is already on the other side when your daughter crosses is that right? No Shama indicating being received by a woman who feels very loving and very nurturing. And just like, I'm going to tell you the way she's giving it, to me, it's a little unusual, but she just obviously they don't have a physical body on the other side. But she makes me feel like it's a woman with a very warm and inviting comfy bosom that would like hug her in. And so I don't know if you have a grandma like that, that would have been over there to meet.
And just this feeling of like the woman that meets her if it's your grandma, not hers, I could take it that way. But there's this sense of like,
arms that wrap around you. And there's so much warmth and love emitted from this woman that it's like, it was the perfect place for her to be received. Do you know what I mean? Yeah. Now, with the way that you memorialize your daughter, is there something that you do every year privately? That you remember her? I don't think it's like an action in the world. I think you remember her all the time. There's two things. One, I think you think of her all the time, saying, particularly when you're driving, there's kind of a long, straight road that you drive down. Sometimes she does you think of her a lot over there. Yeah. Used to Yeah, used to okay, I can take it that way. But then she's saying you also sometimes would fantasize or imagine, as she would grow, like what she would have been doing. And she's like, Oh, he wanted me to do like T ball when I was six and seven.
Right? Like, you. These are the things you thought about over the years. Do you know what I mean? My thought was I was going to find a convent for her right away.
Put her there forever.
But there is just this feeling with her of just you imagining her growing and especially she's saying as you saw her siblings, you kind of could understand what she might have looked like and what she would her little of hair would have looked like and yes, there's just very much this feeling of you remembering her and thinking of her over those years. She's with you write in those moments, and it's the same as if those things had happened for her. Do you know what I mean?
It feels it doesn't. I'm not sure that it's exactly on her birthday, but I feel like it's either right before
Are right after the time that she would be born that there's something that you do
just internally, and I don't know if it's just that you acknowledge the day or whatever it is.
And there's something that mom does, but I don't think you guys talk about it. And I don't think you do it together. It's the way she's saying.
Okay, you don't know what it is.
But there is just this feeling of her being remembered not just once a year, but like, certainly around that time. Do you know what? Yeah.
Now, I almost feel like your wife takes a little bit of time by herself around that time, and just kind of wants to process within Do you know what I mean? But she's indicating that she's always with your wife, her mom during those moments, and it feels like it's it's an every year thing, but she memorializes her. And she also keeps bringing me to flowers. So I don't know if it's you giving her mom flowers around that time, or mom wanting flowers in the house around that time? Every year, but you look like you know what I'm talking about now?
Yeah, I believe I do know what you're talking about. Okay.
Because there's just this feeling with her of don't think that all these things go unnoticed by her don't think that she's somewhere far away and doesn't know.
Even now, she does have one sister in the world. Is that right? Yes. She's talking about even when her sister was like losing teeth. And like at that age that she was around and what it was like this big fiasco, and she was scared about losing her teeth. She's like, I didn't miss anything. Like, I'm such a part of my family. I haven't missed anything. Do you know what I mean? Yeah. Do you have? I mean, you got long sleeve shirt on. So I don't even know if you have any tattoos. But do you have some kind of a memorial tattoo that is for her in some way? I have tattoos but no, not for her.
Okay, and you don't know if if one of her siblings has some kind of tattoo that I don't think it's like her name. I don't think it's a picture of her. But she makes me feel like it's an it's a nod to the memory and the love of her. I know they both want to get one. Okay, they haven't done it yet. But I could take it that way. Because it's like it's just this feeling of like the love is so present present day even though it's been many, many years. And don't think that that is unnoticed or unfelt by her is really her message here. putting extra love around mom at Mother's Day, which is coming up as we record this. And her just saying that. It's a very bittersweet day for mom, you're you guys have grandkids now to know Not yet. Oh, okay. Well, I don't do prediction and prediction.
Hard. But I, oh, what month are we in? We're in May, as we're recording this, I would just pin it back there that I feel like and I don't know if it's your like kids proper, but that their new pregnancy or baby is going to be announced is what she's saying. So cool. We're back. I want to say I want to say within four months, some will be announcing so like I said, don't know if it's one of your kids, but she makes me feel like it's her generation in the family.
That'd be cool. Yeah, we'll see. But it is just very much a sense of her wanting just to acknowledge that she knows that she's never been forgotten and that she you know, she's still remembered all the time. And the way that you imagine her, it's like, she keeps showing me the way that you've kind of envisioned her over the years as like your little sidekick, like your little you know, just like your little ride along friend. And she's like, that's exactly who I am.
And even though she doesn't get to spend a lot of time in a physical body to do that doesn't mean that she hasn't been by your side all along. Do you know what I mean? Right? Yes. Now, there is very much a sense with your mom, because your mom's the one who brought her forward. For me, there's very much a sense with your mom of Don't worry that they've gotten to know each other quite well in the years that your mom's been there and that they your mom's funny because she's like, we're all together and then she makes me aware of your dad. And then she says we don't all have to always be in the exact same place at the exact same time. But we're all together wherever we want to be. And I feel like that's part of the dynamic with your mom and dad there. There's so much love there. That was a long love, you know, but they also don't always want to be in the same room all the time. Do you know what like they need little breaks from each other. And it's it just goes to like that is their relationship. Do you know?
Which I loved your mom for as nurturing and loving as I experienced her. She has like a wicked sense of humor too. I have to say, like, Well, yeah, I think she got found you guys a lot more amusing than probably dad. You know what I mean?
Okay, thank you.
I think you can make mom laugh and get over on her a little bit. You know what I mean? Now we're all your kids grown at this point.
What were your kiddos know now, like all your kids grown already? Yes. It's your mom's kind of teasing you about, you know, when you were raising them and saying like, Oh, you see, you see, it's not so they drive you crazy and you love them and you think they're hilarious. And you also want them to stop it. And she's like, You see, it's not as easy as, as you might have thought. Do you know what I mean? Yeah. And she's saying that you're actually a lot like her where even though you try to put on a tough guy face, your heart can be melted and won over and like a snap. You know what I mean? She's funny, I would have not expected that of your rich, interesting. And she said, it's crazy sometimes over the years, because she's got to be more of the disciplinarian. And she doesn't, you know what I mean? It's not her. She's a sweetheart, too. So it's not her nature. But if one of us got to do it, she's, she's like, I can't believe you're out popsicles before dinner again, like, it's, it's that kind of you're like, well, they made the big eyes and they
it's just what it so it's just, it's so funny that your mom knows and wants you to know that she's like I've been seeing all these years. And just, of course, your mom is so proud of you as well, but wants to put a lot of love to your wife to where your mom and your wife close.
So yeah, she just puts a lot of love around your wife. I know she's not the only woman in the family, but being one of the women that carries on that matriarchal torch in the family. And she's indicating that your wife is such a strong
female figure in the family that people outside of even just your little nuclear family like extended family members come to your wife for advice and for
support over the years. I don't think it's recent. But it feels like years ago that there were I don't know if it's your siblings or who it is. But
are your sister and your wife close?
Are they? I? They tall but not close? like sisters? Not close, like sisters. But there's just I was asking your mom, like, what is she talking about. And it's a sense of like, you know, over the years, your wife shows up for people in the family, if something goes wrong with them, it's like your wife is participating and helping and organizing and your mom just really feels like she has done a fantastic job of continuing to be one of the strong women in the family. The men aren't strong but it just does feel like there's something about as your mom leaves your wife steps up into a different role a little bit you know what I mean? Are more more into that role as time goes on. And your mom just wanting to acknowledge her as as
you know, an amazing and powerful part of the family
and teasing you that she doesn't always get enough credit for it even though I'm very aware of your of you giving your wife lots of compliments and, and lots of love. Oh, your mom is funny. And but I feel like this is her personality where she's like maybe maybe jewelry this year for Mother's Day. But I feel like that's your mom's personality. Am I calling you out on your gift right now?
You're making a face? Yeah.
Okay, well, your mom.
And there is this feeling of like that you not that you didn't always appreciate your wife. But just in these last like, two years, there's been some type of deepening of the way that you appreciate her and the closeness that you have. Like I'm saying it's not that it wasn't there before, but it just feels like there's a there's a deepening or a difference but in the best possible way. Yeah. So Oh, thank you for sharing all of them with me. Now that I've talked for almost an hour and on Oh, no. Thank you.
Do you do you have anything you want to share about the fam while while I've got you? I mean, I feel like that was their personality. What a funny thing is with the jewelry, because my wife picked out what she wanted for Mother's Oh, funny. No wonder your mom's like maybe.
But she was like maybe jewelry this year. And I don't really buy my wife's jewelry. That's why I thought it was unusual that she was saying it because it's like, Oh, this must be something different. So but it's two necklaces, one longer than the other. And it's a they're both flowers. I think one's a daisy one's a ruse. And one has they both sort of one has our one daughter's name. The other one has our other daughter's name. Wow. So she wanted that. So
that so that maybe is what I wasn't quite getting from your daughter that we were talking to about flowers being close to mom for Mother's Day too. Sometimes they'll bring it I think there's another reference to but they'll bring it so layered which is so amazing. My mother in law always brings flowers to my wife for your daughter's birthday. Yeah
Wow. Wow. Yeah. How I mean that your daughter knows that. The other thing of where you kept saying the long drive, yeah, so my mother had given me an angel that you you clip onto your sunvisor Okay, are you and I?
Because I was always on the road. My one job I was constantly on the road. Oh, okay, so you were driving a lot for work? Yeah. But the funny thing is now my so
my mother, so my mother and father weren't together when my daughter passed. And it's like that, when that happened. It's like it brought everybody together. Wow. And my mother had, I guess she must have gotten it at the gift store to hospital, whatever. But was a little angel sitting on a music box. And that music box played amazing grace.
And I was able to put it even though our daughter was still born, I was able to put it in her hand, because I wanted something that my daughter held. Yeah. And put that in to this day. Even though the angel fell off the music box. The angel sits on my nightstand. Wow. And every night before I go to bed, I always pick up that angel.
Give her a kiss. Tell her goodnight. And I'll say a prayer. Okay, every morning when I wake up, I grabbed my angel. Give her a kiss. Say a prayer then also grab I also have what I call it my grateful rock that
you know our other daughter got me when she was little looks like a heart. Grab that grateful raka see something that I'm grateful for
the end there's a picture of my daughter in a frame of the when we lost her there. And
you're talking to her every day and spending time with her and oh, it all the time. And actually the funny thing so every St. Patrick's Day, literally every St. Patrick's Day because my mother and father are at the same cemetery where our daughter is and our daughter. Because she was still born we were able to put her in the same.
Like safe. Space on top of my great grandmother. Oh, right behind my great grandmother is my grandmother. Oh, wow. There. So every St. Patrick's Day because my father Irish, big. That was our holiday. And he pay us two days before St. Patrick's Day. Every St. Patrick's Day. All of us go to the cemetery
we used to be have like a six pack beer now. I went to I haven't gone to yours. I went this year. And my brother brings a freakin cooler.
Yeah, already now. So all of us and my daughter said, and only reason what this year my daughter turned 21 Is she wanted to go. Oh, that's And the funny thing is. So we sit there and have a drink of dad and mom, a mom. Well, my sister has coffee for mom.
But then we have to walk over a little bit to where our daughter is. And my other daughter whose name is Grace, which is why we named her that.
said, Well, you know Maggie would have been 22 My daughter just turned 21 So Maggie would have been 22
So can we go over there because she's old enough now.
walked over there with my me. My son, my daughter, my wife.
Both my daughter and my son of course are Yeah, my daughter and my son scenario you're gonna be for porn and all this. Oh, God. Great. You guys are getting her drunk.
But it's it's my son was young at the time because he's only 30
When he was so excited to have a little sister.
She's talking about really affected. Yeah. And a deep Oh, it did. And then all my older brother affected him big time. He's the
he's my older brother was he was always my best friend and my idol. I if I had any problems, he's one I could talk to.
And I'll never He's the first person I called. When I found out that Maggie was stillborn. And he came to this. I never seen anybody do this. He literally ripped a no parking sign straight out of the gap. Grand conquer. Oh my gosh. Yeah. I mean, he was just
he was that upset? Yeah. But he was and he passed six years ago. But I think the tragic tragedy you mentioned afterwards.
He lost his eye. Oh, interesting. That's why I couldn't quite understand. I'm like, I know there's an injury here, but I didn't feel like it was like where he couldn't still maneuver in life. But oh yeah, he was able to. Yeah, actually, it's it. The weird thing is, he drove a tractor trailer even with Wow. And he was probably the best stretcher trailer drivers out there. Oh my gosh, I could feel why he would feel like he wanted to still be that brother for you. Especially. Yeah, he really idolized his in all honesty, his death was probably
one of the hardest on me. And my mom.
So my father passed first and then it was mom. And they were both.
We my brother built an addition on to my sister's house for my mom and dad. So we were fortunate enough that even both of them when they were dying, both on home hospice. Yeah. So we were fortunate for that. At the time, I was always on the road. I was in the IT field. And my biggest fear at the time, was that I would be on the road and get the call about my mom. Oh, that's sure enough. Leave. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, she can be there at the end. Yeah. tore me. I was.
I forget. Well, the See, we were we're outside of Baltimore. So we're northeast of Baltimore. I was down by DC Andrews Air Force Base when I got the call. So probably about a year, probably about an hour and a half ride. And the office called me because
I don't even know if I had a sofa I can't remember.
But the office called me and I
it's like I had tunnel vision. And my older brother called me a little bit later say, where are you at? I said, Hold on a minute. And I said, Oh, damn, I'm coming up to the tunnel. He said what? said her face she going? Oh, that dancer. Oh, shit. Oh, sorry. Ah, I was going I was going over 100 miles an hour. Wow. I didn't even realize I just had tunnel vision. The whole time to get there. Yeah. And it was shortly
obvious said.
Yeah, that was mom. I wonder your mom was saying she didn't want you to have any feelings about not? Yeah, yeah. Um, cuz she'd been there so much. What made me feel guilty in all honesty about my mom. I remember
sleeping on the couch. And my sister's that one night. And her and dad went on a cruise. I always wanted a crucifix. I never had a crucifix. So they got to got me a crucifix. And I remember laying and laying on my sister's couch at night holding it praying to God to take her. So she would no longer be in pain. Yeah. And I always felt guilty about that. I don't know why. Because after she passed, yeah, you know, but after she passed
it's just yeah is.
As she was always a it was funny because people were scared to death of my father. But it was my mom. You need to be afraid that's that's funny, nurturing and loving as she is like, she will tell you all about yourself. And oh, yeah, she can get I mean, for as hard as she could laugh. I think she could be equally strict when she needed to be me. I will think Oh,
thank you so much for sharing that. Thank you, and letting us experience them. And it was so great work in. My daughter's gonna love this. Well, thank you. Thank you joy.
What an amazing experience with Rich's family what a beautiful job they did. validating their presence sharing things about themselves that I definitely couldn't have known I loved getting to feel the difference between his dad and his brother and his mom and of course, his beautiful daughter and the validations that they gave not only about themselves in their own lives, but about the family and the family dynamic and the personalities within the family.
And I love that. Rich's mom kind of outed him on his Mother's Day gift for this year, which is so fun. And I love that his daughter knew that you know flowers were in the house every year for
the anniversary of her birth and Rich was able to validate that Yeah, his mother in law sends flowers every single year and they're always in the house on her birthday which is was such a beautiful validation. A spirit will really doesn't know what to bring to validate their personalities or memories about them or things about their lives in ways that I could. I could never know so
I'm so grateful to Rich's family on the other side for being willing to communicate. And I want to send so much love to rich and his family on this side, around the love that they still share with their loved ones. In the spirit world, it's a little different for me every time when I work, as I tell you guys, I feel the presence of them, I can often feel emotions that they're sharing, I get little flashes of images, and I get
thought blocks really in my head that aren't necessarily in my own voice. So it's a lot of things happening all at once. And then to have to figure out what to say and to say it in a way that can be understood. So those are all things that go on during a reading. But I'm glad you got the opportunity to see kind of the quote unquote magic that takes place or really, it's the love of the Spirit World that orchestrates everything and pulls everything together. So I am so grateful to rich and the whole Bennett family for being here, this side and the other. Hopefully, if his family does hear this, they feel honored and their hearts can be touched as well. And please know that it was such an honor for me to get to spend a little bit of time with the souls of Rich's dad and his brother and his mom and his beautiful daughter. So hopefully this opened your mind just a little bit to what communicating with the spirit world through a medium can look like. And again, I was so honored to get to meet them and bring forward details of their life and so grateful that the spirit worlds willing to work with me in this way. And a big thank you again to rich for being so open hearted and open minded and coming on the show and allowing you to sit in on his very personal private reading. So Thanks Rich, thanks to the spirit world and thanks to you for being here with me inside the spirit speakeasy as usual.
Lots of love and I will see you next time inside the Spirit Speakeasy 

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