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Finding Your Truest Path with Intuitive Medium and Mentor Nicki Durga

Apr 03, 2023

Have you ever felt like you were going through life trying to tick all the boxes to be "successful" only to feel like something still is missing? Then add to that suppressed spiritual gifts and sensitivities starting to become a part of her life again! Our guest Nicki Durga shares her journey of shutting down her gifts after a terrifying childhood experience, moving through trauma to climb the ladder as a business owner, only to have life come full circle with her spiritual gifts helping her to find her truest path.  Now she supports her clients in moving through what's holding them back from finding their own true path.

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Intuitive • Trauma Therapist • Trance Healer • Counselor • Coach • Spiritual Teacher / Mentor 
Having received extensive training at The Arthur Findlay College with some of the best Mediums and Healers in the UK, Nicki offers Psychic and Mediumistic Readings, Spiritual Assessment Readings, and Trance Healings. Nicki also does a lot of Intuitive Counseling sessions as well as a trauma therapy called Emotional Alchemy. She is a Certified Life and Transitional Coach and offers coaching services as well as Development Sessions and classes to help people open to their own spiritual gifts. Nicki’s goal in every session/reading is to hold space for her clients and help them move through what may be holding them back emotionally, mentally, and physically. 

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Episode Transcript:

Hey beautiful soul Welcome to spirit speakeasy. I'm Joy Giovanni joyful medium. I'm a working psychic, medium energy healer and spiritual gifts mentor. This podcast is like a seat at the table in a secret club, but with mediums, mystics and the spiritual luminaries of our time. So come behind the velvet ropes with me and see inside my world is I chat insider style with profoundly gifted souls. We go deep share juicy stories laugh a lot, and it wouldn't be a speakeasy without great insider secrets and tips. You might even learn that you have some gifts of your own. So step inside the spirit speakeasy. Hey, beautiful soul, I'm so happy to have you here with me today we have an incredible conversation with Nikki Durga, who is not only an intuitive, psychic, medium trauma therapists, trance healer, counselor, spiritual teacher and mentor. But really just an incredible soul who has a journey of her own, she shares with us about her own spiritual gifts and how she experienced them as a girl, but even goes into detail and shares so vulnerably with us about the most terrifying experience that she had that made her want to shut off her gifts completely. And then she also shares with us how those gifts came back into her life. But that a big part of her journey was actually learning not to disempower herself, not to give other people more weight than her and knowing what was right for her to believe in herself. And to know that, you know, she truly didn't know what was best for her at the end of the day, and how to have permission within herself to you know, take advisement and take advice from mentors and elders, but to take on what resonated most with her and not let the other parts write the rest, not let the rest totally disempower her or invalidate her and how that was a really big part of her journey. It's such a powerful share. Because I feel like no matter what you do, whether you're you know, a medium or an intuitive or healer yourself, or whether you are in the medical field, or the legal field or a mathematician as an example that I give later in the show, in any area, this can apply to you because we all sometimes invalidate ourselves or sometimes think that someone else knows better than us when they don't, when we really truly know in our heart when something's right for us or not. So it's a really incredible story of her journey, and how the gifts came full circle for her, even though she didn't think that they would. And she was a business owner owning a couple of franchises of coffee stores and then noticed, you know, some real shifts coming back into her life. So I'll let us get into the conversation so you can hear her explain it she she explains it much more interestingly and eloquently than I do. But there are some powerful messages all throughout and she really the pearl of wisdom at the end, which I realized I had forgotten in Nancy's episode to do the spirit speed round, we just got talking on another topic and I got so focused so that I that I left it off for time but so we get back into the spirit speed round and the pearl of wisdom that Nikki leaves us with at the end. Is it an incredible introspective thought to leave us with. So make sure you stay for that. Right before we get to the conversation. I just want to remind you, we've got that free live workshop, ignite your intuition in just five days starting April 10. It's so close. It is going to be every day live and replays available in the joy soul spa Facebook group. So just on Facebook, go to groups search joy, Soul spa, it's totally free to join free to participate, it's going to be live right in that group 12pm Pacific 3pm Eastern every day plus replays. You don't need to sign up for anything except the group to see all of the recordings and to learn all of the exercises. And we're just going to really teach you how to tune into your intuition how to understand what's happening, how to work with it in real and valuable ways. Some workarounds in the meantime, while you're getting used to how it works, how to get assigned answer, even your most pressing questions, how to connect with a loved one in the spirit world. We're going to do some free live mini readings. It's going to be a lot of fun and you're going to really get some working understanding and experiences with your own intuition. So come join me April 10. Ignite your intuition in just five days live in the joy spa Facebook group. And without further ado, I am going to switch over to our conversation with the amazing beautiful soul Nikki Durga. Hey beautiful soul welcome back to another episode of spirit speakeasy. If you are a returning listener, we're so happy to have you and if you are new, get ready for a really exciting conversation today. I'm going to just introduce my guest and get right into it. With her her name is Nikki Durga. She is an intuitive a trauma therapist, a trance healer, counselor, coach, spiritual teacher and mentor. And, you know, having received some of the most extensive training of the Arthur themler, Arthur Findlay College with some of the best mediums and healers in the UK, Nikki offers psychic and mediumistic readings, spiritual assessment readings and trance healings. She also does a lot of intuitive counseling sessions as well as trauma therapy called Emotional alchemy. She's a Certified Life and transitional coach and offers coaching services as well as development sessions and classes to help people open their own spiritual gifts. Nicky's goal in every session or reading is to hold space for her clients and help them move through what may be holding them back emotionally, mentally, or physically helped me welcome today's guest, Nikki Durga. Hey, Nikki.

Hey, thanks for having me.
Yeah, of course, I'm so happy to have you. Here with us. i It's not in this segment of your bio that I just read. But I looked at your other bio that's on your site. And I'm so curious to know more about your journey to embrace your gifts to step into them more fully. I know you mentioned you were aware of some of these gifts when you were a kiddo. How did that work for you?
Oh, man, okay. Yeah, so I definitely was aware of sensitivities as a kid, and it was really scary. And I think that's probably super common for people who are sensitive. I feel like it's, it's a common story that we all share that. We were aware of it, we didn't know what to do with it. Kids typically don't have discernment over what's light and dark. And that is absolutely my story. I was aware of spirit. I could feel them, see them hear them. And it was terrifying. And so I pretty much shut it down. I also was I came in being a super sensitive empath. So outside of the mediumistic stuff. I was always working on a psychic level, even as a kid and didn't know that that's what I was doing. But I was. And then, you know, I really just kind of let it go dormant for a long time. And I feel like for me, it just came back and was really in my face as an adult to the point that I couldn't really ignore it anymore. Which is when things got like fun and interesting.
I'm so interested to just hear your perspective on the shutting it off part when you were young around what age was that? Is that something you had the like the cognition to do intentionally at that time? Or was it more just a refocusing? Quiet it out?
Yeah, you know what it was, you know what I think? Looking back, I feel like there's so there was this one event that happened that I will never forget, it was the most terrifying night of my life, and I was eight years old. And a lot of the Spirit experiences that I had as a kid happened in my grandmother's house and this happened there. And I if I remember, right, I think this was the first time that I saw spirit. But my eight year old mind thought it was a person and I thought I was like, gonna get hurt by a real person. You know, I just was absolutely terrified. That night was an important night. You it makes me sad now because now I understand it, and I wish I could go back to that night and handle it differently. But I think because I had, I think I always had this, you know, entourage of spirit guides and helpers and protectors and I think they took it off my plate for a while because of what I remember is there was that night that happened and also In the years leading up to this night, I would have these things happened. And, and it was like, the next morning, I needed to talk about it. But I didn't have anybody to talk to about it. My grandma was, my grandma would have these really big emotional reactions to it. And I think it's because she was scared of it. It didn't align with her like beliefs. My mom and my aunt are on board now, but at the time they weren't. So it was like, stop lying, Nicole, you know, it was that so I learned to not share. So I had to internalize it all. And like work it out myself, which was a lot for like someone so young. So I think my guides kind of took it off my plate after that kind of traumatic experience. But I do remember, a few years later around, maybe 13. A couple of things happening. That also freaked me out. So I think I think they kind of tested me again, around 1314. And I was like, and then it just came back years later. Wow. Well, thank
you for sharing that. That feels really emotional still, even as your Yeah, I can feel you even as you're recollecting. And it feels like it's still very visceral for you. Were you at that time. I know you said most of it was happening or your experiences were at your grandma's house. Was it just an out of the corner outside of this experience outside of the that one that you just described? Was it more of like an out of the corner of your eye thing? I just a feeling that you were not being by yourself? were you seeing things actively all the time, I'm curious about this, because it's so different than my experience.
It was both it was so. So it was there was so many things that happened in that house. And I remember being very afraid of the upstairs, even in broad daylight, there was something up there. And I remember if my grandma would send me up to her library to get something for her, I would run as fast as I could grab the thing. There was an old you know, those old creepy photos fam, you know, the really old, there was one of those on the wall, I would do this while I walked by and I was like six years old, like, I could feel it all and wanted no part of it. So there was that in at night, there was a lot of activity in the house. But I seem to be the only one that was aware of it. So I just remember sitting awake, and I would always sleep with my grandma. And I just remember like laying awake and, and it was just extra scary because there was the stuff happening in the house. And then outside she lived she lived in the woods and there was coyotes screaming outside the window. It was just terrifying. But yeah, so there it was, it was both in my face, at times in the in the sense of seeing, feeling hearing. And then there were times where it was just a peripheral kind of a knowing that's over here and just a discomfort. It was many things and looking back on it. I feel like it was without me knowing it, it was me getting my first dose of how I receive information and all the different ways.
I mean, you make a good point just because there are so many different ways that we can receive and perceive and understand or even just sense without understanding. And I love what you said about your guides because it's true. We all have this team of guides and inspires and helpers and why wouldn't they help you to either just you know refocus into more of the physical world or however however that refocusing works but it's also kind of cool that they checked in with you again and just said hey how about now and it does go and we talked about this a lot here on this podcast anyway about freewill and how we do have the freewill to engage with these gifts or not and you use your free will and just said okay not not yet yeah that's a no for me right now but it's it's also interesting to know like you said it did Luke background later so even though you weren't ready you know or kind of chose not to and you're younger it doesn't mean it's still not available to young now I think it's such an interesting thing about you I didn't know this about you but that when you were in college you started working at a coffee shop and then ended up working so hard and and being so good at it that you ultimately owned your own franchise which is pretty incredible. Were you kind of experiencing your gifts through that time or was that part of the time where you had it really compartment realized,
so? Yes, but so I want to say I was on a crusade at that point in my life I was. I didn't know it then. But looking back, it's very clear that was a trauma response for me, I absolutely was trying to prove to like my abusers to myself to the world that I was none of the things that I was told that I was. So I clawed my way to the top of this company. And then when there was nowhere else to go, I owned because that was the only other thing. So it served me. But it also was me pushing for things, right. And I think when we push and pull things into position, because we think we know what we want for our life, I think, in some ways, yeah, I got lucky. It served me in some ways, but I think it also made my life a lot harder than it needed to be. But what ended up happening was, I got to the goal, and it kind of felt flat. And, and I couldn't wrap my head around that because first of all, I had everything on the line financially, I, this had to work and it and it was working in that sense, but it didn't feel aligned, it didn't feel good. And I did not really fit in especially when I started to let this side of me show. And that part was a little bit hurtful, because I helped build the company. And I felt there was some betrayal in it. But you know what it was, I knew that this didn't feel right. And this wasn't where I belonged. But I didn't know how to get myself out of this. I didn't know how to change my mind in what my goal was. And so I do remember giving it to my guides, after probably 10 years or nine, at least nine years of owning, and I was working for the company for 11 years. And I owned my stores for 11 years. And I remember giving it to my guides saying okay, I know that I'm being pulled over here, I knew that I was supposed to be doing this work, I didn't understand how the heck I was ever going to get there. I wasn't even sure that I had enough to give or I wasn't even certain of my abilities yet. But I did know that I was supposed to be doing something else. However, what was happening in those years of me owning was, I found myself having like 40 Young employees, and most of them were just broken in their own ways. And I could see it and I wanted to help and I remember asking myself like, okay, how can I help them? How can I make them not afraid of me, you know, how can I like, allow them to feel safe with me. And I was just having this conversation with myself like walk Okay, Nikki, if you want them to open to you, you've got to open to them. But part of my survival in my upbringing was to close myself off, because because one of my abusers my dad, he wanted an emotional reaction out of me. So it was his goal to make me cry every day. And so I remember being six years old, like going, Oh, my only power here is to not give him that. So I learned to really control and like hold back. And that caused me to go to be really kind of in this Hermit card energy. You know, even as a kid I would self soothe, I would figure my own stuff out on the inside. And so I had to start unpacking that, so that I could reach my employees in this way. And I was probably 3333 to 34 or five maybe at that time. And that is when the magic started because it immediately I was getting results and I was able to really start to help these kids. And what I didn't know then was that was training me for the work that I do now outside of the readings, which I was I wasn't doing like you know card readings or anything but I was always working with them intuitively and feeling into their energy and kind of feeling psychically into what's going on at home. Why are they so sad? What do they need and it was, it was like my training, it was the beginning of my training for what I do now. So it was very valuable. You,
I mean, you said so many important things just now I think it's incredible to know, it's similar to what you were mentioning earlier that you were and have always been working on this intuitive level, somewhat, perhaps unconsciously. Or maybe you just didn't call it that it was you, you know, using the gifts of your soul just in an unlabeled way, which is so beautiful. But I think it's also so profound and such a common story, even though it's so personal to each of us how it expresses that we do push ourselves into these roles, or like that square peg round hole, because it's what we're like, quote unquote supposed to do, or what it means to be strong, or we have to show people you know, that we don't want to own these titles, or these labels, or we're breaking out pushing against, I don't know, fitting into these categories that just don't quite fit us. So it's, it is so profound, because I feel like it's something that so many of us can identify with. But the beautiful thing of it is that you, you know, like the Lotus right in this mud and trying to work through your own trauma in the world and express in ways that made you powerful, your gifts are still flourishing and being used. And so I think you made another point that I don't know, if you know that you may that we can do this work, no matter where we are, it doesn't mean necessarily for everyone that they have to leave a job or a place that they work, they can start you know, anyone can start using these intuitive gifts and, and standing the place where we are and seeing how we can shine our light for other people. And it's so cool that you can even see shades now in your coaching and counseling and teaching of what you like you said started fine tuning during all of that giving that you were doing is such a
such a beautiful story. Yeah, it's, it's so clear to me now. How aligned it all was and how like it the entire way. I didn't know how but I was trusting that like I mean, not when I first owned my stores when I first got my stores, I thought okay, yeah, this is this is it, this is my life. And then it was, you know, probably, I don't know, five years or so, in that I was like, Maybe this isn't my life and why, and what's wrong with me that this isn't my life. And you know, I had to wrap my head around that. But now looking back, it's so clear that I needed to go through all the things I because I was still in my traumas, I just didn't realize it. I was still chasing the the thing, the goal, the title that
success or approval, right by nation.
Yes. And, and so that was part of my journey. And and there was so many important lessons for me along the way. And in my work. I, I feel I believe that we're all the experts of our own experience, right. And so it would be unfortunate if I wasn't able to be open and vulnerable with my clients and share things that I've been through when it applies to what they're going through. And so, that part of my journey, where I was like, sitting in my living room going, Okay, how do I get them to trust me? How do I get them to be less afraid of me? And then it's like, the answer just fell, I've got to open first Oh, God, how do I do that, you know, that was such an important moment. And and then I kind of got excited about applying it. And it just, it opened everything inside of me. And in the end that was the only part of my job that I really loved. Because the company had changed a lot. It just didn't feel good anymore. But that piece of it I loved and I'm still in touch with many of my employees and you know, I watch them on social media and root for them. But I think it's it's important and what you just said about, you can do this work no matter what you're doing it that is something that I teach my clients, whether it's somebody who gets training with me or even just counseling or therapy, if I can feel that they are all so sensitive. I am always letting them know that and talking to them about how being a healer doesn't have to mean that you do healings it can but it doesn't have to you can you can literally be a healer and have any job you can imagine.
Yeah, it's so true. It's It's pretty incredible. If it's a natural part of our soul and what our soul wants to express. It's going to come out in some some way or another. I mean even think I mean I'm We've all come across some version of just a person that works at like a grocery grocery store that's really happy and having all this amazing energy and you know, conversation and just really lights up the space around them in some special way it can be it can be anywhere. So I love that you're, you know, imparting that on people, because I think we can put a lot of pressure on ourselves about what it has to look like, right? Definitely. How did you go from? Okay, so you, you're aware that the company is going maybe in a direction that's not in alignment with who you are, you know, that you're loving this piece, this counseling and coaching? And, you know, mentoring really is what it feels like you were doing also while being the boss, but two separate roles at the same time. Did you go on your own journey to sort of understand your gifts better? Were you already really in the flow with them at this point? How did that piece work for you?
So I started to dive into it. But you know. So it was around that time that I was beginning to learn how to meditate. I was beginning to learn how to meet with my guides, which I didn't have a mentor or tutor at the time I was teaching myself and I stumbled upon a really cool process that I love to share with my students now about meeting with their guides and getting to know their guides. And it made the process really fun for me. But during that time, I had been this like overachieving workaholic, like my identity was kind of grossly attached to that which now it's so clear was such this trauma response. And so I was having to detach from that. And so I was having more spiritual kind of experiences. I was training a little bit like I remember taking Reiki one and two during that time, which I love Reiki but I couldn't figure out why it didn't really fully resonate for me like I, I love to get Reiki. I love that I have Reiki but I don't I knew I wasn't going to do it. And that was a little bit of a confusing thing for me, which I understood later. I feel like trans healing found me. I didn't even know what that was because we don't really have that here. Not very often.
Trans healer too. And it found me too. So yeah, that too.
Yeah. So during that time, I was dabbling. I'll call it dabbling, but I still had all these employees, these two stores. And so it wasn't my life yet. And then my life opened and then I dove heavy into the real training for like, a year. I was really in the training before I started working professionally.
And did you I remember when we met I feel like I had met you not that long after you had come back. Did you spend a whole year in the UK at AFC or so did you go for a few courses
it was that year I would go for four to five weeks at a time and I met you after my first trip which I'd done two back to back courses then I that was like I think we met in May. So we did may this is workshop here and then I went back for more times for like four to five weeks through the rest of that year and then the beginning of 2019 So I did a lot of coursework and then I did more coursework here and and in one of my trips. I even trained with one of my tutors outside of the college like quite a bit it was it was a lot and I felt like I put myself on this fast track but it felt really aligned and like the timing was right.
I love that for those that may not know I'm some of you some may know what it is Arthur Findlay College is in Stansted in the UK and it is an amazing, old tutor manner that was left to the development and study of psychic sciences and mediumship and still runs as a school today and go over there. It's really cool. There are dorms there and it's from what I understand it's the old quarters of the staff of the home. And you you know just like dorm style your room with other people and you're on these courses that are usually week long, intensive intensive courses where you're starting at what is it like 9am And then you go to like 8pm or something with break someone Jizan thing is about long days. Long days. Yeah. And you're just in this amazing bubble. I tell people, at least in the US mediums lovingly referred to it as like that the Hogwarts mediumship. It's an amazing place for anyone who ever gets a chance to go there. It really, but it's this intense marination in the gifts and the practice, and it really mean it puts our emotions as the workers to the test. How did you handle that intensive of a, like growth, even in your own personal development? Because that's, I mean, it's you know, and I know, but not everyone might know that when we do this work in an intense way, or even over a period of time, it boils up all of our own trauma and insecurity and fear of vulnerability, and all the things
come up. Yes, so you know, what is so funny about it? Now, it's so funny, I feel like spirit blocked me from knowing that I would be on a stage doing mediumship if I knew that, I would have never gone. And so far, what is funny about that is how do you not know that somehow I didn't, I didn't put those pieces together, I would have been way too scared to go the first time. And because when I went the first time, I didn't know if I was a medium, I was kind of going to prove it to myself, you know, like, I knew I'd had some experiences. And I definitely knew that I can work on a psychic level. But I, I didn't know if I was really a medium. You know, that seems a little crazy. And, you know, trying to do it on a stage in front of people is a terrifying idea.
Absolutely. So I
went and I, you know, those, those forms, they usually have you fill out to assess where you're at, to know what group they will, you know, I was very humble, but I felt like I was being very honest. And, you know, I felt like I should be in the very beginner group. And I was in there and my tutor was like, on the second day, she's like, you don't belong in this group. And I'm like I do though I do belong here. Because I, I needed to know that I belonged in it even at that school. So the process was exactly what it needed to be for me. I had the experiences that I needed to have to prove to myself, there was no way I could have grabbed it out of the air, you know, and I needed that. And those those tutors over there are intense. And they have their way of doing it. And they will like beat bad habits out of you. And they teach you their way and they're very rigid. And, and I love that about them. Like I just kind of thrived in that kind of environment. And then I was afraid I wanted to stay there was a there was another one the following week, but it was for advanced. And I was afraid of the tutor because the tutor is like kind of notorious for being like, difficult. And I was like, okay, spirit. Well, if if there's room and if there's a there's a room that I don't have to share, because that's I have to have my own space. I I struggle enough with all the crowds and all the noise. I have to have my own space. So I thought oh, there's no way you know, like two days before the course starts. There's no way they're sitting in a private room. Yeah. Last minute like that. Yeah, but there was and so I was like, Alright, fine. I guess I'm supposed to stay. So I stayed and yeah, it's, it was this huge transformation in me just that first trip. And it was that course. That second course where I met my my favorite tutor and she told me that who is that? I have to know. Angie Morris. I love her.
Oh, I don't know. I've seen her like on the course sheets, but I haven't got out with her. Yeah,
I love her and she was so important to my journey. I don't know if she knows how important she was to my journey. And I was in her group that next week and she was watching me the way that I work with people in my group and she told me that week that I should be teaching, which sounded crazy to me. But I will never forget it and then she also told me in a I had a reading with her that week she told me that I needed to stop hiding myself. And I'll never forget her saying that because I do hide myself. I still hide myself a little bit. I've always kind of been the even as a kid I was Like, I wanted to be the quiet person in the corner kind of feeling everyone and, and she was telling me it was time for me to stop doing that. So that college it really, it was exactly what I needed to know that this is the work I'm supposed to be doing. I can't say enough good things about it. But I do know that it's not feasible for everyone to go. So when I came back, I felt like it was my duty to bring the teachings back with me and to share them for people who can't go and take that time off away from their life and invest in themselves in that way. You know,
Hank, that's so cool. It's funny. I mean, I think it's common for a lot of us the first course that I went on not at the college but with a different teacher was also to find out if I wasn't media or not, because I was, like you said, having experiences and things that happened in the past. And you know how it is you move through all I was already doing trance medium training for channeling, but I just was like, I don't know about these people who aren't in bodies that keep trying to talk to me. But it was, you know, I guess similar to you, I kind of put it to spirit and was like, I I'll do this if it's for me, but I'm also okay to not do it. And I just show me like we need to know. So it is such an amazing, like, resonant thing for so many of us have been great for people to know that like, hey, just put it to your guides and say, help me understand help me, like similar to your store, I saw platform at that workshop. And I didn't know even really what it was, I had never we don't have a lot of it in the US. I mean more now, but maybe not 10 years ago. And I just was like, I got that nudge. And I was like, Yeah, I don't understand how that could be for me. So I'm going to need some write some help here. And it's, like you said, looking back things can become so much more clear and the pieces to our journey, you know, make more sense. And so I love that you're able to now, you know, take all of those elements and put them together for the betterment of the people that you help your clients, students and, and all of that, and sharing your own journey, too is so powerful.
Yeah, it is. I feel really lucky to be able to do this work. I love when mediumship comes up. It's not super often unless I'm at the college. Because I feel like mostly my clients. Other than this recent Is this fair, I did the psychic fair that I did, there was a lot of mediumship that happened there. But I feel like it's because the the groups of people that were coming, we're in need of that, right. But the people who book with, at least me, I don't know, if you deal with this, they're not looking for mediumship all the time, you know, they're looking for a healer, or, you know, psychic level work or counseling or whatever. And so I love when the mediumship gets to happen, but it's, it's kind of a special and rare occasion for me unless I'm working in event.
So it's so interesting, too, because I think we can so often forget, it's it's the psychic element is a big part of the work because, you know, while of course it's profound loss, that is more where mediumship comes in, or a validation of where we go afterwards things that we're dealing with. Just I mean, these last few years have been crazy, I think for everybody but but the family situations and personal emotions and personal development and career choices and relationships stuff. And even just the support of having someone who can be sensitive and intuitive and, and psychic and see all of the elements at play to help nurture someone on their journey is so powerful. So tell me more about I love the term that you're used emotional alchemy, tell us more? Is that your coaching program?
No, no, that is a legit therapy that I learned from the woman who created it. And it's a therapy that combines like, different therapies. And it's really cool. And you know, what is? I feel like I need to say this. What's really awesome about about it is I don't know if you dealt with this in your journey, but one of the hard lessons that took me I was a little slow to learn this one. But when I was first diving into opening to my gifts, I remember being slapped in the face at least six times by feeling like people I respect to do this work who've been doing it for 20 or 30 years. Must know better than me, right? Like yeah, I had because I've I always really trusted my own intuition. And I just remember having these, these moments of consulting with, like these people that must know better than me, because they've been doing it for so much longer. And then there, they would tell me something opposite of what I was feeling. And I would feel almost gutted by it because it was this jolt, because it, it didn't match what I felt, but they must be right, I must be wrong. And so I think fully learned that that like, no, that's actually not true that, you know, while I still respect them, and I still think their work is amazing. No one can tell us stronger or better, or, you know, more correct than what we feel for ourselves. And I feel like I was so glad that I learned that before I learned this therapy, because the woman who created it is not a psychic medium. And so it works, I think a little bit different for me, then what it works, what happens in her sessions, but it's basically the first half, it's a 90 minute session. The first half is some intuitive counseling. I'm taking notes, and I like to work backwards. So I work with what is presently happening with the client, what are they presently either stressed about or upset about in current time, instead of starting with childhood and working forward so that they can feel an immediate shift. And so I take some notes, and I'm kind of intuitively feeling into what the game plan will be when we get into the therapy and the therapy part. It's good as a light hypnosis, and I am helping them to be I guide them into being in either a memory or I will put them in a hypothetical situation, but I help them to be in this moment with all of their senses. And then ask them, What do you feel what's coming up, then we follow that emotion, it's a, it's going to be the heavy emotions, we don't need to transmute the neutral ones or the positive ones, we're transmuting the heavy emotions into light emotions or noble emotions. So we follow where it is in the body, and then we look at it. And most people are really, you don't have to be a psychic medium to see this stuff. But it is fun to do these sessions with psychic mediums because we are seeing typically the same thing. And it's really fun. But we then pull whatever it is out of the physical and energetic body and transmute it into a white light. It is a super efficient, fastest trauma therapy that I've ever heard of. It's super transformative and powerful. But what's interesting is, we work with the inner child, sometimes, there's some regression work that we can do, there's spirit release, we can do there's psychic cord cutting we can do. Sometimes, some mediumship stuff will come into play, which is a little different than than what the therapy is designed to do. I'm always working on a psychic level. So that's a little bit different. But, you know, if, if the older version of me that was like, really looking at the people that I respected so much, and they must know better, I probably would have struggled with that part of it and not let it be what it's supposed to be for me, you know?
Well, I think that's such a valid point. Because whether it's, you know, in someone's spiritual gifts, or even just parts of us that we express as a person in the world, I feel like most of us have some old trauma or wound around exactly what you said that emotion of oh, that person must know better than me, I must. My opinion isn't valid, you know, as valid as theirs or measuring ourselves in some way against others, often people in a position of power or considered elder to us in a field or a family or friend group. And I feel like it's such an important piece for all of us to work through in our own ways. Is this the technique you did to help yourself process through that? No, you said you learn this technique after you did that. How did you how did you come to that like revelation within yourself of like, Oh, hey, wait a minute. My knowledge for me is equal to n Anyone else's opinion of me yeah, pretty profound leap.
I had to be slapped in the face. And I had to feel that contraction and kind of get in my head and feel that jolt. I swear to God, it happened like six times. And then and then what would happen was I would let it play out, I would feel uncomfortable questioning myself for a few days, but without fail, what I felt is what would happen. And so I just learned that like, Nikki, how many times does this have to slap you around before? You know, you get to that? You don't, you don't need to get reassurance from other people. And I think that that was really my guides that were trying to teach me that like, just because they've been they're older than you, or they've been doing this for 30 years doesn't mean, they know better. It was, it was a lesson that I was being taught, I just wasn't taught by a therapist, you know, I was, I feel like my guides have always been my therapist.
So and yeah, we get it one way or another I did, I played a lot of that out in my personal relationships. And I, I, you know, became in romantic relationships with people that I then gave my power away really is in the work what we call it. So it's just fascinating how we can play out these things in different even different areas of our life. Some people do it in their profession, and then have you know, a boss, who they put that glass ceiling on them and can't move through it, or so it, it can come out in different ways. Like, ya know what, depending on who we are, yes.
And I feel like, as a teacher I have, I feel like we have, if we're teaching this stuff, I feel like we have a responsibility. And I take this really seriously to be very careful how we present information and tools to the people who are training with us. And what I've seen a lot of times with people who train with me is they will, they will maybe go to a teacher that has a very black and white way of saying things. And and that is enough to derail someone because especially when you're at the beginning of your journey, and you're not confident and you don't really trust what you're getting. All it takes is one teacher that they put on a pedestal to say something in very black and white terms, that doesn't align or you know, it doesn't resonate for the student for them to think they don't have it. And so the way that I teach I make sure I am careful how I say things. This is how it works for me, let's figure out how it works for you. And we'll work with that. And any and I always tell them, like no matter who you're training with, whatever they give to you, you ask yourself Does this resonate, and you take what does and you leave what doesn't. And that's I feel like so important.
I think that's great advice, just because one thing that I am constantly complaining about with all my students and with our podcast family is the languaging around a lot of the intuitive work and psychic work. And I mean, those words are interchangeable for me and all of the spiritual gifts. It's not only are we like not having a lot of good language, we're trying to use language that applies to other things that really doesn't make sense with what we do. Because it's it's a mystical experience. It's outside of the physical senses. And we're trying to like word it or explain it in such limited language with limited understanding of even like the back end workings of the hollow gifts. So that and then we're also up against the preconceived notions out there from media and movies and things we've seen and decided when we were kids are scary or not scary or all of that. And then like you said, we're kind of building on the backs of or on the legacy of those that have come before us that have a different frame of reference a different not always but like you said in some cases or rigidity to a black and white structure because perhaps they were steeped in more of like a religious background and then needed to make these gifts make sense. And so they put it more into like this rigid form and, and it's not going to be exactly the same. Just like any just like the gift of music, you know, we both might have the gift of music and it might come out in totally different ways, even if it's similar. So it is such a valid point that you're making that it just you know how can So how can we take on board what works and let go, what doesn't and and the other thing is maybe something doesn't there's been things for me, certainly I'll speak for myself that, at one point in my development didn't resonate. And then at another point does resonate, or vice versa, where something used to resonate with me, but now, you know, I've had this many experiences, and I'm this much older and and now it doesn't resonate in the same way or I don't like the same language or so. It's a work in progress. Yeah, for all of us. But I love that awareness. I think it's so important, especially for people just newly coming in, for me, and for a lot of the mediums, I know, I wonder if this is true about you. There's this period in our development, and it's not like a set amount of time, it's different for each of us, where we are constantly questioning our gifts, and we're in such a vulnerable state that we feel like, if we didn't have a good practice session or a good class session, then we're like, oh, maybe it went away. Or so. It's, it's these gifts are so tender and vulnerable. Because we're also it's the most private and personal and often the secret, unseen parts of us and our heart, and then we're having to express them, like in a class setting or in a practice setting with other people. And so yeah, there's a lot. There's a lot going on all at once that we're, you know, hanging our hopes on a number of these emotional creatures to.
Yeah, and I think that to do this work, you have to get to the point. Well, I'll take that back you to do this work? Well, I feel like you have to get to the point where you own it. And you are you just really step into it. And you you move through that period of oh, can I do it? I don't know, you know, like, because we all have to go through that. And then you get to the point where Yeah, okay. I've proved it to myself. 100 times, yes, I can do it. Now we're moving on. And that, you know, the thing that you said about the rigidity. This is funny to me now, too. I grew up on the West Coast of the US. I don't know what Spiritualism is, I didn't know that was a religion before I went to the college. And I used
to know either, and I'm from the East Coast, and I didn't know I had never heard of spiritualism as a real Yeah,
I knew nothing about it. And now I know that it's actually started here on the East Coast, I think in the 1800s, right. But I quickly figured this out, just by paying attention to what's on the walls at the school and all that and, and I and I love the spiritualist services and stuff, I just think it's fascinating. But, um, intuitively, I felt like even though I didn't know anything about spiritualism, I felt like I knew when to close my mouth and what not to say in front of the tutors. And I watched some people really crash and burn and bring some stuff up that the tutors were very triggered by and I just made mental notes like, okay, you know, we don't talk about that here. And that's okay, because they still have their amazing teachers and they, they take what they do on a mediumistic level on a healing level on a psychic level, extremely serious. They're very disciplined. And I love that. I love that. That's how I learned. But, you know, I think I'm glad that I learned that lesson before I went to the college too, I guess, because that can be a little jolting.
It can be especially, I mean, I think it's across any field. So I'm sure that someone who is like a budding mathematician, for example, and then they're under, you know, at MIT, they're under a professor there who they're mentoring with an apprentice thing within that field. I'm sure it's crashing, or any mentors say anything harsh? And it is, like you said, like, I'm gonna think that more of like that British vein of teaching, there's value there. It's the method I'm raised up in and I, for me, it wasn't it's an important foundation as well. But to your point, you know, it's, we are a collection of our experiences and our gifts and the way we choose to express them. So like you were saying, You did this in depth study. And by the way, I usually say to like marination in this line of learning, but now you sometimes do mediumship and sometimes it's not at all a part of your sessions and your work with people it might not be what they need, because at the bottom of all of The training that I think you and I are both trained in it, it is to focus on what is the need of the soul in the moment, right. And in the day of that session, which, as you know, and I know might have changed since they booked the session. They might have thought they were coming for one thing, but then they show up, and it's a totally different, you know, two weeks later or a month later, they're their life has upended, and something's you know, different. How do you how do you go into a session? Do you have like a process to prepare? Is it something you just kind of greet each session, like a clean slate, what's your what's your process for someone that's like working with you in an ongoing way,
in an hour. So in a lot of my clients, almost all my clients are ongoing, too. And, and what I do is, I don't have any kind of ritual, but what I do is I will sit and feel into their energy and get information about where they're at energetically, and will start to sometimes if it's, especially if it's a healing, I'll start to see aspects of the healing sometimes. And it will always make sense when they come in, because like you said, Sometimes they've booked something else. And we'll go in a different direction. And, and so I just feel into the energy and I will receive, psychically some information about where they're at in their energy, what's going on our even if it's just a reading, and it's a client I've never worked with, I will do the same. And I'll feel into what I think the reading is going to be about. And it always fits.
It is interesting how, you know, a lot of I don't know, I think we're all doing it all the time sensing. But in this work, we are trained a little bit more to just get understanding of what's what's happening now, how does it connect with possibly something we're still healing from the past? What's the, like you mentioned before? What's the game plan or the blueprint for the potential direction to move forward through this? What's the work of it, and I love the way that you approach what it seems like all the work with your clients and students is that you're a guide for them holding support and giving, you know, your wisdom, but that really putting the power, the responsibility, the capability in their hands. Is that how you see up?
Yes, so I, I love that how you just put that so I, I felt like I'm really good at the intuitive counseling and the therapy part. I love doing the healings, I do a ton of healings. And even my healings are different than than the tutors healings. So I just there's the theme recently, or like, gosh, thank God, I learned that lesson before. But recently, like, So when was it last year? Yeah, it was a year ago, I was getting certified as a coach. And I knew that I didn't need to do that, because I was already doing it. But I felt like, for some reason I needed to do it, I needed to have it. And now it makes sense. I have a couple of clients who are like high up in military positions or high up in law enforcement positions. Men, and so I, I feel like that helps them to feel good about that they're coming to, you know, not the psychic Navy, you know. And, and so it I think it helps people like that feel more comfortable and open. But yes, I do feel like I am a lot of the clients that come to me are people that have tried traditional, more clinical counseling and therapy and it hasn't worked for them. My approach is a lot different. I have a way, which I feel like is very common for probably all empaths of letting helping people to feel comfortable pretty immediately and open even these high ranking military men to a level that they are surprised and so it allows me to help them in ways that other people haven't been able to and I feel like that's a big responsibility to take it seriously. And I feel like it's a huge blessing. I'm really grateful to be able to do it.
I agree. I think it is a big responsibility, but also a blessing. And I you just made another great point. I love that, you know, all of the education that any one of us is called to is going to be used by I don't know I feel like some Your orchestrates all of these sessions to happen and helps people find us that we can mesh well with to heal with, whether it's for one session or an ongoing time just to help them on their journey. So, for some people, yeah, they do need the you to have the degree or the letters or the, you know, training. And I, for me, you know, I'm always in some kind of development, because I feel like there is so much validity to in any profession, being someone who stays trained, who's always learning, and maybe you're not always learning the same thing, but always learning something, do you know what I mean? Because it always adds back to the work. And it is fascinating, I think a lot of people don't realize, you know, from the inside perspective of this work that we do sometimes have very high rank. People who, you know, perhaps are not getting what they need anywhere else, that would be considered more traditional. Not always, but more often than not, we're kind of the last stop for people of a certain vein of thinking, you know, they've tried doctors and therapists and other gyms and other things, and it's, you know, their soul is still hungry, or searching or not feeling like they're entirely getting the healing that they need. And so I think people would be surprised to know, for, I mean, I think all of the, all of the Spirit workers that I know, we have, you know, some interesting, high ranking professionals with many coyotes that have the same problems as the rest of us, it's, it's one of the amazing, awkward and uncomfortable things about this human journey is that we all struggle with variations of the same life stuff, the same emotional stuff, the same types of wounds, even though they might be from different places and different experiences. Yeah, you know, the emotions are just as powerful. So whether someone's, you know, a school teacher, or a high ranking military official, there's healing to be had, which is so amazing, yeah,
and I do have a couple of clients who are professionals in mental health, like PhD, holding professionals and mental health and what I, what I find about them, what they love about this is that, you know, they, in their in their work, they have to be more clinical, and, you know, there's a, there's a part of them, a lot of them that kind of craves the more spiritual side. And so I get to be part of that journey for them opening to that and trying to bridge the gap and allowing them to leave their sessions with tools and what they can do on their own time outside of sessions to bring that more, you know, closer to them. And, in that is fun, that is exciting for me to, to be able to give those tools.
Well, and it's kind of first full circle in our conversation, because it just goes to show that you know, perhaps in those examples, like that's not going to be, they're not going to go from being a PhD level therapist to being a medium made for them. But they still could use those tools develop and hone their own spiritual gifts and use it, you know, they don't have to label it right. People just get so hung up on the labels. And I don't like this word, or I don't like this. But just like you were doing at your stores that you owned and and mentoring. People can use skills and tools and things that we teach and learn and you know, the things you're working on that are personal to them based on their journey, and then cultivate those gifts from where they are. It doesn't have to be you know, after like they're fully developed and have developed a whole nother career, they can just really start implementing them, not only for whoever's lives or touching in their place of work, but for them. Yeah, oh, it's just the tools of like managing anxiety, managing that invalidation that we all feel at some point throughout our week. Exactly.
And I love to share the tool. I always give people even if they come to me for a reading, if I have a tool that I think it's going to help them, I'm going to give it to them and and encourage them to email me try it and email me and let me know how it goes. You know, because I just feel like, I want to empower people. I don't want people to feel dependent on a session to feel better, you know, like, take this tool, see if it helps you outside of sessions. And if it doesn't email me, I'll give you another one. You know, I like to do that. Yeah, I
love have teaching tools to for me, it's the most empowering way because then it's like you're saying like, then it's try this, see how it works for you see how you feel, and then we'll go from there. Because it will work a little different for everyone do you have a favorite tool that you find yourself teaching more often than others?
I think I teach people how to I have a specific exercise that I like to teach people to call in their guides. Or they can, they can use the same tool to call in the higher self of someone who's living that, you know, they're either in conflict with or something's going on. Or obviously, someone from the spirit world, I teach that often. And then I also my clients who struggle with anxiety, I teach them a tool to, to kind of pull their energy back and help them to step into their power in that moment, that takes a little bit of practice, because I feel like we have these automatic responses to things so that, you know, it's habitual. And so I also teach them to have grace with themselves and not judge themselves in it, because you first have to get out of the habit of allowing that automatic response to kind of control you. And you have to be aware of what you're doing and you know, flip the switch, and then you can use the tool. So those are two kind of common ones that I'm feel like I'm talking about a lot,
as well. And I think anxiety is at a high. And I think all of us experience it to some degree, no matter where we fall on that spectrum of, you know, anxiety. So I think those are so valuable. And it does even just in the examples you just gave it, it illustrates how they make so much sense to be working on this stuff on an ongoing way. It's not a lot of this isn't just one and done. And we think because it's about our sensing or you know, something that we feel, or I don't know, if decided is supposed to come natural to us that it should be just, Okay, I'm just going to read this book or go to this session, and then you're done. And it's like, just like anything, just like an instrument or a sport, it's like, yeah, you may have some natural abilities, but you don't expect to learn how to, you know, play an instrument or score in one, one day, it's not
exactly and even the trauma work that I do, it's, it's like in a session, you are going to leave that session, feeling the difference, you absolutely will. But what comes up in that session is and what we peel away in that session is, is exactly the amount that you're able to tap into in that moment. So then you progress forwards, and you feel the shift. And then as you grow, moving forward, you get to a point where you're ready for the next layer to be peeled away. And then you come back for the net, the next session whenever that is it comes off in layers, you know, just like our, our, our growth in our development, it's we can't just push a button and absorb it all at once. We have to absorb a little bit then kind of digest it, practice it and then we're ready for more you know.
Yeah, and I feel like it's we boil it down to these buzzwords like integration but that's really what it is it's hearing it understanding it kind of processing it identifying it working with how is it showing up in the moment like you said if you're having an anxiety response, how do you recognize that in the moment and work with it in the moment like all of that takes some practice and I love that you are such an emphasize er of grace because there was a comedian that said at night it's you know, we don't like watch babies learning to walk and then say like, falling down you know, so it's, it's, it is it's baby steps and it's giving ourselves grace because we're we're going through lots of emotions and lots of things happening all at once all the
time. Definitely.
Wow, well are you interested excited, ready to shift gears a little bit and do some spirit speed? Yeah, what is that shins. It's some it's for really fun questions that I do at the end of pretty much every every episode. and they are, they don't take too much thinking I will run through them with you really quickly. They're they're just fun perspective kind of questions. The first one is share one thing that really shocked you or was unexpected about your intuitive or
spiritual gifts. Um you know, honestly, I feel like it was learning that I had mediumship I think that was a shock. I remember just being like, what, when I, when I was being trained, like things coming on the platform, it just really surprised me things that were coming that I couldn't have dreamt up. I also had an experience where I was forced to go on the platform to demonstrate trance mediumship I had never been in trance before. And I also knew not to argue with the tutor so I was up and walking but at the same time saying I don't think I can get into trance I don't know how to do this. She's like, I'm psychic. Don't argue. She sent me up there. Goodness. And I I had the strangest most shocking experience. First time ever trying and did have to contact speak through me. And that was pretty crazy. Yeah, that was wild.
Were you like for me when when I'm doing trance and that way? I'm more. I always we explain it as almost sounds like I'm like under a swimming pool like in the water. And I can hear talking but I'm not like an active participant in the conversation. And I'm trying not to listen. Yeah,
you know, really doing it was I remember feeling like, Am I okay, is this okay? And it did feel like I was back here. Something else. It's not scary. Because I think people imagine that it's scary, like something else is controlling you. And not Yeah, I thought Yeah, scary. It's not really doesn't like that. But I do remember going this is weird. It feels a little weird. Am I okay? What's happening? In my head, I was just thinking that as I could hear a little girl's voice coming out. And I was bizarre. And then right after her, there was an older man's voice coming out. And my tutor who made me do this, I felt her sit next to me and she like put her hand on my knee or on my hand or something to let me know that it was okay. It's like she could feel that I was questioning like, should I Is this okay? It does feel like you kind of the intention is to kind of get out of the way. And I did feel that like I'm I shifted back and let something else come forward. But that's a very strange thing. And it's not something that I I like to watch the Dems at the college. It's not something that I would do here. I think it's a little too out there for. And I also feel like it's something that could be easily faked.
I think that too. So I think that that is
always right. And so I don't think it's something that I want to develop, but it is, it was a very shocking, like, I was forced to do it. I didn't think I could do it. And it just happened. And then I did do do a master class. It was after that course. I was asked to participate in a master class, which was just a one day thing at the college. And it happened in that master class as well. So twice it happened. HIPAA who knows,
maybe it's something down the line for you. This is you'll think this is funny. I'll tell you real quick. I did a mock one of my first mentors wanted to do a trance program and she was like, I want you to do this with me. I want to learn it and you're you're ready you're gonna do it with me and and I went into this program saying like, Okay, well, I'm gonna learn the healing part of trance like I'll do trance medium healing, but I'm not I'm not doing the voice thing. Like, no one's gonna talk through me. No voices are coming through. And you know, then of course, yeah, that's not the direction it went. I became comfortable with it and was able to do it, but who signs up per paragraph to do something it's like, but I'm not doing right things. I
know. It's funny when we
see why that would be shocking. Yeah, well, then I think our soul is in control better than our human brain is. I love that answer. Okay, if you got to spend a day in the spirit world, you got the full tour, you got to spend time with everyone and anyone that you've known who's crossed over. And it's almost time to return to your life here and your guide tells you that you have one hour left and you can spend it with anyone who's on the other side. Who do you choose?
That's easy. I would choose my friend Danny who just passed away way, three weeks ago, and oh my gosh, yeah, thank you. And I met him at the college. And he and I, actually, when I mentioned earlier that we trained privately with a tutor, he was with me. And so we, we were training with her to do trance healings and we did a lot of joint trance healings. And then he lived in Cambridge. And when I was home, we would astral travel together, we would kind of meditate at the same time with the intention to like, meet up, and I would I would spend time with him for sure.
Have you been feeling hellos? Since he's crossed over? I'm
sure. Yeah, um, they
will come and let us know there.
Yes, the day that he passed away, it was about six hours he popped in on me while I was doing mediumship at that Fair, which is so typical of him to like, kind of intrude in that way. And it was funny. And then another time, like maybe a week later, I was doing a healing. For someone else who lives in Germany, who I also met at the college, he popped in to help with her healing. But what was interesting was he had told me he had told me like a week or so before he passed, that he wanted me to come visit, which I knew wasn't going to happen. You know, like I just knew he wanted me to come visit. He wanted to do healings together again. And so he popped in on her healing and so that that was cool.
Oh, incredible that he's continuing as well. Yeah. You from Yeah, outside. What an amazing Yeah, sounds like wow. So even though we have spiritual gifts, we have very human lives. What's one quirky thing about you that you think people might be surprised to learn?
A quirky thing about me? Um, let's see. Well, I like to be read. And I feel like I forgot about
you. I remember you posting some like really incredible, intricate beaded earrings that you had made like,
yeah, and I feel like that surprises people about me. I'm not really sure why but I know that that people feel like I'm a little bit of a mystery. And I guess it's maybe because I don't put a lot out there. People are surprised that I have a full body suit tattoo. I am pretty introverted. I don't I don't live like an exciting life. I'm pretty introverted. I just hang out at home. I'm kind of a nerd. So I mean, is your
body are part of your spiritual journey or more of your personal journey?
It is. It is part of my spiritual journey. But I didn't know it. I didn't know it. And as I was getting it, it definitely taught me a lot about not letting pain control you and your experience. You know, I'm always really introspective and as I moved through it, because to get a bodysuit. It's it takes a long time, you know, it was like a 12 year process and so I I grew and changed a lot in that time. And the imagery definitely is a lot of it is very spiritual based but the lessons in getting it the commitment to it and enduring all the pain and like earning it was like very spiritual for me. So yeah.
Wow. Yeah, incredible. It's different. Know that about you, but I like leave us with one pearl of wisdom, what's a piece of advice that you wish that you'd had early on in understanding your own gifts?
Um, you know what I want to say? It's different than what it's not about my gifts. But I think it can be applied to that. There's, there's been this theme that I feel like I'm sharing this a little bit lately, and I just feel like this is a great opportunity to say this. I feel like people don't always realize that the magic is in the darkness. Like a lot of my clients, they want to fast forward they want to bypass they want they're they're focused on where they're not, you know, they're focused on ahead of where they are. And that's the goal and that's where they want to be and they're missing the magic and even in the maybe the shitstorm that they're in the middle of you Yeah, it absolutely did play into my gifts opening it, it absolutely plays into how much wisdom I have to share with my clients. And it has shaped my work, too. I guess I just always had a knowing that in all of the dark times and all of the challenges that not to say, oh, everything happens for a reason. So I think that the people just way overused that, but but there is wisdom, and there's magic and there's depth in going through that, that absolutely shapes who we are becoming, and it shapes our future work no matter what that work is. And so I would say try not to fast forward through that and try not to feel defeated, that you're not that you haven't arrived at the finish line yet. Because you might be leaving a lot of depth on the table. You know.
I think that's amazing. Advice. And I think that's a really beautiful pearls of wisdom and a lot to unpack, yeah. And leave people with even just thinking about that. It's, you said a shade of it earlier, when we were talking about doing the emotional processing, it really is not the way we say it's not the sexy word to have to go into the difficult emotions, but it almost always is the key to whatever it is that we're feeling challenged with is it's it's in, it's in there, but we don't know the places we don't like, right?
So and it's that experience that like if, if we can sit in it. And if we can not be, I don't know, controlled by it. But like those moments, if we can be the observer and not be swept away by the emotions, like, it's those moments that give us the depth to share things with other people that help them out of their dark moments. And I and I feel like that is just the most truest advice that I can give, because I think it's really important, but I do see a theme with some of my clients that just want to just arrive, you know, and, and I am I'm telling them like, but there's so much magic in right where you're at right now. You know, you just don't see it right now.
Yeah, and don't leave all that depth on the table. I love that. Wow. Well, what a profound conversation with lots left to think about, I am so thankful for your time and to get to have this conversation with you and really sharing all your wisdom with Thank you for having me. Thanks for being here with us today. Yeah, of course, thanks for sharing your life. It's fun. Well, I don't know about you, but I feel like that time just flew by with Nikki and it was such a treat to get to have her here. You can connect with her, either on her website, which is Nikki And ick I do you Or on IG or Facebook at negator gussying. Spelling, I'll put it in the show notes. So you can click if you need to, rather than searching on the platform. I just really think it's so important what she had to say about, you know, the, the more difficult emotions and the value in that and really just being in our own power and not giving our power away. I think there's so much more to explore there. And I just really feel like I could have talked to her for several hours about all of this, let alone you know the tools for anxiety that she was mentioning and just how any of us can use these spiritual gifts that we have these intuitive abilities that we have the ability to mentor the empathic nature to feel and understand someone else's emotions. We can use that in any any space in our life, meaning like even if you're not someone who feels like you want to be doing this work as your profession, it's still so valuable, not just from the perspective of having our own intuition to use for ourselves, which of course we all know how important that is. But you know, having it in any space in our life, so in our relationships in whatever career or role that we find ourselves in, in our day to day work, it's it's really just something to think about and how your own spiritual gifts your own sensitivities, your own strengths. As you know, like Nikki was saying she found herself mentoring people before she even knew that she was going to be involved in this work at all. So just how powerful It can be to shine our light from wherever we are doesn't mean we have to totally change our position in life. It's just a different way of being and a different way of engaging with the subtle energies and using them in our day to day life in real and powerful ways. So I'm really happy that made us able to be here with us, I want to remind you, on that note of the intuitive workshop that I've got coming up starting April 10, live in the joy soul spot Facebook group, I'm going to be live there every day for five days. Ignite your intuition in just five days is the incredible intuitive workshop I'm going to be teaching. I'm going to teach you the foundational tools, I'm going to help you understand how your intuition works, and how to work with it. We're also going to do an exercise to connect with your own loved ones. In the spirit world. We are going to have a healing session we're going to do some free live mini readings, but really just helping you to start to feel and experience using your own sensing your own intuitive gifts, and it's totally free. So come and join me starting April 10 12pm Pacific which is 3pm Eastern and 8pm UK, but replays are also available in the group for about a week. You can get on my VIP insiders email list on my website, joyful You can also just go to Facebook search groups and join the joys soul spa, Facebook community, all of the sessions will be live there. That's the only thing you need to join to be a part of the sessions and I interact with you in the comments even if you're watching them on the replays. You can still participate in the lessons and ask your questions and get coaching. It's a lot of fun. And you'll also get to know the supportive community that we have a little bit so I hope you will make it for that. I hope you enjoyed this conversation today with Nikki Durga. I think she is a beautiful soul and I'm so happy that she shared her light with us today inside the spirit speakeasy, Big hugs. Bye for now.

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