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Spirit Guides, Animal Guides & the Unseen World Around You: A Celestial Q&A with the Violet Flame Collective

Sep 18, 2023

This week, we unlock deeper understanding into spirit guides and animal guides in this profound Q&A episode Violet Flame Collective. Dive into the unseen realms as we discuss how various types of spirit guides, co-creation with our inner being, and the energy of our own emotions shape our journey. Learn how to overcome unnecessary fears that hinder your growth, and gain perspective shifts that resonate deeply. Discover secrets about loved ones in the non-physical and pets as guides. Plus, receive uplifting insights about your true essence and purpose. Join us to elevate your spiritual path with transformative conversations and practical tools.

A big, heartfelt hug of love and gratitude to Joy’s colleague and friend Crystal for facilitating all of the questions and holding space for this beautiful communication.

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Episode Transcript:

Hey beautiful soul Welcome to Spirit Speakeasy. I'm Joy Giovanni, Joyful Medium. I'm a working psychic medium energy healer and spiritual gifts mentor. This podcast is like a seat at the table in a secret club, but with mediums, mystics and the spiritual luminaries of our time. So come behind the velvet ropes with me and see inside my world is I chat insider style with profoundly different souls. We go deep share juicy stories laugh a lot and it wouldn't be a speakeasy without great insider secrets and tips. You might even learn that you have some gifts of your own. So step inside the spirit speakeasy. Hey, beautiful souls welcome in for another episode of spirit speakeasy. Those of you that are new might not know this about me. But what am I gifts as a medium is that I am also what is called a trance medium, which means I can go into a deeper meditative state and actually allow my voice to be used to channel messages, energy information from higher consciousness guides, etc. I've been channeling a collective They call themselves the violet flame. And my friend and colleague crystal has been hopping on to help me facilitate she is so amazing and is able to come up with these questions, condense them into a theme and have these conversations with the violet flame collective who speak through my voice actually doesn't quite sound like my voice, I always have to listen to the sessions back because I'm not aware of what was talked about, or where the session goes at, quite honestly, I don't even like to know any of the questions or even the topic that we're going to be talking about. So I can have as little knowledge or responsibility as possible, and I just move into my meditative space. So I'm going to tell you what was talked about, I listened to it back, it's really profound and like so much information all at once. But I always even when I listen to a bath, I feel I can feel an energy shift has happened. And I find myself more like contemplative, I find myself more in vibrational alignment with like how I would be after coming out of a meditation. So I'm so curious to know, if you are some of you already messaged me about this. But if you are also feeling any kind of like energy movement or shifts for yourself during these, you can leave it as comments in the podcast and whatever platform you're listening to this in, you can also email it to me at admin at joyful Okay, so let's go over what they talk about really the overarching theme of this message session, this conversation is about spirit guides. But the violet flame also goes on to talk about loved ones in the non physical, about animals about pets as guides about other ways that we receive guidance besides like signs in the world, like what other ways we received guidance, how cocreation and like things are happening behind the scenes all the time. So they really like talk all about that and how and what we can be paying attention for. They talk about things like how our unnecessary fears block us and really offer some profound perspective shifts on, you know, things that just I don't know, when I listened to it back resonated with me so deeply that I was like, Yeah, I do know that's going on, I could shift my awareness to that or my perspective to that. And it does kind of change everything. So I don't want to do any spoilers or give anything away. Plus, they give a really beautiful, uplifting, encouraging and inspiring message at the end about who you truly are and why you're here, essentially, and they give kind of processes and tips and tools along the way that are really just woven through the conversation. I really love these conversations. So I hope that you enjoy it. The other thing I wanted to tell you is Crystal and I have decided to do a live event. So if you're listening to this recording before October 28 2023 We are offering a live event a channeled event where you can submit questions ahead crystal will condense them into a theme. And then we'll hop on like a live zoom webinar and crystal will go through the theme and the questions and I will channel so if you are interested at all in that go to my website joyful and look under the Events tab and you can get tickets it's only $11. So make sure you check that out if you are interested in being a part of one of these conversations and submitting your own question. shins, so then crystal can kind of condense into a theme and probably will use some specific questions that were submitted and specific examples from questions that were submitted. So, think about that I'm really excited about that it was kind of an inspiration that came in and crystal has agreed. And so we're continuing this experiment forward and seeing what can happen. I am really just so excited to share this conversation with you. So without further ado, I'm going to just cut out a bit of silence, it takes me about three and a half, four minutes to move fully into that meditative state. So the violet flame can speak through me. So I'm gonna cut that off the beginning and you will be entering right into the Hello, between the violet flame and crystal for this conversation. So sit back, grab your cup of tea and relax for our conversation. Greetings, we are excited to be here with you today and ready for whatever it is you may want to discuss.
Welcome, welcome. And thank you so much for being with us today and sharing your wisdom. Today I have a few questions for me and for anybody else that's listening. And I think the theme is about guides if you're open to that. And so the first question is, can your guides be someone that you knew previously in the physical either this lifetime or in a previous?
We love this topic of questioning and it is perfect timing as so many of you are so curious about this topic at this time. One important thing to remember is that the threads of your lives intertwine in so many different ways meaning, yes, you may have physically known someone as an embodied soul in a previous lifetime or in this lifetime. But also you may have known them as partner guides, you may have known them as disembodied souls journeying to other schools of learning, you may have known them in so many capacities in so many dimensions, time is only linear in your plane and many existences are reality all in one instant, intertwined, ongoing? So the short answer to your question would be absolutely you can have people who you knew in lifetimes, working as guides on your current team. There are different types of beings and souls that will work with each of you at different time periods in your life. Some before you enter into a physical body some as you are embodied, and some as you transition, some you will work with many times over some you will work with for just particular lifetimes or particular segments of particular lifetimes. All of these souls beings, light entities, you have known at some time or another for you have chosen them and requested them and are in partnership with them to help and guide you. This is something your soul knows and establishes and is part of the inner workings before your blueprint is solidified and you enter into this physical realm.
Beautiful Thank you. Is it possible that your guides part of your soul family or part of the soul contract could be non human in the physical when they were here as in animals or Elementals? or things of that nature? Is that possible?
To properly answer this question, we want to just make sure that the understanding is available that just because a soul chooses to enter into the body of an animal during one lifetime doesn't mean that on the other side and non physical, that they are an animal for example, a soul can take many forms can explore and experience many versions of reality many levels of consciousness and they can change and choose and as you can as well to explore different parts of being different aspects of consciousness in different lifetimes. So that being understood, you can then understand that yes, sometimes someone who has served as a guide to you before can come into your life as an animal that you know and love some people like pets Some people work with The animals in the wild. And you also can explore other lifetimes other realities in these forms, if it is part of the advancement that your soul desires.
Thank you, I think I needed to hear that lovely. Along those lines of our heart guides, you know, being with us in the physical or not are in different stages of our lives. I've personally recently experienced the loss of a loved one who was an animal in the physical in this lifetime. And I feel him around me all the time now, which is different than a previous loss of a loved one where I didn't feel that that loved one around me as much. Can Can you explain why is that because of me? And you know where I am right now? Or is it because of that particular soul? As to why I'm feeling this one around me so much when I haven't experienced others around me in the past?
Many reasons for this, and like many things, this is a case by case basis, certainly. So some of this answer will apply to you personally, and some of it will apply to other people's similar understanding of your question. Part of our answer for you specifically, is that the work that you have done to be more sensitive to those subtle energies around you has also changed your perceived awareness of other souls spirits, however, you identify them in your physical space. So if one wants to become more sensitive to any type of soul that has transitioned back to the non physical part of that growth and experience can be becoming more sensitive to the own, you know, the person's own energy field, or the energy field that is surrounding that person, including their physical body and physical systems, their emotional systems certainly can help with that sensitivity, although there is also the soul elements. So these separate souls that you describe that you have lost, perhaps there was greater need in the relationship for you to be aware of one over the other, the souls that you have loved in this earth plane, still care very much about you, as Dewey as to your guides, as does all of nonphysical, they want to sue then want to comfort they also want the growth of your soul, because if they have come into your life, there is some soul agreements, some soul relationship, however brief, and they want to honor the growth and expansion of your soul, including whatever you may or may not be ready for yet whatever may or may not be in the highest and greatest good at that point on your timeline. And this is why it is also possible where perhaps you did not feel a certain soul for quite some time and then seemingly suddenly, although not suddenly, you may start to experience that particular soul more and more, there can be many reasons for this, it primarily has to do with the awareness of the embodied soul. So you people who are in bodies currently, and your sensitivity because the energy is available, the soul is available. So you are not separate from those souls and they are not somewhere distant from you. They're non physical energy is much less limited than the way we think of it from the physical. So knowing that it is much more your awareness of those souls around you than whether they actually exist around you because they do it's we last time we spoke we used analogies to do with the ocean and we feel this is appropriate again, if you think about submerging yourself in the ocean, and then suddenly you see a dolphin swim by that doesn't mean the whales don't exist because they are outside of your awareness. And much like the energy field that you experience all around you, things are all interconnected, such as they are underwater as we discussed last visit. And for this reason, becoming more sensitive can sometimes how to bring that awareness to you, although they are always aware of you.
Thank you. That's beautiful. Thank you. Along those lines, and I agree I'm much more aware of him now with that awareness because his transition is so recent. At first when I was aware of him, it came with grief. It came with sadness came with that feeling of loss you I was grieving his loss. Now that time has passed. When I feel him around it's it's less loss, it's more happiness that he's around. But my question is that's also coming with guilt. I feel guilty that I'm not grieving him when I feel him around, instead feeling happy that he's around and I feel there's a lesson here that maybe is not just for me but for a lot of us as we're healing from loss this transition into okay, I feel him but I feel happy when he's around. Can you maybe articulate that that lesson of healing when we do experience a loved one transitioning into you know, the, the afterlife or beyond
the reasons that you come into physical embodiment into this earth plane, where you currently are, is to feel this broad array, this spectrum of feelings. And one of the interesting dualities of the human nature is the resistance to these more challenging or less comfortable emotions. Guilt is entirely human emotion, this emotion does not exist in non physical in the way that you experience it through your physical system here. And the same is true with grief. Grief in the physical really is the human understanding the human mind, the physicality and the perceived removal of that other souls existence from this reality. So this is why grieving can often feel so painful and it's important to process these emotions because while it is true that the soul has reemerged back into non physical it is also true that you cannot experience their physical body their being in the same exact way that you did. And so the humaneness of you needs to process that grief as part of sensitivity training as we spoke about, and part of the own life progression and life experience here. The guilt however, is a little bit more optional on the spectrum. And perceived guilt is an interesting thing that is unique to each human based on life experience based on how you each were trained in your formative years about grief and loss and guilt and what is perceived right and perceived wrong. There are other cultures besides your own were passing of the soul back to non physical is only met with celebration and being joyous of their transition and reemerged into non physical is only thought of with joyousness. And celebration. And guilt is just not a part of that experience and cultures who understand transition in that way. So the guilt aspect is perhaps more of a programming or conditioning based on societal expectations. Now, where this emotion of guilt can serve is, as a bit of a guidepost or a pointer, if you will, to uncover deeper emotions around the loss or the sadness in your example. So is there guilt because as an embodied human, you believe that there was something you should have done differently, for example, or perhaps, perhaps for some, we understand that this is not for your specific experience. But for some, there is a feeling of regret around the way that this being passed or transitioned or experiences or emotions that were not fully expressed or not fully realized or not fully and openly communicated between the two beings. So there can be many, many reasons for this guilt, however, rather than to let it oppress, the encouragement is to let it guide you as an individual to the deeper emotion and deeper experience and belief that you can have the transition you can have in the way that you expand your thinking or your understanding or your knowledge. However, grief, as we mentioned, is more of an experience of physical loss. And culturally and geographically you all also look at this in a different way. And some of it has to do with the conditioning of what certain people believe happens with or to or for the soul after that transition to non physical habits. And so sometimes this can affect the shade or intonation or sensation of grief or guilt that you experience as someone transitions. We believe that the more that you learn about the soul the more that you understand your own soul and your own emotions, the more that you can be expansive and understand that there is non physical that exists and there is more than just the physical experience you have here are set, perhaps your perception can broaden. And they both can exist in harmony, where you can have the grief of the loss of the physical sensation of being able to hug or hold a loved one, for example, but the joyous celebration that they still exist in non physical that they are happy and wonderful and experiencing non physical bliss and deep wisdom, and are still spending time with you in the physical just in a different way. We know dimensions can be very confusing. Does this answer your question? Perhaps there is a follow up or a more pointed, specific question around the guilt aspect.
No, I thank you. The part the nugget, there's a lot to digest in that night, and it's going to help me on my healing journey. The part that I'm taking away mostly from that, as guilt is optional. And I think I will be working on trying to release that because it is a conditioning of my upbringing, and culture. And I'd like to, you know, work through that. So I think you
get is optional, but guilt is a guide. So while we often hear this resonant energy of human beings asking for guidance, or help for assistance, really, it is all built in. So when that feeling of guilt does arise, it is sitting with that feeling and asking questions and being curious, let your curiosity guide you. So this emotion to while it is optional, if it presents can be used for deeper understanding, perhaps deeper healing, deeper release of beliefs that no longer serve, or perhaps even things that were previously misunderstood.
Thank you that is a clarification. I'm using it more as a guidepost or a signal to guide us in our deeper understanding of whatever it is we're processing, in this case, grief. Thank you for that, I need that. And I'll need to think about that longer. As I show up, I'm sure a lot of us do. I want to sort of stay on that same topic transition just a little bit towards, you know, our guides, sending us signs and messages. I think a lot of people feel that, that, you know, we're receiving signs and messages constantly from, you know, those that are helping us in the non physical. So my question is, what are some ways besides traditional, you know, physical signs, like, you know, oh, I'm seeing a certain bird in the sky? What are some other ways that our guides can communicate with us? I think you've already touched on that a little bit.
This is a wonderful question. As we mentioned, that we often are receiving requests, we are guides and part of the awareness for some of you already in very subtle and sometimes more concrete ways and you each have your own team as you may call them of guides and inspires and helpers and the non physical that are available to you plus you have the guidance and the true light of your own soul which exists in a much greater capacity and non physical and can also be a part of this co creation that you have in this experience. Part of one key element of this is an entire perspective shift which we know might be a little bit slower and a little bit more to process. However, if you can start to just more deeply accept in every fiber of your physical being, but also matching the understanding of your resonant energy, your your, your being met as non physical really does understand that you are co creating in this reality and that all elements are rising up to guide you to support you to encourage you but also to nudge you or to gently steer you. Now, while all this is happening in your physical reality, you also are as this medium often refers to it human being. And so, you have human perception and emotion happening you have some of you self doubt and self criticism and perceived confusion about how much you need to create effort in this world and what you can receive and so so much human thing is happening all at once. Meanwhile, the stage is set and you are moving through this world Hold of co creation. So moving into the mindset that you are actively co creating on not just a physical human level, but also on an energetic and spiritual level all at the same time. Therefore, as you move through just what might seem like a mundane day, being more aware that nudges and signs and hellos and encouragement and more clarity on your path is happening for you moment by moment and present reality. Part of the challenge of this time of great information is that it is also a time of great distraction. So while there is information coming your way, so many directions, so many ways all the time, it is also more easy to get distracted or sidetracked not just by media as you might be thinking but also by all of the experiences of your world. So refocusing in an intentional way on this idea, this feeling this true inner wisdom of co creation can help you understand that, for you specifically, that teacher walking into your awareness, whether it is a spiritual teacher, or a family member, or for you, perhaps a pet, or a colleague, or whoever you might encounter there are no chance encounters, even if it is, for example, a partner that you live with every day, they are just happening to come into that room that you're in at that specific time with that specific query. These are all assisting you in what you wish to co create. Sometimes distraction is assisting you perhaps you are focusing in a direction that wasn't in alignment with the direction you intend to move, and you are getting a little confused in your freewill choices. Sometimes a help will come in from the side seemingly unexpectedly, it could be a distraction that you temporarily perceive as negative or disruptive. But it is all part of the way that you are co creating with the intention that you have moving forward. So part of it is just to have this awareness shift that you are constantly co creating with how you focus your energy, what your emotions are doing. The words coming out of your mouth, where your attention moves, paying attention to people, things experiences that move into your space, move into your awareness, whether physically or non physically, it's a lot happening all at once we know. And the other piece of this is to energetically set your intentions. Now, we want to be clear that this is not necessarily a wish list, as many of you have been taught with your vision boards and your goal setting. Although these are beautiful tools, it is not to get stuck on only the material outcomes, but also the feeling of what you want to co create because at its most basic level, you came into this existence into this school of experience, let's call it to have experiences to have emotions that don't present in the same way in non physical. So the true reason you're here is to have experiences and emotions and CO create and exist in community and share and exchange. So getting a little bit more clear energetically, emotionally about what type of experiences you want to create but more importantly, how you want them to feel. Do you want to feel expansive? Do you want to be greeted with new things to learn and new challenges sometimes you make these requests in a very unconscious way by your energy is going before you and setting the stage for the next scene so to speak. So what plays into this is the anxiety and self doubt that we mentioned earlier as well as any personal growth and development you might have done to expand your understanding as we mentioned with the last question, and so much is happening all at once that it can seem entirely overwhelming but boil down to two simple things to focus on is being aware that you are more than just physical and constantly creating both in the physical and the non physical number one and number two, to be aware of the emotions and experiences the feelings that you desire to create going forward and hold your focus more in that degree. Then in a degree of doubt or nervousness, for example. Wow Oh,
thank you. That's, that's a lot. It's beautiful. And I'm starting to unpack that a little so that what I'm hearing is our intention is fundamental, setting our intention going forward. And then yes, we are surrounded by signs and indications and guidance to get us towards what that intention is, but that we are conscientious co creators. So my next question right along those lines and something I struggle with, and I know I'm not alone, how do you know, when you are doing the hard work, to consciously co create, you know, because you have to do the work? How do you differentiate between I'm doing the hard work to move in the right direction, and I'm working too hard to force something. I hope that makes sense.
Beautiful question. And like most of the answers you will receive it is rather simple and rather complex at the same time. This is the guidance that your emotions serve. This is also part of the guidance system that you came into this physical experience with. We hear in the physical often think of this as noise or annoyance or things we have to go through or manage or learn how to deal with but truly what the emotions are guidance for you and encouragement as to whether you are in alignment with the intentions and plans that your soul has set. Or whether you are more focused on human reality. And it's natural to flex back and forth between these because you do exist in multiple realities all at once. And it's okay to move your awareness, perhaps in meditation to the spirit side or that, that non physical awareness and in your day to day, of course, many of you and your tasks and roles must be focused more consciously in the physical and that is perfectly fine, but it's being more focused on the emotions and how you feel about the tasks. Now we are aware that in your plane of existence, not all the tasks necessarily feel happy and light and with ease. Although even challenging tasks can be matched with the way it's often set in your role as gratitude can be met with inquisitiveness can be matched with an ease within yourself even if the situation seems challenging, or even if the task at hand seems daunting, it is more about the emotion with which you greet the tasks or the overall goal. Because again, sometimes a goal that you have might require a group of tasks that not all seem entirely exciting or even pleasant, but are necessary as part of the building blocks of whatever it is you wish to co create. So the way you can know is just focusing on the feeling that you have and if the feeling shifts towards unpleasant or discouraged, you can again check back in with that alignment for the overall intention. And once you discover that a task while might seem physically unpleasant, is entirely in alignment with the overall creation that you wish to express or explore, it might become a little less burdensome. And these emotions also might guide you to know when it is time to release a certain task or belief or limited understanding or when these emotions are encouraging you to ask for help or explore a different facet of understanding, learn more take a different undertaking. So it really is the emotion that can be the key to understanding all of this. And that's why we continuously encourage you all to spend more time in your emotions and understanding them and unfolding them or at least paying attention to them enough to know how you feel. One of the other challenges when there's resistance to truly knowing how one feels is that you all are energetic beings, meaning that there is energetic resonance, meaning that you will lightly and often unconsciously tone yourself to match the resonant energy of those around you. So it is why it is possible for people to be working towards a goal that is not their own seemingly unintentionally or unconsciously because they are matching the intentions, the emotion, the vibration of those around them. It is why, for example, you might interface with someone that you know that has a lot of complaining and cannot see the gratitude or cannot see the silver lining or cannot see any hope or positivity for the future. And while of course, this is occasionally a challenge of the human condition, if you are not conscious of your own emotions and feelings and you engage with this person, even if your intention is to help or support or heal us, many of you are healers and supporters here, you can unconsciously unintentionally match your vibration to something that doesn't feel as high vibrational or as in alignment with the light that your soul truly is. And this can leave you feeling discouraged this residual energy by unconsciously setting or tuning your vibration or your emotional setting, if you will to another's. The remedy for this is just to be more aware of your own emotions, your own feelings and feelings are temporary, true. But if a feeling continues to rise to your awareness within you, it is a good indication that it is important to explore at least to the degree that you can have understanding enough to decide whether there is some action to be taken some change to be made or just some deeper understanding about your pleasure or displeasure to be had.
Does this make sense? Yes, definitely. It is, I think the heart of something that I personally struggle with. And, and again, I think I'm not alone. You know, we all have our empathic gifts, in addition to our own, you know, being able to perceive our own emotions and empathy being defined as being able to experience or know the emotions of the beings around us. So my question here is, I think I've asked it before a million trillion times, I shut down my emotions, pretty hard. Being an empath in order to protect myself. And I think that's very common for a lot of empaths is to put up that brick wall and and I've been trying to take that down or to become more functional with it in some degree. So when I do try to sit with the feeling of it, when I'm trying to make a decision of is this in alignment with my greatest and highest good. Oftentimes, I feel that I can't feel the emotion. I'm having trouble feeling that feeling in order to gauge whether I'm on the right path. Is there any advice as far as how we can reconnect with being able to feel those emotions again?
Well, first, we are happy to explore this topic with you a million trillion times and whatever ways that you might ask because often, this is part of the energy shift, or the upgrade as some people call it, or the awakening or expansion is needing to hear information in different ways and different angles at different times when we are perhaps more ready or more open and as we grow. So thank you for bringing this question. This is a beautiful question that many people will benefit from. Part of what you are turning down is to use your words or stepping out of is the strength of how much you are feeling other people's emotions. You mentioned the word empath. All human beings have this empathic ability have this ability to sense other people's emotions. Sometimes it is through the physical expression, meaning the body posture that someone holds themself or the facial expression they are making, but even devoid of those cues, you would also be able to discern someone's emotional resonance or vibration, whether they feel very up and happy and high vibrational or whether they feel very energetically slow or dense, or there's a heaviness for variety of reasons. So part of what you actually are intending to turn down is being able to feel everyone else's emotions to such degree. This is actually part of a healthy management of your energy system and it is perfectly valid and okay to manage your energy and turn down these feelings or the awareness in certain situations and certainly for many people's jobs and work in the world. This is completely necessary. However, where this crosses over Vir is in this understanding of your own emotions and feelings. And often when this happens and you believe that you cannot access these challenging emotions or these true emotions, it is often because there is some resonant vibration, often from your own past experience that you are resisting. So perhaps there is a resistance to feeling a guilt feeling as we talked about earlier, perhaps there is a resistance to being placed in a position that if it isn't your belief system would make you a good person or a bad person based on whatever the decision is at hand, then perhaps there can be a resistance to fully exploring and feeling those emotions. Now, the first step with this is just to work on giving yourself permission to feel within yourself these varying emotions. And sometimes for specifically sensitive people who are aware of their sensitive this is where it can be helpful to know that just because you are feeling these emotions doesn't mean that you have to feel them at full power all the time, it also doesn't mean you have to express them to another person. Some of this feeling is just internally for yourself. And this is where many people will find something like journaling beneficial, because they can move these emotions through them. Because emotions have energy, they are not stagnant. And sometimes the encouragement is to express them in some capacity. But it doesn't necessarily have to be directly to another person. Some people journal some people create music or poetry, some people garden, there are many ways to move through these emotions. And because of your physicality, sometimes it is beneficial to have a physical action that helps to move this energy, whether it's walking or any of the activities that we mentioned, or anything else that helps. Sometimes, you use the term sitting with emotions. And sometimes that can confuse people to think that they are meant to sit still and through their sheer will force the difficult emotions to move towards the surface for understanding. And this doesn't always have to be the case. This is why it is so common for you to have these so called aha moments or emotional revelations when you are doing something quite mundane, so that your focus is not on the emotion at all, but is on some other tasks to give your mind somewhere to focus so that your soul your energy field can move these emotions to your awareness. Sometimes you're looking too hard for the emotion and trying to logically cognitively make a decision, as you said, rather than just starting with the feeling of do I if you if you want to break it down to a very basic spectrum, does this make me feel happy? Or does this make me feel less than happy? Or some other emotion than happy? Does this feel peaceful? Or does this feel uneasy? And you can just start at a very basic level in most situations, it's very rare that you cannot identify at a very basic level if something is painful or pleasurable for example, so that is a good place to start. Also, it is a lot of stripping away these beliefs about should and should not could and could not who is good and who is bad and what decisions each person should make. There is very often a fear of judgment and we believe this is the case in your question. We know the example that you are speaking up and it is perfectly fine that you cannot share more detail about it here. But we you personally we invite you to explore a fear of judgment around decisions and for everyone else as well if there's a decision you're needing to make and there is a resistance or you feel like or have a perception that you cannot feel the emotions around it. Start by exploring fear of judgment of others because often, energetically even in it don't think it's in a conscious way it is more energetic, you are jumping ahead to the conclusion if I decide this then I must do this then I must have conflict with this person then I must appear as a bad person because I'm saying no to XYZ engagement. So often it is it is a preconceived fear that you are having before the decision is even made because truly some part in you knows what you actually wish to decide and it is everything else. layered on top, that can be the challenge.
Exactly. I just got called out by spirit. But thank you, I think is accurate for me and a lot of others, that judgment is my roadblock here and my challenge. The two takeaways for me, and I'm sure other people have gotten little nuggets out of this, but to give myself permission, and the fact that those emotions have a volume control, I think will help me move forward into you know, actualizing, and being able to identify what it is that I'm feeling, thank you for that. Yes, and if
you layer this in with the discussion we had previously, just a question or two ago, it is also about being physically focused versus non physically focused. And as you look at the ramifications of any choice or decision in your cognition, when you are thinking about a choice or decision, you are thinking about the physicality and this physical world, and perhaps you are losing sight of what is the path that my soul which is to travel, what is the intention here for the greater expression of me. So also remembering to be partially non physically focused, and remember that you are a co creator in a much greater capacity than just this physical plane of understanding and that might help as well.
I love that I personally needed to hear that to think of more than just the the muggle outcome or the the human outcome, but to remember that we're more than just the physical, I thank you for that. I needed to hear that for sure.
And truthfully, remember, sometimes you are showing up as a soul in physical form to be a part of what someone else needs on their path. While sometimes you might feel like it is a difficult decision to say no, for example, perhaps in that instance, in the greater scheme of things you are showing up to challenge that other individual with that no, so that they they might be spun in a different direction on their path, there is always much more going on than meets the basic understanding.
Beautiful, I needed to hear that too. Thank you. Thank you for that. And thank you for everything. Um, I think we can transition now to I have a question that just sort of popped in my head. Is there anything that that Julie can know, right now to help her on her journey towards her grid, greatest and highest good towards the light.
She is asking constantly about that. And she is in a period of growth and transition. And there are some choices to be made that feel have not quite solidified in her awareness yet dand are soon to come. And if we may speak more personally to you, some of it was spoken through you and in some recent guidance that you gave in the form of a reading for her. And that was very helpful. And that information remains a part of a guidepost for her. And one of the challenges that she faces now is that she prefers and has preferred and in the past of her self here and this time of existence to focus towards a specific goal with more predictable outcome almost in a mathematic equation capacity, and being able to fully understand X effort plus x conditions equals you know, why outcome and with what she is transitioning towards this math no longer is valid at these levels. And long story short, we're not going to give the answer.
And that is part of the journey, I would assume to thank you for that. Finally, and again, thank you so much for being here. Is there is there anything else that you feel pulled tour to put out there to maybe anybody that's listening right now.
We are very excited to continue to explore many topics with you. This is just one in a string of many conversations that we will have energetically we also want to make it clear that each of you are completely equal in your energetic capacity. And while at a physical level. It might seem like there are specific limitations, whether it is in economic status or social standing or even in the physical evilness of a person's particular body energetically, you all have capacity to co create Do you all have equal access to your own guides, as you spoke of your own team of supporters, certainly to your own soul that lives in you, as you are expressing in this physical lifetime, we work with several of you behind the scenes. And some of you already feel like you have received healings through these conversations and personal guidance. And indeed you have, and if this information is coming across your path that is meant for you. And it's also okay to take whatever resonates with you in this moment and leave the rest even if that is one nugget of information. Perhaps that is what you needed to collect for this next segment of your soul's intending, perhaps there will be more to collect another time. Perhaps it was just as a guidepost to help you in a direction, there are many more things going on, then meet face value at all times. None of you is ever truly unsupported, even though we are aware that from your limited perspective, often it can feel as though you are moving as a solo creature. This is absolutely not the case. Perhaps you can move more towards the awareness of the support that exists around you. But if that is not part of your path, perhaps you can just start to understand that you have a much greater capacity as a soul than you do as a human. And just this acceptance will start to change things in a very real way in your experience. And we are so grateful that you have continued to agree to participate in these conversations with us, we are having a delightful time and chatting with you. And we are very excited to continue these conversations forward in this partnership and this collective agreement. We are excited to see what this becomes.
But again, thank you so so much for being with us today and for your words, and for your intentions. So thank you, love and light until next time.
Well, what did you think I am so curious to hear what resonated with you? What were the nuggets of wisdom that you took from this conversation? Some of you have actually messaged me, after the first question and answer session that crystal and the violet flame did through me and said that you actually felt like questions you personally had were answered in that session. And really, some of you even like physically felt shifts, energetic shifts in the way the words were communicated. So I love hearing the feedback. It's actually one of the things the contributing factors that helped Crystal and I be inspired for the live event that I mentioned up top. So if you are interested in that event, and you're listening to this before October 28 2023 The event is on the 29th head on over to my website joyful It's under the events section and you will see is the violet flame channeled session. And tickets are only $11 It's gonna be a lot of fun, you can submit your questions ahead make sure you read the fine print of how to do that and get them in in time and crystal will condense them into themes and we might use I don't know because that you guys know like I said up top I don't like to be a part of the questions or know what they are. So she will figure out what she wants to include and use some specific questions perhaps or some specific examples I don't really know. And we will see well it will what it becomes. So I'm really I'm really excited. I'm looking forward to that event. It feels a little outside of my comfort zone but I am going with it. You guys seem to be enjoying this so please continue to let me know if you found value. I would love it if you would subscribe and share this episode. It means a lot to me. And if you subscribe then you will get to know when the episodes are coming up. So it has been an honor to be here with you today. Thanks for being part of my Spirit Squad here in Spirit Speakeasy and Big hugs. Lots of love. Bye for now.

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