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Medium, Spiritual Guide, Warrior Unicorn: Travis Holp

Apr 08, 2024

Today's special guest, Travis Holp, has been featured for his work as a Medium and Inspirer on Entertainment Tonight, Us Weekly, Elle Magazine and more. You can find him as @TravisWarriorUnicorn on Instagram and TikTok with over 750k combined followers sharing is uplifting and empowering light that he shines so well!   

In this open-hearted conversation, Travis shares his own journey to becoming a working psychic medium, his tips for healing, personal growth and developing your own spiritual gifts and SO much more. You'll leave this chat feeling uplifted, inspired and maybe even like more of a Unicorn yourself!   

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Travis Holp is a celebrity-loved psychic medium and spiritual guide known for his authentic and evidential messages from the spirit realm.  He has a remarkable ability to deliver profound insights filled with hope, healing, and joy, resonating deeply with audiences worldwide.  Travis's unique approach brings a fresh perspective to spiritual connection, garnering widespread acclaim for its sincerity and transformative impact. 


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Full Episode Transcript:

Hey beautiful soul Welcome to Spirit Speakeasy. I'm Joy Giovanni, Joyful Medium. I'm a working psychic medium energy healer and spiritual gifts mentor.
This podcast is like a seat at the table in a secret club but with mediums, mystics and the spiritual luminaries of our time so come behind the velvet ropes with me and see inside my world is I chat insider style with profoundly different souls we go deep share juicy stories laugh a lot and it wouldn't be a speakeasy without great insider secrets and tips you might even learn that you have some gifts of your own. So step inside the spirit speakeasy Hey beautiful soul Welcome to another episode of Spirit Speakeasy. I am so excited to share today's guest with you. He is an incredible medium he has been featured on Entertainment Tonight, US Weekly Elle Magazine and so much more. You can find him on Instagram and Tick Tock with over 750,000 combined followers sharing his uplifting and empowering messages and just shining his light. His handle on the socials is @TravisWarriorUnicorn 
and his name is Travis Holp. So without further ado, I really just want to share this conversation with you.
We had an amazing time chatting about things mystical and mediumship and his journey and so much more. So without further ado, welcome into the Speakeasy welcome in for another episode of Spirit Speakeasy. Today, our guest is medium Travis Holp. Travis is a celebrity loved psychic medium and spiritual guide. Known for his authentic and evidential messages from the spirit realm. He has a remarkable ability to deliver profound insights filled with hope, healing and joy resonating deeply with audiences worldwide. Travis's unique approach brings a fresh perspective to spiritual connection, garnering widespread acclaim for his sincerity and transformative impact. Help me welcome Travis hold.
Thank you so much for having me. Joy. I'm so excited to be here.
I'm so excited to have you, I have to just kick off with a compliment you to me when I came across you on social media probably last summer or so. I was just so drawn into the messages you share, which is not always the case for me, but you just feel so authentically open and honest. And just being your I know, it's kind of like a buzzword, but being like your authentic self, which I just saw admire about
you. Well, I appreciate that. Actually, I had my very first human design reading today. And my friend that did the reading told me that because of like my human design type that authenticity is like what makes me magnetic. So there you go. Yeah, I'm like, No, you're right. So I appreciate that validation. And, yeah, you know, social media is such an interesting landscape, because I think anyone can show up and present kind of whatever story they want. But I find it's just more fun if we're just, you know, being real and showing up as ourselves. So thank you for that.
I think I think you do an amazing job of it. I am so excited to hear about your story. It's one of the things I am a little nerdy researcher and I did a little research on you. And it's one of the things I couldn't find a ton about your journey as a medium. I know you've said that it's been with you more or less your whole life. Would you mind sharing a little bit
about that? Absolutely. So you know, when I was younger, I like a lot of mediums I could sense and feel spirit. And you know, my parents. When I came out to them as a medium, they're like, that makes sense, because you're always talking to somebody, but we didn't see anybody with you. So like, they're like, you know, a lot of things are kind of clicking. But you know, I didn't lean into mediumship and in fact, when I started doing readings, I started with Tarot. And I was very adamant about not doing mediumship and actually like, kind of like whistling I was super resistant to and so when I started I started doing readings for money. I have, you know, I've always had like tarot decks around and I've always done readings for friends. I've always been just very empathetic and can sense other people's emotions, all those great beautiful, juicy intuitive things, right? But when I started giving readings, it was on tick tock in 2020. I'd left like my corporate job in the beauty industry after like 17 years. And I was like, I don't know what I want to do yet, so I'm just gonna read tarot Tiktok because I don't have an employer that is monitoring what I'm posting. And that can tell me no. So I'm just going to do it. And so yeah, it was great. And so I start giving readings and then, or I start doing videos with just quick little channeled messages based off of what cards popped up. And then I would have people reach out and they're like, Hey, do you give readings? And I'm like, Sure. And so
at that point, you had been really reading for like, family and friends and yeah,
privately family and friends and you know, reading Tarot. And I was like, you know, I was like, I understand I have a good understanding of tarot. And I've been, you know, I've been in like management and leadership for 17 years, what could go wrong? And so So I started giving readings without, you know, really knowing anything about energetic protection and cleansing and all of those things. So kids, listen, don't don't do as I don't do as I do, as I say, so, you know, so, but once I really kind of decided, like, Okay, I want to keep doing this, and I, you know, I started reading every single book, I could get on psychic work, and I found a mentor, and, you know, started studying and mediumship, for me was something that, I don't know, it just, it just kind of started happening when I was with people reading cards for them and be like, do you understand this, like, Grandfather that's coming through and he's giving me this name. And here's how he passed and people would start like crying in the middle of, you know, their Tarot reading. And so I was, I guess, I guess we do this now. And that's just been my, my journey with spirit. It's like, I guess we do this. So I you know, so I've studied at the I take classes through Arthur Finley. Yeah, yeah. I always call it lovingly the Hogwarts of mediumship. Absolutely. It is like, it's a call. Yeah, absolutely. It is. And then, you know, and then, you know, some some notable mediums that I really look up to, I've taken, you know, a bunch of their classes. And I think I've got almost every mediumship book known to man in my home somewhere. And so, you know, for me, mediumship has just kind of become this thing that I have fallen in love with so deeply. But, you know, it didn't, it was something that I had to kind of allow myself to access and get out of my own way with. Yeah, because I say I didn't want to connect to connect to spirits in a mediumistic way. And that it wasn't necessarily I didn't want to is that I didn't know if I was worthy of that.
I think that's such an important thing to talk about. Just because it's I didn't realize our journeys were so similar. I came in to kind of came into it later in my life as well, I was available for it. But it just started, like you said to start happening, and I was like, oh, or what's like, we're doing this now. And then having to I came to me during Reiki sessions, and I was a massage therapist. And so with clients, I really trusted I would be like, okay, like, I know, this could be across the line, but like, I have to say this thing to you. And just like you said, they'd start crying and knew exactly what I was saying. And I just was like, alright, what it like, what what is happening? So, I love that you sought out mentors, and I do think that's the best path because we don't, I think that's commonly misunderstood, is that we don't always understand, like, what am I doing? How am I doing this? What do I do with this? Am I supposed to be doing this? Or in your, in your words, you know, am I worthy of doing this? Like, is this gift for me? How did you start to like, unpack all that and navigate it?
You know, I I think that finding mentors was really big for me and reading reading books on medium ship and really talking to people who you know, like you are very grounded and humble and are willing to kind of share their stories, right? And so, whenever I would ask another medium, like, hey, I want to ask you questions about you know, how's this feel for you? Then, of course, like, I'm getting readings too, and I'm in the readings and the psychics are like, you're a medium and I'm like, I don't know what that means. And, and so, you know, it was a lot of it. Like a lot of things in life. Just hearing other people's stories and experiences made me feel less alone. It made me feel like I wasn't like losing my mind. It made me it gave me a lot of validation of okay, here's why throughout my life, I've experienced at times high levels of anxiety or just knowing things, but I have no way of knowing or, you know, and so I, I say that I and I make a very clear distinction. I started doing mediumship for money at a certain point, but I've always been connecting I just time to do Yeah, I just didn't know it and now and now I do so it's been it's been quite the journey, but I think the biggest turning point for me was me actually doing In my own healing, and taking care of the healer behind the services, and it was I started doing readings for other people that weren't my friends or family in November of 2020. And earlier that year, I decided to get sober I started meditating, I started, like, really taking therapy serious. I had been in therapy for some time before that, but it was really just, you know, can I show up to my therapy session? And how many times can I make my therapist laugh, you know, and, and so really started diving into my own healing. And when I did that, I found myself being able to connect deeper and deeper and deeper to, to this ability. So that's
such an important point, too. I'm so glad you're so openly sharing all this with us. Because I feel like when we a couple things like congratulations on your sobriety, that's a big deal and a huge part of your journey. And for what it's worth, I'm so proud of you. But I feel like we do one have to continue to do personal development, because it's through the emotion that these gifts work. And if we're, you know, kind of stuck in our own patterns, or not focusing on what we need to focus on the work is only gonna go so far. The second thing that I'm excited to talk to you about is, it's your freewill contribution. You You said like, I'm going to show up, I'm going to show up sober, I'm going to do this personal development, I'm going to really see what I can, you know, work on myself. And it's kind of what I'm always trying to explain to people is like, we don't predict the future because no one can, we can see your potentials like, yeah, you have the potential to be this amazing, medium and leader and but it was your freewill contribution of saying, like, I'm gonna do the hard work and show up that made that potential become your reality. Do
you know what I mean? Yeah. And for me, I've always been the, you know, my energy is very much either like a heck yes, or heck, no kind of energy for me. And when I really learned to listen to that, and trust me, I am, I do not have this perfected I am working on, I'm committed, I'm committed to showing up for myself every single day. And sometimes I get it right. And sometimes it's just an opportunity to do better next time. But when I lean into that, like I did with mediumship, and other things in my life, it has always served me and it's always been just an amazing, amazing journey and ride. And so for me when mediumship happened, it was really just like, yeah, we're doing this, and this is what's happening. And we're just going to move forward with it and allow it to grow and allow it to develop.
I love that you share about mentorship, too, because I do feel like that's another common misconception is that these gifts, either rise to the surface, or we have them and people think we automatically know how to work in a very specifically evidential giving, you know, specific details kind of a way and it's not the case. And I think it's what puts a lot of gifted people off mediumship because, for me anyway, I was when my first mentor was like your psychic, I was like, Whoa, you're crazy. Because, yeah, don't do that, like you're talking about. And but then when she explained to me what it what that meant. I was like, Oh, I'm doing that all the time. Like, of course I'm doing like, Yes, I'm definitely feeling everyone's emotions all the time. And yeah, so it's, it's such a, I don't know, I think it takes a level of humility to receive training, but also it's that excitement and those, like little carrots that we get, you know,
when I think you know, even Olympic athletes have coaches? Totally, you know, I think, you know, and I think for me, mediumship you know, it's an ability, like a lot of other things, just like singing is an ability, right? Like, some people should go out and be professional singers. And some people just need to sing in their car. And that's okay. Like, you know, I think, for me, it's really been, you know, I want to show up and serve and the best way that I can because we're dealing with people's emotions we're dealing with I mean, I've had readings done from when I was younger that I still remember that I hang on to right so we're we're not only are we connecting to people's loved ones, but we're leaving a lasting impression on people and so, you know, I'm, I'm a Virgo through and through and, you know, my inner perfectionist needs to read all the books and do all the classes and do all the things right are used to at least. And one of the things I appreciated about mediumship is that it's allowed my inner perfectionist to just kind of take a backseat and just be more present with my own unfolding. And, but if it were left up to me my own devices, I wouldn't have gotten to that conclusion like I needed a mentor to tell me it's okay to like, misinterpret something. It's okay to be wrong. It's okay to you know, learn different ways of risks. sieving. So I think mentors are such a gift because they help us feel seen. And they help us really truly understand that it's, it's an evolving practice. Mediumship is so I think, you know, a good mentor is worth their weight in gold.
Well, and I think to your point, it does kind of feed that, especially for someone who's driven or Virgo esque in our quality. Mediumship is the ever unfolding gift. We never often talk about a mentor I had for a while Mavis patella, she was in her 80s. And she would say, I'm not done developing and like, how delicious is that to do you know what
I'm so good, so good. Like, I'm helping people, you know, as mediums we help people with their own spiritual development. But like, it's so fun, because I'm also developing still spiritually, and I'm still learning. And it's, you know, it's really, it's kind of fun. And in a way it takes the pressure off of like, needing to be perfect.
Yeah. And there's no, I mean, as we know, there, it's there's no perfection. And it's always just working. And even as we're working with the spirit world and with clients, it's like, we're continuously working every inch of the way through so in the moment to be understanding what's happening. Yeah,
yeah, I don't know about you. But it's funny when I'm receiving information, and I'm used to receiving it a certain way, and I'm with a client, and then that information just suddenly just shifts, and now we receive in a different way. I laugh about it. Now, I'm like, well, well, spirits, apparently putting me through training day today. So we're gonna, we're gonna learn here on the job together, both of us. So, you know, I've learned to just kind of laugh it at, you know, the little bumps that pop up are the things that you know, kind of throw you for, for a loop, which I can honestly tell you that, you know, me three or four years ago, would have freaked out about those things. So it's been such a fun journey of just liberation and authenticity.
And I think it's, it is one of those things, too, we have to continue to, like, you know, back to the personal development side, we continue to, like, look at ourselves look at think people think we just jump into this, yet, yes, we're excited. But like, it's a little scary to be doing all this on the job training. Even when you you know, taken all the courses and read all the books and are working and all that it's like, it's so challenging, and we have to continue to explore, you know, our resistance our fears, our worthiness, as is a lot of the work that you do publicly, too.
Yeah. And it's funny because I think sometimes people think like, just because you, you know, you're a spiritual teacher, or you're a medium or you're a psychic that you magically have everything figured out. And like, I don't like I, I, like, trust me, and I asked the universe, I'm like, Listen, I'm out here doing service work. I'm out here doing the things. Can you like, cut me a break today? Can I just be spoon fed the answer today, please. And it doesn't work that way. But, you know, I think that can be a common misconception sometimes is that, you know, we all have it figured out and we we certainly don't actually,
I like that one. I think it's it goes on her show that she said it. Oprah says sometimes she's saying like, God, don't teach me anything today. It's so true. And well, in your thirst for advanced education. I read about you that you're pursuing a PhD is that? Yeah,
so that program has been put on pause a little bit. I think that may have been like an older bio somewhere. I think that's like my Frequently Asked Questions page. I did. I did start a PhD program. I stopped at the bachelors in metaphysics
slot still, that's
yeah, it was fun. I mean, you know, I have this really fun ability to, like, just take on all of these projects at once, because I get so lit up. So the PhD, it's still a work in progress. You know, I'm, I'm laughing I'm like, Oh, I've been writing my master's thesis for like, two years now. So that's great.
Time to contract.
Yeah, yeah. But you know, I did find University of metaphysics, and I did it just to like, explore and have have some fun and just kind of see where, you know, see where I could kind of take things and so you know, it's not a it's not off the table, but it's just on pause at the moment backburner
a little bit? Yeah. I mean, I think that's part of the beauty of this spiritual work too, is that people don't always realize we don't have to be only in one vein, we can have something that we're working with for a while that's educating us and expanding us and then we can focus pivot to focus of like, now we're doing big demonstrations. Okay, now I'm back to personal development. out there's like a flex in this work that I think a lot of people don't realize is kind of happening behind the scenes all the time. Absolutely,
there is absolutely because you know, like we were talking about earlier the work is never done. We're constantly expanding.
So with your tick tock personality I know you from Instagram I'm not I'm not the biggest on Tik Tok. I'm trying to get better about exploring that platform. I think it's probably a lot of the same stuff on both platforms. Do you draw inspiration for your for those who don't know, please go follow Travis. He is Travis warrior unicorn and I tell all my friends about you because I just love your posts. You bring so much light and your soul just such shines through in such a big way? Are you drawing inspiration for those little it feels like a snippet of like an inspirational talk packed into like 60 seconds or less? Yeah, like to me? Yeah, you
know, I'm just you know, I started making those videos. Again, you know, spirit is spirits funny. That way, I didn't have this intention of having a large social social media following. It was not on the manifestation list. Other things were, but that wasn't and, you know, I got on to I started on Tik Tok. And I was like, you know, what, let me just post a video with a message on it and just see what happens. And of course, you know, those videos, they start taking off and, you know, get all these all this amazing engagement and all of these folks, you know, really resonating with the message. And then, you know, I converted that over to Instagram, maybe about a year and a half ago. And, you know, because my, my content before, spirituality was just like, me, my life, I was like, take my shirt off, you know, like the typical like that, right? So it's like, well, I find the good stuff, right? It was just like, my light. It wasn't anything like, you know, spirituality connected. And then, you know, once it started happening, and I and like, all of these kind of followers came in, you know, people would comment and DM and stuff I was like, Oh my gosh, this is it like this is totally yet. But those messages that I share, it's funny I laugh I'm like, I'm you know, I grew a reputation as a medium without actually posting spirit mediumship or evidential mediumship right because they're inspirational messages and I'm aware that you know, channeled messages aren't necessarily aligned with mediumship with connecting people to their loved ones although facet of them right just different. But um, but it's been it's been really fun and so those messages I'm usually I'm channeling I'm asking you know, what is something that me at the beginning of my spiritual journey needed to hear what something that maybe my nephew's because I intro with you know, if you don't believe in mediums just consider me your gay uncle and I do have two beautiful nephews and I just think you know, what something they might need to hear if they're working through things with like self esteem or worth or connecting to who they are and or just ask you know, what's what's the energy in the world right now what's happening that people need to hear and so and then I just kind of open up my energy and let her fly and just whatever comes through comes through and I put captions on it and post it and call it a day. I
got so great and it's it's I mean your courage and just going with what spirits giving you and doing it that way really does. I think help to in a storytelling way open up that permission for other people to just say what inspired words that come to them or you know, if it feels in alignment with who you are and with for about lack of better word like positivity and empowerment, then put it out there like why not? Why not just give it a go like you did? Yeah,
I mean, you know, one of the things that really inspired me to post those messages, there's a medium ship training deck that was put out by John Holland and Lauren rainbow and you know, in one of the, in their training deck, it's like these awesome cards you can look at and kind of like use them as as a divination tool for just what you can work on as a medium and one of the things one of the cards in there was channeled messages of wisdom and and so that's kind of what inspired it and I you know, I look back at when I first started posting, I would see people like Tabitha Brown, who if no one's familiar, she is this just this amazing woman of color who posts these, this wonderful inspirational content. She also puts a lot of like cooking and vegan things and but I remember watching a video of hers and she, it was like, right before I started posting anything, it was right before it was during the pandemic. We're all at home and she's like, looking into the camera and she's like, I know baby, you're hurt and they hurt you. That's all right. And then And then she's like, finishes it with I love you. And I'm sitting there on my couch like crying at this stranger who I've never met. I don't know who she is, but she's really touched my soul in some way. Yeah. And she's just like, touched my soul in this like deep way. And so, you know, it was like, I was like, why can do that? Like, I want to do that and how can I incorporate in things that I use like, like, tarot or other other tools to kind of, you know, inspire those messages. So they started with Tarot, and now it's just just me channeling and I don't use tools, I love tools, but I don't I don't use them in my practice anymore for clients or videos. But, um, but yeah, so that's kind of how it all just kind of started. And, you know, a couple years later, here we are having this conversation today.
Amazing how it's amazing how synchronicity and the universe and Spirit works. One thing you mentioned is that you kind of came out of that medium ship broom closet, so to speak. I know for me and my journey, and for lots of other mediums that I've met along the way, that tends to be a real scary pivot point for us. Will you share a little bit about how that was for you? How you will receive what you said even like, yeah, to tell family and friends like, No,
I equate it to me coming out as a as a gay person. It's, you know, it for me it. And I understand why it's scary for people it is asking some it is baring your soul to someone and saying, here's who I am. And knowing that they're going to have perhaps some type of either resistance to it, or there's a potential for rejection. And, you know, you being brave enough just to go, here's what it is. And if you are down with it amazing. If you're not, it's really going to hurt my feelings, but I have to be in this truth. And, you know, it was the same thing when I was coming out as a gay person. It was scary. It was terrifying. But it's funny, because when I came out as a medium to my family, they were like, oh, yeah, we can see that. And I was like, okay, great, you know, perfect. And then you know, and then they're like, Yeah, you know, come to think of it. Your one grandmother used to carry crystals around all the time. And you know, your other one, we used to really love getting tarot readings. I'm like, awesome, amazing. glad this is glad we're all having this experience together. But I understand people's hesitation or trepidation around coming out of the broom closet or whatever closet, you know, I think, I think we all can identify, maybe it's not specific to mediumship for being gay, but we can all identify in some way of sharing a piece of ourselves with someone and understanding that they may not be welcoming to it, but doing it anyway. Because living in that truth is so much more important than what someone else thinks of you.
It's such a good point. Was it your family that you started to, like verbally open up to about at first or friends or what approach did you take? Yeah, so
my first the first folks I kind of cave out to it was so I didn't plan on coming out. Right? Because my parents aren't on Tik Tok, you know? And so I was like, I'll just post these videos, and then then you have a couple that hit over a million views. And then eventually, you start getting like, the text messages with the phone calls. Like, I didn't know you did readings, that's amazing. And then you're like, Well, eventually, my parents are gonna find out about this eventually, you know, and so, I first told my friends, and they, you know, they had never really encountered someone like me and their life that they knew of. And so I say that they knew of, because there's a lot of us out there. And you know, and so, they at first were like, okay, like, Sure. And then, you know, after some time passed, they were like, okay, he's serious. Like, this is not like, he's, he's serious. This is actually happening. Yeah, yeah, this is happening. And so, you know, they were all apprehensive at first. And now I have to tell you, my friends, they come to, they come to every live event, they are so supportive, they like cheer me on, they're, you know, they're just so wonderful. And I've made new friends as well in the spiritual community. And, and, you know, and, and my parents, I told them, I was I was actually at Target and I was on the phone with my mom and I was like, Mom, I gotta tell you something, and she goes, Okay, and I was like, I'm a medium and she was what does that mean? And I was like, it means I talked to, I talked to dead people. And she was like, the They're not actually dead. But that's a whole nother debate for another day, I'm just gonna keep this as simple as I possibly can for this conversation, she goes, Well, nothing you do really surprises me anymore. So that's fine. And so, you know, it was, it was great, but, you know, but then I did have friends in my life who were like, you know, they're like, that's demonic, or, you know, you're, you're going to hell and and, you know, I grew up gay in Ohio, and I, you know, I just I came out at a very young age, and so I'm kind of used to people just resorting to that, while you're going to hell, if it's something that they're not really educated on, or their fear fearful of. So that doesn't really bother me when people go there. I've you know, I feel very fortunate that I learned that a long time ago that that has nothing to do with me, and I don't need to own that. But you know, it's it. But again, it's like that I would rather be out as a medium and help people and live into my purpose and live in that truth than not do that. Yeah, I
think it's such a good point, because it's unfortunate that you've had to go through rejection here and there. But also, you know, you make a great point that we don't have to take on board. Anything that someone says about us, this isn't just because someone says it, or it's their paradigm or belief system doesn't mean it has to be true for you. And it doesn't make someone any less of a person or you know, any better or worse or whatever. Because of it. Like your family received you pretty well.
They do. And they're so funny that my mom is so funny. She's like, do you still do your little readings, like she's really funny, like, I don't think she my mom really understands, like, what I do, or like the internet kind of success that I've had, and, you know, she sees things in like, you know, like US Weekly, and Entertainment Tonight. And she's like, Well, how did that happened? And it's really, it's amazing, though, because, you know, I love that my family is just, they don't treat me any different. It's, you know, it's still list, I still get, you know, I still get the same kind of treatment, which is nice. I need that. And I love that so much.
Because I mean, it's still who you are. And like you said, it's always been a part of you. And maybe you didn't identify earlier on as like, Oh, I'm talking to these invisible people. Maybe it just came out as you being a little woowoo Are you liking? Yeah, you know, a pretty rock here and there or whatever. Yeah, whatever it might be. So yeah, are there things like that, that you can recognize? I think you kind of alluded to earlier in retrospect, where you're like, Oh, I've especially in if you have like a high powered career in the beauty industry, you must realize, like, Oh, I've been reading people in these meetings, all along,
that my whole life like there's like been, like, so many moments where I'm like, oh, like, my, my mom's uncle. Oh, ran a graveyard, he ran a cemetery. Wow. And I would go and play in the cemetery as a kid because it felt so welcoming to me. Like a park, like setting dates are not beautiful, but like just the energy of just, you know, even though I know, that's where the physical vessels are something about the energy of that, to me, always just felt so loving and so inviting. And, you know, I look back at like movies I used to watch and like books that I would just, like, love to read. And, you know, but and especially in the beauty industry, you know, I started as a makeup artist, and, you know, you just end up receiving just something like, you know, someone's telling you their their problems are they're in their
physical space to close in their auric field, essentially, is what's happening. Yeah,
and so you just get these, like little bits that you think they need, and you share it, and you're, you know, next thing, you know, they're crying, you're crying, you're hugging it out, you know, and, and so, you know, or, you know, if I had, I was in leadership for a long time. And so, it was always great. I can always tell when somebody was like, wasn't being truthful with me, or somebody was trying to hide something from me. And I would always find it and I know, like, right where to look. And I get these like little intuitive knowings of like, look here or look here. And, you know, so it's yeah, it's sprinkled all throughout my my life. And it's fun to look back now and be like, oh, yeah, that's
what that was, I think is such a great point, too, because we all have, I know you believe this. I've heard you say it before, we all have intuitive ability. And it's just, I don't know, tell me your opinion. But for me, I feel like it's just about starting to pay attention to those nudges or I have a friend the way she used to say it is when something hangs a little lower in the air. Like if you ever had a conversation and one line just sticks out to you. It's like, just kind of following that hunch or feeling or nudge. Is that how you would say that people should start kind of paying attention to it?
Yeah. And you know, getting out of our head and into our physical body is so important. I think you know, our head in our mind is It never tells an accurate story. But your physical body, the way you feel your gut, that's always telling you the truth. And I think that we, we live in this society that like now. And when you've got the head and the gut and alignment, oh my god, watch out, you are just like, all powerful, right? But like we live in a society that, you know, it keeps us in our head, and it tells us to separate those two and that we have to listen to what our mind is telling with logic and reason. And I gotta be honest with you, I think that that sets a lot of people up, not just to only disregard their intuition, but just separate themselves from their sense of worthiness. Like, I gotta tell you, like if I think about myself, right, and I start analyzing myself, I can tell you 10 things that are wrong with me right off the bat. But if I ease into my knowing if I ease into my body, I know I'm whole. I know, I'm worthy. I know everything is exactly as it needs to be. Yeah. So like, both of those things are existing, only one of them is true. Now, when I get those thoughts about myself in alignment with how I'm feeling that Oh, my God, watch out, I am just Supercharged. And you can't tell me nothing. But you know, but I think that's true for a lot of people. And I think our intuition it, you know, it, it, we feel it, it comes through our solar plexus, we, you know, when we're in our bodies, when our nervous system is regulated, when we're calm, and we're receiving the knowings the nudges, listen to those, listen to those every single time they're not going to steer you wrong. It's just when we start to get up here in our heads. It's a dangerous neighborhood.
Do you have any tips or like recommendations for people who are listening to you and thinking like, Okay, well, I want to be more my body, but like, how do I do that? How do I discern the difference between those way? I say it is like the chatter in your mind versus that intuition in your body.
Yeah. So you know, breathing is always a great place to start. If you know and it's it's it's the, in my opinion, I think sometimes it's the thing that gets overlooked the most. There's power in our breath. Because if you think about it, you're breathing in lifeforce energy, air. Yeah. And so if you're just breathing in, and you're just focusing on your breath, feel it fill your belly, fill your lungs, and then breathe it out and just focus on that you're going to drop from your head into your body. So quickly, you're going to notice your heart rates are too slow, you're going to notice yourself feel more calm. That's one way another way. But that doesn't, but being still doesn't work for everyone. Yeah, that's true. So you have to honor that, right? And so if you're somebody who maybe you need movement, maybe you just need to dance it out. Like maybe you just need to play your favorite song, put on some headphones, wherever and just move your body without all that a kitchen dance party over here. Exactly, exactly. Or, you know, or maybe it's yoga or stretching whatever, right, I think the best for in my opinion, I think the easiest place to place to start is breath, and then kind of playing with, you know, what gets you into feeling your body or feeling like your quote unquote, in your body.
That's a great way to think of it too. And then I guess the next layer is back into personal development of them. It's exploring those emotions or the resistance and what's sometimes we resist being fully present. And it's such a, it's such an easy thing to just get on the phone or get on the computer and, you know, detach, right? Yeah,
absolutely, it is. And I think that's always a good kind of indicator that it's time to maybe pull ourselves back in the present moment, or just, you know, observe like, you know, I noticed when I get anxious, I like to fidget or clean or I've got to move things and not trying to fix it or judge it just to observe it. But I think that once we have that awareness of what we do, when we're either feeling anxious, or we're avoiding an emotion, then we can correct it, which then helps us to lean into our intuition. You know, I always say, you know, I tell my clients who want to focus more on listening to their intuition. I'm like, never asked your guides the universe yourself a question, while your mind is like racing, like
ever mind wants to fill in that blank space? Of course, never.
Yeah, calm yourself down first, and then ask the question. Yeah,
yeah. I think that's a great a great thing to think about too, just because it's the access is there, but it doesn't mean we know yet always how to do it immediately, or it can be something someone's working on.
It's a process and it's not a process that once you do at one time, you've got it perfected. It's like anything else. You just have to keep committing to showing up and committing to your own awareness. And if you you know, if you can do it, the more more you do it, the easier your needs. uric acid, but it's like anything else. You know, it's, it just takes that consistent showing up.
Do you have any personal practices as a medium that you do like regularly for yourself that help you right now?
Yeah, so I am I love. And I've been seeing this, like, make the rounds on social media more is sitting in the power, which I know you'll know. Because yes, like I love seeing sitting in the power like coming back because for me like sitting in the power. And for those listening that don't know sitting in the power is a meditation technique that helps mediums connect to spirit energy, or the energy of the universe, whatever word you want to put there. Yeah, but it also what a lot of people don't realize is it helps clear your energy and offers you energetic protection and connection. And so essentially, what it does is it helps you kind of clear your container so that way you can fill it with yummy, yummy, universal energy and be in that space. So I love sitting in the power. You know, energetic showers are great when I like hop in the shower, and I just picture clearing away my energy or when I'm washing my hands. I'm in Washington State. And so we're getting back into like spring is kind of peeking around the corner. So I've been I've been able to go to the beach more like just being just going and sitting at the beach just by the water just does something to me that I just I can't explain. And then I've actually been incorporating it in hot yoga regularly. So there's I know you asked for like one thing and I'm giving you like, Oh, I
love it. I mean, I think we all want the thing. It depends, you know, it
just depends on what I feel like I need but before clients, I always do a sitting in the power and then I you know, just just work with my guides and angels just on keeping my space, as you know, uplifted and filled with light as possible. And and that always serves me well.
That's wonderful I, I learned sitting in the power for my mentor, primarily under Andy Bing. And he teaches a whole separate course on that which I think a lot of mediums and for myself too, I always thought it was more Oh practice exercises and practice reading and all of that. And really, the truth is it's 90% of development happens in that sitting in the power or sometimes called sitting in the presence exercise where you're just our human tendency is what always be doing something nothing really always happening in that meditation. It's a lot of just stillness and expansion. And you know, sometimes things happen, but not always. And I think people are surprised by how we say like, it's not the sexy part of the work, you know, but it's so foundational important.
The so my friend who did my human design reading this morning, she actually shared with me, I will share this because I love the synchronicity of this conversation. Is that who's to say there isn't doing in the being? Yeah. And there really is a lot of doing that happens to be like sitting in the power sitting in the presence. It's, it kind of goes back to the being in your body. It's an exercise that helps you be in your body and get out of your head. Yeah. And so I think that there's a lot of power and sitting in the power for sure.
There really okay, all you mediums in developing mediums out there. You heard it. Yeah, you heard it here many times. But I love that you're saying it again. You're
so right, though, but here's the thing, it's like, it's like kind of like when someone goes to art school, and they make the art students draw like the fruit bowl, or the chair or the things it's like, they're like, I want to draw the really cool things or I want to paint the really cool things and, and like you have to have those basic foundational things in order to be able to really fly and soar and make mediumship your own. Which I'm really grateful that you know, I'm grateful for the mentors that taught me a lot of this core foundational things but also just me as a human like when I when everything is kind of getting complicated. In my world. I just go back to my breath, right and sometimes that's I'm going to be honest, sometimes that's easier to remember than other times. But when everything is kind of like chaotic, I just go back to that kind of that basic like just sit and breathe, just be allow the universe to respond to you don't respond to what's all the things that are happening. And not only has it just made me a better medium, it's also helped with my own mental health.
I think that's great and so important to remember that you know, we have so many things going on besides the unseen world. There's our day to day life and our physical health and are mental health and all these other things that it's important to also attend to. So thank you for saying that. That's right. Yeah, college. Yeah, I didn't tell you this when we hopped on, but when we do guests here on the pod, we do something called Spirit Speed Round towards the end. Okay. Okay, so I was hoping you're gonna have that reaction. It's for easy, fun questions that I would love to hear your thoughts on that? Okay,
I would love that. Let's do it. Good. Okay, the
first question is share one thing that really shocked you or was unexpected about your gifts as a medium,
that it would require me to do my own deep work. That in order for me to see, for me to be like a solid practitioner and not be rattled by what I hear or not take it on, like, I have to do my own shadow work.
Yeah, that's a good point, will you quickly just explain, I feel like we talked about it a lot. But I don't think everyone understands what Shadow Work is, when you just give a little like your definition of that.
My definition of Shadow Work is bringing light to the pieces of myself that have shame or guilt attached to them.
I love that there would definitely be Brene Brown approved, I'm
sure. I love
listening to her podcast this morning. She's She's relaunched it. So if you got to spend a day in the spirit world, you got the full tour, you got to spend time with everyone you've ever known who's crossed over, it's almost time for you to return to your human life. And your guide tells you you have one hour left and you could spend it with anyone who's on the other side. Who do you choose? And why?
Does it have to be just one person? No, no rules. I would visit with my grandmother's you know, I both my grandfather's are here, but both of my grandmother's are non physical, and I would spend some time with them. And you know, I would want to spend time with Jesus. I had this like weird, like religious trauma thing. And then now I don't have it. And I say I've like the best relationship with Jesus I've ever had in my life. And, you know, I would want to spend some time with him. I don't know. I just think it'd be kind of fascinating. I
love that. I think that's such a cool answer. And I do think it's valid. A lot of us have religious trauma and fear from man getting involved in spiritual things, really, I think is is that maybe what's happened. Even though we have very spiritual gifts, we have very human lives. What's one quirky thing about you that people might be surprised to learn?
I just got back into playing game or a Nintendo I bought a Nintendo Switch. And I they have this new Super Mario game that is so fun. I
was gonna ask what's your jam? Yes, I
please I'm not like into like the I have no problems with people that want to play like the gun games. And I it's not my thing I love like our yoga because it's like so silly. And like, it's just so fun. So yeah, I love playing Super Mario. It's
really fun. I think that's a really cool Quirk. It's so I would love to see you playing because I'm sure you're so animated. And
my inner. My inner child has just gone ham the past couple of weeks. Like it's like I wake up Saturday morning, and I'm like bowl of cereal video games, having the best time
very nostalgic. Yeah, we get to we get to have fun as adults too. And it's important to give your inner child some release.
I love it. Will you leave us with a pearl of wisdom? What's one piece of advice you wish that you'd had early on in your understanding of your gifts?
Don't rush it. It's okay that sometimes we feel impatient. Or sometimes we just wish we would you know progress faster, move along faster. That's a good thing. It means that we're, we're picking up on there is so much more we're picking up on the energy that there is more, but just have fun where you're at because it's just that's just you know, it's a part of it. You have to there's so much expansion, a lot of expansion happens when we're in states of joy. That's where the true expansion happens. So just have fun. It's great advice.
I love that you actually have a live event that's coming up just around the corner. I would love it if you would well, of course we'll put everything in the show notes so people can easily just link to it. But thanks.
Yeah, I'll be doing a platform mediumship event on May 16 at the blue mouse Theatre in Tacoma, Washington. So I'll be for those. For those who have never been to an event like that. It's where a medium takes the stage and just you know, I call it point and shoot we just start pointing people start giving readings and connecting their loved ones out out in the spirit world and so it's a really great event filled with a lot of just love, hope and healing and, and joy and what I really enjoy about these events is even if you don't get a reading, personally, the energy of healing that is present is so big and powerful. And so I'm really excited to do that'll be my second event at that venue. And it's just it's a venue that has such a rich history. It's called the blue mouse theater if I didn't say that already. And it's, it's the theater has is the oldest Playhouse Theatre in the state of Washington. And it's a gorgeous space. So I'm really excited to do that the event is called Travis Holp Live, nothing, you know, pretty, pretty quick and simple. And to the point of what it is, yeah, yep. So and that's, that can be found on my website as well at Travis
I love that you share too about even if someone doesn't receive a personal communication from their own loved ones I didn't use to understand until I went to my first demonstration how unique it is of an experience. And even if you're not receiving a reading, you can feel so many things that shocking.
It's it is like I and I'm with you I never understood until I went to my first my first live mediumship demonstration was John Edward. And I've been to two of his events. And I've been to a lot more sense but that was my first one. And you know, you could not tell me that my grandmothers were not sitting right next to me that entire time even if he didn't connect with them just the energy that I that the the energetic portal that a medium is, is such a beautiful thing. And to just be in that energy is just it's it's delightful.
Well, thank you so much for what you do for your work in the world for being who you are, and for being here with us today. And thank you for shining your light.
Thank you for having me joy.
It's been my honor. Well, what did you think of that conversation with the beautiful soul that is Travis Holp, how generous of him to really share about his journey and his process. I love the tips that he gave us and I'm so excited for his event coming up in Washington that Live platform mediumship demonstration group mediumship reading whatever you'd like to call it. I will put all the info in the show notes. Of course, be sure to check out his social media platform Travis warrior unicorn is his handle on Instagram and tick tock. Of course he takes private bookings. And if you want to find out even more about him or learn how to book with him, I'll again put it in the show notes but his website is So I am so grateful to Travis for sharing his time and his energy and his beautiful soul with us. I hope that you have enjoyed this conversation and that you found it inspiring or enlightening in some way I'm always grateful to have you here with us. Inside Spirit Speakeasy, Big hugs, lots of love. Bye for now.

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