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Truths Bubbling Up to the Light: Weekly Reading, Energy, Potentials & Guidance for June 21-28

Jun 21, 2024

Truths Bubbling Up to the Light: Weekly Reading, Energy, Potentials & Guidance for June 21-28


🕯️As more truth comes to light this week, you are being asked to balance your head and heart. Compassion rather than gloating, intellect over spin, for example. 


⚓️There’s guidance to tap into any of the foundational tools, training, personal practices, etc. you have and use your wisdom and discernment this week. The many truths starting to bubble up may be related to bigger themes in our lives, personally or as a collective. Likely all of these areas are involved. 


🚘In your own life, you’re likely moving away from what’s not in alignment with your True Self and not looking back! You’re headed out of troubled waters. Though you’re still in the transition, this is a good thing! 


🌬️The fast paced energy picks up again this week. Call in Metatron for assistance with timing, balance and managing everything going on week. (Learn to work with him here: )


🚛For some, you or someone close to you is having an actual physical move this week. 


🧘🏻‍♀️The guidance is to make time and TAKE time to go within this week. Make sure any information you’re taking in comes for trustworthy sources, re-vet sources as needed. Get still and allow your intuition and inner wisdom to help you discern truth from manipulation. 


❤️‍🩹Deeper clarity can sting but it’s better to rip off the bandaid and know the truth, wouldn’t you agree? How you respond is your choice. Take in the information or wisdom, go within to process, and keep collecting intuition and truths as we go through these next few months. Ultimately, big truths will be revealed and we are now in the early stages. 


📌In a more personal way, there’s a good chance many of us (or someone we advise/close to us) will have people in their own lives who reveal ulterior motives, shady ways or some level of dishonest behavior. 


💛Truth is always for our highest good so let it bubble up to the light and take notes!! Take notes of your thoughts, intuitions and inspirations right now too!!


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