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2024 Astrology Predictions: June through December with Sheetal Story

Jun 03, 2024

It's HERE! Part 2: June through Dec 2024 Astrological Predictons! Master Astrologer, Certified Grief Support Counsellor & Psychic Medium, Sheetal Story is back in the Spirit Speakeasy house!! Sheetal shares specific predictions, details, potentials, and guidance based on the wisdom of the astrology for the remainder of 2024 and even a glimpse into next year, 2025! 

She discusses relationship shifts, career changes, financial potentials, global themes, opportunities for growth and, as always, gives us priceless "heads up" on all of the potentials. Sheetal even shares how we can prepare for the energies in the last part of the year NOW!

Sheetal was last with us Dec of 2023 episode 51: 2024 Astrology Predictions with Sheetal Story (January through May 2024):

Show notes:

Sheetal Story is a Psychic Medium, a Professional Certified Astrologer, a Grief Support Counsellor and a Law of Attraction Master Coach. Sheetal’s mission is to help heart-centred people cultivate and strengthen their intuition, to trust and use it every day, so they can live their most aligned and soul-led purposeful life. Intuition is the compass of the soul, and she teaches that your soul always knows the way. The more you learn to trust your intuition and flow with the energy that life presents, the more life will open up the most magical opportunities for growth and abundance!

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Episode Transcript:


Hey beautiful soul Welcome to Spirit Speakeasy. I'm Joy Giovanni, Joyful Medium. I'm a working psychic medium energy healer and spiritual gifts mentor. This podcast is like a seat at the table in a secret club, but with mediums, mystics and the spiritual luminaries of our time so come behind the velvet ropes with me and see inside my world is I chat insider style with profoundly different souls. We go deep share juicy stories laugh a lot and it wouldn't be a speakeasy without great insider secrets and tips. You might even learn that you have some gifts of your own. So step inside the Spirit Speakeasy.
Welcome again everyone have been awaiting this episode. I'm really excited to be here recording this with our friend Paul story. If you haven't met too tall before she was last with us in December 2023 and episode 51 When she gave us the 2024 astrology predictions from January through May of 2024. And now here we are getting ready to tip into June and Sheetal is returning to give us the astrology predictions for June through December of 2024. Let me give you a quick bio for her for those of you that are new to the incredible shuttle story. She's a psychic medium, a professional certified astrologer, a grief support counselor and a law of attraction master coach she tells mission is to help heart centered people cultivate and strengthen their intuition and to trust and use it every day so they can live their most aligned soul lead purposeful life. Intuition is the compass of the soul. And she teaches that your soul always knows the way the more you learn to trust your intuition and flow with the energy that life presents the more life will open up the magical opportunities for growth and abundance. And towards the end of the episode, we're going to talk about an opportunity that you can learn to manifest use your intuition and understand astrolo astrology with Sheetal. We'll talk about that in just a little bit. Welcome in, Sheetal Story. Thank you for having me back. And this is I was so excited to talk to you. I was making our sign a paper and I was making all my notes for last night and I was just like, Oh, I just love you so much. I'm so glad to be here and thank you for having me back. So when we last spoke, we were not even through the holidays getting ready to head into the new year. I don't know if everyone knows this, but we tend to do our predictions for the following year kind of around the same time. So I like to back to back those episodes with the the energetic like numerology theme based on the year and then you give us all the astrological and energetic I don't know weather report from from your perspective, which is so amazing. So I want to just briefly recap kind of what we've already seen coming to fruition this year. I mean, it's been it's been a pretty topsy turvy fast slow Hurry up we energy so far this year. It has been Yeah, and I think we knew that. One of the things I said in our last meeting together was that this year 2024 is a corridor year, right? It is actually leading us to 2025 which we know in numerology is a nine year. So it's a culmination, it's also a massive transformation and change for the astrology. Because all of this five outer planets are going to be changing sine at the same time or around the same time. So it is a massive change in the energy. And usually they change like their cycles or like 12 years, seven years, 2020 years like they're not supposed to kind of all be at the same time because it's a lot, but just the way that everything is synchronizing, it's like time is speeding up. And we're going to see more of this like air fire next year. So we have to kind of clear out all the remnants this year. So we're literally in the birthing canal you know, birthing 2025 And it has been a lot it's like I know so many people have gone through a lot of loss, a lot of change, a lot of transformation. A lot of people I know passing away and having loved ones passed away. And I think there's a lot of souls leaving before the new you know, the new paradigm is starting so we're just seeing a room mass exodus of spirits. And wow, the energy for the end part of the year is very, very, I was gonna say intense. We're going to be entering 2025 with a real I'm gonna say just kind of getting getting yourself ready to be at home, be introspective, introverted, because the energy is not going to be one of like, hurrah, let's go for January 1, we're actually going to be in a little bit of an incubation period until about February of 2025. So this is a year of clearing out all the clutter
are all the things that are no longer serving us. And it's not easy as humans to not let go of these patterns and people and dynamics in our lives, you know, and even seeing ourselves in such a different way. It's, it's, it's a lot.
Well, and what we both know and what astrology teaches us is that it's not even if say, a transit or something's happening on a specific date, we're feeling that energy shifting the magnetic poles the energy moving and changing long before a long after the actual date of, you know, the specific point in time. So do you feel like this year so far as we're moving through this quarter year has been like a ramping up of the energy? I would say so I mean, you just look at the energy and the politics of what's going on around the world with, you know, all of the fighting and the political wrangling. And people trying to fight for rights and seeing things in a new way that we didn't see it, you know, when these events were happening long time ago. So just there is been this ramping up. And it feels like, you know, as we hit summer here, in the northern hemisphere, like this heating up of the globe is gonna get hotter and hotter. Right, especially as we go into Lake Leo season and Sagittarius, there's going to be just more fire in the air. So the fire is, you know, the heating up of the globe, it is forest fire season here already in Canada, there's already at this point in time when we're recording this in May, massive evacuations already in northern towns and stuff for fires that are already imminent. And if it's happening now in May, like this is the earliest we've seen it, it's going to be across Canada, and the smoke is already coming in and playing a factor which is another part of this. So it's really, really interesting to notice this ramping up. And again, you know, you said you said it so beautifully is that the it's just energy coming onto this planet. And what we do with it, we have free will. And it's going to, we're going to feel it in different ways, because we all have our own unique charts. And we have our own unique, you know, energy signatures, but there's also this massive energy signature that's affecting the globe, you know, when it's, it's making things move faster technology, advancements, medical, like we're just starting to learn more and more things. And I think one of the things I'm really excited about is inventions. And you know, how we're going to deal with this what's coming in, that's going to be helping or maybe the perception then it's going to be helping like we're seeing a lot with electric cars about that. Yeah, so yeah, lots of really quick I just want to touch into for me one of the themes with an eight year is this year, particularly truth coming to light. And so like you said, in politics in science in even just like pop culture and celebrity news throughout the world, it has it hasn't been like nuts how much things are bubbling up. Yeah, and especially like Jupiter, at this point in time. Jupiter is about to go into Gemini on May 25. So it hasn't happened yet the time that we're recording this but by the time it's out the to your listeners have probably already be and Gemini rules communication, the media connection, coming, I think I said communities already but relationships, but things coming to light information. And so I think that Jupiter in Gemini is just going to really blow up media, the way that we see the way we connect with each other. We're even just noticing, like, we're hearing a lot now about Instagram, and them changing their verifications, and business and having all these different tiers that you got to pay for things now. And then the amount of ads that we're seeing, like I think we're on the cusp of a new media platform coming out, that feels more authentic, right, that we want to truly connect for. Like, I want to see your pictures. I don't see any of your pictures ever. You know, I'm like what not is always my friend. No, I feel too it's very curated in a advertising base with Yes, every third post is a is a advertisement. I'm always like looking to see like, do I know this person? And you see it's sponsored or it's an advertisement on like, oh, yeah, and it's really that kind of break in our social media, the way that we connect as well, is that, you know, we can Doom scroll and get stuck on these platforms. And it's designed to be that way, you know, by the psychology of it. But if we start to put in these breaks, even for ourselves, like every time I see an ad now I shut down my social media and I move on to something else. So it's just kind of like a migraine or migraine at your site. Yeah, yeah, I'm trying to train myself like that's not what I want to see. Yes. And copies. Yes, and funny things and videos. You know, so there's this interesting this media is going to shift. I think the way that we see media is already shifting we saw that you know, happening back at COVID days and there's an interesting transit that happened in 2020 with Saturn and Jupiter meeting up in the zero degree mark of Aquarius, you know, at the end of 20
20 And this euro degree mark of Aquarius is now being kicked off as planets move across it that are kind of bringing to light these new things which Pluto is about to cross that at the end, I mean, it's going to retrograde over it and come back over at one last time at the end of this year. So big, big thing, like you said, I mean, and if anyone hasn't listened to Episode 51, I encourage you to go back just so you can see what's already happened based on what you said. And two of the things that I remember. And I've gone back a couple times and listened to that episode, full disclosure, just because as things roll out, you know, I'm not going to remember necessarily the entire episode. So I'll go back and listen. And we really did talk a lot about how the energy is shifting as we move through the quarter of this year to you know, what's on the other side. And it's kind of a cliffhanger that you left us on last time a little bit about, okay, big things are happening in June. And then the other thing I want to make sure as we go we touch on as you had alluded to something in sort of that November, December period that we should be aware that the way that I I'm not going to quote it right, but like essentially one of the things you said was people that are, you know, in business that are launching courses that are planning for things normally that we would do November, December, Hey y'all, that's not going to be the best timing. So I'm like on the on the clip about about those two. So I have my tea, I'm ready to hear all the tea. Love it out. 2024 love it. And I support a lot of entrepreneurial women that are, you know, launching and growing their businesses and multimillionaire women that have empires. And I feel like when we really follow our own astrology and we really go according to those web it those ebbs and waves, we can really get the best bang for our buck, right? And so even noticing the Collective's energy, like there's also you have to pay attention. I always say I would never recommend launching on a Mercury retrograde. But I've done it people do it, they still have some success to it. Is there a tech glitches? 100% of the time? Yes, my plan to log on and check your internet differently and have a bank I always talk about bringing an umbrella. Yeah, exactly. We ready for that. So you can launch and do anything anytime you want. And your chart like if you're born with a Mercury Retrograde then that's like a homecoming for you. So yeah, you might want to launch on those, you know, those moments in time too. So it's very individual as well. But you know, as a collective, we can sort of understand the energy that's coming in and meet them as entrepreneurs or as practitioners and healers. meet them where they're at where they're in need that right, they'll need support, too. So, yeah, that's gonna be needed. Yeah. And it's great, too. I mean, that's part of the way I use it is to inform me for things I'm working on things I'm planning and you know, if it's, yeah, this is a quarter year. So it's one of the things one of the recommendations is like, be getting your, you know, if you got to clean under some cabinets, and you have some free time, like maybe this is a good time to be getting those things in order, right. And your taxes and you know, like, depending on what's coming up, but I think we're just I've been noticing personally, like so much cleaning up in my money house. But Pluto is moving through my money house. So it makes sense that I'm like getting those last little bits, you know, set up in taxes and accounting. Yeah, refining things. So yeah, I think everyone listening, you'll notice there's an area of your life that's really been highlighted, whether it's relationships, or career or home or your health, like, you'll notice where that is, and just notice what's kind of trying to be cleaned up this year, that maybe you don't want to pay attention to, you've been resisting, or you aren't paying attention to it. And it just feels like it continues to, you know, give you lessons and opportunities for learning. And it's it's coming about, like your work will be noticed like it will it will pay off in the end. So just keep going keep going. Well, and to your point, it's not going to be something that's like a secret that we don't know. I mean, we all kind of have areas that we're working on, or areas that were maybe more resistant to so it'll be something that's been I mean, not that there won't be surprises because I feel like they're all like, it'll be something that's been nudging likely, right? Yes. And I think that's like, whenever I do an astrology reading, I It's always funny because they're like, Yeah, I was thinking that or I was I was thinking about writing a book this year. I was definitely wanting to travel this year. And I said, That's why astrology works. Because it's already the energy's already in motion. It's building and receiving and building and receiving. We're humans. We need time to edge into things like we can't just get dropped into the middle of a big change. And yeah, I think we would all have a mental breakdown and that's not our evolutionary goal. You know, our soul is evolving and learning through these experiences. So the astrology is just showing you a time in your life where something is going to be more highlighted, right and that's what I love about astrology because it's, it's real and works. It's you can't make this stuff up.
up, you know, if you think that this is all Hocus Pocus, look back to the 2400 years of information and data that has been collected and refined and there's actually like research and the way that we do the work and astrology to understand patterns and accept a new phenomenon or not. That is there's, there's a lot of sort of science based
processes that we use. And it's the true astrology, when you're in astrology associations, and you like living this work, it is very profound, deep, and there's a lot of integrity, you know, with it. So, it's interesting, I know, for those of you, those of you out there, you know, looking for astrology, readings, whatever, just be really discerning, like, ask about what is their credentials? Are they part of an association? Where did they learn astrology, like, just, you know, just even social media can be very glamorous, and look really excited.
And then you get to read and like, I like to get a reading once a year from someone I don't know. And I've had a few where I thought they were good. And they came recommended. And then it was just awful, or people that were very prolific sometimes in those in those AstroWorld. And then it's like, wow, you didn't tell me? Like it was really interesting. So yeah, just be discerning, you know, astrology does work. And I think we're gonna see that right. But the last six months has been well, yeah, I'm so wild, that just the global energy and what's the, I mean, like you, to your point earlier, like a lot is stirring up. And, unfortunately, and I guess, fortunately, things have to stir up for change, they have to stir up for progress. It's not usually comfortable in the laboring process. But yeah, we have to flesh out the way it works here, right. It's like these things, flesh out things to the surface to then be healed for his whole to kind of witness or come together or, you know, get discerning with and then then then it settles back down again. So things flush to the surface all the time. And what's flushing now is so interesting in terms of divisive pneus, right with the us versus them, and either you're with me or you're not like there's when we start talking about gray areas in between things, and how we can see both sides of it. This is not something that is promoted by media, which I think is, again, very sensational. And that's what sells, right? And then we're also noticing that and then the dynamics within so as within so without we heal the divisive Ness between within us, then we can heal it out into the world. So it always starts here, right at our heart. Yeah, is there as we kind of move into looking at June and the summer and then the fall? Is there a question about this energy that we can be asking ourselves, like you said, it starts within? So is there something we should be or could be being available to investigate as we go in particular, as it relates to what were the themes that we're looking at? Yeah, I think it's always there's so much here with rhetoric, like mercury Retrogrades, are going to really bring up a lot about our motivation. And what are we aligned with our inner truth? Soul truths, you know, capitalists sold true. Yeah. And where are we not? Where are we trying, trying to appease? Or where have we been conditioned to release those parts of ourselves? So really great questions is like, what is this bringing up for me? Where am I out of alignment with my sole purpose? Where am I feeling like, because I think all of us go through and when we are because that's how we're conditioned as children. And that's why I love my psychology and grief counseling side of what I do is that it jives together right? Like these. It's just wild, when you look at astrology and psychology that grew up years always correlate with Saturn returns in Jupiter, and you know, all the it's just wild. But what I'll say is this conditioning that's coming up, we are being asked to step into higher truths. And so lead purpose and where are we, you know, really, in the grand scheme of things, what are we contributing to this world that's Aquarian, humanity and coming together to help each other. So your part two that you play in that is really important. And you know, I know if they're attracted to you and listen to your podcast, they're really good people, because I know you are and your soul souls out there, and heart led, and that what is coming up for you is to really see where have you not been healing yourself and just going along on everybody else's agenda, right. So that could come up in the body as healing and health that could come up as your, you know, patterns that can be doing things the same and always getting the same results and you get frustrated, like that is seeds of discontent that need to sort of be watered so you can even sneak in as like judgment. If something happens. And you notice, even if that's not what you say, or how you act as little subtle feeling of like, Oh, I feel a little judgy right now what's going on? Like it's, it's available all the time. Yes. And judgment is protection. Right. It is an armor that we wear to make sure that we are okay, we are good enough. So when we did something else, actually, when you judge something, there is a wound underneath the judgment. So noticing every time you want Oh
I can't believe she would wear that, or oh, that person looks weird. Wow. So you felt like you couldn't wear that or you feel like you don't fit in, if you don't look a certain way, you know, that's a mirror, it's always mirroring back to you something about yourself. So pay attention to judgment, it's a lovely path of healing that can be available to you if you realize that that's actually a mirror for you. Not even the more we're processing this stuff as we go, it's not that we won't have to continue, because that's just the nature of our lives, right? We continue processing, but it can make some of these transitions, I don't know from, from my perspective, at least can make them feel a little bit more.
Like we're participating in a way that's beneficial than resistant. You don't I mean, yeah, and I think that is like we can be in the work, the work is never done, right? Like we as long as you're a soul breathing on this planet, in a body, you are still in the work. And I think one of the things I've been really noticing in my year, because it has been really tough within my family of a lot of people going through some really tough challenges within the family is that we can be in the work all the time. But if you focus on that, and what's wrong, you're focusing on the gap, not the game. And that's a that's a famous book. I don't I can't remember the author now. But the the gap is always like where we're trying to get to what's wrong, what's not working. And I want to encourage your listeners to also look back and go, What is working? How far have you come? Look at all the good things that you have in your life? And can we give gratitude for what has been and then also enjoy the pockets of wonderfulness in your life? Because what's coming ahead, like I noticed that on good days, like when everyone in my family is having a good mental health day. It's a it's a good day. It's a weird day. That's right, good days. And everyone's doing okay, and you'll take it right, like you'll take it. But it takes the contrast of having none of those days and having hard, hard moments to realize, Wait, I need to appreciate the good days when they're here. Because they're not always here. Right. And I have some friends who are no longer in my friend group, but they're like, you know, don't don't let this lull you into a false sense of and I was like, you know, you can just go away, because it's okay to just appreciate and acknowledge that in this moment. It's a good moment. No one's in pain. No one's fighting. Everyone's getting along. Let's just appreciate this moment in time. And so, you know, yes, we can talk about the astrology and there's good days. And we tend to talk about the more challenging ones, because those are the ones that we kind of want to be like, Oh, that's why this is happening. Or oh, this is that timing. And everything can be used in the good way to like, there's no such thing as a bad transit. It's just everything is operating as is it's the weather, right? So exactly. Enjoy the good moments that you have to and don't feel like the astrology Trump's your life. You trump your life, you get to decide what to do with this energy. And if you're having a good day on a Mercury Retrograde, go have a good day, right? Yay for you. Amazing. Retrograde, I gotta tell you, I think it's my personal chart, but I love
Mercury was my ruling planet. So every time I read their grades, I, I noticed it very deeply in my life. So yeah, it's something that I pay very close attention to, and no different than like, if you are a Pisces, Scorpio cancer, you are a water sign, then definitely following the moon and noticing moons full moons and new moons and Moon transits will really affect you, right. So just noticing those planets and those things that affect you. And I like that on my calendar because then I can go okay, this is coming up. I can shore it up and I can make sure that I'm like double checking, not doing anything big. I mean, I live my calendar according to my moon cycle, like my menstrual cycle. And that's I purposely won't take a lot of clients are on days that I am menstruating. And then on days that I'm ovulating, I'll like be on stage I'll be doing a lot of things like this. So yeah, it's it's really fun when you start to live your chart and live your cycles because you have so much more energy and vitality. Yeah, right. And you give yourself true on the days that you don't anyone can do that can look at I mean, it's pretty easy now with all of this technology. That's so easy to figure out. Oh, when's when's the new moon? When's the full moon one of this? And even just
you know, who who first taught me to do this with my mediumship is Mavis Pattillo. Yeah, she said she would. She learned that around the moon cycle she felt stronger in one phase and and less, you know, stronger, clearer and another phase and that is true for me too. It's the opposite of it is for most people but I tend to you know, like you said I tend to around the full moon I know personally that the pattern has been through my research that I need more rest and on the on the new moon I tend to be stronger, brighter. Things move differently for me I have more energy on those, you know that part of the cycle so we each can do do those for ourselves. It's available. Yeah, and I
think when you do track your cycles, and notice even just following the moon cycles are following, you know what cycles are happening in your chart, there's, if you look up your the time that you were born, what was the moon phase, at the time that you were born, that will actually give you a big theme that's going to permeate your entire life. And then if you know, let's say you're born on a full moon, every month on a full moon will be your most creative day. So it's your because it's like you're recreating the time that you were born. So it's actually a very creative time. So just noticing those days in your calendar. Yeah, I actually will say that with my clients, like these are more your your most creative days every month, and just put them on the calendar or set them aside if you're a creator, or somebody that's like, like, I love to be really creative with like courses and opportunities, and like workshops and sting, things like that. So I will set those days aside on my calendar to just brainstorm or I will have meetings on those days with people that really like light up my creativity. And so yeah, it's really into or even just put them aside on your calendar, you know, I always kind of put them in purple. So I know whatever's booked on those days, I'll just pay attention to what creative output you know, things come up. Because even in a reading as you know, you can be creatively inspired by something someone says or something spirit says. And then after that, I will just do a huge post on social media about what came through during that reading. That's not about them, but more so the creativity about your lesson of the soul purpose, whatever it came through, so cool. So yeah, there's such applicable ways to use all of this 100% I mean, I hate hate spirituality. That's just like, Okay, what am I going to do with that? Like, okay, like, so my aura is purple. Okay, and then what? Right? It's like, oh, you're actually creative. And the more purple you were, the more purple that is. So maybe you want to
balance out with some red, you know, and like practical applications of things. It really is so important. And I know you're the same way. And that's why I love her so much. Right? Like, what are we doing with this stuff that actually helps us live a better life? Right? That's yeah, that's what this astrology is about. Yeah, it's all great and fun and fine to do if it just feels good. But also like, I don't know, let's, let's use that chart. Right. Let's use it. Let's flip it. Let's make our lives better and easier, though. We need more of that, like more ease, please. Right? So yeah, absolutely. It's about
I love all these little private experiments that we do with our selves. And I love energy. Love it.
Let's get into June through December. I'm like, excited, but also feel like I need to take some deep breaths.
Is that right? You're very you're very psychic. My psychic friend? Yes. You're very psychic. Yeah, I knew I was like epidemics. So what I feel like I'm gonna have to just self soothe as I learned about the, the exciting transition. Yeah, and I was like, there's so many things. And I know, we only have like an hour. So I wanted to really drill down to
as much time
limited time. And, you know, I want to just keep it as concise as possible. So what I'll start with is that you know, that Gemini, Mercury, Jupiter, moving into Gemini, at the end of May, we're just going to notice that we're more chatty, we're more wanting to be in community more, you know, we were just talking about in person readings and community things before we started the recording. And I think that's going to be a real ramp up, you know, over the next year, that Jupiter, being in Gemini is going to really want us to connect more and come out of our shells, which like hallelujah, you know, compared to what happened with COVID, everyone kind of went into the shell and ever came out. And I think, you know, I keep seeing the sign of like the crab like wanting to come home, but I wanted to come out, but I don't know how I feel. Yeah, and I think because I like being at home too. Like I'm a homebody as well, but I also am such an extrovert. So I love talking about in the right communities with the right people. So I think there's going to be a need for more connection coming out over the next year as well. And then for June we have the sun enters cancer on the 20th of June. That's a summer solstice where a beautiful time of like the light and I think it's going to really bring us for June and July lightness and a nice energy. So these are going to be months where you really enjoy June and July. Enjoy those, like we do like Yeah, and we do have Saturn going retrograde on June 29. But it's in Pisces. It's about our dreams coming to fruition and where are you not being truly authentic to what you want to create in this life and it's a very underlying energy so it's like nothing too big. Neptune goes but it's back to those questions that you gave us right of like, where am I in alignment? What what how am I reassessing these dreams that I had which but it's watery and its summary and yeah, and it's very because hash II and like introspective and spiritual and so you know, anytime that you're doing anything over the summer that's very ethereal, spiritual
Going to retreats, camping, being in nature, you're really going to cultivate more intuition, more connection to your true spiritual self, because we're so connected to the busyness of the world. And then Jupiter in Gemini is going to really amplify that, like the the social media and everything, but we have to reach our people. So social media is kind of the way. But the more that we come back into nature and stuff, I mean, that's just a given, we're going to disconnect from that busyness and really align with like, what am I feeling inside, right? What's the voice inside? And so maybe bring like a journal with you to your vacation? Yeah, pondering some of these things and spend that time and you know, if there's something on your heart that you're like, what's my next step? Or? I've been noticing a lot of people, but that's also what the work that I do. But this sort of seeds of like, what next for me? Right? I've noticed that too. Yeah. More so than the usual past year. Yeah, I think and as that birthing of 2025, right? Because it's no longer we can no longer be asleep at the wheel or working these jobs that, you know, yes, they pay our paycheck, or they pay for, you know, our lifestyle. But there's a way that now we can transition safely to something that really aligns with our hearts. So I think this, this latter part of 2024 and into 2025, is going to be more, I think there's going to be a heightened sense of education, like self education with that Gemini energy, taking more classes learning about what is it that we want for me, like I've been hearing from so many of my clients, like, I don't want to go back to school and get a two year or four year degree. Right as like, well, there's so much in the self education realm right now that you don't have to like, it'll give you that education without here's the thing with degrees, you know, yes, they qualify you for certain designations. And that's important. But you also take a lot of information that's not quite relevant sometimes to what you want to do. Right, you have to be prepared for all the things. So if you're really specific, like grief counseling work, I don't have to go back and get a degree to do grief counseling work, I have to just be really specific in the designations and the courses I take to then be able to hold that space. But yeah, with regards to self education, we also then get the flip side of that is buyer beware, right? Because everyone you hire is not going to have the credentials. That's why you really want us, you know, ask where do you get your credentials are you come by referral are people around you? People are referring people to me. So on the grief counseling side, I get a lot of referrals. And then I always have a call to make sure that we're a good fit to work with, I do not have the skills to deal with PTSD, right, or CPSE, or,
you know, sexual trauma. So it's for me, it's really important that I stay in the spiritual grief realm, because that's where I love to play and who I love to serve, and anything else needs to get referred to proper people. So, you know, that's just buyer beware, is going to be a really big thing right? Next year, right? Because it's like, be empowered. Yeah, the opportunity here to be empowered, and be asking additional questions, you know, gaining additional information. So you can make a more informed choice about all this and jump in, yes. And even for you, who are wanting to be educated and like looking to move out of your career into something else. But you have super discerning and have integrity of like, Who are you serving? How you're doing it? And do you feel super qualified? At the end of it, you're not taking a two day course and calling yourself a coach? Like, that's not? Is this in alignment with the direction you're wanting to go forward? You know, back to those questions you gave us so 140 This is how
that's why I asked her those questions and stuff, because this is how we can use these energies or how I do it anyways, and and be, you know, juice in the most out of that. Orange right. I love that analogy. Love it. So the first time that I started to notice like, oh, we should pay attention is July 17 2024. This is actually when Mercury goes retro shade. So before about that, so Mercury Retrograde, so Mercury actually goes retrograde on August 5 2024. Obviously, all of these are 2024. And it's going to be Mercury retrograde. Sorry, in Virgo. So before that, there's going to be degrees in which Mercury is going to go over and as retrograde right. So Mercury slows down relative to yours. So when we talk about Retrogrades, we're talking about planets that are slowing down relative to the trajectory of the Earth around the Sun. So all the planets are traveling around the Sun in their orbit. And when planets go around their their orbit, they're actually speeding up and slowing down in their trajectory. And that has to do with the gravity and you know, slipping out into the into space and then back again. So when our planets that are in our solar system, slow down and speed up, they actually have a different kind of energy that exudes on the earth. And when so you kind of think of it as you're looking at it in the sky. It will look like it's going backwards because we
We are going faster than it but it's not actually going backwards planets don't go backwards, right. So mathematically relative to the Earth, it is going back words or slower than the Earth. So Mercury goes slower than the earth about three to four times a year. So it's not something that's kind of weird or out of the norm. And when Mercury rules our mind, or communication or thought processing our connection to each other, and our coordination, so you might notice that you're really clumsy during a Mercury Retrograde especially if you're a Virgo or Gemini, because it rules our planet that rules us. So I noticed like during that time, I can't throw a basket, I can't hit a basket to save my life, right, I am hitting myself on things I might miss a step on the way down like I have to be really mindful and careful. So when mercury goes retrograde, it will go retrograde between like three to four weeks over a period of the Zodiac, right. So over a portion of the zodiac. When it goes retrograde over those that portion of the Zodiac we are meant to slow down to reassess to revise the ruler of Aries right? Before it goes retrograde though, it will go over a period of the Zodiac that it will go over again in the retrograde. So the way to sort of use this as a example. So you can see what I mean, from July 17 to August 5, Mercury will be retro shade. So it will be going over those decrees again. So I like to pay extra attention to what you are thinking about what you're dreaming about what you're writing what you're talking about with people, your emails, like if you're like you'd like to write a journal, what are you writing and journaling about? Because remember, Mercury is about our cognition, right? So when we pay attention to July 17 to August 5, now from August 5 through August 28, we will go over those same degrees again. But now in retrograde motion. So we're going over the things that we worked on, but with like now we're refining we're seeing it through new eyes. We're learning more about things right. So let's say you're writing a book, yeah, right to all the reads. So if you're writing a book, or you're writing a short story, what will happen is, you know, August, sorry, July 17. To August 5, you'll write the story. August 5 to August 28, you're going to look over and go, Why did I write this oh my god, this is shit, right. And then you might like cancel things out and write it again, have an experience in life that might see that passage in a new way, and you will rewrite it. And then from August 28 to did I put the post shade Yeah, September 11, you will then go over that and reap the benefits of everything that you worked on. So so this is how you use the Retrogrades to your benefit. This is how you flow with and understand it and if you're traveling at all during this time, I was gonna say make sure
make sure you are planning you are looking over the details. Everything is three times confirmed and you're not just relying on your electronics because batteries can die very fast. During Mercury Retrograde it's like an energy drain. So there go with printed documents have a photocopy of your passport with someone here you know where you're not travel to, like just have all the precautions and Tobago we say to like pack some extra undies and socks and snacks and your carry on just in case you would need to stay you know, extra 24 hours or you lose your luggage right? Yes, that's a big one. I try not to travel with any checked bags during a Mercury Retrograde like if I have to travel, I will have my stuff on me.
And I'm not letting the airline lose it somewhere, right? So everything kind of checked over and then also pack extra patience. Because things are delayed normally during a Mercury Retrograde there's snack foods or communication glitches. So you can just pack an extra book or like an extra you know, something app on your phone or whatever that you can play to add to that to like pack some extra compassion because everybody's doing their best. Yes, nobody wants it to be like that. So can we be a little more compassion that if something goes wrong for the employees for the you know, and I think when you know that you're traveling during a Mercury Retrograde you're not expecting everything to be like perfect and firing on all cylinders. So I think the the astrology inherently can breed more compassion and kindness because you're like, Well, everybody's operating like it's so funny how many times people I'm waiting for someone to join on to their zoom session, and they can't get the link to work, their computer shuts down and they're like, I'm so sorry. I'm like, It's Mercury retrograde. I was expecting it and they're like, Oh,
this is like gets it out like I'm on some you know summit or whatever. They're they've decided to do it during a Mercury retrograde and everything you'd have blacked out. Mercury I see you. Right it's it's funny because as an astrologer, you know, you see those memes on on Insta
grab right there like astrologers. No one could have expected this and astrologers. Like,
we knew it was gonna happen. Because we do, right? Like, you're just like, oh, yeah, we know something's gonna come up. So that Mercury Retrograde is an interesting one because it's in it's one of its home signs, which is Virgo. And whenever mercury goes retrograde in Virgo it is like, like, not just for me, because I know I'm biased because I'm a Virgo. But and it's my ruling planet. But it's it's just, it's so potent about service, your daily routines, your health habits, and being on time and organized and detailed, like all the details, all of a sudden, sometimes get like thrown up in the air, and you're like, you don't know anything. And you're like, what is happening to where I live? Right. So Virgo the sign of virgo can also be one of the signs and controlling things and being kind of a hole and, and perfectionist. So during a Mercury Retrograde that perfectionism those details, all of that will get thrown up in the air and Mercury like, what do you actually control? Nothing? Oh.
So just pack in that extra patience during that beginning period. Now, well, and then let's just also say a lot of people in northern hemisphere, have kids going back to school around that time, have people start in college around that time? So be maybe a little bit have some forethought there. And you know, go with the flow. Yeah. And also be prepared. Right, like have the transcript early. Yes. Yes. Buy everything early. If you're buying stuff online, like get it early. Don't wait. Potential shipping delay. Yes, yes.
Because there's in kind of sandwiched within that retrograde well. So just to finish off the retrograde, it's then going to because it's only it's starting Mercury starting at the four degree mark of Virgo. So as he moves back through the Zodiac is going to go into Leo, which is a fire sign, right. And that fire sign is about motivation, passion, leadership, creativity. So you're going to be asked like, what are your motivations? What is your creative flow? Are you fluid with your creative, what makes you really feel like comes alive? And Leo is also the sign of your unique gift and talent? What do you come here to share with the world to then elevate humanity? Which is Aquarius, the opposite? So we're, we're noticing this Leo Aquarius axis again, you know, kind of coming up? And what is your unique contribution? Like? Where are you not being true to your voice? And what is like, what do you feel about that confidence is a big part of Leo. So there can be a lot around confidence and showing up and being seen, that might be challenged during that time, too. For some people, it might be part of the next phase of their work, particularly a lot of people that we work with and know that maybe maybe the encouragement from spirit or from their soul is to be going more public and it's looking at, okay, how do I do this in a way that's in alignment? I feel do I feel uncomfortable doing this? It's an opportunity to even reassess things like that, right? Yeah. And impostor syndrome is also Leo. So where do you feel about impostor syndrome? Now, on a more macro level, or mundane level, what we'll notice with this Leo retrograde at this time, Leo is also FIRESIGN. And it's over the summer, so it's hot, right? So it's an another, it's it, we're just gonna get I feel like we're going to break records around the world in August, around hot and heat and, and being in a climate where, you know, global warming is kind of starting to really, really be noticeable. So again, those forest fires, hot heat waves. So if you don't have an air conditioner, I would say go invest.
Go invest in something like even if it's a room air conditioner, or something. That's not great for the environment, either. But there's going to be a lot of hot coming up like it's, I live in a northern climate. I live in Canada, where people are like, I are conditioners like we live in Canada, it's cold here most of the year. And we have one in our house because my husband grew up in a very hot climate. And so it has been like, we've been using it for the last few years, like over the summer very regularly. So we're just going to be noticing too. Yeah. So let me ask you this, since it's Leo and also Mercury is a lot with communication and the mind and things being expressed with Leo, is it possible that as this heats up this energy that we might see more truth coming to light around things that are more mundane like in the big the bigger picture of things, so perhaps politically or in the news and in the global events or in like celebrity events, things like that? I think we're going to see like Leo is about our unique voice and our unique effort like or unique talent, right? So I think we're gonna see more especially with the other
planets and what's happening around Aquarius, is that the influencers, which like is very Leo esque is going to be seen for truly what they are like, it's not like what are you influencing what is? Are you actually using your influence for good? Or is it just to be popular or feeling pride, which is another Leo word, right? So it's going to really be asking people to be authentic. And for us to want to see more authenticity, I think to connect with more authentic people versus just these influencers that, you know, like, I'm going to use the word Kim Kardashian, right? Like they're the Kardashians have this empire. And they represent a, like a, an image that I think a lot of people might aspire to look like or be like, and there's a power there. And it's not to say that they're not talented or good in their own right. But there's, there's kind of like, we want more authenticity, like, what's good about these people? What about them? Do I see in myself? And why am I putting these people on a pedestal like, so I think there's going to be a lot of those people toppling from that, like we even saw that with the Met Gala that just happened. I've never seen so much on social media, but people going like, well, what are they actually doing? Like, who actually cares about this? Like, these fat? Yeah, okay, this is fashion and all that, but and then they raise all these millions of dollars? What is it actually going towards that is helping the world in some way. So it's interesting for me, because I feel very neutral on the topic. I think fashion is kind of cool. And you know, but then there's also some things that are like, Oh, you're kind of scratching your head on it. But it's really interesting. And it's creativity. So you know, it's art. And yet I've seen it was on like, like Entertainment Tonight and like big platforms where they were talking about what good is this? You know, and I was like, Oh, this is interesting. I've never seen that before or heard it before. So well, it is part of one of the themes of this year with truth coming to light is also this. You were saying it with people wanting to get more qualifications or making sure that you're vetting someone's qualifications, these things are going to start coming to light. If someone says they're this, they need to be that or they say, this charitable money is going to this. Those books might be getting opened up and we need to see like is is this authentic? Is this an integrity is this? Yeah, and alignment with what you're, you're saying that you're doing? And I think we're really seeing that with the trials now with Donald Trump as well. Right? Like, is he saying is he truthfully like who he's saying he is, and they're holding him to account now in like in the court of law, so especially in the US it's a very litigious, you know, play. So if you're not representing yourself properly, you're gonna be paying the price for that. So I think that's that Leo Mercury Retrograde piece, right is like, are we seeing that authentic place coming to, you know, being truly authentically yourself or, and what do we want? What do we want from leaders nowadays? Like, do we want to be right? Oh, yeah, the community? Yeah, 100%. Now also nestled in here at the full moon in Aquarius on August 19. We have a Jupiter square to Saturn. So Jupiter is expansion, optimism and good luck and now in Gemini right about media communication and connection. And then Saturn is in Pisces retrograde at this point in time, and it's about being true to your dreams being true to removing disillusions and illusion man. So like, it also can be ruling things like escapism, right? So Pisces rules like escapism addiction, in which we're seeing a huge opioid epidemic especially after COVID Right, so many people have been passing from it, there's a lot of fentanyl and stuff in you know, laced it through the street drugs now. So we're seeing our huge epidemic around addiction and keeping people safe and mental illness, you know, wrapped up in all of that. So I think this Jupiter square to Saturn is going to be really bringing note this sort of access nor going to the where it is, it's going to reflect to us where we have inner and outer roadblocks to success for ourselves. So that that's kind of laced in here and we're gonna see it happen again because of Jupiter and Saturn retrograde at the end of the year as well. So there's going to be this August 19 connection to the last one is December 24. Christmas Eve, okay. Oh, that's so that's when they're going to come together again. And there's it's very powerful communication, you know, we can refine ideas, and again those roadblocks to success like where are we not really being true to our where we want to go? Like what are our goals and where are we not really, you know, meeting ourselves both inner and outer. So that's a lot of information to be available for to be taking in to be just kind of paying attention in our own world, right. So if you want to do something and you're feeling blocked externally, but we'll
What's the block because it is reflecting something within. Or sometimes it's just right timing you and you're trying to clear up things that then you're ready to try again. And now everything the green lights are all there for you. So, yeah, just notice that maybe you've outgrown your time at one place, and the universe is trying to nudge you, ya know that it's time to move on to this next thing, and we're feeling it as a block. But really, it's a resist, resist, actually, my thing. I actually have a client right now who is kind of pushed out of her home that she had been in renting for, like 17 years. And the landlord finally said, we're done. Like, we're going to, we're going to sell this, you got to move out. So she was really excited about where they could go. And then the timeframe they were given was less than what was legally allowed. But they had no choice. They had to be out, and they couldn't find a place. And she's like, What is this? Like, I thought this was our time to find our like, forever place and all we can find his dumps, right. So it was like the block was actually external, because she's like, we're ready. We're excited. They were trying to manifest it. They had everything, you know, in their mind. And nothing was coming to fruition. And they said, it's not the timing isn't quite right for the new place. So you're meant to move into this kind of in between place for now. It's just a stepping stone place, the next place is going to open up. But in the meantime, there's lessons to be learned here. And it was awful because the place wasn't represented well. And then he had to fight for things. And they've never had to fight for anything. So it was interesting, all the things that were coming up in their steppingstone place, you know, so yeah, lessons abound, right? If you just watch for them and look like okay, why is this not feeling easy? What is this meant to teach me? Yeah, let's move forward. So, yeah, so that's August. So it's a great time to just be noticing when you're, you know, the fire again, staying cool. Wherever you're at, I feel like these heat waves are going to really put vulnerable populations in danger as well. So noticing, yeah, you can help or give water to people or if you have, you know, if you have the ability, and if you don't, that's okay, too, but just noticing. So then we enter into September, and we start off September 1 With Uranus and Pluto. retrograding. And so Pluto is now you know, retrograding back through Capricorn. So Pluto has already started retro, already retrograde earlier this year, but now is moving out of Capricorn One last time, one last time, into from Aquarius into Capricorn. And it's going to be clearing out this is the last from September 1 to December just going to look up the date No, November 19. So from September 1 to November 19. That's when Pluto will be in Capricorn One last time for the next 256 years. I was gonna say this is for like over 200 years. Yes, it's pretty big. It's big. It's really clearing out the last remaining sort of patriarchy. We're noticing structures, government policies, I always say this is old man, old white man politics. You know, like, we noticed
the last time that Pluto it was in Capricorn again, we noticed there was this the whole thing with you know, abortion rights and Roe vs. Wade kind of coming up in the US. And they brought in a law from like the forefathers to support the overturn of it, which is like old man white politics, like it's just very, very much this. So I think we're gonna see another resurgence of that, to kind of clear it out and be done with it. But it's interesting, because during this period of time, from September 1 to November 19, you guys, the US is going through presidential elections. We are Yeah, we are this year. It's so it's that. It is, it is and so there's there's a you know, a lot of astrology is kind of mixed, because our bias is always kind of impacted. And they saw this when Trump was first up for election and they had this astrology panel, and only one person on the panel said that Trump was going to win. Everybody was like, No, Hillary's gonna win. No, Hillary is gonna win. And it was like, you know, just from a psychic sense. I was like, oh, no, I think there's some turbulence ahead. I think it's gonna be Trump because it's so the unlikely candidate, right? So, you know, politics aside, just looking at the astrology of it, this this kind of patriarchal last, you know, ditch effort to clear out with the remnants. It can really go either way. You know, that's how I see. And I see a complete fork in the road with two fairly clear to me paths. And I think it's as a collective. How do we choose to do this next segment of what we're learning? Yes. And it's also about that Jupiter communication, like, how are they communicating? Because I think a lot of times what we see in clean politics, you know, where it's like, no, we're gonna take the high road and we're gonna talk with it and then the other people not taking the high road, right, and they're doing the things and they're using all of the tools of their destiny.
You know, disposal. Yeah. And it's it makes another appearance, you know, not what not what true, but what it looks like. And then people buy into that as truth, right? So it's going to be interesting how they kind of clamped down on what's true really trying to you know,
the word is prevent misinformation as well, which can be, you know, Jupiter retrograde is also going to be happening around that time, too. So, we're just going to be noticing what's coming to light Jupiter retrograde on October 9. So that's going to bring misinformation to light and how social media is not being accountable. And what are they doing to be honest and open, which is right during the time of the the presidential elections as well. Yeah, and that was an issue in our last a couple a couple of times ago, that's been an issue for us with, you know, social media being manipulated and foreign interference function as well. Okay, so this could be an issue again, it will be 100% with that Jupiter in Gemini. So it'll be really interesting to just notice what comes to light around truth and misinformation where the misinformation is coming from and noticing again, the Collective's want or because there's like with the overturn of Roe versus Wade, there has been a real resurgence of the women in the US saying, wait, wait, wait, wait, like we're not all women, um, depending on your political spectrum and your religious views as well. But there has been a real resurgence of wait, we wait, we can't go backwards in our views of women's bodies and what's you know, our rights, and so there could be a resurgence like this Capricorn, Pluto retrograde can bring up like a resistance to we're not allowing the old to come back again. And then on the other hand, it could actually become a resurgence for the past as nostalgia, right. So noticing how the camp's spin it, what they're using how they're using that media. I agree with you. I feel like there's no clear. I don't know when I can see it going to dim. Yeah, yeah. potentials. Yeah. And I think that's our, that's our collective freewill. Right. So this is not set in stone. We are here to be a choice via via voice. And so that's why this like Leo retrograde is going to be like, well, who where's your voice? Where what are you wanting for your future? And it's, it's now now's the time, because then there's going to be, what, four years then of whoever? Whatever we get Yeah, right, exactly. And that's going to bring about then the aquarium the Aquarius, energy that's coming in, in 2025. Right. So really interesting. Notice in that either way. So as we come through, then September 1 With that Uranus and Pluto, retrograde, Uranus retrograde, just like, it's chaos, like, it just kind of throws everything in the air. So September 1, as you mentioned, you know, back to school, here in Canada, they're going back to school at the end of August. But effectively, Uranus is just very slow planet anyways. So it's already going to be that end of August, beginning of September is going to be a very chaotic time. So it's a time to really become aware and organize yourself ahead of time, right? You got school supplies, you got back to school stuff, you don't you know, wherever things go, when you've got your schedule set, and then just have a deep sense of like flow, we're going to just flow with whatever's coming up, because we're still in that retro shade period post shade. So you're still learning about control and flow, because we'll be in Virgo. Virgo degrees. Now, Virgo degrees will start in September 9. So yeah, it's going to be a time and it can be potentially because mercury will still be in Leo have hot tempers and people being irritated, like, and a lot of not. It's going to be really important the first week of September to acknowledge anyone that's helped you and noticing how you like to be acknowledged as well. Okay, interesting. Bit of a trigger with mercury and Leo, and that retrograde energy and this Uranus energy as well. So just interesting to notice where you want acknowledgement, where you're not feeling acknowledged in your life, that theme is going to come up the beginning of September. And it sounds like we need to maybe consider being aware of how we want to react instead of just initial trigger response, right? Responding versus reacting, right, yeah, differences, so really be like very introspective. And then September 17, we have a very interesting aspect. It's a full moon eclipse in Pisces. So the eclipses follow the nodes of the moon. And we're right now in an Aries Libra axis in the nodes of the moon. And it's it stays in those signs for 18 months. So we are about to move as of the first part of January 2025. The nodes of the moon are also changing signs into Pisces and Virgo. So okay,
North Node being those will be interesting. Yeah. Right. It's about transcendence healing a path of compassion, empathy, spirituality or stuff together. Right? But also, but also spiritual truth. Right. And I think we're gonna see the rise of, especially in the US, I think the rise of
the way that I want to say this is religious political activism. Right. So there's a real definitive political view of people who are very, very religious, especially if like Catholicism, and Protestant, that there is a certain prevailing political Peck spectrum that corresponds with that. So you know, the churches and stuff becoming that as well. And then we can also see like the rise of cults and spiritual, you know, people that are gurus that are leading people, people are wanting to be led. So it's going to be, you know, again, discernment needed Virgo on the other side of it is what have we learned? What is the discernment? Where are we giving our power away, because we think these people are cruise in some way they're not. So this full moon eclipse in Pisces happening on September 14 is giving us our first glimpse into the axis of Pisces Virgo, that's going to be the seeds that are going to create the next from 2025 to 2026. Right and nodes of the moon, our collective destiny and our collective past. So there's again, this is during the time September, it's funny because it's right before my birthday is on May 18. But like, Oh God, it's gonna be a year of big intense epiphanies and understandings. So
seed lessons from this series are about imagination, mysticism, boundaries, codependency, sobriety, escapism, and also addiction, right Pisces rules. So that I think there's gonna be a lot coming together to try to heal this, like, we're going through a big mental health crisis in society, especially after COVID That we're not even sure you know, as listen to a podcast today where they, they're not even sure how COVID affected the brain. Right? How because it's a neurological virus, right. And so how it affected the brain the way that we think about things and like our epidemic of loneliness, I think there's going to be this real push to that Gemini energy of Jupiter to come on out be with people you know, don't be in the lonely don't isolate, where depression and anxiety wants to go come into a place where you feel safe with people who are doing really fun things. And I think mysticism and spirituality and healing circles are going to be something that is just going to grow and grow like sound baths and meditation circles and Healing Retreats and things like that are just going to boom Oh interesting. So for those of you that might have been feeling inspired to be creating community events, I was just talking to you before we started recording about some new community events I'm getting excited to create it's a good time to start making some notes for yourself and putting some things into motion or seeking out groups to participate in Yeah 100% I think we've been noticing like in the community here there's a lot of love being in community with others that are also doing this work and we've just been noticing there's been a real struggle to fill fill these these events because there's there's a cost to putting them on right you have to rent the venue you have to hire the people that are coming in you have to price yes and so on and to fill it and to hit that break even point has been a real struggle because there's just not enough people wanting to come out or the the marketing isn't there, the messaging isn't there. So it's been really I'd say like the people who have come out first that are trying to create these community events are starting to become disillusioned with the pricing versus because everything is going up in price now as well with inflation and gas and heating and all the things so there's definitely
a push to like stay the course my friends like stay the course right don't get disillusioned and see where you can maybe refine your messaging or find places or venues that feel more economically better I mean the summer months you could have in your backyard if you have a bigger backyard like start small you know you don't have to do things at a large scale. So but it does sound like it's going to be perhaps some at least partially going more in person. I think so because of that Jupiter Gemini energy we want community we want to be with people exchanging energy and information that feels really good and light and then as we move into this Piscean energy for the the North Node, this is our karmic destiny we're healing the things that are holding us back to then move into more energy down the road of more alignment but yeah, it's gonna I think there's gonna be this need to fill a part of ourselves that hasn't been filled by anything else. And we're looking what to fill that with right what what can we fill that with so spirits
duality and you know, being in these wonderful groups and helping people heal, you know, through integrity and knowledge. And the word I'm looking for is like Croute, like credential knowledge, like, you know that you're not just like making things up and saying, This is what I feel I got this download from the spiritual realm. And, you know, he's like, Okay. And does it jive with what we understand? Like, you know, with what's happening for people like, is it supportive? Yeah. Or is it keeping people sick? Because I think we noticed that a lot in the spiritual world. It's like, they're not healing the root of it. You're just coming back. For clearings, you're coming back for crystals, you're coming back, right for meditations and we keep people sick. While and it's I mean, to your earlier point, it affects this work, too. And this realm, this idea of the old way of keeping people on a leash or dependent the guru versus Power to the People, which is very aquarium. Yeah, you know, we all are equal participants. Yes, maybe someone's facilitating and giving worksheets or whatever. But, you know, everyone's responsible for their own work, their own contribution. So it sounds like ultimately, in our highest and best good, but maybe a little uncomfortable in the transition, like most things, I think you're just going to notice, you know, if you're someone that likes to go to these things, or get healings, like I have a lady who's in my community, who just loves to try everything healer, she can, she's just like, feels good or feels aligned, or, and I said, I just caution you to not be trying to find that magic pill, because it's actually here, like you, this is where the healing is not out there. You know, someone's not going to clear it for you. If you continue to be around people that hurt you. There's no amount of clearing that's going to change that for you. You've got to do the work to say why am I attracted to that? What's my attachment style? What's the psychology behind it? And well, how can I heal that part of me that keeps calling that out? Right? That's active work. That is not passive work that someone else just does for you in a breathwork session? Obviously, you can't read that away. Yeah, you can't do this work for someone else on their behalf. No matter how much breath work you do, when promises and or how much how big the check is. There is no magic light switch that we are gatekeeping. Now. So that's September 17. You know, we're already going to feel it to two weeks and you know, earlier, so you can call it the first of September, we're going to be plunged into a club eclipse season. So eclipse season is when we feel evolutionary energies coming in to change the collective to help us evolve and step up. So that energy is is is hard. You know, it can be what happened? Yeah, this Yeah, it can be. And it can also be really exciting. It's like, what is this creating? What is the opportunity for me? What do I want to use with this groundbreaking energy that is already in flow in your life, because you can't rank or Eclipse energy, Eclipse energy is like a splashing Bronco, right? And you're not going to be able to control that Bronco, you have to just flow with the way that the river is flowing. So you'll notice what's coming up for you. I mean, if you know where Pisces is in your chart, you can sort of understand that that's in like my fourth house or sell its inner foundations, and there's inner healing. So it's going to be interesting to notice that come up. And then October 2, we have the next eclipse because eclipses come in pairs. And this one is in Libra. So it's it's out of you know, it's far enough over that it's almost Virgo, but not quite yet. So it's still considered a Libra, it's 10 degrees of Libra. And so it's going to be relationships coming up again. And that's been a big highlight for the earlier part of this year. Like friendships, relationships, partnerships, where are they in alignment? Where are they not? who's supporting you, who's growing with you and who's hindering their growth? This is going to bring up that last little push to see why am I doing why are we holding on to these people? What is it actually serving us? Right now? Maybe some more weeding the garden of our friendships and relationships? Absolutely. And then Jupiter goes retrograde on October 9. And there's that bringing to light you know, in communication and media, what's authentic, what's not, you know, truth and lies, external influences to the politics of the US. And then Pluto goes direct on October 11, on the 29th degree of Capricorn. So anytime we have a 29 degree or a zero degree, it is intense and intensified because it's the 29 degrees. What did you learn from that sign? So the worst parts of Capricorn are starting to come up, right. So that's control. That's trying to be the group that's trying to be in purpose, not being able to allow other people to step up and take the lead, like, what's coming up with that. So I think there's going to be more Trump things coming up during that time as well. It's going to be quite interesting. Do you know the date of the US election? I don't know the exact date. I should probably know this, but I feel like I always just wait for the thing in the mail.
I don't know the exact date but it's right through that time.
Amen. I know that the way our new cycle works, it's like a two week cycle. So I feel like it's always very important. What is coming up like two to three weeks before because we have this weird
sort of blanket statement, obviously, but like at this weird collective amnesia, where if it's like, you know, a couple months out of the news cycle, it's like people forgot that it happened at all. So yeah, and I know that November challenge of Caprica. What is it? November 5? Yeah, I was just like, I'm like, I know, it's usually right. Right around the before the holidays. One of the challenges of Capricorn too, can be greed and unhealthy capitalism. Yes.
Yeah, that that scarcity, panic mindset, correct? Yep. You're right, because Saturn is a ruling planet. So Saturn being about scarcity, fear, also mastery, responsibility, you know, taking responsibility for others, guilt and shame also about that. So interesting. In all your right all of those can be about like concentrating wealth as well, versus, you know, spreading the wealth out, which is more Aquarian, which is a big part of, you know, a big part of what happens with our political elections here in the in the US anyway, I'm sure in other places, it's also true, but it's particularly get to different belief systems around wealth and humanitarianism, and all of that. And there's such a concentration of power, like, in the US, I know that, like your campaigns and stop are so expensive, right? So it lends itself to a certain kind of person that can go to those campaigns and those dinners and you know, all that that's sort of an end you have to be wealthy, if you're going to run for office, like you owe us a lot of money required for that. Yeah. So as we move into November, a Saturn will go direct on November 15. And
that that's going to be around the time of the elections is November 5. So it's, I think there's going to be a responsibility of like truth coming to light again, we're seeing things as they are not as we thought they might be. So it's might be removing some,
you know, rose colored glasses around that time. And then Pluto will enter Aquarius on November 19, for the last time, and Pluto will stay in Aquarius until January 18 2044. So that's a while. So that's a long time now. So Pluto is going to work through and bring about again, that humanitarian what's Medicare, you know, helping others, I think there's going to be maybe a living wage, you know, might be debated and brought up in more countries around the world as well. And Pluto is sitting at a very sensitive part in the US chart right now. Right? It is it's kind of come back to you're having your Pluto return in the US. So there's a lot of these old flavors from the past coming forward now to like, yeah, okay, yeah, we have these founding fathers that created, you know, our Constitution and our Independence Act. And what is true for us now, what have we learned, right? Who if we were to draft this up, now, what would we put in here instead, as opposed to going back to saying, No, this is the document we want? Oh, no, no, we've come a long way in 250 years, like, let's, let's move forward with progressive awareness. Let's, let's hope I mean, energetically, I keep feeling this like pulling apart of the people who are wanting to dig their heels in and stick to those old ways that are created in a totally different time.
And people who are like, we have to have at least some negotiation here of, you know, rethinking things for what makes sense now, like you were saying, but for me, I keep feeling like a very, it's very palpable in the energy to me.
It's not even quite the division. It's that sticky middle, when you think of two sticky things falling apart. Don't don't love it. But I think that's true. It's almost like this detangling of like, who are we now versus who are we in the past and people clinging to the past as the powerful placement because they liked it the way it was, there's a lot of power for certain types of people in the past that are not going to be available in this new newer paradigm that's trying to be birth with Aquarius. So yeah, it's going to be interesting direction we're going either way, right? Like it or not, we're moving to the I mean, we've been I feel like we've been hearing about in our whole damn lives this Age of Aquarius, like, what are we getting there through and made songs about it before we were born and what's going on? There's some very powerful people that want to continue to keep it the way it was, right? So there's that power to the people. Aquarius is Power to the people. And so we're seeing more of that grassroots, you know, now at the time of our taping, there's a lot of encampments and organizations and I'm gonna say like a voice in the universities across North America for like fit truth and love and
is trying to stop war, you know, more more and more people being killed. And they're, they're coming up against massive opposition from, you know, governments and stuff saying that's not legal or we don't want this or you're harming people or not everybody feels safe. And instead of having those conversations of why don't people feel safe, like, let's really talk about like, Is there racism? Or is there?
Prejudice? Okay, let's talk about those things. But then there's also truth about not wanting innocent people to die. And so where did where does that sit in all of this? And can we have conversations that sit there like, again, that's a gray area, right? Like you said, that sticky holding multiple truths, right to like more than one thing can be people are suffering on both sides. It's true. And I keep maybe this is a myth, the astrology and the energy too is we have this tendency to do this pendulum swing. I feel like in some capacities, like with some of those protests, I feel like there's a bit of an over like an, like an over pendulum on one side, and it's like, well, can we come back to the middle? Is that going to happen? And I think we know in those protests, there's people who are nefarious actors that will use those protests. I mean, I've seen it firsthand of people, I was at a Black Lives Matter rally. And there were people in the rally that were purposely trying to disrupt and cause chaos, bringing and bringing the police to kind of stop things, right. So they're always bad actors that are happening, you know, in these things, and can we not let that muddy up everything else? Because if it does, right, then we'll see there you go. Like, that's, that's exactly what I'm talking about that to anti, you know, whatever. And we start to put labels on it and miss the bigger picture of things. And, and that's what these disruptors want. Right? So, whereas noticing with Aquarius come up, the voice of the people is going to get louder and louder and louder. And I think we're going to see at the time that Pluto was in Aquarius last time, which was in 1777. There was the French and American Revolutions went on at that time, right? So again, the power to the people coming up to say, No, we're not doing this anymore. We're you know, yeah, you're the government, but you don't actually represent us any more. This is not my view. So I think we're gonna see more of those revolutionary, you know, energies coming up. And unfortunately, it can be very destabilizing, right and also very scary if you're within you know, where where you sit within the camps and what people are doing to each other, which has been a little scary as we've seen over the last like four years with like, we're talking about technology, disinformation, misinformation, and someone thinking that they're fighting the good fight and actually being partially misinformed. And, you know, maybe if they had the full information wouldn't want to be would be doing equitable for both groups, for example, but it's yeah, that's, that's the part that has me a little bit. Feeling like on shaky ground here. Yes, I totally agree. And it
I mean, with revolutions, we just don't know. You know, who's What the hell's going on? Like, it's very unpredictable. You're right, and so are the chips gonna fall. And the way that the government can manage that is to just acknowledge, right when we don't acknowledge people or we don't, we're not trying to find the middle ground, and we're not listening to what people are saying. That's when we start to have these uprisings. Right. So to add a little bit more fuel to the fire, we have.
Just gonna Yeah, so we got Mercury Retrograde again. So at the end of November, it's going to start as Pluto enters Aquarius, we're just going to start to see the energy just ramping up more and more and more for really, like, it's interesting, because I see that the universe kinda like clamping down to try to like release all the delivery and like the dirt that's been on us like to just kind of like, what what can you no longer hold on to because you can't engrave in change and massive transformation. There's things that have to go, because you just cannot give Yeah, you don't have the capacity to hold on to everything anymore. So we have mercury retrograde November 25 to December 15. And this time, it's in Sagittarius. So, okay, Mercury doesn't like to be in Sagittarius, it's considered detriment. Meaning that it's a place where it doesn't get to express itself and really feel at home there. So it's kind of diminished, if you will, in the sign of Sagittarius. So the retro shade period starts November 7. So from November 7 to November 25, whatever you're doing, pay attention to whatever you're thinking about writing about talking about. Yeah, pay attention to that because you're gonna go over it in some way and refine it, review it, reassess, realign with it on November 25, to December 15. So I want to just say really quick to for those that are, I mean, I think most of our listeners here are sensitive, intuitive. Empaths pay attention to also the things that are sticking out for you. Like if someone's saying one thing and you're feeling like you know what, something just feels a little off here or like I know you're
Saying purple, but I feel like that's yellow, like, paint me paying attention to that too. Because perhaps on that, you know, recovering that ground will be more clarity, or more, you know, when you like, prove something and then you're like I knew it. You knew I felt that I think it's going to be some of that. Yeah. I love your intuition on that. Yeah. Sagittarius is all about manifestation, big ideas, you know, looking to the horizon and following your dream. But it's not about details. That's another reason why Mercury doesn't like being in Sagittarius because it likes details. It likes planning and likes discernment. And Sagittarius is like, no, let's just follow the dream. Let's let's just go on an adventure. Right long distance travel is Sagittarius, too. So it's a really great time for refining your manifestations like it was we go to the end of the year, we're always kind of visioning and vision boards and resolutions, and what do we want for the next year? It's kind of a new cycle that starts calendar Gregorian calendar wise, not energetically. So we see that will be an opportunity for you to really understand like, what is calling to your heart? What motivates you again, there's a fire sign, right? What's motivating you? What, what's calling you forward? What lights up your heart? What are your goals? What is your creativity? Again, self confidence is also Sagittarius, not Sagittarius. So that's going to be Leo. But we're going to be talking about Leo in a moment. So with this Sagittarius energy, you're going to be able to get really refined with what you want on a bigger picture. The details will come later. Okay, that's what I was going to ask. So we don't want to be necessarily working out all the details. Getting more clarity on your vision. Yeah, the dreaded house, not the Yeah, this is about what do you want, what feels good to you? What would light up your heart? And then let the How come with details down the road? It's not raining. That's good advice. Thank you. That's helpful. So that Sagittarius energy is going to be there and then mercury will go direct from December 15. And we will be in shade until January 3 of 2025. So it's a time of again, refinement, reassessing, re aligning and looking at like, where are we being called to, but we're still in that shade period when we start the year, you know, the next year, right. So that's interesting. And then again, like copy and paste all those recommendations about travel and yes, being extra prepared. And yeah, all of that applies. Yes. Well said yeah, all of it applies still. And then the big the big maker for the end of the year is Mars goes retrograde. Now Mars only goes retrograde once every 18 months or so. And Mars is our emotion, our motivation, our passion or desire our will to move forward. It's our egoic will right why do we want to move forward? What's calling to our heart and Mars is going to be moving rich while in retrograde in Leo. So starting off Oh, interesting. They can also be aggressive iron. Yes. Yeah. It's war. It is it is anger frustration attacking. It's also sad struggle, strife. Yeah. Okay. Right. So it's like all the ways that we Yes, that we express ourselves, right? It is Mars energy. So Mars in Leo, it wants to be recognized. It wants to be you know, noticed, right? It also wants to look good. It's great sex, right? It is understanding that our passion and so it can be a time where we become very frustrated that we're not moving forward. And you're not meant to. And I think this is really the important piece to know like when Mars goes retrograde Mars goes slower than the Earth. It's a time now to kind of go Why am I motivated? What am I passionate about? What really close to my heart Leo rules the heart right? So this heart energy where where am I not following my heart? Where's my heart really being maybe commandeered to do somebody else's work, or I bought into something that actually isn't mine. You know, and this can happen from families and ethnicities and things that we've just seen have fallen into. So I think we'll really notice are all the things 100% And Mars does not move forward, not move direct until February 23 2025. That's a that's a spell that's so what I hear you saying between these lines is don't panic if you feel like between that December period into the towards the end of February, if you feel like things are not moving forward on the timeline, at the pace you expected or desired at the like, things are not growing as fast things are not cooking as fast as that. Yeah, yeah. And I think when Mars and Leo wants to go, right, we want to go in on our passions. We have this like, Oh, why isn't it happening for me, but it's not a time that you're meant to move forward. So we're going to start the year 2025 in a very different energy. And I mean, we just started this last these last two years with Mercury Retrograde too so we just haven't had a year where we've like to hit January 1 and felt like we are firing on all cylinders like it's just not happening yet. Yet.
So this year, you're not going to feel like you're really moving forward, I think until like the sorry, next year 2025, you'll be feeling like you're moving forward until the Aries New Year, which is the spring sills, or spring equinox in March. So that's going to be like the energetic New Year. And because of this Mars Retrograde, it's just a time when we're not going to feel like we're really wanting to go forward. The other thing to note is, as we end off, like Mars is starting its retrograde at six degrees of Leo. So it's actually going to travel back through the Zodiac into cancer. Okay, and Mars doesn't like to be in cancer as well, it's considered a false position there because it just it wants to go and the cancer is like, just love, like just nurture. Just be here in your emotions. And Mars is like, oh, like, just let's go do something. Right. So there's going to be a Mars gonna retrograde? Well, maybe we should talk about this in next year's astrology, but into cancer, January 6,
okay, and then in cancer for January to February into February. So that's going to be a time to really address underlying frustrations and conflicts in your personal domestic life. So there are going to be like some family dynamics, emotions is the is cancer as well. And confronting unresolved issues from the past. So there's yeah, there's a lot of healing happening in January coming. So noticing that energies coming in, there could be some dynamics at the end of January, or the end of December scuze. Me that might bring about some family dynamics or things shifting or, and again, there's, you know, lots of spirits leaving this planet at that time, too. So there can be death in the family. And nothing transforms us more than grief. So I think we're going to be all going through some sort of collective grief at that time, as well. And moving through that with awareness with healing in groups with facilitators that know what they're doing, that can hold that space is going to be so so important. And I think that's also going to, you know, flush to the surface, this opioid epidemic and escapism and stuff too. So I don't feel like we're going to have another like pandemic. That's not That's not what's going to happen. But I feel like there's just going to be some big political changes at that time to win. world shifts. So yeah, so knowing this in this kind of December through end of February, time period, of the end of our hallway here, is there anything we can be doing to set ourselves up in preparation for that period? As we move through the summer and the fall? I would say get a therapist? No, just kidding. When I mean, that's great news for everybody. Yes, everyone needs a therapist. Yes, I guess, find herself a group or maybe just allow an awareness to come up about you set the intention that you want to find a group of people that are moving through things that you are that can help you with, you know, I'm going through this thing, what's happening, or why is this happening? Because I think one of the things I noticed, like, I think it's a bit of a gift for us joy, because of our mediumship and our development and all the courses and stuff that we've taken is that when things come up, we see it in a different way. Like, you know, with soul contracts, for example, like I had someone go well, I don't understand the lesson of the soul contract was like, boundaries, like as soon as you have a codependent boundary, you know, experience with this person. So the lesson is boundaries, and allowing them to rescue themselves versus you always rescuing them. No, oh, I was like, it's so obvious, right? It's so obvious. Because we're, we're the outside looking in, or we're the person that has all the information. So sometimes it's not obvious with our own self, right, and especially if it's a subconscious pattern, that you continue to live through like imposter syndrome. It's trying to keep you safe, but it's actually holding you from your goals. So working with someone to help reflect that part of you and see your blind spots is going to absolutely be necessary. And I think being very grounded, and introspective and journaling, what's coming up for you why you're feeling what you're feeling might help you to see things in a different way there too. So just noticing that you can see themes and patterns and yeah, you talk about it with whoever you find or for group you answer yes. Or sometimes we have to create our own community and that's okay. Yes. I love that. You said that. Yeah, sometimes we need that that self empowerment is going to be needed. And you know, this fiery nature of Mars at the end of the year can lead us to feeling very angry and also justified in our righteousness of others with Pluto moving back into Aquarius. Aquarius turned up too loud or that zero degree mark is righteousness, right? I know better than you. I know what's right. Don't you know what's right. Why can't you get on board with us if you're not with me or against me? You know, and all that divisive rhetoric is the beginning degrees of Aquarius. And so I think we're going to start to see that and i i personally like to end
fight people into togetherness into seeing the gray? And how can we see each other? Because when we see each other, and like when we see ourselves in each other, we no longer can other the person, right? Like, yeah, I love you so much that no matter what happens, I can see myself in you. And I understand that your point of view is your point of view, you're not trying to harm me. I mean, right, unless you're deliberately trying to harm me, but you know, sometimes we, we create that dynamic when it's not actually there. And sometimes it is, right, and that is justified. And we see that happening in the world where people are genuinely not safe, right with some of these political spectrums and viewpoints and stuff. So yeah, it's going to be an interesting time, find your people would be a big time for people right to have a someone, a practitioner, or a healer or a therapist in your corner that can reflect back to you. When you feel like you can't see it for yourself. And know that we are all in this journey and process and then at the, as I said, at the beginning, is take the pockets of joy, and create joy in your life and gratitude in your life to alongside the healing, right? It's not just in the work in the work in the work that can lead to so much discontent. Let's also appreciate life. Oh, and like you said, slowing down to realize those moments of, you know, okay, everything's fine. Right now, everything's, you know, things are in this moment, everything's okay type of a type of a feeling, because sometimes we can, you know, we feel like we're just catching our breath, and we can miss those moments of peace, or of having a little break, or, Oh, it's a nice sunset tonight, or, you know, whatever, whatever it might be had those beautiful parts, like we live on the most beautiful, interesting planet, right like to take the time to acknowledge that and be in spaces where when we look to see when you watch the news, you know, the world seems so big and chaotic. But when you come back to your own little part of the world, you know, if you're in a safe part of the world, and you can sort of say like, wait, no, I can create safety where I'm at. But even where there's not safe places in the world, they try their best to create safety within those, you know, whether it's food or singing or family units, like that's, that's all we can do in uncertain times, is create our own routines or own safety, and, and live in that safeness and pendulum out and in as it feels good to you. Yeah. The other thing I keep becoming so aware of is I feel like, as I keep feeling this divide, I keep feeling really humanitarian people on both sides of the canyon, who are wanting to help people, but sometimes we get like you were saying, so dug in to those challenging degrees of
righteousness, like, how could you not see this suffering? When really there's, it's, like you said about seeing that other people also are suffering that other people so are trying their best? And how do we bridge that? How do we bridge that gap so that we're considering the whole of humanity and not just certain pockets of only, you know, certain people and and the way to do that is through healing your grief, because there's a part of you that is so hurt and sad. Look, we saw this during like vaccines and COVID Is that the the vaccinated and the non vaccinated had this like war. And I was on side of both, like, you got to choose what's right for your body, not one is better than the other. It's a personal choice you have to make, but the way that the media and the government and medicine was creating it is that if you're not doing this, you're killing people. And as you can still be a transmitter like I don't understand that. And so I was vaccinated, I had a lot of friends that were not vaccinated. And I was standing up for them all over the place, because I'm like, they're smart. They're beautiful humans, they're just uncertain about what this could do in their body. And they're allowed to feel that way. There's not a lot of research on this, like, I made my choice. Yes, for me, but you know, they're gonna they're allowed to heal, there's too. But there was this grief for many of them. And here in Canada, they had a protest called convoy that blocks borders and all that stuff that were big protest. And they're all I saw in that convoy was so much grief, of not being acknowledged not being like to being other to being excluded, many of them had to be let go from their jobs, because they wouldn't do what the government asked of them. And so there was this real anger and underneath it all, it was grief. So when we don't heal our grief, it just becomes this, like, weaponized to digging in of like, you don't know what I've been through my hurt is worse than your hurt. And it's like, Wait, there's actually like, no such thing. Like, we're all on our own journey. And your sadness gets to be acknowledged, and I'm so sorry that you've been through. And that diffuses them that anger, right, the anger, she is the shield of grief. Right? It's to protect. So yeah.
So we don't have to always agree. I don't think it's possible that we're going to all agree on any topic. I think there's always going to be different opinions, but can we
through this energy work to have compassion, like we're saying, pack your patience and your compassion, yes. And see if you can let that lead as we each decide for ourselves who we want to be, and potentially understand why the other view is the way it is like, if you were in their situation and had gone through their losses and their fears and all that stuff, you likely would have the same viewpoint. So can we have compassion for that? But we can't often do that. We just feel like no, I know what I know. I don't know what it's like to be you. And I feel like that might be a bit of a gift to understand this and impact I can put myself in other people's shoes and go, I can No, I understand what it feels like to have my loved one. You know, I don't understand. I don't know it because I haven't lived it but to have my loved one kidnapped and being held and nobody helping me and like the grief of that and wanting to hurt other people until my loved one comes back because I'm so angry. Right? That could be it that could be a thing I can understand why you would feel like
I think that's wise. A wise sentiment, no matter what we're facing challenges, you know, greater small in the in the collective can we? Can we work to have some empathy and compassion for how even if it's not our experience for what someone else might be, right? Growing through? Yeah, and heal your grief that's connected to heal or whatever is like making you feel righteous and making you feel angry? And can we find a divide, like the way to bridge the divide to bring us all together? Because nobody wins in the divide. I mean, one person will win, but the others will suffer and it'll just lie in wait. I mean, that's what keeps happening, right? It's like we okay, we're like, No, we're gonna do it this way. And then the other camps, like, we're gonna wait for you. And then they come back up again. And then they rise and then the other cancel, like, that's that pendulum right, continuing? Like, can we find a way to have both? Right? Like, yeah, you can have and and we can have and we can all find a way unless, yeah, when we get that really hoping that's the energy we're moving towards? I mean, I feel like on some level, it has to be it almost it's that's the evolution, right? Is, is taking care of everyone in our village and not just the top few. So I'm hoping with my heart of hearts, I really hoping that that's where we're going healing our own grief, like you said, being in community. So maybe resisting the urge to wall ourselves off and only look through screens.
And even if we are looking through screens, do it with communities online, or whatever the pandemic helped us to see the screens create community, too. I met so many people that I never met in real life that were like, have become friends and people like I can't wait to meet one day like they're true people I love and I was like, Is it weird that you can love somebody never meet them in real life? And it's true. I mean, I think that's one of the ways that social media and media connects us to each other, right? Like, I haven't seen you in years. And yet I get to see
you like, yes, each other like totally does. For everyone listening is I'm sorry, it's taking us so long to get to this. But this has been so much amazing information at the time. This has been released in early June, if you if you hurry your little bunny feet up by the end of June, she tall has a program. It's called the MIA Academy for manifestation intuition and astrology, she only opens at once a quarter. So it's not that this is your only opportunity. But this is an amazing opportunity. And you'll be working with people through all of these energies to understand giving them prompts and homework and things that they can do for themselves. Will you tell us a little bit about this exciting opportunity. I create an MIT Academy for this reason, because we're going through so much in this time, especially since COVID. And all of what's coming up for 2025. To go through it by yourself or to take a class and then try to go back home and integrate and implement and keep it going in your life is so hard, right? But if you're in a community and it's a monthly membership, you can cancel anytime. And for your US listeners, it's like in Canadian dollars. So it's just like pennies on the dollar, right? And you can you could just come into the group and you get a weekly lesson that's dripped out from a membership site. So you get to do it on your own time. It's under 10 minutes and you get to do it all week long as an activity that strengthens your intuition or manifestation skill depending on the week. And then every month you get a live class with me where we go through an intuition or manifestation exercise and you get clarity there's also a lot of healing because you can't manifest what you're actually trying to keep your safe yourself safe from right so we also do a lot of healing in the classes and then you get to like I get to coach you and support you through it. Like to book in with me I'm looking for five months out so my schedule is really really full. So this is a great way for people to access my my energy and my intuition my knowledge on your on your life. What's going on.
I'm for you. And then I have a monthly q&a as well. So you can ask me questions if you're like, I'm having these kinds of dreams or, and then I do bonus workshops throughout the month throughout the year that you get free access to as well. If you can't attend live, everything has a replay. So yeah, it's so it's meant to walk with you for the entire year. And literally go Mia missing an action from the noise of the world and stay in the seat of the soul, as you're, you know, experiencing death, and loss and disappointments and things that are happening in the world that you get to stay in this beautiful community. And the women in this community is just like unbelievable soul seekers, wonderful women that are spiritually curious, that are some entrepreneurs, some are stay at home moms, some are professional women, but they're all have one thing in common is that they're looking to develop their intuition. And they're so heart lead. They're just Yeah, curious, beautiful women. So it's amazing. Yeah, even as we're talking about it, it sounds so grounded, feels very grounded in truth and community and looking forward together. Yes, yes. And having that, that I think I like for me to be at the helm of was sharing my gifts and talents, but also keeping that energy that container. So people come and go from the membership as life kind of aligns for them. And it is just Yeah, community that's continuing to grow. So if it calls to your listener, I would love to have them. And thank you so much for sharing and talking about it. Joy. Oh, wow, at least check it out. And the next session begins July 1, is that right? The next cohort starts January, okay, so getting in the beef. By the end of June, if you want to be two feet planted firmly in this energy. Where's the best place to see that You can go to Or you can find me on Instagram at she tells story and, or if you're on Facebook I met she tells story medium is my business page. But you can also message me through my website as well. And I'll give you the details to log in. So I'm doing a three day amplify your intuition challenge to help you kind of get your feet wet with what we do and Mia and then if you like that you can come in to Mia. Or if you just want to come in, you can just message me and I'll give you the link to join right away perfect. So you can kind of get a little a little taste and see if you like it. And of course we will link all of Sheetal's contact points, how to get Sheetall no matter where you are, when you are and what place in the world you are you can you can get in touch. And we'll link it all in the show notes. So it's easy to find. Thank you so much for your generous heart and beautiful spirit. I always love getting to hang out with you. I wish we got to hang out more than just more than just twice a year. Yeah. And I'm really hoping you know, I've already extended an invitation to you for the end of the end of 2024. So we can do this all again and see, you know really kind of reassess. But thank you for all the guidance and wisdom and journaling prompts and everything that you've given us today. And we're gonna we're gonna just get through this together, we will we're in this together. And I think it's really important and I want to leave your listeners on this note is that your soul chose to incarnate on the earth at this moment in time. This is a pivotal moment in history. And so your soul you know, is part of this if just in your family and a larger scale in your community, like we are all leaders in whatever place you are, even if just in your own life, you are a leader, the way that you live your life is creating a ripple out into the world. So you're here by design and I'm so excited to share this time with you. Thank you for being here and I hope this helps you to like navigate this energy and go Oh, I wonder a no wonder this person just lost their marbles on me. This is why this is happening now and you can have some compassion and understanding for the energy. That's beautiful. Well thank you for being here with us today for sharing what to expect for the rest of the year. Thank you for shining your light.
Big hugs everyone lots of love bye for now from inside Spirit Speakeasy


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